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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  September 14, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> as of now, the board of elections has not yet announced a decision. we will let you know when they do, however: what could this mean for the d.c. mayors' race. bruce johnson live at shepherd elementary school in ward 4 where the d.c. mayors' race could ultimately be decided. this is fenty's home territory. >> reporter: absolutely. you're quite familiar with this area. we are outside a precinct 62 which is shepherd elementary. let me give you an idea of what the problem is here. just now we got the latest numbers, 1329 people have cast ballots here at shepherd elementary school. we can't tell you if that's a high or low number because of early balloting in the district. first year for that. and citywide some 22,000 people have already voted. we don't know if some of those people might have been showing up here at shepherd had not we implemented early voting. we won't know the outcome until later on in terms of whether this has been a heavy turnout or light one at shepherd and all the other precincts including the ones you've
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mentioned. vince gray he wants them to extend the hours past 8:00. here's what gray had to say and here the mayor's response. >> what i understand the board of elections' response to the chairman's point is that they don't understand why he's asking it because there aren't any lines. if there aren't any lines why are you going to extend it? >> one that didn't open on time. people redirected to other precincts. another one where they didn't have the key to turn the machine on. people have told us that folks left, even workers at the precincts told us there were people who left who said they had to go to work and couldn't stay. >> reporter: and another allegations we are -- allegation here hearing are some republicans are showing up and being allowed to register as democrats and partake in the primary. they said they wouldn't allow that to happen. that's going to be part of this overall investigation. there are no lines on the inside and again we really can't explain that. normally there would be lines but it might be due to early voting in the district and it might be the fact that people became complacent and decided
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to sit this one out. we won't know until later. >> as the mayor points out if there's no lanes, maybe not so much incentive to keep the polls open late. let's ask this question. when will the board of elections make a decision as to whether the polls stay open late? there's only an hour to go before they close anyway. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. so we expect something before 8:00. and you know, normally when they make that kind of decision they don't have to say we will stay open another hour. a lot of times they will say we will stay open until those people already in line get a chance to vote. i don't think that's going to be an issue here because the lines are very short. >> thank you for that. now we turn to another big race that is the showndown by baker and michael jackson. they want to be prince george's county director. what did michael jackson have to say? >> there is a state's attorney's race, a sheriff's race and five council seats but
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as derek says, the race really getting most of the attention is the five way contest for the democratic nomination for county executive. there is one surprise here, turnout. it is unexpectedly low. the 6:00 numbers had not been calculated when we shot these voters at 6:30. the campaigns were reacting to the 3:00 tally that showed only 9% of eligible voters had cast ballots. reacting actively. county executive candidate michael jackson. >> it's quite troubling so we are going to put -- we are doing phone calls, we are door knocking to get people to come out and vote and to make sure they are heard with respect to those leaders that they want to see in the future. >> reporter: four other candidates want that county executive job. baker is viewed with jackson as the most competitive. his workers were here too. >> at this time we are still hoping to catch the voters coming home from work from the district and hopefully we will
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get some -- a little bit more participation at the end of it. every vote counts at this time. >> reporter: 223 precincts in the county using touch screens which have been problematic in the past but so far today no major reported problems. they worked hard on the touch screens. these boards of elections do everything they can to plan for any eventuality but some you can't get a handle on. the one thing that threw a monkey wrench into the works here, a power outage at one precinct at an elementary school, power out for about an hour. they worked on batteries but they got that up and running so those voters were able to get to it. less than an hour now to vote. we will have results for you later tonight. >> gary, i am struck by that figure you mentioned in your earlier package there when you said 9% had turned out in the early voting. what was it like in other primaries? >> reporter: you know, it's 9%. this is the first year that they have done early voting in maryland. 15,000 people voted across the county last week with that but even so the numbers are really
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low. in answer to your question, let's go back to the last primary in a nonpresidential year, that would be 2006, turnout numbers then 32% in the county and right now it doesn't look like they are going to get close to that unless things change in the next 45 minutes. >> gary nurenberg we appreciate that. for the latest results in today's races all you have to do is go to, we will have all of the latest information for you. tonight the family of a postal worker struck and killed by a police officer are deep in grief and desperate for answers. 62-year-old ronald burgess was out walking to work early this morning when the accident happened. the officer who was driving to work himself never saw the victim coming. >> reporter: we don't know the name of the pg county officer involved in this morning's accident but he's been on the force four years now and counseling will be offered to him. meanwhile the victim's family says someone is to blame but
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who? >> he was a good man. you know loved by a lot. >> reporter: curtis burgess comes back to the crash scene in capitol heights. he just left the hospital where the family was keeping vigil praying for a better outcome. >> we already knew what was going on, we knew that he had passed away. he had head trauma, broken ribs, broken jaw, a piece of his lung had to be removed because he had internal damage. >> reporter: 62-year-old ronald burgess was leaving the metro station and crossing garrett morgan boulevard just before central avenue when he was struck by a police officer heading to work. it was just before 6:30 a.m. burgess was just half a mile away from his job at the southern maryland postal facility, a place where he had worked for the past 25 years. spray paint marks the point of impact and where the car stopped. the victim laying nearby. police say the driver of the car never saw the victim coming. they say he was wearing dark colored clothing and not crossing the street in the
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crosswalks. >> the officer was traumatized by this. anytime i think anyone is involved in any type of accident is going to be traumatic, so at this time he's going to take a couple of days off because we encourage that as well. >> he was a minister, also had three kids and he just lost his wife eight months ago. so, you know, the family is kind of taking it hard and, you know, we just want some answers. >> reporter: police continue to investigate the crash. however, they believe at this point the the pedestrian was at fault. outside police headquarters in palmer park, 9 news now. >> and the police do tell us it is their policy to release the officer's name after 24 hours. time now for a check on the evening rush. patranya bhoolsuwan is in the traffic center and i wonder if you're going out for late voting, how bad is it out there? >> in d.c. right now not looking bad. maryland also good. we are seeing a problem in virginia, 395 southbound right now at route one, a pretty bad
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accident here. all lanes taken away except the right so there will be traffic heading up to that spot so let's take our live shot here on 395 you can see volume. looks like it's moving a little bit better now than when i was watching five minutes ago so slow from washington boulevard down to the scene. moving onto 270, it's going to be looking nice out there as we move onto our mdot camera. german town to clarksburg. everyone moving at speed. mom and dad should be home in no time on this route. travel times for you and some of the spots still bogging travelers down, 66 still can't break this, close to 20 minutes from 495 to 7100. on the inner loop looks like it's getting better, 12 minutes from 270 over to i-95 in montgomery county. back to you. topper shutt is here with the forecast. >> rain is a strong word. we do have a chance for some showers coming up not tonight, though. in fact here's your forecast first. tonight if you want to go out,
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fine. in fact, quite spectacular out here. here's your forecast now for tonight, we are looking at partly cloudy skies and it will be cool, temperatures 52 to 62 and winds they calm down a little bit, north-northwest at about 10. temperatures still in the 70s, upper 70s pretty much across the board. we are looking at 75 or 76 in man man nass sis and 76 -- manassas and 76 downtown. still to come, a new antifast food ad that just might put the kibosh on your big mac attack. why some folks are upset. but first, sarah shourd is finally free after being jailed in iran for more than a year. the happy reunion with her family up next. 9 traffic now is brought to you by geico.
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after days and days of conflicting reports, iran has finally released one of the three americans it's holding on spy charges. sarah shourd reunited with her parents in the nearby country of oman today. she had been arrested along with two other americans back in july of 2009. she was hiking in a group along the border of iran and iraq. >> i want to thank every country, every official and individual that's involved in this process. >> the iranian courts had set the bail at half a million dollars and shourd's family said they didn't have that kind
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of money. u.s. officials are not sure who paid it. swiss diplomats had to handle the negotiations because the united states has no diplomatic relations with iran. president obama's middle east envoy says those israel palestinian peace talks moving in the right direction. leaders in egypt around two of the negotiations which began in washington early this month. the state department now says the time is right for a peace deal and america's top middle east envoy says it could happen in a year. >> all of us reaffirmed our commitment to reaching a shared goal of adjust, a just, lasting and secure peace. >> now, we got a note that both sides are still bickering over security and border issues. but the obama administration is hopeful that a deal can still be reached. the talks go on and continue wednesday when the peace summit moves to jerusalem. coming up, topper back with that forecast and he he lets us know if all -- and he lets us
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we are back on 9 news now with your chance to drive like a secret agent. for the right price you could buy james bonds' 1964 as ton march ton, till -- martin -- aston martin. it comes with all the fun toys, like the bulletproof shield. the car is expected to go for $5 million. of course we all remember the 1999 horror film the blare witch project. it was shot in maryland and it became to -- and it went on to become a worldwide sensation. the new independent thriller is called possession and the
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filming will start next month in locations throughout washington county. to find out why they chose the film in maryland again, go to the where you live section of our website, meanwhile, president obama was in pennsylvania today delivering a back-to-school pep talk for kids all over the country. the president chose a successful school in philly for the speech. he told the kids to work hard and dream big and that their success will determine america's success in the next century. >> your future is in your hands. your life is what you make of it and nothing, absolutely nothing is beyond your reach. >> that speech was actually broadcast to schools everywhere. the president also announced the second commencement challenge, that's where schools compete to land him as a graduation speaker. one nonprofit group fighting obesity has released a new television ad and it is creating quite the stir on the internet. take a look.
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it's the committee for responsible -- physician's committee for responsible. >> tonight make it vegetarian. >> that is the physician's committee for responsible medicine and they are hoping this new ad will keep folks from eating fast food. you see a dead man on the table in a morgue. he's got a cheese burger in his right hand and then the group reveals the golden arches, but changing the slogan from i'm loving it to i was loving it. that ad launched here in d.c. today. it's already as we noted causing a bit of a stir. now mcdonald's calls the claims in that ad outrageous, but are they really? i mean, we know from films like supersize me and of course medical research, that eating a lot of fast food all the time is bad for you. so is this ad over the top? is it just a group using shock value to get the message out? let us know. mailbag at and rushing in breathlessly
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meteorologisttopper shutt. >> i've been here since the start of the show. what are you talking about? a cold front went through. didn't notice it? it didn't drop down and produce rain showers either. we have a better chance of showers as we get into thursday. here's your forecast first now. the next three days right out of the gate really not bad. temperatures go back into the low 80s tomorrow which by the way is average and average this time of year is sweet. low 80s on thursday. we do have a drop, a couple of showers possible late in the day or maybe thursday night, but not enough to make any difference or to change your plans. and nice again on friday. sunshine, temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80. we will break down tomorrow, sunglasses, sweater probably a good idea because you got mid- 60s downtown to start and mid- 50s in the suburbs but a bright day, sunshine, 78 by lunchtime, 82 by evening with less wind tomorrow than we had today. temps right now, pretty much in the 70s, 77 downtown, 72 in
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manassas, 79 in fredericksburg and 77 out in leesburg. for tonight, partly cloudy and cool, turn off the ac, 52 to about 62 downtown and winds north-northwest at about 10. lows tonight even downtown and inside the beltway, very comfortable, you know, 62 downtown and 57 in andrews. pretty good deal. 57 in college park, also a pretty good deal. 56 in fairfax and reston and a cool 52 out in leesburg. tomorrow morning partly cloudy and cool, 50s and 60s to start. so the high schoolers that go to the bus stop early probably need a little jacket. by afternoon you'll carry it home, partly cloudy and pleasant. high temperatures low 80s and winds northwest at 10. high temps either side of 80, 82 in rockville, 82 downtown, maybe 83 in arlington. we will talk about -- first i've got to show a massive storm. this is igor, quite a storm. that's a perfect picture, a perfect eye. looks like it's going to eventually move toward bermuda. as far as we are concerned, see
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clouds push through, that's a cold front. that's it. didn't produce any rain. just brought in clouds. now we are looking at clearing skies. category 4, winds are 145 with gusts to 180. starts to turn northwest and then turn north. it will encounter slightly colder water but still it appears it could be a category 3 as it passes just to the west of bermuda, that would be the worst track because the highest winds on the northeast quadrant. too far out for hurricane watch tore in effect. next seven days, 82 tomorrow, 82 on thursday, again maybe sprinkles on thursday late or at night, do not change your plans. nice on friday. 79. heating up a little bit over the weekend. we are back in the low to mid- 80s. in fact a nice day for football. temperatures game time will be about 80, falling into the 70s during the game. you can watch it right here on 9, upper 80s which next tuesday. >> after igor, is anything else coming our way? >> well, we are watching for karl hasn't developed yet.
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the guiness book of world records we get all our weird stories from folks doing crazy things to get in that book. here's another one. a british carpetter spent 121 days locked in a tiny room but he had a lot of company. that's some of it right there. two block mombas, three kobe bras, dozen -- cobras, dozens of other deadly snakes in that room with him. david it turns out has a thing for snakes. he's right at home. he loved being there. too bad the folks at guiness weren't so happy. they do not recognize living with snakes as a world record type material to do. in fact they say they don't want to encourage anybody to do quite so crazy, which coming from them, that's saying soming -- something. we want to hear what you
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think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight, one final e-mail as we await our election results. deb who comes from arlington had a kind word. def thinks some of your previous e-mails on fenty were kind of harsh. it makes me miss today's merion berry. it seems to me he's done a lot of good, and also the gentleman wrote out he has cleaned up the carjacking situation. also for someone to dis his wife is below the belt. politicians have become or scapegoats in so many ways. it's not an easy job. be nice. well, nice sentiments there, deb. toward the end, not so good for the city. of course, some of you might
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see things differently hence mcginty's mailbag, the address i'll be back at 11:00 with all the election results. will have it for you as well. stick with us. we will talk to you later. bye-bye.
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>> now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> the sexy sportscaster versus the new york jets. >> the attractive reporter, the football team, the claims of sexual harassment. >> you started to tweet that you were uncomfortable. >> yes. >> what she says really happened in the locker room. was her outfit too sexy. >> this is not what sports reporters wear in america. >> were the players naked? >> i don't want to be naked man in the room. >> celebrity gps. angelina jolie and johnny depp in venice. >> do you mean vafishing. >> exclusive scenes from the
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tourist. jon hamm playing a cop in the town. >> your first look at tyler perry's new film. >> "hawaii five-o," the cast partying in paradise. >> thousands of people and here we are. >> mark harmon and an all new ncis. >> et is first invited to the set. >> "e.t.'s" live show, keri russell nearly naked, rick fox dancing and learning with niecy nash. >> katy perry on marrying russell graham. >> taking a ride in our suv. >> the latest celebrity headlines from around the world. >> hi, everybody and welcome to "entertainment tonight." mary hart is off tonight. i'm mark steines. >> and i'm


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