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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 23, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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even a 60-mile an hour gust in silver spring. this morning, as we show you the satellite and radar, this is action from last night. it moved away from us thankfully. we are left fairly quiet. a touch of fog in the mountains and temperatures are in the 60s to low 70s. 73 here in washington. 71 southern maryland. low to mid-60s across the shenandoah valley. 84 by noon and highs 90 to 95. slight chance of a storm. angie? good morning. right now we have one tieup to tell you about as we enter the 5:00 hour and it takes us over to silver spring, maryland. this is where we is debris in the road. this is 185 northbound at viers mill and we are losing a right lane. outer loop, things appear to be moving well outside. from 95 to 270, not tracking major delays at this time. hey, 66, going eastbound you are okay. from centreville to the
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beltway, no incidents or accidents along the way. and 395 you are all clear, too. that's where we wrap it up from 95 to the 14th street bridge. looks like smooth sailing. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. this morning some people's alarm clocks may not billion be going off because they are waiting if the power to come back on after last night's thunder boomers. pepco reported 789 customers out in montgomery county and bge had 129 customers out in prince georges county and 875 customers out in anne arundel county. and take a look at photos e- mailed to us from 9 news now viewer steven huinziger. >> the storms put on a lightning show but they arrived at a bad time for drivers who got pounded during the commute. the promise of hope, they were treated to a beautiful rainbow
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as the storm subsided. now, today is the day that dc's presumptive mayor elect, vincent gray will meet with michelle rhee. the closed door meeting starts at noon at the wilson building and that's where kristin fisher is live with more on what we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we don't know if we will get any sort of definitive answer as to what exactly what will happen to michelle rhee, but at the very least we should get an indication in to how their relationship is going to progress over the next few months, leading up to the november general election. now, this has been the dominant issue ever since vincent gray won the primary last week. rhee signaled she has no long- term interest in working for gray. in fact one day after his primary victory she called the win devastating for dc's school children. not the statement you are likely to make if you are
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hoping to impress your new boss and keep your job. for his part, gray has said rhee's job is contingent on the conversation they have at noon today. listen to what he had to say this past monday. >> do you see any scenario? which the two of you could work together. >> i think it is contingent on the comments she makes at the meeting. >> she put out some qualifying statement in the after math. the important thing is to talk to one another, not other people. >> reporter: talk they will here today at noon. regardless of whatever happens to michelle rhee vince gray says he is committed to moving forward with education reform here in the nation's capital. we will talk about that in a half hour at 5:30. >> thank you. investigators are still searching for the cause of a fire which killed a mother and two of her children. it happened yesterday morning in a town home on the 9600
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block of haguele circle. firefighters say eileen armstrong saved her 86 and 8- year-old sons by making them jump out of the window and threw her daughter in to a friend's arms outside and she went in to rescue her 3 and 5- year-old sons but wasn't seen again. brendan looney became a navy officer in 2004 and later completed seal seal training he graduated from dematha high school in ' t 9. looney was known as a stand out lath heat on the football and baseball teamen and his former coach said he lived up toe the school's motto a gentleman and scholar. prosecutors have raised the possible they may seek the death penalty against a man accused of killing a state trooper. he is face atlantic first- degree murder charges in the
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death of brown. in court on wednesday, they revealed dna evidence. police found blood on the gun they say he used to kill brown in june as a trooper moon lighted as a security gashed in applebees. another man is charged as an accomplished. both are jailed without bond. the judge in the sandra levy case say they cannot use certain statements as evidence. the judge ruled the comments inflammatory. he is set go on trial next month. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. good morning. good morning. another day about the economy. the economy would very well direct trading today. a host of the of reports out
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today. but as for wall street, looks like the rally took a breather yesterday. checking the numbers, the dow fell 21. standing at 7139. the nasdaq dropped by 14 and the s&p 500 lost five. sorry to report to you may have to squeeze your wallet tighter for the next morning glass of orange juice. two month high on concerns florida's crop will suffer from storm damage. they supply 70% of the nation's o.j. who wants a free hug? here's a way to get one. paul mitchell training school students will take to the streets for the second annual hug day. 10,000 students will be out there. they want to give you a hug and brighten your day. if you want one, head to the fashion court at tysons corner and get a free hug at 2:00 this afternoon and they will do it again at 8:30 later tonight.
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>> very good. >> free hugs. >> we know it builds up the good feelings. help us to save money. >> we are looking at the atm and finding ways to skip the fees that we hate paying. >> i know. they really add up, too. >> they do. >> we will stick around for that. the national foreclosure week of action is underway. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america or naca is encouraging thousands of homeowners to go to their captiol hill representatives for help to keep them from losing their homes. >> we expect the public servants, our congress, to advocate for the homeowners to get their individual solutions done when they have had a difficult time getting it done. >> reporter: yesterday, naca staff worked with homeowners from maryland who have not been able to work our plans with mortgage holders. they have been holding mortgage modification seminars around the country. newly released documents revealed plans about saddam hussein's connections to
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terrorists. that story is coming up. plus, revelations on captiol hill about the problems at a farm linked to salmonella tainted eggs. and people on a police helicopter walked away unscathed from an emergency landing in the water. it is 73 degrees. 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now.
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newly declassified documents reveal that hussein was pleased with -- he said that he had no interest in partnering with osama bin laden but acknowledged that he supported other terrorists including palestinian militants. a new york city helicopter had to make an emergency landing yesterday. six people were on board.
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all were rescued and none had serious injuries. the chopper deployed flotation devices to stay upright during the rescue. a group of volunteers is trying to save stranded pod of whales in new zealand. the whales beached themselves on wednesday and two dozen were alive this morning. crews will try to remove them to a lagoon until calmer seas allow their release in to the wild. getting your kids to move around won't just help keep their body fit. we will have details on that. and here's howard. we had hail yesterday. i will let you know what the chances of a repeat performance is for this afternoon and cooler weather is coming. 9 news now will return in just a moment. ♪
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parts of south dakota really got pound by hail yesterday as chunks the size of tennis balls fell from the sky. some hail smashed through car windows and severe storms prompted a tornado warning but no building damage or injuries were reported. wow! >> we had some hail but nothing the size of that. >> almost an inch in loudoun
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county, purcellville, leesburg had hail. and big time winds pushed across silver spring over to bowie with tree damage in prince georges and anne arundel. >> the dogs wouldn't move after that. >> people in other parts saw nothing. >> heard the thunder. didn't get a rain drop at my house. my lawn is crunchy and crying for it. the bus stop forecast, no problems right now except for a possible patch of fog in areas that had the rain yesterday. otherwise mainly clear. it's warm and muggy. 60s and 70s to start the day. our sunrise is still an hour and a half away at 6:56. very dark. 76 by 9:00. 84 by noon and 5:00 an isolated afternoon storm possible. highs today 90 to 95 and code yellow air quality. tonight, partly cloudy, patchy fog late. in the low 60s to low 70s. south winds at 5:00. did you notice even though it
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is the equinox, we have over 12 hours of daylight. the sat moss fear bends the light a little bit. we are seeing the light a few minutes before it would cross the horizon. a 12 hour day today. sunny and breezy. record heat possible. 92 to 97. southwest winds 10 to 15 but that's the last really hot day. shower and storms pushed through yesterday afternoon and evening. they are gone now. a few light showers in ohio and west virginia but around here generally clear. we could see 30s or 40s here. 60s and 70s across the board. 73 national. dew point in the 60s and a light wind out of the north at three miles an hour. nationally, we have some showers out in the rockies in the southwest. this moisture is feeding in to a developing storm system in the northern plains and once again rough weather ahead of this. showers and storms through
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wisconsin approaching chicago later on and could cause flight delays an that's a popular spot for folks to go through. the front operating milder air from the warm hot air will be lifting north of us. other than a possibility of a couple of storms this afternoon, we should have a lot less action than yesterday and then this front, this is coming on friday in to saturday morning. this will be our savior. cool us back down to the 80s on saturday an 70s on sunday. our seven-day forecast, 92 today. 94 tomorrow. isolated storm today. and look at this, monday, tuesday, wednesday, upper 70s to low 80s with a few much- needed showers. here's angie. good morning, everybody. rise and shine. new problems on the map. let's take you there. 395 northbound at seminary as we switch the camera over. here's the live conditions. response on the scene here. a little setup going on.
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drivers going northbound are losing part of the left lane and the left shoulder is squeezing by to the right. no problems to report on 95 just before this. a good amount of volume building between the prince william parkway and 123. on 270, good morning, maryland. looks like lanes are wide open from 121 to the split. and finally we will wrap it up with the maps. route , rout 5, crane highway. all the roads are all clear. in the living well headlines, some stomach churning revelations on food safety at a hearing on captiol hill yesterday. lawmakers heard from victims of the summer's salmonella outbreak. 1,000 people were sickened by tainted eggs. the farm owners apologized but this is not their first offense. >> we apologize to everyone who may have been sickened by eating our eggs. i have prayed several times each day for all of these
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people. >> this isn't something that happened overnight. the manure pile is seven toking afeet tall. you have dead mice, dead chicken, maggots. that stuff didn't just happen. >> reporter: the owner paid millions of dollars in fines for health and safety violations over the last 20 years. a bill to give the fda more enforcement power is stalled in the senate. family dinners could help to keep teens away from illegal drugs. teenagers who have dinner with their family at least three times a week are less likely to try marijuana. those teens are less likely to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes also. they believe frequent family dinners can you tension and give teens more chances to confide in their parents. exercise does more for kids than keep them fit. it makes them smarter. researchers scanned the brains of 59 -- 50 9 and 10-year-olds
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and found the the outcome. sports is coming up. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today -- chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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good morning. a lot of people are thinking in the rams were one and ten last season so this should be an easy win but don't you think the rams fans are thinking the redskins lost last week and the rams are not nearly the laughing stock of a year ago. plus, the game on sunday is in st. louis. first road test for the
5:23 am
redskins this year. >> we know they have some talent on that side of ball. we will be on the road and away from fedex field but we have to have the same intensity. >> turn the speakers on and have the music playing, make sure you understand what you are seeing and recognize it and execute. >> reporter: starting left tackle williams did not practice yesterday. the first round pick tweaked his knee against the texans he is mcnabb's security guard. on the orside, moore did return to practice yesterday. two weeks after knee surgery. he could start on sunday. baseball now. in in the past 18 months dark nip has played for the lake mobsters, the nationals, senators and the chiefs. three weeks ago, the nats gm took a flyer on the kid and promoted him to the major league. pretty good flyer. there he is on third base having tripled and desmond
5:24 am
drives him in. next inning, he is making us forget about willingham. he muscles one to dead center. and the nats trail 3-2 in the 7th until us pin nose is a strikes again. fifth home run in 19 major league games for espinosa. last night the o's tried to sweep the red sox but big poppy had other ideas. his 31st home run of the year for ortiz as the sox undo the o's. that's a look a sports. have a great thursday, everybody. well, from the boys of summer to the guys on the ice, the capitals played a preseason opener last night in ohio. ovechkin and backrum sat this one out. caps win 6-2.
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today some new provisions in health care reform law take affect. that story is coming up in the living smart segment. barring a last-second change today, virginia is set to execute a woman for the first time in nearly a century. we are hours away from a meeting that could determine whether michelle rhee will remain the chancellor in the vincent gray administration. here's angie with a rush hour update. >> 50 westbound, check it out, clean and green. the cars are moving at speat speed and without incident. we have more road conditions coming up.
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welcome back to 9 news now. thanks for joining us. this is thursday. we are almost there. >> friday eve. i love it.
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>> aguy. angie is here and hope we will like her traffic reports and howard is here with the weather. looking at the full moon, i remember you were telling us downtown people could get nice photographs of the moon. >> the sunset was due west last night on the equinox and knot or south of west. >> some showers and storms last night. montgomery, loudoun and silver spring had that action. and not much for other areas. visibilities have been down in cumberland and saint indigos but mile and a quarter in york. temperatures 60s and low 70s an highs today 90 to 95. lunchtime 84. slight chance of were one or two storms but liking nothing
5:30 am
like yesterday. we begin in virginia and show you the live conditions hoar. the accident at 395 northbound is approaching seminary. taking away a couple of left lanes. drivers are back down around the duke street exit to the point. a report of an accident on the inner loop approaching route 5 in maryland. as you can see from our live shot here in the pennsylvania avenue exit a good amount of volume is building. debris in in the road. this is something we have been watching. 185 at viers mill road. we are losing the right lane. that's the latest. over to you. >> today president obama will deliver his second address before the u.n. general assembly in new york. the president is expected to highlight progress in iraq and afghanistan as well as defending u.s. efforts to restart middle east peace talks after a two-year lull. the president will almost
5:31 am
certainly raise the issue of nuclear weapons. >> i think he is going to try to keep the world on board to make sure that both iran and north korea are shunned for their defiance of the nonproliferation treaty. >> it is expected the president will promote u.s. efforts to kick start the global economy as he is under intense pressure to jump start the domestic economy. this morning top republican leaders will meet at a lumber company, a family owned business in sterling, virginia. there john boehner and others will unveil their agenda ahead of the november mid-term elections. their focus is expected to stay on pocketbook issues, national security and reforming congress. not gae social issues such as gay marriage or abortion rights. the man expected to be the next mayor has a meeting today at noon. vincent gray will sit down and talk to rhee about her future
5:32 am
with the city. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live with more on this important story. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. well, you know, what is going to happen to rhee? that's been the dominant question in the wake of last week's democratic primary and now we know we could get an answer by the end of the day at the earliest. vince gray and michelle rhee will be meeting and sitting down today inside of the wilson building and meeting to discuss rhee's future in a gray administration. now both sides have already indicated that rhee's future with gray is shaky at best. the day after the primary rhee called gray's victory devastating for dc's children and yesterday wtop is reporting that gray said he would be open to considering rehiring at least some of the 266 teachers that rhee fired last october. it's hard to see how they could
5:33 am
work well together but still gray has said he is not going to make any decision until he sits down face-to-face with rhee. but regardless of whatever is decided today or later than today, gray says he is committed to continuing education reform in the district. >> i am committed to continuing with aggressive education reform, having a fully empowered chancellor to run the schools, a commitment to a birth to 24 approach to education, a commitment to involving stakeholders more in the city and making sure we have fiscal responsibility. >> reporter: now, it's important to point out a decision is not guaranteed to come out of today's meeting. at the at least, gray and rhee will be taking questions from reporters after the meeting is over. we don't know how long the meeting will last. a press secretary for gray said it could be a while and we should be able to get some
5:34 am
answers as to what happened behind the closed door meeting. andrea? >> thank you. i think everyone will be watching that. on the teresa lewis is expected to be put to death by lethal injection. she pleaded guilty in 2003 to providing sex and money in exchange for the murders of her husband and stepson. a virginia judge sentenced the triggermen to life behind bars but handed lewis the death sentence saying she was the head of ther is pen. >> i will tell the governor, if i speak to him one on one, how sorry i really am. i what i wish to happen. there are people i love very much and wish i could take it back and i'm sorry for all the people i hurt. >> reporter: lewis will become the first woman in nearly 100 years to be put to death pi the commonwealth of virginia. it is time for another "living $mart" report from
5:35 am
jessica doyle. good morning. >> we are talking about health care reform because today the health care law turns six months old. this is a key day for several things taking effect. we want to give you ideas. insurance plans can no longer set lifetime caps on medical costs. parents can keep adult children on their health plans until age 28. another thing that is changing. insurers can no longer deny coverage to children with preexisting conditions and preventive care will no longer require copayments. a new recall this morning. abbott laboratories is recalling 5 million cans of powdered infant formula. this affects certain lines that come in eight, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans. the company found a small beetle in a formula produced by the plant. if it is eaten it could irritate the gastro intestinal tract causing the infant to
5:36 am
lose appetite. here's ideas to avoid atm fees. think of on-line banks. since they don't have physical locations they tend to reimburse each month for atm fees and that is 2.60 on average every time you use an out of network atm. supermarkets, and drugstores are good bets for letting you charge more than your purchase so you can get the difference in cash back for no extra fees. obviously if you are doing cash barb back on the credit card, pay it off every month. >> not even a fine print issue there. you want to stick around for this, but you have to look very closely for today's awe moment. it is a national zoo camera showing three lion cubs born yesterday. >> awe! cute little babies. >> they were feared by luke,
5:37 am
who's 4 years old. luke is said to be the most genetically valuable lion in the program to maintain the species nationwide. a cleanup in the california neighborhood where the gas pipeline exploded killing people. we will have more on that coming up. plus, a museum that sits next to a glacier is about to open its doors. angie, how's it looking? >> good news. 395 northbound. the accident at seminary is gone. more headlines this thursday. that's next. stay with 9 news now. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives.
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5:40 am
to the home's foundations must be cleared away. the trapped miner in chile found evidence of the extraordinary efforts being made to reach them. the miners checked pieces of a broken drill. they fell through a small hole that rescuers are gradually sanding. it will be weeks until the shaft is wide enough for the miners toes cape. you won't find this at the smithsonian, the first ice museum will open this november in argentina. it is shaped like a chunk of ice. the museum sits near a glacier, one of the few glaciers in the world that is still advancing. well, a big box retailer helps some dc area residents get prepared for the next blizzard or other disaster. that story is coming up. hopefully it won't be necessary. and plus, those stink bugs, hate them. they are on the march thoughout throughout the mid-atlantic. we will look at one infested
5:41 am
community. >> blizzards, we are talking 95 degrees yesterday and more 90s on the way. but there is hope for a cool down by the weekend. the full seven-day forecast when 9 news now returns. appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. and the customer says, on the carpet." i'm thinking, what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. an exploding crockpot, free-ranging house chickens. call a day's work. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. these are not welcome. a sea of stink bugs marching across a frederick county home. it looked like a scene from a horror movie but these insects aren't just plaguing maryland, they are all over from the district to west virginia. 9 news now's james hash ventured out to the infestation. >> i have had it. we have all had it. everyone here has had it. >> reporter: you could say there is something bugging this resident. and this is the nightmare -- >> stink bugs. >> reporter: her farmhouse is literally crawling with the
5:45 am
invasive pests. on the walls, in the windows, inside of cars, everywhere. >> they fly in your mouth and eyes. >> all of urbana is covered in these stink bugs. >> reporter: it's not just urbana, it has infested the region from arlington to annapolis, bethesda to baltimore. the bugs, native to asia, were noticed a dozen years ago in pennsylvania and have been spreading since. >> i have never seen anything like these. >> god do they stink. >> reporter: it comes from secretions they produce as a means of self defense and if smelling bad isn't bad enough. >> they do bite and we have been bitten and they stink horrible and they are coming in the house. >> reporter: there are a few residents of the farm that don't mind the bugs. >> chickens love them. >> reporter: with thousands of bugs. >> more than they can handle because we only have ten chickens. >> they will fade away with colder weather but will be back next summer and if you are not familiar with them yet you will be. >> that's it. i'm done. i have had it.
5:46 am
i'm ready to go somewhere. >> reporter: in urbana, james hash, 9 news now. >> how to get rid of the bugs? we did digging and sucked that talstar pro will work best fit is used on a regular basis. but otherwise steel your home -- seal your home. stink bugs do not bite but homeowner disagrees. i don't care if they bite. i want them out. >> a couple of weeks ago i talked to an enamelings and said it is a problem for farmers because they have been eating crops. >> there is no known natural predator. >> they have predators in china. but if we import it then it is here now. >> and if if we have the predator it will probably cause another problem. >> james was the one eating the bugs last time. >> the bus stop forecast, we are dodging stink
5:47 am
bugs. this is a problem that is worse north but they are spreading. nothing to stop them right now. we have a nice morning out there a little -- >> just kill them all. >> i caught one in my house and threw it outside and she got mad at me. just kill them. one going to make a difference. 60s and 70s. warm and muggy out there. winds aren't too bad. a touch of fog in one or two spots. 5:00, 90 degrees. highs 90 to 95 and unlike yesterday only a storm or two. i think much less widespread activity. record highs today, 98 in national. 93 dulles. today we are not going to make it. tomorrow the record high at national is 94 and that will be achievable on friday. partly cloudy. patchy fog tonight. 60s and 70s. south winds at 5:00 and then a sunny and generally dry day
5:48 am
tomorrow with record heat. 92 to 97. i'm forecasting a record tying 94. but if we got to 95 i wouldn't be out of the question. 64 in gaithersburg. it is 64 in luray and orange and cumberland. by the way, go to live doppler 9000 hd for a moment. folks in cumberland, we are watching in western maryland. here's hancock, a shower east on 68. a couple of them in pennsylvania. that's it. locally temperatures are holding in the 60s to low 70s. fairfax is 72. it is 64 reston and gaithersburg. 68 in mason this morning along with brandywine. 66 crofton and columbia and 69 arlington. national 73. light winds. partly cloudy skies and humidity is 79%. our next weather maker is this front up here in the midwest. it is coming through with showers and storms this morning. comes to us as we get in to friday and saturday morning.
5:49 am
ahead of that we are hot. 92 today. 94 tomorrow. and some records will fall. 83 on saturday. much better. sunday 76 and then a chance of showers returning on monday, tuesday and wednesday, upper 70s to perhaps low 80s. i turn it over to angie goff. >> appreciate it. hello, everybody. hope you are having a fantastic thursday. i'm liking what i am seeing on the maps. a lot of understand den and accidents have cleared out hoff the way. begin with the outer loop. lanes are wide open from 95 to 270. watching the volume build around 29 colesville road. 66, the eastbound trip is filling out between a 0 to 123. no incidents allock the way. back to the maps, 495 in virginia checking out both loops. 95 from braddock to 66 is clean and green. we are moving at speed. finally call it a wrap inside the district. good morning northeast.
5:50 am
inbound new york avenue is a little slow from the times building to bladensburg road. drivers here are just stop at a light -- just stopped at a light. some shoppers got more than everyday items at one store on wednesday. the target at the mall in prince georges took part in national preparedness month. special disaster kits were handed out and emergency officials were on hand to emphasize the importance of having key supplies on hand in the even of a crisis. >> there will be some periods of time and major disasters will where it they be hours or days before professionals can respond to help folks. thats why we have to remind people be prepared to take care of yourself and your neighbors and your family. >> reporter: police officers and red cross volunteers offered customers advice on how to best prepare for a disaster. the hyattsville store is one of six targets nationwide to partner with the program. big name celebrities take
5:51 am
roles on the biggest tv shows. details coming up in entertainment news. and a cost of building a new home that is green on the inside. we love our smart phones and load them up with apps but there are risks every time you down load to a program to your cell phone. i will tell you about it coming up at 6:05. you are watching 9 news now. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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what's in your wallet? come on in, and i'll give you a free quote.
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quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. oh my goff. "people" is reporting paltrow will appear in two episodes of glee as a substitute teacher at mckinley high. "american idol" released their list of judges for the upcoming season. as rumored steven tyler and jennifer lopez have joined the cast. a switch of fate. teri hatcher has the been cast in smallville as lois lane's mother. she spent four years playing lois lane on abc. fall fashion is here and working girl network is helping women create a look they will love this season. the washington stylist led the brunch at sax at tysons galleria giving advice on
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and the dance moves to match it, you are not going to want to miss this. one of the top performers at the dance radio network official show after party. club songtress jess will be performing thursday on september 30th at patterson street in northeast. it is $35 a ticket but you can win a pair of ticks right from metromix. and another contest. we are holding an action-packed dvd getaway for robin hood. jump on-line to win. for more information, check out yesterday. that's the latest look at local buzz and entertainment. back to you. people in arlington may have to shell out cash to renovate or build their homes. the county is looking at recommendations to improve energy efficiency. a new home where people have paid a lot of green to stay green. >> reporter: this 5,000 square foot house is the home of the
5:57 am
future. at least in arlington. it is 45% more energy efficient. but it comes with a price. >> we spent $40,000 on windows and doors. >> reporter: andrew moore says standard windows cost cost 15 grand. another six grabbed grand on this water heater and $8,000 on water fixtures. $6,000 more. >> les than four cups of water that need to come from the hot water heater to get to the fixture. >> reporter: in arlington, they recommend new homes and remodels be 30% more energy fish starting in 2015. the plan has not been approved but the county chairman says he hopes building codes change to match those recommendations. >> there's an effort, nationally, to actually improve the building code, energy efficiency end of it by 30%. >> 30% is a hard number to get
5:58 am
to. >> reporter: he said he spent $60,000 for top of the line energy efficiency products if this house. >> it is hard number to hit. it will be cig cably more expensive. >> reporter: he said in some cases he saved money like recycled carpet that is $500 less. as standards change and energy efficient is the norm, moore says prices will be more reasonablement. the asking price for the house was $1.2 million. this is a piece of spray foam insulation used in the home. he said it is twice as exedge pave but in the long run supposed to help reduce energy bills and may take five to ten years to see it but -- >> it will be worth it. this will give you a quieter house also, without the breezes going through. i think this should be mandated. >> i may be.
5:59 am
>> -- it may be. thank you for watching 9 news not auction a.m. howard will have the forecast in a moment but first a look at the results of the forecast yesterday. lingering power outages. -- all right. howard, any more? >> maybe a qume of storms that we are dealing with here. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. angie is watching the traffic for us. yesterday we had a storm in silver spring. had wind damage and hail in loudoun county, some wind damage in the bowie area. that was a real problem. this morning all the problems are in the midwest, wisconsin, minnesota, northern michigan dealing with the strong thunderstorms. that's ahead of a front and a system heading our way. a touch of fog earlier. now


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