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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 23, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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from the fist local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm jc hayward. tough talk this morning from president obama at today's annual united nations general assembly. however, the president's sharpest criticism was reserved for iran and its nuclear program. manuel gallegus reports. >> reporter: president obama is urgently requesting world leaders get behind the middle east peace process. >> we can say this time will be different that this time we
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will not let terror or turbulence or posturing or petty politics stand in the way. >> reporter: as the u.s. leaves two states living side by ' side in peace he says the international community must do its part. >> many count themselves as friends of the palestinians. these pledges of friendship must be supported by deeds. >> reporter: president obama called on arab states to step up political and financial aid to the palestinian authority. he said he wanted to see a secure israel and welcome an independent palestine state to the general assembly next year. in his second address to the united nations, the president highlighted the u.s. role in pulling the global economy back from the brink, fighting terrorism and securing nuclear weapons. he had words of warning for iran. >> iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world the peaceful intent of its nuclear program. >> reporter: iranian president
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mahmoud ahmadinejad will offer a rebuttal of sorts when he addresses the general assembly later this afternoon. manuel gallegus, cbs news, the united nations. meanwhile, on captiol hill, the republicans unveiled what they are calling their pledge to america. it calls for slashing $100 billion from government programs, except the military. it would also leave bush era tax cuts in place for everyone, and it would replace president obama's health care plan with a smaller version. >> it offers a new way forward that hasn't been tried in washington. an approach focused on cutting spending, which is sadly a new idea for congress. >> reporter: however, some conservative activists say the plan does not go far enough. they want deeper cuts in spending and wanton cloud social changes like a federal ban on same-sex marriage. today's the day that dc's
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presumptive mayor elect vincent gray will meet with the dc school chancellor michelle rhee. the closed door meeting is underway right now at the wilson building and that's where kristin fisher is standing by with more on what we can expect from this highly- anticipated meeting. >> we still don't know if we will get any definitive answer as to what will happen with michelle rhee, but at the very least we should get some kind of indication as to how their relationship is going to progress, if at all over the next few weeks. this has been the dominant issue since vince gray won the democratic primary last week. rhee has already signaled she has no long-term interest in working for gray. one day after his primary victory she called it devastating for school children. not the statement you are going to make if you are hoping to impress your new job and keep your job. for his part, gray said her future is contingent on the
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conversation they will be having today. take a listen to what he had to say this past monday. >> do you see any scenario in which the two of you could work today. >> it is contingent on the discussion. >> what about the comments she made with regard to the election about it being devastating to students. >> she put out a qualifying statement in the aftermath. the important thing is to talk to one another not someone else. >> reporter: no word on how long the meeting will last but after it is over the two have agreed to field questions from the media. in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. while vincent gray lays out his plan for his administration, there are residents who want fenty to stay. a facebook page called run fenty run is encouraging residents to write in the mayor's name in the november election. it already has more than 2800 followers. mayor fenty said he is not interested in a write-in
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campaign. dc council member tommy wells called a meeting today to review the status of the department of youth labbation services. dyrs's new beginnings center has been under fire since its opening because of some escapees and some juvenile offenders have been charged in some serious high-profile crimes. investigators are on the scene of a fire that killed a mother and two of her children yesterday. we told you about the fire yesterday on haggle circle just off of route 1 in lorton, virginia. eileen armstrong is credited with saving her two young sons and infant daughter. but there was nothing anyone could do to save armstrong and two other sons trapped inside. >> couldn't do anything. we couldn't get in.
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>> reporter: armstrong's surviving children and their father are in the washington hospital center's burn unit. some of them have life- threatening injuries. a maryland man is among the nine troops killed in tuesday's helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. brendan looney became a navy officer in 2004. he later completed seal training. he lived in silver spring and graduated from dematha high school in 1999. tuesday's crash was the deadliest since may of 2006. today afghanistan's army welcomed the first batch of female officers in decades. 29 women graduated from the kabul army training center. afghanistan and alternate have been pushing to expand training to increase the country's security forces. the women spent six months training and will work doing administrative work and will likely never see combat.
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the district woman whose eviction became a neighborhood spectacle has a place for her belongings. this is a followup to a story we first brought you yesterday morning. diaz was evicted on tuesday. her belongings stretched for two blocks and weighed over 30,000-pounds. sterling, virginia-based j.k. moving and storage hauled away her belongings for free and it is also giving her a month's storage for free. diaz hopes to land back on her feet. coming up, a plan for a rally planned by jon stewart and steven colbert. they will need more room. you can call it the attack of the stink bug. woe see how people are coping. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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revisions are in the works for the two rallies being held by comedians jon stewart an stephen colbert. they are now expecting as many as 60,000 on the national mall. stewart hosts the daily show and he is promoting a rally to restore sanity on october 30th october 30th. stephen colbert is promoting an opposing rally called march to
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keep fear alive. gambling enthusiasts get ready, maryland's first slots casino is on track to open by the end of the month. a company says it is working to open a 1500-machine casino in perryville on september 30th. perryville is 70 miles from the dc beltway. by the way, a trial run casino night for charity has been scheduled for this weekend. coming up next, howard and the forecast. j.c., first full day of autumn and we are going to the 80s. we will talk about the threat of thunderstorms when i come back and we will talk about how cool it will get and the allergy update for the day. it's come in. the mold spores and weed poll reason moderate. weeds and grasses are low. a lot coming up on the other side of the break.
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it looked like a scene from a horror movie. a sea of stink bugs marching across a frederick county home. these annoying insects aren't just infesting maryland. they are all over from the district to west virginia. james hatch just got back from
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hazardous duty. >> i have had it. we have all had it. everyone here has had it. >> reporter: you could say there is something bugging this urbana resident. and this is the nightmare. >> stink bugs. >> her farmhouse is crawling with these pests on the walls, in the windows, inside of their cars, everywhere. >> they fly in your mouth and eyes. >> all of urbana is covered in stink bugs. >> reporter: it's not just urbana. the stink bug has infested the entire region from article tong, annapolis, bethesda to baltimore. they made it to asia and were noticed a dozen years ago in pennsylvania and have been spreading ever since. >> never seen anything like these. >> god do they stink. >> reporter: it comes from a means of self defense and if smelling is not bad enough. >> they do bite an we have been bitten and they stink horrible
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and they are coming in the house. >> reporter: there are a few residents of the farm that don't seem to mind the bugs. >> chickens love them. >> reporter: but with thousand of bugs. >> it is more than they can handle because we only have ten chickens. >> reporter: the swarms of stink bugs with fade away with colder weather but will be back next summer an if you are not familiar with them yet, you will be. >> i'm done. i have had it. i'm ready to go somewhere. >> reporter: james hash, 9 news now. >> we did some digging and found out the insect tied talstar pro is the best way to deal with the stink bugs that is if you use it on a regular basis. otherwise, it's a good idea to seal your house, fill in cracks, siding, windows and utility pipes. it appears the district's tax on plastic bags is changing our behavior. the pedestrian was designed to keep bags out of local waterways and fund the cleanup of the anacostia river. it went in to affect nine
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months ago and officials are saying they have seen a 60% drop in plastic bags since last year. other big cities have tried time pose a similar measure but with little success. stink bugs. >> not much we can do. even if you do the pesticide they can fly from 200-yards out. sealing up your house with caulking and weather stripping is the best thing we can do and hope scientists come up with a solution. >> shouldn't they go away now the weather is changing. >> yeah, but they are expanding and the problem will get worse and worse over the next few years. a piece of video out of leesburg where hail is coming down. this is from oliver peters. he sent the video of the hailstorm. pea size hail pelted the region. we would like to see any
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incredible video you shoot. upload your video. all right. let's talk about today because not expecting any video worthy performances today. we may see a thunderstorm or two this afternoon, but the heat is the story as temperatures once again will get in to the 90s. 90ish around 3:00. we may make 90, 92, 93. 89 by 6:00 and 84 by nine with an outside chance of one or two thunderstorms. not expecting a repeat of yesterday. tonight, partly cloudy, patchy fog late. especially will in the mountains. 60s to low 70s. 7:05 on sunset and tomorrow. record was 94 set in 1970. southwest winds gusting to 20. had a couple of showers this morning in our northern suburbs and up in pennsylvania. that's keeping the temperatures cooler an more clouds and a front up here. williamsport is 70. 89 rich monday.
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88 -- richmond. locally you see a lot of 80s. frederick 88. 93 from petersburg in west virginia while manassas is 86. tappahannock 90. bill in the mid-80s and jan 92 thanks to the bay being cooler. naval academy is checking out at 77. here in town we have a sticky, hazy 85 degrees. feeling like 87 on the dew. dew point in the mid-60s. and the humidity is 51%. widening the picture you can see the showers and storms up across wisconsin, minnesota, michigan. they have had plenty of rain and will get more. a storm will be moving east and break the back of this late summer heat wave, early fall heat wave if you will. as we go through this afternoon, we want to point out we have a couple of showers here at 5:00 p.m. notice from york, pennsylvania to dc. we will watch to see where it develops. as we go through tonight it is
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all quiet. friday morning start off clear. going to be a hot day. well to the t 0s. by 8:00 looking at the front from buffalo. by saturday morning a few showers in the mountains and looks like we don't have a lot of moisture. other than early sprinkle knot and west of town not expecting much weather with the front. few spots 94 like culpeper. tappahannock, 93 if not 95. quickly in the tropics i want to show you this is developing potentially in to matthew over the next couple of days. honduras, belize will be the most likely path for this. the seven-day forecast before we go outside for pet line thursday, got 91 today. 94 tomorrow. again, a stray storm can't be ruled out. as we head over to the weekend, temperatures will drop off nicely.
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saturday 80. sunday 70s and then next week we have chances of spotty showers on monday, tuesday, wednesday as we have readings that will be in a much more fall-like, close to fall like any way. it is thursday at 9:00 and time for pet line nine and linda from the washington humane society is joining me here. and 0 who is this cute cat. >> this is jackson. >> hi, jackson. he likes to be rubbed. >> he loves to be petted. >> tell me about jackson. >> he is ten years old and a pretty big boy at 18-pounds and originally adopted from the georgia shelter ten years ago. >> got him back then? >> yeah. unfortunately. after ten years the family couldn't handle the shedding problem that jackson had. >> that's a warning. >> so you have to wear color coordinating clothes when you hold jackson. put on a white t-shirt and everything is fine. >> would a diet make a difference in shedding or are they just going to shed.
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>> there is a wonderful product on the market called the furminator and you have to brush them every few days. >> call 202-576-6664. enyou can go to our website at wash >> if you missed any of that go to and all the information on the shelters is there. back with more 9 news now at noon in just a moment. a
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call or click today. . today we are toasting one of washington's premier steak houses. oh my gosh, you should look at these cuts of steak from smith and rolinsky and their 19th street location between l and m northwest. it is the chef joseph evans. he's making macaroni and cheese. i make a mean macaroni and cheese. so, chef, let's see what you can do. i know it is real good. and we have the general manager david doyle. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> this cut. i could eat off of this for a week. >> they are pretty big. >> this is one serving. >> this is our new yorker, which is a bone in sirloin and our rib eye. >> an you are celebrating national wine week. doesn't get much better than that. >> it starts monday, the 27th through friday at lunchtime between 11 0 and 2:30.
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>> and you have specialties. >> we do. we have wine, at all of our locations we will be serving 200 varietials of wine and 2500 glasses will be toasted that week. we is a are saw saying butter an shallots and adding wine. >> this is macaroni and cheese. are you sure and you are putting wine in there. what else do you do. >> reduce it by half and add two cups of heavy cream. one and a half cup of half and half. bring to a simmer. >> i always tell our viewers that the recipe will be on our website at do this at home. or why try go to smith and rolanyone insky and they will do it for you.
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and add rue. equal parts of flour and butter. wait until it thickens and then add a half cup of monterey jack, provolone, cheddar cheese and provolone. >> receive secret is several cheeses. >> truffle oil. >> this is -- what is truffle oil. >> it is an extract made from white truffles. >> i don't do that. mix that together and i bet you have that here and i bet the manager will pull out my favorite, a rib eye out of the oven. again, they are from the 19th street location but they are all over the metropolitan area. look at that rib eye and he even has wine for me. let's have a little sip. look at that. that's the mac and cheese. smells good. chef, you did a great job. thank you for coming in. and we will have a little
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toast. >> absolutely. national wine week. thank you for being with us. come back at 5:00. cñcñcocccccccccvcvcvcvcvccc hi. i'm jim perdue.
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