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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  March 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> bill: they've got hammer, verne. they can milk this.
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the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> bill: pretty good d on the slap. shot clock -- that's one of those where if you've got a chance, let it go. it hurts villanova on that particular play but not you can do. that's the rule. interesting six seconds. they got a good look, too. pittsburgh got a great challenge to negate. >> verne: armwood comes out to set the screen. there is the switch. >> bill: nice help by mcghee. look at him hustle back. >> verne: yes.
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>> bill: catch it. they've got a time out? or is he out of bounds? >> verne: separate the bodies and see. >> bill: how about that. heads up. you know, i'll have a light beer too. sure. regular bottle or miller lite vortex bottle? regular. i don't see what's so special about that one. well, it's got grooves. maybe if you weren't wearing sunglasses in a dimly lit bar, you'd see that. just came from outside. it's midnight. [ male announcer ] man up and choose the vortex bottle. its specially-designed grooves let that great pilsner taste flow right out. got a vortex bottle! and they're playing your song. that's not my song... ♪ i can... >> verne: 45-38 with 2:37 remaining in regulation. villanova with one time out remaining.
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pittsburgh has two. fouls, seven and four and the possession arrow favors the wildcats. >> bill: i think pena is so unused to touching the ball fumbled that. he hasn't touched it in a while on the offensive end. pretty good find on the penetration. >> verne: nasir robinson inbounds. travon woodall on the floor. ashton gibbs. keep in mind, wanamaker sits with four fouls. here is gilbert brown. there is sutton. that's mcghee. and pena knocked it loose. it was tipped out of bounds, touched last by pena. >> bill: great cover by pena. they left it there, he got himself back in position. magnificent effort. mcghee. my last senior home game and they took away my candy. >> verne: wanamaker comes on, nasir robinson will rest. 2:26 to go and a seven-point
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margin. >> bill: hold, i think. one way of trying to stop gibbs. >> verne: team fouls, now, eight for villanova, pitt still with fouls to give and pittsburgh has done well at the free-throw line tonight. 10 of 12. >> bill: this guy is pretty good, 88%. what you want from your point guard. >> verne: ashton gibbs in the big east more proficient. 39-42 in big east play this year. fisher. >> bill: he's hurt, i think. >> verne: limping a little bit as he heads to the bench. >> bill: he's been banged up a little bit too. >> verne: james bell will come on. dominic cheek also sits down and gibbs at the line where he excels.
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>> bill: i think he's in overdrive now, villanova. fisher coming back. they've got to keep him a possession out if i'm not mistaken. >> verne: right. >> verne: ashton gibbs has 16 points. >> verne: wayns, for three. mcghee. and a foul called. >> bill: jacking him and not really creating. helps the opponent. >> verne: gary mcghee going to remember his senior night at pitt. he's now got 10 rebounds in this
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ballgame. >> bill: just does his job. when he came in, a lot of people were unsure whether he would be a factor in the big east. under the tutelage of jamie and his assistants, they've prospered, a lot of these guys. >> verne: he played behind dejuan blair for a couple of years, blair declared for the nba, now in -- >> bill: not doing bad either. a charismatic guy, too. >> verne: these three seniors, four if you count nick rivers and you should, about to win their 110th game. 52 of them have come after dejuan blair left school. 52 wins. in the last couple years. >> bill: villanova is just going after their normal early action right now.
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they're not going to get anywhere. jamie just saying "open it up a little bit." now you give them a taste of what they have been doing. unless something really good happens early. >> verne: patterson. clock under two. >> bill: there will be a celebration in pittsburgh, i think, verne. good screen by mcghee. >> verne: off the glass. good. >> bill: credit the penetration but it's mcghee who just wraps up the opponent in a legal fashion. >> verne: eight unanswered now for pitt. and they have put this one away. wayns -- maybe not. quick time out. >> bill: last one. in my line of work, speed is, well, crucial...
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1:20 to go, and an inability to stop the clock. >> bill: nice having woodall on the team as well, because gibbs off the ball, play smaller with wanamaker and mcghee, a tribute to tenacity, i think. >> verne: if pitt wins, they go 15-3 in the big east. that equals their best record ever. that was in 2009 -- 28-2009 when these two teams in the regional finals in boston engaged in one of the best games i've ever seen. >> bill: i would agree. turnover. stepped on the end line, i think. you mentioned how ben howland wanted jamie dixon first thing -- proudest guy in the dixon -- of the dixon family is ben howland of the job he's done here. jamie wants to know what the call was. >> verne: yeah. >> bill: got his answer.
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radio announcer here for pittsburgh in the background and the steelers, alongside dick groat. >> verne: another three. how about wayns. >> bill: he's a gamer, this kid. >> verne: yes. it's a seven-point game with 1:06 to go. maalik wayns with five three-point baskets. 24 points in all. mcghee is out. patterson is in. >> bill: at this point, how are you going to deny? where are you going to trap? home run. >> verne: brown. brings it back outside. puts it in the hands of travon woodall. one minute to go. >> bill: a lot of handlers on the floor right now. >> verne: wanamaker. >> bill: look at this. >> verne: brown, gibbs. >> bill: tough coffers. >> verne: woodall. brown wants it in the corner --
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a little bump. >> bill: a technical on armwood. >> verne: technical on armwood. >> bill: there was a little incident early in the year on armwood on a reach-around. >> verne: first game. >> bill: where he struck nasir robinson. all this little nickel-dime stuff is not basketball. i don't mind that one -- i don't think that was as bad. as the little bang later. jay's talking to him right away. >> verne: in game one, there was a technical foul. that was a tough ballgame between these two -- 57-54. what was deemed an intentional foul by armwood in that first game. >> verne: 43.1 left.
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personal foul is on armwood and the technical foul on armwood, and he is done for the day. -- done for the day. >> verne: armwood finished. >> bill: woodall will shoot the two. then we'll have the other two and then the ball, is the initial foul. >> verne: now ashton gibbs.
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>> bill: this is a giveaway and at the end of it the control. it was armwood. like the automatic walk, verne. >> verne: yes. >> bill: intentional walk, i should say. >> verne: gibbs perfect at the line as he is in big east play with the exception of three misses. he's six of six today. it's back to a double-digit lead now, 55-44, 43.1 to go. woodall. cheek. will shoot more free throws. >> verne: you can hear, behind us, "we want rivers." that's nick rivers, who is the fourth senior. started as a student manager here and has played on the varsity for the last couple years -- gosh, that seems a
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strange thing to say, "on the varsity." >> bill: that's a throwback. >> verne: it is, isn't it. >> bill: jay is not sure this is over. >> verne: exactly. >> bill: finally sat down. nice combo in the backcourt with woodall and gibbs. >> verne: don't forget, duke-north carolina coming up tonight, prime time. in chapel hill. wayns. rebound, gilbert brown. nick rivers is going to get the play -- to play in his final game -- i think he was coming in. >> bill: i think he ran down there on his own. >> verne: maybe so. >> verne: that was funny. my goodness, he was halfway to the scorer's table and now, he's at the end of the bench.
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pittsburgh. how well they've done at the free-throw line today, they're now 21 of 23. here comes the ovation. nick rivers. >> bill: in a city known for its rivers, how about this applause. >> verne: combination of the victory, and the big east championship, and the appearance of nick rivers. boy, have they excelled at the free-throw line today. >> bill: they are tough in a lot of areas, particularly the last five minutes of a game, verne. >> verne: gilbert brown's last game. he heads to the bench where he joins jerry mcghee. -- gary mcghee. wayns is another one that sticks threes. >> bill: he will not stop playing, that kid. >> verne: whistle and foul. >> bill: villanova doesn't want them to celebrate.
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>> verne: 59-47 with 26.2 to go. jay wright will await the conclusion of big east play today to find out whether they have to play on tuesday. so many variations. do you think the big east is going to get 11 teams in? >> bill: you talk to people around the country, it's hard to not put the 11 in but it remains to be seen. >> verne: cincinnati beat georgetown. >> bill: marquette would be a team that -- >> verne: from the corner. no. put-back is good. foul. maurice sutton. 12.6 to go. pitt's going to go to 27-4 for the season. lost earlier in the year to tennessee.
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lost at home to notre dame. at st. john's. hardy had a brilliant game in that one. most recently, louisville in overtime. the pitt panthers. >> bill: villanova a good game plan, not to match the quality of pitt. >> verne: pitt your big east champions. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division captioning by captionmax >> greg: we'll send to greg gumbel in new york for "the road to the final four" after this on our 30th road to the final four.
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>> greg: hello, everyone. welcome to "the road to the final four" greg gumbel in new york alongside my cohorts, greg anthony and seth davis.
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>> greg: a couple goes diving in the caribbean and only one comes back up. was it an accident or murder? tonight ahead on cbs. the game just completed here on cbs, pittsburgh by 10 over villanova. seth, impressive performance by the panthers because notre dame put it right in their faces? >> seth: able to keep the number one seed in the big east tournament, keep alive their hopes for the number one seed in the ncaa tournament and the villanova wildcats are really going south at the worst possible time. they need to get corey stokes healthy but corey fisher has had a disappointing season and a very bad month of february, 3-14 overall from the field, one for eight from three-point range and they only made four free throws today. not going to work. >> greg: pittsburgh a winner by the score of 60-50. elsewhere on the scoreboard, along with the highlights, wyoming traveled to b.y.u. to face the cougars and there is the much-discussed brandon davies looking on from the side. >> seth: he's certainly been in the news this week to say the least. b.y.u. not as bad as they played
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at home against new mexico, they needed to redeem themselves not only to get on the winning track but to show the selection committee they're a national championship contender without brandon davies. i think they are a two seed with the possibility of moving up if they keep winning. >> greg: b.y.u. wins 102-78. in the big ten, how do you talk about what purdue -- what happened to them against iowa. >> greg a.: this is a huge disappointing game for the boilermakers -- a chance to maybe get a number one seed overall, if you think about them winning out but unfortunately, they go up against an iowa team that was committed to playing defense and getting after it. they pull off a tremendously huge upset. purdue's got to be disappointed with how they played down the stretch. give credit to iowa. >> greg: purdue's seven-game win streak comes to an end by two. hawkeyes win it 67-65. depaul against syracuse. up in syracuse. this was no contest. >> seth: remember when syracuse lost four in a row and everyone said "what is wrong with this basketball team?"
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they've won five in a row going to the big east tournament. another quality performance from their guard, scoop jardine and brandon triche. when they play well, syracuse plays well and they're moving up the seed line. >> greg: do you think the orange is ready? they shot 71% from the floor today and they win easily. ucla traveling out to washington state to take on the cougars. klay thompson suspended for today's game. >> seth: washington state has a chance to punch their ticket if they can win this game without their best player, klay thompson. they've won two in a row, they swept washington and they have ucla in hand, i emphasize without their best player, i think if the cougars hold on here, avoid a bad loss in the pac-10 tournament they'll be in the ncaa tournament. >> greg: someone needs to tell the bruins the game has begun. 1:08 to play in the first half, they trail 30-17. big south championship game, u.n.c. asheville against coastal carolina. >> seth: that put asheville up by five. on the breakaway, again the
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slam, asheville up by five. matt dickey drains the three-pointer. they win. the first team in the tournament -- u.n.c. asheville winning. >> greg: bulldogs winning. they are dancing. first team into the ncaa tournament. meanwhile, in columbia today, kansas jayhawks up against the missouri tigers. >> greg a.: marcus morris with the drive, taking the contact, still able to finish. kansas was up early in this game but marcus denmon knocks down the three to keep missouri in it and folks, this was the dagger -- tyrel reed knocks down the three-pointer to seal the deal. kansas, second consecutive big 12 regular season title. >> greg: they win the title outright by four, 70-66. notre dame traveled up to storrs, connecticut to take on the uconn huskies. >> greg a.: tim abromaitis with the drive and the finish and an interesting basketball game here -- tyrone nash misses the free throw, kemba walker able to save it, he's got 34 points at this juncture of the game. he dishes off.
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ill advised pass. uconn does not even get a shot off. notre dame finishing second alone in the big east. impressive for mike brey. >> greg: they lost hansbrough fairly early in this game, held on to beat uconn 70-67. in morgantown, west virginia. number 11, louisville up against the mountaineers. >> greg a.: louisville in a bit of a pickle here as you can see the three get knocked down by casey mitchell and then you've got to feel for preston knowles, misses the shot and commits the foul against truck bryant, he's able to go to the line, knock down two free throws -- west virginia down three with 10 seconds to go. they win it by two. disappointing loss for the cardinals. >> greg: 4-24 from behind the three-point line, they shot 33%. they win by two. in tucson, oregon against number 18, arizona, seth. >> seth: this is going to be derek lamb nails the three-pointer, one of two behind the arc, quiet day by his standards, only 14 points but arizona pretty much in control. the alley oop for oregon.
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jamelle horne. they are your pac-10 champions. >> greg: arizona 25-6 on the year, 14-4 in the pac-10. georgetown and cincinnati. >> greg a.: reminiscent of christian laettner as yancy gates knocks down the three and then cashmere wright misses the shot, darnell woods with the follow and the put-back and sean kilpatrick knocking down the three. impressive. they make a statement today. >> greg: 69-47 is the final. number 23 xavier going into st. louis up against the billikens. you like the musketeers. >> seth: love the musketeers, don't just like them, only one loss this season in the atlantic 10, a bucket for st. louis -- a potential first team all american, 25 points today, four rebounds, one assist, eight for 10 from the foul line. mark lyons a great game behind the arc. good guard play, xavier has made
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three sweet 16s in a row. it could be four. >> greg: texas tech against texas a&m in college station. >> greg a.: b.j. holmes, the slam, walker to david loubeau for the slam. a&m trying to get momentum as they get started in the conference tournament. >> greg: a&m clinches the number three seed. crisler arena in ann arbor. michigan state and michigan. >> greg a.: a future star, tim hardaway knocks down a three -- team-high 20. delvon roe with the finish here keeps michigan state in the game but tim hardaway finding jordan morgan. michigan too much, playing great basketball. michigan state got to be scratching their head. >> greg: michigan has won six of its last eight. coming up at 8:00 eastern time tonight duke against north carolina. the gentlemen are on record as saying that they believe the tar heels are going to come up winners tonight. >> greg a.: i do like the home team but expect duke to come out and play with a lot of energy in
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this basketball game. they remember what happened the first half last time out. >> seth: the three games duke has lost on the road they've come out firing three-pointers. that is not the way to win. the plumlee brothers have to be ready to play. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division [ male announcer ] it's 2011. wonder where the durango's been for the last two years? well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads. it went back to school, got an advanced degree in technology. it's been working out -- more muscle and less fat. it's only been two years, but it's done more in two years than most cars do in a lifetime.
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