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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  June 5, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> faster, easier, better. checks out the new and improved now. this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> hello, everybody. i'm bruce leshan. bruce johnson has the night o thanks so much for being here. speed and alcohol a toxic combination that has taken far too many lives around our region. tonight police in prince george's are blaming speed and alcohol for a crash that killed three people. someone smacked into the back of their car. andrea mccarren is live at the scene with the latest. what can you tell us, andrea? >> bruce, i'm standing just above indianhead highway where the crash occurred near the intersection of wilson bridge record. happened jussive just after 3 a.m. you can still see evidence of
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the tragedy. >> reporter: gittering in the evening sun, a lone tree took the the brunt of the crash. it is still standing with a significant gash. it was here police say a gmc yukon slammed into the back of a mazda 3 ramming it off the road and into that tree. >> there were two passengers in that vehicle. two females that were ejected from the vehicle. they were pronounced dead on scene. the driver of that vehicle was also pronounced dead. the remaining passenger, a male adult, was transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: among the dead the mazda's driver 53-year-old eugene johnson and a passenger, 52-year-old woman. both of manassas. another woman was also pronounced dead on the scene. a fourth passenger was injured but expected to survive. police say the yukon was disabled in the crash and the driver and passenger both remained at the scene. and investigators say both appeared to be under the
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influence of alcohol. but neither was injured in the crash that killed three people. the driver is now facing driving under the influence charges. more charges are pending. we are live andrea mccarren, 9news now. bruce? >> thank you so much. now, how would you like to make more than your boss? many local police and fire chiefs do. the washington examiner says the salaries of many of the police and fire chiefs in the area are higher than their state's governors. dc police chief the top cop. annual salary $253,000. montgomery county police chief tom manager pulls in $216,000. montgomery county pays the fire chief $189,000. $3000 more than dc fire chief kenneth elerby and $15,000 more than fairfax county's fire chief ronald maston. compare that to maryland's
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governor. $150,000. or virginia's governor. $175,000. former dark house dc mayoral candidate brown showing the washington post money orders he says he got from a top campaign aide to vincent grey and now he is planning to testify before the city council. brown says he got the $600 from vincent grey's campaign to disparage the then mayor adrian fenty. the council hearing slated for tomorrow. this may be the first time an election in peru has snarled traffic in falls church. jamming two schools on leesburg pike voting in their country's presidential run-off election. britany morehouse reports the gridlock is really costing people. >> reporter: directions for
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thousands of peruvian voters that live in six states. >> dc, virginia, west virginia, delaware, kentucky and maryland. >> reporter: traffic is snarled for 12 hours plus. the government is renting out the two schools to be used as polling sites for the run-off election for two presidential candidates. >> a little nervous today because it is very strong. >> reporter: nerves run high because of driving and parking here. while some wait in their cars for family others decide to park in the same lot behind mcdonald's where cars are disappearing. >> i was looking for my car. they said you better check phone number posted at the front. so there are a whole bunch of tow trucks there. >> reporter: all of these tow trucks are working for the city but pete's towing is on the prowl working for the property manager which some feel is a
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shame. >> usually on sunday we are slow during the day. >> reporter: but a bother to someone else turns into an expensive mcdonald's meal for this man. >> i was there to patronize one of the businesses but at this point there is not much i can do because they have my truck. >> reporter: they ask for $125. voters who face fines for not voting say if they had only been known. >> if would be cheaper to pay the fine which is only $64. >> reporter: britany morehouse, 9news now. >> voters are choosing between two, a daughter of an ex- president imprisoned for corruption or a leftist cashiered military officer who was promising to redistribute wealth. britany morehouse says most of the people she talked to are
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voting for one of them. defense secretary robert gates on his final farewell telling reporters it requires delicate balancing taking troops out of the country. >> nobody wants to give up the gains that have been won at such a hard cost and nobody wants to give our allies the excuse to run for the exits. so i think that we will -- i have confidence that we will strike the right balance. >> gates also met with u.s. troops. he told them he thinks about them all the time and feels personally responsible for their safety. president obama has nominated c.i.a. director leon peneta to replace gates. israeli forces opened fire on palestinian protestors in serena syria today.
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protestors marked the anniversary of the 1967 arab israeli war. a standoff continuing tonight. tonight israel is accusing syria of orchestrating the violence to take away from what's happening at home. we survey historic damage. and have republicans found president obama's achilles heel? disappointing job numbers are quickly becoming the gop's new campaign battle cry.
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as the gop campaign for the white house rolls on republicans may have found their strongest weapon to defeat the president. friday's disappointing jobs report has energizedded the party which is blasting president obama and his policies. here is the report from new york. >> reporter: republicans found they found president obama's achilles heel. a sputtering economy. fueling the fire for 2012. >> president obama tried to explain to the public the other day this is just a bump in the road but you try telling that bump in the road an to families trying to keep their homes. >> reporter: unemployment rose to 9.1%. economists now fear double dip recession. but the president's advisor senior say he inherited the
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problem. >> we were losing $780,000 a job when the president comes into office. fast forward to now. we have added 1 million jobs over the last six months. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers are pointing their figures at the republican house majority. >> they set the agenda. we said every day they are there another day goes by and there isn't a job bill that has come to the floor. >> reporter: a weak economy helped the gop win the house last fall and republicans are hoping it will sweep their nominee into the white house. in poll after poll americans say the economy is a single issue that matters most. >> i just don't feel like he is doing anything to help us. >> i used to be able to go to a supermarket and buy groceries that would last me two or three weeks. now i can't do ta. >> reporter: the rewill the candidates are -- candidates
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are unamimous. >> reporter: report for cbs news, new york. the gop field likely will grow this week with former pennsylvania governor rick santorn expected to announce he is running. german officials say they know where that deadly outbreak of e. coli came from. we will tell you about new precautions. anny? >> still a chance for isolated thunderstorms and scattered showers tonight, bruce. but we have got a mid-week warmup coming this way. just how warm and how humid? we will talk about that when 9news now returns. >> they are creepy nasty blood suckers and fast becoming a patient's best medicine. the amazing role leeches are playing. the lowly life savers. coming up on 9news now. the new droid x2 by motorola with a dual core processor ?
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i could do everything faster. it's a shame mckenzie's too young to buy me one for father's day. we'd play games on it together, listen to music, watch movies. she'd want me to have one. and what kind of father would i be to get in her way ? i'll just sign her name on the card. give dad a gift he'd give himself, like the new, more powerful than ever droid x2, or the droid pro for $99.99, and get unlimited data for just $29.99. verizon. a health alert tonight. don't eat the bean sprouts. german investigators have just pinpointed the organic bean sprouts the result of an e. coli outbreak. the sprouts are used in salads and came from a nearby farm. authorities have shutdown the farm and are recalling everything grown there. they are urging germans not to
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eat sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce until they get to the bottom of all of this. one of the largest wildfires in arizona's history is forcing 22,000 people to evacuate their homes. some of the 160 firefighters who worked all weekend say they have started to contain the flames. what is being called the wallo fire has been burning for a week already burning more than 144,000 acres. >> going to start packing tonight. get our personal belongings. that way in case we have to go we are ready. >> i'm pretty nervous. >> strong winds may stall containment efforts and forecasters are predicting lightening strikes tonight. the conneticut teen who made national headlines after the principal banned him from his prom for his foot tall invitation to his date, well, he is finally getting to go. maybe you remember james tait
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who asked his date to the big dance by taping a cardboard message on the side of the school building. school officials suspended him and told him he could not go to the prom. eventually under pressure they lifted the ban and last night dressed to the nines tait got to take his date to the dance. she said he is funny and kind of cute. >> i'm glad he got to go. initial punishment was harsh. i agree. >> cute weather we have been having. hazy in the morning. cleared up today. anny hong is here it talk about what we will see tonight. >> we even had light rain early this morning. a trace at the airport. warming up to early 80s today. still see a chance for some isolated thunderstorms tonight. maybe some scattered showers but at this point really nothing too intense. live doppler 9000 hd. pretty quiet out there right now. but if you look at the doppler radar out toward the west you can see we got some storms firing up. so we may see some energy make its way from these storms.
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also, we do have some lightening right here. you see here. also in parts of pennsylvania. but right around dc it is quiet for now. but again, tonight we have a slight chance for some storms and maybe some showers. currently though it is a nice night out there. 82 degrees in downtown. 79 in gaithersburg. martinsburg 81 degrees. and rues air force base up, 70s. today's high right around seasonal where we should be for this time of year. another heat wave coming this way. a stray shower still possible with a thunderstorm. monday morning maybe some areas of brief showers, scattered showers are possible. monday afternoon does look pretty nice and warmer and then the heat and humidity return. tonight though, partly cloudy. maybe a shower, isolated storms. lows around 65 degrees. winds are going to be light. our sunset at 8:30 p.m. tonight. the futurecast late tonight we could see some showers
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developing. closer to around midnight. including the district here. and then mainly the eastern bay. the shore and eastern bay could see some showers and thunderstorms go through it. tomorrow morning maybe some scattered showers as well for that morning commute. but it won't really amount to a whole lot. for the rest of the day though things look pretty nice. lots of sunshine out there. maybe the bay and eastern shore could get thunderstorms and showers tomorrow as well. but for monday morning partly to mostly cloudy starting out maybe a stray shower but grab the sunglasses. tuck away maybe the smaller umbrella. winds light. for the afternoon looking pretty good. highs around mid-80s. winds are out of the north at 5 to 10. and that wind being out of the north it will be a dryer air. so we are going to see though some more moisture coming this way from the middle of the workweek. so hear how things are breaking down for your monday. in the morning mild 60s and 70s. a slight chance for some showers scattered in the morning. by noon though looking pretty
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good. upper 70s, low 80s. by 5 p.m., lots of sun, warm. 80 to 85 degrees. seven-day outlook. wednesday and thursday, 95. 97 degrees. and, yes, the humidity also on the rise for those days, bruce. i think the heat index values are projected to be around 100 once again. but the good news here it doesn't last long. back into the 80s for saturday and sunday. maybe with storms. wednesday, thursday, get the a.c. pumping again. >> seems like rafael nadal is dominating. >> he is. adding to that his win today. another epic showdown between two of tennis' great players then the nationals will wrap up their series with arizona. could they avoid dropping three straight? that and more coming up next in sports.
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now 9news now with kristin berset. the best sports in town. >> more history being made in paris. first the women. the first chinese tennis player to ever win a grand slam. then today rafael nadal continued his domination tying the record for most wins there. his tenth career major championship facing roger federer, familiar faux. first set this point of the match. great back and forth rally at the net. federer racing back to hit the forehand opening the door. championship point. federer hits the ball long and unforced error and nadal wins his sixth french title. >> first of all, congratulations, roger for ,
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for for the fantastic match. >> always an exciting match to watch. wrapping up against the diamondbacks. having been shut out the last two nights the nats just trying to get something going at the plate. looking to split the series with the diamondbacks and today was a bean ball effect. four batters hit by a pitch. two pitchers ejected. two managers ejected. and one pitcher hit. a lot of hitting going on. but not the kind we want. swinging. >> a blast to left. >> 1-0 lead. until this big blow in the 8th. wilson ramos with a three-run shot to left. nats lead 4-1 in the 9th. encouraging news for the nats. ryan zimmerman played in his first minor league rehab start in hagerstown. he did look pretty solid in five innings. 2-2 with a double, triple, two
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runs and r.b.i. i'd say that's pretty good. zimmerman last played april 8th when he tore an abdominal muscle. hammering a shot down the line. a fair ball. and a ground rule double. game tied at 1. in the 4th now tied at 2. escobar puts the jays ahead for good. toronto wins 7-4 to take the series. we are less than two weeks away from the start of the u.s. open at congressional country club and while the county is getting ready for the influx of visitors, many of the players are getting in one final tuneup this weekend at the memorial tournament. it was the final round this afternoon. steve stricker the leader going into today's play. for birdie on the 5th. he sinks it to get 15 under par. on the 9th another birdie putt. no problem here either. 20 under on front nine alone
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for steve stricker. memorial currently in a weather delay and steve stricker leads by three. so they had some weather problems up there too apparently. >> yes. >> and anny is here with the last look at weather. >> yes. tonight may see some isolated showers, scattered showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow scattered showers are possible. but generally should be fairly nice. highs around mid-80s. partly cloudy. >> thanks so much for watching us. "60 minutes" is next. we will see you right back here at 11 p.m. tonight. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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