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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now presenting washington's fastest growing 11 p.m. news. 9news now now brought to you in hd by verizon fios. a network ahead. we begin tonight with breaking news out of southeast washington where firefighters have been battling a two alarm blaze. the fire is now knocked down but one person was transported from the scene with serious burns not life threatening burns though.
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the fire broke out in a three- story apartment building in the 5100 block of f street southeast. reporter andrea mccarren, photographer paul lester were on the scene when firefighters were scrambling to rescue residents after initial reports of people trapped inside the building. thankfully all but one resident got out of there safely. showing the washington post money orders he says he got from a top campaign aide of vincent grey. the one time mayoral candidate said he got the $600 from gray's campaign. brown gave up fighting during a court appearance on tuesday. the council hearing slated for tomorrow. police in prince george's blaming speed and alcohol tonight for a crash that killed three people early this morning. a gmc yukon slammed into the
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back of a mazda mazda 3 running it off the road and into a tree. >> in that vehicle two females were ejected from the vehicle they were pronounced dead on scene. the driver of that vehicle was also pronounced dead. the remaining passenger, a male adult, was transported to a local hospital. >> the people who were killed include the mazda driver's, 53 years old, a passengers 52 years old, the name of the third victim not released at this point. the driver of the suv has been charged with driving under the influence and he may face more charges. new evacuation orders tonight in arizona where one of the largest wild fires in the state's history has already forced at least 22,000 people to abandon their homes. some of the 160 firefighters
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who worked all weekend say they have started to contain the flames. what is being called the wallo fire has been burning for a week and it has already burned more than 144,000 acres. >> going to start packing tonight. get our personal belongings. that way in case we have to go we are ready. >> i'm pretty nervous. i'm pretty nervous. >> strong winds. the threat of lightening strikes may stall containment efforts. in joplin, missouri, three more people have died from injuries they received during that massive tornado two weeks ago. so far 141 people have died as a result of the tornado. about a third of the city was demolished. city officials plan to meet tomorrow to get neighbors more help clearing out the rubble. there is elation in the streets of yemen's capitol tonight. celebrating the exit of the president. the embattled leader clung to
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power for almost 33 years but tonight he is in the hospital being treated in saudi arabia after being injured in a rocket attack on his presidential palace on friday. a london times reporter says reaction to the president's departure is mixed. >> reporter: certainly been celebrating over the last 24 hours as the news spread that the president had left the country but in a northern city we have had renewed fighting. >> human rights groups estimate more than 160 people have been killed in fighting between armed tribes and the military over the last two weeks. for now the vice president is assuming control of this key u.s. ally. but the president plans to return to the capitol after he recovers from his injuries. you have seen it on t.v. now you see it in person. the plane that was miraculously landed on the hudson river is
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rolling through the area on its way to a museum in north carolina. tens of thousands of people have actually been out waiting to see it. get onto i-# 5 i-95 at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. we are learning more tonight about why former presidential candidate john edwards did not take a plea deal in his campaign contributions scandal. he reportedly almost accepted one but negotiations fell apart in the hours just before he was indicted. prosecutors offered edwards a deal that would have allowed him to plead guilty and face just six months in jail but his defense attorneys wanted to negotiate how the sentence would be served. edwards goes to trial next month. if convicted facing a maximum 30 years in prison. in northeast washington today a celebration of long
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time love. more than 800 couples gathered at the national shrine of the immaculate conception for the annual mass. the arch bishop of washington presided over the mass as couples renewed their vows. >> lord, bless and consecrate these married couples in their love for each other. may these rings be a symbol of true faith of each other and always remind them of their love. >> of the 829 couples that registered to participate in today's mass 387 couples have been married for 50 years or more. one couple married for 73 years. still ahead on 9news now. it is one of the most deadly diseases on earth but one man says he is the first hiv patient to be cured of the illness. we will tell you about the berlin patient.
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once people said president obama is unbeatable now republicans say they have found his major weakness. the economy. why a dismal jobs report is reenergizing the gop. anny, are you out there? >> chance for scattered showers, maybe some thunderstorms still but then we have got a warmup coming this way. monday looking pretty good as you're waking up. temperatures in the 60s. mid-60s. 75 by 9. we will have that warm forecast coming up a little bit later. this is like an iceberg volcano. it's like lightntning in a snowball. it's like frozen hot chocolate. ah! ah! you got it! yeah, i was just reading what was on the cup. try our new dunkin' donuts frozen hot chocolate. it's like frozen hot chocolate. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ oh, won't you be good to yourself? ♪ ♪ and don't you feel like coming home? ♪
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as the gop campaign for the white house starts rolling republicans may have found what they think is their most potent weapon to try and defeat the president. friday's disappointing jobs report has energized the gop which is blasting president obama and his policies. here is the report from new york. >> reporter: republicans hope they have found president obama's achilles heel, a sputtering economy, already fueling the gop's fire for 2012. >> president obama tried to explain to the public the other day, you try telling that analogy to those trying to keep their homes. >> reporter: only 54,000 jobs were created last month and
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unemployment rose to 9.1%. economists now fear a double dip recession. but advisors say he inherited the problem. >> we added 1 million jobs over the last six months. >> reporter: they are pointing fingers at the republican house agenda. >> reporter: a weak economy helped the gop win the house last fall and republicans are hoping it will sweep their nominee into the white house. in poll after poll americans say the economy is the single issue that matters most. >> i think the economy is terrible. and i think that -- i don't think obama is doing a good job at all. >> reporter: what could anybody else have done better? even without a clear front runner republicans unanimously say they can do better. >> mr. president, you've had your turn, it is now our term. we are just getting started. >> reporter: the white house
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hopes the recovery picks up before the campaigning gets serious next february in iowa. cbs news, new york. >> the gop field will likely grow this week with former pennsylvania senator rick santorum expected to announce he is running. coming up on 9news now. the ipod. now the tech giant is unveiling its new way for users to store music. the latest on icloud. we are looking at temperatures close to 100 degrees for the workweek. anny will be back with her full forecast. they are creepy nasty blood suckers and they are fast becoming a patient's best medicine. >> the amazing role leeches are playing in hospitals. the lowly life savers. the new droid x2 by motorola with a dual core processor ?
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in this tub lent economy have -- turbulent economy do you ever wonder what people are making? police chiefs are pulling in more than the governors in maryland and virginia. metropolitan police chief the highest paid cop pulling in an annual salary of $250,000. second place among police chiefs montgomery county thomas manager with a salary of
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$216,000. montgomery county fire chief the area's highest paid firefighter drawing $190,000. dc's fire chief close behind. $187,000. and at $175,000, fairfax county's fire chief ronald maston. >> obama gets less than that, doesn't he? it is outrageous. >> a lot lower than they should be. >> i'm an elected official. >> my reaction is they make more than school teachers and i'm like what's more important, teaching our children? >> you don't get paid a decent wage you won't get a decent person in the job. >> some officials agree with that. they criticize the high salaries but officials say it is critical to attract top people.
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virginia governormartin o'malley. less than one public safety official in all of the washington area. unofficial election results show leftist military man narrowly winning a presidential runoff in peru. the election snarled traffic in false church where 20,000 local peruvians jammed two schools to cast their votes. for some people the vote also cost them a hefty towing fee after tow trucks cleared dozens of cars parked behind a local mcdonald's. >> i was look forge my car and then everybody was sitting in the cars and said you better check phone number. it is posed at posted at the front. >> that towing fee a whopping $125. tonight with more than 90% of the ballots counted an independent election watch dog group showing him with 51.3% of the vote compared to 48.7% of
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the vote for kako. 20 people dead, another 325 wounded tonight in syria according to government officials who say israeli forces opened fire on palestinian protestors as they approached an israeli border fence. it happened in the occupied area as protestors mark the anniversary of the 1967 arab/israeli word accusing sierra of okay traiting -- of orchestrating the demonstration to take away from the violent at home. dominique strauss-kahn will be in court today for arraignment. he is expected to plead not guilty. steve jobs, one of the world's most successful c.e.o.s will come off medical leave to unveil apple's new
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cloudbased service tomorrow. icloud debuts at the worldwide developer's conference in san francisco. apple has been talking with all four major music recordings. icloud allows users to store their songs on apple run servers rather than downloading them and putting them on their home computers or ipods. a health alert tonight. don't eat the bean sprouts. german investigators have just pinpointed organic soya bean sprouts as the likely cause of an e. coli outbreak that has killed 22 people and sickened thousands more. the sprouts are used in salads. came from a nearby farm. authorities have shut down the farm and are recalling everything grown there. they are urging germans not to eat sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce until they get to the bottom of it. 45-year-old brown going down in history as the first man to have hiv completely
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eliminated from his body. scientists gave him stem cell bone marrow transplant as he struggled with hiv and leukemia. the results astounding. >> i quit taking my hiv medication on the day that i got the transplant. and haven't had to take any since. >> leukemia and aids? >> right. >> gone? >> right. >> cured? >> brown received stem cells from a donor who was immune to hiv. in fact, about 1% of caucasians are immune to hiv. people who survived the plague developed an immuneity and it was passed down to their heirs. doctors are hoping to develop less invasive treatments based on what looks like brown's cure. researchers are stopping just short of calling a new drug a
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magic bullet against skin cancer. but they say the new medication shows a 63% reduction in death rates in melanoma in three months targeting only mutated genes. melanoma kills on average a person every hour in america. in massachusetts, a miracle amid the rubble. neighbors clearing debris from last week's devastating tornado found a pup but alive and unharmed. shadow. now they are calling him super dogs. the tornadoes winds ripped shadow right out of the family's home. they could hear him crying, hear his nails trying to grab the floor but could do nothing to save him. >> the dog was petrified and
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wouldn't come near us. tried to coax it out with food. then one of the state troopers actually went under and got the dog, brought him out. >> he jumped all over us and licked us. he is doing great. he is tired and hungry but besides that he is in great shape. >> shadow is a special member of the family. she was a gift for their 7-year- old daughter who is in remission after battling cancer for the past two years. >> i'm a dog owner. >> and it is so amazing when we hear these stories about people ripped out of homes, dogs ripped out of homes in these tornadoes and then somehow miraculously some survive. >> nice to see a good story come out of that. >> hopefully we won't have any severe weather around here, right? >> bruce, it looks good for the next couple days. we may have have severe weather coming next week. we will need some water in the
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next couple days. we have got a heat wave coming this way. nothing immediate yet. a look at doppler. baltimore. heading to the south and also southeast. so i think the eastern shore will be affected. maybe the coast. maybe the bay tonight. so we talked about the chance for some thunderstorms. saw a little bit tonight but really not a whole lot of activity. here is a look at doppler 9000 to show you where we got some lightening associated with those storms i circled just a palestinian ago. also just around richmond. west of richmond also some storms coming through. but the immediate dc metro area actually was a pretty nice night out there. currently 73 degrees. feels like 73. the dew point 56. not too bad. few clouds out there but overall pretty nice. so monday pleasant and warm. maybe a scattered shower. tuesday even warmer. then humidity and heat returning for the middle of the
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week because of a high. may see showers come through. isolated thunderstorms then monday afternoon does look pretty good. this showing we could have showers but i think they will mainly be around the bay and towards the eastern shore. overall should be a pretty nice day tomorrow. so overnight expecting clear skies and mild. tomorrow morning partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. maybe a stray shower. but grab the sunglasses. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the afternoon looks pretty good. mostly sunny around warm. highs around 85 degrees. north wind of 5 to 10. that north wind will be a little bit dryer so the humidity shouldn't be as bad in the next couple days. highs tomorrow generally mid- 80s for dc. 86 in leesburg and frederick around mid-80s as well. all right. so your day planner. warming up into the 70s. low 80s by noon. 80s by 5 p.m. here is your seven-day outlook. we talked about that heat wave. there it is on wednesday and thursday.
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95 and 97 degrees. bermuda high meaning it will keep us humid. 100 degrees. maybe some new record highs middle of the week. >> this morning did you get out of bed for church? was it the message, songs or maybe just a sense of obligation? at one local group that ministers to the homeless they found a much more mundane thing. here is derek mcginty with hero's central. >> we have people that receive lunch. prior to that we have worship. ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ >> reporter: they call this street church and the reverend, rector, runses it. the mostly the homeless. when they started the street church six years ago that building housed a 300-bed men's shelter. back then dozens of men would leave the building, walk across
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the street to the park for lunch and a sermon. >> it was the idea that you give them the incentive to come to the worship by providing the lunch? >> well, it works like that. yes, it does. >> reporter: reverend charles acknowledges it is hard to focus on the spiritual if the physically is famished. >> do you come for the sermon or food? >> the food more than the sermon. >> reporter: but this 53-year- old man, syd, also treasures the community of caring people. >> it is the comradery of it? >> yes. >> it was the answer to prayers. >> 68-year-old christine has been a street church volunteer since the early days. >> i don't have to go by and look the other way and they look the other way, they have an identity. i know their names. we pray together. we pray for each other. we sing together. ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ >> i particularly like the singing part because i'm very nicesy. >> reporter: that's okay, out
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here noisy is good and if you would like to drop by and take a listen render charles says that's okay too. >> the food is primarily for the people that don't have food but the worship, the gathering, is trying to create an environment and an opportunity for different types of people to get together. >> peace be with you. >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9news now. >> the gannett foundation has donated $7500 to help street church feed the homeless in downtown dc. if you want information about how to get involved, go to click on hero central. coming up. a quick look at sports plus. ♪
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here is kristin berset with
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a preview. nats in action today. just when it looked like the nationals were going to blow another lead they found extra life in those bats of their's. pitchers even ejected. nats took a 1-0 lead deep into the game before usually reliable closer was anything but. this game went into extra innings. full highlights for you. encouraging news for the nats throw. ryan zimmerman playing in his first minor rehab start. look pretty solid. in five innings two for two with a double, triple, two runs and an r.b.i. i would say that was pretty good out there. zimmerman last played april 8th when he tore an abdominal muscle sliding into second. roger federer winning only two of the last 14 match ups between these two on clay. today wouldn't bemy different. he predicted early in the tournament that he wasn't playing well enough to win his
11:31 pm
sixth title. looks like he proved himself long. a hall of fame lacrosse player. in town this weekend being honored for his talent. brett haber goes one-on-one with the legend. >> i never knew he was such a great lacrosse player. interesting to find out that out about him. >> thank you so much for watching 9news now. sports plus is next. we are back tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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