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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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watching goggles. >> video killed the radio store. >> i love my mtv. >> what happened to that? it went away. weather wise, that's not going away. the heat is on, people. not so much today, but wednesday and thursday, remember the other day when it was 95, nine 7/9j eight, you won't have to remember too long because by wednesday and thursday we'll be back and visit those weather days of yeteryear, we have a good start for you, temperatures in the 60s, 71 by 9:00, upper 70s by noon and by 5:00 p.m., 83. and really a mostly sunny day with moderate air quality, which will get unhealthy by wednesday and thursday. 69 in annapolis, 62 at andrews, cambridge in the 50s this morning. very, very comfortable. with lower 60s for the shenandoah valley. high temperatures today in the 80s, low to mid-80s, leesburg could be a hot spot at 87 and culpeper. today we should stop
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at 85. right now 68, 5:00 a.m., angie goff, good morning. >> how are you howard, thank you very much. we are entering the new hour. hope you had a great and restful weekend. green light kicks things off. not too much going on. construction on the outer loop, 95, georgia avenue has cleared out of the way. we'll move it outside and show you how well drivers are moving, no significant delays. real time graphics shifting over to 270, we've been tracking it all morning long, green cars on the screen. outside past 109, urbana, down to the lane divides all lanes are wide open. we're also tracking travel times, virginia 66 eastbound from fairfax to the beltway looks like actually -- there are a few minutes on there despite it being zero. don't mind that. we wish that's what it was. we're looking probably at about ten to 15 minutes. looks like 267 is doing just fine and the inner loop no problems.
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still ahead fox hall at 5:09. thank you, angie. we'll see you then. he is accused of mayor gray and campaign staff to give him money, sulman brown will testify today. he was fired from his city job this year, and wept public with accusations that his job and cash were payment for his agreement to criticize then mayor adrian fenty. surae chinn joins us live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning to you, andrea, mike. this should be an interesting meeting before the d.c. council committee in the wilson building here, and you know, it was once thought this testimony wouldn't happen because the one time mayoral candidate refused to testify. >> no comment. >> suleiman brown has given up the fight after a court appearance last week and is expected to talk before city leaders on the record about his claims that he was offered a
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job and given cash by campaign aides in exchange for attacking then incumbent adrian fenty. mayor vincent gray denies brown was paid anything or promised a job, only he was told he could interview for the position. >> i can't even imagine engaging in such reprehensible behavior. and i know absolutely nothing about anyone in my campaign who did that. >> reporter: and brown says he was given $600 to attack fenty and says he has phone records of repeated calls to and from the gray campaign, but d.c. council is trying to get to the bottom of alleged flawed hiring practice by the gray administration and so are other independent agencies. surae chinn reporting live from downtown. it's in front of the wilson building where a lot of action will take place later today. while you slept, investigators have been trying to determine the cause of a late night apartment fire in southeast washington. >> the fire broke out in a
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three story apartment building in the 5100 block of f street. firefighters scrambled to make sure everyone was out after initial reports people were trapped inside. they did find one person with burn injuries. that victim was hospitalized and is expected to recover. everyone else got out safely. police are blaming alcohol and speed for a deadly crash in prince george's county. that crash happened early yesterday on indian head highway near wilson bridge road. police say a gmy yukon slammed into the back of a mazda 3 forcing the car into a tree. the driver and two passengers in the mazda died. the yukon's driver investigators say and sole passenger appeared intoxicated. the driver has been charged with dui. another incidents in a metro rail yard, according to the washington examiner a train pulled out of the stop, while it's power cord was still mud in, damaging the train and cord in the alexandria rail yard. the examiner is also reporting
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the trains could be on manual operations for a year because the agency still needs to replace the kind of safety modules that failed during that deadly red line crash two years ago this month. at the time one train was traveling in the automatic mode when it ended up slamming into the back of another train. 5:05 time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica has a preview. may was awful, beginning of june wasn't better. >> let's think about the positives, the pool's open. >> real nice, you don't have to shovel heat. right? as for wall street, you know wall street is really -- that's a five week losing streak. we have to laugh at our jokes. >> that is the worst stretch since 2004. the bottom line, folks are worried the economic recovery has run out of steam. checking the numbers the dow stands at 12,151 finished down 97 points on friday. things are bad for the nasdaq too, down 40
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points, s&p 500 was off 13. investors focus on the economy this week after a weak job reports friday. there's a lot of economic data on the calendar that could move the market. tomorrow we have the fed's report on consumer credit for april. on wednesday it's the fed's beige book survey and numbers on the trade deficit and federal budget gap. a conference for the gaming industry starts this week under the cloud of recent hacking attacks, called the electronic entertainment expo, or e3. at the event gamers find nintendo successor to the wii and sony will show off playstation three titles, but everybody will ask the question how safe is gaming nowadays? and what do they need to do to fix hacking problems? not safe enough it keeps happening. what's next? >> we're going to look at the drug industry and a bunch of new breakthroughs that came out over the weekend in terms of treating cancer. very good. sounds good. thank you. e. coli outbreak has
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sickened thousands of people in europe. health authorities believe they've identified exactly which food is the source of the contamination. and this morning, more people are getting away from one of the largest wild fires ever in arizona's history. we'll be right back.
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it's 5:08. a nice morning out there. temperatures in the 50s, we have a good day, if you want to get outside, enjoy, do exercise outside, no problems earlier in the week, the mid week, it will be a struggle. 71 at 9:00, noontime temperatures
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nice in the upper 70s. if you can get a lawn today, do it. 82 by 3:00 and 85 for the high. we'll be back with the seven- day and high heat and humidity in a few minutes. thank you, howard. we are live outside taking a look at that district drive. very nice and quiet obviously on fox hall and canal. still ahead in my next traffic report a look around the region at 5:16. andrea? thank you, angie. making news now at nine after the hour, pro-democracy demonstrators have been celebrating in yemen as the country's president has gone to saudi arabia for medical treatment. he was injured friday in a rocket attack. he is vowing to return once he recovers. german investigators say they have pinpointed the organic soybean sprouts that likely are the source of an e. coli outbreak throughout europe. 22 people have died and thousands more are ill because of this. authorities have shut down the
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farm that grew those sprouts and urging germans not to eat raw sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce while they investigate more. more evacuation orders in arizona with one of the largest wild fires in that state's history still burning. firefighters think they've just started to clear the blaze. the wallow fire has scorched 144,000 acres in a week. the guys supposed to investigate online break inns, now hackers have targeted the company. that story is up at 5:35. at 5:23 the nationals find themselves in extra innings after blowing a save opportunity. next at 5:14. howard tells us if this week will turnout to be hotter than last. you're watching 9news now. me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:13. after the komen global race for the cure, thank you for being out there and surrounding us with compliments and good wishes. it was a great race. great weather this past weekend. what about the start of this work week? we're starting out fine. it will get toasty around here by mid week. and you know, my wife
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was did 27.04 in the 5k. >> there is 40,000 people, you can't do a competitive run with that many people. great job helene and everybody else. we're proud of your efforts, thank you. let's get you going with your bus stop forecast, this monday morning, and 27.03, you ran in front of her? >> no i finished way past her. she's much faster. >> mid-60s, low 70s. >> you were jogging enjoying the view. >> mid-60s, low 70s, sunrise in a half hour. it's going to be a good day to get out here and enjoy it. by mid week, yeah, back to the upper 90s. 71 at 9:00, and the winds out of the north at seven, at 76 at 11:00. by 1:00 we'll be pushing that 80-degree mark, but feeling good, not too humid yet. 82 by 3:00 with a high of 85. a 5:00 p.m. temperature should be
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in the lower 80s, you have evening plans outdoors, perhaps a sports practice or something or just want to walk the dog, that will be fine. warm today on the weather headline. staying dry also, but we will see increasing heat and humidity as the week goes on, especially wednesday and thursday and really starting tomorrow afternoon, we have the outside chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon with daytime heating. we're in the upper 60s, low 60s at pax river at 63. 50s on the board, the air is humid and you cool it down just enough, a glass in the summertime, the moisture goes on the outside well in this case we're condensing moisture in the form of clouds and fog in frederick, visibility zero. petersburg, west virginia quarter mile visibility, and the shenandoah valley, national 67 and partly cloudy. winds east-northeast at 5 miles per hour. the dew .64, a 3-degree spread that's why our humidity
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is higher where the fog is. look at the temperatures across the country, 80 in houston, new orleans 78, lots of warmth in the middle of the country. it will be drag north and east once we're rid of the high pressure across from us. wisconsin areas of clouds moving east toward chicago. that will slow you up if you're flying through o'hare or midway perhaps. around here high and dry. occasional afternoon storm tomorrow and wednesday and thursday, i don't think we will see too much rain. we need some. we're dry out there. mid-80s, tonight we're in the 60s, tomorrow near 90 with a chance of an afternoon storm north and west of washington. wednesday very hot, mid to upper 90s with the afternoon storm. game on thursday. we have a storm chance friday and saturday. we have celebrate fairfax going on at the fairfax county government center. we'll be out there this weekend. hope to see you there.
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right now it is 5:16, 85 degrees, angie over to you. thank you, hopefully you're having a great monday. on the roadways no problems to report. green light stays on. construction is out of our way. our focus takes us to 661st, hello virginia. eastbound, so far so good. watching the cameras outside we are watching where volume is picking up through manassas, centerville. drivers okay approaching the beltway. 95 in virginia, that's our next stop. northbound trip looking nice and green, but more drivers moving outside near the prince william parkway are watching that volume build. no significant delays to tell you about. as far as your travel times are concerned, looking at maryland roads, the outer loop from 95 to 270, ten minutes. 270 southbound okay approaching 495 and the inner loop, from the wilson interstate 35w bridge bring to van doren we are green and moving at speed. i'll have the gw parkway at 5:24.
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thank you. today we're learning more about why former democratic presidential candidate did not take a plea deal. negotiations reportedly fell apart in the hours before he was indicted friday. prosecutors offered edwards a deal that would have allowed him to face just six months in jail. his defense attorneys wanted to negotiate how that sentence would be served. edwards is accused of using campaign funds to shelter the campaign worker he fard a child with. if convicted he faces a maximum of 30 years in prison. you'll soon be able to get an up close look at the una bomber's bomb making tools. the crime and punishment museum bought kaczynski's stuff. he was convicted of killing three people and wounding 29 others with homemade bombs. he is serving a life sentence because of that. we checked the museum's website but no word at this point on when those items will go on display. 5:18.
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we'll check on the progress the national face that the franchise is making. and the nba finals move from miami to dallas. game three highlights in sports. it's time for the question of the morning. 67% of u.s. currency has one thing in common, is it a, it's worth less than the face value; it is currently out of the country; or c, it's counterfeit. >> here's a response from facebook. nate wrote a, says a, i think it's worth to print more than it's worth. >> i agree with nate. we'll see what the answer is. log on to and our facebook page to leave your response. we'll read those and reveal the answer in a little bit. keep it here.
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5:22 on this monday morning. looking good. by 9:00 we're mostly sunny. i don't think that's going to happen with the sprinkle, mostly sunny. lower 70s, fog early in places like frederick and in the mountains of west virginia. by lunchtime, i think the computer is over doing it, upper 70s to around 80 with mostly sunny skies. this afternoon low to mid-80s with the high in washington about 85. right now we're 67 in washington. mike and andrea back to you. thank you, howard. game three of the nba finals was a
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close one. >> indeed. the nationals go to extra innings to scrape out a win in the desert. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the nationals wrapped up their four game series against the nl west leading diamondbacks, having been shut out the last two nights. the nats trying to get something going at the plate. and they would, albeit late, in extra inning, morris with a grand slam to break the game open. four players were hit by a pitch in this game. there were four ejections. but in the end it all adds up to one nat's win. and encouraging news for the nats, zimmerman played in his first minor league rehab start in hagerstown. he was looking solid at the plate. in five innings he was two for two with a double, triple, two runs and an rbi. pretty god out there today. zimmerman played april 8th when he tore an abdominal muscle.
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nidal-federer match up, federer won two of the last 14 between these two on clay. this one wouldn't be any different. nadal predicted early in the tournament he wasn't playing well enough to win his sixth title in the french open, he proved himself wrong. in dallas miami would rebound from their game two debacle to take a two games to one lead in the nba finals. bosh was big late in the win. game four tuesday night in dallas. that's a quick look at sports this morning, i'm kristin bursett. the 2012 race is getting another republican contender today. more on that coming up. repairs are still underway for last week's saga in northeast, d.c.? it's 5:24, here's angie. we are looking at the gw parkway southbound from the beltway to the key bridge. looks like everything is clear. still ahead a check on your
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welcome back to 9news now this monday morning, i'm andrea roane. monday is here, already? how did that happen? >> i'm mike hydeck. angie has traffic in a moment. howard bernstein, a good day coming up? >> a good day weather wise, make it a good day. i sound like willie jolly, we need a little willie. it's all up to you! weather wise sun will be out. temperatures comfortable, a couple degrees above average. average is about 82. we'll be 84, 85 before the day is out. we're at 67, upper 70s at lunch. a good time midday here. taking the walk with some colleagues perhaps, 5:83, air
5:29 am
quality code yellow. by wednesday expecting code orange, unhealthy for sensitive groups, the heat and humidity build more and more. a few storms, light, light sprinkles east of town last night across the bay. temperatures this morning, have some 60es, upper 60s, 70 in annapolis, 63 in southern maryland, winchester, frederick and petersburg, the air a humid enough. the sky is clearing up and the winds are light enough with the high humidity, we have fog, frederick visibility zero. less than 2 miles in gaithersburg, zero in petersburg in west virginia. two and a half manassas. there is haze out there as well. but the fog up there is a problem right now. temperatures this afternoon they're going to bounce back, lower 80s near the bay, but mid-80s in town, one or two spots may make the upper 80s, holter than this by mid week. here's angie with your time saver traffic. thank you, howard, hello everybody.
5:30 am
halfway through 5:00, the green light stays on. we are looking at a wide view of the region. everything okay. zooming into the district we want to show you the district drive, outlive constitution at 23rd street, what we're finding out is we have ongoing construction project taking away lanes in both directions, however, value is still light. in northeast, inbound new york avenue, no delays to report, past bladensburg, and checking on the rails all trains happy to report. we're running on time. the bw parkway at 5:38. over to. >> speaker 1: today another candidate is joining the already crowded field viewing for the republican presidential nomination. >> this time it's former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. the republican news is seizing on recent news about the economy. they're touting the gop as a better alternative to the democrats financial policies. another note, noncandidates, perhaps the most
5:31 am
famous noncandidate sarah palin has since apologized for stepping on mitt romney's toes by showing up in new hampshire last week on the same day romney was announcing his candidacy there. >> d.c. police are investigating an early morning shooting in northwest washington. it happened just after 3:30 near the intersection of l and seventh streets. a man was shot once in the abdomen, once police believe was an attempted robbery. his injury is serious. police are looking for two suspects. months after his first allegations came out, this afternoon's suleiman brown is expected to testify before the d.c. city council. brown has accused mayor vincent gray's campaign staff of giving him money and promising him a job in exchange for launching attacks on then mayor adrian fenty who was gray's opponent in the campaign. surae chinn is outside the wilson building, with more on the much anticipated event today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. he was a d.c. employee who was
5:32 am
abruptly fired. he then made claims of inappropriate hiring practices. he will face the d.c. city council committee this afternoon about these claims and he will reluctantly testify this afternoon. he had refused to testify before on the record until now. after he appeared before a judge last week, efforts to subpoena him, suleiman brown claims he was offered the $110,000 a year job in the department of health care finance if he would help the gray campaign. he says he has phone records to and from the gray campaign and live edges the gray campaign chairman lorraine green and another aide paid brown to attack incumbent candidate adrian fenty. insight into brown's character, a man who has had trouble holding a job in the past. he was an unemployed auditor before gray hired him. he was abruptly fired from the d.c. job for alleged incompetence and according to a background check he was charged with attempted murder in 1988 in cook county,
5:33 am
illinois and was found not guilty. he was also charged with assault in new jersey. he denies he impersonated a police officer or that he was had a protective order to keep him away from a 13-year-old girl. it will be interesting today to see how he answers these questions and what he has to say before d.c. city council members. thank you, surae chinn outside the wilson building and we'll follow this throughout the day. after sunrise the search will resume in montgomery county's tridelphia reservoir for a missing swimmer believed to have drowned. authorities say 21-year-old bruce yanson, was one of three people when a drop in the water level caused him to panic and apparently go under. searches have failed to turn up his body. swimming is prohibited in that reservoir. funeral services have been set for a mother and daughter found dead last week. investigators say 20-year-old would i net at that wright was killed by her baby's father, d.c. police officer richmond phillips on the night before
5:34 am
paternity hearing when the two met at a prince george's county park. jay len wright was found dead in her mother's car apparently from heat stroke. their funeral will be friday at new canaan baptist church in northeast washington. the pepco out age is not over. crews from made permanent repairs on two out of the three underground cables on north capital street. those malfunctioned last tuesday leaving thousands without power for days. temporary above ground cables were used to restore the service. crews will work nonstop to fix that last underground cable. 5:34. jessica is back with a drug industry break through, when it comes to fighting cancer. >> for years the drug industry has pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the develop of fighting cancer at the jet nettic level. there are 800 new
5:35 am
cancer drugs in development. there are new success stories. two new drugs have produced unprecedented survival rates in people with melanoma. one drug targets a genetic mutation in half of all mel know mass. the second is from bristol myers. it doubled the number that survived at least three years. guess what happened to a public sbi group whose mission was to share information about threats to the internet's infrastructure? the group was hacked, of course it was. >> nearly 180 pass words wronging to members of infaguard were stolen and leaked on to the internet. the online group says it acted in response after reports that the pentagon was considering classifying some cyber attacks as acts of war. it's claimed responsibility for a string of recent attacks lately. a lot of folks will be talking about this today.
5:36 am
steve jobs will temporarily come back off medical leave to unveil the company's new music service today. icloud debuts in san francisco. it let's users play songs on servers rather than junking up ipods and iphones. another attention grabber, people be paying close attention to how steve jobs looks after his long battle with cancer. there will probably be more reports about that than the icloud since we know the basics of that service. that's exactly what i thought of as soon as you said he was coming out. i can't wait to see what he looks like. thank you, jessica. we will answer our question of the day coming up. plus find out why a plane's fuselage is being toad down the east coast this week. time for our united airlines travel forecast here. we'll go over to the weather graphics, the dulles 65 degrees,
5:37 am
visibility 5 miles, looking good, taking up a little haze in the air. looking hot now out to our west. temperatures in the 80s. in chicago 90 degrees, but thunderstorms later this morning toward midday, which could hamper some of the flights going through o'hare, some delays. denver 92 with scattered thunderstorms around there, vegas 85, phoenix 101, la65. up the coast san francisco sunny, temperatures in the mid-60s.
5:38 am
welcome back. outside on the weather terrace a comfortable start to this monday morning.
5:39 am
get outside early, do it even later won't be so bad. the heat will build toward mid week. your day planner on this monday morning, lots of sunshine today. temperatures by 9:00 into the low 70s, winds north to northeast five to 10 miles per hour. midday temperatures in the upper 70s, a high of 85, with the 5:00 p.m. drive home temperature of 83. let's find out about the drive in, here's angie. thank you, howard. on the bw parkway southbound so far so good out of the baltimore to the beltway. 95 checking out clear. mike, still ahead more maryland roads in my next traffic report coming up. back to you. thank you. well, speaking of traffic wait until you hear about this expected backup later this morning on the delaware memorial bridge. it is probably going to be pretty crowded because the fuselage from the miracle on the hudson plane is expected to cross that bridge at about 10:00 this morning. u.s. airways plane that landed safely in the river after hitting a flock of birds is eventually
5:40 am
being reassembled for a display in charlotte, north carolina. the city that it was headed to originally, that day in january 2009. other parts of the plane have already arrived in charlotte douglas aviation museum. did cause a problem, they had to take down a light pole to get it through an intersection on the way there. there is a new face of the cbs evening news tonight. long time journalist scott pelley is taking the anchor chair from katie couric. he has been with the network 22 years, much as a correspondent. he hopes people leave the broadcast having learned something new. good luck to scott. it will get hot again this week. howard has the scoop coming up. and the national zoo's preparations in kay there is another baby giant panda on the way. before we head to break, harvey firestein is 65. former tennessee player borge is 65
5:41 am
colin quinn is 52. congressman and house majority leader eric canter is 48. >> and natalie morales turns 39 today. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. for the first time now, 5:44, what a great weekend we all had at the culinary for the cure, the bark ball, what's that about? >> a graduation party. >> it's a funds razor, several throughout the year, this one you wear black tie and you bring your beloved pet. >> oh. britney's dog. that's me and my dog. >> good girl. good girl, give me a hug. >> these are some of the cute dogs there. that's surae chinn. is he arthur or something like that? >> i don't know her dog. >> we've het him before. where
5:45 am
is kiwi? >> there there you go. washington they do such great work. they make that fashion forepaws and events coming up. if you have humane societies or shelters around. we had truffle, very nice dog from texas. great work that they do. wonderful time. everybody came out and supported the event. good times. weather wise we have good times over the weekend and also this morning. nice out there. it will be a good day before the heat and humidity return in a big way by mid week. wednesday and thursday mid to upper 90s. enjoy it now. this who were your bus stop forecast, temperatures are running in the 60s to low 70s in warm spots. this is relatively good stuff. sunrise happening a moment or two ago. we have 67 degrees now. we'll be in the upper 60s by 8:00. upper 70s by noon. by 4:00,
5:46 am
83 degrees. north wind at 6:00. high today around 85 with an 8:00 p.m. temperature around 79 degrees. so a good start to the week. easton, 63, pax river 63. cumberland 54. frederick, due this morning there. but up in -- prince frederick. in frederick fog, visibility a quarter mile. petersburg, west virginia quarter mile visibility. that's an improvement from zero readings that were coming in in the past hour. 67 at national. dew .64. there is only a 3-degree spread, giving us a relative humidity of 90%. low level moisture around right now. last night we had an isolated shower. there to our east on the bay, north and west of chicago, we'll be headed toward green bay and milwaukee and even chicago in the next few hours could be affected by that. that could slow things down for air travelers. looking at the
5:47 am
future cast, relatively quiet. tried to pop a shower on the models, i think that's probably not going to happen. we stay quiet today into tonight. tomorrow afternoon you'll notice with the daytime heating north and west, we're looking at showers, thunderstorms potentially developing. there for the afternoon and evening hours, that settles down on the afternoon. then probably do the same thing wednesday, although maybe a little closer to the district wednesday as we have high heat and humidity returning. 85 today, tonight in the 60s, tomorrow 89 and the winds won't be much of a factor this week. isolated storms tomorrow north and west. wednesday 97, with storms possible in the afternoon. same story thursday. high heat and humidity. by the weekend look at that, cooling down into the 80s with the chance of an afternoon storm each day. celebrate fairfax, friday, saturday and sunday at the fairfax county government center. looking forward to that. we'll dodge raindrops. it's 5:47. angie goff good monday morning. back at you, howard.
5:48 am
13 minutes from 6:00. green light stays on. no real problems to report at this time. everybody we are going to zoom into the outer loop north of the district from 95 over to georgia avenue, it looks like we're moving smoothly. outside we are watching volume between 95 and georgia but no significant delays to report. back to the real time graphics, this time we'll take it on up to 70, southbound, we're starting to see delays outside tracking our cameras from 80 over to 109. drivers clearly not moving at speed. to the the case on 66. looks like this is better. in the green from fairfax to the beltway, 11 minutes. d.c. 295 no complaints. southbound 95 at the bw parkway at speed down to the beltway. still ahead in my next full traffic report that kicks off the 6:00 hour. back to you. thank you, angie. making news this morning at 5:48. dominique strauss-kahn due back
5:49 am
in court today. the former international monetary fund head is expected to plead not guilty, accused of sexually assaulting a housekeeper in a new york city hotel last month. former new york giants receiver plaxico burress is scheduled to be released from prison. he served 20 months for violating guns laws. he accidentally shot himself in the leg in a nightclub with with a gun in his waistband. today is the 67th anniversary of the d day invasion when allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy. thousands of americans lost their lives to gain a foot hold in europe and end the second world war in europe. seconds after the fight for civil rights was waged a new struggle for african americans, is the push from civil to silver rights a dream deferred? dr. king's dream was not the big house with the big mortgage
5:50 am
with the big car. it was about creating wealth. >> given the people a bad check, a check which has come back marked in sufficient funds. >> we'll bring you the story of how one local architect with a family legacy of building is hoping to open doors that were once so hard to walk through, part of our continuing series a monumental life which ace tonight on 9news now at 7:00. apparently it is not just a hormone levels, the national zoo female giant panda is showing more signs of being pregnant. zoo keepers are already practicing for the possibility of another cub coming. they'll give her something she likes and then take it away and then give it back. keepers are trying to foster her trust in case they have to feed or care for the baby panda. peggy fox has more on the growing anticipation. >> we'll come back and see the baby won't we? >> reporter: all zoo visitors see is the male panda, but it
5:51 am
will be his cub, if in fact the female is carrying one. she is inside showing signs of being pregnant, like licking her paws and cradling. >> she's working on her necessary, adding bamboo pieces on a nightly basis. she spending to be indoors in the quiet, air conditioning and conserving energy, resting a lot more than pandas typically do. she is not eating as much bamboo. those are all signs she could be pregnant. >> after they failed to successfully mate last winter, scientists artificially inseminated her last year. it's been 120 days and zoo keepers are hopeful. >> it's hard to tell with pandas, they have a pseudopregnancy, the false pregnancy mimics a true pregnancy. the hormones do the same. >> pandas give birth to twins
5:52 am
60% of the time, in the wild only one baby can survive, but here in case she has twins, they have a tragedy to keep both alive. they'll swap the cubs out to give them both supplemental feedings, but if it's just one cub, who she had in 2005, they'll let her do her thing. 34 year zoo volunteer helen gaul remembers the cub butter stick. >> it appeared that the baby kind of shot out, started screaming, may jumped up and looks down to see what this is, i'm sure. within about two minutes she had picked it up and started cradling it. >> peggy fox, 9news now. if there is to be a baby giant panda it will be born sometime next month. that will be six years after the birth of the only other cub. it's time to answer the question of the morning, 67% of all u.s. currency has this one thing in common. the choices were it's worth less than it's
5:53 am
face value; b it's out of the country; or c it's counterfeit. >> here is a response on facebook. >> elizabeth wrote b, since none is in my pocket with what little i do have is in the cyber banking system, it must be b. >> kim barnes wrote, i think a, but i say like d, it has trace amounts of cocaine or illegal drugs on it. >> the answer is actually b, 67% of all u.s. currency is currently in circulation out of the country. can you believe cocaine is 80% of the money is contaminated with some little things of cocaine. wash your hands after you play with that money. still ahead, one film dominated the mtv movie awards. and why the latest x men movie is a disappointment even though it was first at the box office this weekend. here's jessica. good morning, we're asking the question this morning,
5:54 am
which is cheaper being single or being married? we're crunching the numbers up at 6:07. you are watching 9news now.
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good monday morning. we are looking nice this morning, mainly in the 60s, touch of fog toward frederick and petersburg. temperatures by 9:00 in the lower 70s. i don't think we will see much of a shower, but temperature wise upper 70s to low 80s midday. this afternoon low to mid-80s by 3:00. perhaps holding near 80 on the bay. a 6:00 p.m. temperature 82. angie? thank you, howard. oh my goff we've had a down grade in super powers. the weekend, i know, the weekend box office winner is x men first class, but while the prequell to the better known x men films opened with $56 million, that's way down from the four earlier films. james mcavoy starred as younger versions of the characters. after x men the hang over part two holding strong came in second. followed by kung fu panda two and
5:58 am
pirates of the caribbean and andrea's favorite bridesmaids rounds out the top five. the big winner at last night's mtv movie awards was the twilight saga eclipse, it stars robert pat in son and kristin stewart won for best male and female performance and best kiss. twilight took home five of the night's 12 awards. you can see a complete list of winners log on to our website and look in the buzz section. awards show viewers got sneak peaks at trailers for upcoming movies including harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. the movie which finishes off the seventh and final book in the wildly popular series about a wizard boy growing up is due out july 15th. a taste of italia touches down in d.c., a cocktail party in georgetown celebrated the use of light and symmetry in home
5:59 am
design. known for unique home furnishings hosted and guests learned to make summertime cocktails. singles in d.c. are finding out in the latest dating trend to hit the city. the video dark because no lights were allowed to shoot the eye gazing party. men on one side, women on the other side, you stare into each other's eyes for two minutes. the idea eye contact will spark a connection. the party was held at tabok bistro. i have keyword for you, more beer!. log on to oh my goff, keyword dating, you will find a link and send me your ideas at someone wrote me and said that it in fact was a breath of fresh air on the d.c. dating scene. so some people actually really en void it. looks


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