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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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9news now 6:00 a.m. as they stare into each others eyes. i'll stare and say i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. howard has the cool day to start the week after we get a hose on them, right. >> wednesday and thursday it will be upper 80s. today a cool nice start. temperatures are in the 60s, relatively speaking. the day planner on this monday morning, 66. reagan national mostly cloudy, 78 by noon. 5:00 p.m. temperature 83. we'll have a high today around 85 with mostly sunny skies. we're 66, it is near 70 in annapolis. 57 in cambridge and frederick. there is a touch of fog in spots, with temperatures have gotten the coolest in 50s. stanton a half mile. quarter mile in frederick. mile and quarter in gaithersburg in montgomery county. haze with 3 miles in quantico and manassas. a little fog in one
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or two spots. mostly sunny, look at temperatures this afternoon, lower to mid-80s. it is time for angie goff to tell you what's happening on the roads. thank you, howard. as we get into the 6:00 hour, right now the green light stays on, no problems to report at this time. in fact, we want to take you over to virginia, 66 show you the eastbound trip, nice and clear from any major accidents or incidents even construction. outside we are watching volume build out of manassas over to 29 and then 50 to 123, using brakes a little bit. moving back over to the real time graphics, move it over to 395, show you we have yellow on the map outside approaching seminary, drivers are below speed. that delay is on the way. your travel times for you, hello maryland outer loop from 95 to 270 still in the green. 270, southbound no problems approaching the beltway and d.c.'s 295 no complaints. a look at construction in
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northeast d.c. i'll have that at 6:12. andrea and mike back to you. thank you, former d.c. mayoral candidate suleiman brown is scheduled to testify before a d.c. council committee investigating hiring practices by the gray administration. brown claims gray campaign aides promised him a job and paid him cash to stay in last year's race and level attacks against then incumbent mayor adrian fenty. surae chinn joins us live from outside the wilson building in northwest with a preview of what is a much anticipated meeting. >> reporter: good morning you have that right. suleiman brown had no problems speaking before, he was out spoken when he was abruptly fired making claims that he was paid to attack adrian fenty, then mayoral incumbent candidate. well, then just suddenly he stop talking. >> no comment. >> reporter: but now it's back on again, not by choice, but basically told by a judge last week that he would testify before a d.c. council
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committee. mayor vincent gray denies brown was paid anything or promised a job, only that he could interview for the position. >> i can't even imagine engaging in such reprehensible behavior. and i know absolutely nothing about any -- anyone in my campaign who did that. >> reporter: and brown tells a different story. he says he was given $600 in cash to attack fenty and says he has phone records of repeated calls to and from the gray campaign. so we'll see if he sticks with that story this afternoon at the wilson building, it should be an interesting one before d.c. city council committee. back to you. >> we've learned that brown wasn't necessarily the most sympathetic character on this. do you think city council members will be amenable to what he has to say? >> reporter: they've been urging, he has been subpoenaed before. they want to hear what suleiman brown has to say. he has been talking to the media but not them. so, you know, he is giving his chance to be on
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the record to say his thoughts and claims about the campaign trail for mayor. so very interesting of what he has to say and yes, he's not necessarily the most sympathetic character. he does have a history of that we have looked up before that he has been charged with attempted murder. of course he was found not guilty before a trial. he's been charged with assault, no evidence enough to indict him. so he does have a long history, but definitely d.c. city council wants to hear from him. andrea, mike? >> it will be interesting, live outside the wilson building. thank you. fire investigators are searching for the cause of a late night fire in a three story apartment building in the 5100 block of f street. one person was transported with serious burns but not life-threatening injuries though. police in prince george's county say speed and alcohol caused a crash that killed three people. they say an suv slammed into the back of a car and that
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car ran off the road and into a tree near indian head highway and wilson bridge rode in objection on hills. >> there were two passengers in that vehicle, two females that were ejected from the vehicle. they were pronounced dead on scene. the driver of that vehicle was also pronounced dead. the remaining passenger a male adult was transported to a local hospital. >> and the driver of the car was identified as 53-year-old eugene johnson, the passenger five #-year-old gwen damney, the third victim's name has not been reriesed. the driver of the suv has been charged with driving under the influence and he could face more charges. wild street celebrations in the capital of yemen after the departure of the country's president. a government spokesman says the president will return after his treatment in saudi arabia ends. he is being treated for injuries he suffered in a rocket attack friday. medical officials say he underwent successful surgery
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on his chest. 20 people are dead and another 325 wounded in syria. syrian officials say israeli forces opened fire on palestinian protesters as they approached the border of -- the israeli border fence. happened in the golan heights as protesters marked the anniversary of the 1967 arab-israeli war. israel is accused syria of orchestrating the violence. defense secretary robert gates is wrapping up his final trip to afghanistan. he spent time with troops and spoke to reporters about the timetable for withdrawal from the region. gates says pulling back from afghanistan requires a delicate balance. he also told the troops he thinks about them all the time and feels personally responsible for their safety. president obama has nominated cia director leon panetta to replace secretary gates. dominique strauss-kahn is
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headed back to a courtroom today. the former head of the international monetary fund is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of sexually assaulting a housekeeper in a new york city hotel last month. he is expected to plead not guilty in the case. 6:07 for another another your money report. >> what do you think is cheaper, being single or married? jessica has the answer. and posing a question that feels uncomfortable to me. >> so you fall in love, you want to get married and have the house and have some babies, yeah. >> oh it's so nice. but how does this lifelong commitment impact your money? believe it or not the bureau of labor decided to look into this unromantic question and it says married couples spend almost the same amount of money that singles spend, but for different reasons. we're talking -- >> that makes sense. >> it gets complicated. 21 to 29 age group, singles are spending $817 more on food, and alcohol.
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since they're partying. they're spending more money on education, they're wrapping up college and graduate school. married couples spend less by sharing food costs, that makes sense, but they're spending $800 more on transportation because they're car owners. they are paying $700 more on personal insurance and pensions. they buy a house, these married couples and tend to save more money on living expenses that way. married couples spend $3800 less on housing than singles. overall married couples spend more money every month but on a per person basis they're spending less. this is where it's complicated. one interesting study shows that singles actually do a better job saving money, putting it in the bank. every single month and once a married couple has babies, forget about it. that savings goes out the window. >> out the window, doctor visits come up when you least expect them. >> a hundred thousand toys all over your house. >> all they want to play with is the box. exactly. thank you, jessica.
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married or single? i don't know i can't figure it out. the time is 6:08. 6:13 a local church opens its doors to those most in need of our help. 6:23 a classic match up at roland garros goes to the history books. ;ç
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6:11 monday morning. time to get moving people. we have good weather today. we start in
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the 60s, low 70s by 9:00 upper 70s at noon as winds go north to northeast five to ten. 3:00 p.m. 82 and topping out at 85. at 6:00 lower 80s seven day in a few minutes. it will get hot. in a gee has time saver traffic. we have pepco repair crews working that power outage from last week, trying to get the lights going, watch for them on first street between o and m and on pierce between north capital and first. an accident in maryland, that's at 6:18 back to you. do you get out of bed early for the church, a message or songs, or maybe a sense of obligation? >> a local group ministers to the homeless, they found mundane motivation. here's the hero central for this week. >> on average we have 50 to 60 people who receive lunch. prior to that we have worship.
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♪[ music ] they call this street church. reverend randolph charles, reverend at the church of the epiphany, they run it at 1:00 o'clock in downtown d.c., parishioners mostly the home zest when they started the street church six years ago, the building housed a 300 bed men's shelter, back then dozens of men would leave the building, walk across the street to the park for lunch and a sermon. >> the idea is that you give them incentive to come to the worship by providing lunch. >> it works like that, yes it does. >> reverend charles acknowledges it's hard to focus on the spiritual if the physical is famished and even then. >> do you come for the sermon or food? the food more than the sermon. >> 53-year-old sid cherishes the people. >> it was the answer to
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prayers. >> 58-year-old christine has been a street church volunteer since the early days. >> i don't have to go by and look the other way and they look the other way. they have an identity, i know their names, we pray together. we pray for each other. we sing together. ♪[ music ] that saved a wretch like me ♪[ music ]♪ >> i like the singing part because i'm very noisy. >> reporter: that's okay, noisy is good out here. if you'd like to drop by and take a listen, reverend charles says that's okay too. >> the food is primarily for those who don't have food, but the worship, the gathering is trying to create an environment and an opportunity for different types of people to get together. derek mcginty nine news now. the gannett foundation has helped the church feed homeless in downtown d.c. if you want to get involved go to, click on hero central.
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whether time 6:15, howard bernstein is here. he says enjoy today. >> i may get yardwork done today after work. i don't want to wait until the middle of the week. >> it's going to get hot. >> once again mid to upper 90s will invade the region with humidity as well. wednesday and thursday humidity high. we start with mid-80s today, a couple degrees above average. average high is 82, 83. your bus stop forecast this morning, my kids yesterday just -- how many more days of school do i have? we have 11, i forget how many it was. eight, eight that's right. >> not enough, not enough. 64 to 72 our sunrise occurred at 5:43. and we got just a touch of fog toward frederick and the mountains of west virginia. 70 at 9:00, upper 70s by noon with northeast winds at 7 miles per hour. low 80s by 5:00 with a high today around
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85. so really a good start to the week and we're talking about warm conditions today in the weather headlines, stick dry also, however, we will have increasing heat and human, especially for wednesday and thursday and even tomorrow afternoon, north and west of town, we could see an afternoon storm. this morning fog being a problem toward the frederick airport, zero visibility. mile and quarter in gaithersburg. mountains of west virginia zero from petersburg. oakland and cumberland and winchester at ten. in southern maryland andrews two and a half miles. visibility prince george's county, dew being reported. the temperatures in the 60s, philip newman, 53. cross junction from steve 57. winchester 59. and 68 degrees on the bay this morning. 66 mostly cloudy skies at reagan national though. look mostly sunny on the weather terrace with a light northeast wind. barometer rising at 30 inches
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even. on the national satellite and radar, high pressure in the middle of the country. yesterday houston shattered their record at 105 # at bush airport in houston. you notice the storms in wisconsin toward chicagoland. high pressure is in control. i'm not expecting much to pop here today. tomorrow north and west in the mountains where we potentially will see storms develop. for this afternoon sunny and warm, 85. a little bit humid. 60s tonight, hot tomorrow, near 90 with an afternoon storm possible, wednesday mid to upper 90s, we'll duplicate it thursday to 97, aahing pie heat wave, in the 80s this weekend with a chance of afternoon storms. celebrate fairfax friday, saturday and sunday we'll see you out there at the fairfax county government center. >> angie goff, you look like the sun. >> we have a yellow light is on,
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new accident to tell you about, from maryland on 95 southbound near 198. this crash has been confirmed through the red and yellow on our screens, we are slow approaching the scene. moving to a wide view of the area other places checking out okay, slow goes setting in. this is the beltway in prince george's county. everyone moving at speed as drivers to take their way across the wilson bridge. back to the graphics, we've been watching trains as well. we have minor delays to report for vre riders, the fredericksburg line, 3302 trains we're hearing both are running behind. metro, marc you're doing fine. the virginia roadways at 6:25. andrea and mike back to you. thank you, angie. a historic landing is scheduled for later this morning at dulles international airport. there is good news for nationals fans. we're back with sports headlines coming up.
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we're coming up on 6:22, a fine start to the week, it will get hot by mid week. enjoy your monday day planner calling for temperatures in the 60s, getting to the lower 70s by 9:00, upper 70s by noon. a high of around 85, with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 83. we'll talk about high heat and humidity during the next half hour. now, here's mike and andrea. there's good news for a member of the washington nationals trying to come back from a major injury. the men's final at the french open a rematch of big time tennis rivals, kristin has more in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. thenationalss wrapped up their four game series against the nl west leading diamondbacks, having been shut out the last two nights. the nats trying togett
6:23 am
something going at the plate. and they would, albeit late, in extra inning, morris with a grand slam to break the game open. four players were hitbyy a pitch in this game. theree were four ejections. but inthee end it all adds up to one nat's win. and encouraging news for the nats, zimmerman played in his first minor league rehab start in hagerstown. he waslookingg solid at the plate. infivee innings he was two for two with a double, triple, two runs and an rbi. pretty good outtheree today. zimmerman playedaprill hwhen he tore an abdomil muscle. a nadal federer match up in paris. federer won the two of the last 14 match ups between these two on clay. this wouldn't be different. nadal predicted early in the tournament that he wasn't playing well enough to win his sixth title at roland garros. he proved himself wrong. in dallas miami would rebound from their game two
6:24 am
debacle to take a two games to one lead in the nba finals. chris bosh was big late in the wind. game four tuesday night in dallas. that's a quick look at sports this morning, have a great day everybody. police search for answers after a 12-year-old is shot in southeast. and the annual military bowl adding up to big money for the d.c. region. we'll explain. angie, a quick check of traffic. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at welcome back, thank you for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. look at this. and this is the washington monument. 66 in northwest, you can see haze over the sky, but howard says it will be one of the easier days. >> we had a tough weekend, didn't we, out there? the komen global race for the cure, bark ball, andy decker's daughter's graduation party. >> there is eye shadows on there. >> howard is on the weather terrace. >> i can see clearly now. >> what's story with those? what's story with those glass? does there have to be a story? >> we'll give you the weather story. i'll get the answer,
6:29 am
let's talk about what's going on. the heat, humidity, they'll build by mid week, highs wednesday and thursday well in the 90s. here's a look at the day planner, a relatively comfortable 85 for a high. noontime temperatures 78. national reporting mostly cloudy, with haze it's mainly clear on the weather terrace, sunset 8:30. couple showers went down the bay, got a trace across spots on the bay shore there, the western side of the bay along with chesapeake. we're in the 60s with areas north and west with some cooler temperatures we're seeing fog, frederick at 59, martinsburg 57. very comfortable this morning. and the fog a problem in frederick and petersburg. quarter mile visibility. stanton half mile, culpeper with haze at two and a half. 80s today, we'll talk about the high heat and humidity for mid week. right now angie has your time saver traffic. good morning, everybody. thank you howard so much.
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yellow light stays on, we have an accident to tell you about, but the good news is this crash activity on 95 southbound is off to the shoulder. traffic is able to squeeze by, but obviously according to the color on our maps slowly. drivers backup headed southbound at route 32. other areas incident free. out of urbana, to 109 germantown road, delivers dragging a little. we are below speed. good morning, virginia 66 eastbound from fairfax to the beltway, looking at about almost a 20 minute commute. 267 the dulles toll road, no complaints. and 295 drivers are doing well approaching route 50. a full look around the region at 6:46. andrea, mike back to. >> speaker 1: thank you. suleiman brown is expected to appear before the d.c. council committee. >> he is a former d.c.
6:31 am
employee, who says he was promised a luke raytive job if he campaign against and publicly bashed adrian fenty during last year's campaign. surae chinn joins us live outside the wilson building with a preview of the much anticipated appearance by mr. brown. >> reporter: it is very much so. he was a d.c. employee who was abruptly fired. he may claim that there was inappropriate campaign practices and hiring practices. now he will have to speak out reluctantly in front of the d.c. council committee. he had refused to talk about this, but later was subpoenaed and last week talking with the judge, he was told he would appear today. suleiman brown says he was offered the $110,000 a year job in the department of health care finance if he would help the gray campaign. he says he has phone records to and from the gray campaign and alleges that gray's campaign chairman lorraine grown and another aide paid brown to attack incumbent
6:32 am
candidate adrian fenty. brown has a spotty past. we know he was abruptly fired from his d.c. job for alleged incompetence according to a background check he was charged with attempted murder in 1988 in chicago and was found not guilty by trial. he was charged with assault. there wasn't enough evidence to make an indictment. and he denies he impersonated a police officer or that there was a protective order to keep him away from a 13-year-old girl. all interesting. despite his past, d.c. city council wants to hear from him. thank you, surae chinn reporting live from the wilson building in northwest. d.c. police are looking for suspects in the shooting of a 12-year-old boy. after 11:00 last night officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 3400 block of minnesota avenue. they found the 12-year-old with a gunshot wound to the leg. the boy was taken to a local hospital. he is expected to recover. police believe the shooting may have been the result of a possible
6:33 am
robbery attempt. funeral services for wynetta and jay lynn wright are set for friday in northeast. the 20-year-old and her-year-old daughter were murdered in a prince george's county park last week. prosecutors charged d.c. police officer richmond phillips with killing them. police say phillips met wright in the park the night before effaced a paternity hearing. when you believe that securing a city could earn you more money in salary than running a whole state? in the mid-atlantic it turns out county fire and police chiefs are pulling in more than the governors of maryland and virginia. metropolitan police chief kathy lanier in washington tops the highest, the highest paid top cop with $254,000 a year. in second place, montgomery county thomas manger with 216,000. fire chief in montgomery county is the highest paid firefighter, $190,000. d.c.'s fire chief is close behind with hundred 187,000 a
6:34 am
year and 175,000 for fire chief roland madison. >> i think it's outrageous. obama gets less than that, doesn't he? a lot lower than they should be. i'm an elected official. >> my reaction is they make more than school teachers, i'm like what's more important? teaching our children? if you don't pay a decent wage you won't get a decent person in the job. >> the president makes $400,000 a year. some criticize the high salaries but officials argue it's critical to attract top talent for hard jobs. bob mcdonald earns 175,000 a year. alley makes 150,000, less than all but one public safety official in the washington area. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> talking about shelling out money with gas prices. >> if you've been looking at the gas pumps lately you know that
6:35 am
watching them, they're down 20 cents in the last month, we'll take it, we'll take it. >> we're still about a dollar more than this time last year. the reason why is the high price of oil. it's now trading at $100 a barrel. and that price will be the focus of opec meetings this week in vienna. most experts believe the oil cartel will leave output levels unchanged because there is a surplus of oil on world markets. one executive in the group thinks oil prices will drift closer to $80 a barrel which would bring down gas prices more. opec has not raced the ceiling on oil production in four years. mazda plans to stop building cars in america. the auto make certificate ending it's joint venture with ford leaving it with no production facilities in the u.s. mazda vehicles sold in america will be shipped from japan and mexico starting in 2013. remember the military bowl back in december? the washington examiner reports that the economic output of washington's annual college football bowl game doubled
6:36 am
between 2009 and 2010. a new report shows it pumped nearly $18 million into the local economy, all that spending came in large part from the 26,000 out of town attendees, and they expect it to keep getting bigger. >> advertising is working well if they're all from out of town. >> this was ralph regent's last year coaching the university of maryland, there was a lot of interest in part because of that. thank you, jessica. the world's largest passenger jet is scheduled to make it's first flight to the d.c. region today. the first air france flight of the super jumbo a380 arrives from paris at dulles international airport. the aircraft features two passenger decks and 538 seats, will allow air france to combine two flights into one flight, saving 20% in operating costs with the same number of seats. an inaugural celebration of the flight between paris and d.c. planned for june 16th. 6:36. breaking news out of centerville, police are on the
6:37 am
scene of a double stabbing. authorities responded to the 13,000 block of brad dock springs road around 5:30 a.m., they found two people suffering from stab wounds. we have learned that one of those victims has died from their wounds. we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. a group of young mutants uses their powers to take control of the box office. >> and 30 years later a popular rap group takes a look back at their career in the music spotlight. cw
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6:41, monday morning, june 6th. welcome back to 9news now. howard bernstein is here, right to the forecast. >> we have comfortable temperatures to start the week. it will be a week whereby mid week, your air conditioning is going to be tested. your patience may be tested as well. that could happen on almost any
6:42 am
day. >> weather wise, settle down hydeck, settle down, just kidding. a good looking monday morning, bus stop forecast, it's comfortable, a little humid, and we've got a touch of fog up toward frederick and mountains. mainly clear, temperatures in the mid-60s to low 70s. the sunrise an hour ago at 5:43. the day planner, sunshine, upper 70s by noon, north to northeast winds, to northerly this afternoon. a northerly wind by 4:00, 83 not too strong on the wind. notice the speeds, six, 7 miles per hour. not much of a factor. by 8:00 we're back down to the upper 70s. a nice evening ahead as our temperatures will hold in the low 80s. satellite and radar, a little shower came down the bay here. mainly the eastern shore than the west side of the bay overnight. that's gone. temperatures in the low 60s in easton, upper 50s in winchester, 63 in
6:43 am
fredericksburg and culpeper, gaithersburg 61. we have fog in frederick, quarter mile visibility at last check. gaithersburg 61, reston is 60, haymarket 52, leesburg 64. 61 at fort belvoir, and college park 64, university of maryland columbia 62. andrews air force base 63. mostly cloudy on the hour at reagan national, but our weather terrace observer, me, mainly clear out there with sunshine and a light nor'easterly wind and barometer rising. heat and humidity for mid week, we're in the 60s, down south upper 70s in houston where they were 105 yesterday. 101 today, that is big time heat. they are so close to the gulf they don't normally get much more than the upper 90s. 105 is tremendous heat for them. that heat will build toward us. storms building toward milwaukee and green bay and chicago as well over the next few hours, which
6:44 am
could hamper airline travelers. the eastern u.s. looking good under high pressure. sunshine, i don't think we'll bull up any showers today, but the future cast tomorrow afternoon, here we go, 11:45 tuesday, showers and storms in the mountains. we will watch this. by evening north and west of town, we lose it with daytime heating. wednesday, we see temperatures shoot back even hotter into the mid and upper 90s, then we have the scattering of showers and storms area wide. with tremendous heat. today 85, sunshine. todd tonight we're back in the 60s, winds won'ting bad today, tonight, northerly today. hot on tuesday with isolated storms northwest. afternoon storms possible wednesday with a high of 97. thursday another very hot and humid day. 97 with afternoon storms. and then this weekend
6:45 am
mainly the threat for afternoon and evening thunderstorms, cooler temperatures but warm with highs in the 80s. if you're going to celebrate fairfax, we'd love to see you there. i will there myself on saturday during the day. by then we'll be 87. angie goff has monday morning traffic. what are you doing? >> we can't get around a lot of our delays, that's part of d.c. traffic. we have one crash that we're watching, which is why we're keeping on the yellow light, this is 95 southbound at 216, it's off to the shoulder. traffic is getting by but very slowly. notice the red on the screen, slow starting at 32. use the baltimore washington parkway as an alternate this morning. 66 eastbound, it looks like the main congestion is between 50 and 123. 95 drivers northbound, it's very heavy from the prince william parkway over to the mixing bowl. you get
6:46 am
brakes along the way but one solid delay. 395 stacking up from the beltway past seminary and crossing the 14th street bridge, where we have ongoing construction taking away the center lane. we're watching the rails, vre train number 3302, both are running about 20 minutes behind. still ahead we are taking a look at your top traffic stories of the morning at 6:58. mike? thank you, angie. as expected, as we go to the top of the charts, latest installment of the x-minitran commies took the top spot. but x-men first class does not have the same mojo as the previous movies. this brought in 56 million. the previous ones brought in between 85 and 102 million. it's a big drop off. the hang over, second, it came in second with 32.4 million. kung fu panda, came in after that with 24.3 million. i like doing that.
6:47 am
surprised. >> gaga and the go-goes, sounds like fun, maybe. >> sandra hughes has that. >> reporter: the academy awards of fashion design, lady gaga gets the icon award at the abdominal newel council of fashion designers trophies. naomi watts will present the award for best women's ware and girard butler for best men's wear. the go-goes are back 30 years after their debut album, the girls are back and all grown up. lead singer belinda carlyle says she understands why young women embrace their music. >> i think a lot of women, well, the girls at that time could identify with us because we were just normal, normal, you know, everyday girls. >> the go-goes are on tour through the end of august. two new dvd releases.
6:48 am
>> can we depart this afternoon? the first is true grit, whose 14-year-old star was nominated for an academy award, she plays maddie ross. she enlists the help of characters played by jeff bridges in the roll first played by john wayne and matt damon. oh, awesome. >> just go with it, is a comedy with adam sandler and jennifer aniston. sandler's character meets the love of his life, but aniston has to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife to cover up a lie. sounds complicated, it gets that way when everyone piles on a plane for a hawaiian holiday. sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. that looks funny, mildly funny. this weekend more than 800 couples celebrated love. they gathered at the national shrine for the immaculate conception. the archbishop of washington presided over the mass as
6:49 am
couples renewed their vows. >> lord, bless and consecrate these married couples in their love for each other, may these rings be a symbol of true faith in each other and always remind them of their love. 387 of the couples had been married for more than 50 years. one couple there married 73 years. even though it costs more being married. good for them. a source for the european e. coli outbreak is revealed. you have a chance to see the miracle on the hudson plane before its dig played at the at a north carolina museum. every week you hear us talk about our campus correspondent, where we enlist high school viewers to shoot highlights of games, pep rallies, other fun stuff and then we show you their work on our area. three in particular did a great job. we will shine the spotlight on
6:50 am
them today. during our campus correspondent luncheon here at channel nine studio, stephanie loew, melanie dunning and ashley jones will be highlighted for their work and we'll announce our scholarship winner as well. if you want to see work of our campus correspondent, go to d and see how you can apply and other contests that we have on the website. time for the united airlines travel cast fog and haze at dulles visibility 4 miles, light winds. should be comfortable. if you're taking off this morning, we will see a threat in chicago for storms. columbus 87. chicago a holiday around 90 degrees. st. louis 96. denver hot, but storms, 92. these storms could cause delays. 101 in phoenix. real good on the west coast from los angeles at 65, the same in san
6:51 am
francisco, 65. reno, showers 61 and seattle looking mostly cloudy 73. so a pretty good day here at least in the east.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:53, 66 degrees, mostly sunny in most spots although national reported mostly cloudy. 78 at noon, 83 at 5:00, high of
6:54 am
85. moderate air quality. we'll talk about the heat when i show you the seven-day in a few minutes. here's a look at things making news before you head out today. german grown beansprouts could be the source of a deadly e. coli outbreak that killed at least 22 people. officials say sprouts from an organic farm were traced to infected people in five different german states. former d.c. mayoral candidate suleiman brown is expected to testify before the d.c. city council. he says the gray campaign paid him cash to stay in the mayoral race and levee he tax against the incumbent mayor adrian fenty. mayor gray and his aides deny those allegations. the plane that captain sully sullenberger is rolling through the area in north carolina. the plane is set to cross the delaware bridge, this morning at 10:00 a.m. and then out i-70 through baltimore. the early show begins in six minutes.
6:55 am
erica hill standing by to tell us what's coming up at the top of the hour. we're beginning a week long series on the arab summer, the countries, the people, their futures, we kick it off with yemen monday on the early show. she notices when my skin's rough.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. real quick, we'll start with weather. >> psych! >> 6:58, your seven day forecast, 85 this afternoon, tomorrow 89, isolated storms tomorrow and wednesday afternoon. look at the heat
6:59 am
wednesday and thursday, thursday 97 and then we get back to the 80s with afternoon storms to finish the week. now it's time for time saver traffic. >> i'll take it away, 95 southbound at 216 the accident has cleared but we're jammed from 32. so you might still want to use the bw parkway. the biggest slow goes, including outer loop to georgia. 270 southbound from 80 to 121 and germantown to the split and 395 northbound stacked from the beltway to seminary, 15 minutes or so. wall street, looks like the five week losing streak will go on. stocks are looking lower again. interesting on the early show advice on how to help you survive a stroke. and howard and myself are back in 25 minutes with more traffic and weather just for. >> speaker 1: if you can't join us then, get your news, weather and traffic anywhere any time at have a great day everybody, we'll see you right back here 4:25 tomorrow morning. take care, bye-bye. >>e


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