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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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any of these women or had any physical relationships at any time. i brought pain to people i care about the most and people who believed in me. and for that, i'm deeply sorry. i apologize to my wife and our family. as well as to our friends and supporters. i'm deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and action. >> when asked if there could be an x-rated photo of him, weiner said yes, it is possible. but the congressman is not resigning. he hopes the people he serves will see it as a mistake and let him keep his job. more charges against a dc police officer accused of killing a former girlfriend. >> tonight, richmond phillips also accused of killing his exgirlfriend's baby. matt has been following this story since it started breaking with us. he joins us live at the prince
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georges county courthouse. new developments are shocking. matt. >> derek, prosecutors say richmond phillips didn't just kill one person, he killed two. he'll pay with his own life for his alleged crimes. >> richmond phillips stood stone faced as he appeared on closed circuit television. an eight year veteran of the police department, phillips was completely silent as family members of his alleged victim called him a monster and trash. >> we share this family's pain. >> the 39-year-old phillips is accused of killing wynetta wright and her daughter, jaylin. he had a paternity hearing to prove that phillips is jaylin's father. phillips allegedly shot wright in the head in oxon hill valley park and left jaylin in a car
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nearby. >> it was horrific. >> today phillips was charged with first-degree murder and manslaughter for leaving little jaylin to die in the car. >> we look forward to seeking justice for this family. >> the state's attorney said she has still not yet decided whether or not to seek the death penalty against phillip. a judge ordered phillips held without bond, ending his trial. derek. >> matt, thank you for that. >> dc police caught a group of kids who are believed to have attacked a biker on a trail. but they still do not know if they are the ones responsible for a string of other attacks. the attacks are happening along the metropolitan branch trail inbetween rhode island and new york avenues. >> just imagine you're biking along this designated bike trail when somebody jumps out and trying to tase you. that is exactly what happened to a cyclist right here last
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wednesday. jogger sharon runs the branch trail almost every day. >> it's a good trail. >> after learning that four people have been attacked here in less than a month, she's having second thoughts. >> i was apprehensive about that myself before knowing about this. now that makes it a little bit more scary. >> shannon may be surprised, but this cyclist isn't. he has been targeted before. >> a couple kids, probably bored middle schoolers who are tossing gravel at bikers and they thrown some in front of me and as i came by, they scattered away. now i've heard far worse has happened here. >> the cyclist got away uninjured, but others have been assaulted and robbed. >> you can't. there's not a lot of traffic unless someone else is running or biking. it's kind of scary that if something happens, there's not very many people around to be witnesses. >> police say they are stepping up patrols, which runs from silver spring to union
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station. but many people who use this trail say the solution is simply for traffic. >> it's up to us in the community to get out and walk the trail because that is what will change the whole culture of this place. >> in washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> you ghowld with a partner and don't walk with your music on. fairfax county police are looking for a man wanted in a sexual assault in the herndon area. it happened on merrybrook court. a woman awoke to find an armed man in her bedroom. other family members were home at the time, but none of them were hurt. under court order today, sulaimon brown finally took his accusations against dc's mayor to a city council committee today and brought along some paperwork. >> you remember this fellow. brown is the dark horse candidate that claimed vincent
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gray's campaign paid him off and continued his job during the campaign. but bruce leshan is live now at the wilson building with brown's testimony today. we have been waiting for this for a while, bruce. >> reporter: we have been waiting. i would tell you, it was really a strange kind of through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole sort of hearing. the council members told sulaimon brown that he was immersed in fantasies, but they wanted to hear everything anyway. >> these were the money orders given to me on behalf of mayor vincent gray. >> brown came armed with copies of thousands of dollars of money orders. the committee chair swore him in and he repeated his accusations against mayor vincent gray under oath. >> vincent gray's campaign specifically mayor vincent gray
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gave me cash and money orders to maintain my campaign for mayor, cover living expenses, and attack then mayor fenty during the 2010 mayoral race. >> detailed a series of meetings with vincent gray. >> these were given to us for our campaign by the gray campaign. >> brown has a history of criminal charges, including attempted murder and he was fired with his job with the gray administration for allegedly incompetence. he came without a lawyer, but with plenty of attitude. >> i'm going to put it on the record, because you are a witness in this case. you threatened the confirmation hearing. >> sir. >> i have never been contacted by anyone in any law enforcement capacity. you simply pulled this out of thin air. you know, so you can answer the questions or not mr. brown, but your fantasies really need to be checked so we can get some
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answers. you are under minding your credibility. >> that really is one of the big issues here. even if brown is telling the truth, he has so little credibility left, is his testimony no longer of any value either to the council investigation or to the investigations by the u.s. attorney's office and the house oversight in government reform office. the only comment today from the mayor's office, the investigations continue. we await the results. derek. >> bruce, i got to ask you this, what is up with grant, what kind of sunglasses brown had on there. >> we asked if he would take them off. the council committee chair said please take them off and he said nope, i'm keeping them on. that's my first amendment right. we don't have any explanation. he insisted on wearing them. dc council member, harry thomas jr. facing allegations of misusing public funds for personal use.
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thomas quote, willingly and knowingly received hundreds and thousands of dollars in illegal illegal donations. thomas' attorney emphasizes these are just allegations, they are not findings. we will have more coming up on 9 justice 9 news now at 6:00. >> former imf head was jeered outside a new york city courtroom today. he was there to plead not guilty to charges he sexually assaulted a hotel maid there. danielle joins us live outside that courthouse with more on the day's events. manuel >> reporter: this was his first court appearance. and outside the courthouse today, a good crowd of media and also demonstrators. domonique strows cann and his
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wife walked out to shouts of shame on you. the chanting came from dozens of hotel maids that were there to show their disapproval and support for the hotel maid he's accused of sexually assaulting. >> we are not going to stay quiet. we are going to speak up. >> 62-year-old pleaded not guilty, including attempted rape. his defense strategy may be that any sex was consensual. >> once the evidence is reviewed t will be clear that there was know element of forcible compulsion in this case whatsoever. >> attorney for the 32-year-old alleged victim says the single mother is ready to tell her story. she is going to come into this courthouse, get on that witness stand, and tell the world what domonique did to her. >> since the news broke last month, labor leaders say more
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hotel leaders came forward to report problems with guests. >> i'm astounded by how many of incidents they had who behave inappropriately. >> these maids all told me they felt unsafe with guests in hotel rooms more than once. >> yes. he could face 25 years in prison if convicted. he is now living in a $50,000 a month town house. he is under security and lesli, his next court appearance is july. meantime, it is week three in the casey anthony murder trial that's underway in orlando and much of this week's testimony is expected to focus on forensics. anthony is charged with first- degree murder in the death of her daughter, caylee. today an expert testified about a piece of carpet taken from anthony's trunk and put in a
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canister to provide an air sample. >> when you first opened it, what was your reaction? >> well, i jumped back a foot or two. the odor was extremely overwelmingly strong. and i was shocked that the little can could have such an odor. >> did you immediately recognize the odor that was emanating from the piece of carpet in the can? >> yes. >> what did you recognize that odor to be? >> i'll recognize it as human decompization. >> anthony knocked her daughter out and suffocated her with duct tape. the defense claims caylee drowned in her grandparent's swimming pool. derek. thank you lesli. parts of one of the most famous planes in aviation history now making their way to baltimore. we are talking about the miracle on the hudson plane. a massive flat bed truck
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carrying the u.s. airways is taking to a permanent home. just to catch a little glimpse of this plane. today it made its way down i-95 into maryland. it's now parked there for the night at the truck scales before the bridge. now once the plane gets to baltimore, it will head west on i-70 into west virginia. and police are investigating a possible hit- and-run accident involving a metro bus. witnesses on that bus say a car rear ended their bus, but didn't stop. just took off. this happened at martin luther king avenue and w street. they did have to take a few folks to the hospital. no serious injuries reported. still ahead, a few hundred gallons of heating oil dutched into the wrong basement. now that mistake could cost three people their homes. sunny and dry today with temperatures in the 80s right
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now. we have another heat wave coming this way. i have your seven-day forecast. but up next, strong winds and low humidity are not helping thousands of firefighters battling a massive wild fire in arizona. it is 0% contained. we'll tell you about it.
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former pennsylvania senator jumped into the race for the republican presidential nomination today. he made his announcement outside the summer courthouse. he blasted president obama during his announcement. >> who are you, mr. president, to say that you and your administration should take 40 cents out of every dollar and borrow it from future generations with a country -- >> he was the number three republican in the senate before he lost his seat in 2006. derek. well, lesli, it is a desperate day in arizona. another desperate day as a matter of fact, because they are fighting a wild fire there that is literally burning completely out of control. the fire now facing evacuations in several mountainous communities in the eastern half of the state. kendace gibson brings us more
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on the story. >> reporter: the smoke over eastern arizona is turning the air an erie shade of orange. it spread to more than 300 square miles and while crews have been fighting the blaze for over a week, they made virtually no headway in containing it. >> turn around for me, please. > firefighters have been streaming in from other states and as far away as new york. more than 2,000 are at the scene, fighting both from the ground and above. >> wall of flame come over the top of you, and those men and women are risking their lives every minute of it. they are here to save us and thank god for that. >> mountain communities along eastern arizona and the new mexico state line are evacuating. >> there's a lot of history up here. so much history that a lot of us don't want to leave. if they tell us to go, we'll have to go. >> clouds of smoke are
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billowing as far as albuqurqe. >> it's dry. the wind is fluid, and they can't stop it. >> so far flames destroyed four summer rental cabins. it's arizona's third largest fire. with high winds and lightning in the forecast, firefighters are expecting it to get worse before it gets better. cbs news. >> what caused all this? investigators aren't sure just yet, but they do believe a person is who started this fire at some point. a reprieve tonight along the missouri river. the army corps of engineers says 22 half ton sandbags dropped via helicopter fortified a partially breeched section of a levee. that will allow additional time to build a secondary barrier to protect the flood threatened down. they expect that flood wall to give way. several hundred area school children went fishing on the national mall today. they celebrated the grout
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outdoors with a trip to constitution garden pond. the u.s. fish and wildlife service sponsored the event. it's aimed at getting students out to appreciate america's rich natural resources. the catch of the day, large mouth bass, blue gill, and crapi. it's a good idea that they went out today as opposed to later this week. >> definitely. because today we got into the mid 80s and lots of sunshine. pretty nice outside. we have intense heat returning. so a little heat wave on its way in the next couple of days. temperatures around 85 in downtown. so we are a few degrees above where we should be. we can take this stuff. 84 manassas. hagerstown at 82 degrees. lots of sun, a few high level clouds. a really nice day today to kick off the workweek. here's a look at the satellite radar picture. lots of sunshine, a few high clouds out there. the bermuda high, going to increase the humidity in the
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next couple of days. the heat wave does return. go outside, get that walk or run in. tuesday morning maybe some patchy fog in the usual locations, like the central shenandoa valley. the heat and humidity back on the rise. you'll start to feel it tomorrow. here's a look at your future cast. we stay dry the next 24 hours or so. by tomorrow afternoon, maybe a few clouds coming in. i think out toward the west, we could see some showers and some thunderstorms popping up tomorrow afternoon. also maybe up to the north of us as well. more closer to the mason dixon line and then i think generally we'll start to see humidity increase as the southwesterly winds kick in by tomorrow afternoon. so for tonight, clear to partly cloudy and mild. open the windows. winds are going to be light and our sunset is at 8:30. around mid 60s for dc.
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61 manassas and 65 degrees in leesburg. tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy and pleasant. grab the sunglasses. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. winds are going to be light. by the afternoon, lots of sun and very warm. air quality is code orange, which means unhealthy for sensitive groups. that includes children, the elderly, and people with asthma. highs tomorrow, 86 to 91 degrees and southwest winds 5 to 10. you will start to feel it a little more humid tomorrow. generally close to 90 for dc. 91 manassas. frederick, warmer at 94 degrees. here's your tuesday planner. 60s tomorrow morning at 7:00 as you are getting into work or school. by noon in the 80s and by 5:00, a lot of locations will be close to 90 degrees. here's your next three days. warming up to 97. thursday 96. slight chance for some thunderstorms. here's your seven-day outlook. wednesday and thursday, those are the hot and humid days. and then friday, we'll start to
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cool down a little bit here. that also is the kickoff for celebrate fairfax. a bunch of us will be there. we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms arising friday, saturday, and into the weekend. you can see this heat wave not lasting long. just a couple days. it's time to acclimate to it. >> so weekend storms in the afternoon not a washout or an all day thing? >> i don't think it's a washout. we have a decent chance. >> all right, thank you. appreciate that. >> coming up, groupon starts to offer travel deals. >> what do the lines and cloud have in common? the answer is apple. the details are ahead. the amazing role leeches leeches are playing in
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hospitals. new at 11:00 on 9news now. cw
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a rocket attack in iraq killed five american troops today and this was the worst single day death toll for american troops in at least two years. iraqi security officials say the rockets in eastern baghdad and the americans killed were staying on the iraqi base. the rockets hit near their
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living quarters. >> gathered on the french coast today to commemorate the d-day landings in normandy. marking 67 years since the allied forces landed on the beaches in france. the june 6, 1944 invasion and battle for normandy hope to change the course of the war. and it was a first for dulles airport today. the world's largest passenger jet started daily passenger service to dulles from paris. air france operates the air bus 8380. this bad boy features two passenger decks and 538 seats and the airline says by combining two flights into just one with the big jet, it can save 20% on operating costs. >> well two airlines are learning an expensive lesson about price advertising. continental and u.s. airways were fined last week for violating federal transportation rules. continental was fined $120,000 for not posting fuel
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surcharges. and u.s. airways got a slap on the wrist for not providing information on taxes and fees that were specific to travel to rome. continental says it has now addressed the issue. groupon and expedia want you to take off and land for less. launch in late june. the deals will offer 50% off retail rates listed on other travel sites. we're talking flights, hotels, package deals, car rentals, and cruises. you can sign up and look for the deals in your inbox in a few weeks. >> coming up next, new at 5:30. >> steve jobs makes announcements at this year's world development conference. i'm sandra hughes in san francisco and i'll have that story coming up.
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new at 5:30, steve job came off medical leave again to appear at the company's worldwide development conference in san francisco. the back world awaited his news. sandra hughes was there. she has more on today's big announcement. sandra. >> reporter: this is a week long conference that takes place and it brings software
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developers and apple lovers from all across the country here what they like to hear is all about the new goodies that apple is going to unveil. but first today the spotlight was on steve jobs health and what he looked like when he came out on stage. james brown's i feel good introduced the apple's ceo. steve jobs opened the worldwide development conference to cheers and even some audience shoutout. >> thank you. >> looking gaunt in his uniform of black turtle neck and jeans, jobs was only on the stage a few minutes. >> today we are going to talk about software. we got some great stuff to talk about. ios5, and some interesting new cloud stuff. >> then he tossed the presentation to others.
5:31 pm
this was his only second public appearance since going on medical leave in january. apple's new icloud service was the big news. jobs came back on stage to launch it. >> some people think the cloud is just a hard disk in the sky. >> icloud stores music, videos, and other content for devices like iphone and ipods online. it also sinks devices without connecting them. >> they can talk to the cloud whenever they want. >> lion and ios5, system for mobile devices were also introduced. >> a lot of energy in the room. this is a developer conference. >> lion is available in july. when we'll see jobs again was not announced. >> while icloud is technically free, jobs explained there will be an annual fee if you want to sync up your songs. that will cost $24.99 annually.
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lesli, sound exciting? >> it does actually, sandra. looking forward to hearing more about it. thanks so much for that. well kodak is getting into the trade in game. best buy andamazon are among the big retail brands to start this and you take your old cameras and your camcorders. you remember these old ancient looking things? all free sites let you estimate the value of your items. kodak and best buy offer free shipping and so does kodak will cut a check for the value or recycle the electronic. best buy and amazon will give you gift cards. best buy will also give you a check. it's going to be a little cheaper than what you might get on the gift card. i tested out the program. it didn't show up on the system. we'll put that over there. my nearly six-year-old video camera did and i could get $24.32 from kodak. you aren't getting a lot of
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money. and $29 from best buy. or if i wanted a check, best buy would send me a check for $19. office depo, target, radio shack, a number of companies are offering these programs to recycle your electronics because the hope is to keep these out of landfills and into the right places. >> any memory how much you paid for that? >> we've had this for six years and it feels ancient. >> it feels heavy, too. >> it really does. for more on local recycling programs, you can go to our website and click on the living green link. a heating oil contractor's mistake is going to cost three people their homes. and one alexandria homeowner claims the company is now shorting costs and blaming it on him. brittany morehouse was first on the scene when a contractor dumped a few hundred gallons of heating oil into the wrong basement. tonight, she has an update for us. >> we begin tonight with breaking news -- >> it's a story we broke nine
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months ago. a contractor dumping 335- gallons of heating oil into the wrong basement. >> it was a dramatic scene. hazmat crews. >> the homeowner who rented to a tenant declined comment. >> initially said hey, we want to work with you. you don't need to hire an attorney. >> now he is going to the press. he shows us the inside of his now condemned hous >> there's no steps. >> the doorway of what was once a fully furnished basement. you can see through an open window how oil stains mark the floor. grifith energy dug up the cement flaps. >> they sampled the soil and there is contamination in a number of spots all over. >> a fear neighbors expressed at the time of the spill. >> in fact that they are owl townhouses. if something happens to one of them, then you have a lot of issues with other properties, too. >> that is exactly what is happening right now. two adjoining neighbors are out
5:35 pm
of a home because the entire row house building is condemned. >> they will have to work out with the three homeowners. >> company's solution to fix the problem is to brick by brick replace the walls inside. he believes the houses need to be torn down and rebuilt. >> we kind of came to an impasse about how they are going to move forward. they walked away from the job site. >> walked away and still haven't returned. brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> no managers are available to talk today. we left several messages, still we have heard nothing back. it was a rough commute today for drivers in parts of northeast dc and that is because several roadways were closed while pepco crews prepared underground cables. first street northeast and the repairs come after last week's outages north of union station. they left cnn's washington bureau along with the eeoc
5:36 pm
headquarters. >> the catholic diesis is taking arlington county to court. the county board's denial of a request by o'connel. the same opportunities as public school students in the region. but board members argue that each case is considered individually and in the words of one member, quote, not every location in the county is equal. let's check out the evening rush with monica and your time saver traffic. good evening, monica. >> i would have given @ red light earlier this afternoon because of an accident on 270. we'll take you over there live right now on the northbound side. on the southbound side of 270, over at father hurlly boulevard at 2:30, was an overturned cement truck, two vehicles, and a maryland state highway contractor. a helicopter was called and canceled because they found the two people injured were okay.
5:37 pm
that was good news. here's what it looks like on 355 at route 27. that took a big hit. route 27 is tough as well. ridge road. be aware of that on 270 and 355. rockville into gaithersburg with one right lane blocked on the southbound side. let's take you over to the other side of town right now. if you are planning to head over to the beltway. right here at the dulles toll road, the left lane is blocked. you can see some slow traffic getting by. there was an accident. that's in the cleanup side. coming up next, scott is getting set for his first broadcast as anchor of the cbs evening news. we will tell you what's up next for his preed sees predecessor. >> stay with us, we'll be right back.
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not to have the big house with the big mortgage or the big car. it was about creating wealth. >> the people a bad check. >> after the fight for civil rights was waged, a new
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struggle brewing for african americans in the 21st century. is the push for silver to civil rights a dream deferred? we'll bring you the story how one local architect of building is helping to open the doors that were once so hard to walk through. it's part of our on going series, a monumental life at 7:00. katie couric is moving to abc. she signed a multiyear contract to host a new daytime talk show that abc will syndicate. couric will join the network's news division. she has been approached by several networks, including cbs. she, of course, was the former anchor of the evening news. her new show is expected to air in the fall of 2012. but a new era begins tonight at cbs news. scott takes over the reigns of the cbs everyoning news. pele says the broadcast will focus on the news of the day. he also says the correspondents of cbs news are the most important people on the newscast, not the anchor. so viewers should expect to see more of them earlier in the
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show. you can watch the cbs evening news at 6:30 as always right here on wusa. well coming up, one of the world's most famous jackets is going on the auction block. >> plus, a 16-year-old learns the hard way, you better check your facebook settings before posting a party invitation online. >> and if you have outdoor plans tonight, maybe dinner on your patio, it should be nice. we are still sneezing and sniffling. here's a welcome at your allergy report, where the grass is high. i have the latest on the next heat wave coming up after the break. >> up next, researchers say a drug used to treat breast cancer will also help prevent the disease in high risk patients. they are creepy, nasty blood suckers and becoming a patient's best medicine. the amazing role leeches are playing in local hospitals.
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the lifesavers tonight at 11:00 on 9news now. >> 9 traffic now is brought to you by geico. /
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at in tonight's health alert, two new drugs for the deadly skin cancer melanoma has doctors more excited about it. one pill targets a gene
5:46 pm
mutation found in half of all melanomas. the drug works so well with people with advanced disease, they stop the trial early so everybody could get a chance to take it. >> patients can get -- sometimes within 72 hours are already much better. off of pain medicine, maybe off of oxygen. >> wow, this second drug just got fda approval. it is given to people with newly diagnosed melanoma skin cancer. doctors say it can nearly double the number who survive at least three years. and there is more breakthrough cancer news coming out of a big meeting of half the nation's oncologists. anita brikman reports on a type of drug that can prevent breast cancer in higher risk women. >> six years ago, beth's doctors discovered she had abnormal cells growing in her breast tissue, which could lead to cancer. >> i was extremely upset.
5:47 pm
>> now a new study finds a group of drugs already on the market to treat breast cancer may prevent its formation. the study in the new england journal of medicine looked at more than 4500 women who have prior cancer or a family history. the study found taking a hormone blocking pill can reduce the risk of producing invasive breast cancer by 65%. >> this will begin using these drugs for prevention. >> one of the reasons why doctors are so encouraged is because these drugs that include brand names don't have serious side effects. >> it can cause some hot flashes, a small minority of women also get bone and joint and muscle aching with these drugs. >> current prevention drugs like tomoxasin aren't recommended for most women because they carry the risk of
5:48 pm
blood clots and other problems. a new prevention weapon is welcomed news. >> it's very good to have more than one choice. >> anita brikman, 9news now. >> 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women here in this country a year. it wasn't the sprouts, german officials say the latest samples show sprouts are not to blame for the e. coli outbreak. it killed at least 22 people in germany. about 2300 other people across europe have become ill. initial tests had found that sprouts from a german organic farm caused the outbreak. the source right now is unknown. a teenager who initially was suspended and barred from his high school prom in connecticut did get to attend it afterall. james tate got into trouble for posting his invitation on an outside school wall. a lot of us thought it was
5:49 pm
romantic, but administrators said the invitation was a safety risk, that was before they barred him. the school's headmaster reversed it. imagine this, you have 1500 guests, many of them not invited. showing up for your birthday party. that is exactly what happened to a 16-year-old girl in germany after she posted a party invite online. you see, she forgot to make the invitations private on her facebook. so about 100 cops on horseback had to show up to keep the crowds under control. that's a lot of stuff to open. one of the most talked about wedding dresses of the decade is going on display this summer. you can see kate middleton's gown at buckingham palace from july 23 to october 3. the veil, tiara, shoes, and earrings worn will be part of a special exhibit and the tour costs
5:50 pm
about $29. all right, michael jackson fans, write these dates down. june 25 and 26th, that's when you can own the jacket he wore in thriller. it is up for auction. and one official says the leather jacket is the most recognized and significant piece of pop culture to come up for sale. he expects it to fetch at least $200,000. the auction will take place in beverly hills and i still remember where i was watching that video. >> i remember it came on friday night video, regular old broadcast tv. >> it was. it was like, wow. >> it was on my vcr or months and months. >> vcr, yeah. >> there were no dvr's back then. >> we are talking about heat coming this way. you guys like the heat? >> i don't know if it's going to thrill us. >> i don't think so. enjoy tonight, it's going to be nice. right now outside it's in the mid 80s. 85 in downtown and it is a few
5:51 pm
degrees above where we should be. bethesda 83. beltsville 85 degrees. lots of sunshine. it's going to be a nice night. here's a look at the picture. we stay dry, maybe a few high clouds came in. overall, high pressure in control. the bermuda high is going to pump things up with the humidity and the heat. clear to partly cloudy and mild. open the windows if you want. lows will be 60 to 68 degrees. winds are going to be light. 64 for gaithersburg. downtown 68. cooler in fredericksburg at 60 degrees. now tomorrow morning as you are heading out the door, partly to mostly cloudy and pleasant. grab the sunglasses because we'll have lots of sunshine by the afternoon. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. very warm. air quality is code orange. unhealthy for sensitive groups. here's a look at your zone forecast. we start out cumberland 85. the mountains, a chance of isolated storms. around the metro area will be
5:52 pm
around 90. 89 degrees in dc. a quick look at your seven-day forecast. let's take a look at that. we are warming up into wednesday and thursday. hot and humid for wednesday and thursday. heat index values will be around 100 degrees and you factor in that humidity. it's going to be uncomfortable. water those plants. they are going to need it the next couple of days. >> thank you annie. >> our campus correspondents, we love them. they were honored today. >> this is the second time we have honored our campus correspondents. we are all getting closer and closer to get replaced. you didn't have that thriller video on a vcr, you had it on a beta max. 9sports have been operating the campus correspondents program. receive video cameras and shoot highlights to be broadcast on the web and right here on channel 9 on friday night.
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twice a year we hand out them. that all happened here add broadcast house and we wanted you to meet our latest winner. her name is bethany lowe. she is very talented and as kristen explains, we should all be scared for our professional futures. >> a senior at south lakes high in reston, bethany lowe is one busy girl. she's a starter on the volleyball team, coaches a couple days a week and serves as managing editor of the school newspaper. >> when i was a high school student, i don't think i could have pulled off half of what she does. >> it's hard to balance journalism and my volleyball teams. i manage. >> of course, betsy has been jumping on with anything. she has been gobbling it up this year. >> bethany spent all of her spare time shooting games and searching out her own stories. to date, she submitted 84 clips to channel 9. >> this is our correspondent play of the day.
5:54 pm
it's from bethany lowe. >> this one in particular, this interview with classmate chris diagnosed with cancer last year. >> after i moved past being really sick, i went back to doing everything else i was doing before with lacrosse and felt like nothing changed except i learned to just constantly appreciate everything i'm blessed with and how i almost lost it. but got to keep it. >> he was declared cancer-free in the fall just in time to finish his senior year with the lacrosse team. >> he is an amazing person and i was just so impressed with him, i thought it would be good to share it with everyone. >> chris never thought twice about saying yes. >> she is the nicest person i ever met in my life. >> now as she passes the torch on to her fellow writers, bethany shifts her focus to journalism at la salle university. 9sports now. >> congratulations to bethany.
5:55 pm
she gets a $5,000 scholarship from the toyota dealers. we want to congratulate our silver medalist of elizabeth seethen high school. they get scholarships as well. and bethany is very tall. i've asked her to wear flats in the future when she appears next to me. >> all right, thank you. up next, more than a dozen people are hurt when strong winds take three inflatable bounce houses where they don't want to go. we'll show you.
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stocks started the week lower. the dow finished the day down 61 points. the nasdaq dropped 30 points and the s & p 500 fell 14 points. more than 10 people mostly children were injured this weekend when the set of activities that they were supposed to be doing at a new york soccer tournament turned dangerous. >> lesli, those inflatable rides went airborne leaving children at risk and parents horrified. elizabeth recaps the dramatic events all caught on tape. >> oh my gosh. oh my gosh. >> an afternoon of fun turned dangerous on long island. a parent captured this dramatic video on camera saturday. one of three inflatable rides
5:59 pm
at a soccer outing that became airborne when a gust of wind swept across the field. when the ride landed, they rolled. on lockers rushed to help the children inside. >> i just happened to turn around and i saw the slide blowing in the wind. and i just couldn't believe it. it's like something out of a movie. >> among the 13 injured were these two little girls. one was waiting in line for her turn when a loose rope from a ride hooked her neck. >> grabbed my neck and i was dragging me. enter witnesses say parents did whatever they could to stop the rides from taking off again. one person even slashed a bounce house with a knife. i'm elizabeth reporting from atlanta. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. this is 9news now. >> trouble brewing on two sides of pennsylvania avenue. a congressman admits


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