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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a heat alert. temperatures stretching near the century mark in your forecast. plus, they're blood suckers but in tonights health alert see how leeches are helping local doctors heal. the truth is out. a lewd photo and behavior
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trigger a scandall for congressman anthony weiner. under investigation, that is where new york congress member anthony weiner finds himself tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi wants a house ethics probe to see if he broke any rules now he's admitted he did send a lewd photo to a college student on twitter. >> last friday night i tweeted a photograph of myself as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i posted it to twitter, i panicked and took it down and said i'd been hacked. i then continued with that story to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake. >> today he said he's exchanged messages and photos with about six women over the last three years and some often counters have been after he was married but the new york democrat says he's staying in office. >> i'm deeply regretting what i have done and i am not resigning. i have made it clear that i
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except responsibility for this and people who draw conclusions about me are free to do so. >> he says he will cooperate fully with the ethics investigation but he insists he never met nor had any physical relationship with any of the women. so now what? congressman weiner says he will not resign but can he repair the damage that's already been done to his political career and can it possibly get any worse? delia is live in our news room with some analysis of all that. >> reporter: well derek this is far from the end of this controversy and yes, it is likely to get worse but one expert i spoke to tonight said the congressman may be able to recover; however, he says todays news conference was not a good start. >> todays news conference was a complete catastrophe. >> jason malone should know he's made crisis management his career advising athletes and politicians on how to repair a damaged reputation but he says
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congressman weiner hasn't made it easy. >> he opened the door to whether or not the women he's been communicating with were adults which he didn't in fact know. i think he's really dug himself a hole, he's created a tiger woods type situation where women in large hats and dark glasses are running to their cars being followed trying to learn their identities and his political career is really in jeopardy. he said he wouldn't resign. i think there's going to be some incredible pressure on him and the coming days to do that steve peoples says weiner's aspirations to run for new york mayor are over. he says the controversy is not only bad for the congressman but bad for the party. >> it just started to get some momentum on their medicare message, you know the political wins had been shifting a little bit and this ethic insures the democrats will have this scandall, if you will, to deal with for the next several months. >> both men agree weiner only made a situation worse by lying; however they found the admission and regret to be
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truthful. >> there seem to be a sincereness there that could give him an opportunity to survive this. >> malone says it will take work but the congressman can recover. >> he could do well to reach out to some women's groups. >> and malone goes on to say that reaching out to ones groups part of the congressman's campaign to fix his image says that has to happen immediately but it will take time to undo the damage done to the congressman's career and most importantly, derek, the peoples trust. >> lots of work to be done. we thank you for that. now to another political mess. this one at d.c. city hall. today former mayoral candidate brown appeared before a d.c. council committee to testify about his accusations of pay- offs about mayor vincent gray and his campaign. he says he was paid to verbally attack the then mayor during last years primaries. brown brought along receipts and copies of money orders he says he was given by gray's top campaign aid. >> right here, if you like to
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see them, and these were given to us for our campaign by the gray campaign. now, when they purchased them, i don't know, don't even care. i just know when i received them. >> brown had testy exchanges with just about every member of the committee. as for mayor gray, today his office would only say it's awaiting the results of three different investigations into brown's allegations. d.c. councilman harry thomas jr. now facing a million dollar lawsuit accusing him of using public money for personal gain. it was fired by the d.c. attorney generals office and the civil suit says he got hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal donations through his non-profit organization. thomas says it's not so. he denies these accusations and as the journey emphasizes, they are just allegations, not findings. police say a haggerstown man killed his roommate last week and stuffed the body in a bedroom closet for four days. 53 year old darryl hicks is
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charged with second degree murder being held on $750,000 bond. investigators say hicks admits he stabbed darren pressman last monday in their apartment but he claims he did it because pressman came at him with a knife. pressman's girlfriend found his body after she smelled an odor coming out of his room. police arrested and charged a man in this mornings triple stabbing around 5:30 this morning. a 49 year old woman was killed. two others including the suspect were seriously hurt. investigators believed the knew each other and they are calling it a domestic dispute. tonight a d.c. cop already charged with murdering a former girlfriend is now also charged with the death of her baby. 39 year old richmond phillips is acused of killing 20 year old wynetta write and her 11 month old daughter. according to prosecutors she had a paternity hearing scheduled for last tuesday hoping to prove phillips was the father but the night before that court date phillips
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allegedly shot right in the head in valley park and left little jaylan in a car nearby in heat where she later died. >> we look forward to prosecuting the case and to seeking justice for this family. >> a judge has also ordered that officer phillips remain behind bars tending a preliminary hearing next month. phillips has a wife and 12 year old daughter. well tonight a virginia sheriff says he will not resign, even though towns people demand he leave over a murder case involving one of his deputies. yule hunt is sheriff of franklin county and his deputy is acused of killing his ex- wife and wounding a straight trooper last monday. on that day sheriff hunt knew he was a potential threat but instead of issuing an all points bulletin he calls salem, virginia less and asks for a supervisor and that took time and while several minutes went by the shootings were taking place. well now some townspeople are circulating a petition to force hunt out of office. >> sheriff hunt stood in the
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way of getting help. he put his hand up and said "stop." >> well sheriff hunt says he did nothing wrong. now an update on a story we first told you about last august. that's when griffith energy, a contractor dumped a few hundred gallons of heating oil into the wrong basement in alexandria. well now that mistake could cost three people their homes. this is the inside of charlie perum's town house where the spill took place. you can see the oil stains still on the floor. he says griffith dug up the cement slabs and started cleaning but has since left the slab after the two sides couldn't agree on the appropriate fix. the home and the entire town house building are now condemned. that means two of his neighbors are out of the home as well. >> they have to work out with the three homeowners how they're going to compensate us for our loss. >> 9 news contacted griffith energy about all this. they were told no managers were available to speak today. we left several messages with more than one person. we had yet to hear back. well tomorrow, you could
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get to see one of the most famous planes in history as it rolls through parts of our area. it is u.s. airways flight 1549, aka, the miracle on the hudson. a massive flatbed is carrying the planes fuselage from new jersey to a museum in charlotte, north carolina and today it made its way down i-95 into maryland. that plane is parked tonight and tomorrow it heads for baltimore taking i-75 west through carol, fredrick and washington counties. now, a commuter alert for anybody heading on to the belt way near silver spring. right now, two lanes of the innerloop between university and boulevard and new hampshire avenue are closed down. a third will be shut down at midnight and only the far left lane will remain. this is for work on the bridge over the northwest branch. all lanes will remain open, will reopen by 5:00 a.m. but more closing are scheduled later this week. a nice night out tonight
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and tomorrow looks pretty good too before the heat and humidity comes this way but first here is your wake up weather as you're getting ready tomorrow morning and heading out the door. what can you expect? well 5:00, just a few clouds and at 7:00, close to 70 degrees and 9:00 looks pretty nice with temperatures near in the upper 70s and talk about your seven day forecast and your storm chances coming up a little bit later. still ahead tonight, they're creepy nasty blood suckers and fast becoming a patients best medicine. >> i'm where i'm at now because of them. >> the amazing role leeches are playing in local hospitals. the life savers. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] thanks to advanced natural gas turbine technology from ge,
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tonight, we add the name anthony weiner to the growing list of politicians all tangled up in the web they we've around their infidelity and of course, lying about it. trying to understand why it keeps on happening. >> and the only good news tonight is we seem to be done, maybe for a minute, with all of the weiner jokes in part because there was nothing at all funny about watching yet another politician thoroughly embarrassing news conference in which he admits to everything, we hope, and apologizes to all involved. it was painful to watch and i'm a little mad at weaner for making me have to.
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who in the year 2011 actually believes anything on the internet is private? congressman, you meant to send that picture as a personal message? well so did brett favre. it was only supposed to be a joke? it's not so funny when everybody is in on it which these days will be inevitable once you hit the send button. frankly i don't want to pass judgment on the congressman's private life and perhaps more importantly i'd rather not know so much about it. this craziness should be between weiner and his wife but since the words "it's none of our business" have lost on meaning how about these words? if you don't want everyone everywhere to see it don't send it to your friends, don't text it, don't put it on facebook, don't put it on the internet, ever. anita? >> good advice. in tonights health alert we're talking about leeches making a come back in modern medicine as adam may reports area hospitals including johns hopkins are using these little blood suckers to treat damaged limbs or breakup small clots
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and keep the good blood flowing. >> reporter: they've been the subject of horror movies. >> get them off! get it off me! >> scary, hungry critters in freshwater. but now, these on screen killers are actually saving lives in maryland hospitals. >> very thankful for these little leeches, [laughter]. >> judy dudek is a four year survivor of breast cancer, complications during reconstructive surgery lead to leach therapy, a treatment growing in popularity. >> there's really not anything else that can do specifically what a leach can do. >> the chief of plastic surgery at johns hopkins bayview explains how leeches also worked on this patients foot badly damaged during a motorcycle accident. >> this entire area of his foot was ground down into the joint surface. you could look at open joints, tendons, skin everything that's normally in between was just gone, ground away by the roadway. >> after a tissue transfer, leeches were placed on the new skin. as they start feeding on the
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patient, new blood vessels start growing. when the leeches get full, they simply fall off and the transfer takes hold. >> if it wasn't for leach therapy what alternatives would you have had here? >> watching and waiting and there's a chance that some or worse case scenario all the tissue wouldn't survive. >> what about the x factor? >> if it's either that or another major operation, most people will choose a little ick over another major operation. >> judy agrees. >> if it had been snakes i might have had a different feeling, but leeches, yeah, they didn't bother me. they didn't bother me. >> in fact, they prevented another surgery. >> in a way, you credit these leeches for your recovery. >> it did the trick and i'm where i'm at now because of them and i'm very happy with them, [laughter]. >> adam may for 9 news now. >> even though these were first used centuries ago the u.s. food and drug administration gave its approval to market leeches as medical devises back in 2004. well it looks like the supreme court will not get into whether the debate on whether or not illegal immigrants
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should get tuition breaks. the justices refused to hear a case on the issue today. it was a challenge to a california law that gives all high school graduates reduced tuition no matter if they are in this country legally or not. a similar policy was signed into law in maryland last month. opponents here are trying to get that issue put to a public vote. , the nations biggest bank at the taste of its own medicine. instead of banc of america foreclosing on a home, homeowners had sheriffs deputies ready to foreclose on the bank. for months banc of america put a florida couple through the ringer threatening to foreclose on their home for falling through on their mortgage. here is the trouble. the couple never had a mortgage. they paid cash for the house. a judge took one look at the case and sent deputies and a moving van to the bank. >> he was visibly shaken. having two sheriffs deputies sitting across your desk and a lawyer standing up behind them, demanding whatever assets are in the bank. >> the bank manager then wrote the homeowners a check for
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$5800 to cover their legal fees for dealing with the mess plus money for the movers and deputies. some interesting decision shall i say by the judge. >> i think so, yeah. heats coming, ha? >> heat is coming. tomorrow looks pretty good though. very similar to today and then, wednesday, thursday, those are the days where i think you'll want to stay inside if you can or make plans to go to the pool if you can get away. here is a look at our current conditions right now where temperatures feels still really nice out there, 75 in d.c., 63 in culpeper, already cooling down to 63 also in fredrick but hagerstown holding in at 73 degrees, cumberland 68 degrees. so here is a look at the satellite radar picture where we're under this high pressure, beef mood a high off on the coast by wednesday and thursday which means we'll see the humidity and heat back up. so tomorrow very warm once again and isolated and thunderstorms possible mainly to the north and west of our
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area. increasing heat and humidity, really especially through wednesday and thursday. maybe even a little bit on friday. so what we're talking about is face this futurecast showing us where we'll stay dry around the d.c. area, maybe a few clouds coming in late afternoon. we're watching the chance for thunderstorms mainly north and west of the area. you can see maybe light night also light scattered thunderstorm activity once again. i think generally the district should be okay for tomorrow. now, the reason why we're watching the chance for some thunderstorms is because we have a slight risk for severe weather now this is not include the d.c. area. it's the area in yellow. it's mainly north about west of us on the mason dixon line and more toward pennsylvania but because we're watching this, it could also come into our area, so the main threats would be damaging wind gusts and large hail. so overnight what can you expect as you're sleeping? clear to partly cloudy skies and mild. maybe patchy fog generally around the central valley, lows in the 60s and winds will be
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light. now, tomorrow morning get the sunglasses because we'll have partly to mostly cloudy conditions, pretty nice and pleasant. temperatures in the 60s and 70s and the afternoon tomorrow, partly cloudy and very warm once again, just liked to. air quality is code orange which means unhealthy for a group that includes our young kids, the elderly and people with lung disease and asthma problems really the best thing to do tomorrow is probably stay inside and avoid any strenuous activity tomorrow if you're in that group. highs tomorrow 86 to 91 degrees. notice the winds will be out of the southwest 5-10 bringing up the dew point which means it will feel more humid but nothing too uncomfortable until wednesday. so your zone forecast we start out toward the west of us, oakland 78 degrees, cumberland 85, slight chance for some thunderstorms and temperatures around the district close to 90 degrees and 89 for washington, fredrick a little warmer at 94 under partly cloudy conditions. here is how your day breaks
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down tomorrow. so 60s in the morning and then by noon, yet it will be warm in the 80s and by 5:00 it will be hot. 85-90 degrees and we're watching that chance for isolated thunderstorms. here is your seven day outlook. the heat and humidity is on wednesday and thursday. thursday maybe mild storms watching that. friday celebrate fairfax kicks off and we're seeing a chance for showers and storms and we'll be back down into the lower 90s and the weekend cooling down even more into the 80s and a lot of us would be there at celebrate fairfax this weekend and at this point though it does not look like a washout, but the weekend does look like we could be a little bit unsettled so we'll keep you posted on that. >> there goes that word, unsettled. >> right. so we are used to now the nats when it's draft night being a big deal, and its been a big deal the last couple years. >> because if you continue to be bad on a consistent basis you'll continue to pick high in the draft and eventually you're going to get better, soon?
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>> right. >> some time, we hope and think. it's the one benefit, after all you get to pick a stud in the draft every year. nats picked another one tonight. we'll introduce you to him plus what was this nba stud doing in a d.c. pick up game tonight? and a vicious hit in the stanley cup finals may have altered this series. 9 sports next. the new droid x2 by motorola with a dual core processor ?
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some people call it losers christmas, after 364 days of suffering on the first monday in june, fans of losers like the nats get their one day of joy through the draft and for the second year in a row the nats have used it to snap up the best hitter in amateur baseball. 21 year old anthony rendone out of rice university went totients with a sixth overall pick tonight with 26 home runs and with a national player of the year in 2010, on the downside he's had two ankle surgeries and a shoulder injury and he plays third base, where a certain guy named zimmerman currently lives so can he play anywhere else? >> i just love being on the
11:25 pm
field. i play every position growing up. third, short, second, first, i pitched in high school so i just want the chance to be out there. >> he's athletic enough to play several different positions so we feel he has gold glove caliber defensive skills at third base. we're going to see where and when we make a decision on that. >> nats actually had two picks in the first round with university of kentucky pitcher alex meyer with the 23rd pick. does he look tall? he's six foot nine and throws 98, scouts project him as a nasty closer. meanwhile, if you happen to be in your early 20s and you played little league baseball in the bethesda area some time in the last 10 years, a chance you played with or against a future major league all-star. that is because bethesda native danny holtson was the number two overall pick in the draft going to the seattle mariners. he is currently a junior at uva where he was second in the nation as strike outs and he's
11:26 pm
been studying the great south paws. >> i like to watch tv and as a left handed pitcher i like to see what they're doing and guys like andy pettit, i like to model myself after but there's no one specific person like that. >> as for the nats in san francisco tonight facing two time winner mike morris did not read his baseball cards. second inning, blast to left, number 9 for morris andantes beat in april trying again tonight in june they lead 4-0 in the 4th. >> if you believe that every playoff series has a turning point you may have witnessed the one in the stanley cup finals at 8:15 tonight. the bruins were trailing tonight, two games to one and game three started when vancouvers skated in on boston's nate ho rton and who no longer had the piceance and did that. rome got a game disconduct for that dirty hit and horton was out cold and motionless for
11:27 pm
several minutes and had to be stretchered off the ice and he is moving all of his extremities now but look at his teammates respond. that's mark greki with the power play goal, one of four in 15 minutes, one of eight in the game for boston winning 8-1 series now 2-1 vancouver. >> note to self if you're going to shoot yourself in the leg don't do it in a nightclub. former giants receiver burris released after 20 months in jail and already the skins, eel els, jets and rams have been mentioned. >> finally if you were strolling past berry farms in southeast, no, you were not hallucinating, that was nba scoring champ kevin durant on the playground, making his annual trip back to the famous, you had to know he was an nba star when he did that, playing in the goodman street ball league. just don't be the guy who undercuts the $86 million contract guy when you're out on the playground because you don't get to go home if you do that. >> i think guys will be thinking, i can stop it. >> just don't hurt him.
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>> exactly. we'll be right back.
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