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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hot. we've got code orange air quality. the next few days, you're going to have to do it early or do it inside. it will be dangerously hot in the afternoon. here is our day planner on this tuesday morning. we're at 68 in town. we still have a few spots in the suburbs in the upper 50s. fairly comfortable right now. by noon, lower 80s. i think you can still handle that if you're a runner. high today around 91 in town. thunderstorms copping out of ontario toward western knock. these may clip parts of west virginia and western maryland in about four or five hours where pittsburgh this morning is 68. we're at 68 as well. locally, down to 61 at college park. 57 in manassas. that's the cool spot. angie goff, we're look for some heat and weather. what about the roads? >> right now, we have the yellow light on because our top traffic story of the morning has been this car fire out in the laurel area.
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live picture live from sky 9, this is the situation. we have an investigation going on not only is it a car fire, we're hearing from officials that there is a fatality involved and that is what's taking so long here on westbound 198 and why the ramp remains closed for those drivers trying to go southbound on 95. now, as you can see, the car fire is into the trees right there. it is going to probably be quite some time before they get all of this wrapped up. they, in fact, can't give us a time they think the ramp is going to be reopened. this is what you need to know. you'll want to use gunpowder road over to powder mill and that's going to get you back on to 95. good news is we do have an alternate. we'll keep an eye on this and keep you posted throughout the morning. let's take you over to our maps and show you how other places are shaping up. we remain incident free including on 66. notice the yellow on the screen. we're slowing down from 234 to 88. back over to the real time graphic, this time, we'll fake
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our focus down to 95. northbound trip incident-free. slow from the prince william parkway. 95 southbound is doing ok as well as the inner loop in maryland. still ahead, a look at 395 at 6:12. back to you. now at the top of the hour, let's get to some of the stories happening today. german chancellor angela merkel will be at the white house. she had dinner with president obama in northwest. tonight's affair is a black-tie event. day one of a two-day sentencing hearing for ted loza. the former chief of staff for jim graham who admitted to taking bribes. today is just a hearing. loza's actual sentence will be handed down in a few days. >> republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty will unveil his task overhaul plan. it would create three tax brackets for the whole country. he'll deliver the speech today in chicago. which is, of course, the president's hometown. at two minutes after the hour, we're following breaking
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news out of southwest washington. a park police officer shoots a man after they say he refused to drop his weapon. this is a live picture from hanes point and east potomac park. police came upon a man inside a car. they say he was holding a gun. officers say the man got out of the car but would not drop his weapon even after officers ordered him to do so. and that's when they shot him. >> person was transported by u.s. park police aviation to washington hospital center. and he had serious to nonlife- threatening injuries. >> police have not yet released the man's name. now to the story that has a lot of people talking and even more of them shaking their heads. >> congressman anthony weiner admitting to sending lewd photos of himself over the internet. the new york democrat finally fessed up but says he will not resign. >> surae chinn is live on capitol hill this morning where there will, indeed, be an ethics investigation. surae, good morning. >> good morning to you. all of the cynics out there
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wondering what the next scandal would be in washington, d.c. and the capital. now we know, it is weiner gate. very embarrassing and you know, pundits are having a field day with this. weiner, weiner, pants on fire. here is another one. weiner hacked. congressman weiner in a pickle after claiming facebook hacked. last one, weiner is cooked. big government to release photos and evidence of representative weiner's internet sex capades. the president came out with a press conference in his confession to the world. >> the picture was of me and i sent it in. >> that's right. shamed congressman anthony weiner said he met the women mainly through facebook. he thought he sent a lewd photo to a college student in washington. there were at least six women. he had been doing it for three years before and after he got
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married. >> last friday night, i tweeted a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke. once i realized i posted to twitter, i took down and said i had been hacked. i then continued with that story to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake. i am deeply regretting what i have done and i am not resigning. i have made it clear that i accept responsibility for this. >> now, house minority leader nancy pelosi wants an ethics probe. other in his party want the same thing. it depends if he can actually survive this political disaster and continue with his career, maintain his position and also he's up for re-election next year. the big question with the ethics probe is if he used any electronics and government equipment or if he used his own
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personal cell phones and laptops. he claimed it was his own personal stuff. we'll see what happens. back to you. >> thank you, surae chinn. in the district, some bizarre political theatre. >> former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown goes before d.c. council committee and refusing to take off his sunglasses. he said the mayor's a crook. brown says mayor vincent gray's campaign paid brown's campaign to verbally attack then mayor adrian fenty. gray beat fenty in last fall's primary. brown brought along receipts and copies of money orders he claims were given to him by gray's top campaign aides. >> right here. if you would like to see them. and these were given to us for our campaign by the gray campaign. now, when they purchased them, i don't know. don't even care. i just know when i received them. >> mayor gray's office said it is awaiting the results of
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three different investigations before making anymore comments. more problems for council member -- d.c. council member harry thomas jr. could face criminal charges. the ward five councilman is accused of blowing $330,000 on trips and an suv. the money was intended for a youth baseball program in the district. city filed a civil suit seeking more than a million dollars. the accusations came to light after his 2010 republican opponent accused him of running a fake nonprofit called team thomas. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says the government has not made any specific decisions on getting our troops out of afghanistan. a drawdown is scheduled for next month. clinton says no final plans have been made so far. secretary of defense robert gates believes american forces are indeed on track to deliver a decisive blow to the taliban. he's meeting with troops in afghanistan before nato meetings in brussels. gates is going to leave his office by the end of the month.
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jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> she's talking about the dos and don'ts of fashion during the summer months as we get up to 90 -- closer to triple digit heat. >> it is national bisset yet week if you didn't know that sticking with this theme. one way to run afoul of office policy is to get a little bit too casual. the mercury is climbing. >> when it comes to washington's summer weather, locals are singing the same tune. >> pretty humid. >> one way to beat the heat, of course so, to rethink the attire. >> skirt instead of the pants and suit jacket. >> this is the time of year the weather starts heating up and the summer clothes come out of the closet. make sure your new apparel doesn't get you in trouble at the office. >> at the end of the day, they could actually be hurting their image within their organization or within their office if they're not meeting the company
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dress code. >> josh is a regional manager for office team in the district. a division of the robert haas staffing company. >> most companies, almost 75% do not change their dress code policies just because it is really warm out. >> the chances of offending the boss go up as the clothes come off and these are the biggest no-nos. >> open toed shoes or flip- flops even, men wearing short sleeve shirts, any outfit that shows too much skin so to speak is not appropriate for the workplace. >> your best chances of avoiding a seasonal faux pas can salt your employee handbook. >> follow whatever dress code policy is there or if not, if there isn't one, dress on the more formal side. >> a more casual summer dress code in place for this office and for the most part, it works. >> i think some people go a little too short but usually, it is decent. usually everybody knows the
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limits. >> now, this is the time of year when the office tends to be full of interns and if you have an intern in the office or really any employee who may be bearing a little bit too much skin, josh suggest it may be a good time to circulate the company's dress code policy. you always see and everybody talks about that one employee. he says that's not really so fair. you really need to stress the office code before you go talking behind someone's back. >> we stress that with interns. you're not a student. you're part of the company. >> that's right. >> thanks, jess. good advice. >> the plane involved in the miracle on the hudson hits the road and arrives in maryland. where it is heading next. >> apple's new icloud and the xbox introduces life tv. some new tech gadgets that will change your entertainment. >> up next, howard has our tuesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns. ♪
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it is 6:13. it is comfortable out there right now. humidity levels are still ok. temperatures are in the 60s for the most part. 50s even. we'll be 37 at 9:00. 83 at noon. high today around 91 with a 3:00 temperature of 90. it gets hotter and more humid tomorrow. >> predictions are not good for the towns along the missouri river. it is expected to crest at levels not seen for 60 years. >> that's one of the wild weather stories making news now at 6:13. the mayor of hamburg, iowa
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hopes last-minute work will save his town. more than 600 people were ordered to leave the town because the levee is faltering. volunteers are working around the clock to fill sandbags. >> thousands of people in arizona are on notice to be ready to evacuate there because of an out-of-control wildfire. so-called wall of fire has grown to 229,000 acres. >> nine federal teams are in person massachusetts surveying the damage from last week's tornadoes there. at least three people and 200 more were hurt. more than 230 people are still out of their homes living in shelters. the plane known for the miracle landing is in maryland. >> the a-320 is expected to make its way through the free state going west of the district heading to north carolina. >> the plane arrived monday in perryville stopping along i-95 before the susquehanna river. jessica of our sister station, wjz, followed its journey. >> it isn't every day you see a
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us airways jet headed southbound. trucker mike wilson first caught a glitch on his way to work. >> i've been very lucky to be here fortunately, to see all of this going on. >> in 2009, the us airways airbus a320 struck a flock of birds after takeoff from new york's la guardia airport. the pilot, chesley sullenberger made an emergency landing into the hudson river. all 155 passengers and crew on board survived. now, sky eye chopper 13 captured the plane en route to charlotte, north carolina. its original, final destination. >> most of the survivor live in charlotte. crew lives in charlotte. the airplane was destined for charlotte. it is a charlotte story for us. >> people lined the route as you the plane made its way through pennsylvania and delaware before arriving here in maryland. >> we get down as low as 5 miles per hour. on the highway, we're going about 55.
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>> a crew of photographers document it. >> in newark, we were holding up traffic. >> the plane is expected to arrive in charlotte friday morning. >> that was jessica car tell la reporting. the plane has to keep up with the flow of traffic. it can't travel at peak times. it is still unclear exactly the route it is going to take on its way to charlotte. >> howard bernstein is here with an update on the forecast. >> you don't see that every day. >> that would be exciting to see. >> weatherwise, it won't be too exciting unless you like blazing heat and humidity as we get toward tomorrow and thursday. one saving grace, we may see storms pop up. it has been dry. here's this morning's bus stop forecast and going to put this thing to bed here in about a week or so. school is coming out soon, hu? sunrise has already happened.
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mainly clear. some haze and a touch of fog. that won't lost long as temperatures climb to 83 at noon. wind directions, the arrows out of the southwest. southwest at 8. temperature of 91. that should be the high for the day. still in the low 80s. it is still going to be rather warm. got some chores to do or just taking a little exercise. 63 in winchester right now. 61 down toward tappahannock. almost 70 from readville. cumberland at 55. with the cooler temperatures, we've seen a touch of fog. petersburg, west virginia back to a quarter mile. culpepper has been bouncing from around half-mile to two miles. one half in haze and three miles. cambridge also by the way. reported quarter mile visibility. 68 at reagan national. the south-southwesterly wind at 7. that's a warm direction for us. as you look at temperatures out
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to the west, there is a ridge in the upper levels of the atmosphere. temps in kc, little rock, 74. minneapolis. right now. 80 degrees at this hour. that's where the heat is. the storms going up and over the ridge here. up toward the canadian border. coming out of toronto look how these things are diving off to the south through ontario toward ohio and pennsylvania. this stuff is going to weaken. we may see some of the clouds from that. we get enough clouds, that may keep a slight lid on the temperatures today. it will be on the warm to hot side. 91. call it mostly sunny. we may have to watch the high clouds though. tomorrow and thursday, mid to upper 90s. it is going to be hot. better chance tomorrow will be north and west. maybe more areawide thursday. by the weekend, not as hot but still that threat for some afternoon and evening thunderstorms. angie goff, good tuesday morning to you. >> so glad everybody could join us early. right now, we keep the yellow light on. we do have a couple of problems
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out there. let's begin with a live look from sky 9. this is the situation we've been following all morning long. looks like they're in the clearing stages of this incident investigation. what we have a car fire. westbound 198 on the ramp to go 95 southbound. the ramp remains closed as they continue to investigate this. we're told that it involves a fatality which is why it is taking so long. as a result, drivers will want to use gunpowder road over to powder mill back to 95. it looks like traffic right now getting by a little bit to the right to avoid this, of course. you're going to want to use the alternate. let's take you over to another problem that just popped up. a report of an accident on kenilworth avenue at the bw parkway. use caution out this way. other parts of the region checking out incident-free, particularly in virginia. also on the capital beltway, really the only thing we're tracking here, we look at the cameras outside. a sunny drive, you'll need the shades this morning. a good amount of volume from
6:20 am
new hampshire avenue over to georgia. virginia, 66. you're looking perhaps at about 8 minutes longer than usual to get from fairfax over to the capital beltway. the inner loop is checking out ok from 395 to the toll road and the toll road itself, no problems to report. still ahead, a look at interstate 270. mike, that's up at 6:25. >> see you then, angie. >> coming up next in sports, the nationals and giants play until 2:30 this morning our time. see how the whole thing ended in the 13th inning. >> a first for dulles airport, the beginning of scheduled flights of the airbus a-38 0, the double-decker jumbo jet. service began yesterday. the plane can fit more than 500 peaks. >> wow! it was spotted by one of our facebook friends. look at that monstrosity! he posted this shot on our facebook page. visit we'll be right back. ;ç
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. >> howard bernstein out on the weather terrace. the last few moments of warm, comfortable weather is around. things are changing. good morning, howard. >> very fine out here this morning. >> it is still cool. still not too humid. birds seem to be happy out here this morning. we hear them whistling in the background. it will get hot. little hotter today. really hot tomorrow and thursday. you got outdoor activities, get them done early and get them done today. the air quality unfortunately has gone to code orange which is unhealth your for sensitive
6:31 am
groups. high today in the lower 90s. you'll see not much except for the big thunderstorm complex. now, getting over toward lake erie headed toward cleveland through buffalo this morning. that will head toward western pennsylvania, some of the clouds may stream toward us. out to the west, it is warm. look at detroit, 78. memphis, 80. a lot of warmth out in the central part of the country. we're 68. fort belvoir, 59. it is 62 in columbia. so, very comfortable in many areas now. going to around 90 later this afternoon. angie goff, it has been an unfortunate morning for some. >> i know you can say that again, howard. halfway through the 6:00 hour, we continue to keep the yellow light on as the investigation continues out in laurel. we have one person dead and a car fire out there. as a result, traffic is being impacted. what you're looking at now live from sky 9 are crews on the scene at westbound 198, that
6:32 am
ramp to access 95 to go southbound. it has been closed all morning long. we're learning that drivers can't go northbound or southbound on 95. what's going to be your best bet? we do have an alternative. gun powder road over to powder mill to get you back on to 95. there is a way around it. from the looks of it, it looks like they're in the final clearing stages. let's check on the area at- large. everyone else seems to be doing ok. we want to focus in on the d.c. drive. we'll take you outside live. show you our first camera at 16th street -- excuse me, 14th street and independent. still nice and quiet. traffic flowing just fine. next camera up to 16th street and columbia road. also, all clear out here. finally, we want to wrap up with your trains. we've been monitoring them all morning. metro, vr, marc, everyone is running on time. still ahead, a check around the
6:33 am
region at 6:46. back to you. thank you, angie. we continue to follow breaking news out of southwest washington. u.s. park police are investigating a shooting by one of their own. this is a live look at hains point. just after 1:00, police spotted a man sitting in a car. they say he had a gun. officers asked him to get out of the car and drop the weapon. the man got out but held on to the gun. that's when officers opened fire. that man is now in the hospital and right now, his name has not been released. >> congressman anthony weiner says he will, indeed, cooperate with an ethics investigation. >> the new york democrat is now admitting to sending lewd pictures and messages to several women. days after saying one of those racy photos were sent by pranksters. >> surae chinn is life with reaction to this whole mess this morning. >> good morning to both of you. you know, this really put into question his political career and some really wonder if he can survive this terrible embarrassment and his own party now calling for an ethics
6:34 am
investigation. this was a very dumb thing to do. >> reporter: new york congressman anthony weiner holds his press conference after he tweeted lewd photos and tried to cover it up. he lied about it by saying he had been hacked when, in fact, he said he had been engaged in this type of behavior with women across the country for three years. he says strictly through the internet and cell phone though and that there was no physical activity. while political analysts say his press conference was a mere disaster. >> he opened the door to whether or not the women he's been communicating with were adults which he didn't in fact know. i think he's really dug himself a hole. he's created a tiger woods type situation where women in large hats and dark glasses will be followed by paparazzi trying to learn their identities. his political career is in jeopardy. he said he wouldn't resign. i think there will be
6:35 am
incredible pressure on him to do that. >> big released this photo and several others apparently from other women who have come forward who have a cache of photos and also the now infamous gray underwear photo. the congressman says he didn't use any government equipment. he used his own cell phone and his own laptop. he said he's not resigning over this. back to you. >> thank you, surae. this is obviously going to be in the news for a little while. she's live on capitol hill this morning. >> we're waiting to hear from the white house on some new poll numbers about the president. >> "the washington post" abc poll finds president obama's approval rating at its lowest point. he's lost any gains he made after the death of osama bin laden. >> the pole out today finds 47% of americans approve of how the president is doing his job. 49% disapprove. just 40% approve of how he's handling the economy and 33% approve of his handling of the deficit. the poll asked about potential match-ups for the president's
6:36 am
re-election bid. it found him losing to mitt romney 49% to 46%. that's within the margin of error. a d.c. police officer already accused of murder is now also facing manslaughter charges. richmond phillip is charged with the death of his own 11- month-old daughter. jalen rice. he fathered the little girl with 20-year-old wynetta wright found murdered in oxen run stream park last week. the child was left nearby in a car during last week's hot spell where she later died. phillips has a wife and a 12- year-old daughter. at 6:36, we have a commuter alert for you. aggressive drivers beware. police across the region are cracking down on aggressive drivers along interstate highways as part of the smooth operator program and it involves police in the district, maryland, virginia and pennsylvania. this is the first of four enforcement waves during the summer. the final phase of the 14th street bridge rehab project begins tonight.
6:37 am
at 10:00, crews will close lanes between arlington and the district. they're moving the concrete barrier island by this time tomorrow, three lanes of traffic will move to the left of that island. just one will get by to the right. it is the last phase and it should take a few weeks. well, fedex field getting ready for a party. the redskins confirm they're adding two party decks. one in each end zone along the upper deck. the team will sell standing room tickets only for that area and other fans will be able to enjoy the game as well. adding the deck means taking away 6700 seats. new party deck should be in place by the start of the 2012 season. jessica doyle is watching your money. >> some new ways to spend our cash on high tech entertainment. >> we'll start with apple. the big announcements yesterday. a gaunt look steve jobs took a break from his medical leave to show off a couple of new services but the one getting the most attention is icloud. an account will store user's information from several
6:38 am
devices including iphones and ipads and make sure the context and files are all available. it also backs up the data on apple servers. the systems -- it will help apple to keep customers for years to come. once they download their data, they're less likely to head to another device from another company in the future. >> sony will soon sell a newportable system, the playstation vida. it will allow gamers to be connected over cell phone networks and wi-fi hot spots and uses gps tracking location. you'll need at&t service to use the network. >> microsoft is pumping up the nongaming features for xbox at the conference, microsoft announced it is adding live of it to xbox. it is also adding youtube and bing which will allow users to find more content by searching the web. youtube, live tv and all
6:39 am
services including netflix and you had and hulu plus. it is like star trek. you know. >> it is easier. >> that's so bizarre. >> it is. >> beam you up. >> you can't keep up. >> thanks, jessica. >> i talked to a good start for scott pelley. he began his new job as anchor of the "cbs evening news" last night. he takes the anchor desk after years at "60 minutes." you can watch him every night right here on channel 9, every weeknight between 9news now at 6:00 and 9news now at 7:00. howard says it will be near 90 today. slight risk of storms. he will let us know how hot it is going to get in the rest of the week. >> right now, a live look at 270 and 118 in germantown, maryland. things moving ok for the time being. or at least for this time of the morning. angie's next timesaver traffic report is 7 minutes away.
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>> here's what's on tv tonight... cw
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welcome to 9news now. 6:44. >> weather time first. mr. howard bernstein is here. well, here we go again. >> i know some people who really like it when it is really hot and humid. >> you do? >> i'm not one of them. but there are people who -- >> there are people who are livin' for the next couple of days. i think you're in the minority. we cover the weather, whatever it is. it is blazingly hot and humid especially tomorrow and thursday. today, it is going to be on the hot side. only into the low 90s perhaps. this morning, it is really comfortable out there. outside on the weather terrace, a nice start to this tuesday. get outside and enjoy it. later this afternoon, it gets a
6:45 am
little sticky. 63 to 73 at the moment at the bus stop. still some upper 50s in spots at the moment. we'll start warming up now that the sun has been up for almost an hour. day planner, low 70s by 9:00. we may have some high clouds streaming in from time to time. sunny and 80 at 11:00. winds generally southwest 5 to 10. around 90 by 3:00 p.m. 91 for the high. clouds are a little thicker. 5:00 p.m. temperature of 89 degrees. you'll notice 50s and 60s out there. spoke to charlie. he called in 58. culpepper, 59. winchester is 63. with the cooler temperatures, we're seeing a touch of fog. that's starting to burn off. cambridge, you've come up from a quarter to 4 mile visibility. in the mountains in petersburg, west virginia, one quarter mile visibility is the worst of it. 68 right now. dew points have risen to 64.
6:46 am
yesterday, they were in the 50s. we could be pushing 70 by tomorrow. that's a sign of the low level moisture returning. look at the temperatures in the middle of the country. a ridge of high pressure right here. this ridge allowing temperatures to stay warm. it is forcing any showers and storms up and over and around it. see how the action is going up toward the dakotas through the u.p. and this one line of storms, they've issued a severe thunderstorm watch across parts of ohio and western pennsylvania. that's diving off toward the south. some of the clouds may blow off of that. not expecting that to hold together enough to cause really much of a problem around here. so, today, 91. tomorrow and thursday, 97. more humid. scattered afternoon thunderstorms will be possible both days. in fact, scattered afternoon storms right through early next week with temperatures at least by friday down to the lower 90s. this weekend, mid to upper 80s. angie goff has your timesaver traffic this morning. >> thank you, howard. it has been a rather busy
6:47 am
tuesday morning. so glad all of you could join us. yellow light stays on. want to keep you up to speed on what's going on in laurel. car fire going on. drivers wanting to access 95, you won't be able to. use the alternates though. that will be gunpowder road over to powder mill and that's going to get you over to 95. meanwhile, we're following another incident for you. we have confirmed that the kenilworth accident we saw at the bw parkway is now cleared. we have all of the lanes back. hopefully we'll see the congestion start to break apart nicely. moving over, small camera tour for you. we're slow from 80 down to 109. drivers dragging along from father hurley to the split. virginia, 66 drivers, no incidents to report. delayed over to 29. also from 50 to 123. bring the shades this morning. you'll need it. sun glare will be a factor. 95 in virginia up to route one
6:48 am
woodbridge, drivers are below speed. from the fairfax county parkway to the mixing bowl, i'll have the top traffic stories of the morning in my next report at 6:58. back to you. runners and bikers may notice a stronger police presence along the metropolitan branch trail. police have stepped up patrols following an arrest of a group of kids after a string of attacks. >> officials say four people have been attacked in the last month. >> the most recent skirmish happened to a cyclist last wednesday. >> so, it is kind of scary that if something happens, there aren't many people around to be witnesses. >> police are suggesting bikers and runners hit the trail with a partner and do not wear your headphones. >> the coast along maryland and delaware is clear. about 100,000 dead fish washed up on beaches in both states sunday and crews cleaned up the mess. officials say the water is fine. they suspect the fish may have spilled from a commercial vessel then washed ashore.
6:49 am
it is 6:49. 69 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a check of the news before you go is coming up next. first, fun at school just before summer vacation. >> students tossing pies at teachers part of a fund-raiser. glad this didn't happen when i was teaching. students who sold more than 40 raffle tickets got a pie to throw. great effort!
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[nervous laugh] whoo! so many choices. take your time. the service center. okay. giving you choices. now, that's progressive. call or click today. 6:52. we're at 68 now. we'll be in the mid 70s by 9:00. 5:00, 89. highs today in the low 90s. code orange air quality, hot and humid tomorrow and
6:53 am
thursday. your seven-day forecast coming up. mike and andrea? >> today is tuesday, june 7th. a check on the news before you go. u.s. parks police shot a man early this morning after he refused to drop his gun. it happened along hains point in southwest just after 1:00. the man is in the hospital. his name has not been released. >> metro needs to hire 55 more workers j you to fix the escalator problems. however it is only planning on adding 10. they say they don't have the noun add the people it needs to. >> don't be surprised to see a commercial jet along the interstate of maryland. the fuselage of 1549 is passing through. it is the plane from the miracle on the hudson. it stopped in cecil county. it is on the way to north carolina. it is just about 6 minutes away from "the early show." >> right now, chris wragge tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up on "the early show," calls for a congressional investigation after a tearful congressman
6:54 am
anthony weiner apologizes for tweeting lewd photos of himself. bringing the troops home, drawing down troops from iraq and afghanistan. we'll take a closer look to see if president obama can hold to the promise. fallout from sarah palin's controversial comments on paul revere's ride. we get a history lesson from children on his midnight ride and who he was warning on that evening. that's coming up here on "the early show." mike, andrea? >> thank you, chris. >> more traffic and weather check when 9news now returns.
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>> the dawn of a decade in a new era for us.
6:58 am
the ceo of southwest airlines gary kelly talking about maybe southwest becoming the hub at bwi for this international flight. >> they decided it was a good opportunity. the ceo mentioned he thought that bwi was a very well-run airport. that's why they decided to go through with this making their international flights, they would use bwi as a hub. >> what about low-cost carrier going international? >> that's interesting. there has been a big debate about is southwest still a low- cost carrier because the ticket prices have been soaring throughout the industry and southwest right along with them. watch the ticket prices. >> sign up for ding. >> we like bwi, too. >> we do. great airport. >> great start to the day. although it will get steamy later on. a little bit more humid. the real heat and humidity tomorrow. temperatures climb into the mid and upper 90s. afternoon storm chances with us. at least temperatures will be back in the 80s.
6:59 am
angie. >> car fire out in the laurel area. westbound 198, the ramp to 95 southbound is closed. use gunpowder road over to powder mill to 95 as your alternate. on the outer loop, no incidents to report but we're jammed under sunny skies from 95 over to georgia. bring the shades. on the inner loop, a good amount of congestion building in virginia from braddock road up to 66. >> as for wall street, are we in a position to break the losing streak this morning. stocks are looking higher this morning. >> "the early show" is going to have more on anthony weiner and the scandal including the conservative blogger who broke the story. >> and howard and myself, we're back in 25 minutes with another update on your traffic and weather. >> you can get your news, weather and traffic and so much more while you're at work by visiting >> sunscreen and hydration among the two words you'll need today. we're back here tomorrow. we hope to see you then. have a great


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