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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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well, i'm j.c. hayward, thanks for being with us. a man is in the hospital after a u.s. park police officer shot him. authorities say this happened around 1:30 this morning at hains point. park police claim that officers
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on regular patrol at the park noticed the man in a car. the park was closed. and when officers approached the man, they say that he had a gun. backup officers arrived ordered the man to drop his gun, that's when park police say the man refused and he was then shot. >> person was transported by u.s. park police to aviation to washington hospital center and he has serious but nonlife- threatening injuries. >> that part is kind of disturbing. >> he probably did something and the officer kind of freaked out. >> well, and you know, he had a gun. >> oh, he had a gun. >> oh. well i guess officer was justified in what he did then. >> the rumor is we walked down and we weren't sure if we were going to be able to walk the full park and we got here, an abrupt stop at the police line. >> hains point usually closes at 1:00 a.m. police are still investigating why the man was there and why he refused to drop his weapon. a maryland medical examiner
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is trying to identify a body found inside a burning car. someone called police when they saw the car in flames along i- 95 south near route 198 in laurel. this was about 4:00 this morning. police redirected traffic during the morning commute so that they could investigate. disgraced congressman anthony weiner has his work cut out for him if he wants to salvage his political career. one day after he made the stunning admission that he sent lewd pictures over the internet. danielle nottingham reports that his congressional colleagues want to make sure that he has disclosed everything. >> reporter: congressman anthony weiner is fighting to save his political life after an embarrassing admission. >> i haven't told the truth. and i've done things that i deeply regret. >> reporter: the married new york lawmaker admits he tweeted
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a sexually explicit photo to a seattle woman and then lied about it. eastern is now facing a possible -- weiner is getting a dressing down from his closest allies including house democratic leader nancy pelosi. the congressman admitted to inappropriate online exchanges with six women but says he will not resign. >> i don't see anything that i did that violated any rules of the house. >> reporter: up until now, weiner had been a rising star even touted as a top contender for new york city mayor. >> who's taking over what health care plan? >> reporter: he's been an outspoken liberal voice, but this scandal may compromise his ability to influence legislation. >> he no longer will be able to do that for a long period of time until this blows over. >> reporter: weiner came clean nearly two weeks after he claimed someone hacked into his twitter account and only after conservative blogger andrew
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breitbart posted pictures of o weiner on he has -- weiner on his website. breitbart is warning weiner he'll post an x-rated photo if weiner tries to retaliate. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> more problems for the congressman because more women are coming forward. with stories about the congressman's internet liaisons. well, the plane that landed safely in the hudson river in new york two years ago is moving to our region. we found the plan traveling a-- plane traveling along route 70 in maryland. trucks are taking the fuselage to an aviation museum in north carolina. today the drivers are expected to go through baltimore and then along western maryland before turning south. secretary of state hillary clinton says that the government has not made any specific decisions on getting
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our troops out of afghanistan. no final plans have been made. meanwhile, robert gates believes that american forces are on track to deliver a decisive blow to the taliban. he's meeting with troops in afghanistan before nato meetings in brussells. secretary gates will office by the end of the month. -- leave office by the end of the month. former candidate suleman brown goes before a d. c. committee the whole time refusing to take off his sunglasses. brown made it straightforward saying quote the mayor is a crook. brown says that mayor vincent gray's campaign paid his campaign to verbally attack then mayor adrian fenty. gray beat fenty last year and brown brought along receipts and copies of money orders he said were given to to him by
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mayor gray's top campaign aides. >> these were given to us for our campaign by the gray campaign. now, when they purchased them. i don't know. don't even care. i just know when i received them. >> mayor gray's office says that it is awaiting the results of three different investigations into brown's allegations before making any more comments. d. c. council member harry thomas jr. could face criminal charges. the ward 5 council member is accused of spending $300,000 in city funds on trips and an suv. the money was intended for youth baseball program in the district. the city has filed a civil suit against thomas seeking more than $1 million. the accusations came to light after his 2010 republican opponent accused him of running a fake nonprofit organization called team thomas.
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a d. c. police officer already accused of murder is now facing manslaughter charges. richmond phillips is charged in the death of his 11-month-old daughter jaylin wright. he fathered the child with 20- year-old wynetta wright and she was found murdered in oxen run stream valley park last week. the child was left in a nearby car during last week's hot spell where she later died. phillips has a wife and 12-year- old daughter. runners and bikers may notice a stronger police presence along the metropolitan branch trail. police have stepped up patrols following the fact they arrested a group of youngsters a string of attacks. four people have been attacked in the last month. the most recent skirmish hammed to a -- happened to a cyclist just last wednesday. >> it's kind of scary that you know, if something happens, there's not many people around to be witnesses. >> police also are suggesting
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that bikers and runners hit the trail with a partner and don't wear headphones. be alert. still to come when 9news now continues, another case of e. coli has popped up. find out why those so i sprouts from germany may not be to blame. and later, decades after the fight for civil rights was waged and won, a new struggle a brewing for african-americans. the push from civil to silver rights.
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it appears that the supreme court will not jump into the debate on whether or not illegal immigrants should get tuition breaks. the justices have refuse today hear a case on that issue. it was a challenge to a california law that gives all high school graduates reduced tuition no matter if they're in the country illegally. a similar policy was signed into law in maryland last month. opponents here are trying to put a statewide referendum on the ballot with the hopes of overturning the maryland law. japan's government has doubled the estimate of how much radiation leaked from a tsunami-hit nuclear plant. the damage to the reactors was greater than previously
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thought. officials believer nuclear fuel inside the three reactors melted through the cores, but through the inner containment vessels also. thousands of people were killed when the powerful earthquake and tsunami struck japan in march. canada is reporting its first case of e. coli. linked to the outbreak in europe. and german health officials have now cleared organic soybean sprouts as a suspected source of contamination after tests came back clean. 22 people have died in outbreaks and more than 2300 have become ill. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> j. c., we are watching some showers and storms up across pennsylvania and west virginia. we'll let you know how much of that may affect us this afternoon. and we need some rain. because some heat is coming. needs to stay cool and clean out the atmosphere. look at the grass pollen. still in the high category, trees are moderate, weeds and
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mold are low. doppler radar and a hot seven day forecast when 9news now returns.
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the fight for african- americans to obtain equal rights in this country was a turbulent and violent journey. one battle is won, but another movement is brewing. the push for economic
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empowerment. lesli foster brings us the story of how one local architect's family helped to break down bare years and provide a -- barriers and provide a road path. >> i started with $1,000. really good business plan and a lot of passion. >> reporter: darrell heads one of the leading woman and minority owned architecture firms in america. her company is the architect of record for the memorial that bears martin luther king, jr.'s name and likeness on the mall. that dream was about more than just civil rights. >> america has given the negro people a bad check. a check which has come back marked insufficient funds. >> reporter: dr. king was also a drum major for silver rights. >> dr. king's dream was not to have the big house with the big mortgage or the big car. it was about having a business you can pass on to your family. it was about creating wealth.
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>> reporter: darrell's family built their fortune from scratch. her great great grandfather moses was a slave who learned the trade from his owner. five generations later, building is still in their blood. darrell and her twin sister own a 30 million dollars company making its -- $30 million company making its mark on d. c. and beyond. darrell never thought the foundation for family laid in 1905 would lead her to one day own the doors that were once so hard to walk through. she credits dr. king and his dream of equality for helping to make that possible. >> we restored the stone where dr. king stood where he was giving the i have a dream speech. >> reporter: more than 30 years after the address, there aren't nearly enough stories like darrell's. according to the institute on assets and social policy, the wealth gap between whites and african-americans has increased more than four times over the course of a generation. in a study released last year, the institute found that middle income white households had
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greater gains in wealth than high income african-americans. >> you can't be a capitalist in this nation and survive unless you have some silver. unless you have some economic power. >> it's easier, but there's still definitely some challenges. >> reporter: lesli foster, 9news now. >> darrell says being able to play a part in the construction of the mlk memorial has truly been a milestone. the dedication for the mlk memorial is scheduled for august 28th and 250,000 people are expected to attend that ceremony which will be held near the national mall. >> so many neat stories. so many neat stories. >> wonderful stories. all right, get ready. get ready because it's going to get hot. >> yeah, now today is going to be borderline hot, but it's tomorrow and thursday i'm especially concerned about. temperatures mid- to upper 90s and the threat for the
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afternoon thunderstorm. remember early last week with the high heat and humidity. pretty close to a repeat of that. what's happening if afternoon, you know, we've had roll in, this morning we had the sunshine and for the next few hours some clouds and even an isolated. isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out. as high temperatures approach that 90-degree mark. mid to later this afternoon. winds are generally out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour and this evening do some clearing. by 9:00, partly cloudy and 81 degrees. again, still with that south to southwest wind, 7, 8 miles an hour. check this out. big thunderstorm conflicts came out of ontario and dropped two inch hail wrest of cleveland and now approaching petersberg, west virginia in another hour. pennsylvania had some of the rain and really go west of us, but look right here, this little area of showers and some isolated thunder with is that now showing up on live doppler 9000 hd moving in to the region here north up to harrisburg. some lighter rains have snuck
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in to garrett county, far western alleghany county perhaps frostburg some light showers. but@north from hagerstown to harrisburg, even a little bit of lightning here and there. it's all moving to the east/southeast at about 30 miles per hour. hey westminster, over the next hour, a brief passing shower, but not expectings much more than that. gaithersburg is at 55. but 75 in hagerstown and 85 in washington and pax river as well and tappahannock, that's the warm spot with only the 64 who the showers in -- with the showers in garrett county. they're calling it partly sunny. feels like 86 though, so a slight, slight heat index right now. humidity though not bad at all at 49%. the dew point is going to continue to rise, probably close to the 70-degree mark by tomorrow and thursday.
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if not into the low 70s and that's really oppressive and sticky. the heat is on in the middle of the country. they're already 90 in nashville. 89 degrees at minneapolis and 87 in dallas, el paso. 90. big ridge of high pressure over the middle of the country and the not thing about this meteor -- neat thing about this meteorologically. as the clouds go up and over the showers and storms, and on the eastern edge, look, those are the storms we were watching in ohio and pennsylvania and they're doctoring bien southward. this rage is going to build in -- ridge is going to build in towards us. but the heat, that's what's really going to build. so as we go through the evening, you'll see al few clouds as the storm conflicts washes itself out. we start fine tomorrow, but in the afternoon with it will daytime -- afternoon with the daytime heating, showers and storms scattered about the region by tomorrow afternoon and this front, that will get close here thursday providing another kick for showers and
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storms. so, unfortunately, it's not going to sweep through. that front will hang out and that will keep a shower chance at least in the afternoon and evening with us right through the weekend. so warm today around 90. isolated storm and tomorrow and thursday in the afternoon. really hot. mid- to upper 90s, heat advisories may be issued by the weather service. as we head toward friday, 92 with an afternoon storm? then this weekend, still some scattered storms around. hey, we're making ice cream sandwiches in the kitchen. don't go away. i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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my featured guest today went to the cordon bleu in paris. this is what they gave you. i'm going to go there one day. one day. her name is sarah dwyer, she has her own company called shoe cat which is synonymous with decadent chocolate desserts. so nice to have you. and today, she's featuring ice cream sandwiches? >> just a little bit away from france, i figured all american -- and however promised the weather -- howard promised the weather would be good for ice cream sandwiches. take the ice cream out of the carton and lay it in something flat and that way you can cut it with a knife or you can use a little cookie cutter and make a little shape for a heart for strawberry short cake. and then i made s' more and you can take the chocolate and paint it on just like that. >> i'll do it. >> everyone likes to paint with chocolate. >> oh, yeah. and what kind of chocolate is
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this? >> i use all different kinds. but i like valrona. >> really? >> i do. then we'll put a little bit of ice cream on top and then i toasted some marshmallows. they got a little sticky, when you do it at home. it will be a little easier and then put a top on it. >> put another top of the chocolate? >> chocolate down. >> there you go. >> like that. >> yes and there's a s-more ice cream sandwich. >> what's this? >> strawberry short cake. you make the little short cake cookies and then you can put a little jam inside like that and them you put your heart from your ice cream in here and that's really good. >> you know what? this is great for kids. they'd love to do this, it's going to be so hot. warm today. but it's going to be hotter tomorrow and the next day according to howard. come on in howard and you and your son can do that. these are the sandwiches. >> probably just be eating.
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i don't know if he has the patience. >> that's the chocolate chip. you can use it to make cookies and. >> the chocolate chip cookies. >> i tried the cookies before, i said oh butter, you said no -- >> it's brown sugar. >> don't you want one howard? take one. >> i do. >> hold me under duress and j. r. is forgoing me. >> oh howard. my best girlfriend today. >> oh, thank you. >> i love sarah. >> could you taste that on the cookie? how it gives that -- >> it's good because you can make it all ahead and put it in the freezer and pull it out after the bash key. >> the seven day forecast? today, around 90 isolated thunderstorms, no real concerns except up north. now 97 tomorrow and thursday with the chance for the afternoon thunderstorms and then little bit cooler as we head to the weekend still with the afternoon storms and sarah, you had the chocolates over here. this one, what was the flavor of is this one? >> this one is maple syrup and bacon. >> maple and bacon and
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chocolate? >> just like a chocolate chip pancake and the bacon. >> this one? >> balsamic vinegar. >> the name of the company is again? >> shoe cat. >> you can get all the information on the website about sarah's company and the recipes for these. these are wonderful. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us, come back and visit us at 5:00. >> bye. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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