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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hudson river after a flock of geese stalled his engine. >> i remember watching it all happen. to see it pass through is just -- i can't describe it. it's amazing. >> tracked by helicopters and the trucks on board gps followed by small planes, flight 1549 rolled past in seconds. >> oh, totally gave me goose bumps. >> that is awesome. it's amazing a piece of history. very cool, very cool. >> i'm going to send this picture to my husband. he's going to be so jealous he's not going to be here. >> are you shaking? >> i am. >> it reminded us of that little fear we have in the back of our minds when we board a plane. >> how powerful they are and how every time you get on it, you take a huge risk. the people on that plane were
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lucky to have that pilot. >> we were lucky to catch a glimpse. in frederick, 9news now. sullenberger saved the lives of 155 people on board. the plane was headed to charlotte when he had to land it in that emergency landing on the hudson and that is where it will end up at the carolina's aviation museum. anthony weiner's political future appears to be more troubled. one day after his stunning admission that he sent lewd foe toes over the internet, there are new reports surfacing that he coached one of his online friends, a former porn star about how to lie about their relationship. andrea mckaren is live on capitol hill with the latest in this saga. andrea. >> reporter: lesli, i tell you this story seems to get more tawdry by the hour. not only did congressman weiner allegedly coach this former porn star to lie, tmz is reporting he may have offered her help from his pr team. >> the tmz report, congressman weiner and former porn star,
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ginger lee exchanged numerous sexually explicit e-mails. the congressman reportedly suggested she lie. in a june 1 e-mail, the report alleges congressman weiner told her to have a couple things, i follow representative weiner on twitter. i don't know him and have never met him. >> i haven't told the truth and i've done things i deeply regret. >> married congressman came clean in a teary admission. after conservative blogger, ann drew posted explicit pictures of weiner on his website. >> offered a limited version of the truth. >> the damage may not be done. the new york post is reporting that while congressman weiner's wife was traveling abroad for work, he sent sexually explicit
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photos of himself to a nursing student. including a lewd caption. >> this is like a sexual russian roulette, okay. are you doing something that is so stupid it's almost crazy. what is going on with him? quite obviously seems to be a man who has impulse control issues. >> congressman weiner had been a rising star. even touted as a top contender for new york city mayor. now he is hoping to hold on to his congressional seat as more women come forward with allegations. >> now if congressman weiner did offer help or any of his online relationships from his public relations team and if that included congressional staff and was taxpayer funded, he may have more to worry about. he could be in violation of house ethics rules. andrea mckaren, 9news now. >> thank you for that. get ready to turn up the ac. it is going to be hot out there
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tomorrow. meteorologist, annie hong is here with more. >> yes, we are talk about a heat advisory that has been issued for tomorrow. the heat is going to go up and so is the humidity. here's a look at that heat advisory. it's all in orange, you see. we are expecting heat index values of 100 to 105. starts tomorrow at noon. goes until 8:00 p.m. that includes the entire dc area. right now temperatures are 88 in downtown. 84 manassas. 90 up north in frederick. that's warm. probably more on the upper 80s. martinsburg, 83 degrees. heat index values for right now, not too bad. the humidity is still, you know, not kicking up just yet. we see storms way off to the west. so for tonight, we are still expecting a nice night. here's a look at tonight's forecast. so partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. mild and muggy. lows 64 to 73 degrees. i'll let you know how long this
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heat wave lasts coming up later. >> all right, we have an update on the murder of a 12- year-old girl in gaithersburg last week. the medical examiner determined that jessica nguyen was stabbed to death. police were called to her home last tuesday night. there is no word on a suspect. jessica was a sixth grade honor roll student at gaithersburg middle school. in georgetown, delaware, the trial of a pediatrician accused of abusing scores of patients started today. derek mcginty gives us a wrapup of today's testimony. >> just the numbers we heard are mind blowing. earl bradley could have faced 470 counts for allegedly abusing scores of patients over more than a decade of time. but the prosecution boiled it all down to a 24 count indictment, alleging rape, assault, and sexual
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exploitation of a child. he was escorted to the courtroom this morning where his fate will be decided by a judge. a primary piece of prosecution evidence, graphic video. more than 13 hours of it allegedly of bradley sexually abusing kids. the judge rejected defense easts to have that video suppressed and today as detective testified, he said that the video features the abuse of 86 children and was filmed from december 1998 to december 2009. that is just days before bradley was arrested. detective scott garland called the rapes violent and brutal. he said nothing could have prepared him for watching that video. bradley was arrested in december '09 after a two-year- old girl told her mom that the doctor hurt her when he took her to a basement room of his office after an exam. all this after previous police investigations and years of suspicions from parents and colleagues that something was not right with dr. earl
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bradley. today, bradley dressed in his gray prison jump suit sat there quietly staring at the wall or down at the table as the prosecution presented the first part of his case. of course this is day one of this trial. already, this case sparked major reforms, including nine bills signed by delaware's governor that tighten regulations and clarify the obligations to report it when a doctor is suspected of abusing a child. anita. >> derek, thank you. at the casey anthony trial in orlando, an attorney for the florida mother charged with killing her two-year-old daughter suggested crucial evidence was altered. anthony's attorney questioned a crime scene investigator about why he dried out garbage found in a bag inside anthony's car. the csi testified he was following protocall since drying out evidence preserves it and makes it easier to examine. defense attorneys say a foul odor in the car came from the garbage. now prosecutors contend that it was actually the smell of human
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decomposition. >> that was the plastic bag, white with blue handles that i received. >> does this item or do these items have any particular odor that you would be able to describe? >> smell of trash. normal trash. >> did it smell to you the same as the car? >> no. >> if convicted of killing her daughter, caylee, anthony could be sentenced to death. the defense contends the toddler died accidentally in the family swimming pool and the mom panicked and covered it up. tiger woods would in the be coming to congressional. injuries will force the pro golfer to skip the u.s. open. brett haber live with today's surprising and disappointing announcement. >> it is surprising in as much
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as tiger hasn't missed the u.s. open since 1994. now he sits four major championships shy. every time he skips one of these, his chances decreased. but as you say, his body won't allow him to come to greater washington next week. tigers has been suffering from a knee injury and an acyly's injury. he played one round of golf since then and that one he had to quit half way through due to the pain. here's tiger's statement released on his website earlier today. i'm extremely disappointed, but it's time for me to listen to my doctors and focus on the future. i hope to be ready for the at&t national, the next two majors and the rest of the year. so if you are keeping score, since 2007 when tiger announced that he would be bringing his tournament to washington and playing here annually, he has played here twice. anita. >> brett, thank you. sky 9 was over laurel this morning where a body was found
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inside a burning car. somebody called police after they saw a car on fire along i- 95 south near route 198. it was around 4:00 this morning. police redirected the traffic during the morning commute so that that they could investigate. determine the person's identity and cause of death. >> an investigation also launched into a deadly school bus accident in woodbridge, virginia. no kids hurt. sky 9 was over the scene of the crash at menville road. a man driving a toyota camry was killed when his car slammed into the bus. there were no students on board the bus, fortunately. the victim's name is not being released until his relatives can be notified. it's been one week since another deadly bus crash in caroline county. today just 50 miles up the highway from exit 104, federal and state officials launched a commercial vehicle safety campaign. it's called road check 2011. and kristin fisher got an inside look at what a commercial bus inspection is
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really like. >> once we stop a commercial motor vehicle. >> virginia state police sergeant is conducting what's called a north american level one inspection. >> we are going to check the tires, the wheels, lug nuts, windshield wipers, horns, turn signals. we'll check all of that. >> once the inspectors are done looking at the outside of the bus, then they'll head down here to the inspection pit. is this where they will look underneath the bus at things like brakes, steering, and the frame of the bus. >> exhaust. if there's any leaks in the exhaust. >> perhaps most important part of this process is an inspection of the driver. >> dot medical cards saying they can safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. we'll check his logbook. make sure check his number of hours that he has been operating. >> the tragic, tragic events of last week is a clear demonstration on why we focus on drivers being arrested to
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ensure safe commercial vehicle operation. >> it was the worse kind of crash in terms of the tragedy, but the worse kind of crash in terms of it was very preventable. it was preventable because it was a fatigued driver that should have taken himself out of service. >> for that reason, driver fatigue will be a key target of road check 2011. it will result in roughly 70,000 random commercial truck inspections. >> there's no excuses for being unsafe. >> kristin fisher, 9news now. >> during last year's road check, 1500 commercial vehicles and 200 drivers were placed out of service due to various safety violations. >> angry, but i just hate that they have -- >> exactly eight years after that woman almost died, police are still searching for the person who crushed her face by
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tossing a boulder off a northern virginia highway overpass. a letter written by adolf hitler in 1919 is seen in public for the first time. we'll show you its contents and significance coming up.
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libyan leader moammar gadhafi is vowing to fight until his death. he made that remark after anyway toe aircraft pounded tripoli since his campaign began. the libyan people will quote, kneel and not surrender. that speech was broadcast on state television. anita. >> lesli, this is believed to be the first written letter of adolf hitler's hatred for the jews. a letter authored by him in 1919 was released to the public today at the simon center. manuel reports on what experts
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are saying is its historical significance. >> it is a four page letter adolf hitler wrote when he was a young soldier in the german army. hitler labels jews as an inbred race. in one paragraph, he calls on his government to have the courage to remove all jews from its mist. jewish scholars say those words are proof hitler's desire to exterminate jews originated with him. >> before there ever was an adolf, hitler had a plan for the jews. he had a deep seeded hatred that burned within him. >> original doctrine was revealed for the first time in public. the center recently purchased the letter in california for $150,000. the letter was reportedly found by an american army soldier in the final months of world war ii. he says he discovered it scattered among papers on the floor of a nazi party archive.
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the letter will be the center piece of the nazi exhibit. >> it is very important for future generations to see that this was one man's hatred within a few decades it turned out to be the foreign policy of an entire country. >> the museum's trustees are comfortable with the decision to pay thousands of dollars for hitler's work, because it is too important to stay in private hands. manuel, cbs news, new york. now this letter was certified authentic by the same handwriting expert charles hamilton who proved the hitler diaries for forgeries. he said this is the real deal. lesli. >> all right anita. the search resumed for a missing indiana university student. 20-year-old lauren speierer was last seen heading for her
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apartment near the bloomington campus five dais ago. it happened after a night of partying with some friends. her parents traveled from their home in new york to join the search. >> i just agonize over the fact that there's a mother and a father out there that have no idea where their daughter is. >> she does have a heart condition. she takes medicine daily. so it's important that we get ahold of her as soon as possible. >> now police found speierer's wallet and cell phone. but she is still missing. one of the worst wild fires in arizona history is now threatening parts of new mexico. overnight the weather gave firefighters a round springerville a break. now the winds are making the wallow fire worse. some flights are being diverted because of the smoke and there's an air quality alert across the new mexico border. about 2500 firefighters are working there to try and contain those flames. i guess around here, it is really going to start heating
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up tomorrow. >> yeah, we have our own air quality alert as well, lesli, so the humidity today not too bad. starting to creep up with the dew points. you are really going to feel it tomorrow and come thursday. that's why we have a heat advisory in effect. temperatures, it is hot out there. arlington 85. and bethesda, 84 degrees. rockville, 89 degrees. the heat alert in orange is the heat advisory that includes the entire dc metro area. values expected 100, 105 for tomorrow. this starts at noon and goes until 8:00 p.m. not surprised if that is extended through thursday. heat advisory with the heat index value expected to be 100, 105 degrees tomorrow. exercise in the morning, don't try doing it in the afternoon. heat index is the temperature we feel combined with the relative humidity. it will feel uncomfortable. avoid doing anything too strene
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ewous strenuous outside. hot and humid, mild and muggy for tonight. heat advisory wednesday until 8:00 p.m. thursday hot and humid again and thursday evening, can be unsettled in some locations. all right, so we are going to beat the heat. stay hydrated with water, eat light meals, limit your time being outside, and of course remember your pets. their paws are sensitive on that hot asphalt. here's your future cast for the next 24 hours through tomorrow. lots of sunshine, but tomorrow late afternoon, early evening, maybe some spotty thunderstorms out to the west in the mountain community. wednesday morning for the metro area, partly cloudy and warm. wear some light colored clothes tomorrow and loose fitting to be comfortable. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. by the afternoon, you'll need your shades. mostly sunny, air quality code
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orange. unhealthy for our sensitive groups. that includes children, the elderly. highs tomorrow warmer than today. 94 to 98 degrees. winds will be light. around dc in downtown, 97. we have a couple 100s on here. leesburg 100. manassas also. culpeper 101. fredericksburg 99. it's going to be warm and hot. here's your seven-day outlook. hot and humid wednesday through thursday. slight chance for some thunderstorms. mainly out toward the west tomorrow for our main town communities. the good news here, we are cooling down. that is celebrate fairfax kicks off. the weekend still looking unsettled. showers and thunderstorms look possible through friday and into the weekend. cooling down into the lower 80s. more seasonal weather. drink plenty of fluids. >> still ahead, 40-mile per gallon cars really get 40 miles per gallon? consumer reports puts them to
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the test. up next, an assault caught on tape. a woman who knocked out another at a maryland bar. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at caught on tape, a brutal bar beating. this happened in howard county. a female suspect punching another woman in the face and taking her purse. the assault happened may 29 at the second chance saloon. police are offering a $500 reward for information leading to the suspect that was caught on tape. a man is in the hospital tonight after being shot by a u.s. park police officer. it happened around 1:30 this morning. park police say that officers on regular patrol saw this man in the car. the park was closed. the officers approach, they saw he had a gun. back up officers arrived and ordered the man to drop his gun. the man refused and that is when he was shot. >> the person was transported to washington hospital center
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and he has serious to nonlife threatening injuries. >> there's no parking here late at night, he approached him and did something and the officer freaked out. >> well, he had a gun. >> he had a gun. the guy had a gun. >> well, officer was justified in what he did then. >> we were alerted as we walked down. we were not sure if we were going to walk the full park and we got here, an abrupt start. >> usually closes at 1:00 in the morning. police are still investigating why the man was there and why he refused to drop his weapon. >> dc delegate is making a move to bring dancing to the mall. just days after u.s. park police cracked down on dances at the jefferson memorial, norton is proposing a national dance day. and it is scheduled for july 30. the dc democrat says it will include a flash mob dance, but with a permit. got to do it legally. >> coming up next new at 5:30. >> angry, but i just hate that
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they haven't come to get anybody who has done it. >> exactly eight years after she almost died, police are still searching for the person who nearly crushed a woman's face by tossing a boulder off a northern virginia overpass. we'll be back.
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new at 5:30 on 9news now.
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her face was crushed and she almost died when someone threw a boulder off a bridge on i-95. it crashed through her windshield of the car her husband was driving. >> hard to forget that incident that happened eight years ago today and no one has been charged. peggy fox talked to the woman who survived the ordeal. she joins us now from where it happened on an overpass. and peg, we all remember this case. it was just crazy. >> it was crazy. you know, you can imagine yourself driving on i-95, daphne gibson and her new husband were newlyweds. they were driving home from their honeymoon at disney world northbound on i-95. what they didn't know is that someone or a group of people were about to drop a 70-pound boulder off this bridge. >> to the people that did this, you know who you are and so do we. we want you to go in and turn yourself in. >> wan da dudley believes it
5:31 pm
was four teenagers who stood on this bridge and dropped a 70- pound boulder like this off the road overpass on june 7, 2003. it crashed through her daughter's saturn, crushing her daughter in the face. eight years later, daphne gibson is speaking out because she wants justice. >> i have been through 13 surgeries and got more surgeries to go through and i was supposed to die and i didn't and i'm glad. but imagine yourself going through something like i did. i wouldn't want to imagine that on anybody. >> daphne's marriage to brian gibson who was driving the car that night fell apart over the years. one of the many hardships the family endured since the horrific incident. >> sometimes it's so painful for her, we stood up overnight because of the pain. >> wanda is disappointed with the virginia state police and say they failed to conduct a thorough investigation. >> daphne never received a police report of the incident. >> she said she's received
5:32 pm
tips that the culprits were students at the close by high school and she has names. >> it might have been a game to them, but it's serious to us. i want them to be arrested and spend time for what they did to my daughter because daphne was also pregnant. and she lost the child. >> virginia state police were unavailable for an interview today, but over the phone, they did tell me that after eight years, the investigation in this case is on going. back to you. >> we can only hope that one day this case will be solved. thanks. well the decision is final. elementary school will close for good this month. the virginia supreme court upheld the school board's decision. the board ordered the closing because of declining enrollment. safety issues and poor quality of well water at the school. parents appealed to keep it open, but the last day of school is june 21. transportation officials in virginia are out to reduce the
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noise from the cars. they are unveil ago new blend of pavement today called forest friction force. engineers say the pavement is designed to absorb the sound and reduce noise. it is being tested right now on the prince william county parkway in manassas and they plan to begin testing the new pavement on three more roads later this summer. so perhaps you have seen them. those car commercials that promise you 40 miles per gallon. with high gas prices, you may want to take the bait. those ads may not tell the full story. >> they are tempting, cars that claim to give you 40 miles per gallon and more. >> chevy cruise gets up to 40 miles per gallon. >> the 40-mile per gallon alantra. >> the ads get your attention, but auto editor rick paul says the numbers can be deceiving. >> numbers in the ads are for highway driving only. for city driving is below 30
5:34 pm
miles per gallon. so unless you drive mainly on the freeways, you aren't going to see 40 miles per gallon. >> and you can't get the best mileage in the base model. with the ford focus, you'll need to spend $17,000 for the se sedan and add a $500 super fuel economy package to go further. with the chevy cruise, you'll need to buy the $18,000eco version. the honda civic advertised goes for more than $20,000. but that is $5,000 more than the base model. >> people think of these cars as relatively inexpensive, but to get the highest gas mileage, you have to pay more than you might want to for an economy car. >> the hyundai promises 40 miles per gallon for its base model and it starts at just $15,000. >> tested the elantra, 29 overall. that's pretty good for this class. it's not quite the promised 40 miles per gallon. >> going the distance with
5:35 pm
some limits. >> the toyota yaris and corolla do deliver 40 miles per gallon on the highway or even more. consumer report says those numbers are for the highway. the overall mileage much lower. let's get a check on the evening rush hour no matter what kind of car you're driving. monica has time saver traffic. >> i do. i have the green light, i may be switching it to yellow pretty soon. i just found out that south capital street is closed right now in both directions due to a natural gas leak. you want to use an alternate route. maybe the sousa bridge. we'll have more information as soon as we get it. in the meantime, let's take you around town. first of all on the north side where you have delays basically on the south side first. southbound 95 basically you have delays beginning at the fairfax county parkway right here and heading southbound toward, i'd say down toward route 123 or so. it's about a 20 minute ride for you. now we'll take you to the north side of the town on the inner
5:36 pm
loop of the beltway. your initial delays begin at the toll road heading north to the 270 spur and again old georgetown road to new hampshire avenue. a 40 minute ride there and now let's take you over to public transportation. the final phase of the rehab project begins tonight. at 10:00, crews will close lanes on the bridge between arlington and the district. they are moving that con careen barrier island. by this time tomorrow morning, three lanes of traffic will move to the left of that island. just one lane will get by to the right. this is the last phase and should take only a few weeks. anita, back to you. >> thanks, monica. coming up next, party decks at fedex field. standing room only. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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have you heard? there's a new food truck in town. >> feeling crabby, hit the streets of dc this week serving up crab witches and crab salads made with crab meat and their signature spices. you can even grab crab chips to go with it. >> visit for more pictures and a full review. also we have the food truck tour guide. a list of the 20 best mobile restaurants here in dc at >> and fedex field is ready for a party. the redskins are adding two party decks. one in each end zone along the
5:40 pm
upper deck. the team will sell standing room only tickets for the area. other fans will be able to enjoy the game there too. and adding the deck means taking seats away. more than 6700 of them. but the new party deck should be in place for the start of the 2012 season. actor jeff bridges is helping launch a virginia campaign connecting low income kids to a summer food program. the star of crazy heart was at the elementary school in arlington with details about the drive. it's a private public partnership that helps give needy kids access to federal food and nutrition programs after school lets out. an important time of year. an estimated 218,000 children could go hungry in the old dominion this summer without that additional help. food for thought at the national archives. a new exhibit called what is cooking, uncle sam, explores the government's influence on the nation's diet over the years. there are over 100 original
5:41 pm
records. folk song, war posters, educational films and seed packets. what's cooking uncle sam. farm, factory, kitchen, and table. and that exhibit opens to the public on friday. is the panda pregnant? we could find out any day now whether the giant panda will deliver a cub. we'll take you behind the scenes for a panda ultrasound. annie. >> mild tonight, a bit muggy, but nothing. that's nothing compared to tomorrow's forecast. live doppler 9,000hd is dry in dc, but out to the west and south, some light rain going on. we have a wet weekend in store for you? we'll talk about that when i return and your seven-day forecast. she notices when my skin's rough.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. important news for women in tonight's health alert. getting screened every year for ovarian cancer at least with the tools we have right now, just doesn't save lives. a major government study enrolled nearly 80,000 women to
5:45 pm
see if the yearly blood test or transvaginal ultrasounds could pick up ovarian cancer earlier when it is far more treatable. that didn't happen. >> the women who had cancer turned out to have the same stage of cancer and were no more likely to be cured of cancer than women who weren't screened. >> what's more about 10% of the women who got the screenings also got a false positive test result and had their ovaries taken out when they didn't need to. scientists are working on better tests for ovarian cancer. they say women should be aware of symptoms like abdominal pain, pressure, and bloating that doesn't go away and gets worse with time. there can be warnings of an ovarian tumor. >> the national zoo, everybody on pins and needles waiting to find out if the giant panda is really pregnant. >> and cbs news correspondent and dr. debbie turner got a rare look behind the scenes at her getting an ultrasound. >> it's not so simple to tell
5:46 pm
when a panda is pregnant. first you have to get the bear to km out of her enclosure. >> hi sweetheart. >> that's the easy part. now zoo veterinarian must get the panda to lie still for an ultrasound. >> looks like she is keeping me steady and protecting me. >> a steady stream of apples, pears, and carrots keeps her occupied, but dr. murray still has an up hill battle. >> right there. yup. there's fluid in it. you look at it and think wow, there's a lot going in there. there's bowel filled with bamboo. it's hard to see the reproductive tract. >> pandas are fertile just 24 hours once a year. so when one of the four female pandas in u.s. zoos get pregnant, it's a big deal. but the tricky part is, it's almost impossible to predict the blessed event in advance. >> we know for sure that a
5:47 pm
panda is pregnant when a little baby is born. then very often that's the only way. >> all right. try and get to this other side. >> each year, a female can have a real pregnancy or a false one, called a pseudo pregnancy. >> the hormonal profile is the same. the ultrasound findings up until the last ten days are also identical. it's very difficult to figure that out. >> the last panda cub born at the national zoo was six years ago. the arrival caused an international stir. >> when tai came along, the entire world was excited about it. >> with only 1600 in the wild, giant pandas are extremely endangered. there are only 11 pandas in captivity in u.s. zoos. when a cub comes along, everyone is excited. >> people watching him on web
5:48 pm
cams all around the world. >> but for now, dr. murray and zoo officials wait and watch her every move. >> this year her behaviors seem to be stronger than they have in previous years. building a huge nest and cradling toys. so this year we are a little extra hopeful she may be pregnant. >> if there is a little panda bun in the oven, she is expected to give birth in the next three weeks. >> it's not just a panda having a baby. she might have her second cub and we get really excited about it, for us, for her, for everyone. >> so what if she has no privacy. this will be the first panda birth in the u.s. this year if she is indeed pregnant and dr. murray is going to continue doing ultrasounds three times a week until she sees something or she gives birth or until nothing happens at all, which will mean it was all a false alarm. it is the ultimate in reporter involvement in a story. this pig was stranded next to i-
5:49 pm
70 in western pennsylvania. somebody called the news station after police said we don't deal with stranded pigs. so finally the reporter ended up with a real life pig in a blanket, right in a blanket, and took the animal to a woman who says she rescues wildlife for a living. >> pot belly pig rescue. >> i would say that's going the distance for a story, my friend. >> we would all do it, wouldn't we? >> i guess not. as long as it doesn't have to go in lesli's car. >> i'm just being real, right? okay, real stuff is real heat coming our way, right? >> nice segway. we have some intense heat coming this way. good for barbecue. maybe that's inappropriate. oh yeah. all right. we are talking about heat alert is in effect. heat advisory in orange you
5:50 pm
said includes the dc metro area. this starts tomorrow at noon. i would not be surprised if this is extended through thursday. thursday is going to be pretty much like a repeat to wednesday. now right now temperatures 88 degrees in downtown. same annapolis. 86 at andrews air force base. cumberland at 79 degrees at this hour. all right, so it's going to get hot and humid. mild and muggy tonight, but still going to be fairly -- heat advisory wednesday until 8:00 p.m. thursday it's hot and humid once again. and thursday evening could be unsettled in some communities. where exactly? here's a look at your future cast. it's going to be really nice, hot, dry in the dc area. by late afternoon, early evening, maybe some spotty isolated thunderstorms in our mountain communities. so for tonight, get outside, clear to partly cloudy. mild and a bit muggy. lows 64 to 73 degrees. winds will be light.
5:51 pm
tomorrow morning starts out nice and warm. wear light colored clothes. loose fitting to be comfortable. 60s and 70s. and tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny, hot and humid. air quality code orange, which means unhealthy for our sensitive groups. highs warmer tomorrow. 94 to 98 degrees. all right, here's your zone forecast. cumberland 98 degrees. slight chance for some thunderstorms. winchester at 98. leesburg, i think you can get to around 100 degrees tomorrow. around dc, 97 degrees. here's your seven-day outlook. all right, so wednesday, thursday, hot and humid. yeah, stay inside if you can. get some air-conditioning. go to the mall, watch a movie, go to the pool if you can. or go to work where it is air- conditioned. and it looks like we are unsettled for friday, saturday, and sunday, and cooling into the 80s. >> we have another local basketball player coming out of school early, hoping to get drafted. is that a good move? >> it's an excellent move if
5:52 pm
he gets drafted high. if he gets passed over and he is playing schoolyard ball in a year, probably wasn't that wise. that's why on the surface it's an easy decision. why would i stay in school and get paid nothing, usually, when i could go to the nba and make millions. not everybody makes millions. in fact, many never play in the league at all. maryland's jordan williams is trying to avoid that. jordan phillips auditions for the wizards today. >> not planning on turning pro. >> i was going to go work out and work hard to come back and play for maryland. >> then things changed. he decided to get an agent and forgo his final two seasons. why? >> my confidence built up. i made drastic changes right away and felt it was my time to go. >> leading nation where he was a point scoring rebound grabbing machine wasn't easy. >> woke up one day and said i am going to leave. it was a long process. >> so now that he made the
5:53 pm
leap, where does he fit in? williams played center in maryland, but he's not going to do that. now he's working on transforming himself into a power forward. here's how. step one, he dropped ability ten pounds. step two, shooting sessions to improve his mid range jumper. something he rarely showcased. >> getting accomplished with the shot. that's the foreign thing. >> it's a must. today's top nba power forwards or dallas are bigger than williams and they don't strictly lumber in the paint. they run the floor. >> never be taller and longer or whatever you want to call it. you can always work harder. >> he heard the draft experts, not tall enough, can't shoot, can't run. all that has done is harden his resolve. >> play hard and be hungry every game. i'll keep that on my shoulder
5:54 pm
every year. >> williams will work out for the sixers tomorrow as he makes the rounds. at 6:00, a minor controversy is unfolding tonight about the national tv sports caster who may have advised jordan williams to leave maryland early. it was not me, we'll tell you who it is. that sports caster saying it didn't happen. that's coming up at 6:00. up next, the do's and don'ts of office fashion during the hot summer months. and coming up new at 6:00. >> can dc councilman, harry thomas, continue to share a powerful committee despite of being accused of stealing money? we'll let you know coming up.
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5:57 pm
all right, you're looking live at the white house where guests are starting to arrive for tonight's state dinner, president obama is hosting. the orchestra is going to provide the entertainment. they are standing waiting for people to come out. but we can tell you about the menu. tuna tartar with rye crisps and petite filet with crab ravioli. german flair. on what to wear to the state dinner. >> what to wear? straight to desert. >> that's right.
5:58 pm
>> did you know that it is national business etiquette week? >> one major way to get a little too casual as the mercury is climbing. jessica doyle has the do's and don't's of summer office fashion. >> when it comes to washington summer weather, locals are singing the same tune. >> it's pretty hot, pretty humid. >> unbearable. >> hot and humid. >> one way to beat the heat, of course, is to rethink the attire. >> big skirt wardrobe instead of the pants and suit jackets. >> this is the time of year that the weather starts heating up and the summer clothes come out of the closet. you just want to make sure your new apparel doesn't get you in trouble at the office. >> at the end of the day, they could be hurting their image if they are not meeting the company dress code. >> josh is a regional manager for office team in the district. a division of the robert has staffing company. >> our surveys tell us most companies do not change their
5:59 pm
dress code policies because it is really warm out. >> the chances of offending the boss at work go up as the clothes come off and these are the biggest no-no's. >> open toed shoes or flip- flops even men wearing short sleeve shirts. any outfit that shows too much skin, so to speak, is not appropriate. >> your best chances of avoiding a seasonal problem consult your employee handbook. >> try to follow whatever dress code policy is there. if not, dress on the more formal side. >> anna maria has a more casual summer dress code in place and for the most part, it works. >> i think some people go a little too short, but usually it's decent. usually everybody knows the limits. >> jessica doyle, 9news now. >> of course this is also the time of year when the office tends to be full of interns. if you have any employee that may be bearing too much skin, suggests you handle it


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