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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 7, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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a momentary glimpse. the plane somehow brought down safely in the middle of the hudson river after a flock of geese stalled his engines. >> i remember just watching tv and watching it all happen and it was incredible. and to see it pass through is just -- oh, totally gave me goose bumps. totally gave me goose bumps. >> that is amazing. very cool. >> i'm matt in prince georges county where four men were accused today of robbing urns and grave markers in three different cemeteries. this guy was the alleged ring leader. a former employee at resurrection cemetery in clinton who allegedly led a band of three other graverobbers. also former cemetery workers. >> having your loved ones
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grave markers stolen is traumatic. >> according to prosecutors, the men stole bronze and brass urns and grave markers from the cemeteries where they worked and then tried selling the items to scrap metal dealers. >> sometimes they do sell them, but we were able to recover them. >> police say many of the scrap metal dealers who were approached declined to buy the items and that one called police. which is how the two yearlong investigation got started. >> graveyard markers and urns are off limits. they really are. we hope we send that message. >> i'm delia outside of the wilson building in downtown washington. the political future of councilman harry thomas is now in jeopardy after being accused of stealing money from his own nonprofit. >> the purpose of this meeting is to discuss yesterday's meeting. >> a simple statement, then the media is kicked out of the room. call for a close door meeting to discuss personnel matters like promotions or demotions.
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earlier in the day, the council tried to conduct business as usual during a redistricting hearing, but the tension was mounting. councilman harry thomas jr. is accused of stealing $300,000 from his own foundation, now as chairmanship of the committee is at risk. >> we talk to my colleagues and do what is best for the institution. >> new allegations tonight involving disgraced congress member, anthony weiner. according to tmz, the congressman and former porn star, ginger lee exchanged numerous sexually explicit e- mails. when lee was getting calls from the media, the congressman suggested to her that she lie. he also allegedly wrote an e- mail telling her to respond with, and we quote, this is silly. like so many others, i follow representative weiner on twitter. i don't know him and have never met him. >> this is almost like a sexual russian roulette. okay? are you doing something that is so stupid it's almost crazy. and so what is going on with
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him quite obviously seems to be a man who has impulse control issues. >> the congressman also offered public relations help to the former porn star and if that help came from his congressional staff and taxpayer funded, he could be in violation of house ethics rules. >> it has been one week since that deadly bus crash out on i- 95 and today just 50 miles up the highway from the scene of that accident, federal and state officials launched a commercial vehicle safety campaign. >> the tragic, tragic events of last week was a crash that occurred 50 miles south of here is a clear demonstration on why we focus on driver fatigue and drivers being arrested to ensure safe operation. >> the campaign is called road check 2011. with safety inspectors will be checking commercial vehicles in mexico, canada, and in this country. roughly 1500 commercial vehicles and nearly 200 drivers
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were placed out of service for various safety violations. > metro says it needs 55 more workers to tackle the problem of all those broken escalators. according to the washington examiner, the transit agency is only requesting 10 as part of a plan to hire 345 new employees. the rest of those new hires would work on other maintenance concerns such as track and car repairs. and virginia's attorney general is setting his sights on metro's silver line. ken says the extension to dulles airport should never get that far. instead, he is arguing the project aught to stop at willie avenue and fairfax and never reach the airport. the rail line just isn't worth the money. now he doesn't live around here and will likely never have to ride the thing, but does he have a point regardless or does he not know what he's talking about? weigh in on the debate with an e-mail to mcginty's mail bag. delays with those high occupancy
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toll lanes. transurban has been working on the plan for more than three years now, but the company says the recent setbacks from a lawsuit filed by arlington county has it rethinking its involvement. that lawsuit was withdrawn back in february, but it delayed other environmental approvals. all right, let's get outside and check on the evening rush. monica with your time saver traffic. evening monica. i like to see the green light. >> i just changed it to green because things are looking better. if you are taking public transportation, you can see here, everything is running on time, metro vre and mark. let's take you outside right now. things are looking much better out here as well. just a little congestion on the inner loop as you leave the american legion bridge heading to river road and you'll see it improve. let's head back over to a map right now on the vw parkway. a little slow up to route 410. you have slow traffic on the beltway between new carolton.
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that should clear shortly as well. we also have two commuter alerts tonight that may sound like you've heard them before, but listen up. starting tonight at 11:00, telegraph road will be closed between the beltway and duke street. it's part of that on going wilson bridge project. now the road will be closed for the next three nights between 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. also get ready for yet another shift in the tropic pattern along the 14th street bridge. starting tomorrow, half of the right center lane on north side of the bridge will be closed. drivers will find that they can split it with three lanes to the left and one lane to the right. the left center and right center lanes of the bridge will close tonight at 10:00 as that pattern is shifted. derek, back to you. >> thank you for all that, monica. we learned this afternoon that two people died in maryland over the last ten dais because of our recent heat wave. both were over the age of 65 and underlying medical problems that put them in the high risk category on these code orange
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air quality days. annie is in for topper tonight. she has a look at what we can expect as the heat comes rolling back in. annie. >> we are talking about humidity. in fact, another code orange day is in store for us. all you sensitive group folks, tomorrow you are going to watch out. so heat advisory is in effect. you see the areas shaded in orange. this starts at noon tomorrow, goes until 8:00 p.m. right now temperatures in the mid 80s here in dc, manassas, 82. frederick 84. martins burg around 82 degrees. it feels nice and humidity a little bit. but we are still dew points in the 60s. tonight, clear to partly cloudy skies. mild and a little muggy. lows will be 64 to 73 degrees and winds are going to be light. now i'll talk about how long this heat wave lasts and our chances for some storms and showers, maybe an unsettled weekend. we'll talk about that when i come back. back to you. >> thank you annie.
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eight years waiting, no arrests. hear from the woman who's life was changed in an instant right along i-95 in virginia. that is still ahead. first, ain't no party like a redskins party. at least that's what the team is hoping. we'll explain what they are doing and where they are making the space for it. that's up next.
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we are getting our first looks today at what will become those new party decks up at fedex field. the redskins are ripping out thousands of seats in the end zone upper decks to create these new areas and that will reduce the stadium's capacity from 92,000 seats to around 85,000. the team plans to sell standing room only tickets to those decks. get started in the 2012 season. tiger woods says he is a scratch for this year's u.s. open. the golfer says the injury to his left knee just got too bad, too painful for him to compete in next week's major. this is the first time he missed the open since 1994. >> i can tell you i sampled them myself, but not quite like this. the new way folks are serving up sakadas. but first, an update on the problems that left part of dc in the dark for days. a look at the pepco repairs. that's coming up.
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stay with us.
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back now on 9 with word that pepco is finally done with the repairs to those three underground cables. as you'll remember, problems with those cables caused several power outages around first streets northeast last week. right in the middle of all that heat. some scary moments today in that very same neighborhood when the fire department had to
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evacuate to harris teter. the problem, a freon leak. nobody hurt. crews ventilated the store and tonight it's all back open. an inmate serving more than 70 years in prison wants the state of virginia to pay for a sex change. ofilia claims the commonwealth is not providing adequate medical care to treat a gender identity disorder. a federal lawsuit to force virginia to complete her transition. what do you think about this one? gender identity is a disorder or a mental illness in which people believe they were born the wrong gender. should the state have to pay for that surgery? share your thoughts in mcginty's mail bag. that is well, imagine you just driving down the highway when all of a sudden something slams through your windshield. that is exactly what happened to a new york couple as they were passing through virginia eight years ago today.
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someone threw a boulder down on to their car and it nearly killed the woman inside. today, daphne gibson spoke with peggy fox about what happened and what happened since. >> to the people that did this, you know who you are, and so do we want we want you to turn yourself in. >> wanda believes it was four teenagers who stood on this bridge and dropped a 70-pound boulder like this off the road overpass on june 7, 2003. it crashed through her daughter's saturn crushing her daughter in the face. eight years late e daphne gibson is speaking out because she wants justice. >> i have been through 13 surgeries and got more surgeries to go through. i was supposed to die and i didn't, and i'm glad. imagine yourself going through something like i did. i wouldn't want to imagine that on anybody. >> daphne's marriage fell apart over the years. one of the many hardships the family endured since the
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horrific incident. >> sometimes it's so painful for her. we sit up overnight because of the pain. >> wanda is disappointed and they failed to conduct a thorough investigation. >> daphne never received a police report of the incident. >> she says she received tips that the culprits were students at the close by masaponics high school and she has names. >> it might have been a game to them, but it's serious to us. i want them be arrested and spend time for what they did to my daughter because daphne was also pregnant and she lost a child. >> virginia state police were unavailable for an interview today, but said over the phone that an investigation is on going. peggy fox, 9news now. >> eight years ago. customers cannot get enough, but the missouri health department wants an ice cream shop to cool it with its latest flavor. that shop in columbia is selling ice cream.
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in fact, it sold out its first batch hours before it debuted. the employees are out there collecting them in the backyards and taking off the wings, covering them in chocolate and brown sugar going and mix it all together and the health department says it's not a good idea. don't use bugs as an ingredient and probably shouldn't eat it. >> i was going to have dinner after this, but now i lost my appetite. >> they are not bad having tasted a couple in my day. what do we have weather wise? >> ice cream weather, cookies and cream maybe. feeling humidity tonight, but not too bad. if you want to have dinner outside, it's a nice night to do that. the next couple nights, not going to feel so nice. here's a look at the heat advisory starting at noon until 8:00 p.m. basically includes the dc area and basically east of the
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ridge. and we're going to probably see this advisory be extended. i think through thursday, would not be surprised if that happens. the heat advisory, the criteria is, heat index from 100 to 105. so maybe exercise in the morning. take pets out early in the morning as well. heat index. the so yes. right now it is 86 degrees downtown. 82 in martinsburg. hagerstown coming in at 80 degrees and culpeper 84 degrees on this tuesday evening. sot hot and humid weather is on its way. mild and a bit muggy tonight. heat advisory until wednesday, 8:00 p.m. thursday hot and humid again. kind of a repeat of wednesday. and then thursday night to be unsettled in some locations. we'll show you where in a little bit. now to beat the heat. stay hydrated. drink lots of water. limit your time in the sunshine, especially direct sunshine and don't forget your
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pets. do not leave them inside your car. if you can, bring them inside with the air-conditioning. here's your future cast. we aren't expecting anything for the most part. a slight chance for spotty showers and thunderstorms mainly out for the west of us around the mountain communities. for tonight, expecting clear to partly cloudy skies. mild and muggy. low 64 to 73 degrees. winds will be light and for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and warm. wear light colored clothes and loose fitting clothing for tomorrow. especially if you have to be outside. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. now in the afternoon, it's going to get hot. hot and humid under mostly sunny conditions. once again, air quality code orange, which means unhealthy for sensitive groups. highs will be 94 to 98 degrees. all right, here's how your next seven days are looking. so hot and humid wednesday and thursday. slight chance for storms. the next couple of days. the good thing is we cool down into the lower 90s by friday.
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we start celebrate fairfax. and a chance for unsettled weather. showers and thunderstorms starting on friday into the weekend also. >> keep hoping those clouds will go away on saturday. >> that's not happening just yet. >> all right, thank you so much, annie. >> from our weird news file, every teenager knows this, parents don't have to try to embarrass you. at that age, their very existence is a necessary evil. but what if one of your parents went out of their way to make you look crazy. to utah, where dale price has a son who is a sophomore in high school and there's a school bus that goes by his front door. ever since the first day of school this year, dale has been trying to embarrass his son by coming out to wave at the bus dressed in weird outfits. imagine the humiliation when dad is sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper, or dressed
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as a mermaid. ironically, after a while the kids on the bus started looking forward to seeing what costume dad would be in that day. he made his son more popular. >> reverse psychology. >> after a while. >> all right, we'll be back. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address, we'll be right back. /
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break news right now from the beltway where a car flipped over near connecticut avenue. it's on the outer loop just before the exit. now we're told the car is out of the road and nobody is hurt. as you might imagine, there are delays now on both sides. and tomorrow morning we'll be keeping an eye on that new traffic pattern on the 14th street bridge for you. join angie, mike, andrea, and howard starting at 4:25 a.m. congressman anthony weiner and the 24 hours since his big confession. yesterday of course we learned things are far worse than we thought involving a former porno star, helped a woman lie about the contact her. i was naive to think yesterday's press conference was the whole story, but john was not. i think representative weiner's statements are pure misdirection. tears notwithstanding and what legal issues is he trying it get in front of? the democrats are calling for an investigation. the republicans have their own problems and are silent here. to see if the rules were broken
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or if government resources were used. i guess we get a chance to see what ethics are the house ethics committee. now that should be one very short investigation. and we have similar sentiments from karen in alexandria who says does anyone believe anthony weiner did not give sex giving lee way for how he defines that with any of his internet contacts? if he refuses to resign, can congress take any actions against him? all we can say right now, karen, they are looking into that and it cannot happen fast enough for ron from iamsville who says not again. no wonder our economy continues to go down the tubes. who knows what other secrets are impacting the decision makers of government. i ask you, when is this going to end? end ron? it's not going to end. anymore than it started with this latest round of men behaving badly. perhaps the better question might be, how many other top officials are today's scrubbing
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hard drives or smashing cell phone sim cards. while love may be fleeting. if it's digital, it may be for ever. that's our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 iowa long with anita brikman and tonight we are working on the newest item catching crook's attention. high end hair weaves. that's tonight at 11:00. log on any time to we'll see you a bit later. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the entertainment new the world. arnold and maria has a secret divorce deal been reached? >> she correct settlement, are the kids taking sides? >> reports of a settlement in the hundreds of millions. exclusive new information tonight on the schwarzenegger split. >> the picture was of me, and i sent it. >> the anthony weiner scandal today. >> one of the women sexted speaking out. >> he said i'm an open book. maybe too open. >> can his marriage and career survive? >> he's a good congressman, maybe not so great husband. >> his past as a cosmo bachelor. >> then hackers, death threat, stars reveal


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