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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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important document in the museum's collection. >> it is very important for future generations to see that this is -- that this was one man's hatred and within a few decades, it turned out to be the foreign policy of an entire country. >> the museum's trustees are comfortable with the decision to pay thousands of dollars for hitler's work because they feel it is too important to stay in private hands. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. good morning and welcome to 9news now. today is wednesday, june 8th. i'm a andrea roane. it is 4:30. >> it is. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. >> here's angie. mr. howard bernstein, the heat switch is officially on. >> blast furnace days today and tomorrow. temperatures going to make it into the upper 90s. your car thermometer could read up to 105 coming off the pavement wouldn't surprise me.
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once again, we're dealing with it. all of the heat and humidity. that's moving in for a couple of days. but by friday, we'll be back closer to the 90 degree mark like we were yesterday. here's a look at today's day planner. get ready for some heat. if you like to be outside, do it early. a little muggy as well. temperatures now are still in the 70s. near 90 around noon. mid-90s at 5:00 with a high today, i'm forecasting 98 for reagan national. look at the records coming up. that would be setting a new record for the day. we've got one little severe thunderstorm watch box. the storms are moving that way. they'll stay north and east of us. yesterday we had clouds which came over from other thunderstorms. today, we'll have less of that. consequently, we'll be hotter. culpepper, 64. visibility is one half-mile. cumberland at 61. low 70s in easton. mid-70s down in southern maryland as well. look at the forecast highs today. the tappahannock airport may
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flirt with 100 along with bwi. forecasting a high in washington, a very comfortable 98. angie goff, over to you. that's going to feel great. unfortunately, we're kicking off our traffic report with the yellow light right now because as we mentioned before, we're following the fatal accident that has the inner loop ramp to river road shut down. we'll have a live report from our surae chinn coming up. meanwhile, we want to show you as promised, the roadways around the region including 95 headed northbound, a live camera for you. everybody is doing fine as they make their way out of dumfries up toward the mixing bowl. we'll skip that camera and move it on to 395. want to show you the northbound traffic as we continue on. if you're making the trip toward the 14th street bridge, nothing in your way except the on-going construction project taking away the center lane. traffic is being divided. 495 in virginia, inner loop at 66, the roadwork holding steady. probably for the next half hour or so. in maryland, 270 headed
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southbound, no real problems to report. out of frederick past 121. all the way down to the lane divide. finally, we'll wrap it up with the bw parkway and 95. smooth sailing out of baltimore. still ahead, a look at 50 in maryland. that's in my next traffic report at 4:40. we start with breaking news out of bethesda this morning. maryland state police are on the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident on the inner loop ramp leading to river road. >> this all began around 2:50 with a 911 call from virginia. surae chinn joins us from the scene with more. this is the scene you saw on your way into work, surae. >> reporter: that's right. it was disturbing and it was before emergency crews actually got here. but i will tell you this motorcycle accident caused two people -- cost two people their lives. a man and a woman. they hit a guardrail and flew off the motorcycle. it will impact traffic greatly. we're here on the inner loop exit 39 river road and again, this is the ramp where it
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splits off right before you go to potomac or the other way where you can go toward d.c. but we're on the inner loop on this ramp. so, it is going to impact traffic. it happened just before 3:00 this morning. as you were mentioning, i was driving into work and i saw the woman's body lying across the road there. i did not see a second body and that's because he actually ended up in the road behind the exit ramp about 25 yards behind there. in fact, i called 911. they had said that there were a couple of calls but they didn't quite know exactly where the body was. i directed them to this ramp and they had trouble finding the man and the motorcycle and a short time later, they went into the woods, found the man. the motorcycle was actually underneath the bridge. right now, they're deep into their investigation right now. they said it will be at least a couple of hours before they will open this ramp back up but
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again, that's the investigation going on. that could be moved here or there but just plan two hours of this river road exit being blocked. back to you. >> surae chinn reporting live from the scene of a very terrible double fatal accident this morning in bethesda. >> later today, we're expected to learn about how d.c. council is going to deal with the allegations against councilman harry thomas junior. >> he's accused in the civil lawsuit of misusing more than $300,000 in city money for personal use. thomas has denied any wrongdoing and says he won't resign. the ward five representative is chair of the council's economic development committee. thomas could also face criminal charges. today is day two of a sentencing hearing for ted loza, the former chief of staff to jim graham. loza has admitted he used his position to get bribes and free trips. he's facing up to 14 months in federal prison for the crimes. he could also be deported. he's from ecuador and living
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here as a permanent resident. 120 prince george's county residents are out of their homes this morning. after a fire late last night in new carrollton. firefighters had to rescue several people stuck on balconies. four people were treated for minor injuries. the blaze began around 8:30 at the southern walk apartment complex on 85th avenue. it took firefighters about 40 minutes to get things under control. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. it is 4:36. after waking up, jobs and the economy. the top two concerns for most americans as they consider who to support in the next presidential election. as joel brown tells us, president obama will address both of those later today. >> reporter: president obama is trying to give the economy and american confidence a boost. >> i'm not concerned about a double dip recession. i am concerned about the fact that the recovery we're on is not producing jobs as quickly as i want it to. >> he'll tour an auto repair program today at northern
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virginia community college to stress the importance of job creation. his visit comes on the heels of last week's disappointing jobs report which showed only 54,000 jobs were created in may. unemployment rose to 9.1%. even people who are working are feeling the impact. jacoby owns a cafe. >> people are more concerned moneywise. >> like president obama, fed chairman ben bernanke blames the slowing economy on higher gas prices and the crisis in japan, factors he calls temporary. >> i expect hiring to pick up from last month's pace as growth strengthens in the second half of the year. >> in atlanta tuesday, the fed chair predicted a stronger rebound in the coming months but he warned of more trouble if the job market doesn't improve. [ applause ] >> reporter: for republican presidential candidates, the shaky economy is their latest ammunition. tuesday, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty accused the president of being
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satisfied with a second rate economy produced on his "third rate policies." joel brown, cbs news, washington. well, last night at the white house, it was under the stars. president obama hosted a state dinner for german chancellor angela merkel outside in the rose garden last night. on the menu, the tuna, maryland crab ravioli and salad from first lady michelle obama's garden. >> sounds good. the time is 4:38. at 4:42, an american automaker is looking to expand globally. >> at 4:51, defense the big story of the nba finals.
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almost 4:41 on this warm wednesday morning. it is going to be blazingly hot today as temperatures will be approaching 90 by noon. mid-90s at 3:00 with a high today around 98. southwest winds 5 to 10. heat advisory 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. angie goff, what about the roads this morning? >> all clear, howard, for those of you travelling from 50 heading toward washington. if you're coming from the eastern shore through annapolis and bowie and beyond, no incidents or construction to report. still ahead, we're going to have more on the inner loop accident that has the ramp to river road blocked. that's in my next traffic report. now back to you. 4:41. time for the first your money report of the morning. >> good morning, jessica doyle. >> good morning. i'm well. wish the stock market was well. >> right. we're hoping. >> not so much. today, wall street is waiting to see if opec countries will
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agree to pump more oil. analysts say the oil ministers are waiting in vienna, very well could increase production which would put pressure on gas prices to bring them lower. it could also take some of the pressure off the global economy. as for stocks, they gave up early gains to finish lower for the fifth straight day. checking the numbers, the dow standing this morning still above 12,000. at least we've got that going for us. 12,070. finish down 19 points. both the nasdaq and s&p 500 were down by 1. >> americans borrowed more money in april for the seventh straight month. consumer borrowing rose by $7.2 billion fueled by greater demand for school and auto loans. at the same time, credit card use fell for the second time in three months. >> ford wants to expand its global sales by 50% by the middle of the decade. it plans to do that mostly through growth in asia and africa. at a shareholders meeting, ford predicted small cars will account for 55% of sales by the
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year 2020. the reason why, of course, check the gas pump. not really expecting $1 or $2 gasoline to come back any time soon or maybe ever again. >> 50% in four years. that's pretty quick. >> thanks, jess. well, some lingering leg pain is going to keep one of the all-time greats out of the national competition on a local golf course. >> an academy award winner opens up about her personal battle with weight gain. >> time for the united airlines travel cast. dulles airport right now, partly cloudy. calm winds, 66. good visibility. a little hazy at 6 miles. serious heat headed here today. you can see the 90s across ohio and michigan and chicago at 94 with the sunshine. denver, maybe that's the place to go. comfortable there. 79 with sunny skies. 90 in vegas. we'll be warmer than vegas and about the same as phoenix. l.a., a pleasant 65. san francisco, about the same
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at 65. reno looks real good. 77 and up in seattle, sunny. temperatures only in the 60s.
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4:45 this wednesday morning. it is going to be a hot one. last night, it was warm but not as muggy. that's going to change today. >> today and tomorrow are going to be really tough around here. if you remember early last week, how hot it was when we had the upper 90s, going to be the same. only two days. not three days. >> that's good. >> not a heat wave? >> it is a heat wave. we got to 90 yesterday. 90 friday. four days of 90s. with two of them, 95 plus. we're trying to look at the bright side. >> the pools are open. >> maybe that would be a good place to be this afternoon if not inside in some air conditioning. if you're going to be outside, get it out of the way early.
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by 10:00, it will feel warm out there. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. it is already muggy out there. mild to warm with temperatures starting out in the 60s and 70s. there is a touch of fog out toward culpepper this morning. our day planner, sunshine. lots of sunshine. 86 already at 11:00. lower 90s by 1:00. mid-90s by 3:00. even by 5:00, 95 degrees for the drive home. they will pick up tomorrow afternoon. here's your heat advisory going into effect at noon until 8:00. the entire metro. it doesn't cover the eastern shore because philly is -- they did issue a heat warning for the metro philly area. but arguably, there are other areas not in the orange that could be considered heat advisories, heat index 100 to
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105. 98 back in 1999 at national. 97 dulles and bwi. these records are all -- going to make the run toward all of them. even martinsburg at 99. that's probably safe. still, not that far away. hey, some thunderstorms this morning coming through buffalo and rochester going to head this way and stay north and east of us. other than a few passing cirrus clouds, we're in good shape. temps, culpepper, gaithersburg in the mid-60s. 70 at the tappahannock airport. 73 also at national. 73 at bowie and in prince frederick, 70 degrees this morning. our dew point is almost 70 degrees. that's definitely come up since yesterday. it is kind of sticky out there. currently a very light wind and you see temperatures nationally still 70s and 80s. 81 in chicago. dallas is 80. all of this warmth yesterday, it moved eastward, not like casper in the 40s. yellowstone is in the 30s this morning. the snow this year has been
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amazing out west. fairly quiet. the thunderstorms up and over the ridge. the trajectory taking them more toward philly or south jersey. yesterday, we had the cluster storm, went down toward pittsburgh and through west virginia. as far as the future cast, high pressure off to the south, winds turn southwesterly. through midday, look how quiet it is. isolated shower might try to pop out toward charlottesville. perhaps mount jackson. but we're quiet today. then tomorrow afternoon, here it comes with the daytime heating, the showers and storms by 5:00, especially north and west of town. some of these could be on the strong side. that front just off that, will cool us down a little bit by friday. 98 today. 98 tomorrow. a better chance of storms on thursday afternoon and evening. friday, some scattered storms. only 90 degrees. how about the weekend? we've got celebrate fairfax this weekend. scattered storms saturday and sunday. mid to upper 80s sunday. still in the 80s monday and tuesday. it is 4:48. angie goff is in with your
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timesaver traffic. >> we begin with an accident alert. we're just 12 minutes away from the 5:00 hour. we're hearing from a reporter live at the scene that the situation is that they're probably going to be out there for the next couple of hours blocking this inner loop ramp to access river road. you're looking at live pictures, crews there investigating what we're told is a double fatal involving a motorcycle. so, as you can imagine, they'll be out there for quite some time. take an alternate and you do have options. wisconsin avenue, that exit is going to take you another 10 minutes if you're headed toward the washington area. at least do you have an alternative this morning. we'll keep an eye on it and bring you the latest throughout our morning show. let's take you over to the capital beltway and show you other parts of the region. everyone clear here at university. construction is out of the way from this point over to new hampshire. also, near the central avenue exit, we want to take you over to the maps and show you clinton, brandywine, accokeek, no incidents to report early on
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this wednesday. in d.c., if you're traveling via the sousa bridge, pretty much smooth sailing here. very light volume to report. 66 drivers moving at speed through manassas to inside the beltway. more virginia roads including 267, the dulles toll road. i'll have that coming up at 4:56. the plane known for its miracle landing is in fairmont, west virginia. >> what a day that was! right now, that jet is resting overnight along interstate 79. >> tuesday it made its way through maryland. the plane started in cecil county. went along part of the baltimore beltway to interstate 70 then crossed i-68 into west virginia and along the way, people packed every overpass to get a glimpse of the us airways jet. it is making its way to the carolina's air museum in charlotte, also flight 1549's final destination on that fateful day. >> that is really cool looking, isn't it? >> nationals and giants wrap up
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their series. they have a matinee today. first pitch 3:45 in san francisco. >> last night, it was all about one man, jordan zimmermann. he was in control as the nats starting pitcher. he went seven innings, gave up one run and struck out the side in the third. in the top of the fourth with the game tied at 1 all, he laid down a perfect safety squeeze bunt. rick ankiel scored the game- winning run. nats topped the giants 2-1. a little bit more elbowroom for the crowds in bethesda because tiger woods won't be there next week. he will sit out this year's u.s. open at congressional country club. woods says he has lingering pain in his left leg. this is the first time woods has missed the u.s. open since 1994 which was held just days after he graduated high school. dirk nowitzki will be 33 later this month. he went into last night's game for the nba finals coughing and wheezing with a fever of over 100. he played three quarters of pretty bad basketball then apparently he turned it on in the fourth quarter, the
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mavericks forward scored 10 points in the final quarter leading dallas on a 29-9 run. mavs beat the heat 86-83. series now tied at two games apiece. game five tomorrow night in dallas. a lot of nba hopefuls leave college westerly hopes of making millions in the big time but it doesn't work out that way. maryland's jordan williams is trying to avoid that fate. dave owens caught up with him as he auditioned for the wizards. >> reporter: jordan williams was not planning on turning pro. >> i was going to go work out and work hard and come back and play for maryland. >> then things changed. he decided to get an agent and forgo his final two seasons of eligibility. why? >> i felt myself making changes right away. it was my time to go. >> still leading terp nation where he was a point scoring, rebound grabbing machine wasn't easy. >> people say i woke up one day and said i'm going to leave. it was a long process. >> reporter: where does he fit
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in? williams played center at maryland. he won't do that in the nba. so, now he's working on transforming himself into a more vert till power forward. here's how. step one. he drop.ed about 10 points. step two, three hour shooting sessions to improve his mid- range jumper, something he rarely showcased during his college career. >> gain confidence with the shot. that's the important thing. >> reporter: it is a must. today's top nba power forwards like miami's chris bosh or dirk nowitzki are bigger than williams and they don't strictly lumber in the paint. they stroke threes and run the floor. >> you have to make up for it. you gotta work harder. >> he's heard the draft experts, not athletic enough, not tall enough, can't shoot, can't run. that's hardened his resolve. >> play hard and be hungry every game. i'll take that through my career. >> a career that begins in two
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weeks. dave owens, 9 sports now. >> before we take a break, let's look at the question of the morning. >> men are more likely than women to do this while they're driving in their car. what is it? a, drive around on e, b, read e- mails or c, eat. what do you think the answer is? men are more likely to do this than women. we'll read your comments and give you the answer in a little bit.
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man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it!
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. >> plenty of sunshine today.
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unlike yesterday when we had some clouds around for awhile. a mostly sunny day. 2:00 p.m. temperatures will be in the 90s. mid-90s in spots. we'll top off perhaps flirting with 100 in spots. by 5:00, slight chance south of winchester, maybe mt. jackson down toward lur ray. heat advisory noon to 8:00. here's angie goff. >> thank you, howard. 267, the dulles toll road headed eastbound from the greenway all the way to the beltway. no major ins accident dents or -- no major incidents to report. a double fatal to report. that's coming up at 5:09. the focus on hollywood is on documentaries and action films. >> an "american idol" finalist shares her life story. sandra hughes has our eye on entertainment. >> reporter: on the red carpet, john mcenroe is a gentleman but
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the tennis court he could be anything you about. he was on his best behavior at the premiere of an hbo sports documentary about his rivalry with bjorn borg. the two have since become friends. >> i talked to him yesterday. i'm looking forward to seeing this. >> reporter: if you're still wondering who evelyn salt is, sony pictures have a movie for you. the sequel to the angelina jolie action-packed movie salt is underway. the first installment begged the question about salt's identity because she was a double agent gone rogue. jolie is said to be very interested in filming salt 2. ♪ i'm alone and i need you now ♪ >> it was a top selling country album of 2010 and need you now made the country trio lady antebellum stars, now the band is ready to own the night which is their next album due out in september. this academy award winning actress cooked up a lot of
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interest when she dropped 80 pounds. now you can read all about it. jennifer hudson is dishing all about her struggles with weight. her new memoir mostly about food is still untitled and will be out in january. >> stop! why are you doing this? >> only for adults, human centipede two is a gruesome tale. it is so outrageous, it was banned in the u.k. the first movie was about a mad doctor who sews two americans to a japanese tourist. if you're still interested after that description, the sequel comes out later this year. that's your eye on entertainment, sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. we'll wait on that one. but we won't wait to tell you good morning. it is 4:59. welcome to 9news now. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> no accounting for taste. i'm mike hydeck. here's angie goff with traffic and a lot to talk about already. weather first will be the big story today i think. >> doesn't tim


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