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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 15, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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those faulty track circuits. he says they are changing the safety culture at metro. even if that means sticking by the firing of a rail yard employee in the face of a whole lot of other workers who wanted the guy rehired because he was just having a bad day. >> we don't want to be at any of their funerals. don't want to visit their families and advise them that they were not coming home that night. >> i'm peggy fox in reston. >> they thought their house would be renovated. >> reporter: they planning to renovate but learned tearing down would cost less. >> the whole house is considerably smaller than it was originally. >> reporter: even though they downsized the plan they
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complained about the hiring of an architect who sits on the reston review board. >> no board member should accept money or even be hired to do this kind of thing. >> reporter: the reston association says there was no wrongdoing. a final decision is expected from the review board next month. >> they all built custom homes 30, 40 years ago. and all we want is the same thing. we are thinking of the next 30 years not the last 30 years. >> reporter: i'm delia gonclaves at landover at a local hair solon i would play $9 to get a manicure. a man would have to pay $10. a lawyer says that's discrimination. >> they may as well have printed in the brochure because i was black that hi to play more. >> reporter: he gets manicures every two weeks but he calls the service at this salon discrimination. the central avenue salon advertised hiked up prices in a brochure with a list of several services that are an 1 to $2
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for men. now they are suing for $200,000. >> when you hit people in the pocket they tend to change their behavior. >> reporter: i stopped by the salon to collect out the price list for myself. no one would comment but the brochures are gone. a judge ordered them to stop overcharging men. >> what do you think? should men and women be charged the same amount for salon services? no price to weigh in on the mcginty mail bag. you want to have dinner with the president? it will cost you $15? the obama for america folks are raffling tickets off for that by him. the letter signed asks people to donate not just to meet the president but because they believe in the sort of politics that would give them a seat at the table. a major milestone for arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords tonight.
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doctors discharged her from a houston rehab hospital where she has been spending her time for the past few months. she has been receiving treatment for that bullet wound to the head suffered during a mass shooting last january in tucson. now she moves to a houston suburb where her husband has a home. there she will receive care from the same rehab hospital but now it will be as an outpatient. senators on both sides of the aisle are pushing for what they call a sizeable and sustained withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan. the president is due to make a decision over the next few weeks as to how many of the 100,000 american forces should leave afghanistan next month but that letter comes as the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are asking for more money to reset the military after a decade of war. >> we must not repeat the mistakes of the past where budget targets were met mostly by taking a percentage of the top of everything.
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that kind of salami slicing preserves overhead an maintains core structure on paper but results in a hollowing out of the force from a lack of proper training, maintenance and equipment and manpower. >> and at times the war in afghanistan has cost as much as $10 billion per month. president obama plans on slashing over 400 million from the defense budget in the next few years. a banner reading mission accomplished. remember that? well, some might say that banner ought to have been reserved for this moment. that is the u.s.s. coming back to its homeport in san diego. this is the carrier with which the body of osama bin laden was buried at sea last month. no banner today but a proud crew glad to be home. a judge has decided not to release on bond a bus driver charged in the deaths of four
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passengers. that driver accused of falling asleep behind the wheel of a sky express bus triggering a clash last month on i-95 just north of richmond facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter and the judge says he has got some misgivings of the man because of discrepancies in his new york address in new york city. monika samtani with time saver traffic. >> the big story this evening i think is the beltway. we will take you there live right now first on the north side of town. this is what it looks like at conneticut avenue on the inner loop of the beltway. it slows down all the way around as you head down towards tyson's corner. i will get to that in a minute. here is what it looks like all the way down to route 7 where there has been a long standing accident in the right lane. two cars are involved. and from eastbound 7 to the beltway that ramp is blocked as well. so an fyi for that. if you're one of the 250,000 spectators expected to attend the u.s. open at congressional
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you'll want to make getting there as stress fee as possible. so here are your options. you can take the shuttle from designated parking lots in gaithersburg from 270 either go to montgomery county fair grounds or crown farm on fields road south of sam ike highway. there will be 180 buses running continuously from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day. not what happened in 1997 when they didn't have enough. anyone remember that? transportation will take about 25 minutes for that. shuttles are also available from grovener strathmore stations. now, there will be no general parking or parking for spectators with disabilities at congressional but there is a dropoff location and bicycle parking right across the street at the norwood school. traffic will be challenging so be prepared to be patient. for more information go to our
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website derek, back to you. >> thank you. one question on the minds of golf fans and of course just about all of us, will this wonderful weather just keep on going? topper is on the weather terrace enjoying it for now. >> it is great right now and we are thought in terrible shape as we go through the weekend but we will start with what the fans can bring and what they can't bring. here is the deal. noise producing electronic devices. no food, drink or coolers. even your bags can't be larger than 8 by 8 by 8. can't bring in knapsacks or backpacks. forecast now. showers and storms possible tomorrow on and off pretty much from mid-morning through the day. upper 70s. you can bring an umbrella just don't bring the case. looking at temperatures warming up on friday we are in the mid- 80s with showers and thunderstorms. we go down a little bit for rounds 1 and 2. for us right now fantastic. low 80s. upper 70s. low humidity.
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82 in rockville. 78 in springfield. we will come back and take you all the way through the weekend. >> thank you, topper. seven decades of work and six college degrees to show for it. meet a man who keeps redefining himself to keep up with the times. first, your eyes in the sky. how one airplane maker wants to give you a pretty unique experience. stay with us.
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. imagine this. you're sitting on a flight and you can look up and see the sky rather than just the ceiling on the plane. that's what air bus is hoping to offer in the future in the world's first see through jet. >> you can actually see open space. transparents just by touching with your hands so you could open yourself to the sky if you wished to do so. >> really, really cool, huh? >> air bus says it does not expect to have its see through jet in the air until the year 2050. really? a federal grant will pave the way to bring the capitol bike share program into parts of maryland. national capitol regional transportation planning board approved the 1.9 million grant this afternoon and it will expands the popular program into rockville and shady grove.
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this program has already got 1100 bicyclists from dc and arlington. topper will come back with a look at your forecast for the rest of the week. but first, showcasing through art. you can see some pretty pictures. we will take you there.
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a look at some great pieces of art on display at good old
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union station. creative abilities of two students from each state and the district selected from 4700 entries. ages five to 15. the work will be there on sunday, the 26th. a lifetime of learning earning degree number 6 just this past may. he has lived through eight decades of american history, working, studying and collecting caps and gowns. >> reporter: he started this academic journey way back in 1939. >> had been at war with japan and germany since 1941. there was a very large demand for engineers. >> reporter: so he earned a bachelors in electrical engineering from new york's cooper union which is a tuition free school then went on to get
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a masters in the same field with financial support from his employer. cooper union later honored him with a professional engineering degree but that wasn't enough for his boss at the time. >> and he said to me one day, we are in a scientific state you should have a doctorate degree. >> reporter: he earned a phd in engineering. he realized he needed to go back to the classroom again. >> i had to deal with computers and i had to learn much more about them. >> reporter: so he got a second bachelor's degree in computer studies in 2005 before earning his masters in i.t. from the university of maryland just last month. >> he is still looking forward to the next goal. so i think that's pretty good. >> reporter: the 87-year-old looked into the requirements for the phd program but -- >> no, not for me. i think i'm through with education. >> he says the two things that always stayed the same through
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all of his years of work homework and finals. he holds a number of patents by the way. he has worked for maryland's democratic party now travels to russia with his wife doris who also holds a number of advanced degrees. catholic university now going back to single-sex dorms. the university president says the two most serious ethical challenges for college students is bing drinking and what he calls the culture of hooking up. he says eliminating one of the temptations means students will be better off. so next year the college plans to house all freshmen in single sex dorms then change over the next of the grades in the next few years. what do you think about this decision? i'm old enough to remember when same-sex dorms were considered shocking and a sure sign of moral decay. well, now they are standard in a lot of places but were the critics perhaps right? is it time to go back to the old school way of doing things? share your thoughts in mcginty's mail bag, the address
7:18 pm or join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. check out this scary scene. we caught it on tape in wisconsin. a 19-year-old trying to take cover from a storm said she was worried about a tornado. so she tried to make a run for the building. and that's when the wind just picked her up an swept her away. people in another car ended up pulling her inside though and fortunately she was not hurt. wow. like you say, topper, you've got to seek shelter and she was trying to. >> she was trying. >> almost didn't get there. >> and shows you how fast it comes up. they don't last long come up really, really fast. >> you can't outdrive them? >> not like when you're out camping with a friend, trying to outrun the bear. >> total eclipse of the moon. >> it was on google. >> you can see it on google.
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>> right. exactly. >> you're right. i did see that now that you mention it. it was great in europe. western europe. and africa. and brazil and argentina. actually, it was available. excuse me. it was visible in south america, not north america. blocks the sun. moons goes away and it comes back. >> that is kind of cool. >> is the weather cool. that's what i want to know? >> actually, it is kind of cool. it is always cool like hip but it is actually cool right now. 81 at national. 70st though in most of the suburbs. 77 in fredericksburg. that's pretty good. as we head into summer the next week or so. satellite picture, radar combined. we do have showers and storms. clouds rolling in. but the showers and storms diving from east tennessee into western carolina and upstate carolina. much thunderstorms. we just have to contend with
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clouds tonight and showers from the system could get this by mid-morning. i think we will be able to make it through. morning commute dry. then after that all bets dry. still comfortable tonight. possible storms on thursday. more storms possible friday. then almost hot for round 3 and 4 saturday and sunday of the u.s. open. all right. futurecast. 10:30 tonight you can walk the dog. you can still do some exercises. not so hot we don't have to tell you not to exercise at night. you can when it is this comfortable out. 7 a.m. in the morning showers developing to the west of town. light showers. this is all green stuff. all light. but still wet too. now, by 1 p.m. some showers even a few thunderstorms in the mix right now indicated by the yellow that rolls through early afternoon, late morning. then stay with us on and off all day. so tomorrow for round 1 we will be dancing around showers and a few thunderstorms until we get into friday morning then most of that activity rolls off but some showers and storms while they will be less numerous on friday will develop again
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friday afternoon. tonight increasing clouds and comfortable. 58 to 66. so open the windows. winds are light. now tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy, mild. by afternoon, more showers and thunderstorms possible. high temperatures 75 to 80. the silver lining here is the clouds will keep the temps down a little bit. look at that. air quality code green. that's good air quality. next seven days. a few showers still possible on friday. less numerous 84. then we are kind of flirting with 90 on saturday and sunday. just afternoon storms on saturday. not that numerous. sunday becoming a little more numerous with temperatures around 90. so rounds 1 and 4 are the ones in jeopardy then we are back in the 90s monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> you are the man, sir. >> thank you. let me introduce you to this fellow. his name is austin russell hall born this morning to our producer matt hall and his wife hillary who did all the hard work and as you can see he is
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already a devoted george bulldogs fan just like his daddy who is a really good guy. we are told everybody is doing just fine. we can't to say congreats to matt and his family. >> good job. good job. >> we want to hear what you think. sends your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address 9news now will be right back.
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don't forget you can catch us every morning before you head out the door. 9news now starts weekdays 4:25 a.m. in the mail bag tonight. the economy. last night we provided you with a special look at that republican town hall meeting on the economy that happened at the museum a couple of days ago and frankly we were a bit overwhelmed by all of your passionate responses. adolph thought our live guest was a pure example of what's wrong with our politics. she listed the things democrats have accomplisheders expanded entitlements on which they spent trillions of borrowed dollars and now that this did not give the results they promised she claims it is the republican's refusal to compromise which is the problem with our economy. the economy has not grown because republicans have nom compromised but let's give us a break. another saying she is a republican but she doesn't like
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her party much. i don't want tax cuts for the wealthiest americans and i don't agree that less big government is the answer to pretty much every question put to republican politicians and to say that too much government is the reason we are in this economic mess is a bit much, considering that if we did have a little government oversight then wall street and big banks wouldn't have been able to do what they did. and michele called our program refreshing but said this about our president. i think the public would be better served if president obama spent less time trying to be all things to all people and instead put his plan for fixing the economy out there like others who are stealing his thunder. after all, having plans for reform and setting goals is better than having none at all and accepting the status quo when the economy is getting worse. you know, that's just it. as i said in last night's let's be real commentary right now we seem to be caught between a republican party whose economists argue the plan is likely to work and a democratic
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party with no plan at all. suggestions welcome. send them to that is our report. i will be right back here tonight along with anita brikman and tonight we are working on the cost of college. is it really worth it? we will take a look at that tonight at 11 p.m. log on anytime you like to you have a great evening. we will chat a bit later on. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. "indepth" on the biggest stories happening right now. >> just how did arnold schwarzenegger keep his son a secret for so many years? >> hello, and welcome to "entertainment tonight," i'm mark steines. >> hi, everybody, i'm nancy o'dell. we're piecing together a time line to try and get that answer. line to get that answer. first, the ultimate play boy left at the altar. was hugh hefner's fiancee planning to walk down the aisle, make a dramatic exit and sell the video? someone close to the bride is starting to spill the beans. >> i'm not surprised she ended the engagement with hef. i think it was a calculative move. i think it was plotted, her itunes


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