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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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dick: he loves that shot. john: djokovic there made a conservative effort to go flatter, to really hit through the ball. he's got this lead, a little mojo working, momentum. so he's the one that went bigger instead of nadal. that was a smart move. that's rare when you see him not even try for a shot. dick: marian vajda has been in the djokovic camp for five years. john: he's gone from super pumped up, nadal, to looking a pumped up, nadal, to looking a little discouraged now.
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john: it was called in by the linesman. dick: you rarely cena dal go to the chair. john: that's a classic guy saying did you call it out because djokovic called it out or because you saw it out? nadal is challenging. it's certainly looked at. this is what this chase review is for. at least we can get that confirmation. dick: here is the chase review. john: so you don't feel like the umpire was coerced into that by the opponent. and even if he was, you get to challenge it. 2-4, 0-30.
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the linesman called it in, by the way. he was going to challenge until the umpire called it out. mary: he's so good. dick: three more break points. djokovic about to apply a strangle hold on this first set. john: how many times in a game, two out of the three points, where you cena dal give up -- he didn't even move. maybe a step. that's it. 0-40. complete and utter turnaround complete and utter turnaround here from 2-0 nadal. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.]
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dick: two more chances for a 5-2 lead. dick: two more chances for a dick: this is the seventh break point of this opening set for djokovic. and another chance to go up a double break. listen to this crowd. chanting rafa, chanting novak. mary: it's like a night crowd. here we are on a monday afternoon. feels later, bigger.
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dick: djokovic pinned him in the corner, wouldn't let him out. five straight games to the five straight games to the 25-year-old serb. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the stella artois chalice celebrates the beer. and now the new can... ♪ ...celebrates the chalice. the new stella artois chalice can.
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dick: novak djokovic serves with a double break advantage for the opening set. last year in the final, they split the first two sets. nadal won the first set 6-4, and then djokovic 7-5 before rafa won 6-4, 6-2 to close out the championship. john: what a difference a year makes. nadal finally supplanted federer, thought he could relax. and suddenly this guy becomes a world beater, having the greatest year in the sport's history. they both play slow. that's why it's 5-2. yet it's gone this long.
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john: can't forget rod laver, who won two grand slams. that's four of the big ones in one year. did that twice. the year that djokovic is the year that djokovic is looking to complete. john: nadal is just out of it mentally. just befuddled. can't believe that this has gone completely in the wrong direction the last six games. better get some solutions quick. dick: head-to-head, 24-4 to the man who wins the first set. and that man is about to be djokovic.
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♪ dick: it's a repeat of last year's championship final when nadal beat djokovic in four sets, but a dominating first set for novak djokovic, winning the last six games. see if nadal can figure out plan b here as we go to set two. john: plan a was not to play poorly. plan a was not to serve and lose most of your first serve points.
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it's not necessarily like he has to change game plans yet, rather than just play better and up his -- normally his intensity is so high. it's not as high as it normally is. dick: he's lost his serve the last three times. held only once in that first set. set. that was the opening game. dick: we talked about the fact that in winning the championship last year, nadal was only broken twice. he's been broken three times in he's been broken three times in the first set today.
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john: he is really trying to fire up. i think he realizes there's a definite sense of urgency here in this second. toni has been talking to him each time he's bounced off out of the chair. what he's saying, i don't know, but he's trying to get his nephew more fired up, thank you very least. dick: meanwhile, djokovic contributing three unforced errors with a 40-0 lead.
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dick: won more second serve first points than first. dick: won more second serve john: it seems sometimes that he's trying to move back into the court before he's really hit that shot, and especially at 40-0, i'd like to see him go for a bigger ball there. just let it all hang out. either that or play a much more defensive, sort of like a moon ball. give himself more time to get back in the court. dick: that breaks the string of
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six consecutive games won by djokovic. mary: not only has rafa nadal dominated -- djokovic dominated rafa this year, he's done it on every surface. at indian wells and backed it up in the very next tournament on hard courts. for the clay court swing, he beat him in madrid and he beat him in the next tournament in rome on rafa's best surface. and then he took wimbledon away from nadal. john: the funny thing is producer bob monsbach was preparing that before the telecast. they keep replaying the same thing over and over, to the point where one of the trainers said do you want to turn this off? because it didn't look real good. mary: so that's why he's playing badly. you're blaming it on our producer? john: toni did say djokovic, djokovic, djokovic, djokovic, nadal. they came in believing they could do it.
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it's not looking quite so good it's not looking quite so good at the moment. mary: that's what he's going to have to do. that is what nadal is going to have to be willing to do to try to break open a point every now
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and then by going bigger and gaining some court position. a 26-rally count. rafa cannot beat djokovic by playing steady. he needs to be more than just consistent. he needs to be relentless. john: he was pretty consistent there, but he was able to hit a little bigger. he's gotten his game back. he just found himself in the last few minutes. you can feel it. he's got to make something he's got to make something happen here. john: he let that drop too low.
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that wind was a bit tricky, perhaps let that one bounce. he doesn't try to hit it that hard, he just guided this. it looked like a mis-hit. dick: the wind took it a little farther away from him also than he had anticipated, so 0-30. he had anticipated, so 0-30. nadal with an opening.
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john: i don't know if it's deliberate or not, dick, but he's been going up the center of the court, trying to take away angles from djokovic, perhaps. that one there, he tried that loopy forehand that he makes almost all the time and missed it pretty badly. dick: six errors in just two games of this second set, so a little dip in his play. john: this is like the first set so far. set so far. remember, nadal was up 2-0.
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dick: the wind took that one. two more break points for nadal. when he gets behind in a game, he tends to take more presurface bounces. he gets it over 10. usually around eight. john: we haven't been counting those. dick: no. dick: no. eight, nine, yeah. john: i think nadal's return is underrated, but i don't think it's as good as djokovic. right now he's not getting the
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ball deep enough. that's going to cause problems. he's still willing to stand way back. try to give himself a little more time on the return. better off standing closer. he does that at wimbledon. he does that at wimbledon. he's won it twice there. john: that's the shot he needs. dick: up a break. john: that's the one he's got to be willing to unload on.
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he waited patiently until he finally saw the opening. dick: he needs to get in front in the set. there's the emotions to tell the crowd how he feels. and uncle toni. so a mirror start here in the second set of the first when rafa broke djokovic in the second game for a 2-0 lead, and then it was novak djokovic running out six straight for the 6-2 set. john: i always hate it when an umpire tells the crowd to be quiet. they're just totally into it. they're just totally into it. let them go.
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dick: and in that first set with a 2-0 lead, nadal was broken. djokovic held and continued to break the service games of nadal. john: you get on that roll. you can see why the first point is so important. you lose that, all of a sudden he's thinking about it. that put that in the back of his mind that he'd done that the last set. mary: that is an unbelievable point from djokovic. slid it back to nadal. on the dead run. look at this. nadal did not expect that he'd have to volley this. john: he's got to expect it. he caught it late.
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you've got to be ready for that. mary: djokovic can hit shots that you're not supposed to have to be ready for. john: well, you better be. based on this year's results. based on this year's results. dick: he recovers. dick: a spectacular point. what shot-making! 21-hit rally. john: i'll tell you who needs a little breather is nadal. you talk about an effort. that was mighty.
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wow. to win that point was amazing. let the crowd give him some time. really take his time at 15-30. really take his time at 15-30. even he's breathing hard. dick: a rare free point off his serve. john: that could turn out to be one of the biggest points of the year, not for this guy, but for nadal. to get this momentum really in his favor if he can hold here. try to defend this title.
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dick: it's good. john: looked like it caught the outside of the line. nadal is challenging. figured there's a chance, a minor, a tiny chance that might have been wide. dick: here's the chase review. did it bite the line? did it bite the line? you bet. dick: following the same course as the opening set. dick: following the same course
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dick: a high-stakes point and another long rally as nadal denies break point. 27 strokes in that rally. john: both are working exceptionally hard. you can see djokovic looking the worse for wear of the two in that rally. this is a big, big game for this is a big, big game for nadal.
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dick: the serve was good enough, it staggered djokovic and then he tried to sprint to cover and nadal read that quickly. quickly. game point. mary: that is his kill shot, the backhand down the line. it wasn't a terrible serve either. beautifully placed. it had some action on it. john: wasn't wide enough. you can't get away with that
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against him. you've got to get it into the body or you're going to pay a stiff price, or go a lot wider stiff price, or go a lot wider than that. dick: the energy of this crowd on this monday is marvelous. we haven't seen anything quite like this the entire two weeks. mary: all these people were supposed to be at work. dick: that's why they're so happy. about 5:30 in the evening here in new york. if you're just joining us, this is for the men's championship for the open. novak djokovic defeating nadal at wimbledon to become the number one player in the world. nadal pushed to number two. nadal won it last year. djokovic trying to win it today to make it three out of the
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four majors this year. mary: there's that backhand again. nadal is so used to that being an effective play. the serve out wide. but it's going right into but it's going right into djokovic's greatest strength. dick: three-deuce game that's featured some long, exciting featured some long, exciting rallies.
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john: he's getting the best of him in the longer rallies. you can definitely feel this cat and mouse going on, trying to work up and get that edge, get ahead. it's hard against these guys who are such great athletes. remember, djokovic has played one five-setter this year. dick: and that was the semifinal when he beat federer. john: nadal would love to test him, see what he's made of there again. that's another incredible return. 100 miles an hour, the idea of going into the body, it's not a bad one. it's spinning in, but it didn't get far enough in and it's not hard enough. this is just lethal returning, makes you do better with that serve. dick: longest game of the
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match. great defense by djokovic to get that ball back and earn break point. john: that was a similar kind of serve that federer hit to him on match point up, 45 out wide. now what does he do? he's not doing too well in the ad court, which is normally the better side for him, for the lefty. i haven't seen him go big up i haven't seen him go big up the middle yet.
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mary: that's what he's got to do. go to the backhand. go to that backhand to get to the forehand. john: you can see there that that kick really worked on djokovic. he couldn't put much on it. dick: this game has been almost 11 minutes. john: you can see the magnitude of it, too. the longer it goes, the bigger game it is for nadal to pull this out. dick: he saved two break points. john: that is just amazing. mary: he can't be going to the djokovic backhand on serve. he's got to get it into his body and move it around more.
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john: i'm not going to argue with you there. plus, he's got to throw that fastball at him. go big every now and then, just to keep him more off balanced than he is at the moment. than he is at the moment. dick: both men grabbing air. john: saw a couple points with djokovic saying look, move forward. you've got to get closer to the baseline. he had the shot he wanted right there. dick: a six-deuce marathon, dick: a six-deuce marathon, this 2-0 game.
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dick: moving toward 13 minutes, this game. another djokovic break point. fourth of this game. nadal's had three game points. john: that's not the first time it's happened, nadal with this umpire. that just seems ridiculous right now. dick: a warning for delay.
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they're allowed 20 seconds. they all exceed it. mary: they all exceed it? who is they all? this guy exceeds it more than anyone. dick: djokovic exceeds it. the shot is long. john: djokovic is trying to get some air himself, breathe in through his nose, get it back. that was when the time violation was called. how about doing it -- the other guys complain about it. if he doesn't have anything to if he doesn't have anything to say about it, let them play.
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mary: you don't think you should be rewarded if you are causing your opponent to have a lack of conditioning? john: i don't believe that's what i was saying, but could you repeat that? mary: if someone's -- john: if the guy's not complaining, he can try to call him out on it, if he thinks it's lack of conditioning. i don't think that had anything to do with it. to do with it. : dick: what a game! john: this is incredible. you've got to love this. mary: and he went for that big one down the middle, john.
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john: that's a key thing. i think that's what is going to help him quite a bit. how many people can do that? this has got to feel so good if you're nadal. please let me get this hold. an easy shot. dick: nearly 16 minutes. john: sweat pouring off his john: sweat pouring off his forehead. dick: oh my, a double fault. john: he's looking up. what is the wind doing? he's going to challenge it, too. mary: to grab some extra airport. he knew it was a double fault. dick: whoa!
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that gives djokovic his sixth that gives djokovic his sixth chance to break in this game. dick: a rare complaint about which we do not know. mary: i think he's complaining that the lights are on, believe it or not. john: djokovic was complaining about it earlier. both guys are complaining, i've both guys are complaining, i've got an idea, turn them off. dick: what a defensive lob.
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oh, no, he missed it! what a game! and djokovic comes away with a break back. our coverage of the open continues after this word from continues after this word from your local station.
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dick: third game. you wonder with nadal not holding, and not building on his lead -- mary: this is what they're complaining about, dick. every time the suite doors open and close, there's a glare, a reflection. that was right across from nadal as he's trying to serve. see that thing? that could be very aggravating. >> can you tell them to sit down? dick: i heard earlier in the week, about this hour, especially that reflection is annoying. john: i think tsonga and fish had the same issue. have to put a black drape over that president's box.
5:42 pm
dick: you pointed out, john, that that last game was so important for nadal to increase his lead. after all that work, he's just back on serve. john: it's pretty hard not to be deflated, particularly after what happened in the first set for nadal and the way it went down. getting called for that warning. missing a pretty easy overhead. after an incredible point. he's certainly fighting himself and this guy. dick: umpire ramos asking the fans please, when the server is ready to go to work, do not shout out. mary: oh boy. dick: djokovic has the only aces in the match, three. sliding 1:10 4.
5:43 pm
john: he placed it better, number one. and nadal right now is just -- cannot believe he's about to be tied up again. mary: if you want to play nadal, a guy as tough as nadal, you've got to throw the whole game at him, and this guy's got the whole game. dick: you can shop at and find the largest selection of merchandise. i.b.m. brings the best coverage of the u.s. open to you online and on your mobile device. visit so after 17 minutes and 15 seconds, six break points, djokovic prevailed to get back even, and then it just took about a minute for him to serve four times in a love game. john: that's when the shoulder starts getting sore.
5:44 pm
he just spent 17 minutes he just spent 17 minutes serving. dick: another long rally, and it's nadal's shot that flies long. john: they were just going to decide i'm going to keep doing the same thing until someone misses and it was nadal who once again blinked. that's a key stat, that first serve points won. that is horrible. he's not going to win the match
5:45 pm
if he doesn't get that much higher up. that was a debilitating rally right there for him again. it's a weary volley. just discouraged. he didn't bend. he didn't get low for that, bend his legs. i think he was in disbelief that this came back. this is still -- has something to do with that last service game. i mean, not only did he get it but it's where he put it. dick: his defense has been dick: his defense has been offense. john: he had that one -- seemed
5:46 pm
to have nadal where he wanted him. still in a good position here, 2-2, 15-30. dick: that ends a run of eight straight points for djokovic. john: he's starting to hit the serve harder. the problem is you've got to make sure it goes in. when you hit harder, the percentages drop. dick: that second serve again, djokovic powers a winner. djokovic powers a winner. and with it, two break points.
5:47 pm
dick: nine out of 10 points for djokovic. that's a testimony to the energy spent by both men and the effect on nadal. and then the double fault. so just like the first set, djokovic falls behind 2-0, and djokovic falls behind 2-0, and here he comes again. hey, it's sandra -- from accounting.
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dick: right now it's novak djokovic up a set and a break, after losing his serve early in both sets to fall down 2-0, then he gets on a roll, six straight in the first set for a 6-2 win. now he's won the last two games and serves for the lead 3-2. ben stiller and owen wilson, a doubles combination. doubles combination. john: starski and hutch. john: i don't think he wanted to hit him with that forehand. just so frustrated. it's gone completely wrong again. he seems to be toying with him. that's the right play there. and then nadal felt the need to end that point, not throw up a
5:50 pm
defensive forehand or a lob. dick: the stars have come out dick: the stars have come out for this monday final. john: pretty easy miss for djokovic there. he's had an excellent day at net. 13 of 18. that's part of the problem with nadal. he's not chosen to be as aggressive or as offensive. i think he needed to come to net more. he's good at net. doesn't volley half as much as doesn't volley half as much as djokovic.
5:51 pm
dick: a couple of loose errors from djokovic, 15-30. and the fans that are supporting nadal hoping that that will awaken rafa, who's been in a slump since losing that long marathon third game. marian vajda, coach of djokovic, at the far end of the court from where novak is court from where novak is serving. john: djokovic has had a really solid serving day. he's won a lot more free points, easy points than nadal has. nadal hasn't hit a single ace.
5:52 pm
huge, huge difference there. that's why he's a set and a that's why he's a set and a break up. john: he was worried -- there's novak's girlfriend. dick: she was really on her feet yelling, fired up in that federer semifinal. john: nadal could have hit the running forehand on his front foot. he started to move back into the court. he was off balanced on that effort. >> time violation, novak djokovic. dick: and violation against djokovic for exceeding the
5:53 pm
time. john: nadal was going after him a lot of that changeover, a good part of it. and it seems to have paid off in that sense. dick: both men have been washed. if -- warned. if there is another violation, it will be a point. mary: here's the backhand returns when he really needed him. this was a game point for nadal. this is that long 17-plus minute game. takes his backhand crosscourt and draws an error. he eventually broke here, going big on the forehand. john: a couple years ago, nadal was thrashed by del potro 6-2, 6-2, 6-2. people have some pretty good memories here. they don't want to see that happen again. trying to urge nadal on.
5:54 pm
both sets, nadal was up 2-0. dick: jay-z and beyonce. expecting a child. dick: jay-z and beyonce.
5:55 pm
john: absolutely nothing going right for nadal now. he's hustling, he's scrambling. he's there in plenty of time. dick: doesn't miss many of these. john: just clips the top of the john: just clips the top of the tape. dick: the wind arriving just as he made his ball toss. john: that's going to psych him out again. caused problems in the first set for him when he had that set for him when he had that lead. dick: needs a hold here to stay in touch with his opponent, who
5:56 pm
has a set and a break lead. can ill afford to fall double can ill afford to fall double break down again. john: it started with how well he's hitting it and how deep he hits it, djokovic. it is just unbelievably difficult to deal with his return. dick: it's as if nadal wants to get uptighter on the baseline and djokovic sends one right at
5:57 pm
his feet and he has to stumble back to make his shot. back to make his shot. game point for 3-4. mary: oh boy. he's just so good from everywhere now, isn't he? so dangerous from everywhere. john: this is a ball nadal needs to do more, though. he really didn't make him stretch a whole lot there. mary: remember, last year, he
5:58 pm
only had his serve broken twice. before the final. john: djokovic broke him three times last year. already five today. twice before that. a lot more often this year. reversed with djokovic. even that was on the line. dick: another break point for djokovic. john: you've got to expect it to be on the line or just inside. let's take a look at the replay here. dick: it's pushing him back again. john: yeah, right inside the line. dick: chase review confirming. painted it dead center. john: the chance to put this away, the set. dick: just missed. dick: just missed. john: just barely.
5:59 pm
dick: 23,500-plus here at arthur ashe stadium. the largest tennis arena in the the largest tennis arena in the world.


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