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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the day will finish much better than it is going to start. the week will finish much better than it started. and the coming weekend, be nice, monday carc the coming weekend is going to be a lot better than what we just endured. here's a look at your day planner. get ready for some clouds early. grab the shades before you go out. leave the umbrella at home. the shades, exactly. sunglasses, mike. something to protect from you the big, bright light in the sky. 62 at noon. 66 at 5:00 with a high today between 65 and 70. satellite and radar, a couple of sprinkles overnight come down from south to north or north to south, even south- southeast, this morning, the last of that was down for us at northern neck and the eastern shore. that's it. it is pretty quiet right now, thankfully. mid-40s up in the shenandoah valley. some fog, hagerstown west toward cumberland and oakland with low 50s down across southern maryland. our highs today looking nice. we'll be in the 60s to right
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around the 70 degree mark south and southwest of town. even warmer tomorrow. monika? >> we're loving that. thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. we've got the green light because we're loving traffic. can i say that? it is the green light because everything is clear all around town. let me show you the beltway. no problems. the green cars all around town show you that. we'll go to the southern side of maryland. no problems on route four, route 301 heading up to the beltway. a live look further north in college park. here's what it looks like at route one heading past i-95 into silver spring. all of the lanes are open. no problems on 95 coming in from laurel. we'll go back over to the maps. this time, let's zoom into the northside of town. no problems here as you travel. no problems as you travel through 270 on the beltway through bethesda and up on 270, no problems in from frederick down toward rockville and the american legion bridge. now, let's take a look at trains if you're planning to travel on metro, vre or marc.
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serving on time. we'll take a at 5:10. >> thank you, monika. in the last ten minutes, american student amanda knox has boarded a plane for her trip home today. >> an italian appeals court overturned her conviction. knox had been jailed for nearly four years waiting for this. surae chinn is monitoring the developments in the satellite center and again, just ten minutes ago, she's on her way back. surae? >> amanda knox woke up a free woman today. associated press just releasing information saying she has been spotted at the airport in rome heading to london. of course, we're following the developments. meanwhile, it was an emotional day in an italian courtroom yesterday. >> both are acquitted. orders immediate release from prison. >> 24-year-old seattle native amanda knox breaks down sobbing after hearing the verdict. the 26-year murder conviction overturned after spending four
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years in prison. there was clapping inside the courtroom as she was led away by italian police, crying all the way. she and her ex-boyfriend were accused of killing her british roommate. both have been set free. in a letter, she thanked those who supported her and "shared my suffering" and helped me survive with hope. knox's sister, deanna spoke to the media shortly after her sister's name was cleared. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. she suffered for four years for a crime she did not commit. we're thankful for the support we have received from all over the world. people who took the time to research the case and could see that amanda and raffaele sollecito were innocent. lastly, we're thankful to the court for having the courage to look for the truth and to overturn this conviction. >> the victim's family has just held a press conference. i'll have that reaction coming up in the next half hour. a third person has been
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sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder. meanwhile, amanda knox left the courthouse two hours after the verdict was said and now we know she is at the airport reported by "the associated press" ready to board a plane to london and eventually the united states. back to you. >> surae, the big thing was overturned, the murder conviction but amanda knox is found guilty on another charge. what was that about? >> the court upheld another conviction and that involves defamation and so they upheld that with sentence already served. she apparently accused a bar owner, falsely accusing him of murder. also, the prosecutors could go on and try to appeal this case to their highest court basically essentially equivalent to the supreme court here in the united states. of course, that would be an uphill battle if they tried to decide and fight the united states legal system. back to you.
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all right, i think that deaf nation of character charge also carries a fine that she was told to pay. thank you, surae, reporting live from our satellite center. the defense in the carmella della rosa trial claims she was a severely disturbed woman. the 50-year-old is charged with killing her 2-year-old granddaughter by tossing her over a sky bridge at tysons corner. monday, della rosa's attorneys presented evidence she tried to commit suicide on four other occasions. her psychologist testified she believed della rosa to be in a downward spiral but admitted she never diagnosed the woman as psychotic or bipolar. there is new health department -- a new health department report out about cancer cases around maryland, fort detrick. the report finds no spikes in cancer cases immediately surrounding the fort but it does show that for a couple of kinds of cancer, the rate in frederick county is significantly higher than for the entire state of maryland. however, this report is only based on cases from 1992 to 2008 and community activists
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say that's not thorough enough given that chemicals were tested at the fort for decades. so maybe people in our area will benefit from delicious difference week. volunteers helped staff members at martha's table prepare about 1,000 meals for hungry people around washington. 20 volunteers are part of a worldwide effort by kraft foods this week to get its 30,000 employees to help in the fight against hunger. the president of martha's table says they can use all of the help they can get. >> during this recession, we have seen the demand for food going up, quadruple growth in the number of people coming to us for food. our waiting list for our day care is over 260 kids. >> martha's table prepares more than half a million meals a year to help keep needy people around d.c. from going hungry as well as providing clothing and other assistance as well. maryland's first lady is helping to implement michelle obama's let's move campaign.
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katie o'malley launched chop- chop, maryland. last night at government house in annapolis. chop-chop will offer a new recipe every month which is healthy, easy to prepare and uses food products grown in maryland. time for the latest "your money" report of the morning. >> jessica is here with is a look at the markets. here we go again. >> let's stay positive. let's think of it this way. if you're a bargain shopper, this is your time. >> we're selling even more, seeing more losses overseas this morning following the sell- off here in the u.s. and blame greece. another setback in the financial crisis is hammering stocks around the world. checking the numbers, dow surged at 10,655. dropped another 258 points in trade yesterday. nasdaq was off by almost 80 and the s&p 500 was down 32 points. the sell-off on wall street has gotten pretty bad. losses in the major averages now approaching what is
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considered bear market territory. since the peak in april, the dow is down about 17%. s&p 500 is off almost 19%. now, 20% declines are generally considered fair market. that's a time when widespread pessimism and fear tend to lead to more sell-offs. the donald is now becoming the virginia winemaker. today, virginia governor bob mcdonnell is helping donald trump open trump's vineyard estates. the winery was formerly known as cluge estates. you know what i'm thinking? road trip. >> before you go on the road, what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> top pet peeves for travelers when you go and stay in a hotel. >> i've got a couple. >> thanks, jess. >> thank you. >> the suspect in a terror plot targeting d.c. goes to court. that story is coming up. >> plus, presidential candidate michele bachmann's campaign in trouble? more of her top aides jumping ship.
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>> the redskins have been on the verge of a quarterback controversy all season. now, there are questions about who should be the starting runningback. we'll be right back.
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they forced passengers to get off and then opened fire. similar attack happened two weeks ago. the man accused of plotting to fly explosive-packed model planes into the u.s. capitol and the pentagon has pleaded not guilty. 26-year-old rezwan ferdaus was arraigned monday in a massachusetts courtroom. his lawyer suggested the government entrapped ferdaus to make its case. >> it appears michele bachmann's presidential campaign is in trouble. pollsters have returned to
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minnesota. while bachmann's deputy press secretary and scheduler also went back to the congressional office. her campaign manager and his deputy also stepped down. >> it is 5:12. it is an innovation dreamed up by science fiction writers but now, researchers say they've developed a real life invisibility cloak. we'll show it to you at 5:49. >> at 5:30, the president heads to the lone star state trying to drum up support for his jobs plan. it is not getting anywhere on capitol hill. >> next at 5:14, there is a lot of sunshine, mike. , in howard's seven-day forecast. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:15 on this tuesday morning. howard bernstein. he has a smile on his face and sunshine in the forecast. >> yeah. sunshine in the forecast probably more important to people than the smile on my face. >> that's what the smile means. >> exactly. maybe it will make them happy. >> i won't say anything about howard. >> here's the forecast. >> weatherwise, good morning. i'm so happy she's next to me. we do have sunshine in the forecast in a few hours. right now though, mostly cloudy
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and still a little bit damp. your bus stop forecast, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. you definitely need a jacket. put the rain gear away. grab the sunglasses. 46 to 56 this morning. sun not up until 7:07. we start with some clouds. however, later this morning, the sun returns. 62 by noon with sunshine. winds out of the northwest 10 to 15. gusting over 20 at times this afternoon. highs making it 65 to 70. storm system spinning now to our east across new jersey, south of new york. yesterday, it was in southern maryland to start the day. had a couple of showers overnight. those things are pretty much dissipated but it left a little bit of fog in its wake. sun returns today. looking at the weather headlines. turning milder, too. 53 yesterday. high in town of 58. grab the sun glass. we'll be even warmer wednesday with highs potentially near 75. we talked about the fog. moved in toward frederick and westminster. visibility down to about a half- mile. we'll also worry about that in northern loudoun county and
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eastern west virginia. hagerstown and points west, maryland, visibility only about a quarter mile. closer to town. we're fine on the visibility. temperatures, talked about them. gaithersburg, 46 along with sterling. 48 in columbia. down south, we've got 50, fort belvoir. mason neck, alexandria. baden, andrews, bowie, college park all at 50 degrees this morning. reagan national sits a little bit milder at 52 with partly cloudy skies. very light at 3 miles per hour. once we get rid of that storm that's been across us and the northeast, look to the west. you have to go west of the rockies where you're finding lots of showers. they're moving south to north. they're not charging east. storm systems, as you know, haven't been moving very quickly. we'll be good. we'll get rid of this. we'll have several days, maybe a week of pretty decent weather around here. here is a look at the next three days. today, upper 60s.
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sun returns, breezy. tonight, 40s and 50s. tomorrow, breezy again. milder. 74 under mostly sunny skies. thursday, mostly sunny but a little bit cooler. temperatures in the upper 60s. friday, around 70. the weekend looks warmer and sunny and dry and nice and pumpkin picking, garden attention weather for you. monika? >> everything we've been wanting to know for weeks. >> we've got the green light. i'm happy about that as well. good morning, everybody. we'll take a look at the beltway and travel first into virginia on the northbound side of i-9 a. you're looking good out of fredericksburg into springfield. we'll take a live look at 395 at duke street. no problems, a bit of volume both in the main and hov lanes as you head for the 14th street bridge. we'll go back over to the map and this time, to the westside of town. we're looking good on the dulles toll road, the georgetown pike, route 7, route 123. let's take a live look if you're planning to head into
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tysons corner. just all of that metro construction but no delays through that early, early this morning. and if you are planning to take 66, here is a look at your travel times. it is about 10 minutes from 7100 to the beltway. 495 from 95 to 270, 10 minutes on the top stretch. 295 leaving the beltway. 7 minutes right now. in my next report, we'll take a look into maryland at 5:25. >> a family emergency takes ovechkin away from the capital for days. >> who's the best choice to carry the rock for the redskins? that's coming up in sports. >> before we head to break, time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> what is the number one thing most men say they would like to change about their significant other. is it hairstyle, attitude or attention they receive? >> monika johnson wrote on the face back page, b, i i've been told many times i need to change my attitude. >> log on to the
5:20 am page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer later this morning. we'll be back. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing?
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5:22. mostly cloudy skies right now. hardly any sprinkles are left. as we go through the morning, that's what we'll find. maybe in the mountains. a sprinkle before 9:00. still be looking at a decent amount of clouds. low to mid-50s.
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look how we start to see more and more sunshine. upper 50s to low 60s with the noon hour. partly to mostly sunny. 66 at 3:00. maybe a shower in the mountains. highs today 55 to 70. it will be a great afternoon. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. a point after attempt turns into a 100-yard run. >> plus, the redskins have a problem. some teams would welcome. picking a better running back. >> good morning, everybody. the only thing worse than barely winning a game is not winning a game. and while some fans may be discouraged the redskins let the lowly rams hang around deep into the fourth quarter on sunday, take comfort in knowing that's the same kind of game the 'skins would have found a way to lose. perhaps the most pleasant surprise, ryan terrain's re- emergence after not talking the ball once, the runningback exploded for 135 yards on 19 carries including the 20-yard
5:24 am
touchdown run that you saw. hey, coach, remember me? >> he's got good playability. we've seen it last year. hopefully he can stay healthy. i think everybody saw what he did when he did come in. in this last game and made some excellent runs. big-time runs. hopefully he can do that through the remainder of the season. >> question is will it be terrain or tim hightower who starts against the eagles. shanahan ducked that question yesterday saying he'll play the best players. though he did reveal hightower injured his shoulder earlier in the game on sunday. >> ovechkin left the capitals to fly home to moscow to attend the funeral of his uncle. they issued a press release offering their sympathy. a team official did say they hope to have him back for the season opener on saturday. finally, this is lewis and clark college taking on pacific lewis and clark gets their extra point blocked there. everybody heads over to the sidelines. the thing is that ball is still
5:25 am
alive and brian mill finally figures that out and he scoops it up. and he's running. the cat there in the orange shirt. he's to the 30. he breaks a tackle at the 20. he makes a move at the 10. 100 yards for the touchdown -- you want to say touchdown but it wasn't. it was 2 points for pacific. helps to know the rules of the game. that's a quick look at sports this most morning, i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday. >> all of that for two points. >> monday night football fans missed their usual theme song. we'll tell you why espn refused to air hank williams jr. coming up. >> amanda knox is ready to leave her home after her murder conviction overturned in italy yesterday. quick check of traffic now. monika? >> we'll take a live look westbound on route 50 into mitchellville and to the beltway and landover. westbound 50 is looking good this morning. in my next report, we'll take a closer look at maryland roads
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at 5:30. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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i'm andrea roane. things are looking up. monika will have traffic in a moment. we've been joking all morning. i've been joking. they've been making fun of me because it has been rainy forever. >> he's been whining. >> i've been whining about it. howard said you know what? take it easy. it will be good today. >> today, tomorrow, through the weekend the way it looks right now. stars have been moving really slowly the last several weeks. we've been in a part of the storm which has been wet. we'll kick this one out today. then it looks like we won't see much here for maybe a week. then maybe middle of next week, some change again. a look at the day planner expecting sunshine to move in. mostly cloudy early this morning and then sun by noon. 66 at 5:00 with highs today
5:30 am
between 65 and 70. overnight, we've had a few light sprinkles. streets are a little wet in spots. with the moisture around, the low level moisture, seeing some fog up north from westminster and frederick, especially western maryland with cumberland, visibilities near zero in spots. temperatures running from the mid 40s to the low 50s. jacket this morning. take the sunglasses and leave the umbrella home. monika? >> i'm going to find them, howard. the green light this morning because everything still looking good. good morning. we'll take a look at the beltway and first, let's zoom in to the east side of town. no problems to report on the bw parkway or route 50 heading for the beltway. the beltway looks good between 95 and the wilson bridge. let's take a live look if you're planning to head here on 95 from laurel at route 198, you're fine from baltimore down to college park and over into silver spring on the outer loop of the beltway. back over to the maps, zoom into 270 coming in from frederick all the way here.
5:31 am
no problems from route 15, i-70 down the line on 270, take a live look at 270. looking good here in toward rockville and the point where the lanes divide. if you're headed to the american legion bridge, you'll be ok there on the west side of town. inbound on i-66, 7100 to the beltway. 295 to the 11th street bridge, only 7 minutes right now. we'll take a look into the district at 5:39. deep in the heart of texas, today, president obama is heading to dallas. >> he'll be there to push his $447 billion jobs package. he sent his plan to congress but there has been little movement on the bill since then. he wants congress to vote on his entire plan coming up this month. >> if there are aspects of the bill that they don't like, they should tell us what it is they're not willing to go for. they should tell us what it is that they're prepared to see move forward. >> we can't re-elect someone
5:32 am
who thinks the answer for every problem is a new government program. mitt romney who you see right there and other republican presidential candidates are hoping to take advantage of voter frustration on the economy. few americans blame president obama for the state of the economy. more than 2/3 don't think he's made some progress in fixing it, however. >> american student am dan knox is expected to get home today. she's been jailed in italy for nearly four years until yesterday. that's when an appeals court overturned knox's conviction in the murder of her british roommate. 9news now reporter surae chinn has more on the overnight developments from our satellite center. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. camera crews have spotted amanda knox's family at an airport in rome. it is expected amanda will be arriving in the united states later on today via london. meanwhile, the victim's family just held a press conference reacting to the murder convictions overturned. let's listen in.
5:33 am
>> we accept the decision that was handed down yesterday and respect the call and obviously the italian justice system. we do find we're left looking that the again and thinking how a decision that was so certain two years ago has been so emphatically overturned now. >> the kercher family says they feel as if they're starting from square one while one family is coming to terms and accepting the process, amanda knox is on a plane or heading home right now. friends of amanda knox in her seattle hometown have been anxiously waiting and erupted in cheers but say it is bit err sweet. >> let us not forget this is primarily a sad occasion. a young woman lost her life. and two innocent young people had a portion of their lives stolen from them. >> amanda knox broke down in tears after the jury overturned her murder conviction because of flawed dna evidence. her ex-boyfriend was also
5:34 am
acquitted. again, amanda knox heading to the airport and heading home to the united states to her hometown in seattle via london this morning. back to you, andrea and mike. >> thank you for the update. there is a new online campaign aimed at solving the murder of a virginia tech student. this month marks two years since morgan harrington vanished after leaving a concert in charlottesville. her remains were found early last year on a farm about ten miles from the site where harrington disappeared. her family has started a web site called help save the next girl. it seeks information on harrington's killing or leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. tonight, the antidefamation league will honor the fbi for thwarting a terror plot that was targeting metro. agents arrested baruch achmed saying he was scouting several stations in northern virginia and brainstormed ways to bomb the stations and kill as many as people as possible. he didn't know he was plotting his attacks with undercover agents. he pleaded guilty in april and
5:35 am
was sentenced to 23 years in prison. coming up on 5:35, time for another "your money" report. >> that's why jessica doyle is here with safety concerns about a car that's already been discontinued. >> we're talking about the saturn ion. there are growing safety concerns about the vehicle. there are a lot still on the road even after the brand has been discontinued. the concerns are whether or not they're safe to drive. the federal government is investigating the ion. it has been getting reports of a sudden loss of power steering. the investigation opens thursday. it is focusing on 2004 through 2007 model years. g.m. sold more than 382,000 of the ions during that time. 3500 complaints have been filed so far about loss of power steering in the vehicles. two crashes with injuries have been blamed on the alleged defect. g.m. recalled more than one million chevy cobalts and pontiac g5 cars in 2010 because of a similar problem. talk about a hands on lesson in managing your money.
5:36 am
the high school students are running a bank branch with parkville high and riverdale. it is part of a joint effort by capital one bank and the school system to promote financial literacy among students. >> when you stay in a hotel, what pet peeves get under your skin? it is the rockety sounds from the heating and ac units or other hotel noises. noisy rooms is the number one complaint in the new j.d. power traveler survey. smelly rooms, sluggish web connections and rude staff. >> i don't know about smelly over -- >> the one thing that's nice is the trend of less cigarette smoking. you don't get that heavy, thick smell anymore. >> you used to be able to walk in the room and smell the curtains from the doorway. >> that's gone. >> i would say noise, too, wouldn't you? >> smell. >> can't deal with smell. >> i don't like mold in the bathroom. that grosses me out. >> bedbugs.
5:37 am
>> the list grows! >> thanks, jess. the brac relocation is starting to frustrate more and more area drivers. we'll tell you how next. >> the expanded plan for the purple line after montgomery residents and business owners are all but certain they'll lose their property. for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf, you'll have a great time. great seafood, beautiful beaches and fun for the whole family. we've got intimate bed and breakfast
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5:39. you know, looking up here in the northwest, a lot of stars showing. breaks are coming earlier and earlier. we may have some clouds this morning. we'll be better with that storm pulling away. a much better day ahead. here is our day planner. look for, again, partly to mostly cloudy early. might see the lingering sprinkle in the mountains. sunny, partly to mostly sunny today. 62 at noon. 65 to 70. looking much better. monika? >> we'll take a live look at pennsylvania avenue here at the sousa bridge coming in from
5:40 am
forestville. silver hill and into southeast across the sousa bridge, you'll be fine this morning. in my next report, we'll take a look at reports of an accident at northbound 295 at the 11th street bridge. back to you, andrea. >> they're not happy. some montgomery county residents say newly-revealed plans for metro's purple line will wipe them out. planners had to expand the size of the rail yard and maintenance facility in littonsville. that proposal along with the route could lead to the destruction of dozens of businesses along brookville road. >> the yards of some homes will be taken in the development of the purple line in our neighborhood. >> there's no hope for us to keep our business, our building. >> lee expects to lose his 30- year-old rental property and a heating warehouse. now neighbors are hoping somehow to convince planners to scale back the project even though governor o'malley has already signed off on it. >> virginia's department of transportation is trying to find a way to ease traffic back- ups near fort belvoir.
5:41 am
i-95 south and fairfax county parkway are more crowded now. more than 20,000 defense- related workers moved to fort belvoir because of brac. among the options being considered are new bus routes along route one from alexandria to stafford and of course, quite a few more. >> it has been the stuff of science fiction for decades. now, some u.s. researchers say they have created an invisibility cloak. we'll show it to you coming up. >> plus, students at the university of maryland are creating robot animals that might end up helping the military. >> here is a look at who's celebrating a birthday today. the 4th of october. redskins great sam huff is 77. celebrity gossip novelist jackie collins is 74. she writes about vampires and she moved to louisiana to do it. anne rice is 70. he's managing the cardinals in the baseball playoffs, tony larussa is 67. >> susan sarandon turns 65
5:42 am
today. russell simmons is 54. actress leak schreiber is 54. alicia silverstone turns 35 today. she's a u.s. woman's figure skating championship, kimmy meissner turns 22. we'll be right back. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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gray skies are going to clear up. put on a happy face. >> and they have. >> my mood is dramatically better. >> a little over an hour and 20 minutes from now, 7:07, sun will rise. a number of us are going to see the sun rise for a change. >> very wet around here. we get a nice break. for a week or so before we get wet once again. there will be some chances to get outside. maybe get some of the work done outside that you haven't been
5:46 am
able to before the colder weather sets in another month. here we go. your bus stop forecast. we've got partly cloudy conditions. some patchy fog north and west of town. especially up and along i-70 in western maryland and northern maryland. temps ranging from the mid 40s to the mid-50s. there is our sunrise at 7:07 this morning. our day planner, i've improved it. partly cloudy conditions this morning. mix of sun and clouds. partly to mostly sunny the rest of the day. lower 60s at noon. highs today between 65 and 70. yesterday, 53 with the clouds and the showers. by 8:00, we're back down to 61. behind the storm system spinning now, you can see it spinning here over new jersey, new york city. behind the storm system, winds will kick up out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. could gust over 20 at times. we had a few showers overnight coming in from behind the storm. this morning, it is quiet on the doppler.
5:47 am
we're looking at visibilities ranging from a quarter mile from hagerstown to cumberland. zero in oakland to a mile and a half in frederick. parts of northern loudoun county may be seeing more in carroll county. westminster, 3/4. their temperature, 46 with a little fog. winchester also 46 along with cumberland. to the south of us, lower 50s showing up from southern maryland. even fredericksburg at 50. here in washington, the potomac keeping reagan national slightly warmer. dew points are in the upper 40s, humidity at 83%. we'll say good-bye to the storm system in the east. then we look west to see what's coming. there is nothing coming. there are showers west of the rockies out toward the west coast. it is moving south to north. it is not moving east. we've got a nice block over the middle of the country. that will prevent much from getting here until sometime, might be until the middle of next week. once we kick this baby out of here. all right, today, we're looking at temps upper 60s with a few
5:48 am
clouds around in spots early. some fog. but turning partly to mostly sunny. breezy, too. tonight, 40s and 50s. milder on wednesday. 74 for thursday. gets a little cooler. winds turn northeast 67. we'll call it pleasant. then as we head toward the weekend, temperatures will be warming even more. saturday and sunday looks fantastic. sunshine. well up in the 70s. if not, 80 degrees by the end of the weekend, monika. >> that's really nice. i'm looking forward to that. live look from sky 9 to start things off this time. on the northbound side of 95 here at route 175, there has been this car on fire. you can see, authorities are on the scene. they've pushed everything off to the shoulder. this is the northbound side. southbound, you should be ok. as you leave baltimore heading for 175. we'll start off with a yellow light and that's because that incident and also because i'm getting word of an accident northbound 295 at the 11th street bridge with police on the scene. otherwise, the beltway is
5:49 am
looking fine. let's zoom in first of all to virginia on 395 and 66 inside the beltway. no problems on 95 coming up from fredericksburg. we'll take a live look at the beltway at route 1 in alexandria. you're fine really from here to 95 in springfield and heading up north toward annandale. let's go back over to the maps. this time, we'll zoom into 66. no problems from centreville. we'll take a live look at spout run inside the beltway. volumes are light and if you plan to take trains this morning, everything is running on time on metro, marc and vre. coming up, an update on the incidents i just talked about at 6:00. andrea, back to you. making news now at 5:49, jury selection begins today in the trial of umar farouk abdul mutallab. he's accused of trying to bring down a detroit-bound airliner on christmas day of 2009. he has legal assistance but he's acting as his own lawyer. >> people are wading through
5:50 am
chest-deep flood weathers in parts of the philippines after two typhoons hit there in the last week. thousands of residents need food and supplies. four deaths are blamed on the storms. some people were trapped in their homes for days! in pennsylvania, richard moyer jr. is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a bear. the bear ran into his home yesterday morning while chasing the family's dog and knocked moyer's wife to the ground. moyer says he grabbed the bear and it would have killed him except unknown reason, the bear quit attacking and went back into the woods. >> on the university of maryland's campus, you should not only fear the turtle but also the beaver and the crocodile and a host of oro bottic animals. instead of crafting human-type robots to perform tasks, graduate students started building turtle box and crocodile box and a lot more. >> the end goal is to use them for exploration in various terrains, for example in space
5:51 am
and harder terrains humans can't really reach. >> outside agencies including the u.s. army research laboratory have expressed interest in the work at maryland's rottic center. other programs like applications of assisting doctors during surgery. >> well, if that's not high tech enough for you, how about something right out of harry potter or star trek? scientists in texas showed off their invisibility cloak. can you see it? watch the banner in the middle appear and then disappear. researchers use nanotechnology to initiate the mirage effect we can see in the desert or along roadways. the practical applications haven't been explored yet. it is a good guess the cia is watching this one. is that neat? >> yeah. >> i like it. >> that's pretty wild. >> ok. time to take another look at the question of the morning. >> it is what is the number one thing most men say they would like to change about their significant other?
5:52 am
is it... >> one of our facebook responses, patrick mcdonald wrote c for sure. attention they receive. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. a new commercial features celebrities using two f words. that story is coming up. >> plus, a maryland boy's classmates come together to help him through a life- threatening medical condition. a major airline could be going bankrupt. what does that mean for airline ticket prices and your frequent flier miles? we're taking a look at american airlines coming up at 6:06. you're watching 9news now. [ mom ] hey guys.
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you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. 5:55. keep the rain gear at home. grab the shades. we'll have clearing skying, perhaps a few clouds bubble up in the morning. look at this. partly sunny. we could become mostly sunny this afternoon. 66 by 3:00. high temperatures getting up between 65 and 70. andrea? >> thank you, howard. well, if you watched the beginning of last night's nfl game, you may have noticed something missing. espn dropped the familiar
5:56 am
monday fight football theme song because of comments its singer, hank williams jr., made about president obama on fox news. >> you mean when john boehner played golf with president obama? >> oh, yeah. yeah and biden and kasich. yeah. uh-huh. >> what did you not like about it. it seemed to be a pivotal moment for you. >> come on, that would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu. >> ok? >> not hardly. in the country this shape is in -- the shape this country is in -- >> well, i'm glad you don't brother because a lot of people do. they're the enemies. >> who is the enemy? >> obama and biden. are you kidding? the three stooges. >> williams, a republican appeared on fox news because he announced he may run for u.s. senate in tennessee next year. a slew of celebrities are using the f word.
5:57 am
they say it is to try to make a difference. >> familiaren is real insanity. >> famine. >> 30,000 children have died in three months. >> this new ad from an antipoverty group. they're hoping to increase public support to decrease the crisis. in our area, one elementary school student is receiving a chorus of support from his classmates. when brandon was diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma, his young friends did something extraordinary. the family shared this remarkable story with our andrea mccarren. >> 10-year-old brandon carboneny is a fifth grader at bethesda elementary school. none hodgkins lymphoma took away his hair but not his
5:58 am
friends. >> he's a happy, go lucky kind of kid. he's everybody's best friend. >> days before the start of the school year, brandon was increasingly nervous. one of the biggest concerns, how he would feel the first day of school with no hair. >> people would make fun of me. i felt like i don't want to do this anymore. probably want to be home schooled for awhile. >> a baseball coach dreamed up an idea. what if a couple of brandon's friends did something drastic to look like him. so, one by one, brandon's friends shaved their heads. 13 boys in all. he would no longer stand out that first day of school. >> i felt happy that people would do that for me. >> it was probably the most emotional day of my life. it was a tough day. and a very positive way. >> off came the hair, on came the smiles. baldness overshadowed by belly laughter. >> it was a party. it was out of control. in the barbershop. >> i wasn't sure at 10 years old they really get it and the
5:59 am
kids did. >> today, branden is back in school and still surrounded by his fuzzy-headed friends. >> i think we want to tell them how important they are and how they can cheer you up when things are tough. >> i felt grateful. >> hair, he learned, may come and go but friends, they last forever. in bethesda, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> great group of friends. brandon has endured four surgeries and two rounds of chemotherapy. doctors say his prognosis is excellent. >> thanks for watching 9news now. excuse me, a little choked up. here's monika samtani with traffic in just a moment. >> howard bernstein is here. i'm andrea roane. happy tuesday. he has our weather first. >> fitting that the sun returns following that. we've got good weather today. actually for quite some time now, we've been stuck in the doldrums for awhile. we'll break out of it. we're seeing partly cloudy to mainly clear skies in spots right now. 51 at national. 62 by noon. partly


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