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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we have done an outstanding job in going after directly al qaeda in this border region between pakistan and afghanistan. we could not have been as successful as we have been without the cooperation of the pakistan government. so, on a whole range of issues, they have been an effective partner with us. what is also true is that our goal of being able to transition out of afghanistan and leave a stable government behind, one that is independent and one is respectful of human rights and one that is democratic that pakistan has been more ambivalent of our goals there. i think they have hedged their
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bets in terms of what afghanistan would look like. part of hedging their bets is having interactions with some of the unsavory characters whom they might think takeover in afghanistan after coalition forces have left. what we tried to persuade pakistan is it is of their interest to have a stable afghanistan. they should not be feeling threatened by a stable independent afghanistan. we tried to get conversations between afghans and pakistans going more effectively in the past. we still have more work to do. there is no doubt there is some connections. pakistani military has with certain individuals that we find troubling. i have said that publicly and i
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have said it privately to pakistani officials as well. they see their security interests threatened by an independent afghanistan in part because they think it will ally itself to india. part of what we want to do is actually get pakistan to realize that a peaceful approach toward india would be in everybody's best interests and would help pakistan develop. one of the biggest problems in pakistan right now is poverty and illiteracy and lack of development. you know, civil institutions that are not strong enough to deliver for the pakistani people. in that environment, you have seen extremism degree. you have seen militants grow that doesn't just threaten our
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efforts in afghanistan, but threatens the pakistani government and pakistani people as well. trying to get and that orientation is not easy. you know, we will constantly evaluate our relationship with pakistan based on the overall protecting to help america and our interests. we have a great desire to help the pakistani people strengthen their own society and their own government. so, i would be hesitant to punish aid for flood victims in pakistan because of poor decisions by their intelligence services.
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there's no doubt that we're not going to feel comfortable with a long-term strategic relationship with pakistan. if we don't think they are mindful of our interests as well. i'll make this last question. amir. >> reporter: thank you, mr. president. >> caught you by surprise in. >> reporter: you did. what should european leaders do to resolve the debt crisis going forward? secondly, how risky is this continued situation to the u.s. economy? finally, do you feel the european leaders are negligent in pushing austerity too soon? >> those are good questions. the biggest head wind the
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american economy is facing right now is uncertainty about europe. it is affecting global markets. the slowdown that we're seeing is not just happening here in the united states. it is happening everywhere. even in some of the emerging markets like china. you are seeing greater caution and less investment. deep concern. in some ways, you know, as frustrating as the financial sector has been here in the united states after the lehman collapse, the aggressive actions that were taken right after lehman did help us to strengthen the financial sector and the banking sector in ways that europe did not fully go through. and, you know, uncertainty around greece and their ability
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to pay their debts runs on in the capital markets and runs on the debt that many of these southern european countries have been facing as well as ireland and portugal. all of that has put severe strain on the world financial markets. i have spoken with angela merkl. they want to act to prevent a sovereign debt crisis from spinning out of control. they committed to the european project. their politics is tough. because essentially they have to get agreement with not only
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their own parliaments, but they have to get agreement with 20 parliaments or 24 parliaments or 27 parliaments. and engineering that kind of coordinated action is very difficult. you know, what i have been seeing over the last month is a recognition by european leaders of the urgency of the situation. nobody is going to be affected more than they will be if the situation there spins out of control. i'm confident that they want to get this done. i think there are some technical issues they are working on in terms of how they get a big enough -- how do they get enough fire power to let the markets know they will be standing behind euro members who may be
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in a weaker position. they have to act fast and we have a g-20 meeting coming up in november. my strong hope is by the time of the g-20 meeting that they have a very clear, concrete plan of action that is sufficient to the task. it will have an affect in the united states. it will continue to have an affect on our economy because the world is now inner connected in ways that it has never been before. and that's one of the biggest challenges that we have post 2008 after this financial crisis is that america has always been -- over the last 20 years has been the engine for world economic growth. we were the purchasers of last resort. we were the importers of last
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resort. we would stimulate our economies and american consumers would buy stuff around the world. if they got into trouble, they could always say we will sell to the u.s. we're now going through a situation where families are cutting back and trying to reduce their debts. you know, businesses are more cautious. the u.s. government has its own fiscal challenges. we have to make sure we live within our own means and do it gradually and not in ways that immediately affect our fragile economy. europe will not export its way out of the problem. they will have to fix that problem. part of the goal that i have been trying to promote for the last two years and i'll repeat with the g-20, more balanced economic growth worldwide. we have to get into a posture
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where the u.s. is a big market and we will welcome goods from all around the world. we also have to sell goods from around the world. we can't just be running up our debt in order to help other folks' economies. we have to have, as not only families and businesses and our government, we have to make sure that we're being prudent and we're producing here in the united states. that will create strong middle class jobs in the united states. i think part of what's going on for the country in general is this sense of a lot of that debt that had been built up prior to 2008 that we were living on borrowed time because the underlying fundamentals of the economy were not as strong as they needed to be. not do we only have to put
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americans back to work now, but we have to ginvest in our education system and rebuilding our infrastructure. it is why we have to have a smarter energy policy. that is a huge source of us impo importing from other countries. all of those things will be important. all of those things will be challenging. they will be hard. right now, we have a problem of putting people back to work. that's why congress needs to pass this jobs bill. the last point i'll make. if bill's right and everybody on capitol hill is cynical and saying there is no way that the overall jobs bill passes in its current form, we'll just keep on going at it. i want everybody to be clear.
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my intention is to insist that each part of this, i want an explanation as to why we shouldn't be doing it. each component part. putting people back to work rebuilding our roads. putting teachers back in the classroom. tax cuts for small businesses and middle class families. tax breaks for veterans. we will keep on going at it and hammering away until something gets done. i would love nothing more than to see congress act so aggressively that i can't campaign against them as a do-nothing congress. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> the president concludes what i think will be his longest news conference ever. about an hour or an hour and 15
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minutes. the point is the president described the economic situation as he said we are facing an emergency now. he urged the congress to pass his jobs bill to get people back to work. he says that will give the economy the jolt it needs and stave off more trouble as the situation in europe gets worse. republicans will have a totally different take on this. the speaker of the house, john boehner, before the president was halfway through the news conference put out a statement saying the president has given up on the country and is just campaigning for re-election. we will have more on all of this. there will be more about the president's news conference on your local news on the cbs station and and on tonight's "cbs evening news with scott
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thanks for joining. protestors already number in the thousands in new york city. and the occupied wall street is spreading across the country. a group called october 2011 is calling for a nonviolent occupation of freedom plaza here in washington. bruce leshan is live. he tells us what this protest is all about. >> j.c., good afternoon. organizers have been planning this rally on freedom plaza for months as a kind of antiwar protest on the tenth anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. but with this whole occupy wall street movement really taking off, they're trying to join forces for the war against -- i'm sorry, for jobs against the war, tax the rich, save social security. help the unemployed. mortgage relief. the goals really are absolutely
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enormous. just a few minutes ago, scores of veterans marched in, pushing to bring the troops home. and into the middle of this peace and jobs rally, a handful of tea party protestors. members of the young americas foundation. >> i can't figure out why you're giving them news coverage when they're morons. >> do you want to call us names? do you want to use that or get down to something substantial? >> you can't argue with ignorance. he wants an argument. you can't argue with his ignorance. >> thanks for joining the uprising. >> sure. >> some on the left argue the occupied wall street and tea party movements are both symptoms of the same discontent that is sweeping america. the bad economy, all the troubles, now the folks here are actually planning to pack up about 3:00, march over to the headquarters of the u.s. chamber of commerce with resumes in hand, go over there
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and demand jobs. then they're going to come back here and at the end of this, not in sight, they may stay here for quite some time. j.c., back to you. >> bruce leshan reporting live. thank you. u.s. capitol police and bomb experts jumped into action after a device and a suspicious vehicle were discovered in two locations. the first device was a small metal cylinder discovered along pennsylvania avenue near the capital. it is now heading to quantico where experts will take a closer look. around this was the scene near the reagan building. authorities say a car tried to enter a garage with suspected explosive residue. police searched the car. it was determined to be safe. no one was injured in either incident. a verdict could come as early as today in the murder trial against carmella della rosa. she's the fairfax, virginia, woman, charged with throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter from a skywalk at tysons corner
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central last november. peggy fox joins us from the fairfax county courthouse where deliberations are going on. peggy? >> j.c., the jury started in deliberating right at 9:00 a.m. they came back ten minutes later and asked the judge a question. they wanted to see some of the transcripts from the trial and he told them they aren't allowed to do that. they have to rely on their memories of what happened during the trial. so, they'll consider the prosecution which says carmella della rosa was not insane but evil, commonwealth attorney ray morrow says she killed her granddaughter because she hated her son-in-law and resented the baby and felt betrayed by her 19-year-old daughter after she got pregnant so young and out of wedlock. but public defender don grudder said della rosa was a loving mother until mental illness took over her life causing
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numerous suicide events in the months leading up to this incident. she said she didn't get the treatment or the medicines she desperately needed to be healthy. a defense psychologist said della rosa was delusional the night of november 29th. he said her severe, depressive disorder caused psychosis and that she did not understand the nature of what she was doing. you know, we've often heard people say about this case that oh, she must have been insane for a grandmother to do something like that. but there is a very narrow legal definition. they must find that carmella della rosa did not know what she was doing the night she tossed her granddaughter off that sky bridge at tysons corner center. given the videotaped interview of della rosa that night where she talks about what she did and why, it is going to be very difficult for that jury to come up with a decision. but when they do, we'll have it for you live. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you, j.c. >> thank you very much, peggy. coming up next, howard will have our forecast. [ screaming ]
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howard has our forecast. >> temperatures will be approaching the 70 degree mark this afternoon. upper 60s. some spots will make the low 70s. but with light winds, it will feel real good out there. this evening, skies stay clear. we fall to the mid-60s. by 9:00, 61 degrees.
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right now, we're in the 60s. 64 here. 70 at the tappahannock airport. low 60s for the shenandoah valley. i think just a gorgeous, gorgeous day going on with sunshine and 64 at national. winds are calm so it even feels warmer than the 64 and the dew point only4 degrees. high pressure is going to be building in over the next couple of days. tonight with high pressure overhead, clear skies, light winds. it will be chilly. down in the low to mid-40s. with that high pressure will be with us tomorrow. another sunny, gorgeous day on friday. then as that high starts to drift a little bit more east toward saturday, winds will be southerly and southwesterly. we'll start to see temperatures increase even more. a great stretch of weather will probably last through columbus day. today, 69. lots of low to mid-40s in the suburbs. tomorrow, 72. saturday, 77 and check this out. sunday and columbus day as we look at the seven-day forecast, we're looking at low 80s with 80 degrees on tuesday. wednesday, 75.
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better chance to see some thunderstorms then. we'll be back with more 9news now at noon in just a moment.
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welcome back. pet line 9 on thursday. jackie is such a beautiful girl, becky. >> she is. she's wonderful. she was found as a stray in southern virginia. she was in bad shape. she's put on 10 pounds. we treated her for heartworm. she's been spayed. she's all healthy enough to go to a new home. >> i grew up with a black lab. you won't find a dog with a
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better tempment than a black lab. >> she loves people. not fond of small dogs or cats. she has a -- >> does she need a yard? >> you know what? she's good on the leash. you can walk her. she's going to be starting to settle down. she's 3. she's a young labrador. yes, she needs exercise. >> contact info? >> is our web site. and we have an adopt a day coming up october 23rd in annapolis at petsmart. >> petsmart in annapolis october 23rd. jackie is a pretty girl. you need a 3-year-old lab at home, don't you? if i didn't have a dog already, she would be coming with me. if you missed anything, go to and click on the pet line section there. not only do we have information on jackie but all of the shelters and pets we feature here on pet line 9. what a beautiful animal! are you such, such a good girl. all right.
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we're going to go inside to j.c. wrap it up. j.c., this is a beauty. >> don't forget to go to every day. fabulous new site. thank you for being with us. come back and join us at 5:00.
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