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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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freedom plaza to march across the national mall. >> i want to contest all violence in the world right now. since vietnam, it just never stops. >> reporter: this is the very first protest for some of them. >> i was a medical transcriptionist for 30 years. >> an unemployed worker from kansas city. >> what are you doing now? >> nothing. this. >> activists that have suffered for decades to create a left wing populous movement say they have never been so excited. >> people are out of the chairs, off the sofas, in the streets. >> reporter: even failed presidential candidate ralph nader is impressed. >> hard to marginalize the number of people that think capitalism is unfair. >> reporter: protestors are convinced this is the way to change things. >> now, the protests here in freedom plaza, they have a
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permit until sunday. but the sense is there are a whole lot of people that will be sticking around long past that. derek? >> bruce leshan live down on freedom plaza. we appreciate it. back to you in the studio. more americans are back on the job according to the u.s. labor department, new numbers out just today showed employers added just over 100,000 jobs in september. but it wasn't even enough to make a dent in the nation's high unemployment rate. alexis christophorus continues our many team coverage from wall street. >> reporter: 32-year-old jason cross has been out of work for months. >> i just recently resigned another unemployment. >> reporter: new figures out today show the unemployment rate remained at 9.1% in september. even though employers added 103,000 jobs. that's better than most an expected. but jason and others who have joined the ranks at the occupy wall street protest don't feel the small month to month
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differences. unemployment has been stuck near or above 9% for more than two years. >> but i have seen the way the market goes and i have seen the way -- between the crashes and the debt crisis and all that. i wasn't really surprised at all. >> reporter: the white house says today's new unemployment numbers are unacceptable and underscore the need for president obama's $447 billion jobs bill. >> i expected to get a job. as soon as you graduate from college you get an internship and i had one. that never turned into job though. >> reporter: republicans saying the president is to plame because of the stagnant economy and high unemployment. alexis christophorus, cbs news, wall street. >> the jobs numbers. all three indices down at the end of the week at closing today the dow down by 20, nasdaq down by 27 and s&p 500 dropped nine points. and we have breaking news at the top of this hour.
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tonight we are getting our very first glimpse of some evidence used to convict a local grandmother in the murder of her own granddaughter. >> carmela derosea was convicted in the case. we go live for the fairfax county courthouse. had to be tough to go through all that, peggy. >> reporter: definitely. let me tell you this, detective steven needles questioned the woman for an hour in a videotape interview the night she threw her granddaughter off that bridge. that video along with the surveillance video played a huge role in convincing the jury to find her guilty. >> reporter: on the surveillance video from tye son's corner center you can see the family cross the 45-foot high bridge from the parking
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garage into the food court. carmela is in the big blue jacket. her husband who was holding the child puts her down. a few hours later the family exits through the same doors. and carmela, who is now holding the child, runs to the railing and with no hesitation throws the child off the bridge. seconds later carmela's husband, daughter and son run to the stairs. in the videotaped interview the jury saw carmela tell detectives she just lost it. she said she planned to do what she did because she was mad at the baby's father who her daughter had just called. >> you were upset because james called and ruined your family time? >> mm-hmm. >> he has pissed you off? >> yes. >> so you're getting back at him by hurting his daughter? is that a fair assessment or am i wrong? >> no, that's right. >> let me ask you, you said you were upset with james and you were seeing james through the
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baby. what's the baby's name. >> angeline. >> were you mad at her as well? >> in a way, yes, because everybody loves her. my husband, he loves her more than me. >> reporter: throughout the video carmela appears emotionless and she says she knows what she did and why she did it. the jury found her guilty and sentenced her to 35 years. >> compelling evidence. thank you for sharing that with us. coming up tonight on 9news now at 7 p.m. how one woman caused such a scare she actually forced a police station to evacuate. we will see you then with that
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story. anita? investigators in fairfax county are looking to see how a boy died as he was determined to be unresponsive by care takers. relatives say the child was about to turn one this month. >> reporter: the baby died two days after. being left in the care of a woman here in vienna. police say that caretaker took the baby to his mother in reston and when she arrived the baby was not responding. >> this investigation has gone from unresponsive child to now a suspicious death. >> reporter: meanwhile this home on lakewood drive the fire department has deemed it unsafe and just a day ago neighbors say police were collecting evidence from inside. >> later in the day a policeman was holding a door open and a young girl was taking some stuff out and putting it in her car. i guess he was moving her out. >> reporter: at this point all police will call this case is a suspicious death. they have no one in custody.
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no suspects yet. they say they are interviewing many people. reporting in vienna, britany morehouse, 9news now. >> the d.c. medical examinering's office is performing an autopsy. no word yet on the official cause of death of that child. it was ten years ago today that the u.s. went to war in afghanistan. on this anniversary the white house says the u.s. is achieving its objective to ultimately defeat the al-qaida network. troops saying they still face a fierce insurgery. >> the insurgents that operate in this area are determined. >> about 100,000 american troops are now in afghanistan. nearly 1800 have died. u.s. soldiers have already handed over much of the security to afghan forces. they are planning to give them complete control by the end of 2014.
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that's when all u.s. forces are set to pull out. britain's prince harry is in the united states for the next few months training to fly helicopter gunships learning about desert landings and weapons. he is known in the army as captain harry wales. the u.s. army saying he will not get any special treatment here. antismoking crusaders are stoking the fair for another tax hike on cigarettes. find out where that is happening. cooling down quickly as the sun sinks down along the horizon. we will see a bit of a warmup as we head into that columbus day weekend. i will be back in a few minutes with your full forecast. is it a case of religious persecution or employee insubordination. we will take a look at both sides.
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a small plane missing along the border of virginia and west virginia for four days has been located as well as the three bodies of the people on board. police will only say all three of the individuals are from pennsylvania. the crash site was spotted in hardy county, west virginia. dozens of saying they are outraged claiming the rental car company suspended them from work. 34 muslim shuttle drivers at the seattle tacoma airport are under suspension. >> it was understood that the muslim employees would not be required to clock in and out for their breaks. they just take what are called intermittent breaks and they go
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pray and get a cup of tea and would not be required to log out. >> hertz say this is about following the rules laid out in the worker's collective bargaining agreement. that 2009 document says employees do need to clock out during their two 10-minute breaks each day. hertz said it suspended the workers because they were not following that procedure, clocking out. three welch sharing this year's noble peace prize. the president of libberibberria . will the tortoise catch the hare in the race for the republican presidency candidate. we will be right back. if you've got pain?
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republicans have a new front runner in the race for the presidential nomination. herman cain has jumped forward and today he was at arlington basking in all this new found attention including from reporters like scott broom. what did you think? >> i was certainly trying to figure out what the attraction is and it is apparent from talking to people he has got that straight shooter kind of tea party style that the republican base seems to favor it right now. they are not getting it from mitt romney. so they like him. cain made news with an appeal to sarah palin supporters to get on board now that she has officially declined to get into the race. >> why don't some of the sarah palin take a look at herman cain and his campaign many would see a lot of similarities. >> he is kind of like her. he says it like it is and means what he says. >> seems like a lot of straight forward stuff. >> northern virginia is a tough crowd but i think that once people get to know him and educate themselves, read the book, learn more about him i think they will be just as excited as i am.
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>> even republican pundits are dismissing his stunning rise just as a bump in the polls after republicans quickie affair with rick perry was ruined. bachmann was up for a while and she had a big crash too. so the big hurdle for cain is to maintain this stunning 20- point lead which was documented in the polls this week. now, he says the difference between the rest of them and him is that he has got this specific 9/9/9 plan. flat tax plan. 9% flat tax. he says that's the big difference and he says his supporters don't defect. >> we will see what happens. >> along for the ride he says. >> got to love election season, guys. thank you. another tax increase is in the making for smokers in maryland. the proposal would add another dollar to the cost of a pack of cigarettes which would bring the state tax to $3 a pack. health care for all is pushing the plan. their strategy is to gain so much public support before they take their proposal to annapolis that the general
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assembly just can't say no. >> already over 100 organizations from across maryland have endorsed it. hundreds more will. we are going to make this happen. >> i have been trying to quit now but i think this is it. this is the push that i need because this is ridiculous. >> $3 a pack. health care for all wants the cigarette tax dollars earmarked for public health care costs. are you in the market for a new heat pump. virginia is holding another sales tax holiday on energy efficient products. it runs from now through monday. just look for items certified as being energy efficient and carrying the logo. it applies to a wide range of products from dish washers to home insulation. we will see how strong demand is for the new iphone 4s today. apple, at&t, verizon and sprint have all begun accepting preorders for that phone. the iphone 4s goes on sale in stores a week from today.
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>> olga, you mentioned to bring a sweater if you're going out to the football game tonight. you can feel it out here. >> we are starting to see a subtle adjustment in that. not bad for this time of october. no complaints really. >> the forecast is definitely going to be another cool one for us. but as you get up tomorrow morning, as you're making that early start heed that same advice. you want a bit of a layer between you and that wind moving on through. winds calm to light. will start to pick up a little bit of a breezy as we head through the day tomorrow. temperatures are dropping off nicely. many of us made it to the middle 70s today. we are starting to be 70. another chilly night for tonight. in all though, the high pressure dominates. i don't normally bring up a national map but you can see how quiet it is for much of the midsection of the country. clear off toward the east coast. and that's how we are going to stay for the next several days. so things are looking pretty good for us so far. the outside story. well, what you need to know headed into that holiday
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weekend. it is going to be fantastic. so if you're attending any of those festivals outdoors or traveling out of town a bit you should have great driving conditions. saturday's temperatures will be slightly warmer. we will still keep the sunshine but we will get a little bit closer to that 80-degree mark and by monday we will definitely see the lower 80s move on through on sunday and monday as well. rain tries to creep back into the forecast but we will hold back on that for a little while. at least until that holiday fun has ended. mid-50s in town with that light wind. as we get through midday and late day tomorrow you will see a bit of an improvement. the lows overnight should hit right around 48 degrees in frederick. further up north and the hills, talking about those chilly 40s. but most of us around the city center should be lower to middle 50s. the warmup will continue. we will move on through. 50s in no time after sunrise. in fact, by noon time i'm expecting temperatures to be
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closer to the 60-degree mark. the normal this time of year is 71, 72 degrees. as we flirt with that 80-degree mark. in fact, i'm forecasting about 77 degrees for washington, d.c. we will see close to 77 as well. a lot of the area will definitely benefit from that high pressure for the next several. so here is what the planner looks like for the early morning hours. keep that layer between you and that wind tomorrow morning. a very light breeze but enough to give you a little bit of a chill. we will see 60s by noon time moving in toward the upper 70s by late in the day and the seven-day forecast couldn't look any better than this. we start out with middles to upper 70s for your saturday. we push on through into this 80s for sunday and monday. and, yes, the seven-day forecast is holding off on that rain nicely just to give you the opportunity to enjoy an extended weekend. you'll notice on tuesday though the clouds will start to move back in. we are calling for partly cloudy skies then. by wednesday and into thursday
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the front moves through. it is going to stir up some rain chances. not expecting severe weather right now but, yes, it will be a little bit damp and dreary towards the middle and end of next week. >> just the chance of rain. we can handle that. >> cap season gets going tomorrow trying to clean that slate and erase the slate and get a fresh start when it comes to the post season. but are there already problems in the caps locker room? find out what is getting one of the new guys riled up. plus terps hit the road, face a very tough task tomorrow. those and more coming up next in sports.
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the capitals open their regular season tomorrow night at the verizon center and the new goalie let everyone know today that he wasn't getting the start. he said he was made aware of the decision after practice today. didn't seem too pleased about it saying, whatever, you know, supposed hurricane i'm -- supposedly going to play the next game. >> we have full confidence in both of them so it doesn't make a difference which one is in the net. they are both outstanding goaltenders. we know either way we are in pretty good shape in the back end.
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>> the rangers playing in sweden against the kings. jack johnson position a rebound pass. 3-2 the final in stockholm. having less than a stellar season toronto losses including a steam rolling by temple. doesn't get any easier with three straight acc show downs starting with their first road trip of the season this weekend. the terps take on the undefeated and 13th ranked georgia tech. this will be interesting considering most of the terps defensive line is injured and they have had serious trouble stopping the run in recent games. they gave up 285 rushing yards against temple. the coach is ready for the challenge of the yellow jackets high powered run game. >> we are looking forward to the challenge going down there. of course they are ranked first in the nation in rushing offense. their second and total offense and second in scoring offense. >> so our dave owens, a happy man tonight.
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his detroit tigers eliminated the new york yankees last night with a-rod striking out for the final out. nats fans not happy though with one national prospect yankee fandom. tweeting in support of the bombers. harper posted these following tweets during the game. yankees, let's go. get some runs. followed by c.c. sabathia going, let's go. the nats prospect has since deleted those tweets. a good move. hopefully he realized the error ofs on that one. this is at bush stadium. in squirrel has been running around between the cards and phillys. he has been dubbed the rally squirrel. he has his own twitter account now. >> but he seems to be helping the cards. but the players and ground crew not too happy about them. they actually have set some humane traps. one of the radio stations put up this huge billboard that
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just says "go nuts." >> great stuff. >> thank you, kristin. >> thanks a lot, everybody. we will see you later. have a good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:


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