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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 7, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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hours. on the surveillance video from tyson's corner center you can see the family cross the 45- foot high bridge from the parking garage into the food court. carmela del rosa is in the big blue jacket. her husband who was holding the grandchild down. a few hours later the family exits through the same doors. with no hesitation she then throws the child off the bridge. seconds later they run to the stairs. in the interview the jury saw carmela del rosa tells detectives she lost it. she planned to do what she did because she was mad at james, the baby's father, whom her daughter had just called. >> you were upset because james called and had ruined your family time? >> um-hum. >> he pissed you off? >> yes. >> so you are getting back at him by hurting his daughter? is that fair assessment or am i
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wrong? >> no, that's right. >> let me ask you. you said you were upset with james. what's the baby's name? >> angelina. >> were you mad at her as well? >> in a way, yes, because everybody loves her. my husband. he loves her more than me. >> reporter: throughout the video carmela del rosa shows no emotion or remorse. she appears to know what she did and why she did it. the jury convicted her with the first-degree murder and sentenced her to 35 years behind bars. i'm peggy fox at the fairfax county courthouse. a sudden turn in the case
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of a fairfax county toddler found understand responsive. the 11-month-old nehemiah williams died. it was this home on lakewood drive. that's where the child was left with a caretaker yesterday. they say that caretaker then took the baby to his mother in reston but when they arrived the little boy wasn't responding. she called 911. the baby was taken to the hospital. last night almost midnight he died. >> i never knew there was any young children, babies like that. >> no stroller, no car seats, no sign of a baby? >> no. they never mentioned a baby. >> relatives say he would have turned 1 years old on october 23rd and police are now investigating this case as a suspicious death. more americans are back on the job. that according to the u.s. labor department. some new numbers out today show employers added just over 100,000 jobs last month. however, that was not enough to even make a dent in the
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nation's 9.1% unemployment rate as an estimated 14 million of us are still without work. meanwhile, analysts say the report shows the economy is not gaining much momentum. however, it is easing fears of a double-dip recession. >> we do not believe that it will happen but there is no question that the economy has slowed. >> this bill will prevent up to 280,000 teachers -- >> president obama says the solution might be his 447 billion jobs bill but republicans argue the president and his policies are to blame for the problem. the occupied d.c. antiwar and anticorporate greed protestors continue their encampment on d.c.'s freedom plaza tonight with no damping of enthusiasm even after sleeping outside on coblestones last night. bruce leshan is saying they are hoping a lot more folks will join them over the weekend. >> reporter: d.c. has seen far
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big, protests but the difference is these folks plan to stay day and night indefinitely. take a look at some of the different agendas. please don't feed the bears. my sister needs a job and health insurance. human need not corporate greed. end the war. silence for sucker. and then if you come all the way down here there is a major kind of antiwar component that is here too. these are boots that each rep a different soldier, sailor, marine, killed in iraq or afghanistan. they each have a name tag on them. and then over here are shoes that represent some of the iraqi and afghani civilians that have been killed. the protestors have been marching throughout the city, went over to the martin luther king memorial and some are
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protesting for the first time. an unemployed worker from kansas city. >> what are you doing now? >> nothing. this. >> reporter: the prosecutors have a permit to be here until sunday but a lot of them tell me they have no intention of leaving then. on freedom plaza, bruce leshan, 9news now. an update now on a story you saw first on 9. police are seeking the surveillance tapes from a dupont restaurant and hoping to find clues into a brutal attack with a crow bar. daniel, the man there, his jaw was shattered after the attack. the family says they finally got a face-to-face visit from detectives nearly a week after the crime. >> i felt we were left hanging and that this was just not a priority. and then here he is damaged maybe the rest of his life and nobody -- i guess i thought to them this is run of the mill.
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>> a police spokesperson says detectives were always on the case saying detectives are continuing their investigation on this case to include obtaining and reviewing any video. suspended from your job for just praying? that's what happened to 32 hertz shuttle drivers in washington state. now the company insists that praying is not the issue, clocking out before you go to pray is. hertz says the workers aren't doing it and that violates the collective bargaining agreement. about 70% of those drivers are muss hims and observant muslims can pray five times a day. what do you think? americans tend to be pretty touchy when it comes to their right to pray but is it the same when the people are question are praying to allah. send us your thoughts at now to breaking news in maryland. right now sky 9 over the scene at the 600 block of ray road. that's where police are
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investigating an incident that left one person dead and another in critical condition. we don't even know what happened just yet but we are working to get more details for you. republicans have a new front runner in the race for their presidential nomination. herman cain has leaped forward and today attending a book signing. today, cain was appealing to sarah palin supporters to get on board now that she's out of the race. >> why don't some of the sarah palin take a look at herman cain and his campaign. many will see a lot of similarities. >> he is kind of like her. he says it like it is and means what he says. >> seems like a lot of pretty straight forward stuff. >> northern virginia is a tough crowd but i think once they get to know him, educate themselves, read the book, learn more about him. i think they will then be as thrilled as i am.
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>> some pundits are discussing cain like rick perry and michele bachman before him, but cain says the difference is he has got a 999 plan to reform the tax system and part of it is a 9% flat tax. today it was just another great day out there and we are thinking there is more where that calm from. meteorologist olga breeze is out on the terrace. >> i'm smiling because the holiday weekend is officially underway and our evening off to a great start. temperatures cooling town right now. slipping out of those 70s back into the 60s and it will be chilly. 40s and 50s as you head out and about tomorrow morning. great start tomorrow with clear skies and cool temperatures. but the forecast looks fantastic as we head through sunday, monday and even start of next week. i'll have all the details coming up. >> thank you, olga. a northern virginia man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a youth football league. what it means for the kids and their game. plus, plans for that new purple line in maryland rolling forward. we will tell you about them.
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stay with us. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight lots of responses on our wusa 9
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facebook page to a question i asked you last night. are you with the "occupy d.c." movement or should they be out looking for jobs? one with no doubt what side he is on. i can't occupy anything i'm too busy working for a living. another saying i work too but i support the movement. a right to voice objections to the way this country is going." another saying, she has no doubt. of course i am for this movement. it is hue time for the corporations and people that benefited from the bailout pay their dues. our money bailed them out and they all live like kings and queens. another saying. "they are barking up the wrong tree. they should protest on pennsylvania avenue where the people that actually pass the
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laws are." gary, i'm not sure that's really the point. to me these protests feel a lot more like a primal scream from people who know in their bones the country is in trouble, too much in equity. not enough money or jobs to go around. but they are not necessary hurricane certain how to change it. they know, however, that something has got to give. don't scream, write surely going to be a banner weekend out there and we will have your full 9news now forecast after the break. but first, a wild ride to school lands ten kids in the hospital. stay with us for the story.
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tonight a driver in charlottesville, virginia, has been charged with wreckless driving after crashing into a school bus. 35 kids were on board when that bus was slammed into the back of a station wagon this morning. ten students were taken hospital with minor injuries. police say the station wagon was stopped at a light when the bus ran into it. well, a scare today inside a williamsburg, virginia, police station. a woman walks in with what she thought was a hand grenade. she said she found it along the road. the police evacuated the entire station but when they took a good look at the grenade they discovered it was actually just
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one of those be novelty many lighters. demonstrators saying a long distance pipeline is wrong for america for a whole host of reasons. >> if would damage aquifers for ranchers in nebraska. it would addict our country to fossil fuels in the future. and it is expensive. >> supporters of the pipeline extension say it would link a growing supply of canadian crude to the largest oil refining markets in this country making north america supplies more secure. the obama administration says it will decide by the end of the year whether the project is a go. plan for the new purple line in maryland moving forward. today the federal transit administration gave approval for the line to move into what they call a preliminary engineering phase and now more
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planning will be discussed. the 16-mile long light rail line would operate between prince george's county and could be rolling by 2020. new at 7 p.m. a loudoun county man is accused of embezzling $55,000 from a youth football league. how will it affect the young players? lindsey mastis has their story. >> reporter: when the young players get onto this field the only thing they have to think about is football, even though their league is dealing with missing money. the director wants the kids to know that the games will go on. >> it is not just the children that love it. the parents, all of us, it is just a great environment. >> reporter: there are more than 1000 players and cheerleaders but while they focused on the game money was being stole prison them. the upper loudoun youth football team noticed there were irregularities in their accounts. according to police $50,000 is
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gone allegedly embezzled by ray taylor. he recently resigned. police say the money was being embezzled during the last seven months and now the league is having an accountant do a thorough audit of all of its books. it is a shock especially because this nonprofit has had to raise this money themselves and almost everyone involved is a volunteer. >> the only people who get paid are the referees and they earn every dime. >> reporter: the league's new presented kevin keen says because of support from parents and the community the programs the league provides will not be affected. >> the kids are going to have a busy weekend playing football. tonight's game starts in a few minutes. i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> at least we know the weather is nice. police say by the way, taylor was released from jail. we left a message at his home but he never called us back. >> olga is here with the good news about the weekend. >> that's right. keeping it warm, keeping it dry and in all i think we are going to keep on going. monday, tuesday looking pretty
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good right now. forecast has changed but we have been locked into a wonderful pattern for the last several days. little cooler at night. we are dropping out. temperatures now down into the 60s inside and outside the beltway. we will see 40s and 50s prior to sunrise. a chilly start to your saturday morning. i think you'll get a lot of things done especially if you're planning any outdoor activities for tomorrow. we are definitely looking at a forecast that aims to please. the sunshine will help boost us tomorrow with a west wind kicking in a hill bit t will still be light. about 5, 10-mile-per-hour winds but we will warm up a few more degrees tomorrow and get closer to that 80-degree mark. we will continue through sunday into monday. but i amtraking some changes on the way that could bring a few clouds our way by tuesday and even some rain into the forecast middle portion of next week. overnight tonight you want to be prepared nor that cool start especially if you're out late or you get up early in the morning. perhaps walk the dog or maybe take in some activities or hit the road for a short road trip.
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we will be into those middle 40s and lower 50s for most of the metro and that means that we have a ways to go until we get our temperatures moving up. by noon we should see improvement. in all fairly sunny. high pressure has been controlling our weather pattern for the last several days and it is going to continue right on in through sunday and monday. and we will track those changes for you. be prepared for a pleasant warm up on saturday afternoon. anywhere between middle 70s flirting with that 08-degree mark. there are some areas that could even hit 80 or even lower 80s as we go into sunday, monday. forecast for your saturday highs. 77 for the city center. we should carry that out to manassas. warmer for culpeper at 78. little closer to the water we will see temperatures in the 70s. still pretty nice for this time of october. our day planner for tomorrow. it will be cool to start us off but midday and late day fantastic. you'll shed your jacket in no time and move on up into the
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mid and upper 70s and we are looking at a three-day stretch for the holiday weekend. that's fantastic. 82 degrees for both sunday and monday before those clouds start to move on in for tuesday. now, the front that's coming through, we are not expecting anyive ear weather with it. however, it will bring quite a bit of rain to the region and with the abrupt shift in those winds we are going to feel that chill back to the 60s. >> it is that time of year. >> as topper likes to say a fight between the fall and summer and summer is losing. thank you so much. let's get to our weird news file because we have got a motorcycle that literally lives by the phrase waste not, want not. it is called toilet bike neo. testimony runs on human poop. not the sexiest fuel you've heard about as really, really cheap as in completely free especially since the rider can fill it up via that toilet-
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style motorcycle seat there. it is from a company called toto. it is the engine that converts the human race into what they call biogas. the goal actually is to cut co2 emissions. but carbon dioxide gas with fuel like this might be the least of your problems. >> and privacy issues. >> we won't go there. we will be right back.
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aheads up for metro riders in virginia. expect disruptions on the orange line on the weekend because they are working on the dulles rail project. there will be free bus shuttles replacing trains between the east falls church station and west falls church station. the shuttle service starts tonight at 10 p.m. and will continue through monday night. also, the last train of the night will leave vienna 17 minutes earlier than usual starting tonight continuing through the holiday weekend. the washington humane society will hold a big pet adoption sort of festival. the place is doggy washerette. the address 7714 georgia avenue in northwest.
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as for this doggy washerette think car wash but for dogs. a self-serve wash will set you back about 30 bucks. customer james mason says it is worth it. >> the mess is the thing we enjoy. we enjoy not cleaning up. so it is a great convenience for us. >> for the record james' best buddy zeke, all squeaky clean for the weekend. that's it tonight for our report. i will be here at 7 p.m. along with anita brikman. we will see you then. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: our 4 new rich & hearty soups really have people talking... [ guy ] ring, ring. hold on a sec... progresso... i love your new loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear. where was i? oh right... our rich & hearty soups.. people love the thick cut carrots...
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. new shots from inside the kiss wedding, rocker gene simmons and his wife, shannon tweed, cutting the cake. >> co-hosting "entertainment tonight" with me -- are you guys ready? >> bring it on. >> their first interview since saying "i do." >> you said you're going to have a hard time keeping faithful. and the video you haven't seen from their walk down the aisle. >> only "e.t." gets you this access. come with me. >> then we look back at all of the biggest star weddings of 2011. >> all right, here we go. >> kim kardashian, nick and vanessa. marie osmond. prince william and duchess kate. and -- ♪ >> "dancing's" j.r. martinez, the american hero comes to


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