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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 8, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: so, yeah. >> i feel like we're watching
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tv. craig: we are. we're watching you right now. >> that's great. is that patrick? i love that guy. craig: hey, patrick? didn't you date geoff? >> that's true. craig: we should do a show where we all share an apartment. >> great idea. >> you drank my milk again. wah-wah. who painted the scottish flag on my underwear? [laughter] craig: good night, everybody. verison news
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rundown. a network ahead. this is 9news now. >> tonight the chilling video that captured the killing of a two-year-old child. it's the evidence prosecutors used to prostitute carmela delaa rosa. >> video so graphic 9news now has chosen not to show it in
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its entirety. some may find what you are about to see disturbing. ken has the full story. >> tyson's corner surveillance cameras captured the last moments of angelyn's life. her grandmother would kill the child by throwing her off the 45-foot bridge. soon after a scramble, de la rosa's husband react to the horror that just took place. dela rosa was arrested. >> what just happened? >> i lost my mind. >> what do you mean by that? >> i did a terrible thing. >> you drop the baby or threw the baby? >> threw the baby. >> dela rosa's confession was in a void of emotion, the chilling nature of what she would say. the rage that the father's
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boyfriend, james, for impregnating her daughter before they were married. >> is that a fair question or am i wrong? >> no, that's right. >> let me ask you, you said you were upset with james and you said james threw the baby, what is the baby's name? >> angelyn. were you mad at angelyn as well? >> in a way, yes, because everybody loves her. everyone loves her more than me. >> day la her defense said she was insane. recommending a 35 year prison sentence for dela rosa. if you would like to see the surveillance video, you can head on over to our website. new at 11:00, a murder mystery in prince georges county tonight. a man and woman are dead after police found their bodies along a road. sky 9 out over the scene at 600 block of ray road.
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officers say they found a man shot lying in the street with a gun right next to them. the woman's lifeless body was in a car right nearby. emergency crews took that man to the hospital, but he later died. police are not releasing anymore information. they say that couple was in a relationship. >> how and why? those are the questions vienna police are trying to answer after an 11 month old baby died. little williams passed away around this time last night. he was with a caretaker in virginia yesterday, but when she drove him to her mother's house, the baby was unresponsive. the family called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. tonight, vienna police are calling it a suspicious death investigation. no word yet of any charges to be filed. >> some good news and bad news on the jobs front tonight. new numbers out today from the u.s. labor department show employers added just over 100,000 jobs last month. >> that wasn't enough to make a dent in the nation's 9.1%
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unemployment rate as an estimated 14 million americans are still out of a job. that is one of the many complaints coming from protesters with occupy wall street. a group calling themselves occupy d.c. have also taken up the challenge. kristin fisher shows us, trying to put this protest together has been a challenge in and of itself. and she joins us live from mcpherson square where people are out there. >> reporter: there have been protesters camping out since last saturday. every night their numbers have grown. tonight, you can see there's about 75 to 100 people here and they say they are staying here until their demands are met. but it is unclear exactly what those demands are. >> i'm planning to be here for as long as it is necessary. >> we are here for the long- term. we are here. we are staying until we see real movement for change in our country and our world. >> both of these women are
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vocal participants, but no one is, nor is anyone in charge. >> we are building a world where everyone has an equal voice. everyone has equal access to food, water, shelter, and so forth. we are building the world that we want to see right here on k street. >> the location is key. they want the attention of the k street lobbyist. >> cannot go out for the cause without hearing our voices. >> it's a constant topic at their nightly general assembly meeting. but tonight's agenda is focused on how exactly they are planning on occupying a city park. there's a pantry for food, some sleeping bags and tarps for shelter, as for a bathroom, they have been running to this starbucks across the street. they have even started a medical team complete with homemade treatments for exposure to perp spray. just in case. >> my purpose here is to make sure that the people are taken care of during the occupation, during protest. >> you're not alone if you are
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wondering, what exactly are they protesting? wall street greed, high unemployment. >> right now it is a little bit disorganized, but i feel with time and with everybody getting together, that it will grow and become more unified. >> real democracy takes time and so we are here for the long haul. >> you know, i think this sums it up well. occupy everything. now so far these protests have been very peaceful. there's been no arrests, no conflict with police like we have seen with those occupy wall street protests in new york. so in theory, these people could possibly stay here for the long haul provided that they don't pitch any tents or put up any tarps or do anything else illegal, but keep in mind these, the numbers of people here have been growing every single night. so that could all change if more people continue to come here and spend the night at mcpherson square, back to you. >> now to a major update on
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the story you first saw on 9. it's the unprovoked attack on a man we are identified as daniel. beaten with a crowbar so badly it shattered his jaw. this happened in connecticut avenue. police did little to follow up on the crime. after our initial story hit the air and the web, detectives came to the family's home this morning for their first face to face visit since the attack. >> i felt we were left hanging and that this was just not a priority. >> another big update surveillance video. the owner of a restaurant nearby the attack has made police a copy of his security video pictures that could help investigators find the culprit with the crowbar. >> stealing cash from kids. a man who ran a youth football league is charged with embezzling $50,000 from that same organization. his name, raymond taylor. he is from perserville and investigators say he lifted the cash from the upper loudoun county youth football league.
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tonight, that nonprofit group tells us that thanks to help from the community, the games will go on. and tonight we are learning more about what amanda knox went through in her four years in prison. 48 hours mystery obtained a letter written by knox that says she was sexually harassed by a prison administrator. knox is now back at home in seattle after her murder conviction was overturned by an appeals court. you can hear a lot more about this story, including reaction from her dad this saturday on the 48 hours mystery broadcast. it airs right here on channel 9. 10:00 p.m. >> ten years ago today, america went to war in afghanistan. less than a month after the september 11 attacks. since then, nearly 1800 u.s. troops have died. and about 100,000 soldiers are still battling militant groups there. the biggest success for the u.s. came in may when navy seals killed osama bin laden in neighboring pakistan. u.s. soldiers are planning to give afghan forces complete
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control by the end of 2014 when all u.s. forces are set to pull out of that country. for years, doctors here have debated the risks and the benefits of psa blood tests to screen for prostate cancer. a government panel is weighing in and recommends healthy men should not get this test every year. the u.s. preventive task force says it doesn't reduce prostate cancer deaths and could lead to more tests and treatment that can be harmful and unnecessary. >> psa is not very accurate in terms of its ability to differentiate men who have cancer from men who don't have cancer. >> so the task force says routine screening could lead to biopsies that may not be needed and they have side effects like incontinence and death. this is the same task force that came out a couple years ago and said that women could wait and not get their mammograms until age 50 and that was a storm of controversy. >> now i'm nervous.
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i don't know whether or not or not to ask for my psa test or not. >> this is not going to be quite as controversial. everybody, the psa test is far from perfect. it can't tell which prostate cancers are so slow growing. that's the majority. you don't want those guys getting unnecessary biopsies and surgeries. there's no proof the psa test saves lives. derek, here's some guidance. what you were talking about. african american men, much more aggressive prostate cancers and any man who has a first degree relative, a father, brother, who had prostate cancer. you definitely need to have a one on one conversation with your doctor. can we screen for psa? in high risk individuals, doing nothing doesn't seem like the best solution either. >> thanks anita, appreciate that. a disturbing twist in the search for a missing baby. where the investigation is pointing now. >> you could follow this next
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story under strange justice, how a crook ended up landing his neighbor behind bars. we'll explain. plus -- ♪ [ music ] >> a look at the top ten worst 80s songs. come on, i know some of your favorites are on the
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back on 9news now. police spent the day searching for signs of that child in a landfill searching for little lisa erwin ten months old. the parents insist she vanished from the family home in kansas city tuesday morning. police initially investigated this as a child abduction, but now they say those parents have stopped cooperating. >> is a criminal that stops another crime still in trouble? that's the question in merced county, california, teenagers thought they were stealing
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blank cd's, but they discovered thousands of child porn images on them. one of the teens told his mom who then called the police. officers ended up investigating and found more explicit images landing the neighbor in jail. the teen's mom says she is torn over the whole situation. >> i want him to understand even though what you did turned out to be a good thing and exposing him, that it wasn't right, even though it was something so small in your mind, stealing is stealing. >> the teenager has not been arrested for breaking into the home and stealing. as for the neighbor on the child porn charges, he is in jail. republicans have a new front runner in the race for the presidential nomination. >> a good solution is what the american people are looking for and on all the major issues, i have offered specific solutions. >> herman kaine jumped to the head of the pack and today he was at an arlington bookstore signing, basking in all the newfound attention.
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kaine is up 20 points among mitt romney. this is just one poll. before that, we will have to see. >> the rise of herman kaine, the protesters that want to occupy wall street and public opinion polls that say americans don't much like any political party right now. how can we explain all the chaos? derek says all it takes is one word. >> yeah, anita. that word is desperation. think about it. back in '08, americans sick of tom delay and president bush swept in obama and the democrats just in time for the great recession. two years later, the gop rise into congress on a tea party wave of anger. that got us gridlock. now with both established parties locked in combat over fears most americans fear won't fix things anyway, people are seeking anything new. republican herman kaine, an
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unexpected lead. congressman ron paul wants to go back to the gold standard and i bollish the feds. he is raising millions of dollars and even as we speak, hundreds, maybe thousands of people camped out all over the place occupying wall street and many other cities. their agenda, far too broad to be taken seriously, but their rage and frustration at the system, too profound to be ignored. meantime, up on capitol hill, the number two house republican eric cantor says, i for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs on wall street and other cities across the country, end quote. as you should be, congressman. as you all should be. and don't forget, check out my new web page dedicated to let's be real. you can watch the video and post your thoughts, just go to click on features. and olga is in for topper. great weekend ahead. >> it's been good for us.
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temperatures are dropping though tonight, so starting off early tomorrow morning, definitely going to be a chilly one. be prepared for that. it looks like right now, the temperatures are going to continue to slide down. a few 60s holding out. far and few between. definitely going to be on the cool side tomorrow morning. overall, getting that day started is that there could be a few areas of patchy fog. most of this will be west, but we could see some a little closer to the beltway and suburban areas. although the weekend is warming up. we'll head into the middle 70s tomorrow. top out with 80s by the time we get to sunday and columbus day. it's looking great for that extended weekend and rain is going to make a comeback in our seven-day forecast. here's how we are looking. the forecast overnight tonight is going to remain fairly calm. winds have been light for the most part. those temperatures should drop down into the 40s for most of
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the outer lying areas and 55 degrees in the city. with those temperatures though, keep in mind that the daytime heating will kick in. our winds are mainly light, but out of the south and southwest. we're going to build up heat under this ridge of high pressure. tomorrow morning's lows getting down to the lower, i should say the upper 40s, lower 50s for most of the region. by the time we get to midday and afternoon, you're going to be quite pleased. pleasant conditions for tomorrow overall with the southeast winds and take it up to the middle and upper 70s. we'll flirt with the 80-degree mark. i don't think we'll make it there on our saturday forecast. hold on for sunday. things will be improving remarkably. the planner for the morning hours will recommend you take that jacket with you as you step out. we'll see the opportunity for some of that patchy fog early on in the morning. but by midday, many of us are moving through the middle range 60s and bumping up to middle 70s. upper 70s for most of us.
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here is that extended forecast. we start it out with saturday. very nice conditions, plenty of sunshine carrying into sunday as well. when the temperatures get closer to that 80-degree mark. we have the opportunity to pull in a little bit of cloud cover late monday and into tuesday. but overall, the seven-day forecast is looking pretty good. we can keep things dry for you all the way back to work and school on tuesday, but as we get into wednesday and thursday, that next system moves on through. could bring storm chances, but we aren't expecting any severe weather. >> rolling stone magazine is out with its list of the worst songs of the 1980s and believe me, there was plenty to choose from. but they picked ten. at number ten, rick ashley's, never going to give you up. then, putting on the ritz by taco. mickey, bobby, don't worry, be happy. and falco with rock me amadeas. we have the safety dance by man without hat. wake me up before you go go,
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that would be wam, and europe, the final countdown. and the absolute worst song of the 1980s. we built this city by star ship. >> kristen is dancing away. >> i just don't know. don't turn around. i don't know. >> i guess maybe that's why they were the 80s. >> i guess so. >> it was our coming of age, so they were great. >> i guess so. terps tomorrow. playing football against georgia tech. 13th ranked undefeated. hit the road for the first time. it's going to be a very tough test. can he get his first win against the ranked opponent? plus, the caps hit the ice to open the season and a former national helps keep his new team world series hopes alive. those and more coming
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randy having a rough go of things his first season at maryland. the terps are 2-2, including an embarrassing loss to temple. plus, they have been plagued by injuries. six of his front seven on defense are hurt and having a profound effect on their ability to stop the run. the terps gave up 285 yards on the ground and this week it doesn't get any easier. they hit the road for the first time this season to face 13th ranked georgia tech. the yellow jackets lead the nation in rushing yardage and are second in total offense. this will be a big test for etzel. >> we are looking forward to the challenge going down. of course ranked first in the nation in rushing offense. their second in total offense and second in scoring offense. >> maryland soccer ranked second in the nation. at virginia, the game was tied at one, but uva junior honed
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the game winner. virginia upsets maryland 2-1. still watching capitals open up their season tomorrow night hosting carolina at the verison center. a familiar face will be guarding the net. the youngster won 27 games and he gives the nod despite the caps offseason signing of proven goalie. and game five of the brewers diamondback series, former nat, morgan came through in a big way. and not with his mouth. single right up the middle in the bottom of the 10th. carlos gomez. they win 3-2. stay with us, the toyota game night report is coming up next. we have a big showdown of the undefeated in fairfax county and then two of the highest scoring offenses come face to face. we'll have your highlights for yo
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now the toyota d.c..highschoolsports of the week. >> tonight's game 5-0, with their best start in school history. they have a tough opponent. the huskies are also undefeated. so who won't keep their perfect record after tonight's game of the week? the cardinals will get on the board first. takes the handoff, lose a couple attackers, and does the rest themselves, 7-0, but the huskies of flint hill respond. connor punches it in to tie up the game. the cardinals prove to be too much for the huskies tonight. webb catches the screen, makes a couple would be tacklers miss and he is off to the races, down the sideline, bishop wins 27-7. staying undefeated at 6- 0. >> we have two really good high school


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