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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a hollywood script. the impact would have been very real and many lives would have been lost. >> andrea mccarren is live outside the saad iowa saudi arabian embassy. >> thanked our government for foiling that terror plot. one that it calls a dispickable violation of international norm, standards, and conventions. >> an uneasy tension at the embassy in washington this evening where federal authorities uncovered a stunning plot to assassinate the ambassador to the united states. the alleged plan, potentially setting off a bomb at the embassy or in a crowded d.c. restaurant, killing as many as 100 innocent bystanders. >> these individuals had no regard for their intended victim. no regard for innocent citizens who might have been hurt or killed in this attempted
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assassination. they had no regard for the rules of law. >> federal authorities say the elaborate plot was backed by iran and was to be carried out by members of an elite iran ian force. posing as a member of an international drug cartel. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the impact would have been very real and many lives would have been lost. >> defendant monsur, an iranian who is a naturalized u.s. citizen allegedly made a $100,000 down payment on the $1.5 million assassination with funds from the government of iran. the other defendant has been charged, but is not yet in custody. the statement made no mention at all of the government of iran, which of course the u.s.
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blames for that planned assassination. we are live outside the saudi embassy in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> right now the senate is getting ready for a critical first vote on the president's jobs bill and it doesn't look like it has the votes to pass, at least at this point. danielle nottingham is live with the details of what we are going to see today. danielle. >> anita, the senate is expected to vote on the president's jobs plan within the next hour and right now it looks like the bill won't get very far from there. >> president obama made its pitch for the american jobs act to supporters at a union training center in pittsburgh. >> right now, our economy needs a jolt. >> pennsylvania is a key state for the president's reelection campaign. he is pushing hard for passage of this $447 billion plan to turn the economy around. the package includes public works projects, unemployment assistance, and tax hikes on wealthy americans.
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>> it's a jobs bill with the kind of proposals that democrats and republicans have traditionally supported. the jobs bill that is entirely paid for. >> back here in washington, the jobs bill faces its first critical vote in the senate tuesday evening where it is likely headed for defeat. republicans are already labeling the measure a failure. >> why on earth would you support an approach that we already know will not work? >> democrats need some republican votes to pass the measure, but that's not likely to happen. gop lawmakers claim this jobs bill is really another stimulous package like the one two years ago. they point out that program cost $800 billion, yet the unemployment rate is still stuck over 9%. but the white house points to independent economist who predict the president's plan would add nearly 2 million jobs and reduce unemployment by a percentage point. and the white house says the president is open to breaking
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up the jobs bill into pieces that will pass the senate if the senate votes it down tonight. live on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, now back to you. >> thank you so much, danielle. >> today the white house announced the city marketed o street is the project of one of 14 across the country being targeted for faster approval for historic trust approval. here's the goal. cut the red tape to get shoveled in the ground and more people working on these projects. in this case, 400 residential units. 16,000 square feet of retail space and a new supermarket for that area. >> news that the president's plan may be scud led didn't have much of an impact on wall almost 16 points today, but the nasdaq was up 17 and s & p 500 closed up almost a point. the occupy wall street movement is spreading to main streets around the world. tonight, protesters are popping up in more than 25 countries,
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including brazil, ireland, spain, and even china. and here at home, now that their base of operations is secure, d.c.'s antiwall street and antiwar protesters are launching raids across the country. police arrested half a dozen of them on capitol hill today for what they say was an unlawful demonstration. our bruce leshan is live in freedom plaza and i guess, the question is, do they or don't they have the perm to stay there for months? >> well, they don't have the formal written permit yet, but everyone the park service makes it sound like it is just a question of working out a few details, so the protesters are shifting their attention elsewhere. >> somehow a threat. >> the protesters now figured they have months to jam up the machine. the target for this day, the u.s. senate. >> we are very concerned about the lack of free speech. >> step back, please. >> hundreds have stopped the
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protesters, shouted and tried to -- >> the people united will never be defeated. >> i pay more taxes than exxon mobile does. >> police ordered them out of the atrium. >> i'll be happy to answer your question. >> officer h's plenty of flex ties. they arrested the handful who refused to move. >> we were trying to bring a message here directly to our senators at loud volume that they aren't answering when we send e-mails from a thousand miles away. we have 3/4 of the country that want the rich taxed. they don't care. >> you can't do that. >> one big question for the protesters now is can they keep up their numbers and their energy so that they keep getting the kind of attention that they have been getting and continue to get over the next four months or longer? >> anita, lesli, back to you.
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>> i'll take it back. thank you. in less than two hours, eight republican hopefuls will sit down for their next debate. this will be in new hampshire and former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, heads into it with a key endorsement. chris cristie gave romney his full support, calling him the man we need him as the man to lead america. that happened this morning, but in the last hour, we learned she was involved in a similar accident in 2005. she served 16 months after chasing several women inside a montgomery county nordstroms store. the victim in today's case is livessed in stable condition. >> well tonight at 7:00, your chewing gum may lose its flavor on the bed post overnight. >> who does that? >> oh you do, that's right. >> these particular bed posts offer something interesting inside. we'll tell you what the customs
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agents found when they passed through dulles airport, and no, my bed posts do not have gum. >> can't wait to see that. >> thank you for that. still to come tonight, an outpouring of support for the father fighting to keep his kids tree house. top. >> well, the clouds are rolling in and rain not far behind. i want to show you the almanac. 71 and 62 go in the books. on the button as far as averages are concerned. record high 90 set back in 1919. this is the last time we hit 90. the last time we hit 90 until march 22. that's some good news. we'll come back and talk about the rain in just a bit.
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we have breaking news right now out of arlington. metro tells us that the station is closed right now. a person has been struck by a
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train. orange line riders should expect delays. blue line riders are also affected by delays. a metro spokesperson says it looks like the person may have jumped in front of the train shortly before 5:00 p.m. today. odds are you have a computer or a laptop or an ipad or some other way to stay connected. how many phones do you need? according to a new survey, the number of devices being used in the u.s. exceeds the number of people living here. that would be 328 million devices versus 315 million people. lots of devices. today is the last day for you to weigh in on whether license groups in the state of virginia should be able to turn down a prospective adopted parent. now the attention the topic is getting on our facebook page is any indication, virginia's board of social services has a lot to consider. very heated opinions. janine bennett asked, isn't it
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more important that the parents provide for the child spiritually, financially? a child needs a mother and a father. that's the way god intended it. if you have a problem with that, take it up with him. you can join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. still ahead, friends and family say it just doesn't add up. we're going to take a closer look at the mystery surrounding the death of a local scientist.
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, new at 6:00, we have been talking to mystified family and friends of a gaithersburg scientist who died on the metro system earlier this month. scott broom is here with more on this unsettling mystery. what happened? >> it is unsettling. this gentleman had just taped an unreleased segment of who wants to be a millionaire before he died. another weird fact in a very weird case. by all accounts, 37-year-old
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beniot, a highly regarded phd biochemist was an incredibly successful, untroubled man with a zest for friends and life, his buddy said. >> very outgoing, caring individual, smart as a whip. >> he was a quiz show whiz in his offtime that taped an episode of who wants to be a millionaire. so how benoit ended up dead on the metro tracks north of rockville at 3:00 a.m. october 1 mysteriously short of his stop at shady grove is gnawing at his friends. >> adding more anxiety to the whole situation. we want to know what happened and just there was no foul play involved. >> so far, metro investigators have said there is no reason to believe what happened to him is anything more than an accident. >> metro told me today they do have video of chocco on the train platform in the middle of the night in rockville. the video doesn't show how he ended up down on the tracks where he was apparently hit by
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a passing train or a piece of maintenance equipment. >> the video doesn't explain why his iphone mysteriously turned up later on a rail car in the system. >> that is very strange. you can see why his friends think there is more to this. >> they are really anxious to get the investigation done. it's not finished yet. >> thank you. i'm matt in suitland, two recent sex assaults near the metro station had women here very much on edge. tonight, prince george county say the woman is behind bars. the attack happened two weeks apart just a few blocks from the suitland metro station. the first on september 15 at 4:45 in the morning a. woman on her way to the metro was allegedly robbed at gunpoint and groped. the second attack took place on september 27 around 5:30 in the morning. again on silver hill road and again according to police, a woman on her way to the metro was robbed at gunpoint,
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according to police, that woman was then raped. >> we devoted extra resources to that area and now at this point, do have a suspect in custody. >> the suspect is identified as 30-year-old phillip james flemming. he is said to have a lengthy criminal record. tonight, flemming is being held without bond at the prince georges county jail. in suitland, 9news now. >> all right, now to a consumer alert. popular bob jogging strollers are being recalled because of concerns of choking. the consumer product safety commission says the backing on the logo patch right on the stroller's canopy, right above can come loose and the commission has received six reports of children putting that backing in their mouths. a couple of them may have even choked on it. for more information on the recall, you can go to and the man that built a tree house for his son, well he's getting a lot of support
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from his neighbors. more than 100 of them signed a petition to keep that tree house right where it is. they voted to have the structure taken down. that's because it violates a zoning ordinance. >> the central theme to all of us is people being able to relate. but the outpouring of support, it is terrific. stay with us, we support you, we believe you'll prevail. we think the government will turn for you, just stay with us. it has been terrific. >> the family is appealing the decision to the board at the end of november and if that doesn't work, he may appeal to the district court. >> definitely a shift in our weather. >> that is an impressive tree fort. >> oh yeah. that is not a small. >> wicked cool. >> okay. we're having a change. you know, our nice streak is coming to an end and it was
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spectacular. as ugly as the first weekend in october was, it was beautiful last weekend. here's the deal. let's start with the radar. light showers, nothing heavy. probably get out and walk the dog this evening, not a big deal. we do see growing amounts of moisture. down into charlottesville, all this is going to migrate north, up i-81 and 95 as we go into the late night hours and especially, especially tomorrow morning. temperatures are still pretty comfortable. 68 in bethesda. 69 in arlington. 70 downtown still. despite the cloud cover. and we're looking at 68 up in rockville. a pretty comfortable. here's the deal though. dust off the umbrella. rain and showers developing. the morning commute is going to be wet, no doubt about that. the evening commute will probably be wet, especially north of town. and showers are going to linger into thursday. that said, the heaviest activity will roll in here during the day tomorrow. here's our future cast. 11:00 tonight, some clouds. they are already here, but most of the sprinkles are north and
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west. down toward culpeper. we put this into motion and stop it at rush hour, oh yes, we have rain just in time for the rush hour. mainly light, although you see the yellows down here in fredericksburg and toward the northern neck. that is moderate rain. we'll stop around lunchtime, we have moderate to heavy rain inbetween manassas and fredericksburg. 12:00, 12:15 and a good batch of moderate rain out in the panhandle. we'll get good rain fall and probably 1 to 2 inches of rain before it's all said and done. this time tomorrow night, we'll find most of the metro area, which means light activity. prepare for a light commute and possibly more showers lingering into thursday. tonight cool, rain, and showers developing. 56 to 62. winds easterly at 10 to 15. lows tonight, you're outside the beltway, probably be in the upper 50s. if you are inside the beltway, 61, maybe 58 in reston. now tomorrow morning, grab the umbrella, temperatures in the 50s and 60s and then by
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afternoon, more rain and showers because of the cloud cover, high temperatures only 65 to 70. winds southeast at 10. not that windy in the afternoon tomorrow, but it will be in the morning. all right. showers on thursday, 74. some showers still possible friday, but not a bad day. i would say golfable. temperatures around 70. cooler on saturday. and then as we host the eagles, temperatures go back in the mid 70s. >> you called them the eagles, but earlier you called them the fleagles. >> i like it. the eagles are coming. the eagles are coming. and washington can't wait. why? because philly can't stop the run. who is going to do the running this week? te rrain or hightower? they have themselves a gw controversy. we'll talk about it next in sports.
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everybody knows the best place for a good time is mississippi. and that's only until they visited us in louisiana. which is a distant second to sunny florida. for beautiful vacation, nothing beats alabama. ok, we'll never agree on who's best. but we can all agree on one thing. the gulf's the worlds number one vacation spot. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. mississippi has wonderful people, great music, and the beautiful outdoors. louisiana's the best seafood you'll ever eat. shrimp gumbo, crab cakes, etouffee. florida means beautiful beaches and sugar white sands. actually experts agree that the best beaches are here in alabama. which can't compare to a good time on the gulf in mississippi.
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louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled. seems like a match made in offensive lineman heaven. the eagles are awful at stopping the run. only two teams put up less resistance than the birds. phillies defense is awful and the redskins have shown the ability to run the football. bodes well, a couple weeks ago, and of course he is a shanahan guy. before that, he looked like jim hightower had the position. he has been dinged up with a shoulder injury. both are facing philly.
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i would, too. coach, who is going to start? >> ryan had a heck of a game. any time a guy is averaging seven yards a carry, you are going to give him an opportunity to show us what he can do. and tim when he is healthy has played well. so i think we are in a good situation and we'll see how practice goes this week and make a decision on game day. >> chris cooley spent his day off at redskins park hosting 20 women battling breast cancer. women receive brand-new scarves, wigs, and redskins jersey. cooley's mom is a cancer survivor. it was the day after labor day and danny o'brian shown a national tv audience why the terp nation was gaga over him. a funny thing happened, like the dow jones stock started to drop. he was yanked last week against georgia tech in favor of c.j. brown. quarterback controversy. so coach, who is your man now?
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>> we are just going to evaluate the quarterback position, just like we do, you know, every other position. and then you know, come saturday night, we'll make a determination of who is going to be our starter this week. >> it looked gruesome and it was. the offensive lineman lost for the year with a compound fracture of the leg during tech game. he was the team's loan senior offensive lineman. >> first thing i said to the guys when they called when i was in the hospital, are you ready to beat clemson? i want them to focus on. >> this is fun stuff right here. racing overseas is dangerous stuff, forget that crash right there. check out this driver who has to navigate the curves with this seagal on the hood. all three feet wind span and all. >> is that real? >> it's real. they must have glue on their feet. the driver won. he was paid in dollars and bird food. >> his head is going like, oh
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gosh. please, please. that is it for us. >> have a good night, everybody. >> bye bye.


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