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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 12, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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and doorways in it. >> i couldn't believing they would take away the right of the women like this to come to their doctor for all kinds of reproductive care. it is overwhelming to me. >> reporter: they require her to make this 15 square foot room even bigger. >> i am estimating if i had to comply with not only the construction but the very onerous things to do, business practices as well. >> how much? >> half a million dollars. >> do you have it? >> i wish i did. >> reporter: she is vowing to find the money to stay in business, but others may not be able to. supporters of abortion rights are fighting the regulations. today representatives signed a petition asking the governor not to sign the law saying it has nothing to do with safety but everything to do with restricting abortions. >> my fear is clinics like ours will close and women will not have access to the health care
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they need and their parents. >> reporter: but others saying it is needed. >> unless deaths occur on the operating table. they are not even required to do that. because the cdc in 1989 said we are not collecting complications any longer. >> reporter: the virginia coalition to protect women's health is planning a rally in richmond this saturday. peggy fox, 9news now. >> and saturday's rally in richmond is at monroe park and it will run from 1 to 3 p.m. near the state capital. virginia has some of the toughest regulations for abortion clinics in the whole country. are those regulations stepping on a woman's rights or are they long overdue? the address is or you can just make a post on the wusa9 facebook page. tonight's other top stories. we are at the site of that suspected assassination plot against the saudi ambassador. there is a new warning out
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there for americans. also people in stafford are getting that sinking feeling. massive sink holes are opening up. if your tags are expired you better fix it fast f you're caught driving dirty you may go to jail. but first, a check on this very wet forecast. topper? >> showers moved back into the metro area. we won't be done with showers for a while. nothing heavy good news. live doppler. you might want to download our weather app. light activity around the district, down south 95 and also out towards leesburg but nothing heavy but they won't go away anytime soon and may even hear the rumble of thunder tonight. 64 manassas. 66 downtown. 63 in leesburg. and some 50s up into frederick and hagerstown and martins book. we will look ahead to the weekend. big changes in store for saturday. >> thank you, topper. it is still not quite clear
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how the united states respond to that alleged iranian plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador and scores of other police. the iranians deny the plot even exists. more on the story from bruce leshan. >> reporter: at the saudi ambassador's favorite georgetown restaurant anger and disbelief. >> it is awful. >> reporter: police say mansessor arbabsiar was platting to take out adel al- jubier with c4 explosive. they want the guy done he allegedly told an informant. if 100 go with him many good. the bombing was allegedly planned for a washington restaurant and while prosecutors decline to say which one he eats here as often
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as twice a week. >> brilliant guy. >> the fact that iran would be willing to attack in the united states is am significant step and provocative step on the part of iran, one the u.s. cannot ignore. >> reporter: the vice president declined to detail possible sanctions. >> i think what we have to do is unite the entire world against the irannian behavior. >> reporter: a state department cable out to american embassies all around the world urges them to make the case about this alleged iranian plot to their host countries. and the secretary of state is hinting at going to the u.n. security council for new sanctions. but as for retaliation, that so far is all we've heard. bruce leshan, 9news now. some have noted that this plot seems awfully amateurish for iran which usually operates through proxies at a very high
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level. the so-called underwear bomber stunned a federal courtroom today when he entered a surprise guilty plea on all counts. umar abdulmutallab admitted he intended to blow up a plane and his letter ended with a threat that the united states will eventually pay for what it has done. maryland's system for handling the criminal insane under some serious scrutiny tonight after a stabbing in bowie. the director of the state's department of mental hygiene says his staff is distraught by a many patient turning violent a month after her release. she is now being held without bail after being accused of stabbing a complete stranger outside a target store in bowie. and the prosecutor john mcarthy says it is past time for reform. >> our position was this woman should not have been released into the community. that has been consistently our position. >> starks was originally
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committed after a nearly identical attack that almost killed two shoppers in montgomery county back in 2005. montgomery county prosecutors objected to her conditional release into a halfway house but a state psychiatrist said schizophrenia was under control. metro now looking into their emergency response procedures during last night's nightmare, commute on the orange line. metro says at the height of the evening rush yesterday a man jumped in front of a moving train. now he is in pretty bad shape. his condition is described as life threatening. the rescue though shut down the trains and forced thousands of people to get off at a station causing a two-hour delay for some. >> as we were trying to rescue a living human being from underneath the car of a train, that was our first priority. the painful thing for us is we know tens of thousands of people at that very same moment are enduring a significant
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inconvenience. >> now, metro says they could have possibly controlled those crowds by staggering the trains arriving at rosslynn. they recommend signing up for metro alerts that can come directly to your cell phone. just ahead. inmates trying to take over a prison. it is all caught on tape. details on how the drama played out. plus, you may find yourself in a jailhouse jump suit if your tags are expired around here. stay with us. we will tell you how to stay out of trouble. çñ
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in the mail bag tonight the alleged terror plot launched against this country and saudi arabia. one person saying it is time to get pretty serious about. the attempted assassination of saudi's ambassador is an overt declaration of war by iran the same thing that started word war i. we need to treat irene with the utmost heavily of persona nongrata. this was a covert preempted strike that failed.
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craig, the one thing i think we strong to worry about is anybody underestimating just how serious is this is. the big question is, exactly what do we do about it? how do you retaliate without going to war? but there are some of you out there who want to retaliate against marion barry for his comments to the effect that a white contractor shouldn't have gotten a lawn mowing contractor from the federal government. mike isn't too happy about what he heard. marion barry is a racist. he made a comment a few years ago after regan called d.c. a chocolate city. now he says white people/companies can't have contracts in the district. a legal contract is broken. where is your reporting outrage over this overt racist attitude? mike, it is about in the same place it was last time barry said something like this but it doesn't matter because this is marion barry and in his defense he did back off of that statement in our interview yesterday saying it was not about black or white but rather
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about keeping city money in the city and frankly i do not believe the man is a racist for all his flaws. he is not against white folks, he is, however, in favor of black people and i would tend to believe there is a subtle distinction there. you may disagree. the address is let's talk about the rescheduled dedication of the mlk jr. memorial coming up this weekend. we will bring you live coverage here on wusa weapon the live event. topper is back with the forecast for the rest of the night and find out if you've got a wet commute coming your way tomorrow. grab your umbrella. virginia's million dollar medicaid mistake. coming up. stay with us.
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caught on tape. inmates going wild. this is a prison rite in western oklahoma where a band of officers were forced to use tear gas. more than 20 inmates were hurt. at least five of them so badly they ended up in the hospital. the warden has not yet said what sparked the violence. well, d.c. may be the only city in the country where an otherwise law abiding citizen can be arrested for driving on an expired hundreds tag.
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our bruce johnson talked to one person who found herself in a jail cell for what amounts to a traffic violation. >> they said by the way, we now have to arrest you. >> too embarrassed to allow her name an face to be used but this woman said her vehicle was first hit by a bus and then she was arrested by d.c. police who noticed that the tags on her vehicle had expired. >> they cuffed me and put me in the back of the police van. the police car. >> d.c. police are not saying how many people have been arrested for expired tags but the law goes back to 1937 going straight to jail became standard operating procedure more than a decade ago as police try to combat stolen vehicles with stolen tags. the local aaa says the practice of jailing otherwise innocent people just goes too far. >> you are throwing people in jail for three to six hours because you say it makes the streets safe. >> this issue has come up
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before actually. in order to protect people whose registration had only recently expired police started implementing a 30-day grace period. that meant after 30 days you could be arrested, you could be issued a criminal citation or merely a traffic citation. >> that is something we need to look into and we need to fix. >> kwame brown tells 9news now he will move to change the law as early as tuesday's legislative session. >> there is nothing worse than being away for a month and you land back in the city and you get in your car and go to work and you forget that your tag has expired and the police stops you and locks you up much that's not what this bill was intended to do. >> no priors. i wasn't in a stolen car. >> the good news for this woman and others who found themselves in jail. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> wow. so jail time for an expired tag. that is pretty harsh in d.c. do you agree? let me know. e-mail me. the address or jump on the facebook page.
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new at 7 p.m. virginia's new multimillion dollar mistake. ineligible medicaid recipients are costing the state a fortune. $18 million to 263 million in the year 2009 alone. we are not talking about fraud. this audit blames it on case workers at the department of social serviceses mistakenly signing up people who simply don't qualify. likewise, many people who do qualify get denied. the good news is a brand-new computer system is in the works and that ought to cut way down on these human mistakes. well, teachers get ready. there is going to be a lot of reading, writing and math coming your way around the bargaining table. a new contract for d.c. teachers. the last contract took three years plus a mediator to settle. this time around it could get bogged down over a controversial teacher valuation program that the school system now uses.
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tonight millions of blackberry users are seeing red, irritating outages that first surfaced overseas a few days ago are now hitting our shores and blackberry addicts are none too happy about it. >> having trouble sending, having trouble receiving. sent five or six blackberry messages and they just don't get through. >> the canadian company that runs blackberry says a key part of its infrastructure failed and so did the backup. no word yet on when it expects to have it all fixed. right now it is not too bad in some places and it is bad in others. no word yet on when it will all be done. the meantime the company is using twitter to keep customers up-to-date and customers are using twitter to trash blackberry. one what did one blackberry user say to another? answer, absolutely nothing. >> was your's down? >> two, three hours. >> not too bad. >> i think it is a good thing
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you go off the grid for two hours actually. two days not so good. some showers today. nothing heavy. but we are not going to be able to shake the showers for a while, derek. start with the live doppler 9000. we will zoom in on a couple of showers. if they are not covering the entire metro area and everything here is generally light, don't be surprised if you hear the rumble of thunder a little bit later on. see this little area down here? some of the heaviest activity we have seen. this is like moderate rain now just to the south of the warnton. chantilly out 50. light activity through bethesda and d.c. down into woodbridge. where will it go in the next hour? everything is drifting off to the north and east. good news is that doesn't really intensify. just light rain running through manassas going through 66 in the next hour. and some more showers across the river into western montgomery county but that is about it. nothing heavy. temperature wise not bad.
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64. generally mid-60s downtown. mid-60s in manassas and upper 60s down towards fredricksburg. a smattering of 50s out towards frederick, hagerstown and martinsburg. leaves on the road so slippery. showers diminish overnight. got to keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in both thursday and friday. you might think well, that's terrible. ending up with a nice weekend so we will pay for it on thursday and friday. futurecast. midnight. a couple of light showers here and there. 7 a.m. in the morning. couple of light showers. some of you will have a wet commute again tomorrow morning. by lunchtime just some clouds and i think we will see some breaks in these clouds particularly west of town around i-81 in parts of shenandoah valley. 24 hours from now, we will find more showers rolling through. but it is shades of green, which is light. we can handle that. again, nothing heavy. then we run through the next
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little bit. by early morning on friday we still have some showers across the metro area. generally light. notice more breaks in the clouds to the west. so we will see a little bit of sun tomorrow and little bit more on friday. for tonight though, no sun. mostly cloudy. cool. showers. maybe a thunderstorm. 56 to 62. winds out of the southeast at 10. now, tomorrow morning becoming partly sunny and cool. a shower possible. not that much. 50s and 60s. then by afternoon, partly sunny, milder, showers, maybe even a thunderstorm tomorrow. high temperatures near 75. winds out. southeast at about 10. let's break it down for you. 56 and 64 to start. maybe a shower in the morning. again, a shower possible at noon but a better chance for showers. and again, perhaps a thunderstorm in the afternoon, st. petersburg 76 to about 71 to 76 by evening. staying mild on friday but a shower still possible. mid-70s. cooler on saturday. but nice. brisk.
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dry. next seven days. great on sunday. warming up. 75 for the redskins game. if you are seated in the sun side of fedex you're going to be toasty on sunday. if you're sitting on the shade side it is going to be sweet like honey. low 70s on monday. mid-70s tuesday. more showers and storms then much, much cooler struggling to hit 60 on wednesday. >> looking forward to the weekend. >> yes. how is your memory, sir? >> not great. >> well that answer may determine how good or bad your sex life is because as you know sex could be forgettable or mind blowing but for some folks it is actually both. according to a new study in emergency journal of medicine. researchers say it is a rare condition but sometimes a person's memory suddenly disappears after sex and they don't know why. it usually comes back in a few hours though. >> would you at least remember you had sex? >> that's a good question. maybe not. >> maybe not. >> maybe not. >> just saying. that would not be good. >> no. 9news now is brought to you
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by your honda dealer.
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well, that is what's on wusa tonight. tomorrow morning you can start your day with andre, mike, howard, monica, all the news, weather and traffic you need before you head out the door. that's our report.
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"e.t." is up next. topper and i will be right back here tonight at 11 p.m. along with anita brikman. log on anytime you like to have a great evening. we will see you a bit later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ speaking french ]
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what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. is richard simmons sick? the new headlines after his startling appearance on "dancing." now, the colorful fitness guru comes to "e.t." to set the record straight. >> i went from 160 to 138. >> plus -- julianne hough, dancing with her "footloose" co-star. her emotional "dancing" homecoming. >> george clooney, stacy keibler, ryan gosling and eva mendes. our all new hollywood coupes report card. did blake lively ditch leo for ryan reynolds is jennifer lopez dating? then -- ♪ and our exclusive with michaele


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