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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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he's a light skinned, black male, five feet tall, 85 pounds and he's missing right now. an amber alert was put out for him. and police believe he might be in his mother's vehicle. it is described as a black 2011 honda crv, also missing. lookout has been placed for it. it has maryland tags with a plate 5ag9405. if you have any idea or have seen this vehicle or 11-year- old william mckiwane, call montgomery county police crimestoppers at 1-866-411-tips but certainly, just a very sad story out here this morning. we'll have a live interview coming up with a montgomery county police officers at 5:30. >> thank you, kristin. at seneca knolls apartment with the very latest on this amber
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alert. >> congressional investigators are aiming their sights at eric holder demanding answers about operation fast and furious. >> the house oversight and government reform committee, holder -- asking holder and the other justice department officials to provide any records they have about the operation. the committee chairman, republican darryl isa has said he believes the attorney general knew more about fast and furious than he's publicly admitted. >> we don't get cooperation as many people know, even when we do a subpoena, we get overredacted documents. >> we have sent thousands of pages of documents up to the hill. we'll look at the subpoenas. i'm sure we'll undoubtedly comply with them. >> investigators say in the fast and furious operation, federal law enforcement let thousands of assault rifles and weapons go to suspected mexican drug and weapons traffickers. it was supposed to lead to
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arrest but instead, some of the weapons turned up at murder scenes including the shooting death of border patrol agent brian terry last december. now to other news, a leesburg man is in custody, accused of spying on syrian protestors in washington. prosecutors say he acted as an unregistered agent of the syrian government in order to collect information on people protesting the syrian government crackdown. prosecutors say the syrian government paid for him to travel to syria and that's where he met with intelligence officials and spoke privately with the syrian president. an israeli soldier hamas has been held captive for five years, could be home with his family in just a matter of days. he has been in gaza since he was kidnapped in 2006. in exchange for his freedom, israel will release more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. the inmates include palestinian soldiers involved in some of the deadliest attacks against
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israel. >> it is painful. but is is the right thing to do. >> the deal was brokered with the help of the egyptian government. it resolves one of the most emotionally charged disputes between israeli and the palestinians. here's a look at some other things making news right now. the trial of the so-called underwear bomber came to an abrupt end yesterday when the suspect entered a guilty plea. during the second day of his trial, umar farouk abdul mutallab pleaded guilty to all counts against him including attempted murder and terrorism charges. he admitted on christmas day 2009, he tried to bring down a northwest airlines flight from amsterdam to detroit with a bomb stuffed in his underwear. he's scheduled to be sentenced in january. a suspect is in custody this morning, following a deadly shooting in southern california. police say the gunman opened fire at a busy hair salon in seal beach wednesday, killing eight people and critically injuring one person. authorities are still trying to
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determine a motive. witnesses say the suspect was the ex-husband of one of the stylists. the outages which are plaguing blackberry users overseas have now come here to the u.s. >> that's right. a worldwide service outage has put millions of blackberry users and subscribers without internet e-mail and messenger access on their smart phone. as lesli foster tells us, outraged customers say the problem has disrupted their business and personal lives. >> reporter: millions of blackberry users in the united states and canada can't get their e-mail or their instant messages. >> having trouble sending, receiving. sent five or six blackberry messages, they don't get through. >> the problem began overseas, research in motion, the company that makes the smart phone said a crucial link in its infrastructure as well as its back-up failed three days ago, causing the worst outage in years. in a statement, the company says we're working to resolve the situation as quickly as
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possible and we'spologyize to our customer for any inconvenience. blackberry is using twitter to update customers. customers are using twitter to trash blackberry. blackberry controls all of its e-mail and other data through its own system. >> that's a good thing because then they can apply extra security, some encryption. that's why a lot of businesses, particularly the federal government is using that tut basement it is a point of failure. >> its stock is approaching a five-year low. the time for blackberry's troubles could not be worse. its main competitor, apple is starting to sell its newest iphone. blackberry's problem has users thinking about a change. >> i'm going to try a new smart phone like an android google phone. >> and that was lesli foster reporting. blackberry has not said when the problem will be solved. >> how about this. giant tunnels big enough to fit
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a metro train soon will be built to help clean up area waterways. yesterday, the d.c. water and sewer authority broke ground on the project at the blue plains waste water treatment plant in southwest. the plan is to try to eliminate sewage overflows which enter waterways during heavy rains. the first tunnel it will run under the anacostia river. >> today, parts of the national cathedral damaged in the august earthquake are scheduled to be removed. a crane will pick up the two ton piece from the southeast grand pinnacle of the tower. the removal is expected to make the pinnacles and central tower more stable, clearing the way for more stone work repairs. our time is 4:36. at 4:40, human error involving the nation's medicaid program could be costing virginia hundreds of millions of dollars. jessica doyle explains in your money. at 4:47, metro transit apologizes to riders for the confusion following an accident on the orange line earlier this week. >> we're back with your weather first in two minutes.
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welcome back. 4:39. howard here with your weather first. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd. some lightning and thunder in reston this morning with heavier showers through manassas going down to southern fauquier county all moving into areas in montgomery county over the next half hour. looking ahead to the day planner, showers, drizzle, fog out there this morning. a few showers and storms at times today. highs into the low 70s. maybe some mid-70s south of town. looking ahead toward the weekend, when i see you next. right now, here's monica. >> we have an accident on the bw parkway ramp to west nursery
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road right near bwi airport. watch out for authorities on the scene. the parkway, further south looks fine. no problems on 95 in from baltimore. another look at maryland roads coming up next. surae and andrea? >> time now for the first "your money" report of the morning. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. stocks on track for their best weekly gain. a new bold plan by european leaders to curb the debt crisis turned the dow positive yesterday but the rally lost a little bit of steam by the end of the day. checking the numbers for you, the dow standing this morning at 11,518, closed up 103 points after being up by better than 200 points. the s&p 500 was up by 11. ineligible medicare recipients are costing virginia a fortune. the number is estimated to be a wide range here.
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anywhere from $18 million to $263 million in the year 2009 alone. this audit blames it on case workers at the department of social security mistakenly signing up people who simply do not qualify. while many people who do qualify get denied. a new computer system is being implemented to cut down on human error. next week, talks get underway for a new contract for d.c. teachers. the last contract took nearly three years plus a mediator to settle the matter. this time around, talks could get bogged down over a controversial teacher evaluation program. the school system now uses. certainly something we'll have to watch here, folks. affecting a lot of people in the washington area. >> thank you, jess. >> thank you, jessica. d.c. prepares for the dedication of the m.l.k. memorial with an event highlighting voter rights. >> not every food mascot geared toward children is bad, apparently. we'll be right back.
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more showers in our forecast. >> what a surprise. >> somebody said i didn't know it was going to rain yesterday. i said you were not watching. howard was very clear. >> showers tonight. showers tomorrow. your weekend is going to be dry. it will be decent. i'm excited about the weekend. maybe hit the orchard, get some pumpkins or apples. maybe i'll get lost in a corn
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maze and call the police. weatherwise, your bus stop forecast, 25 feet from the exit. well, i could say it could be disorients. showers, drizzle and fog. temps running in the upper 50s to upper 60s. sunrise not until 7:15. we've been watching the showers come at us from the south and the west. occasional showers, there will be lulls and heavier downpours at times. noontime temps in the upper 60s. east to southeast winds not as brisk as yesterday. by 5:00, 71 with a threat of showers and storms still with us. area of rain moved away from us. look this morning as i get out of your way, you can see this morning here, right into south central virginia, just to the west side of 95 here coming up toward the washington metro, we've got some showers and some thunderstorms out there. we're really seeing them from reston over toward areas in fauquier and prince william county. that's the heaviest action we're seeing. as we zoom in with live doppler 9000 hd, you'll see how this
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activity is getting in toward montgomery county now about to cross the potomac. that's a hefty thunderstorm going through the reston area. nothing severe this morning. garden variety storms. they'll pass through potomac, south of seneca as they head up between rockville and gaithersburg. maybe around falls road and glen road, you might be seeing some of that. look at reston over to great falls. there is a lot of lightning coming out of that guy. vienna out of fairfax, heavy downpours, too, through chantilly and manassas and farther south, another area with some lightning and thunder which is between midland and cromwell. this will pass just east of catlet over toward manassas as well. we've got the showers and storms mainly west of 95 for the next hour. some of those are going to come up 95 as well. keep that in mind for your morning commute. other thing with the persistent south and southeast wind, we've got coastal flood advisories and coastal flood warnings
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around alexandria right now. high tide, 9:55. two to two and a half feet above normal. other areas along the potomac, looking at the high tides between one and a half and two feet above normal. mid-60s. d.c., points south and east. as we go north and west, a few 59s from lovettsville. here in washington this morning, we sit 65 degrees. cloudy skies at the moment. winds east at 8 miles per hour and that dew point way up at 64. we do have some fog in spots as well. big picture, that's kind of yesterday's system, still some leftover moisture. this is another system spinning out to the west. more showers and a couple of storms tonight and again on friday. so, today, 72 with some showers and storms at times. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. showers and storms, i think we'll end late in the day. that will set us up for a good weekend, saturday, mid-60s. sunday, low 70s. going to the 'skins game, weather should be perfect for that. monday, a high of 75.
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monika, we've got rain. we've got thunderstorms. too early to have problems? >> no, definitely not too early to have problems. with all of the rain we've had, we're already seeing some minor issues, let's start off with the bw parkway. ramp to west nursery road. that's right into pasco near the bwi airport. the bw parkway itself doesn't seem to be affected as you head down toward laurel and the beltway. that's good news. same story on i-95. let's take you out to the beltway. no problems on the east side of town as you head through landover toward oxon hill and the wilson bridge. beltway in bethesda on the other side of town. northside, looking good here. looking good as we travel through bethesda to tysons corner. we'll wind a live picture of 270 here at father hurley boulevard. no incidents down to the point where the lanes divide. coming up, we'll take a look into virginia. back to you. surae and andrea. >> thank you, monika. >> metro is looking into the
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emergency response during tuesday evening's nightmare commute on the orange line. >> at the height of rush hour, a man jumped in front of a moving train and he suffered life-threatening injuries. the rescue shut down the trains and forced thousands to get off at rosslyn causing a two hour delay for some. >> as we were trying to rescue a living human being from underneath the first car of a train, that's our priority at that point. the painful thing for us is that we know there are tens of thousands of people who, at that very same moment are enduring a significant inconvenience. metro says it could have better controlled the crowds by possibly staggering the trains arriving at rosslyn. >> the delayed dedication of the martin luther king memorial will happen this weekend. president obama will deliver the keynote address during sunday's ceremony. >> journalists rowland martin will be the emcee. other speakers will include civil rights leaders julian bond, representative john lewis, the reverend jesse jackson and members of dr.
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king's family. the original dedication ceremony in late august was delayed because of hurricane irene. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray announced plans for a march this weekend for self- determination and autonomy for the district. >> among those joining mayor gray will be long-time consumer and d.c. activist ralph nader. >> after the civil war, african americans got to vote, at least in theory. right after world war i, women got to vote through a constitutional amendment. where are we in 2011? in the district of columbia? neither men nor women nor african americans have to vote. >> the d.c. full democracy freedom rally in march is scheduled for this sunday at 9:30 a.m. at freedom plaza and channel 9 will be bringing you live coverage of the m.l.k. dedication ceremony right here on channel 9 beginning sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. if you normally watch this
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weekend defense news or the mclaughlin group, they'll be on sunday at 1:00 and 1:30. a coalition of women's healthcare providers in virginia is fighting back against some of the strictest abortion regulations in the country. >> they say the requirements are so costly it could force many abortion providers out of business. as peggy fox reports, the coalition is hoping a growing petition will convince governor bob mcdonnell not to sign the new regulations. >> this is our small lab. we're certified. we have inspections regularly. >> rosemary is the director of patient services at the falls church healthcare center, abortion accounts for a third of the procedures they perform here. anticipating stricter regulations when she set up the center nine years ago, she had large hallways and doorways installed but the state went further. >> i could not believe that the state legislature and the board of health would take away the right of women like this to come to their doctor for all kinds of reproductive care.
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it is just -- it is overwhelming to me. >> reporter: they require her to make this 15 square foot room even bigger. >> i'm estimating if i had to comply with not only the construction but very onerous business practices. >> how much would it cost you? >> a half million dollars. >> do you have it? [ laughter ] >> i wish i did. >> she's vowing to find the noun stay in business but others may not be able to. supporters of abortion rights are fighting the regulations. today, representatives jerry connelly and jim moran signed a petition asking governor bob mcdonnell to not sign the new law. they say it has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with restricting aborings. >> my fear is that state clinics like ours are going to close and women won't have access to the healthcare that they need for themselves and their families. >> reporter: but delegate bob marshall says they are needed. >> nobody has required to report any complications, problems or even debts unless they occurred on the operating
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table. they're not even required to do that because the cdc in 1989 said we're not collecting complications anymore. >> the virginia coalition to protect women's health is planning a rally in richmond this saturday. peggy fox, 9news now. there will be more to come. when it comes to foods marketed to kids, it looks like some well-known cartoon characters are safe. government officials fine tuning new guidelines say they won't push the food industry to get rid of the likes of tony the tiger and toucan sam on kid's cereals. several government agencies including the cdc want to curb junk food marketing to youngsters and they're trying to get the industry to go along with voluntary guidelines that limit fat, sodium, sugar and other things in popular kids' foods. now, there is new hope in the fight against pancreatic cancer. a simple saliva test could help screen patients for the disease. at the moment, there is no reliable screening test for
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pancreatic cancer. doctors in the united kingdom have found certain types of mouth bacteria are associated with the disease. pancreatic cancer one of the deadliest forms of cancer. the five year survival rate is one in 20 patients. money really can't buy you love. brigham young university researchers studied more than 1700 married couples nationwide and found less materialistic couples were more likely to have a happy marriage. couples who say money isn't that important scored up to 15% higher in terms of communication, conflict resolution and responsiveness. the study found affluent couples were more likely to describe money as a source of tension. it is 4:53. let's take a look at the question of the morning. >> ok. here it is. according to a new poll, what is expected to be the most popular celebrity themed costume this halloween? is it lady gaga, charlie sheen or amy winehouse?
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let's think about that and you can post your response on we'll be back with the answer in the next hour or so.
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welcome back. 4:56. howard here with your weather first. we're looking at live doppler 9000 hd. pretty hefty thunderstorm from mclean but around great falls headed toward potomac and rockville, could be a little
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hail with the core of the storm over the potomac river that crosses into maryland. we'll be watching that for the short term. long-term though today, looking at some showers and storms and drizzle and fog early. temperatures only in the upper 60s to low 70s to mid-70s south of town. monika? >> we'll take a look now at a map. there was an accident here at duke street at gordon in alexandria. bicyclist struck early this morning. authorities tell me it is all cleared up. you're good to go in that area. we'll take a closer look at virginia roads. back to you. surae and andrea? >> thank you, monika. we're looking at some entertainment news right now. antonio banderas explores the dark side of plastic surgery. >> and cast members of the new footes foot loose movie dance their way up. >> stars walk the red carpet for the new york premiere. the remake of the 1980s classic opens on friday. the original film launched the career of kevin bacon. in a morality tale about a
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small town that bans dancing. a new generation takes over for the remake. antonio banderas stars in the new film from pedro, the skin i live in is about a plastic surgeon on a twisted mission to create skin that's resistant to fire. the film reunites banderas and acclaimed director for the first time in 20 years. >> you're almost at a cliff with him. that's what creation is. when you feel very safe and when you feel very secure in what you're doing, you're doing nothing. >> the last movie they did together was tie me up, tie me down in 1990. she's been in movies, music and magazines, now cher gets her own comic book. it is latest in a series of biographies by bluewater comics. the writer describes cher as the real life equivalent of a superhero. angelina jolie toured the destruction in libya where rebels chased out the government of moammar gadhafi. she described libyans as extraordinary in their efforts to transition into a new
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nation. >> you find that just before the revelation, they have retired or they were running restaurants or selling baby clothes and they've quit their jobs and working here now on behalf of their country. >> jolie is a good will ambassador for the united nations. she's expected to take a bigger role for the organization in the near future. that's your eye on entertainment, sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. thank you for watching 9news now. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm surae chinn. mike hydeck is off today. monika samtani has wet roads to talk about. >> a couple of incidents. >> we still need our umbrella. we're hanging tight on those. >> some of you -- your wakeup call this morning with the thunder going on west and southwest of town. now moving into montgomery county. around here in d.c., it is just -- 15, 20 miles west of town. we'll be watching it for the next couple of hours. here is a look at our day planner for you on this thursday morning. with temperatures in the mid to the upper


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