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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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less concerned than i was 20, 30 minutes ago when we had all these indications of wind sheer. now we're looking at heavy rain through fairfax. heavy rain back through burke and again, this is a -- that's a lot of hail south of springfield. severe storm. so this storm, i'm going to watch very carefully off to the south because i think this is going to cross 95 and then eventually cross the river. perhaps go into northern sections of charles county or maybe even southern sections of prince georges county and that could actually spin up a little tornado. we are seeing heavy rain now for folks going up 270. very heavy rain now on the west side of 270. good news is, you aren't under any kind of warning yet. bad news is, flooding is possible. especially flash flooding. we looking at heavy rain also extending back into great falls and into reston and out the dulles toll road.
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so it is just a mess to the west and north of town and it is becoming a mess down to the south of town. so i'm concerned about the tail end of this group of storms, if you will. this is what i'm concerned about. it may get into southern prince georges county in the next hour or so. we'll have to watch that in case it spins up a small tornado. we're under a watch now, warnings are gone. we're under a watch until 11:00 p.m. that's a tornado watch until 11:00 p.m. good news is, you can see if the warnings are gone for fairfax county and also for prince william county. not to say we are done with all this activity. heavy rain fall, atmosphere is very unstable. we just get this -- this just popped up, indicating some wind sheer. not good. so we're not done with this just yet, even though at the present time, there are no warnings, we're under a watch
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until 11:00 p.m. so again, the watch covers essentially most of montgomery county south, all of loudoun county south and does go all the way into southern maryland and all the way to the bay. as well as up into baltimore until 11:00 p.m. here's a look at the doppler with the lightning. a tremendous amount of lightning with these storms and that could be dangerous as well. so go indoors and take cover, even with the lightning threat. let alone with the threat of a possible tornado. we'll go back to live doppler 9,000. and we'll zoom in here. i'll zoom back east of shantilly. when we see these little circles. these are indicating some wind sheer. and that often can indicate the possibility of a tornado. at least that's what you see first before a tornado occurs and forms. so this is right around 123. okay, it is right around vienna and north of fairfax and it's going to cross the dulles toll road. that's dulles toll road right
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there. heavy rain around 123. we know that. but it also has potential of some strong, gusty winds. we see three ticks, which means it's aboveground. it's getting lower. two ticks, it's closer to the ground. if you see one tick, then that means it's on the ground and that is when you get the possibility of damaging winds and possible tornado that could be reaching the ground. sometimes they stay in the air and sometimes we have situations where damaging winds are above 1,000 feet. when they come down to 50 feet, we know about it. keep you posted, at the moment, no tornado warnings, but a tornado watch until 11:00. we are also hearing that a tornado may in fact have already touched down in louisa county. not far from the epicenter in august. a house there was damaged. this is a plantation being restored, we understand. a team from the national
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weather service is due to head to the area tomorrow to confirm if a tornado is what caused that damage. we also have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll have more tonight on 9news now at 7:00. all right, montgomery county police are wrapping up a press conference about a murdered mother and her missing son. jane mcquain's body was found late last night. her 11-year-old son, william, is still missing tonight. because of the weather, scott broom is live. he joins us now by phone with the update. scott. >> thomas major, the police chief just gave us a briefing; announcing the number one priority for this police department is find this 11-year- old boy. they have arrested jane mcquain's estranged husband in north carolina. he was in an econolodge this morning with mcquain's car, which had also been reported missing. she was found dead in her apartment yesterday. her 11-year-old boy has not been seen for going on two weeks. here's what the chief had to say a few moments ago.
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>> this is -- these are pictures of william. our priority, our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez and we did not. so we are asking for the public's help in locating 11- year-old william mcquain. >> all right, that's chief thomas major talking about william mcquain and the arrest of curtis lopez, the estranged husband of jane mcquain. her body again found last night in her condominium. they are not sure how long she has been dead, but they're looking at possibility she's been dead for at least a week and the boy again has not been seen for at least two weeks, according to police. they are concerned, they are not giving up the search.
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>> an entire community looking for this young man. derek. police arrested another half dozen occupy protesters today on capitol hill. this time they were disrupting a meeting on the house on services committee with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testifying. bruce leshan filed this report before the storms moved in. >> reporter: stop the machine protesters stood up one after the other. in hopes of convincing the defense secretary and the house arm services committee that ten years of war in afghanistan and iraq have not been worth the money and blood. >> gentleman proceed. >> there are protests now across the city. activists from the d.c. jobs coalition and the laborers
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union invited occupy d.c. to join them. the black trucks, and demand more jobs for d.c. residents at this city center construction site. >> i apt job. >> $700 million job right here. >> at the rain soaked occupy d.c. incantment, word somehow failed to get out to join the d.c. jobs protest. >> we are regrouping from the rainstorm. >> snow caves. >> meantime, the stop the machine group down on freedom plaza is planning a mass coalition protest for saturday against bank of america, one of the largest holders of under water mortgages in the country. >> joint efforts of mcpherson around the 15th, particularly the world day of action that was called for.
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we are occupying. >> the folks down here on freedom plaza concerned about the weather. the tornado watches down in fairfax and so forth. so they were having a meeting, but they put all these chairs down and talking about taking shelter in the reagan building, even as these tents stay up. as soon as the storm goes through, they are going to be right back out here and they are in this for the long haul. derek, back to you. >> all right bruce leshan, thank you. glad your live shot got back up and the weather is okay. wants the justice department to take a closer look at debit card fees. up next, people running into the street for safety. you're going to see the damage from this morning's earthquake in just two minutes. if you've got pain?
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you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. : caught on tape, the panic during an earthquake that injured more than 50 people in indonesia. the 6.1 magnitude quake hit the morning, ceilings caved in at
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two schools and several ancient temples were damaged. and cars were damaged. we're hearing about injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones. back here at home, a major step to address the damage at the national cathedral after our august earthquake. engineers worked in the morning fog to remove two tons of stonework from one of the damage pinnacles. they helped a guy to the crane to the top of the cathedral's 330-foot central tower. three of the cathedral's four pinnacles were damaged in the quake that hit the area back on august 23. in the event of another earthquake or some other kind of disaster, the d.c. government planned to do better. to avoid the gridlock as well as that huge snowfall in january, traffic snarled for hours as people tried to get out of the district. emergency management leaders say they have streamlined the process of getting messages out to the public and during future
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emergencies. their first message will be a different one. a recommendation to stay put until more information is available and again, hopefully avoid that. >> tonight, some good news for anybody who uses a blackberry. >> we fully understand the frustration of our customers who expect a better service from us. and i extend an apology. >> that's a top executive at blackberry apologizing for a transcontinental service outage that lasted three days. blackberry is back in business and the company is fixed. he also says the backlog of messages that clogged the network since monday has now been cleared up. consumer alert about the credit cards in your wallet. operators of independent atm's say mastercard and visa are fixing prices and forcing them to charge you fees. these are the kind of atm's you would see in a drugstore or 711, something that is not
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connected to a bank. the operators filed a lawsuit in federal court here in d.c. and claim that their contracts with those companies prevent them from charging you less when you use your card. no comment from visa or mastercard tonight. congress wants to know more about those debit card fees. several banks, including bank of america started to charge. five democratic lawmakers are asking the justice department to investigate if those banks worked together improperly to charge monthly fees. so far, they have in evidence, but the timing, well, it's meriting an investigation. >> a father of five is over joyed tonight. family won a national contest for having one of the worst bedrooms in america. >> now normally, that would not be something you'd want to brag about to the country, but the reason the bedroom is such a wreck is it was destroyed during hurricane irene. our lindsey mastis went to
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lustby to share their story. >> joe and his family are lucky to be alive after this tree crashed through the bedroom of his house. >> we would normally be sleeping there. >> that night, his wife insisted the family stay downstairs. when the tree came down -- >> we heard a really loud crash and the whole house shook. >> this tree that fell in his backyard was the tallest one here. you can tell by the roots just how massive this tree is. the roots are 14 feet wide and the tree itself was nearly 80 feet tall. >> children since counted the rings on the tree and they count about 400 rings. >> there's a lot of work to do and they have some help. he won a national contest on facebook sponsored by angie's list. it's called, is your bedroom a nightmare? the prize is $5,000. >> five children, three of them very young. our bedroom is a center point of the family. we definitely need a safe bedroom. >> he had to rent a house in
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the meantime and there's a possibility he'll have to give his house up. >> there's a load bearing wall. >> this is the family's first home. they moved in six months ago. still, he's looking on bright side. >> hundreds of people every day voting for us. it was really amazing, really touched the entire family. >> in lustbee, maryland. >> that story doesn't end there. he got help from a competitor in the contest. a woman who was a finalist heard about his story and what happened and encouraged everyone to vote for him instead. he is so grateful, as is his family. topper declared this a severe weather alert day. we have crews tracking the storms. >> that includes andrea mccarren. andrea, what's happening >> reporter: guys, it seems to have lightening up. it was the strangest thing. we traveled through
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gaithersburg, north potomac, travilla road, and as you mentioned, we are on river road just west of the village of potomac. the sky is brightening once again. for a while there, it got absolutely dark. a deep gray, pelting rain, a whole lot of lightning. it appears that there may already be some power outages in montgomery county. we did see some utility trucks. it was so dark with the storm that it was hard to tell if there was power out in neighborhoods. i will say what is odd, there's a whole lot of lightning. very little wind, which i'm so used to these storms that we cover and you see the branches falling and the trees bent over. not the case in this one. i will say driving is fairly treacherous. water is very quickly pooling up on the sides of roads. people just need to slow down,
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very . rain still falling and that's it from potomac. looking south, the bad storms in virginia, we are expecting to come in this direction. so we are situated, very experienced storm chaser. in a position where we can record the best video to get it to you. >> all right, that sounds good, andrea, thanks so much. take it easy. topper, if you know your geography, you know this storm is headed this way and andrea and greg certainly got a glimpse of power of the storm. >> yeah, they know their geography. >> we now have a new tornado warning until 6:45. there's two areas we are watching. this is what prompted the warning. another set of storms to the south of fredericksburg and this is spoon sill in
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sponsylvania county. now the chunk of storms we're watching, ones that andrea was talking about at river road, they're in western sections of montgomery county. and heavy rain is what we're talking about. we had a sheer marker earlier around, just to the east of vienna. and now creeping over into bethesda. rockville, you have light rain, but as you go up 270, this is moving your way. you'll have a visible commute. heavy rain is also moving in to parts of town and parts of northwest, falls church getting heavy rain as well. arlington getting some rain. don't see any hail with this batch of storms. we have seen hail before, but right now we don't see any hail
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with these storms. i don't see any sheer markers, which is really good. that's a very good thing. now, that said, we're under a watch until 11:00. so the watch goes, spotsylvania has a warning until 6:45. okay. until 11:00 this is the watch, includes montgomery county sate, the district, back into loudoun county, fairfax county, points all the way to the bay. we aren't done with this just yet. we are seeing a second round of storms developing with that new watch in spotsylvania county. possible tornado, remember i talked to charlie about an hour ago on 603, old auburn road and that is a funnel cloud and it was off the ground at this point, that is more than likely the same storm that tore the roof off that plantation down into louisa county and the
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storm that held together pummeling fairfax county. there's the video of what it did to the -- they were trying to renovate this old plantation and tore the roof off this thing. there r were no injuries, but this gives you the idea of the power of the storm. the entire roof is gone. it's in the backyard or the front yard. i know it had big pillars and those too are knocked down as well. again, no injuries, but that was the storm back in louisa county and this is the storm an hour ago in catlit, virginia, fauquier county. the red is the watch. the tornado watch, but you see all the lightning with these storms? stay indoors when you have that many -- when you hear thunder, it's easier to do that. when you hear thunder, go inside. this is what prompted the warning down into spotsylvania county. a warning until 6:45.
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we'll watch these very carefully, because we're not done with severe weather just yet. back to you guys. >> i think we're talking a little sports right now? we could use a little something else other than severe weather. that would be good. >> hey, hi. >> something else about weather, you know, you have -- luckily this weather will get out of the way for the redskins game on sunday. it will be a gorgeous weekend for games and thank heavens the caps play indoors, so that game isn't affected tonight either. the eagles amp up their defense, but there seems to be a lot of holes. hear what the skins have to say about taking advantage on sunday. plus the caps and penguins rivalry has become one of the most heated. find out who won't be on the ice for tonight's matchup. that is coming up next in sports.
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ed redskins head into matchup in sole possession of the nfc east. a first for them since 1999. yes, only five games in, but it surprised not only fans, but some of the players as well. this sunday will be a good test of how far the redskins have actually developed. not only is this a rivalry game, but a chance to get revenge on an embarrassing suching last season. the skins rushing offense may be their best bet against an
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eagles defense. if they can get consistency in the passing game, they could return the favor to the eagles. redskins tight end, chris cooley, once again, limited at practice. coach mike shanahan said cooley had swelling and ended up having to get it drained. the same one that bugged him all preseason. >> the washington capitals play their first road game of the season tonight and it is one of their biggest. undefeated pittsburgh penguins. since 2008, the caps have won all seven meetings in pittsburgh on the road. get the caps starting that job tonight. he made 23 saves in his capitals debut monday. michael did not make the trip with the team. he is still recovering from a lower body injury. also the penguins will be out their super star tonight. sydnie crosby recovering from a concussion he suffered in a new year's day game. he has been skating with the team, but been cleared today to
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resume contact. today is your last chance to vote for the high school game of the week. taking a look at the list. the winner will announce tonight at 11:00. on the list this week, a showdown in virginia, woodbridge at freedom. cast your vote at d.c..high here it has gone viral with negative effects. you can only imagine what is about to happen. kids -- >> don't do this. >> don't try this at home. >> hopefully this planking fad is over pretty soon. hanging upside down from a door. >> honestly, falling face down breaks so many bones. >> her back is going to hurt after that one. >> that doesn't look like fun at all. >> no. >> i know you have a lot to say coming up. >> we have a picture of the possible tornado coming up and an e-mail saying he sat through
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it in centerville. >> we'll have much more at 7:00 in our next local news.


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