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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm j. c. hayward. thanks for joining us. right now the hunt continues for an 11-year-old boy who has been missing for two weeks. william mcwayne was last seen in september at his home. and that is where investigators
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found the child's -- mcwayne was last seen t seen in september. >> reporter: william mcquinn is by -- william mcquain is biracial, and his mother's body was found in her germantown condo wednesday night. we still don't know exactly how she was killed, but police say she had been dead likely 10 to 12 days. as for a motive, that is still part of the ongoing investigation, which is now entirely focused on finding william mcquain. william's stepfather, 45-year-old curtis lopez, is now in jail. he was arrested thursday morning while leaving a hotel in charlotte, north carolina. >> we were hoping that we would
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find him with mr. lopez, and we did not. my hope is that he may be with a family member or friend that perhaps has no idea. but as time goes on, it becomes, i guess, more and more of a long shot. >> reporter: lopez is now charged with first degree murder and hopefully, that will be his only murder charge if william mcquain is found safe and alive. in montgomery county, kristen fisher 9news now. if you have any information about william mcquain's whereabouts, you are asked to call the major crimes unit of the montgomery county police department. their number is 240-773-5070 metro is experiencing delays on the red line after a track fire near union station. the fire closed the union station metro stop for awhile this morning, leaving some
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commuters confused. authorities say the fire broke out just before 9:00. it was put out shortly after that. investigators say that sparks on the third rail started that fire. train service was reduced to just one track, between the judiciary square and new york avenue stations. the metro stop at union station reopened around 10:00. well today the family of 27-year-old ali mohammed will file a $15 million wrongful death suit against the owners of the dc 9 nightclub. mohammed was believed to have thrown a brick through the front window of dc 9 after he was put out last october. witnesses say club employees chased him, a struggle ensued and mohammed died. charges against the employees were dropped after a medical examiner said that mohammed had an underlying heart condition. >> he was dead. what did they do wrong?
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they killed him. >> once the suit is filed, the defense will have some time before they respond. the entire case could take several weeks. a part of virginia is still cleaning up from that earthquake. and now they are dealing with another natural disaster. a suspected tornado hit louisa county last night. the damage to historic residence, it ripped off the roof of the century's old plantation house. the landmark in sylvania dates back to 1746. fierce winds ripped off the roof, and threw debris everywhere. frank leamon lives near that property. he says you can see the path of destruction. >> took two big oak trees and come up and knocked this fence down. took this house and put the roof right there. >> fortunately, no one was injured. a house in northwest washington was cordoned off
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after part of the building collapsed. it is located near third and new hampshire satisfy northwest. dc fire and ems brought in k-9 units last night to make sure no one was inside. from what fire officials say, the house is unoccupied and under renovation. president obama is in michigan with the president of south korea, promoting a new trade agreement. the president says it will put tens of thousands of americans back to work. back here in washington, republicans are pushing their own jobs plan. that is very different. >> reporter: president obama headed for michigan to tout a new trade deal for south korea. >> the korean free trade act will create up to 70,000 jobs. >> reporter: he and the president of south korea will tour a general motors plant using parts from south korea. the plant had been shuttered but reopened after a federal
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bailout in 2009. in this battleground state the president will use this visit to promote his policies to get americans back to work. he has not given up on his jobs bill even though republican senators killed it earlier this week. >> we are going to break's each of these bills apart, say let's have a vote on putting teachers back in the classroom, let's have a vote on rebuilding our infrastructure. >> reporter: but republicans say the president's plan is no more than irresponsible government spending. they have announced their own jobs plan that doesn't include a single item from the president's bill. >> reporter: the president's plan does nothing new. ours is the way to go. >> reporter: the gop proposal calls for repealing the president's healthcare law and requiring a balanced budget. it would also lower corporate and individual tax rates, and ease government regulations on businesses. republicans say it will create 5 million jobs. >> this is a bill that can pass
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if the democrats will open their eyes and work with us. >> reporter: president obama is willing to work with republicans but is not giving up on his own plan just yet. monday he will kickoff a three day bus tour to pro motor it. -- to promote it. president obama talked jobs with house speaker john boehner yesterday. during a ten minute phone call, he rejected the president's comments that he had not seen job creation from the gop, saying that house republicans offered a plan in may. president obama will be the keynote speaker at sunday's dedication of the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial. it opened to the public in august, but the formal dedication was delayed because of the hurricane. we are going to carry the event live here on channel 9. our lesli foster will lead our coverage on sunday, beginning at 11:00 a.m. and as a result of our special coverage, this week in defense will air at noon on
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saturday and then again sunday at 1:30 p.m. also the mcglothlin group will air saturday night at 7:30 and then again sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. engineers are repairing the damage at the national cathedral that was caused by the earthquake. crews removed two tons of stone from one of the cathedral's damaged pinnacles. a crane helped get the debris down from the 330-foot tower. some of the stone work removed dates back to 1963. the cathedral is scheduled to reopen in november. still to come on 9news now at noon, the newest iphone is here. see why the hot new item is a must for many people. wall street demonstrators aren't moving and say they are here to say. we'll have the latest, coming
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hundreds of people attended a vigil for the victims of yesterday's hair salon shooting that actually occurred on wednesday in southern california. eight people were killed, including the suspect's ex- wife, who was a stylist at the salon. friends of the estranged couple say they were in a bitter
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custody dispute. thousands of workers marched on the parliament in athens and other government ministry buildings. they are protesting wage cuts and layoffs. us statety -- measures the government is using to ease the crisis. government workers were supposed to be moved from the park today, but that has been put off. this morning the protesters marched on wall street, where new york city police were waiting. manuel gallegos has more. >> reporter: protesters clash with police on wall street this morning. the nypd struggled to keep the streets clear, arresting some of the demonstrators. some in custody accused the police of using excessive force. many occupy wall street demonstrators spent the night
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scrubbing the park. the owners had planned to move the protesters out to power wash early this morning, but suddenly postponed the cleaning. >> i guess because we cleaned it good enough i don't they got the owners of the park to say it is okay. >> reporter: demonstrators are vowing to stay here indefinitely. they want jobs, and an end to what they call corporate greed. but some, on wall street, say the demonstrators are trying to change the system that has been around a long time. >> we are not going to change it overnight. >> reporter: demonstrations around the country show no signs of stopping. in denver this morning, police in riot gear cleared protesters at the state capital. several arrests were made. in seattle last night, protesters refused to leave a park after closing. police made ten arrests. and there are more plans for street protests around the world this weekend. from new zealand to london. manuel gallegos, cbs news, new york.
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coming up next, howard and the weekend forecast. >> reporter: j.c., for the second day in a row the rain has washed out the allergy count. but i have a quick limited too look as we go to break. rain shutting down south and west of town and a better afternoon ahead. your full weekend forecast coming up when 9news now returns. state farm. this is jessica.
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salvage teams are pumping oil from a stricken container ship, which is almost split in two, off the coast of new zealand. about 300 tons of fuel spilled, and this is making it the worst man made disaster in new zealand history. crews are cutting holes into the ship to siphon out fuel. the new iphone 4f is available. our partners at usa today say this could a landmark event for wireless phones. it could mean more people have smart phones than regular old wireless phones. the phone went on sale overnight in japan. more than 200 people lined up to get one. >> and nearly 1 million have already been sold through pre orders. and among those waiting for the new iphone, apple co-founder steve with his sneak. he signed autographs, he posed for pictures and he ordered an
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iphone for himself. just a regular guy. >> are you going to get one? >> not yet. >> me either. not yet. all right. the weekend is here. a lot of things are happening. >> she is putting the pressure on me. you see this. >> there are a lot of things happening this weekend. >> a lot of great walks are going on and events happening. the gold cup. weather is going to get much better over the next six hours. >> okay. >> we are going to get rid of the rain, rid of the thunderstorms. introduce drier, cooler air in here. you'll need jackets and sweaters over the weekend. but i'm see some sunshine. i think a lot of sunshine. this afternoon, looking at the day planner, still a few showers around here through the 1:00 hour. by 3:00 though, any lingering showers should be south and east of us in the mountains. this afternoon we are going to see the sunset. 5:00 partly sunny. 68 and partly cloudy skies this evening with temperatures by 9:00, into the lower 60s.
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you'll need to turn the heat on again tonight as we dip into the 40s and 50s by saturday morning. we had heavy, heavy thunderstorms. in upper mont gmail.comry county, over three inches of rain last night. there have been some places this week had four and a half inches of rain from these thunderstorms, not to mention the tornadic weather the brief touchdowns, near triangle and quantico. up toward midland. today we are seeing the last of the rains, pulling through the region here in the metro. i want to switch you over to live doppler 9000 hd, this looks to be the last of it, although we could see an isolated shower over the next one to two hours. look at this out west, you are almost done to it -- with it. shenandoah county this event is finally ending for you. some of the moderate showers across montgomery, northern fairfax, starting to break up some.
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still raining over to lisbon approaching elk city. toward mcclain here lifting up toward potomac and bethesda. a little bit farther south and west. one lone shower there it is, coming in check this guy moving toward holdly and woodbridge. might stay south of you, headed over to marbury. from springfield to alexandria and the wilson bridge. moving into prince georges county. in southern maryland, we have been watching the showers in st. mary's. now they are mainly in coastal areas pushing into the bay. you get down toward areas toward ridge and southern st. mary's county. we are picking up some of the showers down there as well. moving over to the eastern shore. then that is going to be it. improvement for the afternoon. low 70s in fredericksburg. even culpepper.
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skies are brightening here. in the shenandoah valley and the clouds with lingering drizzle and spots. we are sitting at 64 degrees here in washington. at the noon hour we have actually dropped one as the rain moved in. dew point 61. that is also dropping, a sign of the drier air working its way in. west-southwest at 13 miles per hour. see the barometer 29.49 and dropping. we have rain across the great lakes, the mid-atlantic, the northeast. but that is it. look at the rest of the country. relatively quiet. we kick this out of here this afternoon. behind it the dryer, cooler air filters in and we are left with fairly nice weather for your weekend, although chilly as we head into tonight and tomorrow night, you'll notice the 40s and 50s. the front pushes through, we have clearing skies tonight, maybe a mountain shower, breezy on saturday, probably stay in the upper 60s. as we head toward saturday night with more clear skies into sunday, it will be chilly.
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40s most areas by sunday morning. sunday a nice recovery. with temperatures in the low 70s. friday night football tonight, looking okay. i think temperatures will be falling through the 60s. cool and breezy. 71 this afternoon. with some luck. 67 tomorrow winds will still gust over 20 miles per hour on saturday. sunday chilly and 40s to start. next week oakmont, better chance of showers and storms returning wednesday with a next strong cold front. we are finishing out our kitchen here on 9 news at noon. stick around.
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i'm so hungry, i'm stealing the props. one of my favorite chefs, eddie from wildfire, one of my favorite restaurants, tyson's gallery has brought fabulous salads here and i stole a piece of the salad. >> fruit chutney, apples, tossed in balsamic dressing. >> i love this. >> almond, golden beets, red beets, field greens and tossed in balsamic dressing. >> that is a new salad. the chicken is, i stole a piece. it is so good. pecan-crusted chicken i can't nice for fall. -- >> nice for fall. i love this time of year,
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because pumpkins are in, and we are making pumpkin pie. >> yes. >> how do you do that? >> so, seed of the pumpkin, made pumpkin seed, clean it, wash it, peel it. you could either roast it or boil it, then smash it, or you could cheat and go to the store and buy some canned pumpkin. >> so you make these? >> absolutely. >> you can do canned pumpkins. >> a couple of pumpkin puree in here. my favorite spice of all time, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cloves. smells very, very good. >> can you tell i'm hungry? these pumpkin seeds are good. >> they have a little spice to them. >> what did you but on them? -- what did you put on them? >> blackening spice. >> let the water dry out of them. then i toss it in my spice and put them back a little bit. >> all right. so we are making the pie.
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>> i put the pumpkin spice in there, two eggs. >> this recipe is on j. c. you are going to j. c. every day right? this recipe is on there. eddie has given it to me. >> i put a cup of heavy cream, you just whisk it. and you can either make your own pie crust at home or go to the store and buy one. 45 minutes and voila you have one of the best pumpkin pies you'll ever have. i have a slice for you to try. >> you say you have the best pumpkin pie ever. >> dc, maryland, virginia. >> really? >> i'm going to taste it. i can tell you whether it is good or not. hang on. i need another test. >> i have a whole pie for you there right there, too. >> oh, oh. you know what i like about this? it has a lot of seasoning in it. all spying and.
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>> all spying, cinnamon, and the spice of it,. >> this is delicious. >> it is very good. >> okay. this is good. probably i'll wait until i get off. it is delicious. >> thank you for being here, eddie. wildfire at tyson's galleria. be sure to go to j. c. j. c. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great weekend.
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