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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 14, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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actually taking this seriously so i think my arrest and the six people with me in that sense are very meaningful. >> reporter: from health care to the wars and education folks have rallied to inspire change they couldn't accomplish before. >> we have done all of the conventional forms of expressing our freedom of speech. nothing's changing. no one is listening. >> reporter: allie joins the more than 65% of recent college graduates burdened with mountains of debt that some estimate will top 1 trillion- dollar and exceed credit card debt. >> i couldn't even imagine to put a price tag on the end of it. my advice to any student regardless of class is to take out as many student loans as possible and get the education you deserve. then you can just come here and eliminate the banking and credit system and not have to worry about the debt. >> reporter: tonight the
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protestors they will be shifting over to this side of freedom plaza getting ready and making room for a breast cancer event that is scheduled to be here tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning folks will leave here and head over to bank of america where they plan an action. delia gonclaves, 9news now. >> there was action all over town tonight apparently about two dozen protestors for both the occupy d.c. gathered at union station for a flash mob. the participants stood still then broke out in chants protesting everything from wars to corporate spending and medical insurance. the flash mob-style demonstration lasted about 10 minutes. >> the purpose is to get into people's heads. get into people's minds that there is a war going on. we are involved in war in six
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countries. >> the demonstration was peaceful. nobody was arrested. his mom beaten and stabbed to death, his stepdad now in custody. still, no sign of 11-year-old of william mcquain. police arrested curtis lopez and he has said not a word. he hired a lawyer. no one has seen william since the time his mother was murdered inside her germantown apartment. montgomery county police detectives are in north carolina trying to figure out if lopez knows where william is. they are praying that he will tell them. friends have a vigil for williams scheduled to start in a half our at the germantown community centre. today another person pleaded guilty to murdering 18- year-old latisha fraser. charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping.
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she was murdered in august of last year. that girl supposedly took $900 in the group. authorities say they lured her to the apartment to teach her a lesson. that's where she was beaten to death. hasan will be sentenced in january facing life in prison. rivetting hearing. norwood is accused of beating 30-year-old jayna murray to death in march in bethesda at the lululemon. focusing on two specific actions, norwood and her brother christopher, who questions his sister in a videotape conversation just hours before she was arrested. the prosecution will allege on friday march 11th norwood tried to leave the lululemon clothing store containing a bag of clothing still with the price
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tags. murray confronted her. the murder trial will begin october 24th. a federal appeals court blocked two key parts of alabama's controversial immigration law but both sides see the ruling as a partial victory and here is why. the panel of judges temporarily blocked the parts that require schools to check a student's immigration status and allows authorities to charge those students that don't carry it with them. president obama today visited a gm plant in detroit and was trying to get a lot of mileage out of trip. the president of south koreaia along on the trip. president obama was highlighting a new trade agreement between the two nations giving u.s. automakers a better chance of selling their cars in south koreaia and could bring in billions of dollars and create as many as 70,000 jobs. >> boosting our economy by more
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than our last eight trade agreements combined. >> the president spotlighted improvements in the auto industry since the bailout for gm and chrysler two years back and kept pressure on congress to pass his jobs plan. john huntsman thinks he knows on which side his bread is buttered on the east side in new hampshire. he is skipping next week's debate in nevada. nevada has ticked off new hampshire by scheduling its caucus in january and that would. force new hampshire to go back to december. >> we call on all of the candidates to do similarly. they should be boycotting. >> huntsman says he will hold a town hall meeting in new hampshire instead. the national weather service now says a tornado did
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indeed crossover interstate 95 around 6 p.m. yesterday in quantico. you can see, look at this. the traffic is at a standstill but the debris sure isn't. it is blowing all over the place. fortly nobody was hurt. the national weather service confirmed two other tornadoes touched down in other parts of virginia last night. this one started in charles city county and traveled through parts of new kent and king william county. it damaged about a dozen homes and the roof of an elementary school. fortunately there nobody hurt either. the third tornado was the same place the earthquake hit back in august. nothing like that today. started off with rain. but the afternoon turned out very well. so how long will it stick around? let's ask top? he is outside, weather terrace. >> we have dryer air moving in. look at the wind gusts.
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23-mile-per-hour wind gusts downtown. if you're headed out a jacket, sweatshirt good idea. temperature wise not bad. 65. downtown. 63 manassas and leesburg. if you haven't yet headed to a football game, temperatures in the 60s. mid-60s by 8 p.m. and low 60s by the time the games are over. check out dc for the latest. highlights tonight at 11 p.m. i will let you know if it will last through the redskin game. his death was ruled a homicide. prosecutors chose not to press charges and now the family of the man who died outside of the d.c. 9 nightclub has filed suit. we will tell you how much they want and who he will want it from. first, a new law allows people to carry weapons into florida state capital. why it has state workers really
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worried. that's up next.
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the fighting continues tonight in the libyan tall of country of moammar gadhafi.
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a new florida law now allows anybody with a permit to take a gun inside the state capital. this went into effect on october 1st and let's people with concealed weapon permits to bring their firearms in the building. guns are not allowed inside any legislative meeting. right now police will not be stationed outside committee rooms and that has some workers in the state concerned. >> tempers flare and folks get frustrated about laws that may be passing or they may pass or laws that have passed. i think if we can't have guns in public meetings we shouldn't have them in the state capitol. >> people licensed by the state have been through background checks and know where they can and cannot carry. they are law abiding people. they have never caused a problem and they won't cause a problem now. >> florida capitol police are holding a series of meetings to calm the nerves of any state worker who is concerned but what do you think about this?
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should people licensed and have fon through background checks be able to take guns inside places luke a state capitol or considering the state of our political discourse is this just a tragedy waiting to happen? sent your discourse to the mail bag will the fall weather stick around for the whole weekend? topper let's us know in his forecast. you might need a jacket. a daring gas station robbery that was caught on tape. what alexandria police are doing to catch these guys. we will tell you. stay with us. s çñ
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today the iphone 4s went on sale today. sales figures show apple could sell as many as 4 million of those bad this weekend topping all previous versions in opening weekend sales. caught on tape. the robbery of a local gas station. in the tape you can actually hear the terrified clerk begging for his love. it all started early sunday morning when the two robbers entered the store. one clerk called 911 and slipped out the back. the other as you'll hear just
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wanted the crook to leave. >> don't kill me. >> after watch that tape police are convinced these robbers have done this many times before. that store located near 395 which place say it makes it easier to make the get away. his death ruled a homicide but no one was charged with the crime but now one year after a man died following an incident outside the d.c. 9 nightclub his family is filing a multimillion dollar wrongful death suit and they say the club is responsible as britany morehouse reports. >> reporter: live bands inside d.c. 9 fill the facility with handicap rocking vibes on a nightly basis but outside in the daylight hours -- >> it is not easy losing him. >> reporter: today the parents are still grieving. >> so we seek justice. >> reporter: and many are blaming the club for death of
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27-year-old a lhi mohammed. now the family is suing d.c. 9. >> we are asking for $50 million. more than 10 million in compensatory damage and 5 million in punitive damages. >> reporter: damages the attorney says since the official death was ruled a homicide yet no one was charged. the u.s. attorney's office says there was an insufficient basis to sustain even assault charges on the five d.c. 9 men who were accused of beating the man. the civil suit reports a quote. >> this establishment did not have the proper training and supervision of those employees. they admitted that in the records. >> reporter: those employees reportedly came running north on 9th street until they reached 9th and u. >> what happened with these individuals before the police came? >> reporter: the family also questions the official cause of
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death. among the several cited by the medical examiner was an underlying heart condition. >> there was no indication of a heart condition. >> reporter: the family says without that restraint he would be alive today. britany morehouse, 9news now. eight individual d.c. 9 employees are listed as co- defendants in that civil suit. none of their attorneys returned our calls for comment today. redrawing the state's congressional districts. now all redistricting proposals will get a fair shake in front of the general assembly. previously legislators were only going to vote and debate on martin o'malley's plan. a quick heads up but road closures in d.c. over the weekend. closed because of the rescheduled dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. west bassin drive and parts of ohio drive already shut down to pedestrian and vehicle traffic and they will stay that way until 5 a.m.
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monday morning. then starting at 4 a.m. on sunday parts of 17th street, ohio drive, independence avenue and henry bacon drive will close as will ramps into the area from the memorial bridge and potomac freeway. all these roads will reopen once park police determine it is safe to do so. more about the closures at if you don't want to deal with the big crowds at the dedication watch it on t.v. here on wusa9. lesli foster will host our live coverage of the dedication service. it starts monday morning at 11 a.m. president obama is going to speak. now, if you do like to watch our normally scheduled programming on sunday morning no worries. you can still see "this week in defence news." sunday 1 p.m. and then 1:30 after that in the afternoon. that was a mouthful. >> it was. >> a lot of wind coming our way. >> a lot of wind but weekend
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looks good. let's start with the satellite picture, radar combined because we are looking at couple of showers now in the mountains and i think they are going to stay west of i-81. the main event is gone. we had that this morning and early this afternoon but you can see this swirl here and this area of low pressure will go up into southern quebec and sit and spin for a while maintaining our winds tonight, tomorrow and to some extent on sunday. temperatures not cooling off quickly but it is a little cooler than it is because of the wind. 65 downtown. 63 manassas and fredricksburg but low 60s in leesburg and frederick and you are headed into the 40s tonight. so a nice weekend. windy and cooler tonight. sweatshirt for football. no doubt about that. windy and cool saturday and very nice for the redskins game. tonight partly cloudy. windy and cooler. 48 to 54. winds southwest 10 to 20 and
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rather gusty. if you're inside the beltway you're talking low 50s. 49 college park. 52 down to the south in waldorf. 50 in reston, vienna and fairfax. 49 in sterling. upper 40s for our friends in leesburg down to middleburg and manassas. now tomorrow morning mostly sunny, winty, cool. grab a light jackets. winds west 10 to 20. see the dog walk in avondale and potomac. mostly sunny. pretty good day for maryland football. highs near 70. winds southwest at 10 to 20 and rather gusty. the day planner, you get up early in the morning. upper 40s to mid-50s. 60s by noon. winty. you're playing golf tomorrow. one or two club wind luke. then 68 to 72 by evening but a
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nice, bright day. the next three days it will warm up a little bit on sunday. we are back in the mid-70s. still kind of windy to breezy at times but pure sunshine then had to put a shower in monday. temperature in the low 70s. after monday we pop in the low 80s. tuesday briefly. we stay dry tuesday. then a cold front approaches. showers, rain, thunderstorms on wednesday. still mild on wednesday. then cooler as we get into thursday and friday leftover showers and temps struggling to get to 60. >> thank you, sir. from our weird news file. holidays. space. the final frontier. celebrating something called the int interplanetary. the --
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i can't even say it. celebrating the planetary confederation. never heard of it? this is the 28th year it has taken place on our planet. while it is a big deal on our planets, here somehow it gets no play. >> i'm picking it up. >> i left my aluminum hat at home. more people are attending this spiritually. at least that's what organizers say. topper may be one of those perhaps. >> perhaps. >> we want to know what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address 9news now will be right back.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. larry hagman announces he's battling cancer. what the dallas star is telling "e.t." about his condition. is demi getting dangerously skinny? are her reported marital problems causing her to lose too much weight? new video today. "e.t." is counting down hollywood's most shocking love triangles. >> i do things to sabotage my life. >> sandra bullock, jesse james and the stripper. >> jennifer lopez is known for being in love with love. >> the stories you've never heard. jude law, sienna and the nanny. cristty brinkley, peter cook and his teenage assistant. >>


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