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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. [ no audio ] more on these seemingly no conscious. gary. >> well, anita and derek, here is the take of humankindness. when family deal with the life of cancer then try to claim medical expenses, the irs bounces the return letting the parents know somehow someone has claimed their dead child as a deduction first. little alexis thought the tumor wrapped around her brain stem for 33 months before dying two weeks short of her fifth birthday. the little painter left hundreds of drawings and enormous medical bills for her parents.
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[ no audio ] ] >> we are expecting money back from our tax returns. >> reporter: but when they got a call from their accountant thursday. >> and it was -- and there was an error in the filing because somebody else had used our daughter's social security number. >> this is the last thing we needed right now. it's so horrible that someone could think to do this. >> it's bad enough that you have to deal with a child who has cancer and then watch them die in your house. but then to find out that somebody is trying to profit off of your deceased child, it's just beyond belief. >> reporter: alexis's medical journey createa long trail. her medical records with her
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social security number extensive. >> whether somebody inside the hospital, whether somebody researching online, we could speculate all night long. >> reporter: though he searched his daughter' online trail and found her social security number in social security number on the family history website. we wanted to see how easy it would be so we went to the website and typed in alexis's name and there is her social security number. he thought he should warn the parents of other children who have died of cancer. >> i posted something on my page just to give people a heads up about what happened. and within less than 24 hours, five other parents have come forward telling us that the same thing is happening. >> i want them to pay. i want them to go to prison. i would love a few moments alone with them. it's just -- i can't really even fathom that someone would do this and that they need to be
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held responsible. >> i hope they rot in [ bleep ] to do this to families. >> reporter: that doesn't seem harsh enough. the irs told us tonight it can't talk about individual cases but it has procedures to investigate fraud and help families resolve these issues has a specialized identity unit with the brain cancer that alexis fought for half her life is vicious and her parents have started a foundation to fund research. it is sponsoring a race against the odds in arlington on november 6th, and in a few minutes we'll have links at >> thank you. a high school football player medevaced from his game after suffering what looked like a spinal injury. this happened at rockville high school. that boy had serious but not life-threatening injuries. we now know more about the mother of a missing 11-year-old
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include how she was killed. the chief medical examiner said jane mcquain was stabbed and beaten to death. her estranged husband has been arrested. her son william has not been found yet. lindsey mastis attended another vigil. >> he was like a little brother. big brother. it's hard. >> reporter: the boys on william mcquain's football team started the game with practice. they were sad because their dear friend is missing. >> he was like a brother to me. and he helped me out all the time. >> i just hope he's alive. >> i want to see him. >> i want him to have a safe return home. >> reporter: they know william's mother was killed and they're worried they may never see their friend again. >> who would do that to him.
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he's a good kid. his mother is good too. who would do that. >> we love william. william will always be with us in our memory. god for bid if he's dead right now, he'll be listening to us in heaven. >> reporter: during a vigil they released balloons in the air. they prayed and hoped. >> it will be dedicated to him because he's gone and we want to see him again and we would like to see him at least one more time to say goodbye. >> i just want to say, william, if you can hear us right now, please come back. >> we all have spoken and believe that this kid is going to come home. >> reporter: his team is playing a game this weekend, but they say it's not going to be the same without william there. >> we're going to win this game for william. >> go william. >> william. >> i hope he's safe. i hope he's safe. >> reporter: in germantown, i'm lindsey masts , 9news now. >> police arrested curtis lopez yesterday morning leaving an
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econo lodge in north carolina but william was not there with him. you scare me. that is what the judge said. he's a 24-year-old man convicted of killing nicole hines. the murder happened last august and it stands over a dispute over the custody of their 1-year-old son. the judge told ship man today you have no right to walk freely in society again. now to the investigation of what happened to a maryland woman still missing in aruba. jerry giordano will head to court on monday. the gaithersburg man has been held by prosecutors while they investigate the presumed death of his travel companion. the frederick maryland woman disappeared back on august 2nd. he says she was swept out to see. he has also hired the attorney who represented two security guards in the natalee holloway case.
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an ex-husband wearing a bulletproof vest armed to the tee. that is what they're describing in california. he walked into the shop where his wife was working. he killed his ex-wife and seven others in the shop and it only took two minutes. this was all about revenge. they were in a custody battle. prosecutors also say the little boy was a victim in the attack. >> now his mother who has been murdered and he has to grow up knowing that his dad is the mass murderer. >> now, prosecutors say if they do get a conviction, they will be seeking the death penalty. now to kansas city and another scandal facing the catholic church. they have charged a bishop with
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failing to report abuse. there was a computer with inappropriate images of kids but he never reported it as required by law. he has pleaded not guilty. he now becomes the highest ranking official in a child sex abuse case. another chilly night has fallen down among the protestors in dc who are pledging to occupy the nation's capitol until they get the changes they want. they want more taxes on the rich and better health care and that just names a few of the things they want. our ken molestina live tonight at freedom plaza with a look at how the protest is going. it's been two weeks, ken. >> yes, it is. they have been granted four more months to stay here at freedom plaza which means they're now having to find ways to sustain themselves down here in what has become a head city in downtown washington. ♪ music playing >> reporter: the singing and hope to change things across the country continues.
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now as this occupation is well into its second week, the protestors are finding way to comfortably stay here indefinitely. protestors turned cooks feeding the crowds. >> people donate what they want and we make this what we can. >> reporter: medical needs for the protestors have become top of mind. this serves as a makeshift station. >> one man had a stroke. we've had a couple of people who maybe had mental illness and a man with a hernia. >> reporter: tonight the tent gets a visit from a woman with a cold and a fever. >> the weather doesn't cause colds. germs do. but there is a lot of people. >> reporter: despite the crowd still present , some are beginning to question how much longer this will last. >> i think it's colder. as time starts wearing on. as people need to start going back to their lives, whatever they are, it's going to be more difficult. i do think that is something that we as a movement for lack
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of a better term need to wrap ourselves around and really think about what is sort of the expectations here. >> reporter: this man made is clear he wasn't speaking for everyone. >> you have to get beyond just marching. you have to get beyond sort of these individual actions. >> what it is that we would sort of like to see. and i think we're all sort of struggling with that. >> reporter: again, the protestors have been allowed to stay out here for four more months. of course only time will tell how many will remain throughout that time and if any change is actually made here in this country. we're live ken molestina, 9news now >> wow. it's already getting tough after two weeks. thank you. top. >> well, it's getting chilly out here. we have the wind blowing. get ready to upper 40s and mid 50s if you get up at 6:00. by 8:00 little more reasonable. by 10:00, 56-62. we'll talk about whether the rain last or the sun lasts all
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weekend. we'll talk about the terpdz and redskins forecast. plus dramatic video of a gas station robbery. what alexandria police are doing to catch the thieves. that story is next.
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caught on tape. the robbery of a local gas station. but what makes this story different from others you've seen is you can hear the terrified clerk begging for his life. this started sunday morning. one clerk called 911 and slipped out the back. the other, as you will hear, not quite so lucky. >> please don't. don't shoot me. i have family. don't shoot me. >> after watching the tape, police are convinced these robbers have done this many times before. the store is located near 395 which police say makes for an easy get away. all right. well, in the old days, men carried wallets and women carried purses, right. well, nowadays that's apparently changing and derek says not for the better. >> you know, anita, they are
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calling it the rise of the man bag. the internet magazine the daily beast reports that more and more celebrity males are roaming about unable to make due with one of these and instead what is supposed to be a wallet instead they're carrying their gear in one of the man purses. and it's not necessarily the guys you might expect. rapper little wayne supporting a tiny man bag at a hoops game. actor terrence howard apparently is harder out there for a pimp than we expected. snoop dog now lugging his juice in a louie vouitton. come on, fellas, not carrying a purse was a good thing about being a guy. i bet you never left your wallet in the cab or hanging on one of those hooks under a bar. and when arnold said i'll be back, it wasn't because he
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dropped his product. and charlton heston wasn't worried about you prying his man bag from his cold, dead fingers. let's be real, guys do wallets. sure, sometimes you have to ask your lady friend could you carry this in your purse for me. but if space is in short supply, you need to grab a briefcase. i think a guy named bond carried one of those. anita. >> that's right, derek. this is the big weekend for the new memorial in dc and it kicked off in a big way. >> i live to see the milk and honey lamb. >> that is stevie wonder performing in a concert to honor dr. king. tonight how wonders work for his role in spear heading the effort to make king's birthday a national holiday. if you don't want to deal with the big crowds at the dedication, you can watch the whole event with us on lesli foster will host live
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coverage of the martin luther king, jr. dedication. it begins sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. as for our normally scheduled shows on sunday morning, no worry, you can still watch this week in defense news or the mclaughlin group. they will be broadcasted at 1:00 and 1:30 in the afternoon. and topper is here with his man bag. >> i don't think it's manly to ask your wife or your girlfriend to carry something in her purse. >> oh, no. >> it happens all of the time. >> a man bag, no. >> sometimes we don't have room for the thing. whatever it is. >> i think it's more manly than that. >> oh, come on. >> we're looking at a pretty nice weekend. we have a lot going on. and the weather is going to cooperate. the winds are going to be with us, though, through most of the weekend. let's start with the wind gust. where are the wind gusts? that's good news. that's good. winds now are up to 20 miles per hour to the north of us hout towards hagerstown -- out towards hagerstown and winchester.
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they're going to be with us tomorrow. and over in cumberland, 21 miles an hour wind gusts. all right. well, there is lots to do this weekend. and really we're in pretty good shape. it will be windy and cool. if you're a golfer and you normally hit a seven iron for the 150 tomorrow, you might have to suck it up and put the man club away. milder on sunday and mild monday. but a couple of showers kind of creep into the forecast monday afternoon. not a washout by any means. overnight clear and partly cloudy. now, tomorrow morning mostly sunny, windy and cool. grab a light jacket and your shades. 50s and 60s. winds again southwest 10-20. i hope to see you out there at the dog walk. walk starts at 10:30 but i would get there about 9:30. and then in the afternoon we
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have the terps, the virginia gold cup. it's going to be great. a bit cool. highs near 70. winds out of the southwest at ten to about 20. look at the zone forecast. the autumn glory festival is going on in oakland, maryland. they're peek color right now. if you go across the divide, you have to dress for it. 52 tomorrow and lows in the 30. upper 50s in cumberland. in the 60s, though, in hagerstown, martinsburg in winchester. 71 in culpeper. 68 see how that's on top of the city name. do you know what we call that? that's a software upgrade. [ laughing ] >> 68 in leesburg and 68 in manassas. it's driving ufs crazy. downtown 69. 70 by the water. 70 as you head down into southern maryland. and because of wind, there is say small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac all of saturday. 48-54 to start. windy by noon but temps in the 60s. i mean bright and 68-72 by
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evening. a little bit cooler than today but still a pretty nice day. the next three days fantastic for the skins game. 74. maybe a few clouds in the afternoon. and then mild on monday. 72. a couple showers possible. next seven days, we're going to pop in the 80s. it looks like low 80s on tuesday with sunshine and then we can't stay warm long. cold front comes through on wednesday. showers and thunderstorms go back in the mid 70s and behind the front a little cooler with high temperatures struggling into the low 50s. >> that does not take away from the message the weekend is going to be awesome? >> right. >> two in a row. >> yes. >> we like it. >> yes. >> that's fine. >>. okay. terps going to play some basketball? >> yes. the season is coming up. can you believe they have done maryland madness for 40 years. >> wow. >> and there is no nba. >> exactly. >> and thanks to know nba, there was some nba players in town.
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they had some big things in town for the show and then they introduced the new team as well at the comcast center in college park. and then a wizard player making talks. that is coming up nex. [ speaking french ]
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all right. it's time to usher in a new era of maryland basketball. the terpdz kicked off the season tonight -- terps kicked off the season tonight with their annual celebration ushering in the new head coach. they started off with an alumni game featuring lakers guard steve blake and jerry williams and there is the iconic fist pump. they made an appearance. the rest of the night will be all about this year's squad. as for the football team, they host 8th ranked clemson tomorrow night. they still don't know who will start. an upset over the tigers keeps the title hope alive. and wizards center mcgee said a few of the nba players are ready to fold but the majority are
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ready to stand strong. those words were taken out of context. game five of the nlcs. pujols centers to left. the cards take a three game to two lead. stay with us, our toyota game night report is coming up. game of the week came down to the wire. you won't want to miss it. stay tuned.
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now the toyota
11:29 pm report. >> welcome back. it's that time of year. homecoming time. and tonight we head to the celebrations in falls church. the game of the week voted on by you, our viewers. the raiders hosting the edison eagles. nice catch there. nice concentration. keeping it on. and then the first down of the game is chris kirby. brings it in. he dies -- that's the first touchdown for him in the game. ties the game at seven. and then he says, well, i'll do it again. chris kirby with another td for edison. he is off to the races. they ain't catching him. puts his team on top. then malcom sherman says you can score, i can score as well. michael sherman going through
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them all. misses the block. he's off. he's got his guy ahead of him just in case. all the way down the field. malcom sherman gets the touchdown for edison. but despite all of that it still wouldn't be enough. edison wins 49-43. >> we're moving lineups around and people around. they have a great team. it was an exciting game. >> our game out of maryland is a 1 and 5 team against a 5 and 1 record. this one stayed close all the way through. we have the churchill bulldogs. first quarter gus gill with a play action fake. he rolls right and finds barry. all the way down to the two yard line. of course that sets up this short touchdown run. the wildcats go up 6-0. and bulldogs up one. the bulldogs hold on to win
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24-22. remember you can always log on to for the latest news, scores and great features on our students. it's all on our website right now. that will do it for our toyota game night report for this evening. thank you all for watching. i'm kristen berset. we leave you tonight with the band from churchil♪ music playing ♪
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