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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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esteban was bragging to horatio about his running team and how he logs his runs. this information is from a gps pedometer. so, whenever he runs, it logs exactly where he is and uploads it to this site. all right, let's take a look at esteban's activity from this morning. he started his run from the clinic at 6:00 a.m. somewhere along this run of his, he had to pay angela a visit. what do those markings indicate? the gps-- it marks the runner's speed every tenth of a mile. like this, look-- 7.4, 7.2. that's fast. yeah, but then it slows all the way down to 0.2. or he stopped. that's where he's hiding her. yeah, send me those coordinates asap. (siren wailing) (siren stops)
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plus or minus 100 meters, this is where navarro stopped along his run. caine: did you see anybody else out there? kemp: best that i could tell, there was a van out there on the fire road. (panting) hey, eric. swamp guy said he saw a van out there, didn't he? delko: yeah, that's right. caine: maybe he meant an ambulance. this is csi delko requesting backup to the corner of sixth and crestline. that's sixth and crestline. search the building now!
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it's her. it's her, eric. angela? angela? she's alive. she is alive, gentlemen. angela? angela, we're friends. i'm a friend. here we go. good job. you're okay. good job. i'm not getting a signal. i'm gonna get an ambulance. hurry! good job. you made it. [ woman on r♪ bum-bum,stinct ] bum-bum, bum-bum ♪ ♪ bum-bum good job. - ♪ ai, ai, ai - ♪ bum-bum
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navarro used the ambulance to transport all the women. yeah, well, we can't get any of esteban's fingerprints from either the vehicle or the building. and all that running route evidence, that's circumstantial at best. angela can't i.d. her attacker, either. you know, i just... we should be holding this guy. i know. well, we would be if navarro wasn't who he is. o'shay did such a number on the state attorney, he's not gonna press charges. hey. officer. hey. nat, this is, uh... elizabeth clark. hi. elizabeth. okay, i'll, uh, catch up with you later. all right. so elizabeth, huh? what were you expecting? angel? trixie, maybe? no. i'm just glad you're here. well, you were right. someone did hurt me, and i should probably deal with that.
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but i'm not making any promises, okay? well, i am. and i'll drive you to the center right now. all right, let me just go get my stuff and clock out. okay. then i'll wait here. all right. thank you. for everything. i'll be right back. i assume you're not here to turn over your son. just here to talk. lieutenant, all that i need in this life is my family. there must be something that you need. you know, diego, offering a police officer a bribe
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is a crime. (laughs) so is allowing these girls to be murdered. diego, i'm gonna take your son off the street one way or another. unless i take you off first. hey, diego. it might not be that easy. (line ringing) (cell phone ringing)
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(sighs) jennifer. jennifer, jennifer. i guess next time, i'll have to take you and your sister. then there will be no one left to go to the cops. like i said, esteban, it's not gonna be that easy. captioning sponsored by cbs c.s.i. productions and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly
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with our eyes on the horizon and our faith squarely placed in one another, let us keep striving. let us keep struggling. let us keep climbing toward that promised land. >> president barack obama and icons from the civil rights movement helped dedicate the memorial to dr. martin luther king jr. also tonight a tip leads to a massive ground search for a missing jermantown boy who is mother was murdered. hello everyone, i'm bruce johnson. tonight a massive ground and air search for a missing montgomery county boy has ended with no signs of the 11-year- old william mcquain. his mother was found murdered in their home last week. her estranged husband, the boy's stepfather has been charged with murder. armando trull reports tonight
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they were searched after police got hips about the boy -- tips about the boy. >> reporter: direct examination detectives will not say -- detectives will not say where or how, but it touched off a massive search. 80 agents searched several acres for nearly nine hours. some were on horseback. >> looking for signs that somebody was back here. they also have dogs that are cadaver dogs that act you know on the accident of somebody who is deceased -- scent of somebody who is deceased. >> reporter: the dogs were there for a reason. >> we had to act on the information given to us. there is the possibility that we would find william deceased here today. >> reporter: among those looking for any sign of william and the woods where he used to play, friends from church. >> some of the kids at jane -- in jane's congregation says oh well, let's help. we know where his hiding places
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are. the tree where we he liked. >> reporter: there was a similar search? clarksburg. william wasn't found at little bennett park or at damascus regional park and the search was called off at dusk. this afternoon, his friends gather outside the home where his mother was found stabbed to death. they struggled with emotions too tough for young hearts. >> who would do something like that? i mean, with our best friend? he was like a little brother to us. >> yeah. and didn't do anything wrong. i mean. >> reporter: curtis lopez remains jailed in charlotte, north carolina charged with jane mcquain's stabbing murder. tomorrow he will go before a judge and say if he will agree to be extradited to hurt. if the search continues tomorrow, it will be much smaller. in damascus, i'm armando trull. >> back in william mcquain's home in jermantown, maryland, friends and family are conducting their own searches. many of the people have children of the samage and as
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brittany morehouse -- same age and as brittany morehouse reports, they are having trouble coping. >> reporter: fresh from playing for william mcquain, the simpson brothers and mcdowell helped the grown-ups search for the 11-year-old missing boy. looking in the woods behind his apartment, in his favorite hiding spots and reluctantly in trash cans. yet imagining him dead just doesn't feel right. >> he's probably lost and scared right now. because he has no one to -- he know where to go. nooned, no anything. >> reporter: by now they've heard the headlines. >> i think his stepfather kidnapped him. >> reporter: for him the youngest, it's near impossible to cope of the thought of what happened to his friend. his 14-year-old brother is frightened too. >> like i was coming hem. my mom told me about william and mom was devastated. >> reporter: a feeling that
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many neighborhood children share. roger anderson said his son won't leave house. >> he's not here today because he's grotely broken up still. >> reporter: what do you say to kids these age if the worst turns out true? adults here hope it doesn't come to that. brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> simpson brothers tell us they last saw their missing friend on september 18th. william mcquain reportedly had been missing a full two weeks of school by the time of the amber alert. too many communities, little has changed. that's part of what president barack obama said at the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial today and also said that because of king the nation today is more fair. more free, more just. ♪ . at times the dedication of the king memorial resembled an outdoor church service with lots of music, preaching, and remembering this country's greatest civil rights leader. >> as we dedicate this
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monument, i can hear my father saying that oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. ♪ >> president barack obama was only 6 years old when martin luther king jr. was assassinated but no one among the 10,000 people gathered today missed the significance of the nation's first african- american president dedicating the first monument to an african-american. >> a black preacher, no official rank or title, who somehow gave voice to our deepest dreams and our most lasting ideas. >> president seemed the tie the struggles of dr. king's times to his efforts to deal with the problems of this economy. >> as tough as times may be, i know we will overcome. ♪ >> dedication drew a fraction of the crowd that would have
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been here in august had not hurricane irene canceled the event but among the speakers today were some of the icons of the civil rights movement. >> people have been arrested. jailed. beaten and constantly harassed. >> for his leadership gave birth to a new america. >> he was always getting upset with tall people who looked down on him. now, he's 30 feet tall looking down on everybody. [ laughter ] ♪ >> megastar stevie wonder took the stage. in the crowd, scores of entertainers, politicians and corporate leaders or marched with dr. king or gave to his memorial. the king memorial is also the first memorial to a nonpresident on the mall. well, it wasn't the crowd that had been expected if august but -- in august but thousands did come out for the king dedication today.
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some had been an the mall for dr. king's i have a dream speech in 1963. delia goncalves has that story. >> the montgomery boycott lasted 381 such days. >> reporter: the message was in the performances and in the speeches and was felt by the thousands who attended. >> it's just overwhelming. >> reporter: wanda brought her daughters. >> so they can continue to carry out his dream and what it entailed for all of us and so of the speakers today -- they weren't even born to show them who they are and not only for king and other people as well. it was just amazing. i'm just overjoyed. >> i think it will inspire us to really remember what dr. king stood for and that we should try to still fulfill and carry out his dreams because it doesn't stop here. >> i have a dream that one day,
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this nation will rise up. >> i hear my father saying as we dedicate this monument. >> i remember the day he died. i was here in '68 when it was resurrection city. brought here by my mother who drug me here but that started my life with these kinds of things. >> i learned like he spent his life doing great work and like doing great for civil rights and that's what we need these days. and we need to unite the countries can the world. >> i was so disappointed. >> reporter: diane has been looking forward to the trip since the august dedication was postponed because of hurricane irene. now that she is here, she says it is far more than just a trip. it is an inspiring experience. >> i will share this experience with everyone back at home. ♪ >> reporter: the day is done,
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but the work has just begun. many folks that we talked to said they will take the inspiration from today and bring it home with them to motivate others. at west potomac park, delia goncalves, 9news now. >> our coverage of the martin luther king jr. memorial dedication continues on the web at well, you know the question tonight did we have a new starting quarterback? following today's loss at home to michael vick and those eagles, kristen berset is here with the story. hi kristen, all saying beck. >> yes and so was the crowd today actually bruce and we don't know of course who we're going to have going forward the way beck played we may end up seeing him under center. but it definitely wasn't pretty out there. the turnovers that have plagued rex grossman his entire career showed up today getting benched in the middle of the game as well definitely doesn't help with team chemistry or confidence. grossman had four interceptions, 11 turnovers in five games -- up until this
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point. you can't really even blame his teammates so much. he -- for most of the turnovers he pretty much made some horrible decisions and some bad throws. he said he was pretty confident in his performance. the crowd wasn't. there was a chorus of boos and after the second interception they started chanting we want beck. like i said he was benched in the fourth quarter for beck. remember mike shanahan staked his reputation on the qb decision. the eagles' safety coleman got three of rex's interceptions, here's what grossman said after the game. >> it is what it is. you know. it was a bad game. got to -- forget about it and move on and keep getting better. ultimately, i'm responsible for the football. >> you have a good day. you don't. we'll take a look at the film and try to talk about where the mistakes were and the reads and those type of things but right now, everybody knows that you have four -- four picks in the
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game. good things aren't going to rap regardless. >> it was good to play but honest i have the sick feeling after a loss because honestly when i went in i initially thought okay a couple of scores. if we can put together a couple of scores we can be in the game and i firmly believed that we were going to. i feel like we played the whole goal and in the end we didn't win. >> later this sports david will join me and break down this qb debacle. bruce? tragic news from the indy car world championship in las vegas tonight. indy 500 winner dan wheldon died today after a 15 car crash. wheldon was airlifted from the track to a hospital where he later died from his injuries. you saw there his car actually went airborne. the 33-year-old british racer was a two-time indianapolis 500 winner including this year's race. >> very, very sad. very, very sad. you never want to see that happen. i mean, car -- car wrecks and everything. those are exciting.
11:28 pm
the part of the race and all but you never want to see somebody pass away because of that. so. >> to be here and see it you know, it's kind of -- definitely we're all kind of touched and you know, thinking a lot about his family and it definitely makes you think a lot about your life and you never know. >> after his death, the race was canceled and fellow drivers ran a five lap tribute in his honor. three other drivers were hurt in today's pileup. back here, 28-year-old woman is under arrest tonight and charged with setting fire to a manassas apartment building. it happened just after 7:00 this morning. five firefighters were called to the 10,000 block of wood bury drive. they found fire in a second familiar apartment with flames -- floor apartment with flames shooting through the roof. tonight 28-year-old tani cia a bathes is being held without bond. the fire displaced 11 adults and 12 children.
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activist and professor cornell west was arrested today while protesting today. the demonstrators are part of the stop the machine protests. earlier @ day west attended the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. west is a well-known academic who has authored several books. on 9news now this sunday, celebration along the potomac river this weekend. we'll catch up with all the fun. and coming up next, doctor at the center of the michael jackson trial will this week try and show he did not contribute to the singer's death. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. another beautiful weekend, 71 was the official high. now your wakeup weather really not that cool. 50s by 5:00 in the morning, still 50s by 7:00 and by 9:00. temperatures 54 to 62. we'll come back and say when you need to change if -- sunglasses to an umbrella. stay tuned.
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for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf, you'll have a great time. great seafood, beautiful beaches and fun for the whole family.
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we've got intimate bed and breakfast right on the water. cafe's with views of the gulf. go blue water fishing, ride a kayak, or just enjoy the world's best weather and soak up the world's best sun. we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while. trial of dr. conrad murray enters its fourth week tomorrow. defense attorneys will try and show that michael jackson did not die as a result of murray administering the anesthetic
11:32 pm
propofol. they said that jackson may have been injected himself with the drug. prosecutors pent the last three weeks -- spent the last three weeks asserting that murray gave jackson the anesthetic to help him sleep. murray pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter. courtroom watchers say the jury could get this case sometime next week. jill's house celebrated its one year anniversary today with the open house. the vienna, virginia facility provides programs for families whose children have special needs. open if families in northern virginia, d. c. and maryland, jill's house, offers a setting for its young visitors with intellectual and physical disabilities. there's a swimmable pool that's accessible. a creative activity room, playgrounds and themed guest rooms for overnight stays. it costs some $600 per child but families pay just $75 thanks to donations from corporate and private. the canal was the site of today's potomac river jam. the day long free celebration of the potomac took place at
11:33 pm
the river's center in the canal's national historic park. sponsored by the potomac conservancy. there were local musicians, canoe trips and nature walks andalso an art exhibit and other family activities. perfect weekend for an outdoor art gallery. we'll take you there when we come back. and can we keep this nearly perfect weather into the next week for the start of work can school and topper -- and school? topper is up next with the forecast.
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