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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fears confirmed. >> at 9:11 a.m. this morning, we located the remains of a young african american male. >> william had been missing for more than two weeks. police found his mother beaten and stabbed to death in their germantown apartment last week. her estranged husband, curtis lopez, fled to north carolina with her car and her credit card. and police have charged him with murdering her. from a nearby storage facility, they have recovered a surveillance tape, showing lopez with his stepson who apparently was unaware his life was in imminent danger. >> it did not appear there was any distress between the two in the footage. he appeared to be running around as you would expect a boy that age to do. >> police are checking for more surveillance tape from the gas station yards from the crime scene. >> can't say if he's been in
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here, but he does look familiar. >> this is breaking my heart. >> william's former football coach brought flowers and a football as close as she could. she is finding it impossible to explain to her two young sons. >> william was the most wonderful, cheerful child in the entire world and there's no reason that this should have ever happened to him. >> who could do this to william? it's just a little kid. who could do this? who could do it? >> reporter: police believe that curtis lopez is exactly the kind of guy who could do something like this. he remains in jail right now in charlotte, north carolina, but police plan to bring him back here soon within the next ten days and they expect by that time, they should have enough evidence put together to charge
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him with william's murder, too. derek. >> very tough day, thank you bruce. >> peggy fox spent the day at william's neighborhood in germantown and peggy, there must be some tough conversations tonight for william's classmates and their parents. >> that's right. we are here at his school at martin luther king, jr., middle school and there were a lot of tears and sadness here when his friends and fellow students learned he would never be coming back. minutes after martin luther king, jr., middle school let out today, a girl stood holding a sign that said, in memory of william, rest in peace. >> shocked, horror, anger that something like that would happen. >> this was william mcquain's school, where news of his death was like a punch in the gut. >> he was a good kid. he was very funny. he was just a good friend. >> roman had two classes with
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william. he said today was a normal day until the principal made an announcement. >> 4th block, ms. davidson came on the announcer and said they found a body and it matches william mcquain and everyone started crying. >> knowing he would be upset, his mom gave him a ride home. >> the day they issued the amber alert and he was very upset that day, we have been hoping he would be found alive. >> she says the mother's murder has been difficult to explain. now that william has been found dead, it's impossible. >> we have just prayed a lot and it's hard. it feels like a piece of innocence lost. they shouldn't have to deal with this. >> other parents came to take their kids out of school after they heard the news. >> i came to the school. i wanted to be with my kid.
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and it's heartbreaking. devastating. >> now the school canceled all after school activities today. they brought in grief counselors and those counselors will be back tomorrow. coming up at 6:00, i'll take you to the neighborhood to see how people there are dealing with this tragedy. back to you. >> peggy fox, thank you. all right, so here is how this case has developed. william mcquain was last seen alive at home back on september 30. last wednesday, october 12, police find the body of his mom, jane, dead in the bedroom of her germantown home. they say she had been beaten and stabbed. police issue an amber alert for william. one day later, jane mcquain's estranged husband, curtis lopez, is arrested leaving a motel in charlotte, north carolina. now he will be extradited back here to maryland. then of course this morning as we just told you after days of desperate searching, police find the body of a boy in the
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wooded area in clarksburg, maryland. now no positive identification has been made, but police do believe this is the body of william mcquain. we have breaking news coming out of the district. a metro bus in northeast d.c. has collided with a construction truck. this happened this afternoon in the 1100 block of capital street. the front loader slammed into the right side of that metro bus. a spokesperson says six people have been injured in this accident. three have been taken to howard university hospital. one to med star. two still on the scene. all of the injuries appear to be nonlife threatening, so that's the good news. this was the route 8242 bus. children took the stand today in the abuse trial in an elementary schoolteacher. she is accused of scratching nine of her 16 first grade students before she was arrested. andrea mccarren has been in the courtroom all day. she joins us live from rockville. >> reporter: the first little
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boy who testified was so small when he sat in the witness box that a juror had to ask that a pitcher of watter and a stack of paper cups in front of him be removed so that his face could be seen. he was the first of four children to testify today. the trial of 36-year-old susan burke took a compelling turn as some of her former green castle elementary school students testified that she choked, punched, and scratched them. the first child to take the stand was a seven-year-old boy who described what his teacher allegedly did when she got angry. the prosecutor asked, what happened when you weren't listening? the boy replied, she put her hands around our necks. the prosecutor, how did it feel? not good. the boy's mother took the stand as well and described the change in her son. she testified he had nightmares. he was scared to sleep by himself. he would jump when we touched him. he told me he didn't want to go
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to school. it was also a day the defense tried to poke holes in the testimony of the children and their mothers. pointing out inconsistencies in the dates they were called and students allegations to school administrators and social workers. the defense asked the boys mother, did you ever see any marks on him? she replied, never any marks or scratches. a second seven-year-old boy took the stand and said i told my mom my teacher was choking me. asked the prosecutor, what did it feel like? the boy responded, it felt like a rhino standing on my neck. asked the defense, did she leave any marks on you? he replied, scratch marks because she used her nails for power. defense, do you know if your mom took any photos? boy, why in the world would she do that? >> now we also watched video tape interviews with two of the children conducted by police and a social worker. now these pointed out some inconsistencies.
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for example, one boy testified in court today that susan burke had choked him five times. on the video tape, he said it happened three times. the trial continues tomorrow. we expect to hear from two more children. we are live in rockville. andrea mccarren, 9news now. chief meteorologist, topper shutt says we are in a severe weather alert. >> we are getting concerned. we have a strong system from the south. a lot of tropical moisture and bis storms on the horizon. let's start with the satellite picture radar combined. right now, it's okay. clouds will move in tonight. all the showers for the time being are out in the ohio valley and into parts of the midwest. but these clouds will roll in quickly. we are looking at showers and thunderstorms, maybe by dawn. some of those could be hefty. 73 in leesburg. 72 in manassas and 72 in d.c. temperatures are kind of warm.
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the air is juicy. another reason why we declared tomorrow a severe weather alert day. showers and thunderstorms by dawn. it will be after midnight. some could be heavy by dawn. lows 55 to 60. winds easterly at 10 to 15. we'll come back and tell you which areas have a higher risk for severe weather tomorrow. we'll explain that with the full forecast coming up. here is anita in the newsroom. >> we are continuing to follow up tonight on a new kind of tax fraud that. is using information about dead children, victimize not just their parents, but the irs and the irs failed to crack down on this. scott broom, you have been following this story as well. >> using social security numbers, you lift from . one senator called it the perfect crime because the chances of getting caught appear to be so low. >> emotional toll on parents is so high. >> this is the last thing that
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we needed right now. we're going through enough. >> jonathan lost their nearly five-year-old daughter to brain cancer in january. but come tax time, they learn someone else, a complete strange her claimed alexis as a dependent on their taxes to get a deduction. the aggins were further grieved to find out their daughter's social security number and the records of 90 million other deceased americans are posted online for free. and are misused in tax scams all the time. >> it's bad enough that you have to deal with a child who has cancer and then watch them die in your house, but then to find out that somebody is trying to profit off of your deceased child. it's just beyond belief. >> it has created in many respects, the perfect crime. >> senator bill nelson criticized the irs for failing to crack down.
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even though misusing a social security number is a felony, five years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. >> when i called the irs. i was told i had to talk to the social security administration. >> a maryland parent who had his deceased daughter's number misused, claimed he got nothing but a run around. >> all the other victims can only hope the irs will get tougher on these criminals and prevent future families from going through all of this, on top of the anguish of losing a child. >> they spend months trying to sort out their taxes because someone else claimed their child and in some cases, the irs is told the parents, hey you owe us money. it takes months to sort that out. it's an outrage. >> and the social security numbers are so readily available. >> they are readily available for a lot of reasons. the irs wants them out there so financial institutions can cross check against the deceased list so people don't file for credit. the bottom line is, these people are really suffering and
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they want the irs to step up and stop prosecuting to stop it. >> a high emotional toll on them. scott broom, thanks. back to you guys. by the end of the night, we should know who will replace lesli johnson. county voters went to the polls today to choose between derek davis, the democratic primary winner and day gardner. gardner ran unopposed. lesli johnson pleaded guilty in june to destroying evidence in a federal corruption investigation. she is scheduled to be sentenced on december 9. celebrations underway across israel and gaza after a prison swap freed hundreds of jailed palestinians. also ahead, police are interviewing potential witnesses outside the philadelphia home where four mentally abled adults were held captive in the basement. but first, the president continues his job pitch out on the road. up next, why republicans say he is wasting his time.
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stay with us.
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president obama's bus tour. you are looking live at greensville high where the president is going to press his ideas. the president says that three- day bus tour through virginia and north carolina is all about jobs and reconnecting with the american people. but republicans are calling it a campaign trip and still aren't buying his jobs plan. earlier today, in jamestown, north carolina, the president promised out of work teachers the part of his jobs bill the senate will take up first will be a $35 billion measure that would help prevent teacher and first responder layoffs all over the country. >> we all need a republican job. we need a job. we need to put people back to
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work right now. >> only thing we end up with at the end of the day is more debt, more government, and fewer jobs. >> tomorrow, the first lady will join the president on the final day of that bus tour. that's in hampton, virginia, talking about jobs for american veterans. meantime, police outside richmond are trying to find out who stole the truck that was carrying equipment for the president's bus tour. that truck was loaded down with the tell prompter and sound equipment. it was parked right outside the virginia center marriott in advance to that visit to chesterfield. the truck turned up in another parking lot, but investigators say no classified or sensitive information was inside the vehicle. an isreali soldier finally home after five years as a palestinian prisoner. >> sergeant eli was captured while on patrol in gaza as tina
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krouse reports. >> saluted isreali prime minister, then for the first time in five years, hugged his father. a convoy carried him back through the cheering crowds to his hometown in northern israel. his father sang supporters and told them how to recover from the physical and psychological wounds during his time in captivity. >> we have been treated by the authorities and hopefully he will recover very soon. >> israel is freeing a thousand palestinian prisoners in exchange for his release. many had been serving life sentences for deadly attacks on israel. thousands of people jammed the streets of gaza to celebrate. hamas hailed the thousand to one swap as a victory and called the freed palestinians heros for a struggle for
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statehood. political rival rallied crowds in the west bank. calling the prisoners freedom fighters. >> but israel's prime minister is warning the freed militants, anyone who returns to terror will be held accountable. some isrealis fought the release of inmates. they say israel will pay the price for making such an uneven deal. tina krause, cbs news. prisoners were released in today's swap. another 550 are set to be released in two months. all right gang, out on the weather terrace. >> it is nice. sunshine. >> hard to believe tomorrow it's going to be severe weather alert day. >> a different day tomorrow. this day tomorrow, storms, especially south and east of town. let's start with temperatures. this is one thing we look at. it's pretty warm and that can lead to unstable air. temperatures, pretty much 70 everywhere really. we are looking at 71 in great
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falls. 72 out to the west. and we're looking at temperatures even downtown in the low 70s. this is a little bit above average for this time of year. look at this. even 76 in rockville. 70 in gaithersburg. 72 officially downtown and in college park. satellite picture, radar combined. we talked about this yesterday. this is the storm that could have become the 17th named storm t. did have some tropical possibilities. now it's going to be an area of low pressure. some pretty impressive rains in georgia and most of florida. storm two is out here in the midwest. we are less concerned about this. this is going to keep most of the moisture to the west of us. but the coastal storm, we should keep an eye on for tomorrow morning, through tomorrow actually across the whole day. we have some high clouds moved in later. the clouds will return later tonight as that storm begins to push up the coast. so here's the deal. wednesday, severe weather alert
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day. flash flooding is a threat. big thunderstorms are a threat. especially south and east. by that, i mean charles county, st. mary's county, anne arundel county. that's the best chance for flash flooding. all of us will have to worry about a wet commute in the morning and a wet commute coming home on wednesday. future cast, 10:00 tonight, we're okay, just some clouds. maybe a couple sprinkles. but we get into the early morning hours. everybody is wet. notice the yellow and oranges. the activity is east of town. i think as we go through, we'll see this move to the west. so right now it's primarily east of i-95. lunchtime, we have rain and showers across the board. back into prince georges county. in the evening, yeah, we are going to go home with wet roads again. then we get into the early morning hours on thursday. we get a break as the system finally pulls away from us. for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, mild showers and
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thunderstorms by dawn. some could be heavy by dawn. lows 55 to 60. by morning, showers and storms. some could be heavy. temperatures in the 50s and 60s and by afternoon. well, more showers and storms. some could be heavy and temperatures 55 to 70. winds out of the southeast at about 10. not as windy in the afternoon as it will be in the morning. in the wake of the front, we'll be cooler. 64 on thursday. showers are still possible and cooler till on friday. low 60s. a nice weekend. looks like temperatures in the low 60s across the board. a walk now for autism speaks. saturday, 10:00, walk. 9th and madison. we'll see you there at 9:00 a.m. and we are looking at low 60s on sunday, monday, and back up to 70 on tuesday. boy, as for pictures, this is fantastic. >> wow. >> this was taken on the 11th . that's in madison, virginia, very nicely done. >> lovely stuff. >> i immediate more pictures like that. go to our website, click on the
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weather tab and be sure to include your name, location, and description. >> fall foliage at its best. >> saying thank you through stalker. amputees take the field with our wounded warriors. >> but up next, the american academy of pediatrics issues new advice when it comes to those crib bumpers and your baby.
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the nation's largest organization of pediatricians just weighed in on the debate over a safer sleep environment for babies. our consumer team reported extensively on the questions of safety on bumper cribs. we recently brought you the story of a baby whose seven week old son suffocated in his bumper pad. they want parents to know that bumper pads and babies don't agree. >> suffocation and strangulation and entrapment. those are the three major ways babies can die with a bumper
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pad. >> maryland wants to ban the sale of bumper pads in the state. the city of chicago has already done that. so when it comes to your baby's safety, remember your abc's. always put them to sleep on their backs in a crib with nothing else in it. no blankets, no pillows, no toys, and no bumper pads. anita. >> four u.s. senators and health officials from the cities hosting the world series are urging the baseball player's union agree to banning chewing tobacco. the world series begins in st. louis wednesday night. the senators say smokeless tobacco -- health officials are urging them to not use tobacco, in addition for calling for a permanent ban. is it really just shyness or could it be a serious anxiety disorder? a new government study finds half of all teenagers believe they are shy, but that same
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study finds some teenagers actually have a troubling anxiety disorder that could be inhibiting them from every day functioning. researchers say the main treatment is behavioral therapy in which sufferers are exposed yag gradually that expose them. a father arrested after police say he had his nine-year- old daughter chauffeur him around because he was drunk. you're watching an intense game of soccer between the u.s. and haiti. everyone is an amputee. coming up, hear the incredible story of survival and learn why these players from haiti are so thankful to the u.s. up next, a building owner who discovered four mentally challenged people locked in the basement described what he saw.
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tonight, four mentally challenged adults who were chained in a crawl space are speaking out. a convicted murder and two alleged accomplices are facing some kidnapping charges in philadelphia. >> police say they prayed -- preyed on mentally challenged adults. this bizarre case. anny. >> very, very strange. police are interviewing potential witnesses where four mentally challenged adults were held captive in the basement. police say a vast scheme
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stretching from philadelphia to other states may have been in the works to steal these social security disability checks of the defenseless and vulnerable people. the four victims who were locked in the basement at a philadelphia apartment complex claim the accused ring leader, linda ann westen and two accomplices beat them. >> she did this to me, too. >> 41-year-old was found chained to a boiler in a crawl space. police say it reeked of urine and looked like a dungeon. >> i was real dirty. it was gross. >> the owner of the building says he discovered the four victims in the basement this past weekend when he noticed the lights out and dogs barking. >> he pulled the chains off the door and saw the captives. >> i don't know how you got in
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here. no answers. >> police believe westen posed as a care giver and was stealing social security checks. authorities say the victims had the mental capacity of ten- year-olds. >> when you are holding them and torturing them for a little bit of money, that's hell. >> police found dozens of id cards in westen's apartment. they are investigating whether there are more victims. now, westen was convicted in the starvation death of a man nearly 30 years ago. her bail was set at $2.5 million. anita. hard to fathom that kind of cruelty. thank you, anny. the mother of a murdered virginia tech student filed a suit against the company. that company provided security at the rock concert in charlottesville the night morgan was abducted. that company refused to let her enter the rock show. harrington was found murdered in a hay field.
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the mother of the 20-year-old student says the guard should have let her back in the concert. the security comment isn't commenting on the lawsuit. the attorney for the family of lisa erwin admits that she was drunk is honest and has nothing to hide. such honesty means debra bradley is cooperating. they have no suspect or major leads in the disappearance of that ten month old baby girl. for many families of missing children, it's hard to have hope. for others, hope is all they have. elizabeth smart was found years after being kidnapped at knife point from her bedroom as a young girl. at a fundraiser last night in southern california, smart said supporting the families of missing children is just as important as searching for them. >> having media involvement in any case of any child going missing or any person going missing is one of the key factors that can really help
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bring that person home. that's what helped bring me home because my parents were constantly in the media, constantly putting my face out there. they should never give up because there are stories like me, like jaycee dugard, like shawn hornbeck. people are still out there. they are still alive. >> last night's concert benefited the gina for missing persons foundation. gina disappeared 11 years ago after performing at an open mic night in los angeles. u.s. troops that lost limbs in the war are getting help from haiti. haitian soccer players are thanking the u.s. military for helping them after the 2010 earthquake. lindsey mastis was with them on the field. >> we are amazed by how some play, the intensity that they use. power that they can pull with one leg. >> they are from haiti. many lost legs or arms during
5:35 pm
the 2010 earthquake. including macison pierre. he was at school when it collapsed. it was the u.s. military that came to his country's aid. now he and his teammates want to give back the only way they can. by sharing the game of soccer with other amputees. >> just because you lost one limb, doesn't mean life is over for them. >> we went to help them, now they are here to help us. >> a marine was in haiti for five weeks. shortly after he went to afghanistan and lost his leg in an explosion. >> having the haitians out here is encouraging to all of us. >> both teams have state of the art prosthetics, but not allowed to use them during the game. instead, they have to use crutches. >> ten minutes away from practicing, i tried to kick with my left foot and realize my left foot wasn't there. >> they were amazed.
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>> it makes me want to cry. i really appreciate it. >> amputees from haiti are helping wounded warriors from the u.s., showing them what can still be. for them, it's the best thank you they could receive. in washington, d.c., i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. now many team members say haiti is struggling to rebuild. many of them don't have jobs. the nights of columbus and project metashare are working together to help the team. coming up, defying the signs of age. turning promise in turning back the hands of time. but first, a nine-year-old takes on the task of designated driver for her dad. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we will be right back on the other side of the break.
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caught on tape, a michigan dad accused of using his nine- year-old daughter as his designated driver. this is surveillance video. shows a child driving that red van. >> look at that little girl. >> she wasn't able to park so well next to the gas pumps and you can hear the dad saying hey, i'm drunk, and you're designated driver. after buying items at that gas station, the two get back in the van, 39-year-old dad back in the passenger seat, but this time somebody spots them. calls 911, and tonight dad is facing felony child abuse charges. no joke. >> good for her that she was responsible enough to drive that car, but that is crazy. you know, thieves in texas picked the wrong pickup truck to steal. police parked the truck in
5:40 pm
arlington, texas, as part of an auto theft sting. so they get in and video tape shows the inside of the pickup. he is trying to use his shirt, trying not to get his fingerprints on the steering wheel. gets out of the truck, returns with gloves. the patrol cars spot him. makes the sharp turn, almost falls out the truck. then this pickup slams into a house and tim black was there. >> the vehicle went all the way into my living room and partway into my bedroom. so it was a pretty rude awakening. >> very composed. wow. police are hoping that the tape that you see right there will lead them to the man who stole the pickup. somehow in all the mist of that drama, he got away. >> they have good pictures of him. speaking of which, check out this amazing video taken bay kayaker. rick coalman and his wife were kayaking and had an encounter with that blue whale. 50 feet long.
5:41 pm
he's an experienced scuba diver, catches the action thanks to a head mounted video camera. he got the under water view and says it was the experience of a lifetime. you can imagine his wife above the water a little anxious, but he was joust fine. in fact, he called the under water adventure with the whale peace and relaxation. >> they don't eat people. >> that would be really cool. >> came up on the right kind of whale. that's for sure. >> that's cool stuff. we're looking at a nice evening. we aren't getting much of a break. they are in the high range. we'll come back and talk about who is in the high risk for severe weather. we are declaring wednesday a severe weather alert day. up next, fighting the science of time with no nip or tuck. new tools to combat aging.
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in the world of antiaging
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and cosmetic science, more treatments have emerged that don't require surgery. think upleft versus facelift. some of the newest devices are being tested on all kinds of skin types and proving safe and effective no matter what your complexion. >> melanie was getting pretty used to taking before and after pictures. this 54-year-old has had subtle antiaging treatments at the office of dermatologist for years. but recently, she underwent two new procedures to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate her face. >> my main concern was the healing process because with my dark skin, etch even when i have a cut, it takes a long time and it gets dark. >> melanie is on lebanese, but the doctor says all patients with deeper skin tones need to be weary of hyperpigmentation when a laser or other treatment causes too much inflammation and leaves dark patches behind. that's why she suggested
5:46 pm
melanie use othera that uses ultrasound. >> it's a color blind device and it doesn't damage the surface of the skin. it very specifically targets the deeper tissue. it's going all the way down to the muscle. >> the doctor has tested othera in latin and asian and african americans and found it effective in tightening the neck and jaw line. while the results emerge over several months, she saw a difference right away. >> my eyes were heavier here. as soon as they did it, i noticed it instantly. but over six months, i saw a great change. >> melanie had fine lines under her eyes, softened with the core resurfacing laser. the radio frequency energy is more precise than previous laidsers,lessening the chance of side effects on pigmented skin. >> it's enough energy to give us the results we need in every skin type. >> results melanie is tickled
5:47 pm
with. >> 30 year reunion last year for high school last fall, it was just -- my head got that big from all the compliments because i'm aging very nicely with the help of my doctor. >> okay, some caveats to the laser. these are cosmetic procedures. both cause damage that stimulates new collagen to form. some patients think it hurts more than others do. and there's at least a day of down time with the core laser. let's take it out to you guys. >> all right, skies are looking good now, but you have stormy stuff to show us. >> imagine driving into this. check this out. this is a massive dust storm yesterday. lubbock, texas, 5:30 local time. this happens in texas, arizona, and new mexico, where you get dust storms that can be walls of dust miles and miles long and can extend up in the atmosphere as much as a mile and it actually flipped over
5:48 pm
some planes at the airport. the winds were up to 55 miles per hour. visibility at one point was pretty much zero. let this run long enough, it goes tonight fall and gets back as the dust storm moves away. an incredible dust storm yesterday evening in lubbock, texas. we have two storms. one down to the south and east. i think this storm is going to give our friends in southern maryland the best chance for flooding and severe weather tomorrow. we have this second storm in the midwest. this is going to hammer much of the midwest with heavy rain and could get heavy rain into our mountains as we go through the day on wednesday. we had high clouds push in that moved out. the clouds will return here shortly as the storm from the south moves northward. wednesday we're going to have a weather alert day. now we'll put the computer into motion here. by evening, we walk the dogs, it's clouds, no showers. but by morning, 530 5:30 in
5:49 pm
the morning, we have bad weather. the biggest threat for severe weather is south and east of town. walking to lunch, you'll need your umbrella. showers across the board. and even by evening, this time tomorrow, we are looking at showers. good news is, it's all green. bad thing is, the roads are wet. we'll take you through the early morning hours on thursday. finally everything begins to pull up to the north. showers may linger in our mountains as we go through the day on thursday. mostly cloudy tonight, breezy and mild. showers and storms by dawn. low temperatures 55 to 60. now the next seven days, there's your squad tomorrow. 69. still warm tomorrow. cooler. maybe a left over shower on thursday. temperatures in the mid 60s and low 60s on friday. the autism now walk for autism
5:50 pm
speaks, 10:00 walk, get there about 9:00 if you would. back up near 70 on tuesday. >> i was thinking, top, if you are going out tomorrow, you may want to wear your swaddling clothes. >> did you think long and hard about that? >> yes. >> your brain was moving. >> coming up on 9news now. >> johnson, the good news is, you can no longer get arrested in d.c. for having expired tags on your vehicle. the bads news is, you could probably lose that vehicle. i'll have the story coming up. >> and a little later, the president comes to virginia to push his jobs plan. >> i'm kristen at the verison center. the caps taking on the florida panthers. find out why the guys aren't completely thrilled with the way they started out the season. that's coming up next. ñññ
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rocking the red. the capitals starting to be red hot. they are undefeated, 4-0. >> tonight they have a chance to do something they have never done before in the history of the franchise. >> they have to get past their division rival, florida panthers. kristen burset is live with more. >> reporter: it's a big game tonight for them, like you said, it's a divisional game.
5:54 pm
the panthers last year weren't so good. they finished last place in the eastern conference, but they have 12 new players, completely revamped. two of those that will be playing are former capitals. you have matt bradley. the caps looking to keep their hot streak going, a win tonight takes them to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. something the guys keep in the back of their mind, but despite the stellar starts they had, the guys are not totally thrilled with the way this season started. they feel like they have a lot of room to improve. >> we play good hockey, but i think we have yet to put 60 minutes of the way we want to play and luckily we have a cushion. >> i don't think we are ever going to be satisfied as long as we win everything. of course there's room for improvement. >> we need to play better and we snuck away with four wins, but by no means are we happy
5:55 pm
with our game right now. we have to make sure we keep getting better. >> here's a look at the first four games. three have gone to overtime. they open the season beating carolina 4-3. they slid past tampa bay and downed their rivals, pittsburgh in ot. they finally got their first regulation win this saturday against ottawa. they would rather win in regulation than having to win in overtime. while we were here, we wanted to weigh in on the redskins quarterback situation. i was talking with brook a little earlier and asked him if he was in the situation, who would he want to start next sunday? rex grossman or beck? >> i would go rexy. let the guy settle in. >> he is capable. i think he earned it. i think he just needs a little help and i think he'll be all right.
5:56 pm
>> you can hear my surprise when he said rex grossman. he thought give the guy another chance. for now, we're live at the verison center, back to you in the studio. >> give him another chance. that sounds like a win to me. >> derek, give him a chance. >> speaking of football players, you might need a football player salary to afford anything in the annual neimann marcus christmas book. >> that's where you can buy my gift this year. department store is out with its 85th edition of luxury items and some may take your breath away. >> let's get some examples. it will run you $250,000, or perhaps a limited edition ferrari. ten of them. 395,000 a piece. >> chump change. >> how about a dancing water fountain for a cool million? >> anita, that's you. >> president says even though these high priced items grab the headlines, almost half of
5:57 pm
the 600 products in this year's catalog actually cost less than $250. >> it's almost like target. >> $78. >> you are spending money at neimann marcus, you made some money on wall street today. its closing bell. dow was up 180 points. nasdaq rose 42 1/2. s & p 500 jumped 24 1/2 points higher. and all of those points came despite a huge hit to apple stock today. the company shares fell about 8%. social security recipients will get more money starting in january thanks to a cost of living adjustment. experts project the increase will be about 3 1/2%. this will be the first increase since 2009. there was no cost of living adjustment in 2010 or this year because inflation was simply too low. bank of america says it earned $6.2 in the third
5:58 pm
quarter. as well as the sale of its stake in a chinese bank. during the same quarter last year, bank of america lost $7.3 billion. well the economy is certainly going to be a hot topic in tonight's gop debate in las vegas. >> that's right. the seven candidates will hit the stage in two hours from now. >> sandra hughes takes a welcome at what is in the agenda. >> seven republicans will take to the stage on the las vegas strip to battle for the top spot op the gop ticket. while former massachusetts governor, mitt romney is seen as a front runner, expect new party favorite to take the most punches because of his recent surge in the polls. >> kaine, former ceo of god father's pizza has never held elected office. called for 9% income tax on individuals and businesses and a 9% federal sales tax has caught on with the crowd.
5:59 pm
>> kaine is the latest in a series of gop favorites. first was michele bachmann and rick perry. all have faced off on the debate stage before, but many say mitt romney performed the best. >> they need someone who knows how to create jobs, and i do. >> job creation is what most here in nevada want to hear about. the state's unemployment rate is 13.4% and ground zero for the housing crisis, with the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. the candidates have been making their pitches in the state. >> i'm looking at things like how do we create government land? the number two industry in nevada is mining. well, what if we double the production of mining in nevada? >> john huntsman is boycotting tonight's debate because they scheduled their caucus before the new hampshire primary. he is under scrutiny. he apologized for a comment about


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