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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 18, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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missing more than two weeks. police found his mother beaten and stabbed to death in their germantown apartment last week. her estranged husband, curtis lopez, fled to north carolina with her car and her credit card, and police charged him with murdering her. from a nearby storage facility, they have recovered a surveillance tape showing lopez with his stepson, who apparently was unaware his life was in eminent danger. >> reporter: it did not appear there was any distress between the two in the footage. >> he appeared to be running around as you would expect a boy that age to do. >> reporter: police are checking for more surveillance tape from the gas station just yards from the crime scene. >> he does look familiar. the kid looks really familiar. >> it's breaking my heart. >> reporter: williams' former football coach on the south germantown panthers brought
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flowers, a cap, a football, as close as she could to williams' body. she is finding it impossible to explain to her two young sons. >> william was the greatest, most beautiful, cheerful child in the entire world, entire world. and there is no reason that this should have ever happened to him. >> who could do this to william? it's just a little kid. who could do this to some kid? who could do it? >> reporter: police believe curtis lopez is exactly the man who could do this. they expect to transport him back here from north carolina within ten days, and at that point, they think they'll have enough evidence to charge him with murdering william, too. in clarksburg, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> peggy fox continues our coverage from germantown where tonight a community is heartbroken. >> reporter: minutes after martin luther king, jr., middle school let out today, a girl stood holding a sign that said in memory of william, rest in
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peace. >> shock, horror, anger that something like that would happen. >> reporter: this was william mcquain's school, where news of his death was like a punch in the gut. >> he was a good kid. he was very funny. he was just a good friend. >> reporter: roman roberson had two classes with william. he said today was a normal day until the principal made an announcement. >> first block, ms. davidson came on the announcer and said they found a body, and it matches william mcquain. and everyone was crying. it was a tough day. >> reporter: roberson's mom picked him up after school instead of letting him ride the bus, knowing he would be upset. >> we had noticed that he had been absent for a couple of weeks, you know, the day they issued the amber alert. and he was very upset that day. and we've just been hoping that he would be found alive.
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>> reporter: she says the mother's murder has been difficult to explain now that william's been found dead, it's impossible. >> we've just prayed a lot. it's just hard. it feels like a piece of innocence lost, you know. they shouldn't have to deal with this. >> reporter: other parents came to take their kids out of school after they heard the news. >> i came to the school. i wanted to be with my kids. and it's just heartbreaking, devastating. >> reporter: we understand that a number of the parents are upset that the principal delivered the news to their children today. but the school system said they had no choice. the way information travels, they knew children would soon be hearing about the news, so they decided it was best to share the facts and then support the children by bringing in grief counselors. i'm peggy fox, reporting in germantown, back to you. >> thanks, peggy. our other top stories tonight. a teacher accused of having no class. she's on trial for abusing her students and it's day two of the testimony.
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plus, president obama is the victim of theft and we all may fall victim to some severe weather tomorrow. topper joins us from the weather terrace where you can see the graphics, severe weather alert day, warning. tom? >> by the time you wake up tomorrow morning an entirely different story. let's start with the satellite picture and radar combined. showers and rain entering rolle and roanoke,. temperaturewise mild. 70 inlers burg. 7 -- in leesburg. 66 downtown. for tonight, clouds will be on the increase. breezy and mild. showers and thunderstorms by dawn. some will be heavy. you have until midnight to walk the dog until the rain rolls in. winds increasing out of the east at 10-15. we'll come back and talk about what threats are in store for us on your monday morning, on your way to work and what areas are more likely to see severe weather. >> thank you, topper. montgomery police arrested a gaithersburg man for the
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murder of 12-year-old jessica nguyen. she was found stabbed to death in the basement of her home in may. today officers announced they arrested her stepfather, david rich hang. he's been charged with first degree murder and police will release more details at a press conference scheduled for tomorrow. in a courtroom today, four children took the witness stand accusing their former first grade teacher of choking, punching and scratching them. 36-year-old suzanne burke's on trial for multiple counts of child abuse and assault. she's been working in silver springs at the elementary school until she was arrested back in january. the four boys who testified today were 7 and 8 years old. all had similar stories of doing something in the classroom that angered their teacher and having her place her hands around theirnecks. all four of the moms testified as well. the defense tried to poke holes in the story.
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the trial continues tomorrow and two more children are expected to testify. now, an update on a story we first brought you last week. the d.c. council voted unanimously today to stop the police from arresting people who are caught driving with their tags expired on their vehicles. the district may be the only city in the country that treated expired tags as a criminal, rather than a civil offense. and bruce johnson reports, even with this new law, driving an unregistered vehicle will still cost you plenty in washington, d.c. >> and they said by the way, we now have to arrest you. >> reporter: last week you heard this woman describe for 9 news now how she was arrested for expired tags after a vehicle had been hit by a bus. >> they cuffed me and put me in the back of the police van. >> all in favor, say aye. >> reporter: today the d.c. council voted unanimously to stop arresting drivers merely for expired tags. >> we believe that's silly. >> reporter: under the emergency bill that becomes law as soon as the mayor signs it,
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an expired registration of 30 days or less carries a $100 fine. it goes up to $200 after 30 days. at that point, your vehicle could also be towed by police. >> we applaud the district for passing this emergency legislation and ending this practice. that is done nowhere else across the country. but to substitute it for towing vehicles for infractions is also troublesome. >> reporter: townsend says the towing continues to drive d.c.'s response to expired tags over the top. the city of philadelphia has a similar law to that one passed by the council today and say each year the city of philadelphia impounds some 10,000 vehicles because of expired tags. >> after a certain period of time, you have to get your car registered. that's going to be the law. if you don't do it, the consequences are, there's a fine. if you wait longer than a number of days, then you have your car impounded while you're driving it. >> reporter: d.c. council
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members say the police chief, cathy lanier, assured them the new law will work. but the police union says lawmakers have overreacted to political pressure from virginia senator jim webb who wrote to mayor gray complaining about people getting arrested for expired tags. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> triple aaa would prefer the police give only fines to drivers whose tags expired longer than six months. less than an hour to vote for your choice for a replacement for former councilwoman pleasely johnson. derrick davis and gardener who ran unopposed in the republican primary are choices. leslie johnson pled guilty in june. she's scheduled to be sentenced on december 9th. a police officer is injured in the president's motorcade. details on that just ahead.
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in the mailbag tonight, a tremendous outpouring of sadness and rage on the 9 news
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now facebook page as police announce they found the body of william mcquain, the boy who went missing after his mother was murdered. maurice writes, what is wrong with the people in this world? this is absolutely devastating. my prayers are most certainly with this child's family. we had similar sentiments from trina johnson. this hurts my heart. the kids are the innocent ones in this situation. it wasn't enough that he killed his mom so brutally. i've been praying for him and his family that police would find william alive and well. so sad. but brandon says too bad this didn't happen in virginia. we would try and fry the dad. maryland, you need the death penalty back for people like that. yesterday we announced mobile providers are working on plans to notify users when they're about to use up their monthly minutes to keep their bill from being too large. alton has a far more simple solution.
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stop yammering so much and the problem is solved. us land line users have the same problem with long distance calling. answer, shut up already. well, i guess that would solve the problem, alfred, but i don't think that's the solution people want to hear. and certainly it will not help us here fill up mcginty's mailbag. we love your thoughts, feelings and ideas. don't believe me? try it for yourself. the address? topper's got more details on tomorrow's pending weather alert when 9 news now returns.
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u.s. troops who lost limbs in the war are getting some help from haiti. haitian soccer players, all amputees themselves are in our area thanking the u.s. soldiers for helping them after the 2010 earthquake. lindsey mastis is with them out on the field. >> we're amazed how they even play, the intensity they use, the power they can pull with just one leg. >> reporter: they are teams from haiti, many lost legs or arms during the 2010 earthquake, including pierre. he was at school when the building collapsed. >> i stayed for three days under the gravel. >> reporter: it was the u.s. military that came to his country's aid. now, he and his teammates want to give back the only way they can, by sharing the game of soccer with other amputees.
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>> know just because you lose one leg or one limb, that doesn't mean life is over for them. >> we went to help them. now they're here to help us. it's amazing. >> reporter: this marine was in haiti for five weeks after the earthquake. shortly after he went to afghanistan and lost his leg in an explosion. >> having the haitians out here is encouraging. >> reporter: they can't use the prosthetics but use crutches. >> several times, i tried to trap with my left foot and realize it's not there. >> reporter: when players from d.c. united came out to see their progress, they were amazed. >> i really appreciate it. it makes me want to cry. >> reporter: amputees from haiti are helping wounded warriors from the u.s., showing them what can still be. for them, it's the best thank you they could receive. in washington, d.c., i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> and many of those team members say haiti is still
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struggling to rebuild following thatquake. many still don't have jobs. the knights of columbus are helping the team including providing some of the much needed employment. gop candidates prior to debate once again tonight in nevada. the president is in the middle of a three-day bus tour through north north and west virginia. two states critical to see him getting re-elected. polls show north carolina and virginia are little two states where the president's losing support of independent voters, like the rest of the country, unemployment is the big concern. the white house says this trip is all about jobs, not about votes, but the president did find plenty of time to go after his opponents. >> we don't need a republican jobs or democratic jobs. we need the jobs back. we need to put people back to work right now. >> tomorrow, the first lady will join the president on the home leg of that bus tour.
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they, along with virginia governor don mcdonald will visit a base to talk about jobs for vets. this bus trip has not been without incident. a state trooper riding a motorcycle as part of the president's motorcade wrecked. it happened when they were en route to emporia. the trooper suffered only minor injuries and the president is victim of theft. a truck carrying his sound equipment, and presidential seals was stolen. it was parked at a virginia hotel ahead of the presidential visit. the truck and its contents have since been found and nothing inside was classified. chuck the chew, the world series begins tomorrow with the rangers versus the st. louis cardinals. senators and health administrators from both texas and missouri are asking the players union to ban chewingtobacco at the game. they say when players use the smokeless tobacco, they endanger their own health, as well as the health of kids who watch the games on tv and may be tempted to emulate them. now a story that gives new
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meaning to the phrase, i'm going to get medieval on your buttt. a man forced his 16-year-old stepdaughter to take him on in a medieval style fight with wooden swords, as pushtd for going to a party. the girl had on a helmet and padding but says the fight went on for two hours until she collapsed from exhaustion. the man and her mother are now both locked up on abuse charges. investigators say he's a big fan of groups like that recreate fights in renaissance. the teenager and two other kids have been removed from that home. they're now staying with relatives. a little odd. all right, sir, severe weather alert coming up. >> yeah. we're looking at the very least, we're going to have a wet commute tomorrow morning and evening. that's the very least. at the very worst, we're looking at flash flooding, big thunderstorms and maybe even isolated tornadoes south and east of town. let's start with temperatures. one ingredient is warm kind of
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tropical air. we kind of have that. 63 gaithersburg, manassas. 66 in fredericksburg, # 6 downtown. 64 at andrews. pretty mild. satellite picture, radar combined, two storms we're watching. not one but two. this one could have become the 17th named tropical storm, but it did not. it's producing moisture across florida and georgia. this is streaming up our way and gets here by dawn tomorrow. a second storm in parts of the midwest, the ohio valley. this is going to sit and spin for the next couple of days and hammer ohio, indiana and most of illinois with some pretty heavy rain. that's going to add to the moisture that is drawn up here as well as we go through the day on wednesday. high clouds earlier have gone knot of us. clouds are coming in very quickly through culpeper and fredericksburg. it will cloud up quickly and rain by dawn. wednesday, severe weather alert day. flash flooding is a threat. big thunderstorms is a threat, especially south and east of town with the big storms.
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it will affect both commutes. we won't escape that. by midnight tonight, showers pretty close. fredericksburg over into charles county and southern prince george's county. put this into motion and by 7:00, just a mess with rain across the board. generally light rain west at 95. but you see the yellows and the oranges. that's moderate to heavy rain. i really think this is actually going to start moving westward as you go through the next 12 hours of the cycles of the models. don't think you're not going to have heavy rain in leesburg just yet. by lunchtime, more showers. a little bit lighter across the metro area. by evening this time tomorrow night, showers across the area. light though. then we get into the morning hours on thursday. everything begins to lift up. we'll see drier and cooler air move in. so for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. low temperatures 55 to about 60. winds increasing out of the
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east at 10-15. there's your severe weather alert day. still mild tomorrow. leftover showers on thursday and cooler mid-60s, and then cooler on friday, sunshine temperatures in the low 60s. a nice night for high school football. we've got saturday, lots going on. got home coming for howard. it looks nice. the autism walk on the mall starts at 10:00. get there at 9:00 please. 62 and sunny on sunday. >> four in a row for you? >> three in row. now, with the exception of 9 news now every weekday morning, some morning shows can be boring, so much so in fact harry belafonte couldn't keep his eyes open for a live interview. >> harry belafonte joining us live this morning from new york. hey, good morning, harry. harry, wake up. harry? >> yeah. >> wake up, wake up. >> he can't hear anything. >> this is your wakeup call,
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harry. >> nothing. >> okay. i tell you what, we are going -- yeah, he's meditating. he's taking a little nap. he's okay. he is okay. >> oh, man. i was kind of hoping he was still alive the way he looked. >> he's fine. belafonte says he wasn't sleeping. we believe him. we'll be back.
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>> that's what's ahead tonight. tomorrow morning get a head start on your day with andrea. they give you your 9 news now traffic and weather at 5:00 a.m. next your entertainment news. make sure to join topper and me tonight at 11:00 for 9 news now. we will see you then. have a great evening. bye-bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. how much do the "dancing" stars weigh? >> richard simmons is back for "e.t." with his scale. >> richard simmons travels with a scale. the pounds are coming off and i'm going to judge to see how many pounds they all lost. i think she's a solid 145 pounds. >> who has lost the most? >> you can't hide anything in these costumes. they're tight. jennifer aniston's plunging neckline. demi in new york. reese witherspoon. beyonce's baby bump. the many faces of eddie murphy. from "beverly hills cop" to "the nutty professor."


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