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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is the news now. >> a day with heart wrenching disappointment as police find the lifeless body of who police
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believe is 11-year-old william mcquain. 11-year-old jessica nguyen was found stabbed to death in may and they made an arrest, her stepfather. ken molestina is live with the montgomery county jail with more on the story. >> reporter: derek and anita, we're talking about 42-year-old david hang. today he was arrested by police and brought her to the montgomery county jail. tonight neighbors who live near the murder scene where this all happened are reacting. >> there hasn't been a whole lot of information provided. >> reporter: until now, nearly four months after the gruesome murder. >> it's good that they finally found a suspect. >> reporter: that suspect is david rich hang of gaithersburg. according to the police investigators, hang was 11-year-old jessica nguyen's stepfather. the young girl's body was found in the basement with multiple stab wounds. >> the first two days we didn't know whether there was somebody
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at large in the neighborhood. >> reporter: there may have been trouble within the family. hang had a divorce proceeding with the 11-year-old's mother about a year ago. >> i have never seen him, so i don't know. but, yes, these sorts of things i think family often involved. >> sure. >> what a shame. >> reporter: it's unclear where or how hang was arrested. meanwhile, the family home turned murder scene now sits dark, empty and locked. the neighbors who remember the 11-year-old are still left rattled months after it all happened. >> it's still a stunning thing that happened right down the street, though. >> reporter: montgomery police chief thomas r is expected to have a news conference tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. it's at that point that we're expected to hear more details about this arrest. we will, of course, bring you all of the information when we get it tomorrow. we're outside the montgomery county police department in rockville. we have more tragedy involving a child. after nearly a week of searching, montgomery county
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police believe they do have the body of 11-year-old william mcquain. >> the discovery was made this morning in the woods off route 131. his mother was found murdered last wednesday. tonight matt jablow spoke to the mother and son who counted the mcquains as their closest friends. >> we located the remains of a young african-american male. >> reporter: the news that the body found appears to belong to 11-year-old william mcquain has had an especially devastating effect on the doin. nel-- donnell family of montgomery. >> do you miss them. >> yes. >> reporter: that's because william was one of jeremy's best friends. and jeremy's mother jacqueline was very good friend with jane mcquain, william's mother, whose battered body was found six days ago in her home. you were close? >> yes. >> reporter: today they were
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trying to focus on all the good times they shared with the mcquains. >> no one can make you laugh at yourself the way jane could. >> reporter: the boy scout outings and the trip to six flag. >> she had me laughing so hard. >> reporter: but not surprisingly, they said they spent a lot of time thinking about the way the mcquains died. the apparent brutality and senselessness of their deaths. >> mad, sad, disappointed. >> i don't understand what anyone could do to deserve this, especially william and jane. >> reporter: jacqueline says she doesn't know curtis lopez, jane mcquain's estranged husband and the man now charged with killing mcquain. >> i only knew what i heard about him. >> reporter: she said mcquain would only mention lopez occasionally and never sounded scared of lopez. >> as far as she told me, things were okay with her and curtis. >> reporter: still jacqueline says there is no doubt in her mind that lopez killed both jane
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and william mcquain. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and for that she's hoping he's made to pay the most severe of penalties. >> i hope curtis lopez gets everything he's got coming. whatever it is, i sure would like to do it myself. >> reporter: curtis lopez is now being held in charlotte, north carolina where he was arrested last week. montgomery county police say he's expected to be brought back to maryland sometime in the next ten days. anita. well, new at 11:00, lions, tigers and bears on the run. the owner of a farm full of exotic animals has been found dead on the property near zanesville ohio. the fence is open, the animals gone. and we're talking lions, wolves, tigers, camels and bears. some of them spotted along a nearby interstate. officers have shot and killed a few of them. crews hope to traing lies the others. moving now to a type of abuse 9news now has been
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investigating. stealing the identifies of children who have died in order to use their social security numbers for final gain. 9news now broke the story of an arlington family living through that kind of cruelty this week. it is now getting national attention as congress looks for a solution. gary nurenberg has today's developments. >> reporter: identity thieves stoled the socl security number of 4-year-old alexis agan of arlington after she died in january and used it to claim her as a dependent deduction on a tax return. >> it's very, very upsetting and angering. >> it's despicable. >> reporter: within days, 11 other families who had lost kids to cancer told jonathan and nelle the same thing had happened to them. what's the appeal of a dead child's social security number? >> there is no credit report established in the child's name, which means that if the thief is using it, that name will not pinning up against a credit report, a fraud alert, any of
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the fraud detection data bases. >> reporter: the social security numbers can be found online through the death master file. >> it has created in many respects the perfect crime. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson says we've got to put a stop to it because it causes hardships for families like the agans. tougher laws and better enforcement are needed. they're meeting with the agan family within the week to discuss possible legislative solutions to this heart wrenching fraud says the office of their congressman. recommendations for families going through this. >> see if there is a credit report in the child's name. secondly, you would place a deceased fraud alert on the credit report to notify any potential creditors. thirdly, you would file a police report. and lastly you would have to contact all of the creditors and close the account. >> reporter: government agencies are reluctao talk about this. the irs says it can't discuss individual cases like the agans.
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the response to an interview request says they'll not participate because this is a tax fraud issue. and the market that markets thousands of dollars to each customers, that agency would not yesterday or today provide an on camera spokesperson. a potomac woman going through this with her family says i spoke to several agencies including social security and the irs, each of whom told me i was calling the wrong place to report this issue and pushing me on to the next. needless to say, the calls led to no help. derek. i'm here with topper in the radar center where the radar tells the ugly story. severe weather tomorrow. >> yes. we'll show you the radar. we're looking at the potential for a wet commute in the morning and a wet commute on the way home. so get ready. and, in fact, it could be heavy by 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. and we could even see some heavier thunderstorms around lunch time and again around
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evening. we don't have one, we have two storms. this is one storm we talked about last night coming out of the gulf of mexico. this is kind of tropical moisture just streaming northward. this is another storm out in the ohio valley in the midwest. that is going to sit out there and spin for a couple of days. so we're looking at unsettled weather all of wednesday, even into thursday morning. temperatures one ingredient for severe weather, warm air. it's warm out. 63 downtown. 62 in rockville. 63 in sterling. that's pretty warm for this time of night and for this time of the year. your wakeup weather then get ready. i mean, an umbrella needed across the board. 55-62 to start. more storms at 7:00. 55-60. and even by 9:00, more thunderstorms but at least mild. temperatures 58-64. we'll come back. we'll break it down for you and let you know what threats are included in the severe weather. >> all right. thank you, topper. more children are expected to take the stand tomorrow in the abuse trial of a former montgomery county elementary
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school teacher. in the rockville courtroom today, four kids testified that susan berk choked, punched and scratched them. the veteran montgomery county teacher had been working at the school in silver spring until her arrest back in january. those four boys testified they had similar stories. they were doing something in the classroom, the teacher didn't like it, she got mad and she had placed her hands around their necks. all four of the mothers testified as well. the defense spent the day trying to poke holes in their stories and point out inconsistencies to the jury. this just in, we now know who will fill the seat of former prince george's county lesli johnson. democrat derrek lee on davis has won with 91% of the votes beating out day gardner. he won a primary last month. lesli johnson resigned after pleading guilty in june to destroying evidence in the federal corruption investigation also targeting her husband jack
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johnson. she is scheduled to be sentenced december 9th. well, on to campaign 2012 and the race for the presidency. tonight the republican candidates snarled, snickered and bickered in another tall advised debate. -- televised debate. chances are you've seen it all, so we thought we would highlight something you normally don't get to see. this is the big free debate warmup to get the audience kind of stoked. think game show. perhaps like the price is right. >> how are we all doing, las vegas? are we all ready to go. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to get you lovely people on tv and get you clapping. so on the count of three, let's see how loud we can make it in here las vegas. one, two. [ cheers and applause ] >> i know you've got more in you, las vegas. let me see the love, audience. [ cheers and applause ] >> i bet you didn't know the debate had a warm up act. just a little look behind the curtain at the debate in las
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vegas. the days of drivers in dc getting arrested for expired license plates are over, but driving an unregistered vehicle will still cost you plenty. today the dc counsel passed legislation that many say treated drivers like criminals. under the bill, an expired tag of 30 days or less carries a $100 fine. it goes up to 200 bucks after 30 days and at that point your vehicle could be towed by police. the towing part continues to drive dc's response to expired tags over the top. >> to substitute it for towing vehicles for their traction is also troublesome and reminds us of a situation in philadelphia where they have a similar type law. but in a 10-year span over 100,000 vehicles were impounded, and this also raises the spectrum of racial and ethnic profiling. >> triple a would prefer only
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tickets and signs for drivers with registrations under six months. still ahead tonight. >> i hit him on the back of my head. >> after four adults are found beaten and locked in a basement, we're now learning the accused have a dark past. plus, cops set up a trap to catch car thieves but it goes horribly wrong. and online grocery shopping. hassle free or just a hassle? we'll test it out. that's coming up.
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ripped from a horror flick. mentally challenged adults held prisoner in a basement for their social security checks. >> that man. >> she did this to me too. >> oh. well, that is what police in philadelphia say was going on inside an apartment complex. and tonight linda ann weston is behind bars. she is accused of keeping four adults captive in this small crawl space. she had spent eight years in prison for murder and two men with her were also charged with a variety of crimes, including kidnapping and assault. the building owner found the victims after following the
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barks of dogs. he said that basement reeked of urine and it looked like a don gin. and when -- dungeon. and when he tried to set them free, they were unresponsive. >> i got no answers. >> police believe weston held the prisoners for two weeks and may have brought them in for two weeks. they're wondering if others had been victimized as well. you're in a stolen truck and the cops are on your tail. what are the thieves to do? take a look at what this guy did. it turns out this is one of those bait trucks. it's rigged with cameras. so police are hoping somebody will steal it so they can catch them. only this time they did not catch the guy. the thief sees the cops coming. he decides to make a stunt. he hangs halfway out and drives straight into a house. >> the vehicle went all the way into my living room and part way into my bedroom. it was a pretty rude awakening. >> yes, a very rude awakening for the homeowner.
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fortunately nobody in the house was hurt. but the thief, well, he's sort of like the evil terminator terick. he just dusted himself off and ran away. folks are looking for him. if they want to find him, they may check the yellow pages under stunt men. just about all of us make a grocery store each week especially with families. what if you can shop from home? some people already do this but do you really get what you pay for? our lesli foster secured the help of one local mom to get you some answers. >> reporter: kimberly minor wilson's two boys are home from school and hungry. >> i may hit three different stores in a day to get what everybody in my family wants. >> reporter: so kimberly is excited to take some of the load off her weekly grocery shopping trip. she agreed to try two different services. safe way and giant pea pod. >> i ordered ice cream, strawberries and lettuce.
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>> reporter: it made her delivery list. on peapod. >> i ordered some similar things. i ordered some fresh produce again. >> reporter: the minimums for both services are different. she spent $53 at safe way and 72 at giant and she is a brand loyal shopper. >> that is what my family is used to and if i showed up with something else, they would not be happy. >> reporter: giant showed up first. the driver arrived about an hour and 15 minutes into the two hour delivery window. then we unpacked the goods. they got most of the items right, but not all of them. >> you'll see on the top look as though they're gone bad. >> reporter: who you eat that or serve it to your family? >> no, i wouldn't. >> hi, how are you. >> reporter: safe way showed up five minutes before the end of their two hour delivery time. >> it looks pretty good. i think this one is pretty soft. i believe that i ordered strawberries from them as well. >> reporter: so you're missing something? actually the strawberries were
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out of stock, but safe way did not follow-up with kim to tell her ahead of time. still she says both services have their merits. >> i think safe way would get an a minus because the ice cream. giant would be more of a probably a b minus. >> reporter: because? >> because of the prode . >> reporter: but she is happy about these flowers from safe way. >> they are. they are lovely. >> reporter: and item giant says not delivered. kim says she's willing to try both services again. her pant re and frig are full plus she added a decorative touch all without leaving home. lesli foster, 9news now. >> got to like that. all right. giant did take off the charges for kimberly's strawberry and lettuce and she didn't have to go back to the store for the refunds. you'll find a list at our website >> take a chance of ordering ice cream delivered. >> a little bit. >> do you get your beer and
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doritos delivered? >> yes. doritos are always good. we're looking at rain coming in tonight and a wet commute in the morning and afternoon. we're worried about flash flooding and big storms so we're declaring tomorrow a severe weather alert day. it's very mild out and that is one of the ingredients for severe weather. still in the 60s for this time of year. low 60s downtown. 64 in manassas. 64 in fredericksburg. 61 in gaithersburg. i'm kind of throwing that 55 out because it's still 61 in hagerstown and 63 in martinsburg. we not not one but two storms coming at us. this is coming up from the south. this is going to bring us most of the moisture. already we're seeing rain through raleigh. big thunderstorms through greenville and danville and moving pretty quickly to the north and east. by dawn it's going to be west. this is the second storm that's going to kind of sit out here in the ohio valley for a while. it's hammering kentucky and ohio
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right now. that will also add to some of our moisture as we go through the day on wednesday and kick in some moisture on thursday morning and late wednesday night with the cold front. we'll zoom in closer now. you can see clouds overspread the area quickly. rain not quite reaching the ground just yet. hurry to walk the dog. big picture, here is all of the rain and showers. approaching chore letsville. that is -- charlottesville. that is going to be in here by dawn. severe weather alert day unless howard decides to cancel it. we've talked and if the danger goes, he'll cancel it. we're worried about big flooding and storms and it's going to affect big commutes. even if we don't have a big storm, it's going to be a nasty commute going and coming home from work. overnight mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. showers and thunderstorms by dawn. some could be heavy. 55-60. wednesday morning severe weather alert day. rain and thunderstorms.
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some of those could be heavy. 50s and 60s. winds easterly at about ten. and then by afternoon, well, mostly cloudy and mild. that is the good news. bad news rain and thunderstorms. some of those could be heavy. highs still 65-70 despite the clouds and showers. winds out of the southeast at about 10-15. so let's break it down. 55-60 to start. showers possible and thunderstorms possible. by noon it's still going to be mild. temps in the 60s. but more showers and storms possible even by evening. 66-70. storms are still possible. pretty much any day part get ready. storms are possible. next three days, we're going to hold on to a shower on thursday. but windy and cooler. temperatures go back in the mid 60s. and by friday even cooler still. but a bright day. temperatures go into the low 60s. now, next seven days, we're in pretty good shape actually. on saturday sunshine. low 60s. walk now for autism speaks on the mall 9th and madison. homecoming for howard
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universities looks great for both events. beautiful weekend. that's three out of four for us. 62 with sunshine on sunday. >> we'll take it. we'll be up next with sports. stick around.
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the consensus throughout the capital's locker room today was, yes, we won four straight and we're undefeated but we're not happy with the way they played. if they're not happy with tonight's performance, they may just be crazy. alex ovechkin hosting florida. first period caps on the power play. johanson seeks the puck. to the third kanuble with the pass. under a minute to go. simmons passes the puck. caps win 3-0. go to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. but they're still not satisfied. >> we have to keep rolling. we have to keep going. i think it's a good thing. we haven't played the way we want to. tonight was a little better. we just have to keep on going. >> the suspense is over early
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this week for terrapin nation. they announced today that freshman quarterback cj brown would be the starter when the terps travel to tallahassee on saturday. danny o'brien has struggled all season long and was finally benched for good. since then brown has put some life back into the terp's offense. last week he ran for 162 yards, threw three touchdown passes. here is more from the decision. >> any time you go into a big hostile environment down in florida state, it's going to be a tough game. we're going to have to have a player to pull out the victory. >> finally tonight for the redskins debacle, we're going to have to find out who shanahan decides to play on sunday. tonight we put it to the viewer vote and here is the results. john beck with with 84%.
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rex grossman 8%. >> i went online and voted for dave. >> i did too. i think the eight come from this station. but the viewers apparently want john beck. >> is that wrong? >> top, who would you vote for, beck or grossman? >> shanahan has been wanting to start beck since the season began. now he's got an excuse. it will be beck. >> i think it's going to be beck. i'm not going to -- >> that was his guy from the beginning. >> yes. >> after the eagles game. >> 12 or 13 so now we'll all know. >> exactly. we will find out tomorrow at the press conference. we'll have that for you at 5:00. >> he's going to do what is best for the team. >> he will. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪ and the neighbors' kids run and hide ♪ deep inside you, there's a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you. ♪ but you're not
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♪ you're the one be true to yourself. what's healthier than that?
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grossman, beck, we'll know tomorrow. we'll see you then. >> good night, everybody.
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