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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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trees around here. >> it could happen. we are really concerned more with the threat for severe storms. as the strong cold front pushes this way. this morning it is kind of rain which is causing other problems in the form of the wet roads and the associated traffic issues you have there. and with leaves that are falling, even some areas are going to be slick from that. our day planner calling for on and off showers, thunderstorms later on. mid-60s by noon. 67 by 5:00. with highs today between 65 and 70. right now 61. sunrise not until 7:21. rain has been falling for a few hours now moving in from north carolina. out toward i 81. you have barely had a drop. we have had plenty of breaks in the radar here. east of town, right now, the ride in on 5 from annapolis, fairly quiet coming up from calvert county on route 4. up and down i-95, green and his even yellows showing up.
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when you see the yellow, you are starting to get into moderate rainfall. pockets of that across montgomery and howard county. coming out of lowdon county. your temperatures in the 50s shenandoah valley. mid-60s down south. some of the warmer air is moving north toward us, that will help set the stage for potential for strong storms later today and tonight. monica will have more on this wet wednesday commute. >> boy has it affected traffic on 95 and 395 in virginia. big time in fact let's go to a live picture at 395 on duke street where authorities are dealing with a multi-vehicle accident. if you can see it here only one lane is getting by to the left at duke street northbound of i 395 here. authorities tell us they are trying to move the vehicles out of the roadway. a multi-vehicle accident here.
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let's go a little further south to 95 on the northbound side. it is an emergency paving operation. only one lane getting by there. they tell us that is going to be there throughout the morning rush hour, one lane getting by. northbound 95 near route 123. that is going to affect your traffic big time this morning. maybe use route 1 as an alternate route. on the outer loop and eisenhower, there is an accident on the shoulder. everything is getting by but it is slowing things down in alexandria on the outer loop as well. coming up i'll talk more about those situations in virginia. back to you guys. let's get a check on some of the stories happening today. don't be alarmed to see a lot of ambulance and his fire trucks rushing around maryland today. 13 hospitals across the state are taking part in an emergency drill. the drill begins at the
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montgomery county fire rescue training academy. a roast tonight. jack evans will be the center of jokes at the four seasons hotel. a soccer team from haiti will show off its skills at tonight's dc united game. before heading to rfk, they will host a soccer clinic with injured service members from walter reed. also today we are expected to learn more about the murder of 12-year-old jessica nguyen. tuesday her stepfather was arrested for the girl's death. >> kristen fisher is live with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we are awaiting an 11:00 a.m. news conference. the suspect the little girl's
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stepfather. the man we are talking about is 42-year-old david rich of gaithersburg. he is being held without bond. he is being charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing his stepdaughter, jessica nguyen, nearly five months ago. her body was found with multiple stab wounds in the basement of her home according to the washington post, which has seen the charging documents in this case. dna evidence led to the arrest. it came to a sheath of a small sword. police had swabbed the sheath for dna. they tested it against everyone who lived in the home. at first no one matched, but something changed between then and now. he was included as the major contributor to the dna material found on that sheath.
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the press conference starts at 11:00 today. we do know there was tension between both the little girl's mother and her now alleged killer, her stepfather. the two had been in divorce proceedings throughout the entire last year, leading up to jessica's death. back to you mike. in another just awful story, the worst fears of friends of william mcquain and even those of police came true. the missing 11-year-old boy was found dead. william hadn't been seen in nearly three weeks. police found his mother last week. she was killed inside their germantown home. william was missing and police had hoped they could find him alive. investigators are going over some surveillance tape now. william and his stepfather taken near a storage facility the day they believe william was killed. >> it did not appear there was
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any distress between the two. in the footage. >> 's appeared to be running arnold, as -- he appeared to be running around. lopez is charged in the death of the boy's mother, jane mcquain and is likely to be charged in the death of the boy as well. derrek lee-on davis will be sworn in as prince georges county's newest council member. he won yesterday's special election in a landslide. davis won 97% of the vote. his republican challenger received just 9%. davis will take over the district's seats left vacant by leslie johnson. the washington post is reporting an average principal's salary will -- will jump
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$17,000. school psychologists and coordinators, no raise. earlier this year teachers got a 21% jump in pay spread out over five years. the united states senate can't agree on just about anything. however, they can agree on potatoes, apparently. both parties lined up to block a white house plan to limit the amount of potatoes that can be served in school cafeterias. the usda says potatoes have too much starch. >> roasted potatoes are big at my daughter's high school. jessica doyle has a special your money report. >> reporter: what careers are hiring and where there is a police for a lot of jobs to be filled. >> reporter: digging deeper, there are very real opportunities out there maybe this is food for thought if you
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are considering retraining. look at these workers shortages. we are talking about shortages here. the bureau of labor statistics released these unemployment figures. financial analysts, human resource managers, ceos, chief executives, chief financial officers, nice work if you can get it. credit checkers and clerks, and here are some real local jobs available. prince georges county public schools is holding two job fair for his bus drivers. the first one is today from 10:00 until 2:00. the starting salary is $10 and can go to $16.68. paid training is provide today all new hires. benefits health insurance, dental, vision and a retirement plan. the second job fair is
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saturday. at lake arbor elementary school and man, i love this story. these next jobs pay very well and there are lots of them. there are one hitch. you have to move to north dakota the state has added 20,000 jobs in the past year alone. unemployment is the lowest in the nation. 3.5%. the reason why. it is sitting on 300 billion barrels of oil, until five years ago when oil companies figured it out. companies are so desperate to hire, a haliburton executive went on a show promising salaries of $120,000 if you have a high school education. mcdonalds locations there offering $15 bucks an hour. a $300 signing bonus. companies have been traveling all over the 50 state's to
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convince workers to move there. all industries are benefiting from the retail construction schools police. they are all hiring like crazety serve all these new workers moving into the state. there is still thousands of jobs available. >> long john and his hug guys. people do have to be willing to relocate to find a job. >> absolutely. when you get there, you may find things may not be that great. you may not even find a place to live to awhile. wow. this morning, the small but important warning signs that you may have diabetes. howard is calling today a severe weather alert day. up next the soggy wednesday forecast. stay with 9news now.
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welcome back. severe weather alert day. the concern for strong storms, maybe severe storms this afternoon. this morning we have rain. some of it on the moderate side. it is not raining out to the shenandoah valley. as we look at the day planner, temperatures will be climbing into the mid-60s here. midday. there will be a lull highs between 65 and 70. >> reporter: all this week we are raising awareness in the fight against diebold beats. i'll get to that in just a minute. first of all northbound 395
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huge problems at route 123. there is a waiving operation with one lane getting by. duke street accident investigation also along the left side of the roadway. big problems in woodbridge and landmark. keep that in mind for your travel plans no also all this week we are raising awareness in the fight against diebold etc. beats. joining me this morning is gretchen, a certified diabetes educator with med star diabetes institute. first what is a cd e? and what is your role between the primary care physician and the patient? >> reporter: it could be a nurse dietitian or pharmacist who specialize in his diabetes. we help people better understand how to manage their diabetes. we teach them how to plan their meals, take insulin and check their blood sugar. so they can get their blood
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sugars under good control. >> what are the most common signs and symptoms for a patient? >> signs and symptoms of diabetes would be increased thirst, increased urination, hunger, sometimes people may experience blurred vision. people with type one diabetes oftentimes experience excessive weight loss and some people have no symptoms at all. >> who is most at risk? >> people at risk of diabetes are people of color. overweight, women with gestational diabetes or had a baby greater than 9 pounds and people who are inactive. it is really important to try to decrease those risk factors such as if you are overweight, be aware and try to lose weight. that is in the district alone, there are 45,000 people with diabetes.
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>> yes, yes, 45,000 and 90,000 with prediabetes. if you are at risk we really encourage, are you, to go to your doctor and get screened for diabetes. most importantly, be educated about this. thank you so much gretchen. we encourage all of you to join us. join me, jessica and andrea. registration begins at 8:00. the walk begins at 10:00. learn more by going to wusa back to you howard. should be good for that monika. chilly in the 40s saturday morning. the sun will be shining as opposed to today where we have been watching the rain moving up. we have had rain in spots coming down. you can see on live doppler 9000, hd, a little strip of yellow showing up along 95, off to the south. writer rains into charles and
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st. mary's and southern maryland. we'll zoom in even more and show you that none montgomery county, coming into howard county, we are seeing some of the heavy stuff, even here in germantown, moderate downpours. through woodbridge and quantico. a band of heavy rain. here look at this. going down toward stafford. a drizzle, relatively quiet there. rainy areas, a mild start to your wednesday. our day planner. 63 degrees at 9:00. we'll have rain on and off. mid-60s at noon. you'll notice the winds will turn southeast rate. late may also be the time when
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we see the strong to severe thunderstorms. 50s in the shenandoah valerie. gaithersburg, 61. even patchy fog here and there. this is what we are watching for this afternoon. we have the morning rains here and some of the eastern carolinas. this piece of the puzzle could turn interest severe thunderstorms. late this afternoon into the early part of tonight. the forecast breaks down like this. upper 60s today with on and off showers, maybe severe storms late. 62 tomorrow we clear out. winds could gust over 30 from the west. friday and saturday cool and sunny. upper 50s. sunday still sunny, 62. monika, over to you. on 95 and 395, we are going to start off with a live picture. if you are planning to head
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northbound on 395 all the duke street, there was a multi-vehicle accident with a single lane getting by. delays in springfield past land mark to get past the accident scene. we'll go further south on the northbound side of i-95 north of dale city where there is a paving operation going on. it is an emergency paving operation with only one single lane going by as well. three difficult situations in virginia right now. keep you posted on all of those. over to 270 for our last live look. most of the day down to the point where the lanes divide, wet roads, no accidents or incidents in the roadway. another look into virginia at
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6:25. andrea and mike. the caps go for the best start in team history. the world series starts tonight in st. louis. right now a check on our question of the morning. every year roughly 6000 car accidents are caused by drivers texting, changing clothes or picking up dropped food? >> ricky writes picking up dropped food. you know when your sandwich slips out of your hand? catches you off guard every time. >> certainly will. join the conversation on our facebook page. we'll have the answer at 64:00.
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severe weather alert day. this morning we've got some rain. some on the moderate to heavy side. later this afternoon and tonight we could get strong to severe storms as the cold front pushes
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this way. radar in motion some of the heavier rain, half inch totals down in reidville on the northern neck. we'll get into lulls at times today with scattered showers. could see thunderstorms late. high 65 to 70. late storms could be strong to severe. >> reporter: thank you, howard nsports the washington caps go off to their best start ever. a perfect 5-0. last night washington hosting the florida panthers. dc got on the board early. johansen in, caps up 1-0. that was early. caps win 3-0. they visit the flyers tomorrow. game one of the world series. cards taking on the texas rangers. st. louis looking for its 11th world series title. rangers still trying to get number one. these teams have only met once
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before. >> today we'll find out who will start at quarterback for the redskins this sunday. will coach mike shanahan stick with rex grossman? >> or go back with john beck who hasn't made a start in four years. the redskins visit the carolina panthers this coming sunday. brown is the starting quarterback this weekend. the sophomore will take the nap against florida state. danny o'brien was pulled because of the team's sluggish offense. stale head president obama's bus tour rolling on in virginia. >> republicans square off in their latest presidential debate. up next. mitt romney goes after herman cain's 9-9-9 tax plan. a quick check of traffic over to you. a few problems on the northbound side of i-95. only the left lane gets by.
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an emergency paving operation. hov lanes have been lifted. you are watching 9news now. we'll be right back. ñññ
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now.
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6:29. we are declaring today a severe weather alert day. here's a live look outside. you can see the traffic there 270 falls road. it is a slick commute this morning and a heavy one. thanks for keeping it here. right here on 9news now this morning. we appreciate it. i'm mike hydeck. here's andrea roane. >> the man of the hour is howard bernstein with your alert forecast first. >> reporter: the potential for strong thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening, as we have until the first part of tonight. there is a cold front out to the west. that is going to come through. enough spin in the atmosphere that could translate into spin toward us. gusty winds and even an isolated tornado. today though, we have rain on and off. there will be a lull. 65 by noon. upper 60s to near 70 for a high with winds northeast to southeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour.
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your 5:00 p.m. temperature 67. likely an indoor recess type of day. even if it is not raining, it will be kind of damp. you can see as we are looking at the bigger picture these showers moving off toward the north. here's doppler 9000 hd synergraft right now 95, east of us. toward the pentagon. arlington crystal city first. we have breaks down here to our east and heavier showers into howard county. temperatures this morning they are comfortable. we have 50s to the north. 60s south. 56 on the bay. this afternoon we are looking at high temperatures in the upper 60s to maybe a monika stemming in now with your latest timesaver traffic. i want to start the traffic report off the top by saying hov restrictions have been lifted this morning on 95 and 395. we just got off the phone with
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joan morris and she confirms hov restrictions have been lifted. let me show you why. northbound i-95, north of dale city, there has been emergency road repair going on just north of dale city. they let traffic go over it and it crum blood. that is the reason why only the left lane gets by, here's what it looks like at route 123. jammed trying to get through dale city. up ahead, let's take the next live picture north of duke street on 35 where there has been a multi-vehicle accident. authorities have been dealing with this i would say, a good 45 minutes or so. because of this it is jammed in springfield. we have two problems 95 and 35 again. hov restrictions have been lifted. the outer look at eisenhower avenue, an accident on the shoulder tracting some attention as well. if you choose to use route 1,
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remember there was an overnight problem on south kingshighway on route 1 where traffic was being diverted as well. be aware of that. i'll keep you posted on everything going on in virginia. 6:46. thank you monika. 633:67:89 herman cain and the 9-9-9 tax plan was one of the big topics. his plan includes a 9% national tales tax. cain's opponent say people won't want to pay two sales taxes. >> the people in nevada will in addition pay the 9% tax? >> governor romney you are mixing apples and oranges. no. you are going to pay the state sales tax no matter what. whether you throw out the existing code and put in our plan, you are still going to pay that. that is apples and oranges. >> and i'm going to be getting
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a bush shell basket that has app examples oranges because i have to pay both taxes -- that has apples and oranges, because i have to pay both taxes. the virginia governor will join president obama today. the president is wrapping up a three day bus tour, pushing his jobs plan. during a stop in emporia yesterday the president says there is no reason not to pass his jobs bill. >> i want us to meet this moment, i want us to get to work. >> republicans have fired back, calling the president's three day visit to north carolina and virginia a taxpayer funded campaign tour. a truck containing the presidential seals and sound equipment has been recovered. thieves took the truck from a hotel near richmond, virginia
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yesterday. the truck belongs to the pentagon, but authorities say no classified or sensitive information was within the vehicle. it has been nearly five months since 12-year-old jessica nguyen was found dead inside her family's home in gaithersburg. justin fisher is -- kristen fisher is live with the story. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we are awaiting a press conference from montgomery county police chief. detectives have been working for nearly five months to make an arrest in this case. they finally did that just yesterday. first the victim is 12-year-old jessica nguyen, an honor student at gaithersburg middle school. her body was found with multiple
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stab wounds in the basement of her home. her stepfather, 92-year-old david rich haynes, is now behind bars, being held without bond. according to the charging documents, it was dna evidence that led to this arrest. here's where it came from. from the sheath to a small word found near the little girl's body. the big question now is still motive. police haven't said much in terms of a motive. we are hoping to hear more at the press conference the at 11:00. you can't help but make, well just draw some similarities with the death of william mcquain, the 11-year-old whose body was found yesterday.
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both victims 11, 12 years old. both lived in montgomery county. both stepfathers have been charged in their murder. back to you mike. thank you kristen. so hard to believe people would just harm a child that way. we'll have more on the police announcement coming up later. dc police can no long heir rest drivers for expired license plates. mayor gray submitted a bill that eliminates criminal penalties for expired tags. police can still give you a hefty fine for it. jessica doyle is here. she is watching your money helping us stop the flow of junk mail. have you guys noticed going to the mailbox recently your junk mail has increased exponentially? there is a reason why. the reason why the post office has been changing the rules for direct marketers.
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those changes are making it cheap and easier to send you tons of offers. new rules allow the mailers so sat rate the area. -- to saturate the area. your mail carrier delivers it to the house. there are simple steps you can take to stop all this junk mail from coming in every single day. check out the website for the direct marketing association. you register, set your preference and his what you don't want to receive. they take care it have for you. another option, catalog this is a nonprofit, has an interest in reducing waste for the environment. there you can opt out of catalogs. as well as your phone book.
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finally a website managed by the credit bureaus. i don't know if you have seen this as well. one day i counted last week i got seven mortgage offers in one day. that raises identity fraud. you have to shred all that stuff. what you said about shredding, people have to consider that. you just can't throw that mail. >> great advice. for the first time in nearly three years, social security checks are going up. inflation has been just too low to raise them for two years. storms expected throughout the day. coming up next, we'll let you know when those will noose
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here's a -- here's a live look at northbound 95. monika will have more on this in seven minutes. tonight 8:00, survivor south pacific is on tonight. at 10:00 watch the latest episode of csi and then join us now at 9news now at 11:00.
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you. severe weather alert day. steady rain now, but things could worsen as we head toward the afternoon. howard is here to explain. >> also for the caps, 5-0. severe weather alert day for this afternoon and evening. maybe into tonight. we have a cold front to the
6:45 am
west. as that comes across, that will give us the impetus for the strong to severe thunderstorms. this morning a batch of rain, no severe weather with that. let's get started. show you the rain first and talk about the severe threat second. there goes the batch moving from the washington metro. through baltimore, it is a wet morning across the mid-atlantic in the northeast. then we have the second lane out to the west here. a cold front arriving maybe not until tonight. we have seen the hole fill in off to the east. heavier rains on the eastern shore. locally some stuff here across areas up and down 95, east of 95 here in virginia. light to moderate showers all over the place. a wet morning here a few breaks in the action. back through the district. we have the wetness here.
6:46 am
as you go south of town toward woodbridge and toward areas over toward mt. vernon. quantico, this is where the heaviest stuff is here we are seeing right now. elsewhere rain, and a decent amount of it. some areas have reported a half inch of rain in the last two to three hours. 55 to 65. sunrise not until 7:21. our day planner showing temperatures climbing into the mid-60s by noon. the threat later for strong to severe storms this evening as winds turn to the southeast. that will help give a little bit more spin in the lower levels of the atmosphere. that means damaging wind gusts and worst case scenario an isolated tornado could also occur. 61 in centerville and sterling. laurel, columbia, college park, very popular number. the warm spot right now
6:47 am
annapolis. 65. here in town 61 with late rain. humidity at 97%. today we have 69. again we'll watch for strong storms late. 62 tomorrow. gusts in the 30 miles per hour range. friday saturday upper 50s to low 60s. sunny and dry on sunday. monika? >> reporter: if you are planning to head out the door and use 95 or 395, the good news is hov restrictions have been lifted. let's take you first i 95 north of dale city. this paving operation. they let traffic move through it. it failed and crumble and that is why they have blocked off the lane. you can see one lane getting by. go ahead and use the lanes instead. even if you are alone in the car. take you over to 95 at duke
6:48 am
street. you have the lanes getting by. with a bit of activity still on the right side of the roadway, restrictions lifted on 395 as well as 95 this morning, according to the report. southbound 95 at route 32. an accident causing delays although it was moved to the shoulder. you have slow traffic from 95 headed over to georgia avenue and now there is an accident either bound university boulevard right at the beltway. that is blocking the right lane. before i go i have a commuter alert. bad news when it comes to the new intercounty connector in maryland. state inspectors have found small hairline cracks in the bridges that go over the tollway. all in montgomery county. the bridges will be reinforce today make sure they last 50 to 100 years. that will mean a few lane
6:49 am
closures in the next few weeks. workers still have to find a long-term solution so we don't wan this to be the same situation. 25 at capital street. >> the repairs will guarantee 50 to 100 years. think how long it took to get to this point. >> and it is still not right. this is bizarre. surveillance video captures this red van. the driver gets out. turns out she is a nine-year- old girl. police say her dad made her drive because he was drunk. he boasted she was his chauffeur. she used a booster seat to drive the van. someone called 911, tailed them listen to this. >> a vehicle staying on the road. >> i'm telling you, i can't believe it. >> when police caught up with
6:50 am
the van the girl said hey, why did you pull me over? i was driving well. dad's in court and now he has to stay away from his daughter. a booster seat. >> driving well and safely because dad can't do it. time to answer our question of the morning. he have year roughly 6000 car accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted doing which of these things, texting, changing clothes or picking up dropped food? >> the answer is c. picking up dropped food. >> notice how many people thought the dropped food was a french fry? is that there it is. we have a check on the news.
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6:53 this wednesday morning. we have rain around this
6:54 am
morning. lulls in the action. more showers potentially strong to severe storms late today. highs between 65 and 70. mike and andrea. today is wednesday october 19th. here's a check on the news before you go. today conservatives are expected to protest again today in a maryland house of delegates to redraw the state's congressional districts. more children are expected to testify today in the trial of susan lee burke. she is the former montgomery county teacher, charged with abusing her students. tuesday four children testified burke choked, punched and scratched them. here's the sign of a coming season. crews are putting the finishing touches on the ice rink at pentagon row. 6:54. we'll have one more check on
6:55 am
weather and traffic
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welcome back. one more thing before we go. in honor of the world series, starting tonight in st. louis, we decided, look at that. world series video there. fantastic. it is starting tonight in st. louis, the cards. when did the world series start initially in the modern era? 1903, boston and pittsburgh. the very next year boycotted. >> yes, it was over no set contract for it. the owner of the national league team didn't like playing that inferior american league team, which would have been the boston
6:59 am
red sox. between 1979 and 1978, only three teams won the world series. oakland, cincinnati reds, and new york yankees. >> who has won the most? the pinstripes. 27. >> the cards are in second and they get a chance to add to their total tonight. a wild card hosting it. rain this morning, on and off showers. strong to severe storms late tonight. windy and colder starting tomorrow. >> reporter: i-95 north of dale city. only the left lane gets by. restrictions lifted on 95 and 395. and up ahead at duke street, watch out for seminary road of vehicle fire along the road. wall street we are looking mixed. it probably won't stay that way. "the early show" begins next. monika and i will be back at 7:25. today is a severe weather alert day. stay on top


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