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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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maryland, and virginia for real within the next year. with a promise that they'll reduce chaos even when there's not a disaster. in bethesda, 9news now. >> the device is being paid for with a federal grant. 13 hospitals along with rescuers in five maryland counties and d.c. put them to the test today. this is 9news now. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt is declaring a severe weather alert as storms move through the area. top, what are you seeing right now? >> we see the storms off to the south and west. we aren't overly concerned, but we are not sounding the all clear just yet. this is the wide shot. you can see one storm to the east. one storm to the west. we are caught in the middle and we do see some other thunderstorms developing. leesburg to warrenton to fredericksburg. nothing severe just yet, but heavy activity. rain fall rates up to 3/4 of an inch an hour.
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slow going out 66 and down 29. over toward culpeper. nothing severe yet, but again, we're not going to sound the all clear. we'll come back and tell you when we think we will be clear and what the big threats are ahead. >> there is chilling new evidence against the step dad and the murder of that young montgomery county boy. surveillance tape from a gas station puts curtis lopez and william mcquain together just a few feet from where police found the boy's shattered body and potentially minutes before he was killed. bruce leshan was here. the gas station manager said he seems to remember seeing that boy just before the worst may have happened to him. >> she said that and it turns out that she was right. the clarksburg gas station is miles from william's home. but he was there with his step dad the last day, perhaps the last minutes anyone saw him alive. and he had been there before. >> really sad. it hits home. >> the owner of the liberty
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gas station upset enough to learn william's step dad may have dumped his body in the woods a few feet away now even more shaken to learn video from his surveillance cameras shows curtis lopez and william mcquain together in the station, perhaps just minutes before the little boy's murder. >> he thought pay for gas and the little boy was by the car. >> and actually, riding around on his little wheelie shoes. >> that's what i think, yeah. >> just playing? >> exactly. >> no idea that perhaps his step dad was about to kill him. >> absolutely not. >> police back at the scene trying to pinpoint the exact spot where william was killed. >> it may have occurred right there. >> manager, anna may smith suspects she took $20 for gus just before he murdered his stepson. >> how can you take a child's life? i mean, how can you face a kid
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and kill it? >> the growing memorial outside haunts her. so does the memory that william was here before. not with his step dad, but going fishing with his big brother mentor. >> it's sad that a young man, 11 years old, would have to lose his life in the hands of a fool. >> now it's tough to get the death penalty in maryland, but montgomery county says he has to at least consider it in this case. but again, it is way too early to know for sure whether he will seek the death penalty. >> why is curtis lopez not back here in this area? what's the deal? why is it taking so long? >> they have 15 days to bring him back here and the montgomery county police chief says he is really concerned about the safety of his officers. >> safety from lopez? >> safety from lopez. you know, he is committed allegedly, these two horrible crimes and he committed a previous crime. he already did time for, stabbing a guy, almost to
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death, leaving him to die on the side of an interstate. >> indeed a scary dude. >> thank you. back to you in the studio. >> now on to a different case, derek, he lived in five dissent states and was married to multiple women in an immigration scam that cost a 12- year-old girl her life. david hang was arrested for the brutal stabbing death of jessica nguyen back in may. delia is live outside montgomery county police headquarters. several months have passed, delia, piece together what police believe is the motive here. >> police are just telling us, quote, that the suspect was very angry with this family. apparently the suspect was paid to marry the victim's mother because of her immigration issues. right now, they are going through a very nasty divorce. 42-year-old david hang moved out of the family home in 2006. he has been a ride on bus driver in the county for five years and called out sick the afternoon of the murder. jessica nguyen's body was found in the basement of her home.
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we're told she was stabbed more than 40 times. investigators say the suspect's hand was swollen and found his dna at the crime scene. >> this was an arranged marriage to satisfy immigration consequences. i believe he thought he could get out of it at some point in time and he wanted out in order to go on with his life with his new wife. >> though he is still technically married to the victim's mother, he is married to another woman in colorado. tonight he is held without bail here in montgomery county. back to you, lesli. >> delia, thank you. the mayor has ordered d.c. police and other city agencies not to help capture and deport illegal immigrants. mayor vincent gray signed the executive order today and declared the district government is not in the immigration business. bruce johnson picks up the story. >> when you are stopped by police, you will not be asked your immigration status. >> they packed the mayor's press conference today to hear
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d.c. officials proclaim they will not help federal authorities track and deport illegal immigrants. >> this order means to us that the families are not going it be separated. it means a lot. >> executive order signed by mayor gray today directs d.c. police and other agencies not to detain individuals on the basis of immigration status. it prohibits the city from making adult offenders available for federal immigration interviews without a court order. >> d.c. officials say the undocumented population is between 7 and 10,000. but privately they concede it is double or triple that, because afterall, who is going to admit they are here illegally? >> we want to make sure we create a set of conditions in this city where people feel like they can work with, cooperate with the law enforcement official. >> it means people can trust the police more. that they can come to them with major problems in their lives. without fear of being
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questioned about their immigration. >> police officials say the mayor's order will help convince undocumented citizens to cooperate with investigation. >> sometimes we have folks that are in the country illegally that may be witnesses and they aren't going to come forward with information if they think we are going to enforce civil immigration. most undocumented workers are paying taxes, say city officials, and they are entitled to free public education, healthcare, and other social services that are provided. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> police say fingerprints of felony suspects, including immigrants are submitted to a federal data base for all law enforcement agencies to view. coming up tonight at 7:00, this is the kind of town where military helicopters are not -- in a park? downtown? we'll talk about why this one was there tonight at 7:00. be there. >> see you then. still to come in this half hour, raising the rates.
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a look at how much that holiday flight might cost. >> ax food pantry in dumfries is closed because of empty shelves. they have seen a 50% increase in demand for food because of the economy and also a flooded out mobile home park. coming up in just a little bit, i'll show you how you can help.
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we are back with a consumer alert for anyone planning to fly during the holidays. so if you don't have your ticket, you may want to get it now. that's because two u.s. airlines have raised their prices. delta increased most of their one-way fares by $4 to $10 and then united and continental matched it. but airline experts say those hikes might not last because
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the airlines typically drop the fares back if the other competitors don't match. president obama has wrapped up his three-day bus tour aimed at raising public support for the jobs plan he is trying to push through congress. the president highlighted part of his plan that is designed to encourage businesses to hire military veterans. it would reward those companies with tax credits. >> standing up for our veterans is not a democratic responsibility or a republican responsibility. it is an american responsibility. >> as the president wrapped up his bus tour, lawmakers started breaking his jobs bill into pieces and that could be the only way any part of this proposal has a chance at passing. senate republicans already blocked the bill as a whole. so the commonwealth of virginia is now accepting applications for help with paying fuel bill. to qualify, a single person's maximum gross monthly income
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cannot top 11,080. applications will be accepted through november 15 and you must apply through your local department of social services. last year, nearly $145,000 virginia households got help with their heating bills. still to come, how can six- year-olds be a threat to our national security? one member of congress' answer is next.
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we have breaking news out of annapolis. the house of delegates just passed governor martin o'malley's redistricting plan. it will go back to the senate. senators will need to approve corrections to typos in the original bill. after that, it will go to the governor's desk. the plan drastically alters both the 6th and 8th congressional districts in the state of maryland. >> a group of 22 kid frs cuba are touring the united states as a music and theater group. today they were here in d.c. their visit came with controversy when one florida congresswoman spoke out against
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their tour. they hope their performance can over shadow that. 22 performers ages 6 to 15, bringing down the house like any mickey mouse club. but the climate behind these child musicians is nothing like disney. they are cuban touring the united states to bring the two countries together through art and what better place than the duke elington school of the art where they meet their american peers. >> i feel this connection with them. the child at dancing. the child sing is wonderful. >> yet wonder turns into political tension when during their tour, they shed light on the cuban five. five intelligence officers in prison. >> the cue cuban five is a controversial issue.
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it's very charged for americans and cubans. >> charged enough to cause one florida congresswoman to send a letter to hilary:ton complaining by giving these kids visas, the state department is funding educational programs with the cuban regime that undermined interests. >> duke ellington sees it differently. she says these kids are sharing a story. >> the fact that the continuing saga allows us all to become enlightened and then have a choice about whether we're going to become involved or not. but i think it's important to hear the stories of humanity. >> it's a debate that does not escape the younger performer here. for many reasons, they wish that this would all be over so the two countries can come together, the two countries can be stronger. and that's why their music makes a difference. brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> so much talent. children's group will travel to
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new york city and san francisco next. they are also scheduled to perform a private performance for the united nations and that show lands on the same day the u.n. will vote on the blockaid on cuba. lesli. >> i'm in the kitchen. it's a place where all of us hope to have it stocked with food, but in these tough times, that is getting harder and harder for a lot of our neighbors to do. in fact, some folks living in dumfries went to the food pantry only to find out that they had to go somewhere else. our peggy fox has been there all afternoon. sort of issuing a call for people to come out and help fill those empty shelves there and peg, how are things going? >> well, lesli, it was a heartbreaking decision, but they had no choice. the people who run the ax food pantry here in dumfries had to close temporarily on monday because all of the shelves look like this. they were completely bare. they had nothing to give the families. they serve a thousand families every month and the need has
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escalated 50% increase since february in part because of the economy and also two mobile home parks that were flooded out in tropical storm lee. you see these donations here. this food has come in today and yesterday. they can't even open because these shelves got emptied every three days. they need the backup supply stocked. that means two levels of boxes up on that top shelf and also the storage places that they have as well. you see, they need people to understand that their donation requests go all yearlong. >> it's not just a holiday need. there's people that don't have the food to feed their families every day. and it's not just people that are in poverty. it's the working poor. people that hold down two jobs, but they can't afford to pay bills. if we can help provide food for them so they can use that money to pay utility bills or pay for a prescription or pay for gas
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so they can go to work, that's why we are here. >> it's good to see the shelves getting restocked, but they need more and money helps the most. all day long, we have been asking people to help the food pantry and so far, the ax food pantry raised $30,000. so thank you to everybody who has contributed and you can go to our website to help out more. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> thanks so much. meantime, we are talking about a severe weather alert day. top, fill us in. >> we were going to let it go another few hours. the threat is not as great as it was, so that's good. we'll keep you posted on that. let's start with live doppler 9,000. they have been growing in coverage. we will zoom in. first, we'll concentrate on the ones near leesburg. first further south. we are going to go down 29. the yellow that you see a little bit of orange, that's 3/4 of an inch per hour.
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no winds associated with these just yet, but they are moving to the north. the movement will create a little bit of wind. we'll move north as you go out 50. pretty good rain there. the plains as you head out 66. pretty good rain there as well. lighter rains and showers over toward ashburn and into fairfax county. now, we'll pull the radar out and we'll put this into motion. in the next hour, here's what we expect the storms to go. essentially move almost due north. through leesburg again and frederick and hagerstown. the places it's raining now will be raining in the same places an hour from now. so look at some hefty amounts of rain. but again, right now don't see anything in terms of damaging winds or tornadoes. we will keep you posted. want to show you the live picture. this is storm number one. this is storm number two coming up the coast and inbetween the storms. this storm will hang in the midwest for a while, but eventually the storm, the second storm will pull away and
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dryer air will work its way in here late tonight and tomorrow morning. threat ends tonight. storms are possible early. the main threat is damaging winds. windy on thursday and turning a little cooler. not super cool tomorrow, but cooler on friday. so for tonight, mostly cloudy, windy, and mild. evening thunderstorms. some heavy. low temperatures in the 50s. winds southwest and gusty. that will roll in after midnight. by morning, becoming partly cloudy. winds southwest 15 to 25. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy and cooler. a slight chance of a shower. primarily showers in the mountains. winds still howling southwest at 15 to 25. all right, next seven days, we're in good shape on friday. cooler still 60. nice weekend. our third nice weekend in a row. this is the weekend to go to skyline drive to see the colors, the weekend to come out to the mall for the autism walk for autism speaks. walk starts at 10:00. come out at 9:00 really and
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homecoming for howard. everything looks fine. a little chilly at night. late october. >> there you go. thanks, top. >> that's it for us for weather. we'll be back in a moment with sports.
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john beck has been saying all season long, just give me a chance, coach. well, his time has finally come. mike shanahan announced john beck will start sunday against carolina. beck becomes the 21st quarterback to start in the last 19 seasons. shanahan says the mobility and the arm strength that he saw from beck in one quarter of play last sunday pushed him to choose beck as the starter. here's what they all had to say after the announcement was made public. >> it's always a tough decision to make. doing what john did in that game, his mobility, i believe he deserved a chance to show us what he can do.
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>> things changed in a blink of an eye. i was hoping the day would come and i would get the opportunity. i never knew. i have been trying to prepare myself. >> as for the rest of the team, those that commented today strayed from controversy, giving the politically correct answer. >> a very talented quarterback that hasn't really, you know, had his shot yet to really prove who he can be in his league. watching every day and some of everything, man. he really gets into what he does. i am looking forward to the opportunity. >> and some good news on the redskins offensive weapons front. runningback, tim hightower was full participation at practice today. in dealing with the hurt shoulder. we didn't see him at all last sunday. the teams are set. tonight game one of the world series gets underway and there seems to be a lot of excitement about this matchup. that's because many feel these two teams are pretty evenly matched, which means we could
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see a game seven for the first time since 2002. st. louis cardinals back in the big game for the first time since '06. the rangers back for the second year in a row looking to walk away with the trophy this time. >> on november 1, we committed ourselves to trying to get back here because we knew we had the potential in the clubhouse to do it. character inside my clubhouse lived to it. >> we are here to win. the sting of losing last year is what carried us through the offseason and helped us take it to the next level. >> finally tonight, here's a dirt bike rider with a helmet cam and you know, making a couple jumps, going about his business until, look out below. seeing people down there, she seems okay. here's another look. >> they don't have a lot of time. >> no. >> but i don't understand, they are standing right in the middle of the pack. i don't know if he was supposed to jump over them or whatever,
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but she was okay. >> a quick reaction time for sure. that is it for us on 9news now at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. good night, everybody.


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