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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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surveillance tape puts curtis lopez and the 11-year-old together just feet from where police found the boy's beaten body. potentially just minutes before the child was killed. an autopsy is now being performed on the little boy's body to determine how he died. montgomery county police are now revealing some disturbing details about the murder of another young girl. this one from gaithersburg. detectives say david hang was paid to marry the mother of 12- year-old jessica nguyen. nguyen is part of an immigration scam apparently. the stepfather now accused of stabbing the little girl more than 40 times. officers found her body inside the home back in may. police say hang's cell phone placed him in the area the day of the murder and footprints and a sheet belonging to a missing sword were found at the crime scene. she is accused of physically abusing her fifth grade students, now a jury may start deliberating the case of
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susan burke as soon as today. she's accused of kicking and punching and choking several students in her class at greenwood elementary. two educator also testified saying they never saw burke inappropriately touch a child or yell at the class. president obama is back in the white house this morning after from moting the job plan -- promoting the jobs plan on the road. he called on congress to spend billions of dollars to help firefighters facing layoffs. >> the senate could vote soon on a $35 billion provision to help states keep teachers and firefighters and police officers on the job. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: in richmond, virginia. president obama called on congress to help save hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> they haven't met some of the firefighters. i don't think they want to tell them the jobs aren't worth saving. >> reporter: he used the last stop of his three day bus tour trying to convince lawmakers to
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pass $35 billion in aid this week. that measure part of his larger jobs package would be aimed at helping prevent states if laying off firefighters, police and teachers. >> keeping first responders on the job -- that's a jobs plan. putting more teachers in the classroom, that's a jobs plan. >> reporter: but the president wasn't the only one talking jobs wednesday. >> hey everyone. >> reporter: the first lady joined him at a military base in virginia while vice president biden pushed the plan in d. c. >> i strongly strongly, strongly, strongly, urge my colleagues and the republican party to think hard about this. >> reporter: the senate's top democrat is promising a vote on the $35 billion provision before lawmakers go on recess at week's end. >> we are going to make sure there is a vote on our bill this week. >> reporter: republicans say democrats are playing political games. >> they're actually designing legislation to fail on the other side so they'll have someone else to blame for the economy 13 months from now.
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>> reporter: but president obama is determined to keep the pressure on congress, he'll head out west next week on another jobs tour. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. >> the maryland house of delegates has passed governor o'malley's redistricting plan. it will now head back to the senate which passed it tuesday. senators will need to approve some corrections to typos to the original bill. after that it moves on to o'malley who will sign it into law. the plan classically alters the -- drastically alters the sixth and eight district. once it's complete the first 11.5 miles will run if falls church through tyson's corner out to reston. according to the "washington post," recent changes requested by metro transit are leading to hire than expected costs. so far the requests have added up to $49.3 million. one of the changes listed
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indeludes a safety system -- includes a safety system which alerts train operators when a worker is on the track. this was recommended by the national transportation safety board. they are scheduled to turn the line's operation and maintenance over to metro in the summer of 2013. d. c. mayor gray is ordering the district police force and other city agencies to not help capture and deport immigrants. mayor gray signed the order yesterday declaring the district government is not in the immigration business. >> now we want to make sure we create a set of conditions in this city where people feel like they can work with, cooperate with, the law enforcement official. >> it means that people can trust the police more. that they can come to them with major problems in their lives without fear of being questioned about their immigration. >> police say fingerprints of felony suspects including immigrants are still submitted
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to a federal data base for all law enforcement agencies to view. d. c. officials tell us the number of undocumented people in the district may be as high as 30,000. here's a look at some other things making news now. today, greece lawmakers are scheduled to vote on tax hikes and spending cuts in an effort to spur economic growth and to keep receiving money from an international bailout. greece citizens took to the streets yesterday to protest the thousands of layoffs which are expected to come as the result of the spending cuts. demonstrators threw stones and fire bombs at riot police in athens. tens of thousands rallied at the start of the two day country wide strike and protest. life is beginning to return to normal in zanesville, ohio more than one day after dozens of wild animals escaped from a private farm. officials were forced to kill nearly 50 of the animals including lions, bears and rare bengal tigers. the owner of the farm terry thompson released the animals from his capables before he
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shot -- cages before he shot himself. game one was last night in st. louis. the cardinals hosting the rangers with the world series. the first and second lady were at the game last night. in the top of the 5th down by two. mike napoli hit a two run home run to tie the game 2 apiece. in the bottom of the 6th. cardinals' pinch hitter allen craig answered with a base hit to score. cards take game one 3-2. at 4:40, done deal, a major defense contractor is moving its headquarters to northern virginia. who knew? we just happen to live in the wealthiest metro area in the country. jessica doyle will have those stories and more coming up in your money report. >> we're back with your weather first in two minutes. you're watching 9news now.
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coming up on 4:39. still an isolated sprinkle up in montgomery county. and howard county leaving loudoun right now but it will turn partly to mostly sunny later today. temperatures will drop to the nid 50s and only recover to the low 60s this afternoon and the winds at times will gust over 30 miles per hour. i'll be back in a few minutes, now back with monika with timesaver traffic. inbound, no problems right now on the traffic cameras. we're looking good as you travel through the corridor. we're looking good as well over the potomac and anacostia river crossings downtown. coming up in my next report, a look at maryland roads. back to you. 4:39. time for the first your money report of the morning. >> that's why the lovely jessica doyle is here to tell us about wall street. good morning. >> good morning to both of you.
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wall street is really going to try to make up for lost ground today but the banking sector finds itself yet again under fire. three major banks are being sued for conspiring to fix atm fees. a new jersey man accuses bank of america, jp morgan chase and wells fargo for conspiring to fix fees when they use out of network atms. the banks are declining to comment. as for trading reports the european leaders are at an impasse over bailout talks. that sent stocks lower late in the session. the dow lost 72.5 points. the nasdaq was down by 53 and the s and p 500 off by 15.5. later today expect reports of weaker jobless claims. yesterday there was a 15% jump in new home construction last month. now instead the arlington county board approved the construction of boeing's new regional headquarters in
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crystal city. board members ignored the recommendations of the planning and transportation commissions. the defense giant will move 500 employees to the new headquarters' construction expected to start next month. you may think wall street with the wealthiest folks in the country but according to the latest census figures, that's far from the case. our area is now number one in the country when it comes to the average household income. take a look at these numbers. it would be a total of $84,523 a year back in 2010. that's about $35,000 more than the national average. if you're a federal workerser, a average -- worker, the average take home is $126,000. lots of money there. the commonwealth of virginia is now accepting applications to help pay fuel bills. to qualify -- for a household of four the
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maximum income is $2,422. applications will be accepted through november 14th and you must apply through the local department of social services, last year nearly 145,000 virginia households received help. talk about the haves and have- nots in this situation. >> just as wider too. thanks jess. we will be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. we made it to thursday, friday eve. and the weather is going to improve for us. >> some friday for some of us. >> some friday's got a friday -- this friday. >> oh, yeah. >> one day, you're in disney last week. come on. >> that's true. the that's true. >> spread the love. >> i would share with you. >> so -- >> remember that. >> she's the rock. she's the rock. hey weather-wise, you know we're done with the rain except for a couple of sprinkles over the next hour or so up north. the winds are going to be a big factor today and tonight and then the weekend, hey that's looking dry and sunny and pretty comfortable around here. although a little bit just a little bit on the cool side. here's your bus stop forecast and bundle them up. leave the umbrellas at home because i think by the time you know you get to 6:00, 6:30 when the kids are out it will be all right. partly cloudy, breezy to windy
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out there, temperatures dropping into the 50s. sun is not up until 7:21. as far as the day planner today. going to see the leaves falling with the winds today. 9:00 down in the mid 50s and southwesterly wind at 16. but gusty. they're already gusting to near 30 at times. gusts to 30, to 35. 59 by noon. southwest winds near 20 and at 5:00, around 60. highs today 62, 63. but not going to feel like that because of those very brisk winds. storm system last night dropped some moderate to heavy rains in maryland and virginia. actually had a flood warning overnight for parts of loudoun county. that's since expired. see near boyd up to clarksburg and damascus and up in howard county very light sprinkles. that's it. that's the last ott it. temperatures -- of it. temperatures to the west are falling into the mid 50s already. we're holding on to the lower
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60s in easton. oakland, maryland right now 39 and there's a chance you guys could see wet snow flakes out in far western maryland out to snow shoe over the last couple of days as the colder air moves in. they're gusting to 30 at pax river. near 30 here in town. andrews 39 and 22 down in tappahannock. 23 in annapolis. we've got the gusty winds now and i think it's only going to get gustier throughout the day somewhere some of the gusts in the 30 to 35 range. 61 at national. south southwesterly winds at 20 miles an hour. and that barometer look how low that thing is. 29.32. if you're achy just the pressure change. it's really going to do the number on the joints if you're sensitive to that. the rain here in indiana and michigan. big upper storm here. this guy is going to be moving off to the northeast and as this is really low, it's bringing in a lot of air. lot of wind and that's why we're going to have a windy windy day but you notice the moisture is pushing away from us.
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and on the futurecast, a couple of sprinkles real early we'll get rid of that and look we turn sunny for the day to partly sunny out west. in the mountains here up by 4:45. up to snow shoe, some snow flakes there. not a surprise there. we'll be another chilly morning tomorrow still kind of windy. winds tomorrow gusting 20 to 25 instead of 30 to 35 today. a few more showers in the mountains on friday and as we head into saturday, winds are dying down and sun returns and should be a pretty nice weekend around here. although it will be on the cool side with highs both saturday and sunday in the low to maybe low to mid- 60s by sunday. as far as today, this afternoon, we're only going to recover a little bit into the low 60s here, maybe the #s in parts -- 50s in parts of the shenandoah valley. those folks, you guys can make it into the middle 60s. so that's a look at the next three days. talking about low 60s and windy
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today. low 60s and breezy tomorrow after being in mainly the 40s tonight. saturday, 63. looks like a very pretty weekend around here. howard university, your homecoming this weekend should be good for that. the autism walk, the diabetes walk all looking good for saturday morning. next week back to 70 by tuesday. here's monika with the construction update and hopefully nothing more than that. nothing more than that, thanks goodness for that and anyone notice the new map? a new clicker too. let's see if i can make it work. here we go. there we go. planning to head to the east side of town, no problems to report. i'm just having a little problem with this. laurel looks good on the vw parkway. in new carrollton to oxon hill and the wilson bridge, all good on the beltway. really the entire east side of town. now we'll take you over to 2730. no problems to report as you come from frederick to urbanna
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and falls road. a few early morning risers out but no problems out where the lanes divide and out to the american legion bridge. coming up we'll go into virginia and talk about 95 from yesterday which by the way is doing fine. back to you mike. thank you monika. first responders in our region used terror drill yesterday. the device used bar code tags to keep track of disaster victims. very similar to those hand held devices that you see with the ups driver and delivery drivers. >> these handheld units will be placed on every transport, every ambulance in the region. >> we need to know what's coming, where to distribute the patients and time to save lives. >> now the new emergency patient tracking system will be in use throughout the region within a year and it's been paid for by a $5 million federal grant. an area food pantry was forced to close temporarily its stores tuesday after it ran out of supplies for needy families. >> organizers at the action and
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community through service food pantry in dumfries say they have seen nearly a 50% increase in the demand for help and it was almost overnight and they can't keep up with it. peggy fox has more. >> reporter: the a. x. e. food pantry serves 4,000 needy people per month but a 40% spike in demand emptied their shelves. >> this is the worst i've ever seen. and we were just -- couldn't even put together a basic bag. >> reporter: hungry people looking for a bag of food were turned away. >> it was heart-breaking. it was a very difficult decision to make having familying come up to the far -- families come up to the door because we don't have groceries to give them, it's very hard. >> reporter: part of the increase came from the 400 displaced people from the holly acres and village mobile home parks which were flooded out in tropical storm lee. >> follow we're feeding about 1,000 families a month coming in for assistance and now we
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have the tropical storm lee families coming in for assistance on top of that number. >> reporter: the news of the temporary shutdown brought in new donations. >> i printed off a list and this morning i ran up to the wegman's and i just took that list and i tried to pick as much off the list as i could. >> reporter: everything on the shelves now has come in in the last 24 hours. >> that sits and it's very, very sad especially with the economy right now. that's why we're here. >> reporter: the outpouring of support brought in all of the donations you can see on the shelves and also $30,000 to the food pantry. that money and all the food that's coming in may help them reopen before november 1st. in dumfries, peggy fox, 9news now. >> the increase in requests at the food pantry can be traced in part to the flooding which displaced 64 families in woodbridge last month. it's one of several natural disasters the commonwealth has dealt with in the last few months. yesterday, virginia was awarded $700,000 in federal grants to
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help washington county recover from the damage in april's tornadoes. but the federal emergency management agency snubbed louisa county's request for federal aid. there's now a referendum next month to impose a 4% tax on food and drinks sold in restaurants, the money goes to repairing damaged schools in lieu in louisa. in the 1990s the federal government offered thousands of women living and public housing a chance to live in more affluent neighborhoods. at the time most of the women were suffering from various health problems a decade later the women relocated and had lower rates of diabetes and extreme obesity. researchers say it is proof that where you live can help determine your health. the study says low income areas usually have few safe places to exercise and meager medical services which leads to high rates of health problems among the residents in the communities.
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before we break, here's a look at the question of the morning -- >> what do you think the answer is? put it on our facebook page. we'll enjoy some of the comments i'm sure and reveal the answer in a little bit.
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welcome back. howard here, your weather first at 4:56. there are a few leftover sprinkles in montgomery county, that rain will be quickly out of here by 9:00. sunny and windy. temperatures will be down in the low 50s and mid 50s in many areas. by noon we'll be approaching the 60-degree mark. still with the winds. a few clouds here and there this afternoon but partly to mostly sunny. windy today with highs only up into the low 60s and still around 59 at 6:00 p.m. monika in. we are going to take a look live right now in the west side of town. no problems across the american leon bridge whether you're leaving bethesda or heading up from the corner across the bridge span. also fine on 270 from frederick. in my next report a closer look at virginia roads at 5:00. back to you mike. thank you monika. more expert testimony heard in the trial of michael jackson's former doctor. a leading researcher on the drug propofol says it is safe
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if used to sedate patients before surgery, however not as a sleep aid as michael jackson used it. >> i am asked every day i'm in the operating room. i am asked the question are you going to give me the drug that killed michael jackson? >> the involuntary manslaughter case against dr. conrad murray could go to the jury as soon as next week. lindsay lohan could be headed back to jail soon. see the handcuffs there? she was in court and left with those on after a los angeles judge revoked her probation. the judge said it appeared lohan had violated her parole. she didn't complete her court ordered community service. she later posted $100,000 bail and she's out and due back in court november 2nd. the new thriller margin call takes us back to the financial crisis of 2008. >> the actors in the movie say it is just as relevant right now as it was three years ago. karen brown reports. >> sell it all today. >> you're selling something that you know has no value.
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>> reporter: "margin call" takes place inside an investment bank. >> is that figure right? looks pretty right to me. >> if anything what's happening currently tells us that this film is not a history lesson. this is happening right now. >> take a look at it. be careful. >> reporter: the thriller plays out over a 24 hour period. inside the investment bank as it crumbles. and all-star cast including stanley tucci and demi moore spend most of their time inside the board room. moore says the screen play opened her eyes. >> i certainly felt like i was reading something that was educating me on something that felt very at a distance. >> reporter: "margin call" hits movie theaters as protestors around the world are protesting wall street's greed. paul betny plays a trader caught up in the he is. the brit understands -- mess.
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the brit understands the current outrage. >> "occupy wall street" i think it's brilliant. i think people are -- people are right to be livid you know. i think everybody has a sense that in 2008, a band-aid was put over a gaping wound. and it's still bleeding. >> reporter: and he expects viewers to get fired up over the high stakes drama that opens friday. karen brown, cbs news, hollywood. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, we are glad you're here. here's monika samtani. traffic and new maps coming your way very soon. >> new clicker too. >> new clicker too. howard bernstein's got the weather first. it's friday. >> it's the little things. the little clicker, here so happy. >> i thought i'd share. >> i got an old clicker. mine's bigger. >> of course it is howard. weather, let's get moving. let's get moving and talk about your day planner on this thursday. friday eve. >> always got to measure up doesn't he? >> it's always a competition


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