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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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country and one of the world's longest serving dictator is no more. >> reporter: the obama administration has spent about $135 million to help launch the new government. the u also participated in -- the u.s. also participated in the bombing when it began. >> libyan people have a responsibility to build an exclusive and democratic libya that stands as the ultimate review to gadhafi's dictatorship. >> reporter: they still need to deal with fighters that remain loyal, but they see an easier path to the future. he also called on the libyans to work with the international community to help secure the country's future. at the white house, anita, back to you. >> all right, thank you. and now the government says that his son and the parents, they are in the hospital after
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revolutionary people wounded and captured him. lesli? >> reporter: why was gadhafi so hated? well here is a quick timeline of the most or some of the most known crimes he's been accused of. we start in december of 1985 and almost simultaneous attacks, terrorists, walk of the airport in rome and vienna and opened fire throwing grenades. 19 people killed including four americans and many more were injured. president reagan says there is evidence that gadhafi was involved. in april of 1986, libyan agents were accused of bombing the berlin nightclub, killing two americans. president reagan responded by bombing tripoli, targeting gadhafi's help. that attack was traced back to libya, but gadhafi would not hand over the two suspects until 1999. >> and there are americans who
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have waited decades for this day. like the families of the people killed in the libyan bombing. bruce leshan has been talking to some of them, joining us live with what they had to say. >> reporter: a lot of them are celebrating tonight. one woman says gadhafi was an evil man and blames him in the murder of her beautiful promising young daughter. in a lonely corner of arlington national cemetery, she rises in memory of the 270 people killed. 270 stones inscribed with the victims names. fiona hunter scott has lived in d.c. for 20 years felt compelled to find him. >> he was the ones that i believe sanctioned it, ordered it, and therefore, you know, the one responsible. >> reporter: she brought a
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bouquet of hydrangeas. >> i don't know. a sense of closure. >> you never come to closure when you have lost your only child. >> reporter: she has struggled with the death of her 20-year- old daughter on flight 103. >> i'm choked up all day. they were meant to speak. it just stretches up the horror and the pain that we have gone through. >> reporter: her home is a shrine to her daughter's memory, but we spoke to her by phone from hawaii. >> she was deprived of her beautiful life, but she will be in good spirit. >> reporter: she e rejoiced at the news of gadhafi's stretch. but she still worries about libya's future. >> yes, release it. release it all and just a prayer that there won't be
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another gadhafi. >> reporter: he never officially admitted to the bombing, but he paid $10 million for each of the victims and he sent two libyan secret agents for the trial in scotland. >> it is finally over. bruce leshan, thank you. in the meantime, a couple plead guilty to three counts of felony child abuse. you may remember these faces. christina moore and her live-in boyfriend, they now admit to nailing a piece of dry wall across a doorway, barricading moore's three young children inside. they are live outside the prince william county jailhouse to bring us up to date on this case. >> reporter: the couple is behind bars until they finish and complete a six-month drug and parenting program. it was back in martha the two were high on drugs and passed out, while the three young girls, the youngest is four months old. they maybe it in a room full of
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filth. >> reporter: it's now clear to prosecutors that they are guilty of felony child abuse. and today, the two admitted to trapping moore's three young girls ages 4, 2, and just 4- months-old in an upstairs building inside this home. while they went on a drug induced binge. police finding prescription pills, a smoking device, and a needle inside their bedroom. and the room where the girls were trapped in deplorable conditions, full of filth and feces. they only escaped when the 4- year-old scaled a wall and ran to a neighbor's house. >> well, they will be able to return to society. >> reporter: what is still unclear is if this mother will get her children back. this is the second time that she has lost children to neglect.
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court record shows in 2005 that christina moore lost her then 2- year-old twin boys after they were found wandering near the landfill while she laid passed out in a trailer nearby. >> because of her drug addiction, she was unable to take care of her children, not willing to do so. she should not have these children. >> reporter: her lawyer tells me, "moore is looking forward to being sober and a better mother." >> drug treatment folks seem to think that they could be rehabilitated, but who knows. that's one of the things we need to let them see, but they think that anything is worth a change. >> reporter: when they are sentenced in january, they will likely have served about 10 months behind bars. chances are they will be credited that time and be able to walk free. their children safe tonight. they are staying with an aunt and uncle. anita? >> hopefully it really will be a catalyst of change, thank you. stunning testimony in the case of the former montgomery
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county first grade teacher accused of choking, scratching, punting her students. for the second straight day, the defense had susan burke on the stand, painting an unflattering picture of the young accusers. she joins us live with details. andrea? >> reporter: well lesli, this case will be very difficult for the jury to decide. it will come down to who they will believe. the six young accusers that have taken the stand or their teacher who denies ever touching them inappropriately. >> she lost her job in january when the allegations of abuse surfaced. on the witness stand today, she describes disciplinary actions taken against some of the young accusers and their alleged infractions in the classroom. burke said in line, if the 'em knewlated humping action --
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humping action in front of her. i saw it many times. she described another accuser as a boy who had impulsive behaviors and got in frequent fights in the classroom. burke said, "i pulled the bigger physical aggressor off the other child from the back, defense by the shoulders. burke, yes, i'm aiming for the shoulders, but whatever i can get to separate them." burke's testimony sharply contrasted that of her young accusers. defense, was he honest in class? burke, "no, he was a class clown and an attention seeker. if one student said my mom had a new baby, he would say my mom had a new baby, he would exaggerate to get that attention." with each accuser's case, burke was asked by the defense, did you ever choke him, burke, "no." defense, "did you ever put your hands around his neck?"
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burke, "no." and the most damaging testimony, the former principal, the man who hired susan burke as well as a fellow first grade teacher both took the stands, asked whether or not they have formed an opinion about her truthfulness. both testified yes. she was not always truthful. closing arguments in the morning and then the case will go to the jury. live in rockfield, 9news now. >> we'll see what they will return with. thank you. and police are offering a $25,000 reward to find the gunman who killed a man on ametrobus. the 22-year-old was shot several times after midnight in the 2300 block of alabama avenue southeast. two gunman fled the scene. we don't know why thompson was killed. police are checking surveillance video from the bus. well, the prince george's county firefighters found a body inside a burning car in the 2900 block of cableton road just before 1:00 a.m. that's in an industrial area.
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so far there is little information about the victim. the vehicle was later towed away. tonight, a food pantry in dumfries which was forced to shut their doors after running out of food and a lot of supplies that may now soon reopen. after a flood of donations came in from folks who heard their stories. >> we first told you about the action through community yesterday. they have seen a nearly 50% increase from demands of needy families, but having trouble keeping up quite frankly. peggy fox joins us live from dumfries with more on the efforts underway to reopen those critical doors. peggy? >> reporter: well i'll tell you what, derek, the community has responded, things are looking so much better. take a look at these shelves. they are almost filled up, even the back-up supplies up top are getting filled. but if you take a look back there, you can still see some empty shelves. if they are to open before november 1, those need to be filled up. >> those shelves were just
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dull, but now, you know, it looks bright again. >> reporter: the color is slowly coming back to the bare shelves. all daying long, people have been bringing in bags of food to help replenish the food pantry. >> this is america, no one should go hungry or wonder if they will be able to eat again. >> reporter: it temporarily close when they ran out of food. >> that's why i came. >> reporter: they are giving away parishables, but not meat, cereals, other foods that people depend on. >> it's sad because, you know, now you don't even have the backbone. if you're hungry, you're hungry. >> reporter: he knows what it is like. >> i slept in this and my kids slept in my van. >> reporter: mitchell says that they have helped him turn his life around by kicking drugs and alcohol, now focusing on his car washing and detail business that he runs out of
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his truck. but he and the family still depend on the food pantry, even though his wife has a full-time job. >> i want to be a part of society. i want to be productive for her, you know? and i want to give back. so it is like in this area alone, you've got to make over $25 an hour. if you want a two-bedroom apartment and have food in it. >> reporter: warren mitchell, his company is called pots personal touch. we hired him today to wash our satellite truck. he'll be here looking for more work. let me tell you this, people have been coming in with donations handing $50 bills and contributing online. coming up at 6:15, we'll tell you how much they raised. back to you. >> yes, bring those cards in. any of us might need to use some details. >> it's great.
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winds are gusting over 30 miles per hour today. we'll show you the temperatures, a little bit cooler, nothing crazy cool in the 50s in the metro area. look at oakland though, 36 degrees. we'll come back and show you how cold it will be tonight and take a look at your weekend. and dozens of exotic animals, they have shaken this ohio town. i'm danielle noddingham in gainesville, why the sheriff says the law needs to change.
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check the label. there's a major recall tonight. taylor farms retail is pulling about 3,200 cases of bagged salads because they could be contaminated with salmonella. the salad was sold in virginia and about 13 other states under brand names fresh selections, heb market side and taylor farms. now, those packages contain
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best buy dates ranging from october 18 through the 21st. so far, no illnesses have been reported. things are starting to get back to normal here in gainesville, ohio, but the scene at the local exotic animal farm, they have certainly left residents shaken. sheriff deputies killed nearly 50 animals including 18 endangered bengal tigers after their owner set them free. danielle noddingham has new details on what happened and the renewed push for tougher laws. >> reporter: the zoo is now caring for the six surviving animals recaptured from a private farm near ohio. and police say that their owner, terry thompson, released 56 exotic animals including bears, lions, and tigers, then shot and killed himself. moments later, one of thompson's own animals attacked his body. >> mr. thompson, he did have a bite wound to his head area
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that the doctor said would be consistent with the bite from a larger-type cat. >> reporter: deputies shot 48animals on site, out of concern they would attack the residents of this mall town. she's one of thompson's neighbor. she will never forget the sound of police firing their guns. >> and it is kind of scary. i mean, it sounded like a war zone. >> reporter: ohio's governor has received a lot of criticism for not cracking down on the state's exotic pet owners. ohio has some of the weakest regulations in the country. that's something they are fighting to change. >> the citizens and the state of ohio, they are entitled to have safety precautions in place. >> reporter: officers still haven't found one of thompson's monkeys. the sheriff cities -- the sheriff says there have been no sightings, believing that one of the big cats may have eaten it. they buried all the dead
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animals at his wife's request. danielle noddingham, cbs news, gainesville, ohio. >> well, after all of this, two ohio state lawmakers proposed legislation on thursday that would restrict the ownership of the exotic animals like those. yes, circle that on your calendar if you want to see the lighting of the nationals. >> no, try this one. >> help is on the way for the homeowners. you see it right there and their backyard is in big trouble. their insurance companies are refusing to pay and it has been condemned. >> all right, d.c. mayor, taking a live look at the earthquake damage here at the washington national cathedral. and that caused an estimated $15 million worth of damage. they announced that they will
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be contacting the federal government tomorrow to ask fema to provide the emergency assistance to help restore it as well as the government facilities that are damaged by the quakes. it's scheduled to reopen on november 12. >> it sounds like the emergency existence is already on the way. you might want to circle that on your calendar if you want to see the lighting of the national christmas tree. that's when this year's online ticket lotteries will be started all thanks to the national park service. and there are more tickets available. and 3,000 seats, 14,000 standing-room only spots that will be given out. the online lottery runs from 10:00 in the morning through november 7 and this year's national tree lighting takes place here in front of the white house. i could only imagine that. >> yeah, altogether now. >> yeah, it's cold. it's just cold. >> this is bad. >> i mean, you know, it is fall. >> yeah, we are going back inside. >> all right. let's go. i will let you guys go first. i mean, the winds make you feel
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a little chillier, but it's not crazy cool for crying out loud. and the temperatures are mainly in the 50s. 5756 in rockville, 57 in gaithersburg and 57 also out here. now, the winds have gusted up over 30 miles per hour earlier today. we can all attest to this, still gusting at a pretty good clip. gusting up to 24 miles per hour. and even 25 miles per hour winds up here. you'll notice the air is indicating the motion. the southwest wind, not which way the winds blow, but the southwest wind here at 17 gusting up at least for it here. satellite picture radar combined, you'll see the system just spinning. this was the two-prong system. the first storm was gone, but this one will be hanging around for a while. that's really bad news for michigan and ohio and much of indiana and parts of west virginia in our mountains. but as far as we are concerned, we'll see the clouds give way. we'll have a pretty decent day tomorrow. and you're looking at, you
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know, just a few clouds right now and a few sprinkles up in the mountains, even a few wet snowflakes west of the divide. okay, turning cooler. still breezy tonight. not as windy, but still breezy. chilly overnight. cool, but nice tomorrow and crisp. even more crisp than tonight. becoming partly cloudy, winds southwesterly at 10 to 15. even downtown, we're talking about upper 40s tonight. and we're talking about mid-40s out here. 49 in articlington. 48 downtown. 47 in college park and bowie. so much cooler than what it has been certainly. mid-40s in fairfax and reston at 44. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy still chilly. you'll need your sunglasses. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. winds are southwest at 10 to 15. by the afternoon, partly cloudy, cool, but nice. high temperatures are around 60. and the winds will subside tomorrow northwesterly at about 10. so we're looking at the zone
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forecast. we'll put you -- we'll put you in the 40s here. and 64 in culpepper. a little more sunshine in the mountains than what you had today and about 61 gown downtown. all right, the next seven days, we'll keep that going for the weekend. yeah. great tomorrow, 62 on saturday. you've got the walk now for autism to speak on the mall. ninth and madison. and we'll see you there at 9:00. howard's homecoming looked great. probably the time to see the fall color. 65 on sunday, a little immediate l and briefly cooler on monday and wilder next week. >> great stuff. >> yes. >> well, a little windy out there right now. but you know. still ahead on 9news now, the prosecution is wrapping up their case against the doctor accused in a death of michael jackson. but time is money. up next,ing longer delays and bigger costs for the dulles metro rail project. but first, we'll take you out with this year's list of the best bathrooms. that's according to the best bathrooms. and two northern virginia bathrooms are on this list.
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the bathroom at the field museum in chicago is number one. the renaissance arlington capitol view hotel came in 2nd, followed by the bathroom at the scottsdale center up in arizona. and the don john's presidential luxury restroomtrailer in shantily had the longest name and the -- chantilly had the longest name and the best bathroom. >> okay a restroom trailer? >> yeah. >> somehow i'm not buying that.
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costs are skyrocketing for the dulles metro rail long project. and that will be overbudget. also warning that they could like depletion, well into 2014. it's the end of the road for the tour mobile. the open air buses that have carried people around,
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washington and arlington cemetery and they are going out of business. the company says that their last day will be on october 31. and they are contracted out by the national park service. >> a lot of my friends had summer jobs. welcoming up on 9news now. >> the prosecution wraps up the star witness. saying that michael jackson's doctor was responsible for his death. and i'm karen brown in los angeles, it's coming up. we'll have the very latest. and also ahead, a little boy will get a chance to thank the firefighters who caught him after he was thrown out of the third floor window to the burning apartment building. i'm scott broom in capitol heights. coming up, are the banks going far enough trying to help people prevent foreclosures? when i come back, we'll get a glimpse on one of the biggest mortgage companies in this region. state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836.
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they want to modify as many loans as they can for people in trouble. scott broom reports that the odds are only about one in four if it will work out and that it is clearly worth the shot. >> wells fargo handles one out of six mortgages in the united states, in our region alone, they've got 16,000 people who look like they are potentially on their way to foreclosure. all 16,000 were sent mailers to come here to the convention hall at national harbor and they will try to work out the new terms. and they noticed right away boxes of tissues on every desk for all the tears here at this ball game. >> he had a hip replacement. >> reporter: they are trying to save this. and the house if many capitol heights, he has been paying on it since 1970. >> and we have taken it out, the loans, kids through college and everything and you're looking around, you know, refinancing on it. and so you know, some things,
5:32 pm
they will show you the snowballs. >> and you can change the interest rates, extend the loan. >> reporter: she says that the company is trying to qualify struggling customers for workouts. and they said if there is income and the workout terms could get payments down to about 30% of the gross a family has coming in, wells fargo, they will try to make a deal. >> there is no value to us in taking someone home. >> we needed to change. >> reporter: they were moved from a loan at over 6% down to 4.25 with a new 30-year term saving about $300 a month. and this time, the tissues, they worked for relief. >> yeah, i would tell anyone, you know, come to your mortgage people here. and see what they could do for you. >> reporter: so they have some breathing rooms and the bank is happy too. in fact, wells fargo has a delinquency and foreclosure rate well below the national average. in capitol heights, scott broom, 9news now. >> reporter: wells fargo continues this event for one more day for their customers in
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distress at the convention center at national harbor. the federal government is tapping in on the power of facebook. the obama administration, they announced today that they are partnering with the social website to help job seekers. they held a news conference today promoting the program. >> facebook began as the vehicles to connect people to people. and today, my department is very proud to work with this iconic american company to connect people with jobs, j-o-b- s. the government will be reaching out to other social network sites like twitter and linkton as they look for new ways to connect the job speakers to opportunities online. the white house is honoring the frederick maryland area woman tonight with this country's second highest civilian audit. she is the winner of the presidential citizens medal. it's a program that sent care
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packages through the local students to soldiers overseas. and soldiers, they created that in 2003 to respond to the american invasions of iraq and afghanistan. and she is the daughter of the air force center. well, in the trial of dr. conrad murray, the prosecution called their star medical witness, who said that there was no way that michael jackson could have killed himself by swallowing propofol. the anesthetic that did kill the singer. karen brown joins us live from the courthouse in los angeles and more rivetting testimony, huh karen? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, derek. he turned the courtroom into a classroom, turning directly too the jurors when he speaks. today, he told them a few things. one, dr. murray could have easily saved michael jackson's life if he was paying attention and two, it was ridiculous to suggest that jackson could have injected himself. a leading expert on propofol
5:35 pm
says that dr. conrad murray should have never given michael jackson the surgical anesthetic as a sleep aid. >> you're in a neverland here, something that has only been done to michael jackson as no one else in history, to the best of my knowledge. >> reporter: and they called murray's action uncautionable, unthetical, and illegal. saying that the doctor used virtually none of the safeguards he should have. >> and that would have saved michael jackson's life. >> reporter: he dismissed a previous defense claim seasons abandoning that michael jackson caused his own death by swallowing a fatal dose of the anesthetic. >> anything is possible. >> reporter: he says that propofol would be deadly if injected directly into the bloodstream. they plan to challenge with their own expert. his wife was one of schaeffer's friends and colleagues. >> the prosecution is wrapping up their case and defense attorneys, they are second to start calling their first witnesses on friday. and the defense will likely
5:36 pm
claim that jackson took several sedatives on the day e he died without murray's knowledge. and that the singers dave himself the fatal dose of propofol when murray went to the bathroom. >> the defense does not have to prove anything. all they need to do is raise questions in the minds of the jurors. >> reporter: if they convict murray of involuntary manslaughter, he could face up to four years in prison. the defense plans on calling 15 witnesses including character witnesses as well as the head of aed live. and that is the promoter of jackson's plan's comeback tour. reporting live in los angeles, i'm karen brown, back to you. >> all right, thank you. and health care for those who cannot afford it. thousands of people, they are turning out for a free clinic now underway. but first, there is a new honorary member of a boston fire house. the emotional reunion with the firefighters that saved his life is next. don't forget, you are always on, hello there with stay with us, we'll be right
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an emotional reunion between a boston fire lieutenant and the 16-year-old boy he saved from a burning building. he was dropped from the third- floor apartment this week as the flames closed in, theying dangled xavier out of the window, waiting for someone to help. >> and please don't let him miss the catch. and i watched and when i saw my grandson screaming as he fell, you know, and he fell right into the officer's arm right there. >> what did it feel like when he caught you? >> i was feeling like i walked in, you know, good. >> he received a new boston
5:40 pm
firefighter t-shirt and hat. his mother was also rescued from the burning building. by the way, xavier now says that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. >> all right, you want to talk about heros, let's go out to california where everybody was scared and stayed away from a flaming wreck as you see there. everybody, except this person just crossing over the golden gate bridge when she saw this huge crash in her rear-view mirror, leaving her 5-year-old daughter in the car, sprinted back to the wreck and pulled an unconscious tractor trailer driver out of that fiery wreckage. >> so now i'm like oh my god, and my first instinct is to run over there and, you know, i put my arms under his arm, and i dragged him all the way to my car. >> do you consider yourself a hero? yeah, my daughter told me i was. [ laughter ] >> your daughter is right. they administered first aide until the firefighter got there, treated at the hospital and released. what a lady. >> talk about more good deeds.
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bon jovi is getting into the restaurant business. there are no prices on the menu of the soul kitchen in redback, new jersey. diners are encouraged to pay what you can for the gourmet meals. people really hungry and have no money can participate in voluntary programs in ebb change to avoid -- in exchange to avoid going out there. >> what a great idea. >> yes, we'll see how it works out. >> i think it might be pretty darn good. coming up on 9news now. one of the largest free medical clinics in the nation is taking place in los angeles. i'm sandra hughes and i'll have that story coming up. we've got a pollen reading for you. the mold pores just won't go away. that's the bad news. the good news when the furnace kicks on, that will dry out the house. right now, mold pores in the high range. we'll come back and tell you about the clouds and give away to the sunshine when the winds will die down. but up next, a treatment now proven to keep breast cancer from coming back. we'll have the latest research
5:42 pm
in our health alert.
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think of radiation as an insurance policy to keep breast cancer from coming back. that's the word from the british medical journal in tonight's health alert. scientists gathered data on the previous research group of 10,000 patients and they found combining surgery with radiation cuts the risk of a recurrence in half for at least ten years time. regardless of what the other treatment the women got, what stage their cancer were, including chemo, the benefits from radiation, it was there. thousands of uninsured and underinsured people waited for hours in line for the free medical treatment. sandra hughes is in los angeles where the non-profit group care now ised holding their fourth annual free health clinic. take a look. >> reporter: he has not been to a dentist in 15 years. he has tried to get into this annual free clinic in los angeles for the last two. this year, he was not taking
5:46 pm
any chances. >> i started four days ago, i camped out. >> reporter: about 60% of the people coming to the event need dental care. many of them are here because they will no longer pay for it. >> it is really hurting. i understand that. >> reporter: 3,200 dentists, doctors, eye specialists are voluntary -- volunteering their time to provide a variety of medical services. >> these broke so i needed to know. >> reporter: he is doing a tooth distraction every 15 minutes. >> a lot of people cannot afford it. so you know, you would be surprised. >> reporter: they expect to treat about 1,200 patients, adults and children per day over the course of the next four days. and making this one of the largest free medical clinics in the nation. critics say this kind of one- time care doesn't help those with chronic conditions. and so this year, patients will be directed to a volunteer clinic for followups. >> and that will be an appointment card, his or her record is then faxed and e- mailed to the facility as we close that link. >> reporter: he got two
5:47 pm
fillings and a treatment for his back injury. >> and so this is a helping hand up here. a lot of people need that helping hand here. >> reporter: she now hopes to take the model for the clinical care unit. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >> and just to give you an idea of the need, there are more than 2 million uninsured people in los angeles counting alone. guys? >> wow, a brisk, but beautiful day out there. >> yeah, it was. and because of the clouds rolling in. >> yeah, they will be rolling back out here. we had 40 miles per hour wind gusts here. check it out, yesterday and chicago, and well, you know, take a look at this, it could be pretty rough. doesn't it look like that? and in fact, winds are over 40 miles per hour today and over 40 miles per hour yesterday. it was a mess. >> yes, but do you know what city the wind is? >> yeah. >> i wouldn't normally think that. >> all right, let's talk about
5:48 pm
our wind gust. the 25 miles per hour wind gusts here and in manassas. it is still breezy tonight, chilly overnight, cool, but nice on friday and crisp for high school football. wear a sweatshirt. and tonight, becoming partly cloudy, breezy, chilly. lows in the 40s. still a little better. you'll need your sunglasses. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. winds are southwest at 10 to 15. by the afternoon, winds die down, partly cloudy and cool, but nice. and the high temperatures are around 60 and winds are only northwest at about 10. pretty good deal. a little more sunshine as well. here's the deal, we'll break it down for you. 40s to start in the morning. grab a jacket. and by noon, 55 to 60. a little on the cool side. then by the evening, 68 to 53
5:49 pm
with sunshine again, a little bit on the cool side, but still a pretty nice day. the next three days, well, we are in good shape on saturday. 62. we've got the walk now for autism to walk here on the mall. ninth and madison. it's a very enjoyable walk. i can make it. not a far walk if i'm walking, believe me. it's great on sunday, 65, a little bit milder. now, the next seven days, on monday, some clouds, actually, that will come on through and then on tuesday, we're back to the mid-60s. in fact, next week, maybe a shower on wednesday in the low 70s. next thursday, a few clouds, but who cares. we're in the low to mid-70s. >> yes, i feel that little drop in the middle of the day. it is a cold front. >> but you know, otherwise great. nothing too crazy. >> i'm liking that for you. that's nice. >> thank you. >> by the way, that will be
5:50 pm
great. >> it is the week to go. thank you. we've got a commuter alert for you before you head out here tonight. i'm going to share that with you when we come back. but up next, you would think that going green would save you big dollars. but find out why this local driver says, you know, maybe not so much. and we'll tell you about it. ñññ
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back now with the green alert coming to the state's most comprehensive system to try to stop the air pollution. it's called the cap and trade program and it targets power plants and other polluters. it is set to limit up the number of the greenhouse gases that could be released into the atmosphere each year and then let the companies buy and sell them as needed. here is the goal to bring the air pollution back to 1990 levels by the year 2020. >> there you go. >> in the meantime, the chevy volt is racking up industry rewards -- awards. >> yes, north american car of the year and this month, the highly coveted consumer reports recommendation. so how much would you pay to get behind the wheel one of those? >> save your money, because jessica doyle reports that one local chevy volt owner ran into major sticker shock when he was shopping for the car. >> d.c. is one of the first markets to get the volt.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: he was really excited to buy chevy's electric car. so much so he had a special 240 volt charger installed in his garage during the recent green renovation of his arlington home. >> you click it and you plug it in. you see a little light and you'll hear a click and, you know, you'll see a little light on the car and it goes down easily. it charges in about four hours. >> reporter: but car shopping for his beloved volt turned out to be a cautionary tale of buyer beware. >> you have the dealer and the last thing that the young guy said to us was we'll give you a deal on this vehicle, what i call the upcharge. they didn't call it an upcharge, but they called it the demand charge or something like that. >> reporter: and what a charge it was. >> he said instead of $8,000 or $10,000, we'll only charge you $5,000 on the sticker price. we both looked at each other like what? >> it's not a good deal, we'll look around. >> the volts spokesperson tells 9news now, we have encouraged our chevrolet dealerships to
5:55 pm
follow the manufacturer's suggested retail price. and there are independent franchises and free to set their own price. even low inventory is low and demand is high, most of them are selling the volt at msrp. he turned to the internet who was not charging the extra dealer fee. >> within hours i had four to five people from dealerships contacting me and i bought it in fredericksburg because they had the exact model iwant -- the exact model i wanted. >> he loves the car and the small imabout on the environment. >> and we are now averaging about 85.5 miles per gallon. i only use 35.6 gallons of gas. >> car shoppers across the country, they have been complaining online about these dealer upcharges of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000. just another reminder to shop around before you sign on the dotted line. jessica doyle, 9news now.
5:56 pm
>> chevy expects to sell -- chevrolet expects to sell about 10,000 volts. they have only sold about 3,900 and the company thinks there is something going on. high costs and, of course, the bad economy. >> yeah. now, ten states from maryland to massachusetts are teaming up to make it easier for electric vehicle owners to get around. the northeast electric vehicle network, they will plan and install charging stations in those states and the district. it is being supported by the $1 million grant from the department of energy. >> okay, now with the quarterback situation behind them, it was back to work for the redskins. >> yeah. >> they hit the road this weekend to face the carolina panthers. >> we have more on sunday's game. kristin? >> reporter: hey guys, yeah. the first test as the starter comes on the road against a very hungry carolina team. the panthers are just one in five this season, but the record doesn't reflect on how dangerous this team really is. john beck settled into the
5:57 pm
second practice as the newly anointed redskins quarterback with the sights firmly set on the task at hand. beating a one in five dangerous panthers team on the road. >> and things change, you know, in a blink of an eye. you always need to be ready. and i'm just trying to move forward with this opportunity to do the very best i can. >> reporter: but he will need to have an uphill battle, the blind side is protected by two new starting linemen after they were a loss due to injuries against the eagles. the burden is on beck to prove he can get the offense up and running. >> i have been on a lot of teams, injuries are a part of a game. you need to have guys to step up, and to step in there and, you know, show what they could do. >> reporter: for the second straight week, they had face a mobile quarterback with the strong arm. number one overall draft pick cam newton poses a serious threat. newton already has more career starts than beck and he has set
5:58 pm
several passing records. if the redskins hope to right the ship, it starts with bottling up cam. >> that's a different beat. >> i mean, he's been doing a great job, moving his offense, making plays both with his arms and legs. >> so far, you'll likely see it as he learns the game, maybe it will get worse. because you know, right now, he's, well, he's done a great job. >> reporter: besides the qb situation, the redskins have a lot more changes coming up on offense. we'll brick you the latest -- we'll bring you the latest on the injury front and who will be protecting john beck on sunday. this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the dark shadow has been lifted. >> more than a month after the rebel forces moved into the capital, libya's long-time
5:59 pm
leader, moammar gadhafi, he is captured and killed in his own hometown. our matt jablo is monitoring developments from the satellite center tonight. matt, bring us up to date. >> reporter: anita, he lives by the sword and he finally died by the sword. today after four decades of ruthlessly spilling the blood of his political opponents, moammar gadhafi died in a pool of his own blood. a warning that some of the video you're about to see is graphic. he died where he was born in the northern libya city of sirte. 42 years after receiving power by the throat and two months after going into hiding, moammar gadhafi was killed today ending one of the arab world'singlongest and -- world's longest and most brutal dictatorship. exactly how gadhafi was killed and who exactly killed him remains unclear. rebel forces have been closing in on the 69-year-old gadhafi for several weeks. with the help of


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