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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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with the international community, is committed to the libyan people. >> reporter: tomorrow, libya's transitional leaders are expected to formally announce the country's liberation and plans for a democratic election. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. at 4:30. senate republicans blocked a bill aimed at helping save hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> the measure was part of president obama's larger jobs package. it would have given states $35 billion to help keep teachers, firefighters, and police from being laid off. the 50/50 vote however last night fell short of the 60 required to block a republican filibuster. maryland's congressional redistricting plan is now official. governor martin o'malley signed the bill yesterday right after the state senate took a final vote to correct about 24 typos in the regular bill. the house of delegates passed it on wednesday. we have eight seats in the u.s. house of represent tiffs. they were being redrawn for the next 10 years in response to
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the 2010 census. democrats say the map reflects the population growth in the d. c. suburbs. republicans however say the new lines are an effort by maryland democrats to remove congressman bartlett from office who's a republican. the founder and former head of pizza hollics is planning to run for the d. c. council as a republican. ron moten is expected to switch to the gop party later today. he plans to run against alexander who represents ward 7. moten is an outspoken critic of mayor gray and the current members of the council. closing arguments are expected to begin in the trial of a former montgomery county elementary schoolteacher accused of abusing her students. susan burke lost her job at green castle elementary school in silver spring when the charges surfaced in january. during her testimony, burke painted an unflattering portrait of her young accusers describing them as troublemakers and one as a class clown. d. c. police are looking for two men as persons of
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interest in the fatal shooting aboard a metro bus. they got on board just before 22-year-old demetrius thompson was shot self-times. this all happened -- several times, this all happened in the 2300 block of alabama avenue southeast. if you have any information, you're asked to call d. c. police. coming up next week the united mine workers of america is scheduled to offer new insight into the 2010 explosion at the upper big branch mine in west virginia which left 29 men dead. on tuesday, the union is going to release its report on the explosion. >> now their report is said to be highly critical of regulators. according to the union, it offers more details about the events and reports filed by federal investigators. here's a look at some of the other things making news now. secretary of state hillary clinton is asking afghan leaders to reconsider peace talks with the taliban as a solution to end the ten year war there. secretary clinton made the request during a visit
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yesterday to the country. president karzai though is resisting reopening negotiations after taliban militants killed one of his key peace brokers. secretary clinton also visited pakistan to ask their leaders to increase their efforts against terrorists. and arizona grandmother needs help finding her missing 5-year-old granddaughter. shirley johnson is hoping the national media will help 5-year- old jesse shock lee was last seen october 11th. her five siblings were watching her. police believe that's when jesse may have left the home through the front door but they're not sure what happened next. they have no suspects and evidence or even promising leads in the case. california's bay area is recovering from two earthquakes. around 2:15, a 4.0 quake shook the region. six hours later a 3.9 magnitude quake struck. no reports of any damage or injuries associated with the quakes. it struck nearly 22 years to
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the day after the big earthquake struck during the 1989 world series. and speaking of that, game two of the 2011 world series between cardinals and the rangers and it was a close one to the very last out. with the game tied at 1 in the top of the 9th, rangers' michael young hit a sacrifice fly to bring home elvis andrus from third and that would prove to be the game winner. rangers tie up the series at one all with a comeback 2-1 victory and they play in texas tomorrow. >> should be fun. i'll be watching. the food bank of dumfries, virginia, put out a call for help this week. >> they needed it. 9news now and many others in the community answered that call. peggy fox has this uplifting update. >> the shelves was just dull and bright again. >> reporter: the color is slowly coming back to the bare shelves. all day long people have been bringing in bags of food to help replenish the ax food pantry. >> this is america.
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nobody should go hungry. nobody should wonder am i going to eat today? >> reporter: people have been turned away here since they had to temporarily close when they ran out of food on monday. >> that's why i came because i couldn't imagine being a mother that says i'm sorry, i don't have dinner tonight. >> that's sad. that's sad because now you don't even have a backbone. if you hungry, you hungry. >> reporter: lauren mitchell knows what it's like to be hungry. >> i slept in this and my kids slept in my bag. >> reporter: mitchell says ax has helped him turn his life around by kicking drugs and alcohol. now he's focusing on his car wash and detail business he runs out of his truck. but he and his family still depend on the food pantry even though his wife has a full-time job. >> i'm going to be a part of society but i want to be productive for it. you know? i want to -- i want to give back so it's like -- in this
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area alone, you got to make over $25 an hour. if you want a two bedroom apartment and have food and if you're not in that, you're short. >> reporter: the community response has been tremendous. just two days, the ax food pantry has received 12,000 pounds of donated food and $55,000 including a $5,000 grant from the begin et could bation. they can reopen earlier than expected and open the doors tuesday at 1:00. in dumfries, peggy fox, 9news now. >> and again since the story aired the donations have been pouring in. and we ask you to continue it. it is 4:36. at 4:, 40, the income gap continues to grow. the federal government turns social networking -- to social networking as a way to connect with job seekers. we're back with your weather first in two minutes.
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and good morning once again. we're off to a cool start on this friday morning. about 50 degrees in the city center and we're going to hover in the 50s for most of the morning. lots of sunshine, a few afternoon clouds but it will be quite cool today. highs only into the lower 60s but great weather for those friday night football games. you want that light jacket. now for a check of the morning drive. thank you so much olga. we're going to take a look live at the beltway north side of town, still have a bit of construction in place with the arrow board there on the inner loop at connecticut and the outer loop after new hampshire avenue. that should be cleared up shortly. i'll have more on maryland roads coming up at 4:47. back to you andrea and mike.
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thank you monika. it is time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> good morning jessica doyle, how are you? >> i'm doing well. how are you guys? i'm doing well. it's a happy friday but a bit of a disappointment for microsoft. after the closing bell the giant said quarterly profits rose 6% last quarter just in line with estimates of course investors would have liked to have seen more. we're also waiting on new economic numbers about the state of the job market. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 11,541. added 37 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq was down by 5, but the s&p 500 was up by 5. the income gap between the nation's rich and poor continues to grow. the government is out with new figures and they show that 50% of u.s. workers earned less than $26,364 last year. that reflecting fewer jobs and overall pay trending down. except for the wealthiest
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americans. the number of people making $1 million or more sored by 18 -- soared by 18% from 2009. the senate has voted to expend higher limits on federally backed mortgage loans for two more years through 2013. the government would continue to ensure mortgages worth as much as $729,000: the limits expired on october 1st dropping that ceiling to $625,000. the house is yet to act on the issue. now supporters of the higher limits say their expiration would have made it harder for purchasers to buy homes weakening the already hurting housing market. do you want a federal job? you might want to go to facebook. yesterday, the obama administration announced a new partnership with the social website to help job seekers learn about openings and connect with potential employers. the government plans to reach out to other social networking sites like twitter and linked-n in order to connect job seekers with opportunities online. a nice little partnership
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there. >> especially considering how many people spend a good portion of their someday on the website. thanks jess. well, some weekend work could be slowing your commute on metro rail. and mayor gray plans to ask fema for help rebuilding the national cathedral. we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now, we are happy it's friday. glad it's in the raining in for howard bernstein is olga breese. >> a very chilly start this morning, although we don't have the winds that we had most of the day yesterday. yes a little bit of a breeze this morning and you want that jacket especially if you're sending the kids to the bus stop this morning. they need to bundle up just a little bit at least to have that layer. we're going keep the temperatures very cool for this morning. the basically the 40s and 50s but things will definitely improve; lots of sunshine beginning for the morning. a few passing clouds and not too much. but as we move out of the 50s and into the lower 60s this afternoon it's going to be quite confidentable to wrap up the week -- comfortable to wrap up the week. in fact our day planner is right now still keeping us into the 50s for the most part but things will improve later on this afternoon. not expecting highs to reach much lier than 61, 62 degrees. maybe even a little bit warmer
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off to the south and the east but for the most part, we're going to be a bit below average for today. high pressure moving in. that's going to keep us in the clear all of the showers have stayed off to the north and to the west. and we're going to continue this trend right through the weekend and see all the clearing taking place. as we get though into next week though, seven day forecast is featuring just a little bit more moisture coming our way and get set for a sunny day to start. little bit of cloud cover moving on in through midday and late day. but it's still going to be a very nice finish. we will see the opportunity for another spectacular weekend. this will make weekend number three where we've seen some great conditions. in fact if you want to take that drive off toward the mountains and take advantage of some of the fall color, this would be a good weekend to do so. current temperatures inside the beltway as said right around 50 degrees, 48 at reagan national and 50 for college park and a little bit colder the further you get oftest north and to the west. mainly clear skies at reagan national airport at this hour. we're pulling in some moisture
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from the south and southwest but not really leading to too much cloud development. so we'll definitely be sunny through most of the day today. futurecast stays quiet. we're pulling this in through saturday morning. a great start if you have any planned activities. the howard university homecoming coming up and the walk as well early on saturday morning. so great for your weekend activities. but the evening you definitely want to make sure that you bundle up because we're going to be dropping our lows down into the 40s for the foreseeable future. at least through saturday, sunday and into monday. by monday afternoon though we could see a little bit of the moisture begin to move on through. now let's take a look at the morning drive for friday. thank you olga. good morning everybody. everything's looking great outdoors except one location i think that you should know about if you're heading out the door right now and that's the inner loop of the beltway right here at i-395 where you're being diverted on to the northbound side of 395 because of construction. make the turn on to edsall road and head back to the inner loop
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of the beltway. now to springfield, no problems on 395 itself. now the next map and this time, it's on the north side of town. if you're planning to head over to 270, no problems right now on the north side. coming down from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide you have a bit of construction on the north side of the beltway. let's take a live look into clarksburg. here's what it looks like coming up from 121 down to the point where the lanes divide. it's just those few early morning people heading down to work but no problems here and a last look at the beltway on the east site. south of route 50 here in new carrollton, fine all the way down to oxon hill and the wilson bridge over to the inner loop of the beltway. next, we'll take a look into the district at 4:55. thank you monika. metro rail riders prepare for more delays this weekend. a half hour on the red, blueling and green lines. beginning tonight at 10:00 -- shuttle buses will be provided between fort totten and new
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york avenue. on the blue lines trains will single track and trains will also share a single track on sections of the green line. d. c. mayor gray wants fema to help pay for repairs to the washington national cathedral. mayor gray toured the building yesterday. the 5.9 tremor in august caused an estimated $15 million worth of damage at the church. i plans to ask fema to provide emergency assistance to help restore the cathedral as well as government facilities damaged by the quake. it's scheduled to reopen november 12th. if outby salad in a bag from the grocery store, probably not a bad idea to check the date on it. taylor farms retailers is recalling about 3200 cases of bagged salads could be contaminated with salmonella. the salad was sold in virginia and about 13 other states under the brand names fresh selections, heb market side, and taylor farms. the packages contain sell by dates ranging from october
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18th through the 21st. so far, no illnesses have been reported but it's a good idea to check. the new hospital will soon be calling jermantown home. yesterday, montgomery county planning board unanimously approved holy cross hospital's plans to build a new facility on a campus of montgomery college. according to the "washington post," the hospital officials need to obtain permits so they can start construction later this year. the six story hospital is expected to hold 93 beds and when it opens in 2014 it will be the county's first new hospital in more than three decades. yesterday, thousands of uninsured and underinsured people waited to receive free medical treatment. >> sandra hughes is in los angeles where the nonprofit group care now was. >> reporter: marvin young hasn't been to a dentist in 15 years. he's tried to get into the annual free clinic in los angeles for the last two. this year he wasn't taking any chances. >> i started four days ago. i camped out. >> reporter: about 60% of the
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people coming to the event need dental care. many of them are here because the state will no longer pay for it. >> it's really hurting -- it's hurting. i am in pain. >> reporter: 3200 dentists, doctors and eye specialists are volunteering their time to offer a variety of medical services. >> these broke so i need some new ones. >> reporter: dentist channel is doing a tooth extraction every 15 minutes. >> a lot of people are in need of health care that can't afford it. so you'd be surprised. >> reporter: event organizers expect to treat 1200 patients. adults and children per day over the course of the next four dais. making this one of the largest free medical clinics in the nation. critics say this kind of one time care doesn't help those with chronic conditions. so this year, patients will be directed to a volunteer clinic for follow-ups. >> the patient leaves with an appointment card. his or her record is then faxed or e-mailed to the receiving facility and we close that leadership. >> reporter: young got two fillings and a treatment for
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his back injury. >> so this is a helping hand up and a lot of people need that now. >> reporter: care now hopes to take the model on the road and start annual events in other big cities, sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >> there are more than two million uninsured people in los angeles alone. to honor and remember loved ones affected by breast cancer. >> susan g. komen for the cure and caribou coffee teamed up. the 9,000 square foot garden is used as a visual way for people to truly realize the impact of breast cancer. every tulip planted represents a person whose life was changed by the disease. similar gardens have been planted in minneapolis and chicago as well. and here's just the look. these are the tulips that were inside the bags that everyone
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got who ended up in and at the end of the year caribou will donate about $200,000 to susan g. komen. money comes from sales -- amy's blends items like those that you have there and we have a tea as well. and an amy's blend scarf is also available so lots of things to make you look good, feel good, and do good for those who are suffering from breast cancer. >> great cause. don't forget buddy check 9. before we head to break, here's a first look at the question of the morning -- >> i'm saying it's not c.. i don't know. your guess on our facebook page, we'll reveal your comments and the real answer in a little while.
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cool and crisp on this clear friday morning. your day planner is cool though. 40s outside the beltway. near 50 inside. we're going to keep our winds out of the north and northwest most of the day today. making it to about 60 degrees later on this afternoon. but a cool night tonight. so definitely keep that jacket
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nearby. the futurecast does stay quiet. we're not going to see too much action over the next several days but i'm tracking some changes in our forecast come monday. that could bring a little rain our way. now let's take a look at that morning ride. thanks so much olga. a look at new york avenue at 9th street in northeast. there are no problems heading through this corridor. everything looks final over the anacostia and potomac river crossings as well in the district. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look into virginia. mike back to you. thank you monika. circle november 3rd on your calendar if you'd like to see the lighting of the national christmas tree. that's when the online ticket lottery begins and that's how you have to register. they are making more tickets straight this year. 3,000 -- available this year. 3,000 seats and 4,000 standing room only spots will be given out. through midnight on november 7th. it takes place on december 1st right in front of the house in the ellipse.
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a frederick, maryland woman has received the country's second highest civilian honor. michelle bruiser the winner of the -- brewer is the winner of the medal with soldier's list. it helps them send care packages to troops overseas. it was created if 2003 as a response to the american invasions in iraq and afghanistan. mcentire brewer is the daughter of an air force veteran. lindsay lohan takes another misstep. >> and president obama heads to hollywood. karen brown has those stories and more in today's entertainment look. >> reporter: already in trouble for violatings probation, lindsay lohan turned up late for community service at the l. a. morgue. she was turned away after arriving 41 minutes late. the coroner tolder she has to be there on time. lohan is due back in court next month for a hearing to decide if she deserves more punishment. prosecutors say she violated her probation for a theft case and a drunk driving conviction.
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president obama's west coast campaign swing now includes a stop in hollywood. the president will sit down with "tonight show" host jay leno on tuesday. to drum up support for his jobs bill. this will be the president's fourth appearance on "the tonight show." the stars came out at new york city's museum of modern art for a screening of "anonymous." its and audiences to believe queen elizabeth's lover really wrote the masterpieces attributed to william shakespeare. you wanted to be a musketeer and serve france? that is your chance. >> thrill seekers will find plenty of 3d kicks this weekend. orlando bloom stars in "the three musketeers." and with halloween right around the corner, a treat for four movie buffs when "par
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normal activity 3" hits movie screens. karen brown, cbs news, hollywood. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. happy friday. >> are you tired in it's okay, only one more day to get through and you will be fine. i'm mike hydeck, good morning, here's monika samtani, she'll have traffic momentarily. good morning olga breese in for howard today. >> it's a chill to the system but -- oh dark side. getting through a little bit of coffee and tea this morning and some caffeine pumping. you'll need something warm in you before you head out this morning. our temperatures have been quite low overnight. mainly clear skies. winds have been calm. and that means our planner is going to stay cool for the foreseeable future. we are looking at mainly clear skies this morning. going to keep a lot of sunshine around today. should be pretty nice crisp fall day. in fact it's going to be fairly comfortable into the afternoon and evening hours. as temperatures push out of the 50s and middle and upper 50s by noontime. then we should hit the very low


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