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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm andrea roane, thank you for joining us, i'm sitting in for j.c. hayward today. we begin with some good news and we have you to thank for it. it's because of your generosity
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and the gannett foundation that a food pantry in northern virginia will be able to feed hundreds of people. peggy fox joins us from the acts food pantry in dumfries virginia with more on the story. a happy story to tell peggy. >> reporter: the story is ask and you shall receive here at the acts food pantry in dumfries. on mondays the shelves were bare. they told the community about it. we helped them tell the community about it and take a look. they've gotten so many donations in that now the problem is they've got to figure out where to put it all. bright and early a huge truckload of food showed up from the capital area food bank with pallets of all kinds of food. after news of the pantry's temporary closure, the community responded big time. with more than 12,000 pounds of food and $60,000 in donations. >> it's pretty -- pretty mind blowing. it's -- it's amazing i mean one
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day everything's bare on the shelves. the next day it's -- i mean look at it. just crazy. >> reporter: the pantry can now open a week earlier than planned. tuesday at 1:00. >> on a regular tuesday we usually see over 100 families and i think we will far surpass that this tuesday which is a good thing. it will be wonderful to see families leaving with groceries instead of leaving in tears. >> reporter: even though it's still closed needy people are allowed to take all the produce and bread they want. this is what the shelves looked like this week after a sharp rise in demand. now the shelves are overflowing with food but the director is hoping people understand the need is always there. >> it's an opportunity to educate them about the true need of hunger in our community and how great that need is and that it's ongoing. >> reporter: all right, so we have just bustling activity out here. folks, you can see over here people are coming and picking up some supplies they need. you know they can take the
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bread and the perishable things like produce. they're trying to get rid of that and asking people to come in and take that if you need it. but all the other stuff, like these canned foods, they cannot give this away because they need to separate it all and put it into bags and then give the bags to the families on tuesday. and for that, they need volunteers. now they're getting a big tractor-trailer in saturday. and they're going to need more volunteers and they're going to be in here working away. they need the volunteers to put food in bags so they can give the bags to the families on tuesday. so if you'd like to help out, they need you. they need you on saturday and sunday from 9:00 to 3:00. and they'll tell you what to do. come on down here to dumfries and they'll put you to work. >> thank you peggy, good advice, it's a perfect day for it because tomorrow is officially make a difference day. volunteers from the d. c. metro area and across the nation will spend the day helping others in their community.
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gannett. 9news now's parent company paved the way for this day. >> three million people or more across the country are coming out to make a difference in their community and the weekend usa magazine started this day in 199 # and we've been helping hundreds of millions of people through the make a difference day efforts over the years. >> more than 40,000 people in fact are going to volunteer right in the metro area tomorrow. there are several events going on including the autism walk, 9news now is a proud sponsor of this. log on to to sign up for make a difference day. you can also register your project for a chance to win $10,000 for a charity. and with local food pantries finding it hard to keep up with the growing demands for assistance, this may be hard to believe. the washington region has the lowest poverty rate in the nation. according to the u.s. census bureau, nearly 8.35% of people in the region live below the poverty line. that's just ahead of honolulu at 9.1%. it's a far cry from the most
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impoverished metro area in the nation, that's mcallen, texas. a third of people living there live in poverty. in the u.s. senate, a 50/50 split in votes blocked part of the president's plan to get more americans back to work. president obama wants to break up his $447 billion jobs bill into parts. this first part was design today boost the hiring of teachers and fist respondsers by creating a tax surcharge on people making over $300,000 a year. but republicans call it a ready to fail stimulus bill. the president and his supporters aren't giving up in the senate. they say they'll try again. libyan officials reversed plans to bury the body of slain dictator muammar gadhafi today. they're holding off for an investigation. this comes as nato plans to wind down its mission and the country's interim leaders start to confront the challenging roads ahead. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: officials in libya are holding off on burying the
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body of muammar gadhafi. leaders of the transitional government had plans to follow islamic tradition and bury the dictator today. but these gruesome images of gadhafi's capture sparked new questions about his treatment. the united nations' human rights office called for an investigation into what happened in the dictator's final moments. nato officials say they didn't know gadhafi was riding in the group of vehicles they targeted thursday. after a pair of air strikes on the convoy, commanders learned their actions likely helped the rebels capture him. nato's top commander says he will recommend that the alliance end its mission in libya. president obama has talked with french and british leaders about winding it down. in tripoli, libyans are still celebrating gadhafi's death. and starting the work to form a new country. traveling in pakistan, secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is ready
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to help. >> and i want to underscore the commitment of the united states to supporting the libyan people as a friend and partner as they embark on this new democratic path. >> reporter: it will be a long road for libya as leaders try to build a society that functions as a democracy, not a dictatorship. they hope to hold their first election in eight months. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> the national transitional council says libya's interim leader plans to declare the country free on saturday. well, the death of gadhafi sparked celebrations in the streets of cross libya, different emotions though for the relatives of those killed on pan-am flight 103. the plane was bombed by terrorists sponsored by gadhafi. we spoke yesterday with rosemary miles of anoa run dell county. her daughter died on that flight. >> i'm choked up all day. i'm -- it's hard for me to
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speak as this dredges up all of the horror and the pain that we've gone through. >> 270 people died in the attack both in the plane and on the ground. there is a memorial to the victims in arlington national cemetery. and taking a look at campaign 2012 news in maryland. state lawmakers signed off on a new congressional district map. that puts the usually solid republican sixth district into play. more than a third of montgomery county is now in the sixth district. incumbent republican bart let will run for an 11th term. track tenberg will run and fellow democrat state senator rob is getting close to a decision on whether or not to run. he'll make an affiancement next week. three prince george's county officers who shot and killed a man with an ax outside a day care center will not face charges. the county state's attorney announced this morning saying the investigation shows the officers had reason to use
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deadly force against 38-year- old albert denton. authorities say denton was attempting to pick up his children from day care. however, the center was instructed not to release the children to him. they say that's when he flipped out. grabsed an ax and had to be shot by police. this what happened last april. a woman is now in police custody. yellow crime tape surrounded the crime scene around midnight. police found a man inside on a home near first sterling avenue southeast. authorities are not sure what thinkingered the killing but -- triggered the killing. d. c. mayor gray is asking fema to help pay for repairs to the washington national cathedral. the tremor in august caused damage in the millions of dollars. mayor gray says the first phase of repairs will cost at least $15 million and take years to finish. >> you know, we as a government look forward to doing what we can to try to make sure this restoration is complete.
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and that it is done as quickly as we possibly can. >> national cathedral is scheduled to reopen november 12th. still to come when the news continues, see how a little boy cheats death while his mom is shopping. a car crash through the store and it's all caught on tape. a new study questions the potential link between cancer and cell phones. i'm tina krause in london. i'll tell you what researchers found, coming up.
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hundreds of people in our area will be cycling for a cause tomorrow. the founder of best buddies international anthony shriver will be leading the way. anthony is here with us this afternoon. along with buddy ambassador charles calhoun. thank you very much. very much for being here. welcome charles. the cause of course is best buddies and you're biking tell us about the event and where it's going to start. >> we are, we are. we have almost 1r5 hundred people doing it -- 1500 people doing it tomorrow which is huge. we have people doing 120 miles and running and walking 5 k and we have almost 700 high school students coming out which is the biggest number of students we've ever has in the history of the ride. >> is this the same ride we saw your sister doing out in california before? >> we have three of them. one out in california that raised almost $5 million. very smart. we had one up in boston that tom brady chairs and raises about $5 million and this one we started last year and hopefully this year it will get to $2 million.
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we have the catch my sister, always getting ahead of me. >> i understand that carpal tunnel syndrome was an inspirational force for this -- charles was an inspirational force for this ride. >> great public speaker. really smart person. >> charles, tell us, what does it mean to be a buddy ambassador? what do you do? >> well, what i do is i write speeches and i go into different places to talk about best buddies and it gets me more opened up there for people who have disabilities. >> are you going to be riding as well in the challenge? >> i will. i hope so. >> you will? and when you speak to people, what do you want them to know about best buddies? what makes it so special for you? >> me growing up i was always put to the side while people were having their own thing. never invited to parties or a movie. and i only had my brother and my sister and my mom to be
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there. and -- knowing what it's like growing up with disabilities, it is so hard to be understood. you know? >> exactly. >> we're human just like everybody else. >> absolutely. and anthony, just seeing charles here and feeling comfortable opening up. it must give you great satisfaction that you started this how long has this been going on? >> you're going to make me -- tell me. >> tell me. >> just over 20 years ago at georgetown university. i'm really proud the event is here and special olympics first started in the area. a lot of great causes and organizations have cropped up here. but i'm really proud of charles and the next 10 years, i call it it's their time and i really believe that people with intellectual disables are going to lead the movement. hope to take the backseat more and more allow them to be the stars of the show. >> we said earlier tomorrow is make a difference day. where do people go if they want
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to take part in the ride? >> come down to the mall. we're set up right next to the washington monument. we're sold out which is great news. lucky us. >> come on and cheer on. >> cheer on charles and we have a lot of festivities. you see people out there with special needs out there running, walking, riding giving speeches and hopefully people will join next year. we hope to grow the event and catch my sister in california. we need $5 million. >> that's our objective charles. we're catching maria. a pleasure meeting you ambassador calhoun and you too. olga breese is up next. we have quite a bit of cloud cover across the western counties but we're breaking out with sunshine here at the broadcast house, temperatures will remain cool today only making it into the upper 50s and lower 60s but i think you'll like the extended forecast. i'll have all the details when 9news now at noon continues.
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welcome back to 9news now. you'll definitely want to check out this amazing scene. all caught on tape. it's a newsstand in sydney, australia. mother standing near her son's stroller when a car comes barreling through the front window. smashes right into the stroller sending it flying upside down. another child goes running. but amazingly, no one in the
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store or in the car was hurt in this accident. now before we get to our health alert, we have a quick programming notice for you. president obama is planning the make a statement from the white house on the troop withdrawal from iraq at 12:45. you can watch the president's statement right here on wusa9. now to our health alert. for years scientists have been studying whether cell phones can cause cancer. now the biggest study to date has good news for cell phone users. tina krause has more. >> reporter: the possible link between cell phones and cancer is something that's worried people for years. >> i think that it is a link frankly. >> do you. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: but researchers in denmark say their new study shows long-term use of cell don'ts doesn't cause -- phones doesn't cause brain cancer. it examined 350,000 people who use cell phones over an 18 year period. scientists found cell users were not at a greater risk of
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developing brain cancer. >> they didn't find an excess risk of tumors in the head or central nervous system tumors which is re assuring. >> reporter: but he says more research must be done on people who use a cell phone for decades. about five billion people worldwide use a cell phone and many say the convenience will always outweigh any potential health risk. >> you have a phone and you use it and that's it. hope for the best right? >> so i text more than i talk,. >> reporter: health experts say texting or finding other ways to keep your phone away from your head are always good ideas. >> use a hands-free device because you will reduce the exposure. >> reporter: scientists admit their study was somewhat limited because they examined personal accounts not corporate ones and business people usually spend more time on the phone. tina krause, cbs news, london. >> still they recommend not
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keeping your phone in your pocket. all right, she was exposed out in the elements for a little while. it seems warmer though earlier this morning you couldn't go out without the coat. >> no this morning it was really, really chilly but i think because most of the cloud cover has moved off. some the western locations still have cloud cover but we're breaking in with sunshine. it definitely doing its thing. we're not going to warm up too much today and please don't get your hopes up. this was by no means one of the warmer days of the week. in fact we're going to finish the workweek with quite a bit of a chill. normally see about 65, 67 degrees this time of the year. should hover in the upper 50s and lower 60s well into the 3:00 hour. some areas i believe especially down in the city center we could see 61, maybe even 62 down to the south but that's about it for today. then, temperatures really drop off after sunset. heading out to the friday night football games definitely bundle up. you will need a couple of layers there. to the 50s and even during the
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40s during the overnight. here's what you need to know to plan the day today and also get a jump-start on the weekend. we will have some clouds from time to time today. so not complete sunshine. but then enough peeks to give us a little bit of warmth. not as windy alex rodriguez we were yesterday. still -- as we were yesterday. still a little bit brisk though. the north and if northwest for today. it will mean for the chilly evening overnight tonight and a great weekend ahead. so here's what we have working for you. satellite and radar's been quiet. high pressure down to the south across the southeastern states. that's keeping richmond and raleigh in the clear, but some of the cloud cover's peeking over the mountains in toward our region from time to time. we'll hold in these upper 50s, lower 0s for the remain -- 60s for the remainder of the afternoon and then see the improvement. at reagan national airport. that is the exception rather than the rule. here's the futurecast. it's a commuter prediction of what things should shape up for over the next 24 to 48 hours,
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definitely going to see lots of sunshine headed into the afternoon. for today and even tomorrow morning i think you're going to like a very good start as we head off in the morning tomorrow. by midday and late day, though, we're going to see more sunshine on your saturday. than we saw on your friday. that's something to look forward to as we med in towards the start of the official weekend. highs today about 61 for reagan national. 62 out to manassas. much warmer at the south and again the friday football feeling? lots of homecoming coming up this weekend as well as some of the other activities that you might want to attend some of the late fall festivals as well. we are looking at a pretty good three day stretch. 61 degrees today. lower 60s tomorrow. still on the cool side but quite nice wrapping up the weekend on sunday. and notice the rain stays away. only a slight chance of seeing a little bit of a sprinkle or shower on your monday but otherwise things are looking pretty good.
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finally, a special salute to the volunteers who came out to brookside gardens in wheaton, maryland yesterday to honor and remember loved ones affected by breast cancer. caribou coffee and susan g. komen for the cure teamed up. it's in honor of a former roast master who died of the disease. the 9,000 square foot garden is
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being used as way for people to really visualize the impact of breast cancer. every tulip planted represents a person whose life was changed by the disease. similar gardens have been planted in minneapolis and chicago. well, that's it for olga and me at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. you can check us out 24 hours a day on the web at have a great day, a great weekend, i'll see you again monday. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable. it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality. it was like you were trapped because that was the only system that was in our neighborhood -- was that cable. i was just getting too frustrated. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years, with the option of no annual contract.
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