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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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back to you. >> twists and turns coming. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> and with those words president obama declares the rest of the u.s. troops in iraq will be home by the end of the year. >> more than a million americans have served there in this time. 39,000 remain in iraq today. >> more than 4400 americans have died in the effort that has cost the united states about a trillion dollars. gary nuremberg has details of president's announcement earlier this afternoon. whether they were originally for or against the war, this is a day that many americans have been waiting for years. the announcement comes one year from the closing days of next year's presidential campaign and there is no way that an announcement this momentous can be divorced from the politics of that. and it was presented off the top as a campaign promise kept.
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>> as a candidate for president i pledged to bring the war in iraq to a responsible end. >> challenged immediately by gop presidential candidate mitt romney whose statement said president obama's astonishing failure to secure an orderly transition in iraq has unnecessarily put at risk the victories that were won through the blood and sacrifice of thousands of american men and women. on the ground, troops insist the transition already underway is orderly and undercontrol. >> we are meeting intent of the agreement and getting out of cities and back into a much smaller footprint. maintaining operational capability and honoring the agreement. >> evidence is clear as troops and equipment fall back to central locations that remain defended by except -- but except for the troops needed to guard the embassy and several thousand private contractors it ended by january. a plan the president defends and calls a success. >> the drawdown in iraq allowed
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us to refocus our fight against al qaeda and the chief major victories against the leadership including osama bin laden. now even as we remove our last troops from iraq, we are beginning to bring our troops home from afghanistan. >> time he says for a different kind of nation building. >> because after a decade of war, the nation that we need to build and the nation we will build is our own. >> the president's decision is based on presumption that iraq is able to defend both its borders and form of government. what the president did not say today is what happens if it can't. >> thank you. >> so you may recall the war in iraq began with three famous words. shock and awe. here is a time line. the bombing of baghdad march 20, 2003. ground troops also move in. two and a half month later president bush announces mission accomplish but that wasn't the case.
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forces capture saddam hussein and he will be try and hanged. april2004. shows u.s. troops torturing iraqi detainees. president bush admits decision to invade is result of faulty intel jnls. january '07, president bush announces the surge that 20,000 more u.s. troops heading to iraq. two years ago the u.s. hands over control of the green zone to the iraqis. ask that same month the u.s. embassy re-opens in baghdad. august of 2010, president obama announces end of operation iraqi freedom which brings combat operations to a close and today he announces all u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the end of the year. then there is the human toll in all of this. 4,479 u.s. forces have been killed in iraq. leaders of the positional government in libya reverse their plans to build moammar gadhafi. that move comes as u.n. human
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rights office calls for an investigation into what really happened during the dictator's final moments pp one day after his death nato officials say they did not know that gadhafi was riding in that group of vehicles they targeted. in pakistan, secretary of state hillary clinton delivered a pledge to help the new libyan government. >> i want to underscore the commitment of the united states to supporting the libyan people as a friend and partner as they embark on this new democratic path. >> and as the residents of tripoli continue to celebrate the death of gadhafi, nato's top commander says he will recommend the alliance end its mission in libya. >> the murder trial starts monday beginning with jury selection. norwood is accused of beating to death her coworker jana murray after what police say may have been a confrontation over stolen yoga clothing murray found in norwood's bag. andrea has been following this
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story. she has found out interesting information on norwood's background. tell us more. >> well, at a recent court hearing we watched a rivetting police videotape of norwood and older brother christopher talking about the crime at a police station. you will recall he said to britney referring to murder victim jana murray, did she accuse you of stealing, is that what this is about? britney responded i have never been accused of everything of the apparently she has dating back to her days a -- as a college soccer star. >> she was really good at soccer. so really strong outside defender. she was very tough. very strong. very good in the weight room. >> britney norwood was a soccer standout at stony brook university in new york. >> she is very small but very strong. >> aggressive? >> yes. yes. >> temper? >> it's hard to say. she was always calm.
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>> fellow player bonded with norwood when their team traveled to europe for two weeks of pre-season play. >> she was as nice as they come. really friendly. >> but older players on the team issued a stark warning to the freshmen. >> might want to watch out for her. you might want to keep your stuff close by. keep an eye on your stuff. what are you talking about? what does that mean. and they are like she has a history of stealing stuff. >> in fact, even on the flight home from europe a teammate accused norwood of trying to steal her purse from under an airline seat. >> one of the girls that was a sophomore said oh, my god, oh, my god. and everyone is like what? she is like britney just tried to take my purse. and britney stands up and is like what are you talking about. your are crazy. >> allegations of theft frequently swirled around norwood. >> she would steal money that she would steal clothing. clothing was a big thing. >> many including healey didn't know what to think. >> allegation after allegation after allegation is made and you start to think, maybe i shouldn't give this person the benefit of the doubt any more.
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>> court records uncovered by 9 news reveal norwood may have struggled financially. new york state filed a civil suit after she was so far in default on her student loans she owed nearly $20,000. >> 9 news has uncovered records from 2008 indicating britney norwood's landlord had to take her to court when she failed to pay her rent. again, her trial on first- degree murder charges begins on monday in rockville. back to you. we will find out more. thank you. we have breaking news for you in prince george's county. where police are warning parents and kids be wary after a ten-year-old girl in temple hills was dragged into a wooded area and sexually assaulted. armando is live now from the scene with the details on this one. >> reporter: well, right behind me is 3100 block of scottish drive. and around 4:50 in the afternoon yesterday a young man named jonathan lambert was walking by and her heard terrified screaming -- screams
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from this wooded glen. he ran in and what he saw in here was shocking. let's list tonight hero. >> all over him as if they were thrown this -- there. i look there in the green mush on the ground by the tree and there was a girl on her hands and knees underwear off, skirt up crying. screaming for her life. terrified. >> jonathan lambert said that he saw a young man between 5'5" and 5'6". in heights and gave chase. but because of all of this underbrush he got tangled and that assailant ran away. police in prince george county are looking for that young man. they have like we said a description about 5'5", 5'6", muscular build, 14 to 16 years of age. they are telling parents to be very careful and they are telling anyone who is walking through the area not to walk alone. we will have a lot more from what this eyewitness saw and did coming up at 11:00.
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back to you. armando, thank you. police in alex sunday raryia are investigating the first murder of the year. they found a man shot and lying along yncht street last night. medics rushed 40-year-old to the hospital. that man's name has not been released and police say at this point they don't have a motive or suspect and want any witnesses to the crime to come forward. >> a woman is in police cust door after a deadly stabbing in southeast d.c. yellow crime tape surrounded this crime scene around midnight. police found a man inside a home near first sterling avenue. authorities are not sure what triggered the killing. victim's name has not been released. and an intruder accused of hiding in a woman's bathroom at a local college is under arrest tonight. justin morgan illegally entered a hood college dorm yesterday and went into the womens bathroom. they say he was found hiding in a shower stall. morgan is 29 years old and now charged with trespassing and burglary. some great news about that food pantry that had to shut
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down this week when it ran out of supplies. >> we first reported thursday that the food pantry was going to re-open this coming tuesday thanks to overwhelming community support. our peggy fox has been in virginia covering this story all week long getting the word out and peggy, it is fantest tock hear that people heard and responded. >> reporter: they responded big time. i have been watching all week as people continuously brought in bags of food. you can see all of the food here. it's come in this week. about 20,000 pounds of donated food. 65,000-dollars. and that means that the food pantry will now be able to open earlier than expected tuesday at 1:00. >> i never seen us have to close down and i never seen this kind of reaction. >> reporter: everyone at the food pantry has been amazed watching donation of money and food coming in this week from
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families, individuals, businesses and organizations. >> my brownie troop collected a bunch of food. we are dropping off. >> all kinds of stuff. >> the pantry is still closed until tuesday. it's received so much produce and bread they are covering those perishable items to anyone who needs it. >> it's helpful. i'm a full time student and i'm not working. i have child support. this helps. this really helps. >> thank god it's a blessing and thank everybody that donated and i mean it's the help. a lot of us need it and they are very helpful and we need them. >> pantry closed on monday wasn't near 50% spike in demand emptied the shelves. >> opportunity we had a chance to talk to the community as an issue we are having as a lack of food is an opportunity to educate them about the true need of hunger and how great that need is and it's ongoing. >> the donations have kept the volunteers extra busy. >> donations don't stop coming in we will be here until midnight. that's fine.
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>> good problem to have. >> absolutely. >> so the shelfs are all filled. now they got to figure out where to put this stuff and they got a solution. they have a trailer coming tomorrow. they need volunteers to stuff the truck and move this foodz and they -- food and they need volunteers saturday and sunday from 9:00 to 3:00 and they need people to help put the essential food in bags to give to about 250 needy families that will be showing up tuesday. so if you want to help go to our website, and you can find out how to get here. back to you guys. >> that's a good problem to have. >> isn't it? >> so much stuff you need people to help you get it out for sure. >> what a turnaround. >> ten years ago today the first of two d.c. postal workers died from anthrax inhalation. how those affected by those attacks are carrying on. the winds are dying out and clouds moving out. we were looking at temperatures on the cool side. 50s in the burbs and 60s downtown.
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show you what the skyline drive looks like and high school football forecast and the weekend. up next a new study that has reassuring evidence for people worried about cell phones and cancer.
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since the phone emits a
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electromagged inic energy and we carry it close to our head a lot of the time. tonight the biggest study to date has good news to rely on these. >> the possible connection between cell phones and cancer is something that worried people for years. >> i think it's a link frankly. >> but researchers in denmark say their latest study show long-term use of a cell phone does not lead to brain cancer. largest study of its kind examined 350,000 people who use cell phones over an 18 year period. scientists found cell phone users were not at greater risk of developing a malignancy. >> they didn't find an excess risk of tumors in the head or central nervous system tumors. >> london epidemiologist insists more research must still be done on people who use a cell phone for decades. >> but let's be real about our dependance on these devices. more than 5 billion people around the world use cell phones and for many convenience
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outweighs any potential health risk. >> got a phone and you use it and that's it. hope for the best. >> i text more than i talk. i'm not worried about it. >> health experts say texting or finding other ways to keep your phone away from your head as much as possible still a good idea. >> use hands-free device because you will reduce exposure. >> hands-free is good and for men some experts recommend not keeping your cell phone in your pocket as a way to reduce exposure to vital structures. >> we have new information about another defuncted satellite falling from space. german scientists expect the mini van size piece of space junk will slam into earth sometime saturday or sunday. just where? anybody's guess. the german satellite orbits earth every 90 minutes and engineers say it could land anywhere between the north and south pole.
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a soyuz rocket lifted off today. it is carrying two satellites that will be european equivalent of the american gps network. today's launch in south america was delayed for a day because of a technical glitch. the satellites were placed into orbit during a four hour mission. two nuclear plants shut down. ever since last august's earthquake will be back in action. they have been off-line for months because of concerns about possible quake damage. but today a dominion virginia power official said there was no such damage and that a hearing before the nuclear regulatory commission, official said the plants are now ready to restart. those plants are located about 11 miles away from the quake epicenter. attorneys for the doctor accused of killing michael jackson got their chance today to cross examine the prosecution star witness. dr.steven schaefer a leading expert on the drug propofol say it's highly unlikely that jackson could have administered
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the fatal dose. schaefer repeatedly blamed dr. conrad murray for jackson's death. >> he has been entrusted by michael jackson to look after his safety every night and he has failed that responsibility. >> now the defense is expected to call more than a dozen witnesses next week including their own propofol expert who just happens to be dr. schaefer's long time colleague and former instructor. actress lindsay lohan is on the job tonight but it's at an l.a. morgue. she started her court ordered community service today one day after being turned away because she was late. the actress' duties include vacuuming, sweeping and other custodial responsibilities. lohan under court orders to complete 120 hours at the morgue before take -- for taking a $125 necklace without permissions in not breezy. not blowing away. better than it was yesterday. yesterday was yucky. >> it was. weekend, three in a row and this is the weekend to go out to skyline drive.
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this was taken earlier this morning for skyline drive. and they are getting to be very close to peak. maybe do it this weekend and maybe wait until next weekend but generally speaking. look at the reds. that's spectacular. this is from sky 9. i would head out this weekend if not the middle of the week and beat the crowd and that may be the way to do it. look at the colors. good color around the immediate metro area, up in montgomery county and prince george's county and fairfax. we were nearing peak out toward skyline drive and i-81 and we are a little pass peak. temperatures they are cool but not crazy cool. 60 downtown. 54 in gaithersburg. 54 in leesburg and 57 in manassas. point this out again. amazing. jump the divide it's 36 in oakland. one of the cold spots in the country. our third nice weekend in a row. crisp for high school football. chilly start for saturday. cool but nice saturday and a little bit milder on sunday.
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how about the games? here is the deal. 7:59. 8:56. and 9:54. these are sort of inside the beltway temperatures. if you are going to a game in damascus i would take about three or four degrees off of this. by 9:00 you are going to be teetering in the upper 40s to around 50. we will have the highlights for you tonight on. news now at 11:00 and go to d.c..high school for the latest. tonight, partly cloudy and chilly again. lows in the 40s. winds will calm down and become northwesterly at 10. we are talking 40s even downtown and inside the beltway. in the burbs almost in the 30s. 41 in gaitersburg. 46 downtown. a 43 in bowie. mid-40s in waldorf. low 40s in herndon and sterling and 40 in leesburg and 40 also in manassas. now tomorrow morning mostly sunny and chilly grab your sunglasses 40s and 50s. and by afternoon great day.
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mostly sunny and cool but nice. highs around 60. winds light out of the northwest at 10. perfect weather for outdoor painting if you have any to do. no bugs and low humidity. hope to see you tomorrow. at the walk now for autism speak. walk at 10:00, ninth and madison. coming out get there about 9:00, 9:15. temps in the 40s and 50s during the walk and just a beautiful day. sunday nice, 65. then 75 by next tuesday and maybe some showers or storms next wednesday or thursday. >> you have laid out the stretch. >> three in a row. >> hat trick. >> very nice. what do you call it when you get to four? >> grand slam. >> there you go. >> folks tomorrow thousands of volunteers from the d.c. metro area and all around everywhere will spent the whole day helping others. coming up, how you help. >> but up next, dangers of pumpkin carving. we will show you how to keep you and your kids from ending up in the er.
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halloween means costumes, cannycap pumpkin carving but each year it means a trip to
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the emergency room. purposecon carving can be a little tricky but there are some steps you can take to keep little fingers and hands safe. >> whether to scare or to light, carving up a pumpkin is a big time family tradition. it can also cause injuries. according to a study published in the journal peed trtiacs, halloween is one of the top holidays to send kids to the er. >> every year i would see typically two to three patients in that adolescent age range that sustained a pumpkin carving injury. >> hand surgeons like dr. stewart have to repair damage to fingers and hands in most common with the pumpkin carving injuries are lacerations to the flexor tendons which are the tendons that bend your finger. >> the doctor says you can avoid an accident by taking some precautions. >> when you are carving tablize the pumpkin by stabilize the top and be careful not to put
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your hand inside of the pumpkin when cutting. >> advice that will hopefully make the holiday safe and fun. >> there is a nose. nice job. >> so we put out special pumpkin carving kits and it's a good idea to consider this alternative. get the kids involved. they can clean out the pulp and the seeds and hopefully can keep you from making the trip to the er. >> nothing messes up getting your artistic thing on than getting your emergency thing on. >> your artistic thing on, that should take a few minutes. that er thing, no. we got a riddle for you right now. what food is as tall as a toddler and heavier than a fully grown human? the answer, a 350 pound burger. >> that's a burger. >> doesn't even look good. being cooked up at michigan restaurant. it's at a bar and grill. it's in south gate and trying to break their own guinness
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world record for the biggest burger in the world. the bun itself weighs 100 pounds and 20 pounds of cheese on it not to mention the tomatoes, pickles, onion and bacon and lettuce. it takes four hours to bake. and i bet it's still rare on the inside. >> you are meateaters you cannot tell me that looks appetizing. it looks like concrete or something. >> didn't look like a burger. we will let it go. really. >> coming up on 9 news now. >> the elementary school is getting a makeover thanks to volunteers. i'm lindsay mathis and coming up i will tell you how you can help during make a difference day. also ahead, a car comes barreling through the front of a store sending a stroller with a little boy lying inside. >> but up next, ten years later, remembering the brentwood postal workers who died from those still mystery anthrax attacks.
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ten years after the 2001 anthrax attacks, brentwood postal workers affected by the event are still are a tight- knit groups and that includes the relatives of the two postal workers were were killed. >> they all came together to park the ten year anniversary. as britney reports, loved ones mourning the loss are comforted
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by the surviving postal workers. >> in the midst of tragedy there is always a ray of hope. >> a true tragedy losing a husband unexpectedly to a terroristic attack. mary morris stands before these pews to say you can even overcome that. >> these ten years have been growing years, driving through this area, it brought back the memories of my time here in maryland. taking thomas to the post office to go to work. >> it was at his work the brentwood post office where thomas morris, jr., and a coworker were exposed to and killed by anthrax. two among five people killed in the u.s. by the anthrax mailings, 17 more got sick. including postal worker leroy richmond. >> this mystery is still continuing toward my healing. >> of all of the people here
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speaking here, he is the person who stands out for mary moritz. >> they were expecting him to die also. he was supposed to have been the third person. i always get a joy listening to him. he is one of the survivors. >> just like she is. >> seeing my mother and her strength and belief in god, i think that has really sustained us in this whole time. >> her daughter and grandson say between morris, richmond and the postal worker of oakland, there is a lot of inspiration in this church. britney, 9 news now. one of the brentwood men killed by the anthrax mailings comes from a long line of postal workers. joseph was honored at service as well. his cousin read a letter from the family. wal-mart is rolling back health benefits for its workers. retail giant reportedly told future employees who work less than 24 hours a week will not qualify for health care.
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in addition, some other part timers will not be permed to put their spouses on their plan but children will be allowed. wal-mart blames rising costs for the changes in their health plans. montgomery county is getting first new hospital in more than 30 years and it will be built in germantown. county has approved holy cross hospital plans to build a six story medical center on the campus of montgomery college. construction expected to start later this year and the hospital is expected to open its doors mid-2014. the debate is over 59 university of maryland about helmets for scooter drivers. university senate has voted in favor of a campused with helmet policy for drivers of the motorized scooters. that reverses student government association vote. opponents of the new policy say it infringes on student's personal rights but student safety outweighs those rights. tens of thousands of people who will be out there making a difference tomorrow. it's the annual make a difference day and it is the largest national day basically
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dedicated to helping other folks and it's sponsored by gwynneth, the parent company -- ginnett. lindsay will take us to a school who will reap the benefits of the people's goodwill. >> a lot of helpers here in this school. >> kids at jc elementary love their school but they say it needs a makeover. >> it's really getting old. >> some students in our school peel off the paint so we need our walls painted again. >> volunteers from hands on greater d.c. cares today dropped off supplies for national make a difference day. >> volunteers are going to spend their day painting the hallways and the classrooms creating murals and organizing the library. outside they will work on landscaping. students are excited but they also have some ideas of their own. >> if we can have lunch in our classrooms, that would be great. i just want to spend more time with my teacher. >> we need new windows.
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more air conditioners. >> many of the volunteers are from ginett, our parent company and 3 million people across the country are expected to participate as well. the weekend magazine started this day in 1992 and we have been helping hundreds of millions of people through the make a difference day efforts over the years. >> this time it's their turn. >> i appreciate what they are going to do for our school. >> thank you to all of the people that is volunteering and making the school a better place. >> in southeast washington, i'm lindsay, 9 news now. >> yeah, thank you to all of those folks. this is just one of the places you can donate your time. if you want to know more about volunteering in your neighborhood for make a difference day go to our website, we have all of the information you need to help out your community. teams of volunteers are pounding the pavement right now in arlington and they are trying to identify people who are homeless and then trying to help them. goal of the project is to get homeless people off the streets
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and into houses. the county calls it the 100 homes arlington campaign. it's part of an initiative of arlington county's ten year plan to end homelessness. one local mall is getting all dolled up this weekend. the mall at prince george's and hyattsville is hosting the black doll show and sale today and tomorrow. dozens of black doll collectors and artists are showing off their creations. and they range from mass produced dolls to hand crafted and pretty intricate painted porcelain dolls. and some of them are valued at over $700. coming up, an oregon surfer narrowly escapes an encounter with a shark and a surf board shows how close he came to meeting a real life jaws. up next a little boy cheats death when a car crashes through the front of the store. it's all caught on tape. we were always on at stay with us. we will be right back.
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caught on tape and out of control car smashing into a baby stroller. the store surveillance camera captured the crash in sidney, australia. in the turmoil the baby's
5:40 pm
terrified mom rushes to him. the store had extense of damage. the driver of the car said he veered off the road to avoid hitting another car and that's how that accident happened. yesterday's bear liked produce. today's bear had a sweet tooth. this is grainy surveillance video shows the bear right there broke into a gatlinburg candy store and decided it wanted a carmel apple and a pecan bar. >> i said dorothy, let's get out of here. there is something in here. i think it's a bear because we had a bear hanging around in the parking lot all summer. >> and this bear made a run for it. he heard employees coming to the store. he doesn't want to share his sweet treats. and got away. one surfer off the coast of oregon will not be going back to the water any time soon. that's because bobby gum was attacked by what's believed to have been a great white shark. happened off the coast of newport about 200-yards from
5:41 pm
shore. gum's friends are just stunned at the sheer power of that shark nearly two feet of gum's surf board literally gone. >> it looked like piranha just churning up the water. then all of a sudden i saw a two foot thin coming out of the water and it lifted my friend up about ten feet up in the air. >> wow. i think we were lucky two feet of gum are not gone. one friend says area is known for sharks but usually the surfers don't bother them and the sharks don't bother the surfers. obviously that particular shark did not read the memo. >> no. >> topper? >> the sharks just can't read. got to do something about that we will talk about the pollen. did not get a break again. grasses and weeds and mold spores are off the charts. the furnaces are kicking on and will dry out the house it will be better. we will see how cold it will be for high school football. up next in the cool
5:42 pm
schools, math time is also play time for one lucky class of kindergarteners. we will be right back. [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne.
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can math actually be dramatic? you might not think so but we spent time with some kindergarteners to show that it's possible that if you get help from a professional. >> in this week's cool schools report mike takes us to the winston education center in southeast d.c. >> show me hand. >> show me another hand? >> hands on learning is just the beginning of the day. >> cover your face with your hand. >> at winston education center in southeast d.c. in this math lesson on sets, kindergarteners use their feet and their minds. >> they will use costumes, right? and we are going to use what
5:46 pm
our imagination! >> all right, all right, my friend. >> performance artist from wolf trap theater and kindergarten teacher designed this lesson to capture the attention of the fidgety five-year-olds. >> all my ducks go back to my lawn. it's part of a program called wolf trap institute for early learning through the arts. >> children play is work and work is play. there is no -- using drama, using story telling and using some movement and it's with the music that's keep them going. >> and long after the ducks and the pigs and the cows are gone, lesson continues even when the performance stops. >> what are you doing today?
5:47 pm
>> i learned alphabet and numbers. >> and? >> it helps them to develop their language. literacy skills and helps to promote collaboration and cooperation. >> which is a good thing, according to program sponsors northrup grumman. >> we have to start at early ages because we want them to work for us some day. >> and it's apparently ready. >> what's a set? >> a group of things. >> a set is a group of things and to make sure you have a set what do you have to do? >> count. >> excellent. good job. good job. >> always easier to a beat. miss berry says lesson on set is a great lead-in to addition and subtraction. if you have a cool school e- mail mike at cool schools at let's take it out to you guys. >> standing out here makes you want to move. >> it's a cool, cool out here. let's me say. we have a set here. to winds right there.
5:48 pm
>> oh! >> it's not that bad ?ks o. >> i don't know if we like that so much. where is the love? >> let's look at the temps. it's going to be chilly. if you are going to the high school football games. temps primarily in the 50s already. it will be in the 50s during most of the game. maybe upper 40s if you are wrai out in the burbs. right now pretty much throw mid- 50s across the board. a shade below average and nothing crazy. we will pull off for a third nice weekend in a row. in fact, the deal, third year in a row. crisp for high school football. chilly start tomorrow. a cool but nice on saturday and a little bit milder on sunday. you remember that first weekend we had in october? we are getting pay back. partly cloudy and chilly. grab your sweatshirt. low temps in the 40s and winds northwesterly at ten. winds will subside and downtown we are talking 40s. probably mid- to upper 40s downtown. maybe 47. at trlgten 46. 42 in rockville.
5:49 pm
43 in college park. 43 in bowie. out to the west plenty of 40s. only 40s in leesburg and only 40 in manassas. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and chilly grab your sunglasses, 40s and 50s. winds light out of the northwest at ten and then by afternoon mostly sunny and cool but perfectly nice. high temperatures around 60 and winds out of the northwest at about ten. your day planner. 40s to start. 55 to 60 by noon. sunshine and then 58 to 63 by evening and not as breezy tomorrow as it was early today. let's talk about the next three days. we are in great shape for the walk now for autism speaks tomorrow at the mall. great on sunday. back in the mid-60s and monday we are almost 70. next seven-day forecast. tuesday we are looking at temperatures back in the mid- 70s before frontal system approaches and that will give us a chance of showers and even a thunderstorm on wednesday and thursday. temps start going down gradually still pretty mild on wednesday. 70. mid-60s thursday and then next
5:50 pm
friday the temperature corrections. highs in the upper 50s. >> he is tough. >> my coat. that's what we need. >> bad idea. >> time to start doing that. >> coming up, a live report from the trial of a local teacher accused of attacking her students. the jury comes back with a verdict and it's a shocker to some. >> a half time ceremony with a lot of heart and smiles all around. we will introduce you too local high school homecoming team that everyone can route for. bikers versus drivers. the spirited debate on the rules of the road.
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bike share is changing the way some customers. the popular service let's people rent bike from people in the district. starting november 3 the price of a 24 hour membership will go from 5 to $7 and bike share is eliminatic the five day membership in favor of a three day pass for $15. >> the public hearing on a proposed brand new law that says harass a cyclist they can take you to court for triple damages. who is to blame for all of that hostility? the riders or the drivers? to debate the issue we have
5:54 pm
chris and paul malone from the montgomery county multisport club and in full disclosure i have been known to frequent the roads on my bike but i drive as well. i got to think i'm feeling everyone's pain on this. chris, when i will start with you when i see a group of riders those guys look like they are having a good time. you got a different take. >> no i don't care if they are having a good time and i don't advocate anybody purposely hurting anybody. that's ridiculous. the point i'm trying to make if you say share the road that means share the rules and what i find in the area that i live in and this is from personal observation is that bicyclists routinely go through stop signs and do not stop and go through red lights and weave in and out of traffic. they go the wrong way down one way streets and they ride on sidewalks. all the things that motorists can't do. >> my big one, come up to a stoplight and four cars and the bicyclists come up on the right side you can't do that on the ride side and cut across. my point is if you want us to
5:55 pm
respect your rights respect ours and obey the same rules dwoa. share the road and not create your own rules. >> paul, you said both sides have toned down rhetoric but have a point. we have been out there and we seen guys doing crazy stuff. >> i don't think what chris is arguing in favoring of being inconsiderate or rude. what cyclists are talking about are inattention of drivers and willingness that cyclists have every right to be on the road as long as there are cars and what i hear chris' argument calling -- talking about inconsiderate cyclist pulling up in front of a motorist and might delay the motorist ten seconds where he is going. >> that's not the point. >> the point is the rules are the rules. if you are on the same road as automobiles you should obey the same rules as automobiles. is there an attitude issue in the cycling world. >> there is a attitude in cycling world and it's a small attitude problem among motorists. i don't worry about the small
5:56 pm
percentage of motorists who are actually antagonistic toward cyclists it's a small number. the problem is it's a small number of cyclists because fewer cyclists than motorists to begin with and theyaround surrounded by 5,000 pounds suv that will enforce their arrogance on other people. >> one of the things i would say and it's a question, beach drive is a area i ride a bit. it has -- it's narrow. cars backing up and if you are riding slowly and you are on a bicycle and holding up traffic, if there is a bike lane or a bike path right next to it i'm talking next to it, why don't you be on the bike path. >> it's not really a bike path. >> i know you call it a bike path. >> i know it's called a bike path but it's not just a bike path. it's a mixed use path. i run on that path all the time i know what you are talking about. there are people out there roller blading. older people walking their yorkies. there is everybody out there all the time. it's not designed -- it is not intended for a cyclist to be
5:57 pm
moving at 20 miles per hour down a path that's barely four feet wide and used by pedestrians and everyone. it's a question of sharing. no rational cyclist would ride on a path like that. >> could it be that the solution to this is not a new law or not more enforcement it's people making a real decision to be courteous to each other. >> of course it. but the law you asked the question about the attitude. the sort of really militaristic attitude some bikers have is reflected in a law like that i think that law is sur purveilous. >> you get the final word. >> you can't ledge stt about -- legislate about altitude. what kind of community will we live in? and when you make the decision to give the other person a break for the ten or 15 seconds that it takes on the roadway, that makes the critical difference between living in a community where people want to raise families and open businesses which i have done both. and a place where nobody wants to be out on the road. >> a segment ended up tied up
5:58 pm
so neatly with one statement. great to have you both here with me. back to you. great discussion. it's fall which means two things if you are a high school student. football and homecoming. >> oh, definitely. er avenna high school held its big game last night but one of our viewers e-mailed us to let us know the focus wasn't on the players. >> as it's shown in this week's toyota high school report, all of eyes are on the homecoming game. >> at high school it's home coming time. what's so special about that? meet kevin. homecoming king. >> how does that make you feel. >> it feels good. >> this is very cool. i think that our student population has chosen a worthy king, somebody that embodies our school spirit. and has probably the most school spirit in the school. what do you think? >> yup. >> kevin has down syndrome. >> i think we have a student
5:59 pm
body that can see passed differences and see the true good in people and were able to see that kevin is the obvious choice for king. right? >> yes. >> i like to hear themmism means everything to us because i mean the kid just deserves it. 100%. i mean we all love him. >> my heart is about to burst. i'm so happy for him. >> in the end, don't know whether the hawks won or lost. don't even know the score. but we do know a winner. curt brooks, 9 news now. >> it's just not about the score. >> no. absolutely. great school and great community spirit. >> and that king was beaming ear to ear. everybody was really. >> absolutely. a long war in iraq will come to an end by the end of


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