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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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reagan national. 61 by noon. this afternoon more clouds and maybe even a shower or two. especially north and west of town. late this afternoon. satellite and radar, you can see some of the clouds that are with us this morning. the isolated sprinkle in the mountains of west virginia. we are looking at thicker, heavier showers in michigan, ohio back through indiana and illinois. 40s and 50 degrees across the entire region. although up in new england, lots of 30s this morning. look at the 50s from columbus to cleveland. the chill won't come until litter. our high temperatures today 69 in washington. 66 in cambridge and 64 in annapolis. monica san anything new? >> reporter: lots of new stuff. first of all, if you are planning to head northbound on i-95, there is an accident right here at the exit for the inner loop of the beltway off 95. it is causing very heavy
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traffic up let's take a live look at i-95. if you are planning to head toward the river you are going to find slow traffic toward woodbridge and into springfield because of the accident. here's what it looks like on 66. you have the slow traffic. centerville and a little as you approach the beltway. for big deals here on 66. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side, everything is running incident free. between 270 and bethesda. coming up in my next report, i'll update you on the incident in springfield. back to you guys. >> reporter: thanks monica. coming up today jury selection begins in the murder trial of britney norwood. >> he is the woman accused of killing jane that murray in the bethesda shopping center. it is a crime that shocked that community. kristen fisher is live outside the courthouse in rockville. good morning. >> reporter: good morning michael. excuse me. this is the first day of what
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is expected to be a nearly two week-long, very high profile murder trial here in rockville. now the defendant is, of course, 28-year-old britney norwood. she is accused of killing her coworker inside that bethesda store. the victim, 30-year-old jane that murray. norwood beat murray to death after murray found stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. now prosecutors say that norwood then tried to cover-up the murder by telling police that she, too, was the victim. that both of the women were attacked inside of the store and that they were attacked by two masked men. clearly she has since been charged with first degree murder. police believe that story was completely a fabrication, a cover-up. that murder the alleged cover- up and subsequent arrest really just rocked the bethesda community, which is going to make it hard for both the prosecution and the defense to
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settle on a 12-member jury panel. and that whole process is going to be starting today. should last for at least one full day. they are going to have to be questioning 300 potential jurors. that is how large the jury pool is, which is just a huge number for a murder trial. just goes to show you exactly how difficult attorneys on both sides believe it will be. to determine that 12 member panel. so jury selection starts today, but the whole trial is expected to last between eight and ten days. mike? >> chris christie, we have already heard from experienced attorneys that are familiar with cases like this. is there an idea that the possibility the defense may go for an insanity defense? that was one of the things discussed, is my understanding. >> you know in the state of maryland, excuse me, yes, that was definitely a possibility. the defense had said that you know, there was a chance that they were going to try to use
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that insanity defense. then earlier, in court, before today's jury selection, they had said that they within going to try to pursue that. so it seems like that was on the table initially, but has since been taken off. back to you. >> a lot of people will be watching this case. we'll have more news when we return.
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good morning and welcome back to 9 news now. it is 6:06 two redskins
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quarterback john beck said he didn't care yesterday how well his team did, just as long as his team got the win. >> he did okay. the team didn't win though. now we'll have to wait and see beck gets another start. >> throwing 279 yards, one interception. that is it. one touchdown scored in the third quarter too. here's the touchdown. he ran in. boom, got hit. no problem. he was fine. cam newton was pretty darn good. in fact a bit better. he also threw a touchdown. also rushed for one. he has amazing speed. >> the skins fall to 3-3 after losing 33-20. dave owens was in charlotte for yesterday's game. he has more on beck's start at quarterback. >> so you are searching if a
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word to define john beck. >> how about first time out, he is always going to have growing pains. >> in other words nothing special. but not totally a train wreck. kyle shanahan he didn't ask him to do much. >> why go to something else? >> when he was called on, beck didn't make anyone forget rex grossman. he coughed it up once. in the second half he displayed more skills, arm and legs i can't john came in, did his part when he had to. i think he picked it up. >> i think you could see his athleticism, quick release. >> still it is not clear whether the redskins have a true difference maker at the most critical position. even beck admits today he didn't get it done. >> right now my gut is just we didn't win. i just want to win. and i can't truth be told, john beck had a pretty long leash
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today. rex grossman actually spend the day in the locker room with a 103-degree temperature actual cording to head coach mike shanahan, he had pneumonia. afterwards i asked the coach whether john beck had done enough to submit himself as the starter next week. he looked me straight in the face. he said are you serious? next question. >> i guess i got my answer. for now that is. in charlotte dave owens, 9 sports now. next sunday the redskins played their first ever game outside of the united states. they will be facing the buffalo bills in toronto. kickoff 4:05. the bills are 4-2 this morning people across eastern turkey are frantically search for survivors trapped in the rubble after sunday's earthquake there. that is one of the stories making news at 60:00 right now. 217 people confirmed dead so far. this was a 7.2 magnitude quake. it struck the mountainous part of the nation near the border with iran. 40 buildings in one town are
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believed to have people still trapped inside. we should start getting election results in tunisia. people voted yesterday in the first truly free elections there. president obama called the country an inspiration for the world. christina person demands became the first woman ever reelected as leader of a latin america country. she will serve a second term as president of average tina. winning sunday's election in the landslide. some of the fastest economic growth in the americas. >> more one women diagnosed with breast cancer are getting a full mastectomy. our next guest says that isn't always necessary. dr. steven faithenburg is an associate at the university of maryland school of medicine and he is one of the experts in this field. doctor, thank you very much for
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being here with us. you are saying this isn't necessary, based on a study you have just recently completed. how many women were involved in the study? >> the study we performed included 15,000 patients. that is the largest study that has looked at this specific topic. what did you find? >> basically what we found was that women that are younger than the age of 40 appeared to have the same survival and meaning that they are not going to die. have a high-risk of dying from breast cancer. if they choose breast conservation breast conservation is doing a lumpectomy or taking the tumor out, plus adding radiation therapy five days a week for six to six and a half weeks after that. >> doctor this seems to contradict earlier studies about what younger women should do if they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. mainly because it seems as if tumors are a lot more
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aggressive in younger women. >> it is true tumors can be more aggressive in younger women. and actually there have been studies that show a chance of it coming back in the breast can be slightly higher, with a breast conservation versus a mastectomy. with this study being basically 100 times larger i feel comfortable with our conclusions it appears survival isn't going to be different between the two choices. >> doctor, you are saying that options, is what you are attempting to give to younger women. they don't have to follow path a, in order to lower their risk for recurrence. that is definitely the case. now they are certainly more advanced cases when tumors above are in size or certain portions of the breast tissue or they may have other contraindications
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for radiation that breast conservation may not be the best option for them. with patients for early stage cancer usually defined as less than five centimeters and having a minimal disease where the tumor can first spread into the armpit, that is an option for them. >> we have profiled younger women who know they have the breast cancer gene mutation. does this recommendation of doing something less aggressive than mastectomy apply to that younger woman as well? limited too. >> typically it is still a case by case report. one of the issues we deal with for people that are young or have high-risk of physically having the breast cancer gene is they are very high-risk of developing a second cancer. we are still thinking about what the options are for the others, prophylactic mastectomy. one of the things for people who are high-risk. i know you have to discuss with
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the patient to make that the right decision for the patient. >> anything eps you want younger women to be aware of, based on what you found in this very large study about making a decision mastectomy versus breast conserving surgery? >> the biggest thing we are trying to get across is that the patients do have an option. breast cancer conservation is an option. again it is one of those things where i think it is very important they understand. when we see any patient with breast cancer, the medical oncologists, and plastic surges. we have all the disciplines, and talk to the patients and make sure they understand their options have that team approach is very important. thank you very much for being here with us. of course for more on breast cancer awareness and resources
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in our area, go to wusa click on features and buddy check 9 to learn more. mike? >> reporter: thanks andrea. you will need the heater when you get in the car this morning. it is brisk. >> lots of 40s out there in a couple of spots. the warm ones in the low 50s. today is going it be a cool day, but a pleasant afternoon. you are a runner. it is going to be real good this afternoon if you go for a run. midday temperatures in the 50s. a lot of people like to hid the tidal basin. here's our bus stop forecast. as mike said you are going to need a jacket. temperatures ranging 43 to 53. there are areas where you have seen some stars. that is on the good news there. they are light this morning. not having too much of a wind chill. sun's not up for awhile. day planner today, 50 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. sunshine, 61. then this afternoon, mostly
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cloudy at the area. mikely stay in the upper 60s. a few showers around. 61 degrees, south, southwest winds. 9 to 10 miles per hour. the week starts mild. we are going to have 60s today, even 70s tomorrow and wednesday. isolated showers late today and this evening. a better chance of showers late wednesday into thursday, behind that second front, kind of chilly. especially by friday. friday's highs may not get much out of the low 50s. that will be the case saturday and sunday as well. this morning 43 in college park in laurel and columbia. 43 in leesburg. 46 for centerville, over to fairfax. got everybody beat by a degree at 42. on the warm spot reagan national sitting at an even 50 with mostly cloudy skies. dew points in the mid-40s, 86%. the winds they are calm. the system we are watching, up
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in the great lakes, you can see the counterclockwise circulation with a trailing cold front now. through detroit headed over toward toledo. headed toward indy as well and that is what we are watching for late this afternoon and this evening. behind it, not really colder but it is slightly drier. it will sweep this through us and get rid of it for a day or two. the winds will turn southwesterly for wednesday. middle of the day. clouds around up toward buffalo and cleveland. a couple of showers by us. also in the mountains, we'll get rid of this overnight. 40s near 50 tomorrow morning. tomorrow is a sunny day. should be nice, upper 60s to near 70. as we head toward wednesday, here comes this area of showers for late wednesday into thursday. wednesday still looks mainly dry.
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today upper 60s, becoming mostly cloudy. a few sunny breaks at times. tomorrow 69. wednesday we are going to be into the low 70s. late wednesday night into thursday, a strong cold front comes through. low to mid-50s that is it friday through sunday. monika santani, happy monday. >> not so happy for those in virginia unfortunately. on the northbound side of i-95. i have been telling you about an accident right at the inner loop of the beltway. look at the slow traffic it is causing in fact. let's take a live look. it is basically jammed from dale city all the way up into springfield. it is going to take you that whole stretch to get through because of the ramp on the inner loop of the beltway. on the northbound side of 295, this accident has been here for awhile. it is just in its clearing stages. causing all the slow traffic.
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not only on route 210 at berry road. it is causing major back-up as well. let's go over to the north side of town. southbound on 270 you have got a couple of slow stretches. frederick and urbana. into clarks burglary u g. it is running at a good clip, i think as you head down patch this point where the lanes divide, at least it is incident free. i'll update you on the situation on 95 and springfield. back to you guys. it is 61:00. next in sports, i think i have howard's frog, a great pitching performance in game four of the world series and a check on the latest bcs standings in college football. and outside for another check of the question of the morning. recent survey found this is the one person we are most likely to lie to. a teacher, andrea used to be a teacher. employer or pervade sore, or your mom. she is a mom. >> i was a principal.
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our facebook friend lynn is weighing in with her choice. bi can call in sick but i can't lie to mom. keep your guesses coming. wusa 9 will have the answer.
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welcome back. it is cool this morning. down in the 40s. clouds out there in spots. you might see a star or two but looking at partly toploftily cloudy skies today. temperatures get into the low 60s by noon sprinkles here and there. a better chance to see a few showers late this afternoon and this evening. 70 down south. andrea? >> thank you, howard. the quest for baseball's title is now down to a best of three series. the world series tied at two games apiece. >> game four was all about pitching.
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former president and former rangers co-owner threw out the first pitch. 25-year-old derek holland was amazing last night. he pitched into the ninth inning just giving up two hits, striking out seven. he didn't let albert pujols get a hit. rangers catcher got a big one this homerun here in the sixth. his second long ball of the series. game fiveton in arlington. now before the game, the cards lance burke man and lance hamilton were at cowboys stadium for the coin flip. just hours before the world series, dallas got their thing become on track 34-7 they won. there are just four races left in nascar's chase for the cup. carl edwards holds a 14 point lead over matt kenseth. it was a fight to the finish
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with clint bowyer. a check of the latest bcs standings in college football. lsu tigers, they are number one, followed by alabama. this will be the game of the year. they'll meet each other in an sec showdown. november 5th, oklahoma state is third, followed by boise state and clemson. virginia tech, individual is 25th. let's talk about this for weeks already. 6:25. in 20 minutes we are going to celebrate the indian holiday. we are going to tell you all you need to know. a rough landing for this virginia pilot. hear what he had to say about the emergency landing. >> reporter: we are taking a live look from sky 9 at the northbound side of i-95. the accident was cleared.
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delays begin in dale city. more on this than other area problems coming up in my next report. state farm. this is jessica.
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monika what's going on? i can't. >> reporter: well, we like to party. early morning. >> diwali is the festival of lights. we are dancing and eat and go having a great time. as you can see. we are going to be out there doing that. >> we are going to eat too. thanks for starting your day with us. we'll be dance and go eating moment fairly. >> i'm andrea roane. surprise, surprise. we are going to do this, later on. all right. she'll there to teach me during a commercial break. >> you are feeling every bit of those 40s to near 50 degrees. thankfully the winds are light. mike, keep it covered. 61 at noon. partly to mostly cloudy today. highs maybe 70 south of town.
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right now we sit at 50 with mostly cloudy skies out there. fortunately the winds are calm. satellite radar we have your includes here. see them out there. more clouds and showers here. a few sunny breaks today. probably more clouds than sun. late this afternoon into this evening. frederick, you are down to 39 right now. lots of lower 40s. to culpepper to mid-40s in the shenandoah valley. we have also got 50. there is a look at our highs today. mid to upper 60s, isolated south of washington. >> reporter: a live look on the northbound side of i-95. it has been very, very tough for commuters because of an early accident on the i-95 ramp. it has been cleared. you have delays beginning in dale city. off and on heading up 95, trying to get to springfield. you are going to be absolutely fine. over to a graphic on the
6:32 am
northbound side of route 210 an accident here. be aware of that. it is going to slow you down trying to get up. through the area of southern maryland. at the wilson bridge across the bridge span you are fine. northbound route 5. an accident blocks a couple of lanes. southern maryland and virginia 95 a couple of big problems there. to update you on both of those. coming up in my next report. back to you andrea and mike. positive news amid the earthquake devastation in turkey. >> at least one person was pulled from the rubble nearly 2 hours after the tremor. he used his cell phone to call for help. turkish authorities hope this means the death toll will not go as high as initially feared. the quake rocked near the border of iran. the focus is on urges. a city of 75,000 people.
6:33 am
most of 217 people confirmed dead were killed there. dozens of multi-story buildings collapsed and killed people. the turkish american community is watching and waiting for news from home. >> it is awful. a tragedy. a lot of people suffering and friends homeless. a coworker is stuck under the buildings. >>iologists are reporting more than 100 aftershocks. they say more aftershocks are expected. 42 years after moammar gadhafi took control as a dictator. libyans are now celebrating their liberation. there was a nationwide party sunday. that is video from tripoli. leaders of the transitional government laid out a two year
6:34 am
plan to move toward democracy. they said the move would be based on islamic law. jana murray's murder inside the athletic store in bethesda, her coworker britney norwood is charged. jury selection for her trial begins in just a few hours. kristen fisher is live with a preview. >> reporter: this case received so much media attention and it has been such a big deal in montgomery county that attorneys hearsay it is going to be very tough to find jurors who have not formed opinions on it. that process is getting underway right around 930:67:89 the defendant here is 28-year-old britney norwood. she is accused of killing her coworker jana murray last march. attorneys will be picking jurors from a pool of about 300.
6:35 am
much higher than normal. it signals how difficult it will be for the prosecution and defense to settle on who those 12 jurors will be. not a prosecutor in this case calls jury selection the most important part of this trial. take a listen. plan. >> selection is expected to last at least one full day. then it will be time for the trial and the opening arguments. the prosecution has said that if convicted, they will be pushing for life in prison without the possibility of parole. in terms of the defense, at one point they had indicated in court they were going to be exploring an insanity defense known in maryland as nc r, or not criminally responsible. ultimately, they did not file such a plea. we are going to have to wait and see exactly how all this shakes
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out. again jury selection supposed to be finalized today and tomorrow. andrea? >> thank you, kristen fisher with that live update from rockville, maryland this morning. we'll have coverage from the jury selection throughout the day here on 9news now. dc police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and murder of keenan lee a 20-year-old from capital heights was shot and killed saturday night. police say it followed an argument. lee was killed on georgia avenue on v, street. he was not taking part in the nearby howard university homecoming. talk to any pilot and they will say any landing you can walk away from is a good one. that done mean it happened in the right place. ask the pilot of this plane. he brought it down on a road in an office park. the pilot was just out taking a joy ride when the plane had some kind of mechanical issue. he was able to keep a level head though.
6:37 am
>> it quit. i just glided to a landing. unfortunately this road was here. >> it quit. not what you want to feel when you are behind the yoke of a plane. it was pushed by hand into a parking spot where it is going to stay for a little while. redskins fans, are youber off than you were a week ago? back in the olden days when rex grossman was the start officer. >> that is a good question after john beck starts. beck made his first start in four years. he threw for 27 yards he only has one interception as opposed to three last week. he threw one touchdown and scored this one in the third year. that made it 16-13 carolina. but the panthers quarterback big and tall cam newton was still better. he also threw a touchdown and he even rushed for one. redskins lose 33-20. they now fall to 3-3. here's what beck had to say
6:38 am
after the game. that is the only thing i really wanted to do today. i wasn't trying to be too perfect. my ultimate goal was walk away, having won the game. because of that, obviously it is not the feeling we want to have. >> it was a bigger loss than just the score. the redskins lost tim hightower to an injured knee. santana moss also left the game with a broken hand. left hand. he could be out of the next week's game against the bills in toronto. howard said it will be a nice star this week. highs in the upper 60s. slight chance of a shower today. coming up next, how long the nice weather is going to last. >> in ten minutes monika gives us a diwali 101. and den forget the dancers. the party is underway on our terrace. learn more about the celebration of goods when 9 news now returns.
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we are back at 6:43. there we are, team daddy's girl along with team fitness. we want to thank everyone who came by, gave us hugs and supported us and we supported them in the walk to stop diabetes. monika, jessica doyle and i formed team daddy's girl. we raised over $2300. >> i know and i want to speak for jessica and say how much support she got. she lost her father very recently to diabetes. >> monika was walking for her father and grand father. i was walking for my mother. >> we had a great time. >> monika brought a busload of family members.
6:44 am
>> 12. >> it was a lot of fun. we have pictures on our various facebook pages so check them ought. i don't weatherwise, got a chilly morning this morning, much like it was for your walk saturday morning with temperatures in the 40s. the bus stop forecast 49 to 53 the general range under mostly cloudy skies. sun is not up still for another 40 minutes or so. our day planner today, clouds, a couple of sunny breaks. temperatures 59 by 11:00. 1:00, it will be 69. we may see a passing shower move across here, especially north and west. weather headlines, talking about a mild start to the week. showers return again late wednesday into thursday. that is a stronger cold front that is going to make us quite chilly by friday and the upcoming weekend. we have low 40s out there this
6:45 am
morning. laurel 43. up the road in springfield, 47 degrees along with vienna and herndon this morning. here in town barely at the 50-degree mark at reagan national. most of us in the 40s with calm winds, dew points in the mid-40s this morning. there is a touch of fog. one thing that helps prevent the fog we have had. you see this line of showers coming into ohio. that is the front that is going to get here late today with the threat of a few showers. late this afternoon, early this evening, that front pushes through. we clear out. tomorrow a sunny day and then we watch that next front that is going to get here heading into wednesday late. so maybe wednesday evening a couple more showers. today upper 60s if we are lucky with a couple of showers here and there. tomorrow near 70 with sunshine.
6:46 am
wednesday low 70s. friday 54 and i sa storm system saturday will stay south. highs in the low 50s. monika cant -- monika santani. >> reporter: northbound of 95 at the fairfax county parkway, there was an accident in springfield. delays begin in dale city as you head up toward springfield. also let's go over to branch avenue. on the northbound side allentown road, watch out because of an accident at the beltway. delays begin at allentown road. tough situation there as well. have you been watching us this morning? we have got happy diwali. diwali is the festival of lights commemorating the indian new year. joining us this morning is my brother at fairfax radiology, and also the owner of bombay
6:47 am
tan door restaurant. tell us about the feast you have brought here today. >> diwali is the festival of lights. a celebration of the triumph good over evil hatchet -- over evil. what we have is breakfast food, butter chicken and spinach and rice. >> you know, one of my favorite memories of diwali is putting together beautiful trays and actually giving them to our friends, visiting them with these lamps that you see here as well. what about one of your favorite memories? >> favorite memory would be getting together as mom and dad's house, growing up. eating until you drop.
6:48 am
playing cards all night and passing out gifts. a celebration of fun with family and friends. >> i know it is celebrated at the restaurant. tell us about the specials. >> specials going on throughout the entire week. wednesday is the actual celebration of diwali. come by for lunch or dinner. there will be good stuff all day and all night. >> in india they light fireworks and here they do sparklers as well. the whole family gets involved. lots of parties as well. >> lots of parties going on. a lot of celebrations throughout the week, including friday night we have our own d.j., who is playing at district underground for a bollywood wood tonight party. >> what are we cooking here? >> our favorite famous butter chicken. >> i wish you could smell this. it smells amazing i can't it is a chick went tomato cream
6:49 am
sauce. so it is actually good for you. nice, hearty breakfast food. >> one of the big things about diwali and our culture not only the food. i know a lot of you have heard about dance and go we have a special treat for you. we have professional dancers to show us what it looks like. standby, we'll all be out there later this morning. have a look.
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chilly out there this morning. 50 at national. low 60s by noon. partly to mostly cloudy skies today with a shower late. thank you hour. today is monday, october 24th. good morning. if you are just joining us, here's a check of the news before you go. jury selection begins this morning in the murder trial of britney norwood. she is accused of killing jana murray in a store earlier this year, then trying to cover-up the crime, blaming two attackers. a 34-year-old man is facing burglary charges after he got into a residence hall at georgia dome washington university. he snuck in behind a group of students. the man went after a female student, got into a fight and
6:54 am
was arrested. >> reporter: rangers starting pitcher derek holland was amazing last night. striking out seven. world series now tied at 2 games apiece. gave five tonight. time to answer with our question of the morning. it was a recent survey found the person you are most likely to lie to a teacher, employer or your mom. >> answer is c, your own mother. >> don't lie to your mom. >> one more check on traffic and weather is next.
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welcome back. 6:50. a brisk morning out there. partly to mostly cloudy. in the 40s again today. more showers as we head to wednesday night and thursday before a cool down by the end of the week. >> reporter: on the northbound side of i-95. look at sky 9. springfield this one a car's on its side. at least in dale city. an accident at route 29 causing this delay in college park. a quick look at 66. one more thing. we are out here, on the weather terrace, celebrating diwali, the festival of light. we dance and we sing and there is a big celebration all week. we are all in on it today. we are all out here, check this out. rye here on the weather terrace
6:59 am
and we are dancing bollywood wood style, celebrating with andrea and mike and howard. all it is is you do the twist right. you put your hand on your hip. >> i can't do that. >> sure you can. >> wow. look at that. >> you do the head. >> you have to be better than me. >> look that. 7:25 howard and i will be back with weather and traffic. >> go to the website wusa "the early show" is next of course, with the latest on the earthquake in turkey. and we will be back tomorrow morning, all exercised and dancing at 4:25. see you then. have a great day. happy swalley.


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