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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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punishment clear skies this morning a dense fog advisory was issued by the weather service. that has been dropped for you. still through fairfax and prince william south, stafford and culpepper, we are watching those areas for the threat of fog. visibility less than two miles in fredericksburg. again some near college park as well. watch out for that. your out the door temperatures running down to 39, 50 here in washington. we are going to take a look live from sky 9 right now where authorities are on the scene of an accident. a flatbed tractor trailer arrived on the scene. just be aware of this activity if you are heading out the door in glenn burney. look at the maps. no problems on the beltway, closer into town we are looking
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good. we are going to zoom into downtown area. the southeast southwest freeway, everything running fine and smoothly through here. first of all you have delays on 95, and into springfield and a volume here through seminary road. coming up in my next report. let's go into downtown at 6:12. back to you andrea and mike. top of the hour let's get a check of some of the stories happening today. brown due in court this morning. he was arrested last month on charges of driving on a suspended maryland license. in a separate legal case brown says he was paid by vincent gray's mayoral campaign to attack the incumbent mayor all if exchange for a job. rick perry will outline his plan for a flat tax today. the texas governor says he previewed the plan in today's
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wall industry journal. president obama hits the pop culture campaign trail. once again he will take part in a taping of the tonight show with jay leno. in just a few hours jury selection resumes in the murder trial of brittany norwood. >> she is the woman charged in the vicious killing of jayna murray inside a lululemon athletic store. >> kristen fisher has more on what happened on day one. >> reporter: the process is going incredibly slow. it will likely take until tomorrow afternoon to seat this jury. just to put this in perspective, that is two and a half days spend in jury selection. that is how long it took in the trial of the case of the sniper john mohammed. so it is a very big case. we have a jury pool of 300
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prospective jurors. they were summoned yesterday for this case. a normal jury pool is between 60 and 100. so far only six have been excused. 9 reason for this huge jury pool is because of the high profile case. only 18 of the 15 prospective jurors yesterday had not heard of the lululemon murder case. a third of the 150 said they had already formed an opinion about norwood's guilt or innocence. here's the prosecutor the in the new york son of sam case talking to our andrea mccarron. >> reporter: that is a large number. however that done mean they are going to be disqualified. judge greenburg is going to interview them individually in chambers to see,
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notwithstanding that, can they be fair? >> reporter: one more statistic .10 jurors said the graphic nature of some of the evidence would not allow them to be impartial. that is important because just yesterday the prosecution asked if they could show autopsy photos of the victim during the opening arguments. the judge said he would take last neat to decide on whether or not he would allow the photos you are the opening arguments. we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:30. andrea? >> kristen fisher live outside the courthouse? a 20-year-old man is charged with killing a cab driver over 75 cents. according to dc police documents. rashad sly killed 40-year-old domingo he's reek kay after sly refused to pay an additional 75
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cents. moammar gadhafi and one of his sons and a top aide were buried at dawn this morning at an undisclosed location. gadhafi was captured and killed by rebel forces after a nato air strike hit his convoy. they had no idea gadhafi was traveling in that convoy. they are investigating into what happened and who was responsible for killing the former leader. more than 360 people are now confirmed dead after sunday's earthquake in eastern turkey. the body counsel is expected to rise. thousands were forced to spend a second night outdoors in near freezing conditions after this. authorities say the 7.2 magnitude quake leveled more than 2,000 buildings in the eastern part of the country near the border with i iran -- with iran. jessica doyle is off today but we are still watching your money. can you believe this?
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justify 61 shopping days left until christmas. there are battles between etailers and brick and mortar stores where you will come out the winner. staples and bed baggett and beyond say they will match the prices of sears says it will beat a competent tore's best price by 10%. wal-mart will give you a gift card if you guy something there and then find it cheaper somewhere else. with any of the deals, make sure you read carefully the fine print first. wal-mart, toys r us and other retailers are bringing back layaway this holiday season. you need to know things before you plan on using layaway. the big one, there are fees that go along with the convenience. >> when you first acquire the item you are going to be paying a service fee. you need to be aware of what that is.
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you need to be very aware of what the grace periods are, so you don't trip up and lose the item. if you miss the payments, you will have to pay a restocking fee and that is usually between $15 and $30. a northern virginia food pan pantry is going to reopen its doors. last week the acts food pantries announced it just didn't have enough food to help people any more. after we featured their story, literally tons of food came in a long with cash donations. this afternoon the pant trillion will reopen to the public today. in another tail of generosity, we told you about juan mitchell. he relied on the acts food pantry to get his family fed. he also relied on a power washer. someone stole the power washer
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from his truck, over the weekend. ken buyers of reston gave mitchell his $600 power washer free. >> mr. ken, thanks again. the people that came out to support the issue and heard the cry, thank you for having a heart. >> reporter: mitchell says this power washer is stronger than his last one, so now he can wash homes and cars and decks to improve his family's life. it is 8 after the hour. president obama has a new plan to help homeowners. people who owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth at this point. in four minutes we'll get a look at whether it will actually work or not. weather first whether 9news now returns.
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6:11 this tuesday morning. patchy fog out there toward fredericksburg, even college park. 3:00 sunny and 65. north west winds today about 10 punishment looking nice. monika? we are going to look live at constitution avenue. the capital building and union station. everything is fine downtown along constitution avenue and pennsylvania avenue as well. coming up in my next report, mike and andrea? the governor of
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pennsylvania has declared a fiscal emergency in the state capital. >> that is one of the stories making news now coming up on 6:12. the city declared bankruptcy last week. the state is taking over. opponents say the move is unconstitutional. remember joe the plumber from the 2008 presidential race? he is going to announce today where whether or not he will be running for congress. he will make an announcement tonight in toledo, ohio. a question of boeing why and how. thieves made off with a 5000-pound church bell in san francisco. it was made in baltimore in 1889. it is valued at $175,000. people think someone wants to sell it for scrap metal. president obama has a plan to help homeowners who are underwater. that is when you owe more than your house is currently worth. >> he announced the plan while
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on a campaign visit out west. >> reporter: that is whom the president is targeting. >> if you have a $250,000 mortgage at 6% interest rates, but the value of your home has fallen below $200,000, right now you can't refinance. you are ineligible. but that is going to change. >> reporter: under the president's plan homeowners could refinance no matter how great the loss in value of their home if they have paid their mortgage on time for at least the last six months. the existing mortgages have to be backed by fannie mae or freddiemac. beyond that don't expect to get the new deal tomorrow. >> i don't know who is going to qualify for this program. >> reporter: he is the president of the national lenders alliance. >> i have spoken with people at gmac, wells fargo and bank of america as well and our corporate office at allied home mortgage and no one has heard any rules or qualification
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guidelines for this program. >> it is going to still be a good program for the people what receive the loans. >> reporter: these are people that aren't selling their house, they are refinancing. the only way it is going to help the housing community is if it keeps prices from dropping. >> reporter: about 10 million american homes are underwater. this new program is projected to help 10% of those homeowners, leaving the other 90% desperately looking for something else. nationwide nearly one in four homeowners who have a mortgage it is underwater. 22.5% of homeowners owe more on their homes than the homes are worth now. that is down just slightly in the last three months. in the district 14% of homeowners are underwater. the worst state in the nation?
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nevada. 60% of homeowners there are underwater. the best state? new york. 6%. 6:15. howard bernstein is here. we have had some stores move through the area. do we have any idea in the correlation? >> ground is a little soft because it has been a very wet last couple of months. gravity wins out. >> i don't think it was anything related to anything less we didn't have any strong winds or anything like that. this morning we had a little bit of fog. it does include fairfax county through stafford and king george as well. toward culpepper. a little bit of fog being reported some of the visibility are less than a mile. it is pretty spotty. the big airports are looking good.
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fredericksburg, shannon airport. fog below two miles. orange we are not below a mile now. this morning your bus stop forecast mainly clear a few areas of fog. 40s and 50s. sunrise at 7:27. this past hour has dropped down to 3 degrees. by 11:00 we'll be in the upper 50s. northwesterly winds at 7 miles per hour. middle of the afternoon if you are going to be outside. very comfortable with paid 60s. the air will be relatively dry. a good looking day and good looking evan. those are the showers from last night. dropped a few hundredths of an inch of rain. 99 with fog, in cap le.
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winchester 52. in town we have 5, partly cloudy, our dewpoints in the mid-50s. that is one reason we had to call the temperatures we have been able to generate a little fog this morning. west at 6 miles per hour. big picture, we got rid of the showers. lack to the west. relatively quiet out there. that is why we are expecting a nice sunny day mild with temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. wednesday a partly to mostly cloudy day. i'm more concerned with thursday's rain threat. thursday morning the rain showers now starting justify to the north and west. this will be sweeping over us during the day on thursday as the schooler air works if. by thursday evening, cold enough maybe we'll start to introduce snow shares back here.
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today sunny, tomorrow 70 with a late shower possible. thursday 62 with showers breezy. colder air keeps us in the 50s. friday through halloween. only around 50 on saturday. >> reporter: if you are heading around town right now. the beltway is looking fine. but we are going to zoom into 66. i just got word of this accident inbound basically between nutley street and the beltway. it does involve a tractor trailer. right now that activity is on both shoulders. it is slow getting through that area in vienna toward the beltway. incident free this morning. a lot of slow traffic. first starting and then through woodbridge to springfield, let's look at 395 where you have the volume forming. and then again at duke street 95, 395 remain incident free.
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i'll update you on the accident at 66 next at 6:25. the time is 61:00. next in sports an exiting game give in the world series. right now time to check another check of the question of the morning. time to pass up guys. one in eight of us admits using this to get a date. a baby, a dog or someone else's car. in our facebook friends have plenty to say like eric who says a cute and playful dog gets attention. now for the ladies, ingrid says one out of eight right? c, someone else's car. because they do aand ball the time. keep the guesses coming to our facebook fan page. we'll have the answer at 6:53. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 6:23. howard here with your weather first. watch out for patchy fog. visibility reported one-half mile. the rest of us in pretty good shape. northwest winds around 10. by noon we are in the low 60s. by 5:00 mid-60s a comfortable 65 to 70. howard 50 years ago they began their existence as new washington senators when they moved. it wasn't until a year ago when they won their first playoff series. >> now the texas rangers are one game away from the title. st. louis got on the word board early. the rangers would tie it up and it was 2-2 in the eighth. bases loaded for catcher mike napoli. he doubles to right, two run score. rangers win it 4-2.
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they can win the world series tomorrow night with a victory. we expect to see more xses through the wizards's schedule. the league's lockout is in its fourth month with no end in sight. it is their reputation when the baltimore ravens play you know it is going to be all with defense. except last night it was jacksonville's defense that came up big. all the scoring was done by kicker josh cisco bee. jacksonville beat the baltimore ravens. injuries are piling up for the redskins. santana moss had surgery on his hand. running back tim hightower has a
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torn acl now. they play the bills in toronto? in ten minutes we'll help get you hired. learn where there is a free job fair today with a focus on veterans. daily traffic in montgomery county isn't getting any worse but it is not getting any better either. we are looking live. monika is going to give us a quick check. here's what it looks like on the beltway east side of town. if you are planning to head through new carrollton through oxen hill you are fine. you are watching 9 news now, we'll be right back. state farm. this is jessica.
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quake up. it is 62:00, you are going to be late. just for you we checked the departures board. everything is on time. 5 degrees. thank you for starting your tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. howard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the dampness helps transfer that chill right through you. when it is warm and damp you are going to feel the heat index.
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a little bit of a chill out here this morning. a good day ahead. patchy fog early. temperatures climbing. 65 to 70. right now 5 degrees in washington. a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. spotty areas of fog. visibility is one-half mile. fredericksburg a mile and a quart. temperatures 41 in culpepper. 49 north of there in cross junction. andrews is at 48. high temperature very nice afternoon. sunny. 60s near 70 at culpepper. monika santani has been watching your timesaver photographic. >> good morning everybody. one of the big problems this morning has been on 66 on then bound side. let's go over there, where there has been an accident inbound
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right here between the beltway and vienna. if you are planning to head inbound that is a tractor trailer involved both shoulders. that is going to slow you down in fact sky 9 is head that had way. now let's look live at the 14th street bridge. i'm just getting word of two separate accidents. be aware that have if you are planning to head northbound on i-95. brake lights actually begin at 95 and continue all the way to georgia avenue. the good news on the north side is, it is incident free. right now of a commuter alert. we are going look at the glass half full when it comes to traffic in montgomery county. a report from the county finds the traffic isn't getting any worse, it is just staying the same. the 2011 mobile assessment report signed some of the worst overall congestion is
6:32 am
southbound route 29 and also says university boulevard from wheaton to langley park is one of the worst spots on the morning commute. our floor director saying yes i know about that. all of us are regular montgomery county drivers. guess when intersection ranked the worst in the entire county? can you guess? georgia avenue at silver spring is horrible. >> we are all going to say the ones we drive on are the worst. the worst is old georgetown road and democracy boulevard. number two believe it or not, route 28 in gaithersburg. number three shady grove road and choke cherry lane. >> and i have to uses that this morning -- to use that this morning. i'm there all the time, a cup
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of shopping centers there. >> i go to the doctor that way. >> a lot of traffic in that area. stay away from those i want sections. getting stuck in all that traffic apparently is costing us money. we spend more money driving than we do on taxes or healthcare. $40 billion a year on gas alone. the report from new america foundation finds that $100 billion more than we spend last year than we are doing this year. we have to get to work or school or anywhere else around town. just 15% of the prospective jurors in the brittany norwood murder trial say they had been seen anything in the media about this case. >> the case has definitely been high profile. your selection resumes this morning, kristen fish soldier live outside the courthouse in rockville with the latest on
6:34 am
this story. kristen? >> >> reporter: we are still at least a day and a half away from the opening arguments because the jury selection has been a painfully slow process. just yesterday the prosecution asked the judge if they could show several graphic photos of the victim during the opening argues. they want to show two pictures of murray, one while she is still alive and the other after she was found dead last march. the prosecution also wants to show the jury four autopsy pictures. one of her hands, another of her shattered skull. but brittany norwood's defense attorneys objected saying the scene can be described without showing the graphic photographs. the judge said he would have a decision by today. we have a massive jury pool of 900 that was split into two groups of 150.
6:35 am
ten of those 150 jurors said the graphic nature of some of the evidence would not allow them to be impartial. >> reporter: those jurors probably will be excused if they can't overcome that. >> the process of whittling down the jury to 12 jurors and five alternates. at the very earliest we are looking at opening arguments taking place wednesday afternoon. today 24 prospective jurors will be ruining right here to montgomery county circuit court again for the whittling down of the jury to get those 12 final jurors. >> kristen fisher reporting live in rockville, maryland.
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andrea mccarron is providing live updates through twitter. follow her at demand dia mccarron or through wusa 9. we have all that information on the front page. we may never know what drove 80-year-old albert ballard to murder his wife and then kill hisself (sic). this was the scene yesterday. ballard was there, visiting his wife, who was a nation. witnesses heard gunfire from sandra ballard's room and found the couple suffering from gunshot wounds. the nuclear regulatory commission will talk about the future of the north anna nuclear power plant. it has been shut down. the nrc will hold a public meeting next tuesday night at 7:00. at louisa county elementary school. virginia governor bob mcdonald is asking for federal disaster aid for louisa county
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schools, thomas jefferson elementary school closed indefinitely because of damage. right now students are being taught in makeshift classrooms. commonwealth's first request for overall aid was rejected. 6:38. we are helping you get hired. you might want to overnight your resume to one big company. fedex said it will hire 20,000 seasonal workers for the season. that is 3000 more than it hired last year. it expects to handle about 260 million shipments between thanksgiving and christmas. that is a 12% jump from last year. there is a job fair today in the district aimed at military veterans. the goal is to team up employers with those who served our nation. the job fair today is at the ark branch of the boys and girls club of greater washington in nice mississippi avenue southeast. the doors open at 9:00.
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it will run until 2:00 p.m. be sure to bring a military id or some other proof of service. 6:38 now. you know lewis and clark. but do you know york? coming up we'll meet a local sixth grader who wants to make sure you know about one of the members from the corps of discovery. we just spotted this fender bender. up next an update on our morning traffic and weather. here's what's on tv tonight. 8:00 ncis. followed by ncis los angeles. at 9:00 was unforgettable and then join us on for 9news now at 11:00. we'll be back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. the time is 6:42.
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a deer, my biggest obstacle on the roadway this morning. some people will see fog as well? >> stafford fredericksburg, lake anna, we have a little bit of fog. even college park. the rest of us are doing okay. ical, chris be, a little damp from yesterday's rain showers we had last night. there is a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. they kind of scaled it back already. we'll have to watch it over the next couple of hours. a good deal of sunshine today. right now as you look at the visibility, over toward fort bell they were about a half mile. our bus stop forecast, mainly clear, chilly with a few areas
6:44 am
of fog. 50 degrees at 8:00 in washington. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour today. by 1:00 a comfortable 65. a reading down to 5. our weather headlines a terrific tuesday. a very nice afternoon. grab your shades, you are going to need them and even a jacket for the morning. more clouds tomorrow. even a late shower can't be ruled out. you'll definitely need the umbrella thursday. mid-40s college park you had fog laurel 43. 50 in sterling. but springfield is 46 and up in rockville this morning, we have 8 degrees as we said an even 50
6:45 am
at reagan national, dew point 46, light west wind. our next storm system the one coming from wednesday night thursday. that is going to stay north of us in the short-term. right now anyway high pressure control look at that. lots of clear skies we are in store for a good, sunny, mild afternoon. looking at the forecast. today 67, tonight around 50 in town. 40s north and west. breezy, 62. even chillyier on friday. saturday we are going to struggle to get toward that 50-degree mark. get the jackets and sweaters ready. >> reporter: a couple of issues on the northbound side of 39 #r. i'm so sorry. we are going to look at the northbound side of i-95 on the
6:46 am
ramp northbound there is an accident at norton road. once you get on, watch out for the heavy traffic most of the way up to spring told. we'll look live at the 14th street bridge. police have arrived on the scene in the left center lane. delays already were beginning at edsel road. i wouldn't be surprised if that is one long slow down. keep that in mind with your travel plans. at least this is since dent free. it pretty much looked like this from father holy boulevard all the way down to where the lanes divide. mike back to you. coming up on 6:47. we all know the story of lewis and clark and their expedition to explore the american west right? but someone you may not have heard about in that same expedition is a person named york. a slave, owned by william clark. our next guests want to make
6:47 am
sure york's story is known as well. jackson davis the fifth and his dad jackson davis the fourth. you are a sixth grader at lowell school right? >> who is york? >> he was a african-american born in 1770. he was a man servant of clark and the only african-american man on the lewis and clark expedition. >> you want his name known why? >> the whole thing started you said you were doing a project? >> the whole thing started last year in february. i was working on a lewis and clark project and i discovered york. and i thought it would be interesting if york could be acknowledged like lewis and clark got stapedesps. -- got stamps. i wrote the post office. they said i had to turn in a proposal. i didn't know when a proposal was and i turned in my essay.
6:48 am
they wrote me back and said i was under consideration. >> come on. dad you must have been so thrilled? >> i am absolutely thrilled and excited and jackson has been able to get incredible support from people like his congressman, chris van holland, president obama joe biden and william burriss the president emeritus of the postal workers union. >> wow. describe the arm bands. >> this has york's name on it and brick heritage stamp. you can buy these on my website york black heritage and i also have a facebook page you could please like. it is called vote for york black heritage stamp. i'm trying to raise money
6:49 am
because i have been personally invited by the president of lewis and clark college to go there and i'm raising money to do that. >> dad, what happens next? when we find out about the stamp? >> the stamp is under consideration by the united states stamp advisory committee and i should also mention skip gates is also a supporter of jackson. when the stamp comes up, he will be the one in the room to support it. so we are waiting for the word from the stamp advisory committee. >> you are such an impressive young man. thank you so much for coming, dad, thank you so much. we are going to hook you up to jackson davis' website and a facebook page to sort this great effort. >> i also have a president for you and andrea roane. >> this is for andrea roane. this is my school the lowell school i attend in washington, d.c. >> sounds like a cool school to
6:50 am
me. andrea wants to come over. >> i want to collect my t-shirt jackson, thank you very much. >> we are so glad you are here. 6:49 now, we'll be right back, after this.
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chilly out there this morning. lots of 40s, patchy fog in a couple of spots. still 65 very comfortable degrees at 5:00 p.m. andrea? today is tuesday october 25th. day two of jury selection gets underway this morning in the murder trial of brittany norwood. she is charged with killing
6:54 am
coworker jayna murray last spring. the trial is expected to last two weeks. a leesburg, virginia family is out of its home after this fire. no one was hurt in this. there are no fire hydrant in his this part of lowdon county. crews had to use tanker trucks. mike napoli hit a two run double last night for the rangers. the rangers can win the world series tomorrow night in game six. one in eight guys admits to using one of these things to getting a date. is it a baby, a dog, or someone else's car? >> they made a movie out of it. must love dogs. the answer is b, a dog. >> i have never used any. >> he said they just all come to him. one more check on traffic and weather next on 9news now.
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6:58. your weather first. chilly this morning. 30s and low 50s now. upper 60s with sunshine and a beautiful afternoon. a wet thursday, 62 and much cooler to finish out the week. only 50 on saturday. we are taking a look on the ramp from northbound horton road. the 14th bridge. accident in the left center lane. outer delays college park into silver spring. one more thing.
6:59 am
we have jackson davis the fifth and fourth. jackson, you were telling us earlier you are also push not guilty black history stamp. -- pushing this black history stamp. >> who was your great-grandfather? >> he was a dc postal work year we have information on how to support jackson davis the fifth on our website as wusa wish you the very best. keep us updated. "the early show" is coming up next. we'll have more on president obama's plan to help homeowners. remember you can get news and live doppler radar on your smart phone. download the app from the i-tunes app store or the around droid marketplace. have a great day. tell everybody at lowell have a great day, i'll be right there.


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