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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 25, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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x. >> the bags get carried out in big bins and vol tears rolled volunteers rolled them to the cars, or even a taxi cab when they have no other means to get home, like sarah douglas whose job doesn't make enough money to make ends meet. >> it was great to reopen. i need help. >> everybody here has fallen into tough times. and depends on the ax food pantry. >> it's a blessing to us. it's really a blessing to us. come here often and it's a blessing. >> each family also gets at least one main bag of food, which is now bigger than before and includes more protein than in the bags they were giving out before they had to close. however, the milk and eggs are already gone. >> it's not a badge you wear. you don't know who is hungry in your community, but people come in every day that need groceries said it's not something that is a holiday problem. we are here 365 days a year
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feeding people and without the support of the community, we can't do that. >> now most businesses close around 5:00, not the ax food pantry. they handed out food from 1:30 to 3:30. now they are regrouping and getting those bags rolling again. they used to close, but they realize people were calling in sick for work to get the food they needed. so now on tuesdays, they reopen again around 5:00 and give out food to those people who will come in in just a little bit. i'm peggy fox reporting live in dumfries, back to you. >> good to know some people in our community will have food to eat. >> in case of the pooper scooper, the jury finds the defendant not guilty. it took jurors minutes to find there was too little evidence to convict the dog walker. a failing to clean up after a little baxter. there he is, after taking most of the day to hear evidence in this. bruce leshan is live at the fairfax county courthouse with
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some stinky details. what's going on? >> i tell you what, anita, you can almost hear the judge and jury laughing from all the way over here. they almost got to the point where they were asking witnesses to pick poop out of a lineup. they had pictures and they were like, is this a picture of your dog's poop? or is this a picture of your dog's poop? it was bizarre, crazy. here is the doggy in question. little baxter, a 19-pound westie mix. her neighbors accuse kimberly of having her friend's dog poop on purpose right under their front window and then failing to pick it up. they say she even bragged to another neighbor that she did it on purpose because she knew they hated it. but the jury woman told me that within minutes of going back to deliberate, jurors concluded the two sisters who brought the case were out on a vandeta.
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>> my dog went to the bathroom this morning and i scooped it up, put it in a baggy and put it in my car this morning because i thought maybe it would help kim's case. i forgot it, it's in the car still unfortunately. it's been there all day. >> it was hard not to laugh, you know, but it was -- it's humiliated to me to have to be here for something like this and to have, you know, in the front page of the news. >> the doggy doodoo has become such a big deal that some apartment complexes are actually demanding that people submit a swab, a dna swab of their dog's dna before they move into their apartment. that way if somebody fails to clean up after their little doggy, they leave something out on the lawn like this, they can do another dna test and prove who done it. what times we live in, anita.
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>> dna testing for dogs, bruce leshan, thank you for that. day two of the murder trial is underway at this hour. brittany norwood is accused in the beating death of her coworker, jayna murray at the lumulemon store in bethesda. andrea mccarren continues to follow this case. we want to know if they are close to picking a jury. >> actually lesli, at this hour we have all indications that the jury selection process may be coming to a close. somehow, working with the 150 potential jurors summoned here yesterday morning, it appears we may be down to a final panel of prospective jurors totaling 64. for more on this developing story, we're talking to jim shalick, best known as the son of sam prosecutor. jim, describe the scene in the courtroom for our viewers and what you make of that. >> the judge came out maybe an hour ago and said he was close to reaching the number of jurors he needed to go to the
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next step, which is the step where the lawyers can challenge jurors for no reason at all. that's called the rechallenge phase. and it appears as we talk, he is talking to the last six or seven jurors regarding the cause strikes. >> are you surprised that they were able to come up with what appears to be 64, a panel of 64 out of just 150, keeping in mind, lesli, that we heard that 38 had already made up their mind on norwood's guilt or innocence. we had all kinds of excuses we heard the last couple of days. >> i'm very surprised. it means the judge may not be excusing jurors. like i can't pick up my child. i need someone to pick up my child. those kind of reasons some will let you go. granting excuses not to sit. >> of course, everybody is speculating about what the defense strategy will be. any ingling based on what we
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heard in court today? >> no. that's why everybody is on the edge of their seats. we have no indication of any of the questions as to what the defense is. so we can't wait for opening statements. that's going to be exciting. >> very exciting. it has been two long days in the courtroom. jim shalick, thanks so much. stick around and we are going to be following this developing story as soon as we get information out of the courtroom about what is happening, we will bring it to you. for now, live from rockville, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> we'll see you then, andrea. forces in montgomery county hoping to derail a teen curfew law say they have a better idea. two council members introduced an alternative bill that gives police the power to stop problems before they get started. how this is all going to work and why this may or may not be better than a curfew. >> curfew and loitering and this bill, the loitering bill,
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it prohibits loitering regardless of age or time of day. that's an alternative to this late night curfew idea. but there's a lot of concerns that both ideas are an invitation to police for racial profiling. >> the new loitering law proposal is the latest response to stop incidents like this, a late night flash mob of teens in germantown, that overwelmed a convenience store clerk as kids cleaned the place out. >> the police need a better tool. they need a scalpel, not a machete. >> phil andrews says a proposed teen curfew in montgomery county is the wrong way to go. >> it doesn't seem right. >> especially after hearings in july turned out heavy opposition. >> how do you under any kind of curfew intend to ensure that racial profiling does not occur? >> you select the right people to be police officers. >> there's a big difference. >> andrews says an antiloitering and prowling
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ordinance would give police the power to approach suspected troublemakers of any age or race at any time of day. >> it shouldn't be based primarily on age. it should be based on behavior. and that's what the executive says he's trying to get at. this is a much better way. >> a spokesman for ike is blasting the bill. quote, for those concerned about profiling, this bill is practically an invitation to profiling, said patrick. he warns the loitering law gives police too much power and discretion to target anyone day or night. a similar law was eliminated in 2006 in montgomery county. why go back? >> so, police chief tom major want to keep the focus on kids under 18. they continue to support the curfew instead of the loitering law. especially since dc and prince georges county have curfew laws, so the police chief, county executives are concerned that makes montgomery county
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this late night safe haven for kids who want to make trouble. >> interesting that both sides say the other guy wants to engage in profiling. thank you for that. back to you in the studio. >> more than 800 volunteers have now joined in the search for a missing nine-year-old autistic boy in virginia. robert wood jr. disappeared during a walk on sunday at north anna battlefield park. now he was with his father, brother, and a woman when he disappeared in the hanover county park. he was last seen close to the north anna river. now then the sheriff department held a briefing late this afternoon saying that ground, river, and air searches are continuing through tomorrow. >> our confidence is high. told us that robert was there, we are still looking. we are doing tracks. we are backtracking. we are putting efforts back in where we were yesterday.
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by all indications, robert was in that car and that's where he was last seen. >> the sheriff says one key concern is that robert had no awareness of his personal safety. he adds that the family of the boy has been fully cooperative with the investigation. police now confirm that a falls church woman has been found dead in an upstate new york creek. linda was 49. her body was found sunday evening in elmira heights. it's not clear how she died. so far, police will say that she was visiting relatives in the elmira area and her death appears to be an isolated incident. >> police on the lookout for a man in a halloween mask who decided to hold up a bank. the suspect walked into the main street bank at 6832 old dominion ride this morning and demanded the cash. bank surveillance cameras captured the holdup. the teller with the hands held high. the robber going with the old man mask.
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you can see got away. we don't know how much money he got. nobody was hurt. anita. >> we have a health alert now ability the hpv vaccine which protects against a common sexually transmitted virus. this has been a hot button issue for young girls and their parents. federal health advisers are recommend boys get the shot. >> susie thought it was in her son's best interest to have him vaccinated. >> making sure he stays. making sure the women he is with in the future are safe. >> now a government panel recommends all 11 and 12-year- old boys receive the vaccine to prevent the sexually transmitted virus from spreading. the shots are recommended for girls and young women because hpv increases the risk of cervical cancer. >> the hpv can be transmitted from girls to boys and boys to girls very easily has led to the development of the recommendations that the boys also receive the vaccination. >> hpv is a very common
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infection and most people don't know they have it because the virus rarely causes symptoms. but it can lead to conditions that are deadly. it's responsible for 70% of cervical cancer cases and there is growing evidence hpv can boost the risk of mouth, throat, and anal cancer as well. and it may increase a woman's chances of having a heart attack or stroke. the cdc says the key so prevention is to get vaccinated before boys and girls become sexually active. for her, the decision was an easy one. >> why would we want them to get diseases that can be eradiated? >> it was the right decision. >> this hasn't been an easy decision. the cdc is expected to okay the panel's recommendation, so insurance would pay for boys to get the vaccine against hpv. it is a series of shots. talk to your pediatrician about timing and if it's right for
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your family. >> coming up, hundreds of police officers in riot gear sticking occupy protesters out of city hall. >> what a terrific tuesday. sunshine temperatures around 70. we have changes on the right. right now, temperatures 67. even 55 in oakland. we'll come back and talk about how long it's going to last and look ahead to the weekend. up next, rescue for a two week old baby girl out of the rubble alive. 47 hours after that powerful earthquake hit turkey.
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we have breaking news coming from orlando, florida. in connection with the recent killing on a metro bus in southeast d.c. d.c. police were searching for two men caught on surveillance video boarding that bus. the victim was 22-year-old domitrius thompson. he was shot just after midnight
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in the 2300 block after alabama avenue. those surveillance pictures eventually led to those arrests. anita. in libya, moammar gadhafi is buried in an unmarked grave. a nephew read a prayer for the dead before gadhafi's body along with that of his son and defense minister were handed over for the burial. the dictator was captured alive, but died later under circumstances still unclear at the hands of the rebels. libya's new leaders are not revealing the location because of concerns it could be vandalized or turned into a shrine of sorts. the united mine workers union says the energy company is guilty of quote, industrial homicide. and now, the union is demanding criminal prosecution of at least 18 managers. the allegations stem from the explosion that killed 29 west virginia coal miners last year. the umw claims that massey knew about and allowed dangerous
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conditions to exist. as for the company that owns massey is not commenting. rescuers in turkey found a tiny miracle today in the aftermath of that earthquake. >> crews pulled a newborn baby out of the rubble alive. >> this dramatic video captures the moment turkish rescue crews found the smallest sign of life amid so much death. they pulled a two week old baby girl pout of the collapsed apartment building alive. rescuers in turkey cheered as paramedics rushed the newborn to a waiting ambulance. this relative says the baby was found nearly 48 hours after the earthquake hit. but azra's mother was still trapped in the seven story building, pinned next to a sofa. her grandmother was also buried
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in the wreckage. as doctors treated azra at the hospital, rescuers spent hours digging through the rubble to try to save her mother. and they did, carrying the 25- year-old out on a stretcher. soon after, they freed azra's 73-year-old grandmother, too. the rescues came in one of the hardest hit quake zones where hope is fading. but after saving three generations of the same family, crews aren't giving up. tina, cbs news. >> incredible pictures. now the father of baby azra is still trapped. his condition not known. the death toll from sunday's quake is nearing 400 with hundreds more people still missing. well here is something you do not see every day. it is a car and it is in the canal. >> actually hold on one second. let me tell people about this high wire act in frederick
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county. check out these aerial tree trimmers in action. they are cutting trees over the next few weeks. this is mainly taking place in the new market mt. arie area. the trees are being trimmed along power lines. they are using choppers since it is unusual. >> sorry about that, lesli. >> let's move on to the thing you don't see every day which is a car in the canal. park police had to shut down canal road this morning to fish some guy's car out of the canal. police say he drove the vehicle out of the water way last night. looks like it's a truck. they suspect adult beverages may have been involved. they had to bring in a large crane to pull that truck out. as you can see, it made a mess there and it took hours after the morning rush to get that all done. the name of the driver has not been released. >> except you shouldn't consume too many adult beverages. >> especially if you are going to get on the road. >> there are canals that pop up. >> pesky canals.
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>> look at this day. >> what happens, you know? >> well, we're going to be okay tomorrow. actually be warmer tomorrow with a few more clouds. temperatures right now under clear skies, in the 60s, about where we should be. 64 in bethesda. 67 as you go up 270 towards gaithersburg. and really we're looking at temperatures very, very comfortable. i mean, this is about as nice as it gets. 65 in great falls. 63 in springfield. and again 65 in college park and up to the north of beltsville. here's the deal. our next cold front is thursday. breezy and cool overnight. really not that cold. still mild tomorrow. need your umbrella on thursday. and breezy and cooler on friday. significantly cooler on friday. clear to partly cloudy tonight. breezy and cool. 46 to 52. winds will increase 10 to 15. that's a mild wind.
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that's going to pump up warmer air for us tomorrow. inside the beltway, low 50s. 51 downtown. maybe 52 in arlington. but plenty of 40s still. 47 in rockville and gaithersburg. 48 in college park and in bowie. down to waldorf, around 50 tonight, also in brandy wine. upper 40s to the west in reston and also fairfax. 45 in leesburg and 46 in manassas. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and cool. you'll need sunglasses in the morning. 40s and 50s. look at the wind. southwest at 10 to 20 and gusty. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, milder. clouds come in late. highs around 70. winds continue southwest at 10 to 20 and a little on the gusty side. zone forecast, oakland will be in the mid 50s tomorrow. clouds on the increase. upper 60s hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. and looking at 69 in warchton, manassas, and leesburg.
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downtown 70. even 70 in gaithersburg and 70 as you head into southern maryland. there's a small craft advisory for the bay and title potomac on wednesday. showers, 67. colder on friday, but dry. we're in the 50s. and i have this chilly rain on saturday. terps playing at home. we talked about this yesterday. probably snow in the mountains. we'll salvage sunday either way. even if the storm hits us on saturday. it will be gone by sunday. halloween looks nice. sunshine, 61. 64 with sunshine on tuesday. it is tuesday. this kind of caught my attention. this is a great shot. water is very, very heavy. in fact, the strength to wait is five times stronger than steel. >> spider webs. >> and scientists are studying webs to make medical advances and all kinds of cool things. that caught my attention. anyway, go to my website. click on the l tab and include
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your name, location, and description. >> interesting for sure. >> good stuff, very appropriate. right before halloween. >> the plaza in front of oakland city hall is clear for the first time in two weeks after police in riot gear pop out occupy protesters there. >> up next, attorneys for yearedly love's accused killer seeks medical records of the murdered university of virginia lacrosse player.
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new information tonight in the yeardley love murder case. lawyers for george huguely, a former lacrosse player from our area and the prime suspect, they want access to love's medical records. they claim that love died from an irregular heartbeat caused by taking the prescription drug, ad aderol. the trial is expected to start in february. the names of the jurors from the casey anthony trial are now being released. the judge in the case had kept
5:27 pm
those names secret because some of the jurors had received death threats, but the cooling off period that he had ordered is now over. anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter, caylee, in july. she is now on probation on an unrelated check fraud charge in florida. one of the world's best known animal experts, jack hana is calling on new tough rules. you know what this is about. this after days when that man freed more than 50 wild animals and killed himself. police had to kill dozens of those animals and hanah is asking a state panel to draw up strict new rules for owning exotic animals. he wants to make sure what happened last week never happens again. >> the national zoo is asking for help in naming a new faret. my suggestion of gangster slim
5:28 pm
rejected. the engaged black footed ferret was born in front royal. turns out, they had thought this species was totally extinct until they found a small colony of them living in wyoming back in 1981. lesli. >> . >> are you looking for a new car? we'll have results of consumer report's annual reliability survey. putting our veterans back to work. a breakdown of the numbers and what folks here in d.c. are doing to help. that story coming up on 9news now. police and trash now occupy the plaza where protesters have been camping for two weeks. i'm karen brown in oakland, california. coming up, i'll have the very latest.
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the occupy wall street protest come to ahead in oakland. police lead dozens of protesters away in cuffs. the oakland cop not having it. they arrested protesters because they refuse to leave a plaza outside of city hall. >> demonstration is part of the occupy wall street movement which spread across the nation. karen brown is live in oakland where police began warning protesters to leave last week. karen. >> absolutely, lesli. they are still power hosing down the plaza where 200 people have been camping and a small army of officers continue to
5:32 pm
hold this area. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see the small contingent of protesters that remain graveling back and forth with police. the mayor of oakland now saying the early morning raid was necessary because both the city and the protesters could no longer guarantee safe or sanitary conditions. >> riot police looked over tents in the plaza in front of oakland city hall. dozens of antiwall street demonstrators who refused to leave the camp were arrested in the early morning. >> see you later. >> most were taken peacefully, but the police chief says officers used tear gas to protect themselves. >> we were being pelted with rocks and bottles and other kitchen utensils. >> demonstrators began camping at the plaza two weeks ago, setting up more than 150 tents. >> even after the plaza was cleared, a standup of sorts continued with the protesters
5:33 pm
on the outside, the police on the inside. now in the beginning, city officials supported the occupation, but that changed. >> the plaza was damaged on a daily basis by graffiti, litter, and vandalism. fire hazards continued, including cooking with open flames. >> the conditions were fine. sanitation issues and stuff, all of that was false. >> with the protesters gone, cleanup crews moved in to remove tents, clothes, and debris left behind. the city says demonstrators will be allowed back, but no one will be permitted to camp overnight. >> all right, and you are taking a live look at the police here still in their riot gear. we were over there and i have to tell you the protesters very angry, yelling lots of expletives at those police. the city will be opening up that plaza from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. once they get it cleaned out. and oakland, the latest in a string of cities from chicago
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to tampa, graveling with what to do with their occupy wall street protests. reporting live, i'm karen brown, back to you. >> clear patients is wearing thin. >> at least in oakland anyhow. with the iraq and afghanistan wars winding down, nearly 5,000 veterans are likely to return to d.c. and an unemployment rate that more than doubles the national average in some parts of town. the office of veterans affairs is hoping to change that trend. delia shows us how. >> it's been tough. >> darryl has been out of work for two years now. today, this vietnam vet and father of a 17-year-old is hoping to find his family's next life changing opportunity. >> she is a teenager, you know, she has a lot of peer pressure. she sees what her friends have and i have to make her understand, that's the way times are. >> times are tough. nationally soldiers are returning from war to a 12.4 unemployment rate. here at home, the city wide
5:35 pm
average is 13. and in ward 8, 26%. >> i would say that challenge right now is probably the greatest in the history of america. >> matthew carrie says the staggering unemployment rate is why they chose to hold the fair in southeast. many say the challenge has been translating a soldier's skill from the battlefield to the office. in fact, president obama announced a new initiative that gives military medics academic credit for their service. carecarey says they can be transferred. >> if all three sectors understand what the skills are and how transferable they are, then yes, we can get jobs for our veterans. >> and fighting for his family's future. >> things have to turn around, you know, everything that goes down has to come back up, you know, so yeah, you know, i'm not discouraged at all.
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>> in southeast, 9news now. >> all the employers had immediate job openings and committed to hire one or two veterans. find out friday just how many vets got those new positions. >> japanese car makers continue to shine in the consumer reports annual auto reliability survey. top spots grabbed by toyota, acura, mazda, and honda. ford took a big tumble. it ranked 20 out of 28 brands. last year the american auto maker was ranked 10th by the consumer organization. three of ford's new models, the explorer, fiesta, and focus scored below average reliability in their first year. >> it is official. alexandria has a brand-new city manager. young worked in the same position in greensboro, south carolina, for the last two years. the 35-year-old will be alexandria's first african american city manager. he succeeds james heartman who left the job in may to go to
5:37 pm
florida. coming up, michael jackson's nurse takes the stand in the trial against the pop star's physician. hear what she says jackson begged her to do two months before he died. but up next, people at a catholic church in arizona are hoping for divine interveption after two men are spotted on camera stealing a statue of jesus. : don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be
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caught on tape, thieves stealing a statue of jesus. it was swiped from a pedestal in phoenix. it was bolted down. church leaders are hoping divine interveption leads to the recovery of this statue.
5:40 pm
>> maybe, this is completely idealistic, of course, maybe the whole experience might get them reconsidering their own relationship with god. who knows. >> who knows, it might work out. the bronze statue has an estimated value of $10,000. it was donated to the church in 2005. take a look at this stunning dash cam video. a police near detroit trying to stop this drunken driver. the driver veering all over the road. a patrol car manages to get around the vehicle in question and stop in front of it. when police approached the car, they found a woman driving, two young children in the backseat. police say the woman's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. she is reportedly pleaded guilty to drunken driving and is said to be sentenced next month. police were able to stop her, fortunately. efforts are underway to clean up forest gump square.
5:41 pm
well, it's over grown with plants and it is often frequented by the homeless. the savanna morning news reports tourists seek out that park bench made famous in the movie. the city manager says workers are trying to clear the brush to make the square more desirable. the national capital radio and tv museum is looking for room to grow. the private nonprofit museum is located in the house. it has relics of broadcast history ranging from the earliest wire telegraph through the development of television. but the director says the museum is busting at the seams and can't hold all of that stuff anymore. the mayor of bowie says the city will look for ways to help. we may soon be seeing more of lindsay lohan, a lot more. that story coming up, topper. >> what a fantastic day. pollen, not so great. still in the low range for grass. still in the high range for
5:42 pm
mold spores. we'll come back and let you know how long we keep the temperatures with us and look ahead to changes. >> defense continues its case in the trial against michael jackson's personal doctor. i'm sandra hughes in los angeles and i'll have that story coming up.
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sot defense attorneys for michael jackson's personal physician are presenting their case for a second day. and trying to counter strong testimony from prosecution witnesses who claim dr. conrad murray's treatment caused the singer's death. >> reporter: michael jackson's nurse practitioner cried as she testified as the singer insisted he would be safe on propofol as long as he was monitored. >> you want a moment, miss lee? >> share lin says jackson begged her for the anesthetic two months before he died. >> he looked at me and he said i have a will the of difficulty sleeping. i have tried everything and
5:46 pm
what i need is something that is going to help me fall asleep right away. and he went more into the only thing that will do that is propofol. >> it is sold under diprovan. it is generally only administered in hospitals. >> doctors have told me that it is safe. >> dr. murray is accused of administering the fatal dose of propofol. his attorneys are trying to prove that jackson gave it to himself. both sides would have the weekend to work on closing arguments, which would be presented to the jury next week. it is still unclear if the defense will call dr. murray to testify on his own behalf. >> because the prosecution has done so well, it may not hurt if he took the witness stand and it may be the only way he could salvage his defense. >> defense tried to introduce details about jackson's contract with his comeback promoter. lawyers wanted to show the singer would have owed $40
5:47 pm
million if the concerts were canceled, but the judge ruled the contract is off limits. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. and janet jackson said over the weekend she is postponing part of her australian tour to be close to her family as the case draws to a close. another member of the lohan family, as in lindsay lohan is in trouble with the law. michael lohan is under arrest accused of punching his live in girlfriend and threatening to throw her off a balcony. police made the arrest early this morning. the case is being sent to the state's attorney's office. it will be up to prosecutors to decide whether or not to pursue those charges. meantime, though, lindsay lohan herself, apparently, has inked a deal to pose nude for playboy. lohan reportedly will be paid nearly a million bucks to bare it all. there is word the actress bought the initial deal of $750,000. there's no word on which issue
5:48 pm
lohan will appear in, but you will hear about it. >> i'm thinking we will hear about it. >> can i have $10? just kidding. >> okay. let's move on to the weather. sun is going down. still a lovely night. >> we had northern lights visible yesterday, last night. we'll talk about that coming up at 6:00 if they are going to be visible again tonight. clear skies, that will be the rule. if they are out there, we'll be able to see them. mid to upper 60s. some low 60s in bethesda. but for the most part, this is about where temperatures should be. lots of sun and not much wind out there. it feels very, very comfortable. 66 in leesburg. 63 in gaithersburg. that's a good deal. and 67 downtown. mid 60s also in college park. okay, so here's the deal. the next cold front will be on thursday. this is a stronger cold front than the one we had last night. breezy and cool overnight. still mild tomorrow. you'll need your umbrella on thursday and breezy and cooler
5:49 pm
on friday. kind of signaling a weather pattern change, if you will. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy. breezy and cool. 46 to 52. winds increasing southwest at 10 to 15. in the suburbs, we're talking 40s. 47 gaithersburg and rockville. 52 in arlington. 51 downtown. upper 40s in college park and out toward bowie. probably 50 at waldorf and plenty of 40s to the west. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy, cool. you need sunglasses in the morning. 40s and 50s and by afternoon, partly cloudy, going to be a very nice day. breezy and milder. clouds will come in late. high temperatures around 70. but that is a warm, mild wind. next seven days, grab the umbrella for thursday. rain and showers, 66. friday will be dry, but cooler upper 50s. saturday still appears there's going to be a coastal storm. could be a cold rain for us, could be snow on the other side
5:50 pm
of the divide. either way if the storm hits us or not, we're going to have a nice sunday. halloween looks bright, but brisk for the trick or treaters. >> put under armor on those kids, they are going to be fine. >> i'm hoping that saturday rain is going to go away, but it's but it isn't, is it? >> majority rules. still ahead, a local sixth grader makes a pitch to put this guy on a stamp. plus, details you'll only see on 9news about the murder of a local cab driver. and some simple, but important steps you can take to keep your trick or treaters safe this halloween. all that and more coming up next on 9news now.
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in less than a week, those candy seekers are going to fan out looking for tricks and treats. earlier we talked to kim with the consumer product safety commission about some safe ways to celebrate. >> okay, we have the costumes, we have the decorations. we have the lighting. kim, let's go through your three step safety check. one of the first things you say is you want to prevent burns and other injuries. >> that's right. we want to prevent fires and burns and easy swaps can take care of that. replace your open flame candles with battery operated lights. decorate your lantern, use these instead of these. >> that's an easy swap to make. you want to make sure your child can see and be seen, which is important in the dark.
5:54 pm
>> that's absolutely right. trim costumes and outer wear with reflective tape so a motorist can see your child. so that the trick or treaters can see, give them a flashlight or glow stick. >> you want to have this in their hands as they are walking so they can see where they are going. >> carry a flashlight. >> clearly a big thing is costumes. so you want to make sure the children are fit for safety. what kind of things should parents avoid? >> long skirts. long skirts and capes pose as tripping hazard and trips and falls were the second leading cause of injuries last year. so no oversized shoes. shoes should be well fitting. >> don't use mommy's shoes. >> and you have ail told parents to stay away from masks. >> that's right. >> like these. >> a safer alternative could be makeup and face paint. masks sometimes prohibit your vision. we want kids to see. try face painting as an alternative. >> and one of the other
5:55 pm
reasons is because this particular mask has been recalled and we'll have more details about this on our website. thank you so much for coming in for all this great information. a pumpkin carving injuries are also another thing you need to know about. plus this information on our website, thanks lesli. >> great stuff. okay, a maryland sixth grader trying to make his mark on the u.s. postal service and this morning he sat down with mike on 9news now at 6:00 a.m. to tell him all about it. >> we all know the story of lewis and clark and their expedition to explore the american west, right? but someone you may not have heard about is a person named york. a slave owned by william clark. our next guest and guests want to make sure york's story is known as well. you are a sixth grader at lowell school, is that right? >> yes. >> first off, who is our man,
5:56 pm
york? >> york was an african american man born in 1770. he was the man servant of clark and he was the only african american man on the lewis and clark expedition from 1804 to 1806. >> you want to get his name known why? >> because -- >> the whole thing started, you were doing a project? >> the whole thing started last year in february. i was working on a lewis and clark project and i discovered york. i thought it would be interesting if, you know, york would be acknowledged like lewis and clark got stamps, i thought it would be cool in york got a stamp, too. i wrote the post office and they wrote me back and said i had to turn in a proposal. i turned in my essay and they wrote me back and said i was under consideration and that's how it began. >> come on. that is really cool. dad, you must have been thrilled. >> i am absolutely thrilled and excited and you should know that jackson has been able to
5:57 pm
get incredible support from people like his congressman, president barack obama, joe biden and william burriss who is the president of the american postal worker's union. >> and there's a picture right there. wow. this is fantastic. okay. you have a couple things trying to pull this off. describe what these arm bands. they gave me one, too, that has york's name on it. >> it has york's name on it and black heritage stamp. you can buy these on my website. and i have a facebook page, it's called voteforyork black heritage stamp. i'm trying to raise money because i have been personally invited by the president of lewis and clark college to come to their college and i'm raising money to go there. >> oh man, that's fantastic. we'll have that on dad, what happens next when we
5:58 pm
find out about this stamp? >> the stamp is under consideration by the united states stamp of advisory committee and i should also mention that a skip gate is also a supporter of jackson. he said when the stamp comes up, he'll be glad to be the one in the room to support it. we are waiting for further word from the stamp advisory committee. >> you have to -- you are such an impressive young man. thank you for coming. >> wow. he has a website and a bow tie. we love this kid. you can get more information on what jackson is trying to do at our website. >> such a well spoken kid and passionate about this. >> about a stamp. >> pretty cool stuff. a big boost today for plans to build the national museum of african american history and culture right here in washington. >> wal-mart donated $5 million to this project. construction is slated to begin on the museum near the washington monument next year. it is scheduled to open in 2015. this is 9news now. >> a young man who is accused of killing a taxi driver
5:59 pm
apparently walked away from a dc group home after he was refused a pass to visit his family. bruce johnson is working this story. you talked to the cab drivers and now this part of the story. >> you are going to hear this is an argument over 75 cents. it wasn't about that at all. this was a planned robbery and that's why this cab driver did not go home to his family that night. >> it's a terrible tragedy. >> any one of these cab drivers could have met the same face had they been working over night saturday picking up fares at the metro station in landover. >> according to the dispatcher and the gps tracking system, it was 2:53 saturday morning. domingo picks up two passengers at the morgan boulevard metro station. by 3:21 a.m., the cab had arrived at its destination and the 4300 block of pond street northeast. by 3:27, a mere


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