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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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look at the day planner. it is early on this thursday morning. 4:59. coming up on 5:00 a.m. 59 degrees. light rain at reagan national. 63 by noon. showers this morning, especially this morning. fewer showers this afternoon as temperatures make a run toward 65 in town, 70 south and only around 60 up north. clouds and radar combined and you can see things moving west to east. this morning while we've got some lighter to occasionally moderate rain with us now, the heavier stuff is in west virginia, ohio, kentucky. it's moving east right toward us. so give it a few hours and the rain will be picking up in intensity. live doppler 9000hd lots of light to moderate rain showers. not much going on in southern maryland or south of warrenton yet but this will pick up and our temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. let's go over to monika samtani who will update us on the morning commute. we'll look at the beltway which is looking great. all that construction i was showing you earlier this morning should be pretty much cleared out. things are looking fine all
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around town. we're going to zoom in first to virginia. all the speed limits look good on 295, 395, 66 inside the beltway. i think we can deal with that. let's go live right now on the northbound side of i-95. if you're coming up from dale city up toward woodbridge and the occoquan river right now, there are no delays. it's a good time to head out. let's go back out to the maps and this time into downtown. we're looking good along constitution avenue, 14th street, the freeway, everything in the corridor downtown looks final. let's take a look at the 14th street bridge trying to get there. no problems on 395, across the bridge span. i took a look at roosevelt building and american legion bridge -- roosevelt bridge and american legion building and everything there -- legion bridge and everything there is fine as well. at the lululemon murder trial gets under way, some of the crime scene photos have been released. >> prosecutors are trying to use those photos to prove brittany norwood planned to murder her coworker jayna
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murray. >> reporter: good morning. i was inside the courtroom during opening statements and sitting right behind me was jayna a murray's family in the third row. a lot of them came in wearing buttons with jayna murray's picture on t. some of the family members turned away once the prosecutors showed some of the graphic photos of murray, including a close-up picture of her skull and her hand. one of those pictures again jayna's skull nothing short of hacked by several weapons. the state says there were 322 distinct wounds on her body, a picture of her hand where most of the 122 defensive wounds were, the likes of which the medical examiner has never seen before. i also saw some of norwood's family in tears. also in the third row across the aisle from jayna murray's family. it was remarkable, though, when the defense said brittany norwood killed jayna murray
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march 11 but say it doesn't rise to the level of first- degree murder. now the defense attorney said she is not guilty of first- degree murder. jayna was killed by brittany. it was not premeditated, not deliberate, there was no malice so the prosecutor has the burden of proof to prove the premeditation. the jury also has a very specific set of guidelines to look at those specifically. so this again is not a life or death case but it is a case of if norwood would spend the rest of her life in jail or something of a lesser charge. >> surae, what's in store for today? obviously a lot on the docket. >> reporter: there is. the judge will ultimately decide the punishment but also today we will hear more from the prosecution. the state will also have more forensics evidence. they have a blood splatter expert. they also have the medical examiner. they also talked about hours
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and hours of recorded interviews by brittany norwood herself. so it will be very interesting to hear her words. as prosecutors say, her coverup. mike? >> thank you. suraechinn live at the courthouse. mitt romney and governor bob mcdonald were all smiles at the g.o.p. headquarters in fairfax. mcdonnell also joined the former massachusetts governor tuesday night at a private fund- raiser in mclean. mcdonnell has not endorsed romney or any other presidential candidate. some protesters showed up outside to denounce republican policies as harmful to the lower and middle classes. prince george's county's top prosecutor is running for congress. glenn ivey plans to run for the district 4 seat now held by donna edwards. it includes much of prince george's county and parts of anne arundel county. a part of montgomery county was removed during redistricting. anne arundel county councilman
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jamie benoit also plans to run for the seat. he also is a democrat so they would all face each other in a primary battle. members of bernie madoff's family are now talking to 60 minutes. in an interview that airs this sunday, madoff's wife, ruth, discloses a disturbing event. she says the ponzi scheme as it came to light, they got terrible phone calls and hate mail and she and her husband actually attempted suicide. >> that's when i packed up some things to send to my sons and my grandchildren. i had some lovely antique things and things that i thought they might want. i mailed them. it was christmas eve. it added to the whole depression. we took pills and woke up the next day. >> ruth madoff says they took am by yen and it was an attempt that was impulsive and she's glad that they didn't succeed. you can see the entire interview this sunday right
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here on channel 9 again on "60 minutes." 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> here's jessica doyle with today's headlines. >> world markets are surging this morning. wall street very well could -- we'll have to watch investors cheering a european deal to fix the greece debt situation. the improving situation overseas also helped wall street yesterday. the dow starts this morning at 11,869. popped 162 points. that's a gain of nearly 1.4%. both the nasdaq and s&p 500 jumped over 12 points. the economy may not be as bad as it feels. the survey by economists is suggesting that third quarter growth picked up after a sluggish first half. the survey is forecastingage growth of 2.4% from july to september quarter. as consumers and businesses spent more than expected. the commerce department releases its first official estimate for the third quarter
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later this morning and also today we're going to get figures on unemployment benefits and pending home sales. what is the scariest job in america? a new survey from career builder list as couple of them. they put number one as bomb squad technician. >> good call. >> also in the top five we have high-rise window washer. i couldn't do it. aim afraid of heights. serving in the armed forces. absolutely. miner and police officer. >> absolutely. >> unfortunately bomb squad technicians have had work in the last few years. hopefully safely. >> exactly. what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> women in the boardroom, women c.e.o.s, you've come a long way, baby. we'll take a look at that in the next 30 minutes. for the most part the wall street protesters in d.c. haven't encountered many problems with authorities. >> but out west an investigation is under way after one protester was seriously injured in a clash with police. more on that story next. you'll soon be able to see some rare views from the statue
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of liberty without even taking a trip to new york city. we'll be right back.
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we've got some rain around the area. we'll have showers on and off, especially this morning. fewer this afternoon. but grab the rain gear and then you'll need the warm weather gear. or the colder weather gear to keep you warm. it's early. 62 by 11:00. this afternoon we'll make a run toward 65 with fewer showers. tonight we have a freeze watch north of town. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. monika, over to you.
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we're going to take a look live at the beltway on the north side of town before connecticut avenue. so the top side of your screen after university boulevard. an accident sitting on the shoulder with police on the scene. but no real delays getting by. just getting word of an accident in virginia. i'm have that coming up at 5:17. andrea, back to you. making news now at 5:10, the mayor of oakland, california says an investigation is under way into the wounding of an occupy wall street protester. friends of 24-year-old scott olson said the iraq war veteran was struck in the held by a rubber bullet fired by police. olson is hospitalized with serious injuries. however, oakland authorities say the police there don't even carry rubber bullets. a guilty verdict in the first criminal trial stemming from last year's deadly coal mine explosion in west virginia. a federal jury found mine security chief impeded the investigation by lying and trying to destroy documents. 29 men died in the worst u.s. mine disaster in more than 40
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years. the statue of liberty is getting a high-tech birthday present. tomorrow marks 125 years since the statue's original dedication in 1886. now web cams have been installed in lady liberty's torch can which has been off limits to the public since 1916. the five cameras will be on 24 hours a day and they were a gift to the national park service. if you do any sightseeing on the east coast this weekend, it will be pretty chilly. howard has a high temperature only in the 40s on some days in the seven-day forecast. more coming up at 5:14. ahead at 5:50, a way for breast cancer patients to feel a little more whole, even if they have to get a mastectomy. the race isn't till sunday but the marine corps marathon weekend is already off and running. we'll explain that. stay with us. that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> the mcloughlin group sunday
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morning on wusa9.
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good morning. 5:14. this weekend no stickage, no matter what falls from the sky. >> the ground is too warm. air temperatures in the mid- 40s. a novelty wet flake saturday if we see it at all. here's a look at this morning's
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bus stop forecast. we've got wet weather and it's mild, relatively speaking. temps in the 50s, even 60s out there this morning with the scattered showers. sunrise not for a long time. 7:30. it's sets at 6:14. a wet morning out there. take some extra time, especially with some leaves down, too, adding to the slippery factor this morning along with the wet streets. 9:00 62. we'll still have some showers around. better chance of showers this morning than this afternoon. i think this afternoon they become more sporadic. noontime temp 64. southwest winds will turn to the west and pick up and tonight they'll pick up out of the northwest. it will be a breezy night as we clear out and get cold. still the low 60s. the rain this morning has been relatively light, although look to the west. we have a lot more yellow and orange showing up on the radar across west virginia and ohio. these' more mod -- that's more moderate and heavy rain moving to the east. i do expect as we go through the morning we'll see an increase in the action and a
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decrease late other this afternoon. this morning lighter rains. most areas around here. as you head west, west of warrenton toward the then then valley and down south -- the shenandoah valley and down south, the radar anyway is much less active down there from la plata to st. mary's county, calvert county looks relatively quiet right now. as we go in town, we have the light rains all over. up to frederick and loudoun and fairfax. but you don't see any darker greens really or some yellows or oranges. even to our south we're seeing those breaks when you get out toward hughesville, down route 6 here headed in. things are getting much quieter on the radar. temperatures are running 50s and 60s. 59 in fairfax. 56 crawford. 55 in lease burke. at reagan -- leesburg. at reagan national we have 55 and calm winds. we'll be watching this front slip through. behind is the colder air filters in.
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rain showers tonight changing to snow showers in northern pennsylvania and up across the maryland-pennsylvania border, we've got freeze watches on the south side. freeze warnings on the north side. you folks up in frederick, hagerstown, westminster, put the plants inside. 65 today. fewer showers this afternoon. tonight mid-30s to low 40s. chilly tomorrow, 52. saturday some cold rain showers, emily in the morning. may mix -- especially in the morning. may mix with a wet flake north and west. on sunday and monday still on the cool side highs in the low to mid-50s but dry for the trick or treaters. monika is in now with your time saver traffic. everything is looking fine on the beltway. we have no issues all around town. if you're planning to head to the north and the south, all that construction i was talking about earlier near university boulevard and connecticut avenue and down in springfield and tysons, everything should be final. but we're just getting word of an accident. if you're planning to head in the fort belvoir area, backlick road is closed at route 1. fairfax county police are now
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on the scene. but 95 is looking fine as you head up past the occoquan river all the way into springfield on to 395. you should be fine. let's take you outside live. first over to 66. on the inbound side no issues coming in from manassas through centreville, vienna and the beltway and inside to the roosevelt bridge. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. we're looking good here as well. basically leaving 270 on the southbound side and northbound from tysons corner toward silver spring. by the way, metro, marc and rhee, everything is running on time. at 5:24 i'll go into the district. back to you. metro access has dolled out $11 million in free rides over the last six years. >> according to today's washington examiner either contractors were late or didn't show up. the paper says an inspector general's audit found 9 million of those costs were incurred in just the last three years. metro agreed to give out two free ride coupons for every late or missed trip as a settlement for a class action
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lawsuit. the assistant general manager of access services says the numbers are skewed arguing that many riders would likely take those trips anyway, free ride coupon or not. 5:19. it appears the nationals will stay stable in the dugout after last season's dramatic midyear exit by jim riggleman. the redskins hope to get some injured players off the bench and break in -- break their two-game losing streak this sunday. sports is coming up. first, let's take another look at the question of the morning. >> 30% of men say they ignore this hoping someone else is going to deal with it. is it a, dishes, b, laundry, or c, a burned out light bulb. here's one of the responses from our facebook fan page. >> alena wrote b but thank god my husband helps me when i ask for his help with a and b and he never ignores me. >> o on to our facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll have the answer coming up in our next half-hour.
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5:226789 we're -- 5:22. we're looking at live doppler we. have light rain showers. we'll have more rain at times, especially this morning as everything is moving west to east. 62 by 9:00. by noon fewer showers, 64. even if it takes to 1:00 or 2:00, the trend will be for
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fewer showers this afternoon. highs in the mid-60s. we turn much colder tonight. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. game six of the world series will happen tonight, at least that's what the plan is. in st. louis after rain postponed it last night. >> the skins might wish they had an extra day to heal and prepare for this week's opponent. kristen berset has your sports. the washington redskins were back to work preparing for another tough matchup this sunday against the 4-2 buffalo bills. they have just a few days and a lot of work to do. first they need to get the new roster additions and the young guys that are replacing those that are injured up to speed. and pretty much they need to pinpoint what exactly is broken down over the last two weeks. since the bye, the skins have lost two straight against struggling teams. despite their recent downturn, though, the guys say they haven't lost confidence. >> teams that lose their confidence should panic, but a team like us, i feel as long as
5:24 am
we can claw back each week and the next one is the big one. >> ways we can improve, that's what we're going to focus on. we know the type of team we have and what we can do when we put it all together. that's what we're diverting all our energy to. >> the quarterback rex grossman released from the hospital where he's battling pneumonia. doctors are optimistic he could play sunday if necessary. london fletcher sat out of practice resting his sore hamstring. his consecutive start streak of 169 games is in jeopardy if he can't start on sunday. last month's nationals manager davey johnson expressed his desire to remain as the nats skipper last year. well, it looks like he'll get that chance. the nationals have apparently finished their managerial search and plan on keeping johnson on for the next season. however, an official announcement about johnson and his staff won't be made till after the world series is done. that will do it for your
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morning sports. have a great day. police identify a suspect in a series of attacks outside a metro station. plus, his name was black beard. now archaeologists say they've got their hands on one of the key weapons in the infamous pirate's arsenal. fairfax county police are on the scene of an accident in fort belvoir. backlick road northbound is closed at route 1. follow police directions to get around t. i'll have more on that and other area areas coming up in my next -- other area roadways coming up in my next report. stay with us.
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welcome back. it's thursday. we're almost to the weekend. i'm andrea roane. >> howard bernstein, good morning, my friend. >> grab the rain gear.
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we've got some showers out there this morning. the showers will be with us, especially this morning. fewer this afternoon. and then some cold air comes in starting tonight and it's going to be with us for several days into next week as well. let's get you started, though, with the day planner. temperatures in the upper 50s in town. some areas still in the low 60s south and east of us. 64 by noon. fewer showers this afternoon. highs in the mid-60s. here in the metro 70 south of town. only around 60 in places like hagerstown and frederick. it will be a lot cooler today. 9:00 a.m. about 62 still with the rain around. the showers move west to east this morning. lighter stuff by us. heavier stuff in the mountains n. is all going to be tracking toward us. i think at least through mid- to late morning we've got that threat for some of those heavier showers. the light rains in the metro. you get west here into fauquier county toward front royal, the valley, things are a lot quieter there. also in southern maryland and the eastern shore. your morning temperatures, mid- 50s in frederick, gaithersburg
5:30 am
and leesburg. 61 hagerstown and winchester and la plata. we're looking at 64 in fredricksburg. around town what you're basically going to find right now is a little bit of volume forming in the usual spots but no big deal. we are going to zoom in, though, down to fort fort belvoir where an accident blocks back h.h.s. dick -- backlick road northbound. fairfax county police are on the scene. 95 looks fine leaving the occoquan river all the way into spring field. we're going to take a live look at the 14th street bridge up along 395 to this point again just the volume. right around duke street in the landmark area. up for, if you're planning to head around town on the north side, here's what it looks like over here. there's a disabled truck on the outer loop at the northwest branch. that's right after new hampshire avenue. it is sticking out into the right lane so be aware of that. authorities know about it as well. we'll take a live look into college park on the outer loop. looking final. leaving route 1. as -- looking fine. leaving route 1. as you head to i-95, squeeze over to the right
5:31 am
to get around the incident. we're going to go into the district next time around at 5:39. back to you. a very late night negotiating deals hoping to get the grease situation as far as finance -- greece situation as far as finances are concerned figured out. >> european leaders announced the deal overnight even though greece's creditors which include many u.s. banks will take some losses. it's believed the deal will put the rest of europe -- pull it back from plunging into another recession. more sections of thailand's capital city are flooding this morning, the worst flooding to hit the country in a half century. with flooded roads and submerged cars, some residents of ban cok are -- ban cok are -- bangkok are gathering their belongings. today montgomery county prosecutors will put on more witnesses in the lull mon -- lululemon murder trial.
5:32 am
9news now reporter surae chinn is live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: this trial is not whether brittany norwood killed jayna murray. the defense has already admitted to that it comes down to premeditation. the jury made up of six women and six men have to decide in essence if brittany norwood will spend the rest of her life in prison or something of a lesser charge. the evidence is stacked against brittany norwood. the prosecutor saying she concocted a web of lies to cover up the murder inside the lululemon yoga store in bethesda back in march. murray was savagely killed by seven or eight weapons found in the store including a hammer, a wrench, box cutters, a rope around her neck and finally a knife. the state says she suffered and fought until the last injury which was a knife through her brain. the state's attorney john
5:33 am
mccarthy says jayna's death was slow, not painless. this is a young woman who struggled to survive and we talked with legal analyst jim shalick. >> the government has to prove premeditation. that's why he's painting a picture of how many weapons she used, how long it took to kill her to show premeditation and it wasn't just an outburst. >> the defense is trying to save brittany norwood from life in prison and so this was not they say premeditated murder, that she lost it, lost control and in essence was totally inept. day two of testimony begins at 9:30 in the courthouse behind me. >> surae chinn reporting live from the montgomery county courthouse in rock ville. today a d.c. man is scheduled to learn his punishment for killing his own daughter. 45-year-old rodney mcintyre pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in july. he admitted stabbing 17-year- old eastbound any franklin last
5:34 am
november and tossing her body into a dumpster in klum ya heights -- columbia heights. prosecutors say he had a sexual relationship with his daughter. his sentence is expected to be between 37 and 40 years. today hundreds of volunteers are expected to turn out and once again continue their search in hanover county, virginia for a missing child who has autism. 9-year-old robby wood is the boy they're looking for. he disappeared sunday afternoon during a walk with his family in north anna battlefield park. police and family remain optimistic. dogs have found his scent but they haven't found any other clues in three days of searching at this point. metro transit police are identifying a suspect linked to a series of armed robberies in the parking garage of the suitland station. 22-year-old michael macintosh was on board a metro train when he was arrested october 16 for an armed robbery at a business. police say he's linked to at least four robberies of subway riders in the suitland metro station garage. the robberies prompted public warnings and extra patrols by
5:35 am
police. 5:35. just about time for another your money report this morning. >> jessica doyle is back with a look at the boss lady at big companies. >> that's right, the boss lady. surely we have a long way to go but you've come a long way, baby, when it comes to female c.e.o.s. a record has been set for female leadership. more women are slated to take the rains at -- reins at fortune 500 companies. there will be 18 women running fortune 500 companies by 2012. 18 out of 500, that ain't great but we've never made it past 16 before. the group picked up two new members this week alone. we also have changes at the top of a big local organization. the c.e.o. of mortgage finance giant freddie mac will step down during the coming year. regulator of the federal housing finance agency announced new plans. in explanation given.
5:36 am
they have cost taxpayers $141 billion in bailouts. we have a makeover for coke cola. coke is giving its cans a temporary new look. it will release nearly one and a half billion white coke cans. they're going to feature the wintertime mascot, the polar bear. it's all part of the world wildlife campaign to protect the endangered animal. the company will match up to a million when coke drinkers make a donation through text messages. you can see the can right there with the little polar bears on it. i like it. i like the little guy on the back. that's pretty good. >> all for the holidays. thank you, jessica. construction on a new 70- acre museum site in our area is under way. more on that story next. the final push is on for this weekend's marine corps marathon annual the events for the tens -- and the events for
5:37 am
the tens of thousands of runners. we'll have that story for you. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue.
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a gentle light rain falling in the northwest. that will be the case on and off at least lieu midday. showers -- at least through midday. showers around. temperatures in the low 60s. fewer showers this afternoon. mid-60s for highs in town. near 70 south and only near 60 near hagueerstown. we turn cold tonight as the winds pick up out of the northwest. i'll tell but a freeze watch which i return in a few minutes. let's go inside to monika with your time saver traffic. we'll take a look at the north side of town at route 1 in college park. everything is fine till you get past new hampshire avenue. there's a disabled truck near the northwest branch in the right lane. i'll have more on that and other area roadways at 5:48. a new national museum it one step closer to reality.
5:40 am
a groundbreaking ceremony was held wednesday for the new american wartime museum. it will be built in dale city, virginia. the museum's. says much of the visitor's experiences will be outdoors, including walks through a war scene and possibly reenactments. it's expected to open veterans day of 2014. sunday at 8:00 a.m., more than 40,000 runners from all 50 states and 52 countries will cross the starting line for the marine corps marathon. the race is the culmination of days of events for runners and spectators and organizers are hoping about 100,000 people will turn out to watch the race. the prerace events start today. the health and fitness expo runs today through saturday at the d.c. armory. 200 exhibitors will feature product itself geared toward runners -- products geared toward runners of course. admission and parking for the expo free. 5:40. let's take another look at the question of the morning. >> in a recent survey 30% of men say they ignore this hoping
5:41 am
someone else will just deal with it. is it a, dishes? b, laundry? or c, a burned out light bulb? >> this response was left if our wusa9 facebook fan page. i don't mind doing the dishes or the laundry. a nice change from every day but i wish my wife would change all those burned out bulbs. >> log on to our facebook fan page and reveal your response. we'll reveal the answer about an hour from now. he terrorized the seas from the caribbean to the carolinas. now one of the pirate black beard's weapons as arisen from the deep. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. actress ruby dee is 87 years old. month eye python's john cleese is 72. lee greenwood is 69.
5:42 am
>> oscar winning director roberto benini is 59. kelly osborne turns 27 today. if it's your birthday today, happy birthday. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:45 this morning. howard is here and howard, you've got lots of viewers. the international women's forum are meeting in town. 600-plus women looking at you right now. >> good morning, ladies. >> what is he going to say about weather. they're not going that far. they want to know about the weather. >> we love you, howard. >> it's going to be a tough day for the hair with the rain out there. get the umbrellas and hair covering. tomorrow it will be drier and saturday if you're still in
5:46 am
town, looks like more rain, a cold rain. maybe even some wet snow flakes mixing in north and west. here's a look for tonight. want to start out with that freeze watch. tonight cold air is going to move in so up toward the pennsylvania border we've got a freeze watch. also the mountains of western maryland and west virginia and southern pennsylvania the light blue, there are actually freeze warnings. that would be for tonight into friday morning. for today at the bus stop, we've got some rain out there. we'll call it scattered showers. temperatures are on the mild side right now. 50s and 60s. that sunrise not until 7:30 standard time. not this weekend but next weekend we fall back to daylight save time. sun set will be like 5:10 instead of the 6:16 we're looking at today. our day planner showers around, especially this morning. fewer showers this afternoon as temperatures top out in the mid- 60s in town. winds turn to the west late this afternoon and then northwest this evening. they're going to pick up. some of the gusts tonight will be 20, 25 miles an hour. the showers have been moving in from the west to the east. while we have light to moderate
5:47 am
showers here. still the yellow, the orange in west virginia moving right toward us. we expect the next several hours on and off to be on the wet side, probably more on than off with fewer showers this afternoon. live doppler 9,000 hd, we've got the showers up and down the i-95 corridor. although as you go west of the metro we're seeing breaks, especially into western loudoun county, fauquier county. you get into prince william really past haymarket, gainesville, things are quieting down for the moment. out toward berryville, upperville, straussburg it's all pretty good there. southern maryland we're seeing the showers in southern prince george's county and charles county. not too much yet at calvert and st. mary's, down towards fredricksburg we've got showers as well. heavier showers headed toward cape and bridge. this is that next -- capon bridge and slanesville. gaithersburg. upper parm borrow at -- marlboro at 56. at national the winds have been
5:48 am
fairly light. calm right now with light rain and the dew point in the mid- 50s. humidity is 90%. big picture showing the rain going all the way back almost to memphis, tennessee. the front is going to slide through here later today. that will bring us drier, colder air. over the weekend a storm is going to go up that front. it may bring us cold rain saturday and may mix with wet snow flakes but not expecting any stickage. it's too warm. 65 today with the rain showers. more this morning than this afternoon. 35 to 42 tonight. the freeze watch north. chilly tomorrow. 52 for your friday. 46 saturday with rain mainly in the morning. could mix with a wet snow flake north and west. then sunday 52 degrees and halloween not bad but cool, mid- 50s. here comes monika samtani on this wednesday thursday morning. it's filling up for sure. we'll take a look at the beltway. if you're planning to head out of college park, right here 95 over to the northwest branch,
5:49 am
there's been a disabled truck i've been telling you about in the right lane. it is causing delays in that stretch right there. if you're planning to head into virginia, don't forget about this accident northbound backlick road is closed at route 1 in the fort belvoir area. fairfax county police are on the scene there. let's take you outside live right now. if you're planning to head northbound on i-95, you've got slow traffic into woodbridge. 66 looks fine as you head in toward vienna and the beltway. no incidents to report on 66. back over to the maps right now, first of all there are delays on the mark penn line 505. delays up to 15 minutes. also on metro watch out for ongoing delays on the blue and orange lines because of some fall functions, some electrical problems. we'll take you back out to the american legion bridge on the west side of town. no problems to report as you cross the bridge span in college park. it looks okay at route 1. coming up in my next report, i'll update you on the accident in fort belvoir at 6:00. making news now at 5:49, many tourists got out as
5:50 am
hurricane rina approached mexico's yucatan peninsula. even though the storm weakened, its winds and rains still could cause plenty of problems. six years ago hurricane wilma devastated cancun and surrounding towns there. crews flooded the dam in washington state. it's the second tallest dam to be demolished in u.s. history. the utility company that owns the dam destroyed it rather than create six passage structures now required by law. crews covered a cannon once used by the pirate black beard. they say it could take five years to restore it before it could go on display. a breast cancer diagnosis can lead to the loss of many things for the patient. sometimes a woman keeps that brave face till the first clump of hair falls out after chemotherapy or faces the choice of losing her breast in order to beat the disease.
5:51 am
the chief of breast surgery at george town university is here with us today with some promising news about mastectomy surgery. dr. willy, good morning and welcome to you. >> thank you. >> you're here to tell us about nipple sparing surgery. >> yes, nipple sparing surgery is a report that we have been collecting where we actually save all of the skin of the breast, including the nipple and the aerola which is the dark area around the nipple. >> what are the advantages of keeping the nipple? >> the advantage is that it's much less disfiguring and it really allows a woman to preserve her own body image. >> leaving that woman to at least look at herself and say she's normal. what does that mean psychologically to a woman? >> psychologically this is an option that really makes having to have a mastectomy a little more palatable. the nipple really defines the breast. if you don't have a nipple, even if you've had reconstruction, we can't reconstruct the nipple that
5:52 am
looks exactly like -- was created us for originally. so it's a much more normal appearance. we can restore women to a more normal looking breast. >> who are the best candidates for this procedure? >> the best can cats -- candidates, we have to look at two different categories. we have to look at the cancer categories, if these are operations being done in women with cancer. smaller tumors, tumors that aren't close to the nipple. more per arrively located tomb -- per arriveally located tumors and patient characteristics. a patient who is not very large breasted is ideal and one who doesn't have a lot of droop to her breasts. so those patients we can preserve all of their skin, including the nipple and the aerola. >> down sides? >> the down side is there is a risk of losing the nipple because it doesn't have a good blood supply. any time we do a mastectomy, we're interfering with the blood supply of the skin. in all patients, even after any
5:53 am
kind of mastectomy, they're numb so they don't preserve sensation to the nipple. but the nipple has a very normal appearance and it behaviors normally. -- behaviors normally. it will -- behaves normally. it will retract. i think it's another step in the revolution ever the treatment of breast cancer. we've gone from very radical operations to remove the entire breast, the muscles to less aggressive mass sect my, -- mastectomies, lump picture mys -- lumpectomy. this is a move in the right direction to adequately treat and preserve. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. a smelly problem forces hundreds of college students out of their homes away from home. but now that maryland school is taking a creative twist. that story coming up next. we are feeling a little thrifty this halloween. coming up at 6:13 a look at
5:54 am
washington and how we're saving some cash. you are watching 9news now.
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5:56 am
. 5:56. your weather first.
5:57 am
it's a wet morning out there. looks better this afternoon as far as fewer showers. by 9:00 lots of rain around. 62 degrees. we'll go toward the noon hour with fewer showers, 64. still mostly cloudy. 64 at 3:00. and temperatures topping out in the mid-60s here. down south we could hit 70 in a few spots and near 60 up north. we turn colder tonight. i'll come back and talk about maybe some wet weather and colder temperatures for the weekend. an outbreak of mold in two dormitories forced hundreds of students at a maryland college to move off campus. this happened at st. mary's college in st. mary's city. this school is known for its sailing program and has since come up with a pretty creative solution. >> this is pg hall where we have mold issues above ceiling. >> reporter: it's hard to see the mold but you can sure smell it. >> we have chilled water pipes that run above the ceiling. you can see the gray on them that have mold on it. >> reporter: the mold has infested two dorms on campus.
5:58 am
several students are sick and 350 were ordered to vacate. >> all these kids are now homeless. they have nowhere to go. >> reporter: randall wasn't one of them but his friend was. so randall invited him to live at his place off campus. a sweet deal since all the others were spread out in three hotels, some 20 miles from campus. >> if i was a person in a hotel, i would be upset because it's far. it's like a 35, 40-minute commute. >> especially if they play a sport. you can imagine how much trouble they're having with school work. >> reporter: finally an alumni of st. mary's suggested using the school's greatest asset. a water. he found a cruise ship the sea voyager and rented it out. >> he got more realistic and when they told me it wasn't going to cost us any more than the hotels, that was a seal the deal for us. >> reporter: the sea voyager will dock on the other side of the maryland dove and will be home to 250 students for the rest of the smes gler they'll have the full -- semester. >> they'll have full run of the
5:59 am
ship. >> it's pretty sweet. it fits well with the school. i think a lot of the kids are super stoked about it, sailing a cruise ship for the first comesser. how many -- semester. how many kids can say that? >> that's pretty neat. the cruise ship will be docked and ready for students to move in tomorrow. they'll return to their mold free dorms at the start of next semester. we're here on dry land. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. wouldn't it be nice to do the morning newscast from a cruise ship? >> i think we have to figure that out at some point. maybe there's some sort of food involved. here's monika samtani. she'll have traffic on land in just a bit. >> mike will be by the coffee machine and we can leave him there. >> dry land not everywhere. we have some rain out there. the rain has generally been on the light side. we will be dealing with the showers on and off at least through midday. day planner calling for temperatures to get toward the


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