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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 27, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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murder victim jayna murray. today the murray family saw evidence from the crime scene. brittany norwood's black stretch pants with the crotch cut out and slashes on her legs and a pair of her socks soaked in blood. the hospital exam of norwood revealed she had not been sexually assaulted as she claims and a police forensic experts held up a lock of jayna's hair found on her coat. but perhaps the day's most chilling moment came when the packed courtroom listened to an audiotape of norwood's first police interview from her hospital bad asking the detective can you tell me how my friend is doing? he now know brittany norwood killed that friend coworker jayna murray. the jury will decide if that murder was premeditated. and right now we are awaiting the release of the visual evidence presented in court today.
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we hope to have that for you by tonight at 11 p.m. of course testimony resumes tomorrow morning at 9:30. derek? >> when that testimony gets going again, we hear you may be moving back to a larger courtroom. is that about the crowds? >> reporter: it is, derek. as you know we started out the week in courtroom 1 which is largely a ceremonial courtroom usually occupied by the administrative judge that seats several hundred people. we move today -- yes, today to courtroom number 4. judge greenburg's courtroom where he presides. that courtroom only seats about 48 people. there were lines as long as 50 or 60 people just waiting to get in. they never did. that's why they are thinking about moving us to a larger venue next week. >> all right. thank you for that. get in out of that wind. we have also learned during this trial that jayna murray's cries for help during that attack may have been heard by witnesses in a store right next
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door and the folks there did nothing. it appears to be another example of a well documented psychological phenomenon known as the bystander effect. according to washington, d.c., psychiatrist dr. allen solarrian is because human brains are simply hardwired to avoid trouble? >> it is a repeat animal behavior that most animals when they see danger they stay away from it. the human beings who are listening to the noises were not in the state of mind of risk taking. they said the hell with it, you know. >> all of us would like to think we would never do anything like that but the doctor says you just can't predict how you will react in that situation until you're in it. but it is one thing for sure you'll have to suppress your hardwired instinct that says don't get involved. so what do you think? did the people next door who failed to come to the aid of a stranger in danger, were they
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bad folks or is the doctor right it is just human nature and people, had they gone next door, might have gotten hurt themselves. send your thoughts to mcginty's mail bag. the address is another detention hearing scheduled for gary giordano in aruba. robyn gardner disappeared back in august. her body has never been found. gary giordano claims robyn gardner was swept out to sea while take were snorkeling. he is being held in jail while the investigation continues. a first look at the bill left behind after the u.s. open at the congressional golf course. fire and police overtime for the week long event nearly $750,000. yet the u.s. golf association only reimbursed the county about 10% of that cost leaving taxpayers on the hook for about 678,000. the council will now have to
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think about a new policy that guarantees a better reimbursement rate. >> these are tight times and it is a lot of money. so it is something that we want to get as much reimbursement for as possible because dollars are scarce and that money could be used certainly for many other valuable programs. >> on the other hand the county executive's office says taxpayers should not panic just yet. it says the total money raised could offset the cost. the last of today's rain is moving out and after it does the mercury is going to drop and fast. now there is some talk about maybe snow around here over the weekend. come on, topper, in october? >> it sounds crazy but it is really not. you see andrea's hair blowing around. that's the beginning of the cool down. it is not really crazy to have snow in october. we actually average a trace of snow downtown and average a tenth of an inch at dulles. earliest measure of snow was
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back on the 10th of the month in 1979. so we are at the end of the month right now. the good news is there is warm ground and really no worries in terms of accumulation especially south and east of town. so we will keep you posted. we said all along it will snow in the mountains and it will accumulate in the mountains. most of the showers south of us. residual moisture in arkansas and deep south. that dumped all the snow in the rockies. 73 in fredricksburg. 52 gaithersburg. 48 cumberland. 36. we will come back and talk about frost advisories and have an update. >> thank you, topper. we have got some new information for you this evening in the grand jury probe of the d.c. mayor. the "associated press" is reporting that sulomon brown said gray handed him a list of talking issues to use in the campaign against adrian fenty.
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that grand jury is investigating the claims that he was paid to attack fenty. the mayor denied all wrongdoing and says he knows nothing about payments to brown. today, a pittsburgh man filed a lawsuit in federal court saying that the map affects agricultural areas. montgomery county is moved into the district while taking out parts of frederick and carroll county. the american republican party took action calling on justice department to look into allegations that the plan reduces the minority vote. going to the movies here in d.c. could soon take an even bigger hit on your wallet, that's if you want to buy anything. mayor vince gray has proposed a movie tax that would add a 5% sales tax to the price of all concessions. popcorn down to your candy. it would be used to fund the
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building of a new theater east of anacostia. many annoying drivers that block intersections. been a huge problem around here for a long time. the question is, what do you do about it? well, today the city reported about 1500 blocking the box tickets were written in the last fiscal year. that's a 50% increase from the year before. now, those tickets are $100 a piece and drivers we talked to today said they ought to be part of the solution to the problem. however, aaa mid-atlantic says drivers ought not be penalized for blocking the box because often you can't avoid them. >> we are writing tickets to motorists who at some occasions may be trapped in an intersection but not because of their own fault. too many cars, too many people and not enough officers patrolling and controlling the intersections. >> another popular solution or should i say possible solution
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could be gridlock cameras that would actually generate tickets automatically for folks caught blocking the box. the city talked about them for a long time. right now, however, there are no signs they will be installed in the near future. coming up on 9news now. a mcdonald's hamburger healthier than a school lunch? some parents say that is indeed the case. we will tell you where. first though, nancy pelosi distances herself from a debt reduction plan proposed by her own party. what's going on there? we will try to explain it. stay with us.
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house minority leader nancy pelosi is distancing herself from a debt cutting plan that her fellow democrats calling for 3 trillion-dollar in spending cuts over the next decade. it also included 1.3 trillion in higher taxes. well, today nancy pelosi refused to comment on that plan. instead, she and house speaker john boehner threw their support behind the committee itself. >> we have an unusual opportunity. we can do something big here. we can do something big and bold. something balanced. >> the members really have worked very hard but now we are into the real tough time and it is going to take a lot more
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work. >> going to be difficult. now that congressional super committee has until november 23rd to cut spending over the next decade. if not, the amount of money will be cut across the board from the budget and most folks don't want that. the rain finally moving out. the big chill moving in. how big of a coat do we actually need? topper has the answer for that in his forecast. first, the fight for the healthier school lunch. what parents want their school system to do about all those preservatives out there. that's coming up next. stay with us.
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okay, so what are your kids eating at school? does their lunch food come precooked in some plastic bags then warmed up in a microwave? that's how most of the hot lunches are prepared in schools these days. but as peggy fox tells us two fairfax county moms are trying to change that. >> it is a sad day when i would rather my child eat at mcdonald's than eat in the school cafeteria. >> reporter: these two mothers are making a push to get more whole foods like fresh vegetables from local farms into fairfax county schools. they want salad bars in every school and want to get rid of all of the processed foods starting a website called "real food for real kids." >> i don't want my kids to be eating foods with all those ingredients in them. if i can't pronounce them -- a
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nutritionist went through the list and literally had to look up everything just to verify and say, what is this? >> reporter: the lunch food ingredients are often hard to read like the 34 ingredients in the hamburger. the two women like it to be made with beef, salt and pepper like a mcdonald's burger but better. however, that would entail cooking. >> they have taken those out of the schools. they just have warming ovens now so everything comes frozen. >> reporter: to the criticism that all of the cooking and fresh foods would be too costly the women point to other school districts that are doing it. here in d.c. they made huge changes. they have renovated kitchens, brought in stoves again, retrained workers so they are actually cooking the meals again. >> reporter: the d.c. school website lists the 13 farms in virginia, maryland, pennsylvania and new jersey where all their fresh vegetables come from. >> if you're just checking a box on an order sheet saying i want spinach versus actually
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going out there and finding a farm that sells the spinach that tastes good. you know the transportation time won't take 2 weeks to actually get it to your schools it makes a difference in how it tastes. if it tastes good the kids are more likely to eat it. >> reporter: the director of food nutrition services says they are trying to teach children to eat and enjoy healthy foods. peggy fox, 9news now. >> and the fairfax county schools say their lunches are nutricious. they are working with parents and a task force to make some positive changes. well, today students all across prince george's county took a stand against bullying. >> i pledge -- >> i pledge -- >> to take a stand -- >> to take a sandy. >> against bullying. >> against bullying. >> students taking the pledge
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against bullying. the school was joined by guest speakers. >> i never got bullied but i did have a very negative attitude when i was young and it was only when i changed my attitude and my thought process and became a more positive person that i really saw everything change in my favor and that's the story i tell all students. >> good story. october is family engagement and bully prevention month. sounds like a good thing. topper, you're telling me that my bike riding future on saturday morning is bleak? >> is bleak, yes. just stay inside. >> okay. >> you're not going anywhere. in fact, the new information in the weather office, the snow line keeps getting farther and farther far east. >> does that mean it is coming our way, sir? >> that's all i'm saying. let's check out doppler. we actually still have showers to roll through. in the southern part of the metro area. once it rolls through the cold
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air will come through. wet commute down into st. mary's county and calvert county over to the bay but will be out of there in about an hour. 35 wind gusts at manassas. really is going to be the sign of the colder air rolling in to be with us. it will become more like winter. clearing and colding overnight. a chilly friday. need a jacket. need shades in the morning. and the first flakes on saturday. yes, looking more and more likely. on monday we said it is a given it is going to be snow west of cumberland then yesterday we said maybe around hagerstown and frederick now it looks like flakes could fall much closer to the downtown area. by 7 a.m. tomorrow, we are generally clear. late morning and early afternoon high clouds come in ahead of this next system producing some rain south of fredricksburg by tomorrow night. i think the high school games
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in the metro area will be played and dry before the rain rolls in. look at this. we get into the early morning hours on saturday. seeing yellows and greens. not good for bike riding. it is going to be a cold rain around the metro area. cumberland west it will be a mix of snow. then as colder air gets drawn into the system we can see a change to show before ending even in the immediate metro area. tonight frost advisory. points west. a freeze warning up into pennsylvania. so for tonight, evening shower just about over. clearing and colder. lows 34 to 44 and winds north westerly at 10. now tomorrow morning partly cloudy and cold. you need a jacket for the morning. 30s and 40s. at least it won't be windy. then by afternoon partly cloudy and chilly. high clouds move in. high temperatures only near 55. all right. next seven days. you might think, well, how can it snow if temps aren't going to be below freezing.
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if the column of air above isn't freezing the snow will fall and melt when it hits the ground. looking at a nice hallowe'en. cool. upper 50s. a few clouds at night. should stay dry. then warming up on wednesday then cooling down again on thursday. >> okay. summer is over. fall is almost over. >> more on that rain/snow line at 11 p.m. let's check out the weird news. what are you going to be for hallowe'en? sparking fear in many a man who says i've got cowboy boots, a hat, i'll be a cowboy. that's weak. a professional photograph. look at him. he is rocking a fully functional camera costume. and it was the toast of the party. now, he says he came up with the idea at work. he realized he could do it, make the functional flash and shutter button because he has got all the equipment he needs to use an old laptop to make a
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little display screen on the back. he connected it to a camera. just press the button on his costume and he said wala. tyler said everybody crowd around him to see the photographs so at times there was nobody to actually talk to. >> because you think it would be. >> i was thinking the ladies were impressed. we will be back. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to, mcginty's mail back. 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight. people of occupy america. i asked is it perhaps time for them to go home? our good friend deb in arlington says soon. very soon. i think there are three types of protestors in all these places. those sincere and have viable complaints. number 2, those that are hangers on and miss the 60s and are looking for social interaction. number 3, those who have nothing to do but be outraged. i also believe they are irritating the people who do work and, of course, all this police protection, et cetera, is not free.
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john from chantilly is reminded of another group of angry people from the years 1776. a king, the president, and a parliament, the congress, that are looking out for their own interests while being out of tune with the people and ignoring an increasingly restive populace. spouting rhetoric about the good of the country but they are doing precious little of little sustenanc we elected these folks. the underlying issue is raw frustration and fear that maybe this glorious system we put in place two centuries ago is no longer up to the job of solving our problems. and finally, we got this from megan in virginia. tonight we were watching your program like we do most week nights and my 7-month-old daughter got so excited overtopper's forecast. when it comes to the t.v. i have only ever seen her get excited over mickey mouse and
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"jeopardy." thank you for bringing extra smiles to my family. thank you megan, for making my dad. i will pass that on to topper. pass your word on, good or otherwise, to mcginty's mail bag. please tell us where you are writing from. e-mail us at that's it for tonight. remember, is always on. we will see you later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. is bernie madoff's wife hiding millions? >> many believe there's a stash. >> find out what ruth madoff knows before you see it on "60 minutes." >> was he apologetic in any way? >> will she divorce bernie? did they really try to commit suicide? >> what did you take? >> i think ambien. a real housewife of new jersey. >> from 115 pounds to 400 pounds. >> melissa gorga's fat suit transformation. >> from new york city, our special report on fat discrimination. >> one fat suit, five hours of makeup, seven hidden cameras. >> stuck in a cab, taunted on the subway. >> one kid was saying, how much do you eat? you never realize how hurtful it is until you are walking in these shoes. "ido j


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