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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 31, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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side of the house. the snow totals from the storms smashed october records, topping two feet in some areas. all that snow, combined with the downed power lines has many communities warning trick or treaters to be extra vigilant this halloween. the governors of new york, new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts all declared states of emergencies. people in western maryland are also dealing with power outages related to saturday's snowfall. the height of the snowfall. 55,000 customers in western maryland were out. sunday they were down to 8000 outages and at last check this morning it is around 4000. the cold weather made for dangerous road conditions in our area. police reported dozens of accidents many due to black ice
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and slippery roads. others were the results of fallen tree limbs and branches. >> yesterday was a good day bad day for redskins fans. yes, the team lost and was embarrassed. however, so was dallas. the philadelphia eagles scored touchdowns on the first three possessions. the cowboys defense was shredded. michael vick completed 21 of 28 for 37 yards. and he ran for 50 yards. eagles 34 dallas at least put points on the board. they got 7. and that leads us to this. what do you say about the redskins? well the team has now lost three straight, and it just continues to unravel. without running back tim hightower and receiver santana
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moss the john beck led offense managed only 10 first down and no points. and gave up nine. count them. he is feeling them this morning, nine sacks on john beck. on the other side of the field bills ryan kirkpatrick threw two touchdowns. the final score 23-0. nothing. wasn't good. saints lost. patriots lost. bad day. despite a few missed tests there is a new leader in the race. herm main cain is leading the latest poll. >> but as susan mcginniss tells us, being in the lead also means being the subject of political attacks. >> reporter: a new poll shows herman cain gaining home tum in way way two months before the state holds the first nominated
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contest. >> people have connected with me and the specific solutions are putting on the table. >> reporter: he leads the gop pack with 23%, edging out mitt romney with 22%. but opponents have questioned cain's view on abortion. on face the face, the georgia businessman says he opposes it, even in cases of rape, incent, or when the mother's -- incest, or when the mother's life is in danger. >> i am prolife, period. >> >> reporter: you are the front runner now. >> smoking is not a cool thing to do. >> other republican candidates are trying to bounce back, including minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann. she actually won the iowa straw
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poll two months ago. but in this weekend's poll was voted most likable. texas governor rick perry announced he will take part in more debates. he came under heavy alcoholism for considering skipping face offs. >> i may end up being a pretty good debater. >> perry says he will take part in five more gop debates. this week dc council member mike brown will take plan in a very aggressive for statehood. too. >> statehood supporters say it is an important thing to build a coalition of support around the country. today in the murder trial in the man accused of killing a none in a car crash begins in prince william county,
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virginia. monday tan know was drunk in briscoe and injured two other nuns. monday tan know, who is in the country illegally, has been convicted of drunken driving twice before. last week the un security council voted to lift the no fly zone over the country. >> the move comes more than a week after the killing of moammar gadhafi. it cams as the country's interim prime minister confirms the presence of weapons in libya. foreign inspectors are scheduled for a ride later this week. a russian drafted un resolution being voted on this week calls on libyan authorities to destroy stock piles of temical weapons. os trailia's wasn't that is -- australia's airlines returns to the air after grounding its
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entire fleet over the weekend. thousands of passengers were stranded worldwide. one small step for a company, one giant leap toward commercial space flight. boeing is working on a deal now with space florida to lease the hangar formerly used for the space shuttle. the deal is expected to create 140 jobs in the next year and a half and 550 jobs bid 2015. right now the united states doesn't have a way to transport people or cargo to the international space station. hundreds of thousands of cardinals fans jammed downtown st. louis to honor the world champions. the crowd was so large people were parking more than two miles away. many wanted to cheer on the
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team and make sure albert pujols stays in st. louis. the world's population hits a major milestone right now. 7 billion people. there were 4 billion in 1974. the world population could hit 10 billion. >> they believe that baby will be born in india today. our time is 4:37. at 4:41, retailers are already announcing black friday plans. jessica doyle has more coming up. a lieutenant is celebrating his win at this year's marine corps marathon. [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning
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4:40 on this halloween morning. it is chilly out there. a couple of slick spots. mostly cloudy by noon. highs in the mid-50s. i'll have the trick or treat forecast. right now monika has a look at your timesaver traffic. >> we are going downtown and looking at a couple of construction spots. one is 25 southbound from howard road to the steuben parkway. in my next report we'll go into virginia. coming up next, back to you guys. let's sigh we have triple-digit gains what do you think? >> that would be great. october poise today make history as the best month for
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the stock market since get this, 1987. the run up has been fast and furious. in less than four weeks the dow jumped nearly 15% from its low reached on october 3rd. s and pgained 17%. the dow standing this morning at 12321. the s&p 500 added half of a point. the federal reserve kicks off a two day meeting on tuesday. ben bernancke will take questions from the media. investors want to know if the set is still debating whether to initiate a third round of bond buying. we are not through with halloween yet and the retailers are already talking about plans for black friday. target is going to open stores
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at midnight. others are expected to answer with extended hours of their own as they try to get people to spend in the stores for the holidays. >> i am there. i'm going to shop and come straight to work. >> ,. >> you are geared up. >> wouldn't a card suffice? >> absolutely. it's been a tough year. union station reopens after a weekend of emergency repairs. >> the singer many expect to be nominated for a grammy, goes under the knife.
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good morning, welcome back to 9 news. now it is 4:44 on this halloween monday. >> there are frosty areas. a clear sky. a lot of low level moisture around from the rain and know this weekend. >> we had three inches? >> reporter: three and a half. i shoveled twice. the reason i did, such a heavy, wet snow. we got an inch and a half, two inches, i thought i'm going to
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clear this out. that is why you are seeing some of the damage that's been going on that occurred out east, we have people ten inches. >> the higher elevations. >> got it a lot worse there as an elevation storm. tough way to start the winner season. let's talk about the bus stop forecast on this monday morning. isolated fog, upper 20s to upper 309s. this is the weekend fox welcome back on saturday night into sunday morning. our day planner, temperatures rising from 37 to 58. highs 55, 56 with an 8:00 p.m. temperature of 51. by then a couple of showers starting to show up by 8:00
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p.m. how about the trick or treat forecast? low 50s for the trick or treaters. we will be dry this evening. here are clouds stream in. west of the mountains, approaching columbus ohio. 30 in gaithersburg, companyber lan at 32. over the weekend, lots of heavy rain, prince frederick telling me one and three quarter inches of rain. 37 right now. feeling like 33 with a northeast wind at 35. the barometer high. a chance for few showers tonight, you see one piece of it coming through the great lakes here. with all the showers, especially in indiana. another pressure is going to be forming on the coast.
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not too dissimilar from the set up we are not talking about any snow. but clearly the threat for showers. by 6:00 we have showered in southern maryland, approaching willulesburg. by midnight notice the showers in northern virginia, back down toward fred ricksburg. showers with the heavier rain up and down coastal areas, especially tomorrow morning, we'll be okay especially by the bay on the eastern shore. early tuesday, you should clear up pretty quickly. ocean city, cape may the showers are going to linger. pulling away by evening. we'll end up mostly sunny, in the a bad day.
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as this thing continues to pull away, our temperatures will get much more pleasant wednesday and thursday as we shoot toward the low 60s on wednesday and the mid-60s, i believe thursday will be the pick of the week. low 50s north and west. anybody hit 60, salisbury, all the way down toward richmond. 40s up in the mountains in oakland, maryland. garrett county had five to nine inches of snow the other day. 56 for halloween, increasing clouds, tomorrow decreasing clouds. 58 wednesday 61. look at the rest of your 70s forecast. thursday mid-60s. thursday the pick of the week. friday we have rains potentially. we are going to watch this system, some of the models south. saturday and sunday looking better and mild. temperatures low to mid-60s.
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monika santani, you are looking very halloween like today. >> i'm really happy we won't have the rain tonight. we need to bundle up. please be careful as you are out on the roads. here's what the beltway looks like. no problems to report. down to 95 on the northbound side between dale city the construction has been cleared. near the way station into springfield on 35 you are going to be just fine this morning. this time head to the north side of town. here's what 66 looks like inside the beltway. now the maps on the north side of town. we are looking good we have the construction on the outer loop. we'll end with a live look on 270 on the southbound side looking great. coming up in my next report
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back into maryland at 4:55. the main hall of union station reopens again. union station had to close the hall after pieces of the ceiling fell friday night. engineers say those loose files tiles were cause bid the earthquake back in august. a 27-year-old lieutenant in the united states army is celebrating a big win. chad moore completed the race. >> reporter: if you are thinking about the new york marathon, this would be good training ground, because it's cold.
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>> there are 20895 more reasons why these feet are thumping like a drum beat from arlington to georgetown. let's no forget the run ners all the other regions happening at the same time. like this 10-k winner. people who have support, screaming on the curb, holding up signs and waving their little hand. we work at the pentagon. if you ask photographer rick cox it is an array of positivity and good energy that only gets better every year. >> >> i couldn't have said it
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better myself. making it happen. britney morehouse, 9news now. >> right there in the middle of the pack, lindsey masters, she tells us this year's race meant even more because her cousin is serving overseas. amy leon, one of our producers, we don't have her in there, but she finished. what is the best way to deal with pension and stress? is it meditation, exercise or a good read? put your answer on our facebook page. we'll reveal answers and comments in just a little bit.
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welcome back. on this monday morning, halloween. it is chilly out there. the clouds are increasing. sunny and 42 by 9:00 with the clouds out west. 36 in martinsburg. midday, 52. here come the clouds from the afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy skies.
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inbound no problems approaching the beltway. the construction is clearing. route 7 from dulles airport to goes nell, no shoulders through the construction zone. coming up in my next report a closer look at virginia. it has been nearly three years since bernie madoff was convicted of running a $65 million ponzi scheme. his wife, ruth, and son andrew are finally giving their sides of what happened. in a 60 minutes interview, ruth madoff have talked about the decision she and her husband made to end their lives. >> i don't know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves because it was so
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horrendous, what was happening and i said i can't go on any more. it is hard for me to say this. but i don't think the money was part of it. i think he got stuck. that is what he said. and he didn't have the courage to face things when they might have been able to be faced on a much smaller scale. >> ruth cut off all ties with her husband after their son mark committed suicide. she and andrew madoff have a become coming out today. the shrek movie starring antonio banderas opened $34 million in ticket sales. parents need stuff to do with their kids. paranormal activity three.
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the remake of 5.4 million and rome diary rounded out the top five. conan o'brien may be about to push the envelope. and british song stress adele seems to have pushed her vote too far. adele cancelled the remaining tour dates. the 23-year-old singer had to postpone several dates earlier this month. adele's album 21st best selling cd of the year in the us. doctors expect her to make a full recovery. conan o'brien is taping his late night show at new york's beacon theater to commemorate his one year anniversary. o'brien tapes his tb s show here in california where gay marriage is currently against the law.
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there is word o'brien will be marrying a long time staff member and his partner. pixar's cars 2 features the voices of owen wilson and michael cain. the film grossed nearly half a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. steve ca relevant stars as a happenless husband in crazy stupid love. that is your eye on entertainment, andrea hughes cbs news, hollywood. good morning, thank you for watching 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> happy halloween. >> manuka's here,


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