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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 31, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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those iconic tour-mobile buses. they've been taking tourists around washington for the last 42 years. but as scoot broom tells us tonight, the final ride leaves a big void for people trying to get to sites. >> reporter: the last day for tour-mobile at the cemetery. it's the only bus taking people around the expansive 642 acres, meaning tomorrow visitors have to walk unless they qualify for a disabled pass parking pass. >> i'm glad i didn't come here tomorrow. i would be leaving and going to another site. >> i feel sorry for veterans because they'll have to walk to the tomb of the unknown. >> reporter: there was a contract with the national park service until december 31st but they threw in the towel early with no arrangements for a replacement. long-term employees were
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stunned by the end of the service which hauled as many as 800,000 tourists a year. and still uses 1970 vintage buses that came from universal studios. >> i just never thought this day would come, but it's quite an auspicious day for those of us who joined the company in the infancy to be here on the last day of operation. >> reporter: the national park service is scrambling to find a replacement for tour-mobile. they are asking forbids to be in by this friday. and until they find an operator, visitors to some sites like arlington national cemetery will simply have to walk. in washington, scott broom, 9 news now. and tonight two huge trials in the news right now. out in prince william county, it did not take a judge long to rule on a case of an illegal immigrant charged with killing a nun. but we begin tonight in montgomery county where testimony entered its fourth day in the lulu lemon murder
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trial. >> reporter: i'm and ria mccarran in rockville with the latest from the brittany norwood trial. late this afternoon a montgomery county police detective testified that on the night of the murder, apple store surveillance video showed two men all dressed in black wearing masks. that lent credibility to norwood's story. it seemed like a movie. they threw norwood on her body and they told her it was all her fault. also revealed was the most gruesome photo of the day. significantly more subdued until the very much, showing jayna murray's head completely unrecognizable. and we learned that despite norwood saying she had not had sex recently, semen was found inside her body. the prosecution implied that she was so cunning that may have been part of her plan, lending greater credence to her tail of two masked intruders. finally a dna analyst testified
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that murray's fingernail clippings revealed only her own dna, evidence that what transpired between norwood and murray was not a mutual fight. i'm peggy fox in manassas where carlos montano has been found guilty of felony murder in the dui crash and death of a nun. >> reporter: carlos montana walked into court knowing he would go to prison for a long time, but how long was the question? >> how do you plead, guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> reporter: he pled guilty to five counts in his drunk driving crash that killed his sister and two other nuns were gravely injured. here the driver that day hugs the marine reservist who happened upon the scene and gave the women first-aid. >> have him sit in jail and and think about what he's done, the harm he's caused. >> reporter: because montana had already been convicted twice before of dui, malice and
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in tent were there. >> taking the innocent life of a person applied to the felony rule. >> reporter: the judge agreed. >> and agree and find the defendant guilty of felony murder. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. giving folks a break on parking tickets is starting to pay off for d.c. three months into the city ticket amnesty program, the department of motor vehicles said more than 35,000 people have come in to pay their outstanding tickets and that's brought in nearly $2 million in revenue. maryland drivers owed the most money, followed by d.c. and then virginia residents. that amnesty program runs through january 27th. on capitol hill, a house committee has found there is not enough evidence to conclude that d.c. mayor vince gray actually promised a job to former mayoral candidate sulaiman brown. lawmakers investigated claims from brown that during the campaign, gray's staff gave him cash and promised him a job if he took verbal jabs at the
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former mayor adrian fenty. after gray won the election, brown did get the job but was fired after a month. and a federal grand jury is still looking into brown's allegations. gray has denied from the beginning that there was any truth to the allegations. well leading gop presidential candidate herman cain said he is the innocent victim of a witch hunt. at the national press club he responded to a report in that he sexually harassed two female employees while he headed the national restaurant association back in the 1990s. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone and those accusations are totally false. >> now politico withheld the women's names but did say the restaurant association reached a five-figure settlement with them which prevents the woman about talking what happened. the women ultimately left their jobs. well tomorrow is the final day for folks in virginia to
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apply for a mail-in absentee ballot. so if you need one for next tuesday's election, get your request in by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. but if you want to vote absentee in person, you have until saturday to do that. richmond is the latest battleground in the occupy wall street movement. nine people were cited or arrested when police moved in this morning. the officers wanted to clear city plaza that the protestors have been sitting in since october 17th. the protestors say they were surprised at the move after meeting with the mayor last week. he agreed to set up a meeting with city officials about the demonstration but protestors say that meeting never happened. well this weekend's snowstorm did not force the protestors on wall street to abandon their camp. check out these photos of the snow-covered tents in zuccoti park. even when the winter sets in, they are saying they will set in and stay there as well. the weekend weather is
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delaying halloween celebrations and has rattled many. millions are still without power after that rare october snow. >> reporter: crews are hard at work in northern new jersey, using chainsaws to clear trees that have fallen on homes, on yards and on power lines. more than 2 million people from maryland to maine are still without power two days after the unusual fall snowstorm. >> it's the way things look. it's probably a couple of weeks before we're caught up with all of this. there is trees down everywhere. >> reporter: here the snowfall caused more damage than hurricane irene. this home will require major repairs after a 100-foot tree fell on top of it. >> we have trees down all across the northern part of the state that have taken wires down, supply wires, transmission lines and lines directly to homes. >> reporter: it's the same situation in parts of massachusetts and connecticut where crews are trying to repair sagging or severed power
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lines. hundreds of thousands of residents on the east coast may not get power back until the end of the week. randall pinkston, cbs news, upper saddle river, new jersey. topper said everything that would happen over the weekend did. but we dodged a bullet around here. >> we talked about it being a historical storm and there were someplaces in southern new hampshire and just outside of boston that they had 31 inches of snow with an october snow. unbelievable. let's talk about trick or treating. 50 in rockville, 45 in reston and 49 in springfield. so the trick or treat forecast, these are downtown temperatures. i think it will stay dry through 9:00. 8:00, 50 degrees. and 10:00, ghoulish. and we'll talk about the morning commute and take you through the week. and still ahead, we'll explain why local students are getting on a boat to school.
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and up next, traveling on four wheels, well that's about to get pricier in part of the area. a look at the toll hike coming up next.
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back now with a commuter alert for folks using the toll roads in maryland. tomorrow the toll hikes you heard about, they finally go into effect. and that means you'll be paying $4 to cross its chesapeake bay
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bridge and the niece bridge. the toll for the key in the baltimore and the ft. mchenry goes up to $3. but if you use the ez pass you get a discount. there is an investigation into why passengers were kept on hours on the tarmac aboard jet blue airlines. this happened over the weekend in hartford, connecticut, which took a big hit during the saturday snowstorm. some of the passengers say they were forced to stay on planes for 8-9 hours, no food and no working restrooms. >> bathrooms were locked and people were quite upset. >> wouldn't want to be there. the airline passenger bill of rights that was enacted last year was designed to avert situations just like this. jet blue said they are story. they said the power outages at the airport made correcting problems difficult. and the forecast for late-
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night revelers. and first a look at the smaller revelers making their way through our area. hey, guys, happy halloween. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question.
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back on 9 news now with a large and albeit lame jacko lanter. this is in wilmingtonton, california. and every year they paint a million gallon storage tank for
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halloween. linous, this is for us. that is some great pumpkin. the kids say it isn't about the tricks. it is all about the candy. and right now thousands of them are fanning out all over town trying to bring in quite a haul. >> chevy chase along connecticut avenue and halloween is in full swing tonight. take a look at these trick-or- treaters. we have a princess, firemen and even sports figures here. now we have quite a few people dressed up, big and small. also some home-made costumes, one of my favorites is a starbucks latte. this family got into the halloween spirit, dressing up as characters from madagascar. and they will think of an idea and take a whole year to make their ensemble. >> we bought the material and sewed the clothes and we even dressed our dog as one of the penguins. >> reporter: i'm anny hong in chevy chase, 9 news now.
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>> we've come a long way from the costumes you got with the mask. well georgetown has been the place for the bigger kids around here and the party means some of the streets around there are going to be shut down. between 27th and 34th streets are shut down and n., o. and p. street. and the parking is restricted along k. street, m. street and on wisconsin avenue. the scary theme for students in one dorm university. and the tide turns and we were there when their ship comes in. >> reporter: say hello to the sea voyager with a crew of 22 and today it's being converted into a resident hall at st. mary's college. this is one of the students that get to live on the sea
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voyager. at the same time they are cleaning out mold from her old dorm on campus. >> we are excited about cruise ship parties. >> the students have the run of the ship with access to the ballrooms, decks, wireless internet and satellite tv. >> and they'll have something they don't have now, twice a week linen service. >> reporter: it's close to being the dream college dorm and the rooms are small and security is tight. >> every ocean-going safety feature is in place. and they have to get on and off the boat with proper identification. >> reporter: the students were supposed to move in today and then the coast guard fond a problem with the way the ship is docked to the pier and now it will likely be at least 24 more hours before the students can move on board. >> pretty stressful, moving and everything. >> reporter: it's another delay for stands who have had to move two -- delay for students who have to move two-times in two weeks. they are frustrated but hope the wait are be worth it.
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>> until the bridge was built in 1930s, this was the way they got here. so it reminds us of our roots and our core mission. >> reporter: at st. mary's college, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> love that fog horn. . putting the students up will cost a million and a half dollars but the college said that is the same it would cost to put them up in hotel rooms and they are right on campus -- or right next door to campus. >> it would be cool. linen service, come on? >> get all of the good stuff. >> back in our day. >> yeah, man. okay, dry for trick or treating unless you go into the georgetown thing late tonight. you may have some sprinkles. nothing heavy but sprinkle and kind of chilly. but let's start with halloween spirit. check this out. i just got e-mailed this. this is out in virginia tech, not far from huntington in ken ova, west virginia. and that is a house. and i don't know if it is lit
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-- i think they are all lit candles inside of pumpkins and bags. this is pretty cool. amanda sent this to us. and this is the house with lights. it's spooky looking. and that's out in west virginia near huntington. temperatures are falling, nothing as dramatic as over the weekend. it is just chilly as opposed to cold. 51 downtown. but 43 in gaithersburg. 43 in the suburbs and 49 in manassas and 45 in frederick. looking at the radar there are showers to the west of us, most of which are not reaching the ground. the air is pretty dry. the showers in richmond will skirt across southern maryland but miss most of the metro area and go into the delmarva and these showers are our chance for anything over the next 12 hours and that is very light and scattered. so not as cold. early trick-or-treaters are dry. a few showers late. nice tomorrow. will you need shades and a jacket tomorrow. so for tonight, mostly cloudy
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and chilly. shower possible by midnight. 38-46. winds southeast at 10. these temperatures are 10 degrees higher than they were last night. so instead of upper 20s, we have upper 30s in gaithersburg tonight. 44 downtown. and 39 in fairfax. now tomorrow morning, returning mostly sunny and chilly. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. and by afternoon, a pretty nice day. mostly sunny and pleasant. a little cooler than average, highs near 60. our average high is 64 and i think we can take it. next seven days, staying nice on wednesday, 60. low 60s on thursday. a few clouds come in late but i think we'll remain dry. we're in good shape on friday. saturday we have the heart walk at the nats park in the morning. we have the terps in town. sunshine and low 60s. and the skins are in town, mid- 60s on sunday. and derek, well it's an extra hour weekend. turn your clocks back one hour and we go to standard time. >> cool stuff. well you know the pumpkins as we saw in that nice photo are always a big part of the halloween theme. so its nice to see how creative
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people with be with carving but what happens when mother nature does the carving? with a little help from a friend across the pond to the u.k., british farmer david bowman figured out a way to make pumpkins grow shaped like mickey mouse, or like his head. these are a special mold. he is the largest suppliers of pumpkins in europe and that would include disneyland paris which has love for the gords and sent mickey over there to check them out. he apparently likes them in his corn-ball sort of manner. they were all part of the theme park's halloween festival over the past weekend. bowman said they are so strange that people think the pumpkins are fake, but you would never ask your local jacko lanter if the shape is real or not. that would be rude. >> we want to hear what you
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in the mail bag tonight, still more outrage on our facebook page regarding the workers at the apple store in bethesda who heard the commotion right next door at lulu lemon as jayna murray was being slaughtered but did nothing. reese moore doesn't get it. i don't understand why they listened but didn't call 911. and what kind of security guard walks around with ear phones stuffed in their ears sand
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doesn't do anything. very sad. embree stevens said she hasn't development since she heard that part of the testimony and the workers in question shouldn't either. i hope they have nightmares for the rest of their lives. i guess the apple store employees think everyone has an app for that. the photos have been haunting at the trial. i hope jayna gives steve jobs a few choice words about his employees. and then there was this in the mail bag regarding the redskins and the play over the last few weeks. deron in maryland has a plan. while watching a pittsburgh steelers game i noticed the yellow terrible towels. that got me thinking, the redskins can do the same and have them made with a pouch and hidden from view. i'm reminded of the ain'ts when
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the fans of the new orleans saints were wearing bags on the heads because the team was that bad. has it come to that, really? mail bag for your thoughts. and if you think the redskins may have a tough time winning three more games, raise your hand? i figured. that's our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 with anita. we'll see you then. bye-bye.
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now, "entertainment
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tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. kim kardashian files for divorce today. inside the court papers. was her tv wedding a sham? her multi million dollar walk down the aisle, her 72 day marriage, her prenup. our last footage of the couple together. ruth madoff with matt lauer. >> my life is a shame. >> matt as william. ann as kate. meredith as the queen. >> the "today" show in royal wedding style. george clooney about his confessions with kids. >> i don't hate all children. elisabetta on the record about their break-up. new shots of robin gibb entering a clinic. what we know about his condition. hollywood's plastic surgery nightmares. >> i had silicone in my blood. >> they found a leak in one side. >> are big breasts out? why stars are getting


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