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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 9, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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tech tragedy. another deadly shooting staggers the vast tech campus. what was the shooter's motive. down drone. one of the best kept secrets in the u.s. military arsenal is secret no more. and a very tight squeeze. a new york city driver takes parallel parking to the next level. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, december 9th, 2011. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm randall pinkston. early this morning, ballistic tests linked two fatal shooting on the virginia tech campus. yesterday's shooting was a
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haunting reminder of the blood bath five years that took the lives of 32 victims. security officer deriek crouse was shot and killed. s.w.a.t. team and heavily armed police searched for the shooter. the unidentified gunman fled after the shooting and apparently turned the weapon on himself. drew levinson is at the campus in blacksburg with the latest. good morning, drew. >> good morning to you, randall. >> reporter: stunned would be a good way to describe the feeling on the campus of virginia tech university. five years since the mass killings here and now the students and faculty are dealing with another senseless tragedy. at virginia tech, students lit candles to remember a police officer killed in the line of duty and gathered near the same memorial that honors the 32 victims of the school's 2007 massacre. >> we just wanted to show the respect of what it means.
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it's another tough day. >> reporter: police say a gunman ambushed 39-year-old deriek crouse on campus when he made a routine traffic stop. >> they opened up his car door and when they hoped up, he fell out towards the ground. i'm sorry. i saw his face and he was covered in blood. >> reporter: the suspect who was not involved in the stop fled before apparently killing himself with the same gun. the school was locked down for hours as swat.w.a.t. teams and heavily armed police moved in. authorities are still trying to determine a motive, including whether crouse, an army veteran and married father of five, was specifically targeted. >> you never thought this could ever happen again. >> reporter: for some the shooting was an eerie reminder of virginia tech mass shooting. thursday's incident took place as university officials were in washington fighting a government
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fine over their response to that shooting. this time, officials used a high tech alert system to warn students of another shooting on their campus. and, tonight, there will be an official candlelight vigil held here on the campus. also speaking of today, there are exams going on right now, randall, on this campus. but those people who have tests today, they are going to have those exams on saturday. >> drew, the shooting was apparently caught on tape by the officer's dash camera. they have matched the ballist s ballistics. why are officials not say conclusively the shooting killed himself? >> reporter: we still don't know. there is a lot of confusion going on. apparently the shooter changed clothing so we are hoping today the authorities will be more forthcoming. >> drew levinson in blacksburg, thanks. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is free on bail but his whereabouts are
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being electronically monitored. efficie he was released yesterday after posting the $250,000 bond. he was charged with molesting two other young boys. his wife came to his defense. she said i am so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. we don't know why these young men have made these false accusations but we want everyone to know they are untrue. one alleged victim testified he was forced to perform sex acts in the sandusky basement bedroom while sandusky's wife was upstairs. the former assistant coach faces 52 charges of child sexual abuse. he maintains his innocence. occupy wall street protesters in boston defied a midnight deadline to leave their downtown encampment. protesters flooded into the streets following the deadline. at least two were arrested. up to 150 demonstrators lived at
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the camp. on wednesday, a judge ruled the city had the right to take the camp down. on the "moneywatch," asian stocks took a tumble today growing doubts that the european leaders can solve their debt crisis took a plunge. japan's nikkei was down more than 1.5%. the same fears put wall street in a selling mood thursday. the dow sank 198 points, nasdaq slipped about. european leaders work through the night in brussels to come up with the outline of a deal to save the euro but not every member of the european member is on board. the leaders will meet again later today to hammer out the details. heather covar has more from london. >> reporter: french president nicolas sarkozy says a new treaty to save the euro will be written within three months but the deal will include only the 17 countries that use the currency and any other european states that back the plan.
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britain's prime minister is refusing to take part. >> britain is out of it and will remain out of it. other countries are in it and are having to make radical changes including giving up sovereignty to try to make it work. >> reporter: sarkozy says cameron made unacceptable demands to be exempt from certain financial regulations. the treaty enforces strict new penalties on european countries that break debt rules. london is europe's largest financial center and britain's prime minister says he is rejecting the new treaty to protect his country's interests. but leaders of 23 european countries, desperate to stop the euro from collapsing, are backing the treaty. they will meet later today to nail down details of the plan, including how to safeguard countries so they don't fall into debt again. the european union has had a relentless struggle to stop the 2-year-old debt dah policemen ma that began in greece and plunged the euro zone into crisis. leaders hope this summit, the eighth this year, will finally
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bring solutions. heather covar for cbs news, london. u.s. officials deny iran's claim that they shot down or electronically manipulated the drone that went down last week. in this video released by iran yesterday, the highly classified aircraft appears to be nearly intact. u.s. officials cannot explain how the plane landed with so little damage. iran says it will copy the classified systems but one engineer says reverse engineering is not that easy. >> you can get dimensions, you can get chemical xocomposition t it's very hard to duplicate the parts you are trying to reverse engineer. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the drone was on a spy mission deep inside the iran, possibly monitoring iran's nuclear sites. president obama says he is considering all options to deal with iran's nuclear program and mr. obama is rejecting republican accusations,
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especially from the campaign trail that his foreign policy is soft. >> ask osama bin laden and the 22 out of 30 top al qaeda leaders who have been taken off the field whether i engage in appeasement or whoever is left out there, ask them about that. >> republican leaders in the house plan to vote early next week on a proposal to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance but the deal has add-ons. president obama says he will get a deal done even if it means canceling his christmas vacation. >> we will stay here to make sure the people's taxes don't go up on january 1st and make sure that folks who desperately need unemployment insurance get that help and there is absolutely no excuse for us not getting it done. >> reporter: the president wants the payroll tax cut to be paid for with a new tax on
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millionaires, something republicans oppose just ahead on the "morning news," why more drivers are taking their eyes off the road. plus, a manhunt in california, after a brazen attack on a police station. but first, scott pelley with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." it may be the biggest threat to the u.s. economy and it's happening across the atlantic. as europe's debt crisis hits a critical point, we will show you how it could cost american jobs, tonight on the "cbs evening news." [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents: the cold truth.
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safety report. the national traffic safety administration reports that highway deaths fell 23 thousand 285 in 2010. the lowest number since 1945 but texting while driving is up 50%. and almost half of the drivers 21 to 24 say they have sent messages or e-mails while driving. video is out this morning of former imf dominique strauss-kahn and his accuser. surveillance video from last may shows strauss-kahn checking out of his new york city hotel. the video also shows the maid who accused strauss-kahn of sexual assault talking to hotel staff who called police. the charges against strauss-kahn were later dropped and he returned to france. a manhunt is on in california for the person who fire bombed a police station. the video shows someone throwing the first of two fire bombs at a sheriff's station in santa barbara last month.
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the molotov cocktail damaged the car but not the building. the fbi is offering a $75,000 reward. a huge fire ball after a house exploded on wednesday. police responded to the fire were shot at and that led to four nearby schools being locked down. and prosecutors want baseball's home run king behind bars. barry bonds will be brought back into court december 16th for sentencing for his conviction for obstructing a grand jury investigation into sports doping. federal prosecutors, thursday, urged the judge to send bonds to prison for 15 months. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and in sports, a stunner in st. louis! mvp slugger albert pujols is headed to hollywood after signing an a-rod-sized deal! on, like 40% off this nordictrack, plus a craftsman 200-piece mechanics tool set is 50% off.
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temperatures in the southeast. in sports, ben roethlisberger plays through the pain to lead pittsburgh over cleveland. in the second quarter, scott paxson comes down hard on roethlisberger's ankle. x-rays turn up negative so big ben comes back in the fourth to toss a antonio brown and he scampers for a touchdown. steelers take down the browns. jim irsay said last night he does not see a glimmer of hope that quarterback peyton manning will return this season. manning had surgery on his neck in september. without their all-star quarterback, the colts are now 0-12. a seismic shift in baseball this morning. hometown hero albert pujols is leaving st. louis and going to los angeles. the three-time national league mvp signed a ten-year contract with the angels worth $254 million.
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that's the second highest in major league history. pujols spent 11 years with the cardinals and led them to two world series, including this year over the texas rangers. the angels couldn't be happier. >> you have the opportunity from an offensive perspective to plug one of the great hitters of all time into the middle of your lineup and we feel like you can never have too much depth. >> and to prove that point, the angels also signed lefty c.j. wilson to a five-year contract worth $77 million. in college basketball, uconn had an easy time with harvard. the ninth ranked huskies spoiled the crimson's first game ever as a ranked deep. uconn drubbed number 25 harvard 67-53. the nba has squashed a deal to trade chris paul to the lakers. yahoo! says commissioner stern killed the deal because some
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. heavy lake-effect snow is expected to hit the great lakes region. the northern plains will stay in the teens and 20s. southeast, mild, with highs in the 50s. dense fog over the northwest. here is another look at this morning's top stories. a vigil was held for the police officer shot and killed yesterday on the campus of virginia tech university. the shooting sparked a massive manhunt. police say the gunman shot the officer, then took his own life. overnight, leaders of the european union agreed on a plan to save the euro from
4:21 am
collapsing, but not every member of the european union is on board. another meeting is scheduled for today. american troops are in the process of leaving iraq this month after nine long years of war. one of the most important lessons learned, is it about tactics or strategy? instead it comes in the field of medicine. jim axelrod explains from baghdad. >> we need liter! >> reporter: while it may be hard to look at all of this carnage and draw something good. >> it's phenomenal what we have accomplished. >> reporter: that's exactly what colonel john mcmann it's has done. he is the doctor who ran the last cache or combat support hospital in iraq. >> we have erased extremity bleeding as a cause of death on the battlefield. >> reporter: extremity bleeding, severed arms and legs, the consequences of those homemade bombs that were the most dangerous weapon employed in this war. one innovation saved thousands
4:22 am
of lives. >> pull it off, open it up, stick it on you, tighten it up as tight as it will go and we just twist. >> reporter: this simple tool, the tourniquet that saved more lives than any high tech device developed in the last nine years. tourniquets became standard issue for all troops in 2006 after doctors realized applying them to the injured limb right away increased the chance of survival by 30%. every soldier and marine now carries one, not just medics. with the war coming to a close, colonel mcmannis has treated his last casualties but the lesson learned here have beaten him home. >> the tools we learned here have saved lives now in america which is a great thing. >> reporter: an undeniable ray of light, lining nearly nine years of darkness. jim axelrod, cbs news, baghdad. this morning, on "the early show," the latest on the deathly shoot-out at virginia tech.
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good morning and welcome to 9news now. today is friday, december 9th. i'm andrea roane. >> you can tell it is friday. our graphic is tired. i'm mike hydeck. glad you're here. monika samtani will have travel
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momentarily. olga breeze is in for howard. >> cold will give you a slow start this morning, as well. you want that little bit of extra time this morning. little bit of frost on the windshield. our temperatures have dropped. right now, we have clear skies, the winds have been fairly light. these are southwest winds at the moment. for now though, we're looking at cool temperatures. most areas in and around the beltway have dropped down into the 30s. a few of the 20s out toward the west. we're seeing quite a few areas close to the freezing mark. you do need a little bit of extra time to get the motor started this morning. dress for the cool weather because we're going to be staying fairly cool for today. our day planner is looking pretty good. we'll get a lot of sunshine cranking on through. we'll move into the 40s by noontime. we'll pull that up to near 50 degrees by later on this afternoon. now in store for a very cold weekend. now, it is time for monika to
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check on the timesaver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. it is friday morning. that means up and adam. but friday morning light around the beltway, things are looking fine. we'll zoom into 95 with all of the police activity in thornburg southbound side. let's take a live look at springfield on the southbound side though in thornburg, all police activity has been cleared to the shoulder. you'll be ok if you're heading down past fredericksburg and to that point this morning early. let's take you over to the other side of town. no problems to report if you're traveling in maryland on the northside at university boulevard, we're looking good between 270, bethesda and 95 into college park and silver spring. all lanes are open for you as well. coming up in my next report, we'll talk more about area roadways at 4:39. we begin with the latest in the virginia tech university shooting. overnight, police confirmed that university police officer derek krause and the man accused in his murder were both
4:28 am
shot and killed by the same gun. >> police suspect the gunman killed officer krause then took his own life in a parking lot nearby. investigators are still waiting at this point to confirm the suspect's identity. danielle nottingham has more from blacksburg. >> reporter: virginia tech students gathered for an impromptu vigil for murdered campus police officer derek krause. he was shot by a gunman during a routine traffic stop. this student saw the aftermath. >> the police pulled up. they opened his car door and when they opened it, he just fell out toward the ground. i could see his face. it was covered in blood. >> reporter: the campus was on lockdown for hours after the shooting. >> do not leave this room. >> reporter: this is the first time a virginia tech officer has been killed in the line of duty. >> our hearts are broken again for the family of our police officer. >> reporter: another wounded person was found nearby and later died. >> second person that you found dead, do you believe that to be
4:29 am
the shooter? >> i can't comment on that right now. it is still being investigated. >> reporter: for the virginia tech community, this shooting brought back memories of the 2007 massacre that was the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> never thought this could happen again. >> reporter: 33 people were killed on campus when a gunman opened fire in april of 2007. virginia tech was criticized for waiting two hours before alerting students. the university has since ramped up its emergency notification system. >> the communication systems that we have at our disposal today did not exist on april 16, 2007. virginia tech officials were in washington thursday, appealing a federal fine for their response to the 2007 shooting. danielle nottingham, cbs news, blacksburg, virginia. >> thursday's shooting brought back a flood of memories and emotions of the families of those who died four and a half


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