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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 2, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: i think we learned a little bit about lions tonight,
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didn't we, geoff? geoff: ugh, ugh. craig: good night, everybody. good night. captioned by the national captioning institute
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9 wants you to know where underage kids are buying booze with ease. >> you've been selling to underage children. >> tonight, after weeks of investigation, we reveal the supplier. >> sir, we are with channel 9 news. we've been watching your store for weeks and weeks. >> selling to kids as young as
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14. this is 9news now. >> it is 11:00. do you know where your children are? well, you should. 9 wants you to know that underage drinking has become an epidemic. >> our reporter and photographer sat out two months ago to get a rare inside look at what many children in our area are doing out with friends. andrea joins us live from northwest washington to show us a place teenagers have allegedly been buying alcohol for years. >> reporter: anita, i'm on macarthur boulevard in front of town square market. the mother of a 16-year-old tipped us off to this liquor store after she learned her daughter was buying vodka and beer here every week. a place like this do you even need a fake id? >> usually no. >> reporter: for several weeks we watched and videotaped dozens of teenagers buying alcohol at town square mark in northwest washington without being asked for identification. >> i'm 18. it is very easy.
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we've been buying here for like almost two years. >> reporter: in those two years have you ever been asked for id? >> like once. >> reporter: night after night, with the help of a 23-year-old 9 news now staff member we interviewed the young buyers using a hidden microphone. >> i heard this is a place to go without an id. >> it is. >> without one or -- >> i'm just looking for a place to buy. >> either way. you can give it a shot. >> really? have y'all done it before? >> reporter: most told us they were 16 years old. some were even buying for their younger friends. >> 16 years old, and you're buying for two minors. did you use your fake id? >> no. >> how did you buy? >> i just purchased it. >> reporter: i'm a reporter and i just watched you buy. and youary not 21. do you have an id this. >> he didn't id.
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>> reporter: many said they've been coming here to bay booze illegally for two to three years, from across montgomery county, d.c., and nowhere virginia. >> we keep it pretty say. where we drink we sleep. we don't drive and do any of. that. >> reporter: after alerting police to what appears to be a bamming underage business here, we went inside to talk to the store owner. >> sir, we are with channel 9 news. we've been watching your store for weeks and weeks, and you've been selling to underage children. it is illegal to sell under 21. the confrontation became heated. >> 16-year-olds, 14-year-olds buying natural ice coming out of here with cases of beer. >> i check everybody. why you complain? why you complain? >> reporter: because i've seen children buying here. >> look, everybody come here, i check id. >> reporter: the store owner steadfastlily denied selling to minors. >> you want us to come back,
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bring you video of all the children you've sold to? >> no, no sir. no children, no sale. get out here. >> reporter: again, we alerted metropolitan police to this store two months ago. the department in turn contacted d.c.'s alcohol control board. yet the only citation ever issued was back in 2010, not for selling to minors, but for selling four packs of beer when the store has an agreement only to sell six-packs or larger quantities. we are going to stay on top of this story is and we'll bring you any new developments. in the meantime if you have a tip to share with us to help put a stop to underage drinking go to our website,, and click on wasted, young and using. we are live in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> hey, everybody, pay attention. is everybody clear now?
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everybody understand? >> tomorrow night at 11:00 andrea will he show what you can happen when underage kids get alcohol, drugs, and access to a home that's not supervised by parents. anatomy of a party bust, tomorrow night at 11:00 on 9news now. new at 11:00, police have released a chill 911 call made just minutes before a deadly wrong way crash in anne arundel county. two cars collided head on along route 50 early sunday morning killing four people. maryland state police say the driver, 19-year-old britney ann walker, was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. >> he just came past me in the left lane. i'm like, oh my god, i don't think they had a clue they're on the wrong side of the road. he's headed towards route 50. if he gets that far there's going to be a real problem. >> walker, along with two 18- year-olds in her car, all died, and the driver of the other car was also killed. state police say he was under the influence of alcohol as
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well. well, this just in, d.c. police have released a picture of the blanket found wrapped around a newborn baby who had been left on the sidewalk in frigid temperatures. a neighbor found the baby girl in the 3,000 block of channing street north east. that was back in january 15th. investigators say the child wasn't wearing any clothing and later on it died at the hospital. so far, no one has come forward to claim that baby, but if you have any information or you maybe recognize that blank, the cops want to hear from you. >> claim your cash is back on 9news now. take a look at the bottom of your screen. if you see your name scroll by that means there is money or valuables coming. so log on to to see how much the government may owe you. at 11:15 we're going to have a list of even more names. coming up, ike legit says there's not enough cash to build a promised police village.
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>> residents are worried. they say that's just not safe. >> reporter: remember this guy from christmas eve, made national news as the bandage bandit, the mum neiman who robbed a cvs and got away? >> we need a stronger police force, and they've got to be on the street a whole lot more. >> reporter: he's the president of the montgomery foundation in the parking lot of montgomery village center where in recent weeks this restaurant was robbed. a customer was assaulted in the parking lot, and the liquor store was knocked over, too. >> they are a response force. they're no longer policing the way they used to. >> reporter: the nearest police station is now on west watkins mill road on the other side of interstate 270 and busy route 355. >> traffic ties up rush hour especially. they can't get into the community as fast as we think they should. >> reporter: and that $26,000 a month leased space is apparently where they will stay now that a new closer police
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station, 21 million has been removed from the county budget. >> the county executive decided to reduce our borrowing in the capital bumming society we wouldn't have so much debt. >> if we spend too much borrowing to build things we have less money in the operating budget for the officers and the front line personnel. >> reporter: he says it doesn't make any difference where they're based, that they work from their cars. others do not agree and wants a temporary substation east of 270 so cops can respond more quickly but says what he gets from the county is, "we're working on it," a response he says, we're tired of. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a girl inside an elementary school. it's in the 1900 block of 15th street. they say the man groped the child and then left. officers say he came into the school building without
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authorization. if you've got information please call police about this. the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan, over by the middle of next year. at least that's now the plan announced by defense secretary leon panetta. that would end the combat operations more than a year earlier than was scheduled. panetta says the u.s. would continue training afghan forces through the year 2014. turning now to the deadly violence at an egyptian soccer match, at least 74 people died when fans rushed the field after the home team won in an unexpected victory. a thousand others are reported injured. witnesses say the home team fans threw sticks and stens as they chased the players and fans from the rival team. some men had to rescue a manager from the losing team as he was being beaten while police officers just stood by appearing overwhelmed. you don't often hear about bail set quite this high. $23 million. but you don't often hear about alleged crimes this disturbing, either. a third grade teacher in l.a. accused of lewd conduct with
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kids in his classroom. we have to warn you, the details on this one are just gross. prosecutors say the man blindfolded his students, put live roaches on their faces an fed them semen with a spoon. the judge set the 23 million bail, 1 million for each of his alleged victims. an update now on the split between susan g. komen for the cure and planned parenthood. in the last 24 hours planned parenthood has raised more than $400,000 from people reacting to the news that the nation's leading breast cancer charity has pulled out its funding. that means planned parenthood will not get hundreds of thousands in grants mainly used for breast exams for low-income women. komen says hat changed the way it issues grants and that it is dismayed its actions are being mischaracterized. wusa has been komen's washington, d.c. partner for the past few years.
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a few months ago komen decided to end that relationship. a controversial abortion bill is one step closer to becoming a law in virginia. today the state senate passed legislation that forces pregnant women to have an ultrasound taken of their fetus before having an abortion. the woman would be offered but not required to see that ultrasound or listen to the fetus' heartbeat. the bill now heads for the house of delegates and the governor has said he would sign the measure if passed. now to a tough issue facing state lawmakers. it's all about elderly drivers and trying to figure out when it is time to take away the keys. the motor vehicle administration wants lawmakers to extend the time between license renewal from five years to eight. they say that would save a lot of money but the family of nathan polar is pushing for more testing, not less to spot older drivers. you see, one year ago an 93- year-old driver hit nathan while he was cycling on a bike
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lane, and he died months later. >> a life was lost that shouldn't have been lost. this isn't a unique incident. there are other examples of older drivers having poor competency and not really being safe on the roads. >> is and even after that accident, the woman what hit nathan was never ordered to undergo a driving competency test, and eventually she gave up her license, only after nathan's family sued. still ahead tonight, mer he -- marry me already. >> plus, claim your cash. more names are ready to be released, and millions of bucks sitting unclaimed. >> that's coming up. >> 72 today. still no jacket required. here's your wake-up weather. you might want to grab an umbrella if you're an early commuter, especially south of
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town. 40s at 7:00. more like march instead of air. we'll
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wishes of peace, soul, and love to don cornelius. the late creator of "soul train" is appears to have taken his own life. for decades soul train was must- see tv on saturday. it started out before there was cable, mtv, or b.e.t. as a place to showcase r and b talent and dance and fashions. cornelius was 75. so many of us have fond memories of don cornelius a watching soul train. tonight derek wants to talk about some of the things even the most devoted fans may not remember. >> it is with love, grief, and soul that i present to you the top five things you probably did not know about soul train. thing number five, don cornelius kicked off soul train not in los angeles but in
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chicago august 17th, 1970. my 11th birthday. and the first big sponsor, johnson products. the folks who brought you afro sheen. later on there would be not one but three separate soul train lines. that meant that through the magic of editing they could always show you something doing something cool. number three, a lot of folks were on that show popping and locking before they became household names. fred berry, for example, would later become known as rerun, and then there was this hammer guy. thing number two, soul train may have started out as a black show but soon everyone wanted to raid on the hippest trip in america. the first white artist on the show, guitar man dennis coffee. the second was elton john. the number one thing you didn't know about soul train, while most guest performers lip synced their song, in 1979 james brown sang this one live and in living color.
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♪ say it loud >> you didn't have to be black to sing along with james brown or dance along with soul train. don corneal yule, an icon who created an american institution. now that we already knew. anita. >> thank you, derek. as you probably know, dating websites are crazy popular these days, a place where people go to meet potential boyfriends or girlfriends but a new website is kicking this concept up a notch designed specifically for people who want to get married, and soon. it's called marry me it so far more than 1,000 people have signed up. no word if anyone has popped the question yet. >> like you're putting out that desperate vibe. i think that would be a bit of a turn off. i wouldn't say it's going to be facebook popular, probably not. >> probably not. marry me claims to be the only website of its kind
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and it's estimated that one in five new relationships these days start through on-line matching services. >> i want to see the man/is woman ratio on that. money, jewelry, some incredible valuables all out there for the taking, all items state and city treasuries are holding on to because the rightful owners have forgotten about them. we want to reunite you. if i read out your name then you have something coming your way. julie barcledge, david lynn of laurel, and maurice perry of southwest d.c. if you didn't hear your name, all you have to do is go to our claim your cash site on type in your name, type in your city. you might be on the list. spring, first day of february. >> 72. >> i mean, crazy. >> the average high is 43, almost 30 degrees above average. but still no record 0 to show for. temperatures still very nice.
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our live weather cam brought to you by michael and sons. still 57 downtown, dew point 43, pressure steady over the past hour, 30.03 inches of mercury. all right, here's a look at the radar. here's our next. most of this rain slides almost due east. gives aus glancing blow. we're looking at that time heaviest rain, what there is of it will be south of town, south of 66, south of route 50, down toward charles county, and also into st. mary's county in southern maryland. the heaviest rain is still well south of us, south of fredericksburg but it is moving off to the east-northeast. this activity is not reaching the ground. it's just fairfax and german  town. we will go to live doppler. this will pinpoint the activity. fredericksburg, la plata, some of the activity now getting into southern maryland. for the most part it will bea glancing blow and a quick one, but enough to wet the road especially if you're coming up route 5. so some showers in the morning on thursday. the good news is we're look at a salvageable afternoon after a
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wet morning commute south, not a bad day on thursday. still mild. not 72 but 55. and then still nice on friday. temperatures still should make it up to 50. so there's no arctic air in sight. overnight, mostly cloudy and cool, light rain by dawn, lows only in the 40s. winds northwesterly at 10. tomorrow morning, we're going to have some early showers, primarily south and east of town, then becoming partly cloudy, temperatures tin 40s. by afternoon, very nice really. partly cloudy and cooler, but still mild. highs around 55. winds out of the northwest at 10. there will be some clouds up in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, sew may not see his -- so he may not see had shadow. groundhog day, morning showers, 54, still nice on friday 52. rain rolls in late saturday, saturday night, 50. kind of a chilly rain on sunday which may actually end as
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?oament temperatures around 40. then right back up to 50 on monday. upper 40s tuesday, low 40s under partly cloudy skies. >> what a winter so far.
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despite a heartbreaking overtime loss to tampa bay the caps still remain atop the division but the road is proving to be their achilles heel. capitals the second of back-to- back games, the last without alex ovechkin, in the second, the puck out from behind the net, his 10th goal of the season. they tie things up at one but in the third period the florida panthers pull away. the caps lose on the road again 4-2. the panthers take top of the division. the wizards in orlando trying to get their fifth win
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of the season. mcgee, alone. wiz cut to the six late but the magic had just enough to outlast them. from downtown, it was close but not close enough. wiz lose 109-10 3. jt3 and the hoyas looking to rebound against connecticut. hollis thompson straight to the rack. he gets the hoop and the harm. minutes later, henry simms getting serious at the rim. watch this. he just throws it down. hoyas roll 59-44. terrapins in miami. mark gets ejected argue ago questionable call. the terps responded by erasing a 16-point deficit but in the end they just couldn't hold on. terps lose to miami in double overtime 90-86. rough break for them. coming up next, round three
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of anchor bowl. i lead 2-0. can dave make
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right now i am dominating dave owens in anchor bowl, up 2- 0. tonight we head to the bowling alley, and we get a little commentating assistance from mike at 106 the fan. >> i can't help but see not only the size advantage, kristen, but the strength and the skill. what are you bringing to the table? >> absolutely nothing. >> kd, great moment. she comes down the lane, and that looked beautiful. >> do you know who you're going up against? >> yeah, i'm not worried. >> kristen trying to pick up one of the toughest spears in bowling. right down the center! >> if he pulls this off, oh


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