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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> u.s. parks the occupy d.c. campsite is cleaned up. hello, i'm bruce johnson. u.s. park police still in control of the square tonight although half a dozen protesters are hovering nearby inside the square. earlier today, police in riot gear moved on to the campsite and clashed with protesters. six people were arrested. police say it was not a massive eviction but ken molestina is standing by live with an explanation for what it was all about. >> reporter: bruce, it's amazing to see how quiet mcpherson square has become tonight, quite frankly from anything we saw and since the movement began several months ago. the u.s. park police continue to have a portion of the park locked down. there are only a few protesters
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over there today. the showdown that took place is something folks have been anticipating for quite sometime. some were pushed out by force and others tried provoking officers by screaming and yelling profanities. one officer had to be taken to the hospital after he was hit with a brick thrown by a protester. in the end it was clear who won the battle. >> the people who said they were on our side, none of them showed up. we learned a lesson from this. >> reporter: police cleared a majority of mcpherson square. debris and empty tents remains on the board that housed washington's most popular protest in the last few months. >> i was so proud of my city. you know, they told us this is how it's going to go, and it will be okay. and it's not what happened. >> reporter: clearly, the scene out here a lot different than earlier today. throughout the day and really compared to what the last few months have been like here in mcpherson square, now tents
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like this litter the park. they're torn, empty inside. the demonstrators here, most of them are gone. you can see only some of them have remained throughout the evening and of course, still a very clear police presence remains. officers say they'll stay here overnight and finish cleaning out the last portion of the park tomorrow morning. they say after they've made sure only empty tents remain will they allow demonstrators to return. meanwhile, the few occupiers still here say they're not done pushing their message. >> a lot of our committees are meeting inside other places. we've got lots of partnerships with other organizations in the area and churches. >> reporter: the police officer hit with a brick was taken to a nearby hospital to get checked out. he is expected to be okay. i'll tell you something, bruce, throughout the day we've seen all kind of people come by the park, people that aren't necessarily directly linked into the occupy d.c. movement. a lot of people actually in favor of the occupiers being kicked out of here, but again, they were sent out of here today. they are expected to return tomorrow when police open the
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park up to everyone. we're live in mcpherson square, ken molestina, 9 news now. >> speaking of people who want them out of there. the obama white house is said to allow the protesters to get away with the campsite that would be prohibited by other groups or individuals. some d.c. business leaders openly complained about the campsite as have some people who actually work downtown and have been enjoying their lunches at mcpherson square. and over at freedom plaza before the occupy takeover. mixed snow falling in parts of the region. anny hong in the weather center. what's going on? >> light snow falling at this hour, generally northwest of town. we also did see the snow starting to fall this season and picking up a decent accumulations. here's a look at pictures we got in, courtesy of dave johnson. in leesburg, virginia, tonight where they got a little bit of
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snow. in germantown, maryland, snow total 1 1/2 inch. damascus, 1.4. gaithersburg 1/10th. new market, maryland, 1 1/2inches. here's a look at live doppler 9000. you see where we've got the blue is indicating light snow still falling. northwest of town, south of hagerstown, frederick getting light snow. charles town, win chester and leesburg, you see the purple, that is probably a mixture of probably sleet or rain changing over to some snow. this is mostly wet snow. now, the concern now is overnight into early tomorrow morning. still have a little bit of a moisture coming in from the south and also coming out from the north around the pennsylvania area where a light rain and snow flurries are going to be generally pushing southeast over the area tonight. so with that, we're expecting cloudy and cold conditions with rain and snow. watch out for bridges and overpasses. those are going to be slick,
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especially by early tomorrow morning. if you've got plans to go to church, watch out for the driveways and sidewalks. there may be icy spots. we'll talk more about your seven-day forecast and a mild weather coming up a little bit later. bruce, back to you. >> thanks, anny. mitt romney is putting nevada in the win column tonight. projected he has won the caucuses there. nevada's returns of 17 counties, romney with 39% p. gingrich second with 25%, followed by paul with 22% and santorum with 13%. we're in vegas with the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney is putting nevada in the win column. cbs news projects he has won the nevada caucuses. >> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence and this time i've got to take it to the white house. >> reporter: romney was so confident of victory here, he spent caucus day campaigning in colorado. romney returned to nevada saturday to hear the results with supporters. >> this is two in a row for
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mitt romney, already on a roll after florida. now he's looking at four more contests in the next week. newt gingrich worked to convince voters he was the real conservative choice but fell short. >> this is the campaign of people power versus money power. >> reporter: ron paul promised a strong showing in caucus day. he's already campaigning in minnesota ahead of that state's contest on tuesday. >> the revolution has already come to minnesota. [ cheers ] >> reporter: rick santorum had another disappointing finish. speaking in colorado, he insists he knows what is needed to defeat president obama. >> money is not going to buy the presidency as a republican. ideas, principles, trust, that is the currency that will win the election in the fall. >> reporter: the economy walls the top issue for nevada voters. they said the most important quality for a candidate is that he can defeat president obama. and there weren't many late deciders. more than half say they chose
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their candidate in 2011. cbs news, las vegas, neff. >> the state's 28 delegates will be split up among the candidates based on the final results. passengers aboard two florida cruise ships are tut cutting their vacations short because of sudden illnesses. more than 200 passengers are now infected with the highly contagious nora virus. aboard the crown princess, passengers reported vomiting and diarrhea. tomorrow the princess will return to port with those affected by the virus. high waves and strong winds delaying the salvage operation of the concordia. salvage crews hoped to pump diesel from the wreck but the bad weather has delayed the start of those operations. adding to the concern is a floating protective device around the ship that's been
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moved by those rough seas. terrifying moments for a female snowboarder when she triggered an avalanche. it happened in montezuma, colorado. she says she survived by deploying an airbag that allowed her to remain on the surface of the snow. she says it felt like riding a mattress down the stairs. the navy announced today eight sailors aboard a ship based in san diego are being discharged because of a hazing incident. they are accused of assaulting and choking a fellow sailor some two weeks ago as part of an initiation rite. a navy spokesperson says the assault was videotaped and the victim was treated for injuries. today's action follows recent congressional hearings on hazing in the military. an elderly maryland woman is recovering from injuries tonight after being assaulted. her assailant is still out there somewhere say police. 84-year-old woman was robbed and attacked inside her home on wednesday on arnold road. she wasn't found until thursday when a neighbor noticed a victim's door was open.
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the victim told police the man knocked on her door pretending to be a neighbor. he forced his way inside, took items from her home and physically assaulted her. all this week, we're trying to reunite people with money and valuables that are being held by city and state coffers. the money and items could be from safe depolls sit boxes, forgotten bank accounts. if you see your name at the bottom of the tv screen under claim your cash, this means you have something coming to you. we'll be running these names throughout our newscast. you can also go to our website,, look under our consumer section to learn how to file a claim to get what is rightfully yours. if you don't see your name, no problem. there are thousands of other names on the list as well as our website. still to come on 9 news now this saturday night, this superbowl could be one for the record books. we're not talking about what happens on the field. several feet of snow is causing big problems out west. we'll take you there when we come back.
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one of the deadliest attacks in the up rising in syria. activists say more than 200 people have been killed in the last 24 hours by syrian forces. they say government troops
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hammered neighborhoods for hours with mortars and artillery. it's the third largest city and has been the focal point for antigovernment protests. the assault came hours after russia and china vetoed u.n. resolutions calling for syria's president to step down. >> for months, this council has been held hostage by a couple of members. these members stand behind empty arguments and individual interests. >> the vetoes of china and russia are not just disappointing, they're infuriating. and they show in very stark terms that these two great countries, russia and china, have put themselves on the wrong side of history. >> in europe and the middle east, protesters stormed syrian imbasis. they clashed -- embassies. they clashed with police. more deaths in egypt where people have taken to the streets to protest the lives lost after a soccer match riot.
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74 people were killed on wednesday. since then, at least 12 people have been killed in clashes between protesters and security forces. egyptian security forces fired tear gas from armored trucks and rock-throwing protesters in downtown chiro today. police in indianapolis are working crowd control programs for superbowl after 11 people were injured last night and an estimated 50,000 people flooded downtown streets for a free outdoor concert. meantime a record amount of money is expected to be spent on food, fun and drink as well as advertisement. we report from indianapolis. >> reporter: downtown indianapolis feels more like mardi gras than the midwest. [ cheers ] >> reporter: locals say it's the best it's ever been. >> i mean, i worked down here for years. something different. i never seen it like this. this is nice. >> reporter: with the winter
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chill, indianapolis is definitely not miami, but out of towners are getting a warm welcome. like at least half the crowd here, ed is hoping for a giants win. his son-in-law is giants defensive end. >> it's pretty neat. everybody's been pretty friendly, and there's a lot to do. it's a good place to have it. >> reporter: indianapolis is trying to show the world it knows how to throw a party, and it doesn't want hosting the super bowl to be just a one- time deal. football fans across the country are expected to spend a record $11 billion enjoying the game. that includes everything from new tvs to superbowl snacks to official merchandise. in indianapolis, the nfl experience adds up. $40 for a cap. $85 for a sweatshirt. $199 for a football. patriot fans, lindsey and her fiancee shelled out around $800. >> we're buying for my dad, my mom, both my sisters, their husbands, my three nieces.
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>> some fans from all the luck. july is here for free. >> i won my tickets but the ellen did he general degeneres show. >> if the patriots needed incentive for tomorrow's game, the nfl says a mistake led to a web page online declaring the giants as superbowl champs. the page has been taken down. new england fans probably offended by that. a storm that pounded colorado and neighboring states is moving east. most powerful storm of the winter season created whiteout conditions on the eastern plains and cancelled 600 flights in denver. it piled up to six feet in some rocky mountain foothills. >> just having fun and trying to clean the street for a lot of senior citizens in here. makes it easier to get up and down the street. >> the biggest snowstorm to hit denver since 2007.
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coming up this saturday night on 9 news now, tributes this weekend to the creator and host of soul train. how fans in new york city remember don cornelius. and snow and rain falling tonight, what should we expect for sunday morning? an updated forecast when we come back. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] little owen wanted to play, but his nose was raw and sore. achoo! [ male announcer ] and common tissue made it burn even more. ♪ puffs plus lotion is more soothing than common tissue, and it delivers our most soothing lotion for every nose issue. a nose in need deserves puffs plus lotion indeed. to give your cold a comforting scent,
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citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. in chicago, also new york today, a tribute to the hippest trip in america. and the late don cornelius. the reverend jesse jackson led hundreds of people in a memorial service for the soul train founder. cornelius started soul train working part-time in chicago for a radio station. he died this week at age 75 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound down in l.a. in new york, meantime, hundreds of people showed up for a flash mob soul train dance in times square. >> got some moves there. busting them out. i'm sure you've got good moves. >> oh, man. i've got platform shoes still in the closet, bell bottoms. don't get me started. serious weather? >> yeah, now the concern is with some of the prescription
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falling, the snow, temperatures are falling. it means we'll probably see areas of slick conditions. i'm talking along the bridges, the overpasses. we start with our weather camera, cloudy conditions out there. temperature 38 degrees. cloudy. winds out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. here is a look at the doppler radar where now we've got green, which means some light rain. not a whole lot of snow showing up just yet, but in between win chester and leesburg, purple here. that's a wintery mix that could be turning to snow as well. i still think we'll see light snow falling overnight and into early tomorrow morning. the farther west and north you are, the better chance of seeing that. temperatures, they are falling around 38 in downtown. get into the suburbs, leesburg, freezing mark. you will see slick spots tonight and early tomorrow morning. same for winchester, 32.
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fredericksburg a little milder at 39 degrees. andrews air force base in the mid-30s. here's a look at the national picture. coming up from the south is moisture, and also up from the north of us. we're getting two spots. we're going to see the prescription probably just a little bit overnight into early tomorrow morning, but it won't last a whole lot longer than that. so a few wet flakes are possible early sunday farther north and west of town. better chances of that slick driveways and bridges and overpasses, those untreated surfaces. watch out for that. sunday afternoon, partly cloudy and chilly. then monday turning out to be dry and milder. here's a look at our overnight forecast. cloudy and cold, rain likely. wet snow possible. lows will be in the 30s. this is not widespread stuff, folks. you can see overnight, just out to the west of us, see a mix where you see the blue, that's the snow. most of it in this model will be out to the west along the ridge. over in the afternoon, we'll dry out and see a little bit of sunshine. so the morning, cloudy and
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chilly with light rain. maybe some wet snow possible. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. in the afternoon becoming partly cloudy and chilly. you will need a jacket. here's a look at your next seven days. i brought you on the temperature tomorrow for a little bit. we're going to around mid-40s instead of upper 40s, close to 50. 44 degrees, and then monday, tuesday, look at that. we're milder. plan to be outside if you want by tuesday. mid-50s with lots of sunshine. next chance for snow showers wednesday night into thursday. >> okay. interesting game down at verizon center. >> very. it was entertaining to watch. if you went to a wizards game, you went to quite a show. if you're a wizards fan, the game should give you hope. i'll explain in a second. aesthetically pleasing. the game features 14 flushes, most by the clippers. alex returns, but someone else steals the spotlight during today's matinee. maryland on the brink of a signature run gets run down by
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carolina. we pay a visit to the superbowl before the game, next.
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p.m. maybe the clippers should be a blueprint for the wizards. three years ago l.a. was bad, but then they drafted blake griffin, made trades and the clippers are a legitimate contender in the west. memo to wizards, it can be
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done. >> when? >> soon, maybe. that's blik griffin and john wall, last year's rookie of the year and runner up. scrape the sky. the clippers, watch jordan. this is assault on a rim in the first degree. l.a. had 14 dunks. they played above the rim. so does john wall. that's occupy d.c. no, occupy airspace. he had 14 points. griffin, 21 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds. clippers win by 26. afterwards, coach randy whitman, yikes. >> i think once that game started and they saw how hard they came at us, it was a holy smoke type of thing. i don't know. i'm searching, too. >> he's searching. also vasquin back. brooks liked doing a little work in the mixing back. hendrix makes it pay off. they had two penalty shots.
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simmons says i'm going to drive this through the goalie and caps win 3-0. maryland basketball fans, here's the good news. the terps don't have any bad losses. here's the bad. they don't have any signature wins. with 13-8 with march madness on the horizon, they needed one today bad. that's mark turgeon in the middle. they coached together at kansas. terrell, one man wrecking crew. bruce, you call him a young iverson. alex lynn telling north carolina, take that weak kool- aid and get it out of here. howard at the other end drops the triple. maryland up by 3 at the half. second half, harrison barnes and north carolina coming back. they jump to a 9-2 run. north carolina wins 83-74. 11:00 a.m. this morning georgetown playing south florida. i don't think the bulls got the wakeup call. this is nate moving. he believes he can fly.
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could. hoyas win. virginia taking on florida state. 5 minutes to go. evans grand theft orange. then he takes it to the rack. virginia up by 1. down the stretch, michael snare. this is deep drilling to the third degree. florida state holds on 58-55. george mason in the first place fight with old dominion today, down 6. brian pearson says fear the beard and fear me. old school 3-point play. pearson had 17 and 10. the bank was open late. stewart, corey edwards, i should say off the glass. 3-pointer. george mason wins 54-50. u. george washington.
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u. mass wins. nfl handing out big awards today. terrell suggs earning defensive player of the year. he had 14 sacks and 70 tackles. aaron rogers was named mvp beating out drew brees. the season comes to an end tomorrow. superbowl xlvi. giants packers, rematch week 6. the giants won that one 24-20. also a rematch of super bowl xlii. the outcome tomorrow, who knows? we do know the quarterbacks willplay a major role. >> i haven't been in an nfl for eight years. you realize how rare it is to get here, how special it is, what a great opportunity this is. you don't want to let these opportunities slip away. >> last year, i was rehabbing my footin costa rica watching the game on an illegal superbowl website. now i'm actually playing in the game. so it's pretty cool. >> i'm going giants in that game tomorrow. >> giants? >> yep.
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>> okay. and you're coming around to my thinking on peyton manning. if you can't get one of the top two quarterbacks. >> if he's healthy. i'm softening on that. if he's healthy, why not. >> do you want to go with rex? >> i like rex. >> i like him, too. he's a nice guy. >> can we do a little seven-day forecast now? >> absolutely. >> all right. we've got a chance for wet snow west and north of town. overnight early, tomorrow morning. light rain possible with partly cloudy, chilly. only 44 is the high. monday, tuesday, milder into the 50s. mid-50s by tuesday. some places getting close to 60. now, slick spots early tomorrow morning in the driveway, sidewalks. walk carefully to your car. >> thank you. thank you for watching, and we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye.
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